Arsenal close to landing striker | Two French stars hint at exit | The Hig versus Rooney… who would you take?

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Run Kozzer, run...

A French exodus is on the cards people… they all want out… they’ve seen the lack of ambition and they want to say goodbye. Next seasons plans… all big scuppered. Pack your bags people it’s over…

Just kidding, there have been negative mutterings in the press from Sagna and Koscielny. Both players have come out and said very similar things…


“To see others win and lift trophies, honestly, that hurts.

“It’s six years I’ve been at Arsenal now and I will remain focused on my club, but I don’t know [about my future].


“Psychologically, it is hard. We are always under pressure – a season without the Champions League for Arsenal is catastrophic.

“I have the desire to add to my list of honours. I hope the club will give me the means.

“If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere.”

They’d like to win something.

No way? Players of a high calibre would like to have a title to show for their careers? I think that’s perfectly fair. When you’re a sportsman, it’s not about money. No one will congratulate you on a fantastic last contact. They’ll ask you about your trophies.  Explayers have nothing else to talk about. You don’t get on the after dinner circuits if you don’t have stories… if you don’t have trophies to your name, you don’t have stories in football.

Arsene Wenger demands loyalty and vision from his players… buy into my project and you’ll be rewarded. Now, the shame of it is, the general trend is you buy into Wenger’s project and you’re rewarded in someone else’s. players are picking up on that earlier now. Koscielny is barely into his Arsenal career and he’s already looking at the next move as he’s bored of challenging for financial security.

This sort of news is great news for fans. Ivan has put pressure on Wenger. Bloggers have put pressure on him. The fans have pressured him in the stadium. Now the players are rounding on him. They want to compete and they can all see there are no barriers to stopping him.

Wenger can’t afford to go into contract negotiations with yet more players demanding moves because of a soured project, your staff have to believe in you. If they don’t in football, they won’t play for you.

Wenger, you’d best start making some moves…

Oh, what, he has started making them?

We’re chasing down an 18 year old Serbian who goes by the name of Mitrovic. Dear oh dear… he’s a kid, he’s a striker and he managed to score 10 goals in 25 games last year. Now, I’m not going to lose the plot over this because I quite like Serbian players. There’s always something a little dark about them… like… if you took the mick out of them in a match report, they’d be knocking on your door 2 hours later. It seems we’re really ramping up the the second string this summer. Sanogo, Dan Crowley from Villa now this chap. It’s probably a neccessity, we really don’t have much of a Carling Cup side these days. Well, compared to the one we had a few years ago. As long as the first team squad gets the same treatment, I’m not against it.

… also, as long as he’s good.

However, if this is the shape of our ambitious summer… well, I won’t be pleased.

I’m still on team ‘we will spend’ though. I’m convinced we’ll go out and make a statement this year. We have to. Chelsea have landed Mourinho, who is apparently going to spite Wenger by signing a player as far as I’m told, we haven’t bid on. Yeah, the J word. The most boring transfer since we attempted to sign Juan Mata a few years ago. Let them have Jovetic I say… we have Sanogo and Mitrovic.

Peter Beardsley is still a style icon in the Jovetic family

It will be interesting to see what Chelsea do this summer. I’ve been reading up on FFP (Cheers Swiss Ramble) and I’m still not exactly sure what the deal is. But from what I gather, last season and this season, you’re supposed to have demonstrated that you’re at least trying to make a consious effort to get your finances in order. Well, Chelsea scrapped into doing ok last year… making a marginal loss by their standards… so this summer, unless they could justify a deviation, they won’t be able to spend £100m. They’ll have added £10m in wages with Mourinho. They’ll have to absorb last seasons spending. Plus they’ll still have a huge wage bill. Their commercials haven’t really moved. No one was interested in buying up their stadium naming rights and they can’t put any more pressure on the fans with ticket prices.

So, I won’t be shocked if they spit in the face of FFP… but I’ll be interested to see what UEFA do if that’s the case.

News slipped out of the Rooney camp that he’d be happy to move to London if we matched his wages. Again, of course he’d be happy. He’d be the main man and he’d have every single vice on his door step, bigger and better than Manchester by a muliplier of ten. Honestly, I’ll take him out if that gets him down here. I know places Wayne… I know dark places.

Anyway, it comes down to whether Arsenal feel that he’s the statement they want to make. I’d love him here. His stats are fantastic. Over 4 seasons…

Played: 184 games

Scored: 116 goals

Assisted: 43

Those are major numbers. The key one is that he’s very rarely injured. Such an important asset in a player. He’s like Ronaldo and Messi… pretty much invincible. Now, that either means he’s due a massive problem. Or he’s just one of those players. I think it’s also important to note that United are world class at keeping players fit. They’re further ahead than Arsenal on things like recovery etc… they also rotate their squad better, mainly because they actually have a squad to rotate.

Final piece of news is that Higauin said he’d suit Arsenal. Which is great news, if it’s not an old comment about Juventus they’ve repurposed to say ‘Arsenal’.

His stats are also impressive over 4 seasons.

Played: 146

Scored: 107

Assisted: 32

You have a younger player of 25 who has a less baggage, but he doesn’t have Premiership experience. Nor is he a global brand in the same way Wayne Rooney is.

Rooney is the bigger statement. Higauin is the safer money.

Who would you choose?

Toulouse want more than £10m for Capoue.

Finally, before you go, Sam Duckworth (ex Get Cape, Wear Cape) penned a song about the January transfer window. A great track. You can follow him on Twitter @ForgetCape.

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  1. Johnny5

    Morning Pedro top post.

    I like the look of the Serb kid a few reckon he’s got quality beyond his years. As far as Rooney and higuain I’d take the hig myself like you say he’s the safer bet. Would love capoue and for 10m that’s a steal. I’m also in the we will spend camp but don’t think we will see as many big names as some want. There’s quality available for cheap so why not get it.

  2. That-lazy-giroud

    I love the arsenal but i can’t blame the players that want out, most of our best players that left us has gone ahead to win something while wenger is still preaching belief to average players he has filled the club with.

  3. Samir

    Rooney over Higuain anyday!
    PL experience, English and aggressive!

    I can see Wenger buying another French/African kid however.

  4. denchlads

    if we still playing CF as target man, rooney would be the best. best physical, suit to PL. Higuain about 10-15 mil cheaper but we cant promised that he could slotted into 1st team comfortably. i think rooney could be the best big buck signing that we needed. think how about iconic english talent come to london, that would be great!

  5. Kloppo

    a few good buys, and we’ll be fine. it’s our best chance to grab something next season, if he doesnt spend this time, doubt he’ll ever have another chance to do so.

    now or never really, le boss.

  6. Romford Pele

    If Chelsea get Jovetic, I may well top myself. And it’ll be a total slap in the face for those people who think he isn’t good enough. The kid is the real deal! He should be our number 1 target!!

  7. Dan not Stan

    I know someone is going to call me up on this as being fantastical, but i really think a statement would be buying both.

    You will not win anything with one decent striker, a la RVP wonder season.

    I remember when Ferguson said you need 4 top strikers, well one of them was Ronaldo but i totally agree with them.

    Both please!

    Rooney would be quality, I’m just not sure i could ever cheer his name.

  8. drew

    Nice post.

    Really don’t want Rooney at Arsenal, too much baggage, much prefer Higuain. However, another blog mentioned Jackson Martinez yesterday, looked him up and, I know it’s only Youtube, but he looked immense.

    I reckon Wenger is looking for all-round forwards and not an “out and out,” someone who can play on the left side of attack perhaps. I can’t see him wanting to oust Giroud, I suspect he sees him as a little project whilst Podolski and potentially Sanogo can deputise. Not that I’d agree with the policy.

    Happy to bolster the youth ranks with talent, i’d be excited to have Sanogo, Akpom and Mitrovic, even Joel Campbell too, chomping at the bit but, yes, as you say, not at the expense of championship challenging talent

    ta las

  9. Romford Pele


    Let’s not forget that Rooney went for £30m as an 18-year-old. When you’re buying these players, you’re paying for their best years. Wenger had no problem with doing that for Reyes for example, and Jovetic is far ahead of him in terms of what he can contribute. Maybe I am going over the top a tad as he’s my favourite player around currently, but I feel he’d be well worth the money IMO.

  10. JimmyRimmer

    I’d take Rooney over Higauin every time. Ready made premiership qualiddee player. If you get Rooney, others will follow in the knowledge that things are changing at Arsenal. Will it happen is extremely doubtful.

  11. Goonerfied85

    Morning all,

    I think Wenger should be spending with all the pressure from Gazidis, the players & fans but still believe he is so far past admitting defeat with his projects that he still won’t change.

    I can’t see Jovetic going to Chelsea, they have so many players in that mould already such as Oscar, Hazard, Mata & even fatty frank at times unless I am mistaken.

    Where would he fit in?

  12. Johnny5


    You might be right I feel the same about capoue. He’s gonna be a beast and would fit straight into arsenals midfield. Don’t think it’ll happen though.

  13. Norgun

    Why choose? The club can afford both. Playing Higuain as forward with Rooney just behind, Cazorla and Walcott on the wings…that’s a front four that could actually win something.

  14. Leedsgunner

    What about Rooney and Higuain? Once we jettison the deadwood in the first team squad and trim back the youth squad (as we seem to be spending big on youngsters anyways) there should be no financial reason for us not being able to spend big. Oh yeah, we need a decent defender, defensive midfielder , and a top class goal keeper as well…

    Who allowed this level of football negligence?
    Wenger – Gazidas – Kronke – the three stooges of world football.

  15. Ryan

    Rooney all day long!! The fact he knows the prem inside ourt swings it for me.
    I think it also has real positives for the nation team as well. Rooney Walcott Whilshire Ox Gibbs and also Jenkinson. No one can deny that would be awesome for both Arsenal and England!!

  16. Gunner Derk

    Higuain. Without a shadow of doubt. Anyone who says they’d rather have Rooney is ludicrous. He’s slowing down, he’s much less creative than he used to be, and he is astronomically expensive. 250k/week? That could pay the wages of two to four really decent players from foreign leagues that we’re supposedly looking at.

    Jovetic isn’t going to leave Italy. Rooney will head to PSG. Higuain makes sense. Dump 25m on Real, give the man 120k/week wages, and let’s go.

    When it’s all said and done, though I don’t expect any top-name strikers to come in. Any. At all.

  17. Jonas

    Rooney any day for me, a massive signing of intent.

    Throw in a DM of quality, new GK and attacking wide man and no reason we can’t compete for league

  18. Ashwin Raghavan

    I would like to bring Rooney if he is interested. He will be the main man in the team, and will command respect from his team mates. He is a perfect striker. and it will be a huge improvement in our attacking option. He is definitely expensive. but so are all good things in the world. I would like Wenger all out to get Rooney. I dont see that happening though. We are still going behind kids.

    I also have no idea what happened to the Victor Deal. He wants to move to Arsenal. Arsenal need DMF. He apparently is in Arsene’s radar. Then WTF is happening. Why does Arsene delay it everytime, until soem one else comes and takes them away.

  19. naked goon

    gonzo over spudface . And jovetic too.
    remember our old front line, henry, bergkamp, kanu ,wiltord, plus freddie and pires. we need 4 top men. fact

  20. Karim Hamdoui

    Yeah, why sign Jovetic when we have Gervinho? Obviously Gervinho now has plenty of Premiership experiences and his trickery-but-no-end-product approach is annoying the home and away fans, well – that’s ENTERTAINMENT.

    Why sign Capoue when we have Diaby? Obviously Diaby now has plenty of Premiership experiences and his strength and determination while playing an average of only 3 games in a season is a good point of showing the fans what they missed when he’s not aroud,

    Wenger will not change. We changed. We demand improvements in the quality of the squad and the transfer policy.

  21. Ramsey's backpass

    Koscienly:i want to add to the list of my honours.

    Honestly what honours…dont worry i’ll tell you

    1. Fooking ridiculous calamitious mistake against bayern
    2.own goals; left,right,center,front back.

    That is his honours.

    Kos should simply tell le senile buy top class players or i will leave.

    Afterall,he is the Boss

    Kos the Boss..

  22. Marko

    Higuain over Rooney all day long. He’d be better at leading the line and there’s still room to improve on whereas that’s about it with Rooney. Also there’d still be money left over to spend elsewhere

  23. Dublin Gunner!!!

    id take rooney cause u can almost be certain that he would score against united every time we play them and Everton and Liverpool, he would push us over the line to mske sure we win those games!! that would be 18 points he could guarantee? ! thats the way I would look at it!!

  24. naked goon

    and the italian league is tougher as far as goalscoring goes, showing jovetic as a class act as it is, with the freedom of epl he would be something else.
    only a few decent defences in spain so not sure about gonzos record, bet messi and ronny wouldnt get 60 each in italy.
    a fabregas return + capoue + julio cesar and we are ready to bust ass

  25. @cynorix

    A signing of intent would be to get Shrek and Jovetic. Capoue and others would follow suite. It would mean that Cazorla would play in the middle.

  26. Ryan


    Shocked you want Jockivic so much..
    If you think about it, our most successful period came when we had a core of mostly french national players: TH PV RP SW EP ect.. This would be the awesome! We would also get automatic understand between all the english players havin spent even more time together. He has to be the best option.

  27. Jimbo

    I’d choose Rooney, but that’s NEVER going to happen…his wages are ridiculous!!!

    Higuain just wants a better deal from Juve – cant see us signing either of them

    Time we woke up and got real

  28. Dev_Gooner

    Good Post Pedro. Agreed that Kos is not wrong in saying something we heard last year and the year before and something we all know!

    What I cant believe is, some fans across the social media slating Kos for actually being honest. Agreed, wenger picked him out of nowhere and moulded him into a good player, but its modern football. Players want to win something. He is saying he wants to win stuff at arsenal to repay that faith and loyalty shown to him by wenger but if nothing changes then he will also jump the boat like many others before him. Player’s career is limited anyways and I cant blame him for being selfish. Wenger is also being selfish in not actually wanting to accomplish something better with this unit. time after time, he has ruined a perfectly good team put together in the search of what is suppose to be the next messi! 2008 team was a well gelled and togethered unit that nearly won the league. all he had to do was add that extra man that wouldve made the difference and the rest would’ve been history. But No. He squandered that chance and he is doing the same again.

    These Wenger lovers are blind beyond belief man. Cannot seem to see the obvious that is right in front of them.

    I’d take rooney all day long. Premier league experienced, no serious injury record and a proven winner. Moral Boost all across the team. But wenger being wenger, wants to prove dunno what and dither about for few millions that in the todays football world are actually peanuts!

    All top clubs actually finalising their top targets, even clubs without managers have signed players and we are sniffing around some 18yo nobody! WOW JUST WOW!

  29. Raz

    I like Higuain, want him at the club, but my head says we’d get more from Rooney. As long as we get one, and Yilmaz or Benteke, I’ll be a happy man. Don’t care what happens elsewhere with the squad if we sort our striker department.

    Am really enjoying the way the players are coming out one by one and having their say about signings – the know players are moving and it will be no surprise if we have another weak start to the prem and will be out of the league running by the end of september if we don’t make signings – the boys will be gutted.

    So far, we’ve had:

    Theo ‘we need to be ambitious this summer, 4th isn’t good enough, we want trophies’ Walcott
    Bacary ‘I’m leaving because my heads not in it’ Sagna
    Thomas ‘I want to see ambition in the market this summer, and game time’ Rosicky
    Laurent ‘this team wants signings and ambition ‘ Koscielny
    and Aaron ‘I am sick to death of working my nuts off out of position only to supply the ball to someone average, we won’t win anything like that without signings, and if we sign a DM maybe I’ll play in my preferred position’ Ramsey.

    Funny how Szczesny and Vermaelen have been ever so quiet hahaha.

  30. Samir



  31. Dublin Gunner!!!

    I can see, hig and jovit playing in the prem league and when there going for the golden boot AW saying he had a chance to sign them but we had the best player in Africa at the time.

  32. Gregg

    Rooney all day long. Firstly as Striker his goalscoring record is excellent. His passion and demand would rub off on others. Forhet last season, no-one could ever question the desire and the workrate from Rooney. Thirdly, be the biggest statement since we got Sol Campbell. Fourthly it will increase our profile and attract other players.

  33. Dublin Gunner!!!

    when did u realise that the fore head gervi was shit? mine was (think) the Blackburn game were he had an open goal and he tried to place it in with his left instead of just getting a tap on it to score

  34. TOLI83

    This is all a bit embarrassing…

    Short memories and lack of trophies is causing us to be a mad as wenger.

    Forget Rooney, Higuain, even Victor… This is Wenger we are talking about, kids and mediocre French players please form and orderly que..

  35. Paddy got up

    I can confirm Wenger made a statement this morning.
    It came from the Nat West cash machine in Goffs Oak and said he was £7.5m in credit.

    He did show great spirit in parking his Range Rover!!

  36. Bennydevito

    We really should try for Rooney – English, knows the prem league, a winner, hates losing and a big game player. He’d also be a world wide marquee signing that would surely enhance our chances of signing other top players. Then sign Ceaser, Williams, Capoue, benteke and then get on the blower to Fabregas and tell him we want him to come home and become the captain again and lead us into a new age.

    I’ll wake up in a minute.

  37. Raz

    I am amazed people still put Sagna as their first choice RB.

    People say we need other signings first – I don’t disagree, BUT, we also need 11 players on the pitch who are willing to do it all for the shirt.

    Arsenal fans are rarely objective, but I try to be anyway. And to me, Sagna was showing glimpses of needing replacing LAST year. Then he got injured so all that got swept under the carpet, and when he came back from his leg break he wasn’t exactly brilliant, but he was ‘fine’.

    For me, fine isn’t good enough. Then we have this season. Honestly, I don’t think he is a poor player, I’m not saying that, but by the standards we should be aiming for, he has been poor. I am sure some of you will have something to say about that but if there’s one thing I hate more than having poor players, it’s having good players who aren’t in it any more. Example, I get infinitely more worked up by Theo not turning up than by Gervinho missing sitters, because Gerv wants to do well, he just ins’t that great, but Theo could bang in 30 goals easily if he actually made an effort in more than 12 games.

    I actually hope we sell Sagna and bring in a replacement this summer. Then he’ll go on to have an incredible season at another club and prove me correct, that his head wasn’t in it.

  38. Romford Pele

    Ryan mate, at the end of the day all that matters is how good the personnel are. Jovetic is only matched by Cazorla in the current squad. You could argue his ceiling is higher too since he’s younger.

  39. Leedsgunner

    Jovetic, as a good a player that he is, is not this club needs. We need a world class finisher. Jovetic is a superb attacking midfielder and I see him as a Nasri replacement if anything. Higuain or Rooney is what the club needs to win next year…

  40. Gregg

    I don’t see Jovetic to Chelsea. They have enough players in that assist forward position, they have Torres, Ba, Lukuku & possibly Schurlle up top. Would not surprise me if the Schurlle deal doesn’t happen now Maureens back.

  41. Romford Pele

    Raz, you keep harping on about Sagna. He’s the least of our problems. And he was looking solid again towards the back end of last season. For someone who can also play at CB, he’s very much worth keeping.

  42. Romford Pele


    We need an AM just as much as we need a striker. Our problems wasn’t conceding goals last year, it was scoring them. No point buying a striker if there’s not going to be anyone to pass him the ball to score. We can’t just rely on Cazorla, and Rosicky is a back-up option.

  43. Romford Pele

    The plan should always be to play with two creative outlets and one wide forward.


    That’s how the season finished. I love TR7 but he can’t be relied upon to complete a season. A first choice AM in addition to a striker are necessities, arguably more so than a DM, which increasingly looks like it may not happen.

  44. Raz

    @Romford – I don’t keep ‘harping on about him’ – I just don’t get why people who think they are listing realistic teams keep putting him in the line up when it’s obvious he wants to leave and it shows on the pitch. They should at least be putting Jenko there.

    Also, his CB skills are not an excuse to keep him at all. He’s played CB once in about 4 years, which shows Wenger doesn’t think the way you do. He has fielded Squid and Djourou ahead of Sagna at CB, so he clearly has no interest in using hi there for the benefit of the team unless he’s backed into a horrendous corner. He’s good enough to be maybe 3rd choice or 4th choice at CB but realistically he’s about 6th choice – not a reason to keep him. Also, what if he has no desire to play there? You’ve got a player who doesn’t play for the shirt, at CB? Are you mental?

    Anyway define ‘looking solid’ – he was diabolical going forward and his defending was up to par. I would have thought the champions league final for one would have highlighted the level we need.

    All I am saying is realistically it doesn’t make sense to put him down as first choice RB for next season.

  45. Raz

    Oh my god,Romford, you keep harping on about about forwards – we have about 6 at the club.

    See? Stupid comment.

  46. Mayank

    The only reason I’d choose Higuain over Rooney is because we can get 5 years out oh him. Can’t say the same about Rooney, he’s already been playing at the top level for 12 years. How much more can his body take.

  47. nepGunner


    Higuain is not the safer money – He IS the better money.

    Besides his obvious talents (as shown by your stats too), he’s only 25 so can improve even further and give the club more in the long run than Rooney, and most importantly has a balanced temperament .

    Rooney is not less a talent, but IMHO its better to invest on a younger, more hungrier and a level headed talent rather than a short-fused egomaniac who can hold the club for ransom should his head turn. Also, the best Rooney has played for Manure is in the “hole” supporting the main striker and we already have Santi, Wilshere & Rosicky there as ample choices.

  48. Gregg

    A hell of a lot more creativity is needed because there was precious little of it in the last 10 games last season. A lot will depend on Wilshere’s summer operation and where, precisely, Wenger sees Oxlade-Chamberlain as playing. Possibly the DM may not happen. A keeper will, probably Cesar and if thats the case I’d like to see an out & out striker and two creative players aswell.

  49. Savage

    If you’ve tracked Jeorge Bird’s youth blog, you’ll know that our u18 and reserve setups are very short on strikers after all the boys we released. This Serbian interest makes a lot of sense.

  50. sylvain

    They wants trophies and they are absolutely RIGHT about this.
    But it’s something AW didn’t seem to understand that much…

    And it’s a very good thing to put pressure on Wenger.

  51. Raz

    And again, WHY do people keep putting Rosicky in the middle and Santi wide left?

    Santi is 10x better in the middle than Rosicky, and Rosicky plays wide mid very well indeed and his crossing is supreme. He’s also better at going past players than any winger we have. He doesn’t create that many assists or score from the middle yet people stil list him as the ACM as though he does, when Santi wipes the floor with him. Rosicky has always been best at CM not ACM for that very reason, or wide mid. Honestly, it’s as though some of you have the memories of gold fish the way you talk about the team haha.


    sees better results than


  52. MadeToLoveMagic

    I don’t know if the Rooney thing is as far fetched as people think. Personally I think he would take a wage cut to come here mainly because of being the main man again, being in London and finally, the system arsenal play would suit him. Also we have a core of young English talent in our team. You will soon be able to add jenks to that list. So if we gave him a fat signing on fee, big performance related incentives plus paid him around 130 a week, I think he would take it. I don’t get the impression Rooney is all about the cash, and I think he would see arsenal as a place where his abilities could really be used well. I’m sure he respects wenger too, certainly more than he does moyes jajajajaja!

    It’s on the cards , no smoke and all that, this rumour is persisting, and there has been nothing from the Rooney camp to say otherwise. He is leaving united 99 percent. I don’t think the fans will accept him wanting to leave AGAIN. Now it’s up to us. We may not match the wages, but if we are smart in terms of ” incentives”,, then we can pull this off. London is a big draw like ped said, especially when you have been living in manchester. I sure Coleen would love it too!! I’m all up for the roomeister

  53. Romford Pele

    Raz, How is it obvious he wants to leave? He’s also said he’s still in discussions with Arsenal at the moment regarding a new contract. That’s not someone who’s exactly out the door is it?

    Yep he’s played CB once, but he hasn’t needed to at any other time. Against Sunderland, Wenger could’ve opted for Squid but chose Sagna instead and he performed very well for someone who never plays there, especially when we went down to 10 men. Why should it be his desire to choose where he plays? The manager chooses where you play. Sagna will only need to play there in emergencies.

    I don’t know about you, but me personally, i’d rather have a solid defender rather than someone who is great going forward but leaves gaps at the gap.

    And I disagree, right now we should keep him in prospective teams unless something changes. He’s been here for 5 years and overall has been a great buy. You shouldn’t just forget that.

  54. Romford Pele

    Gregg, Will be interesting to see where the Ox plays. He needs to tie down a position. Maybe the AM one? But i’d prefer a new signing.

  55. Romford Pele

    Raz, RE Santi and Rosicky. It really doesn’t matter as they both end up interchanging through the game. I can see Wenger’s reasoning for playing Rosicky there though. He has a better energy than Santi and adds a different dynamic to the midfield. Santi can’t ghost past players like Rosicky can. earlier on in the season, we were getting too exposed with Wilshere, Arteta and Santi as a three. Rosicky adds extra dynamism and it worked for the better.

  56. arsenal tom

    A top striker, DM, GK (cesar) a CB (maybe williams) a RB replacement if Sagna goes is what we’re realistically looking at.

    The Other Positions are covered numbers wise

  57. Romford Pele


    Rooney not all about cash? This is someone who questioned United’s ambition to get a payrise to 250k per week – something he is by no means worth.

  58. Scravaldio

    Don’t you guys realise AW doesn’t care what anyone thinks including his players. As far as he is concerned they are employees and just like at work we bitch and moan about a lack resources or jobs as the case is now, these players bitch about glory.
    AW will see it the same way as any employer and listen but not actually take action. Rooney is the signing to get arsenal back to were we should be but your talking about a manager with an ego so big that none of his current players are paid as much as him so why would he go out a buy a player who would be paid twice what he earns himself!
    Forget the news feeds and transfer rumours becuase By august 31st you would have missed nothing. A few kids and a lot excuses. i really hope I am wrong and that this egotistical stubborn frenchman isn’t as egotistical and as stubborn as I think he is. If rooney is too much then I would go for Wilfried Bony and Benteke.
    Then in the midfield either Lars Bender or Wanyama or both.
    Higuain is again a player I would like but I just can’t see AW siging any stars as they are not stupid and the other clubs use him as a scouting network waiting for him to act then outbidding him, then we’ll get a story three months later about how he was in for him but some money bags club got him with their free money blah blah blah.
    When I last posted on here I was shot down big time for saying that Poldolski and Giroud would not score enough goals and if it wasn’t for theo and santi those two could have dropped us right in it this season so I hope I am actually wrong this time but really AW has shown me that nothing has changed.
    At least wargame airland battle has now been released for the pc so I can have something other then refreshing the newsnow feeds and hoping eberneezer wenger wants to keep his job this time next year.

  59. denchlads

    through inflation nowadays i dont think 30-40mil pound for rooney would be waste. you cant get player like henry nowadays for 12mil pound. you need atleast 30mil for him. please wake up arsene, this is not 90’s anymore.

  60. Ryan


    Yeah but theirs always the concern of the bedding in “period” getting to know the players around you and the opposition.. Rooney knows that inside out, and most of our squad. (English players) I know it’s only speculation but man he’s a way better option if he is a option?!? Come on!

  61. Raz


    That’s why he should be CM not ACM really. Rosicky has made a career out of picking up the ball in midfield and driving forward, as the link between attack (which includes the ACM) and defence, including the DM. He’s a CM and IMO perhaps one of the best in the country for the reasons you stated.

    But once we get to outside the box, he’s pretty useless. Well, not useless, but he doesn’t unlock the defence or score enough.

    For me, having a DM, Rosicky at CM, Santi at ACM, with two wide attacking players e.g. Theo right, Ox left, and a rapid striker, would see us go places.

  62. Gregg

    I think maybe he sees the OX as being in the future, the driving, barnstorming CM that he hoped Diaby would be. He certainly has the pace and power to do that, in time. Whether he’s ready for that now i’m not sure. I think he’s looking at three signings, GK & first team Striker, & Creator.

    Sagna Mert Koz Gibbs
    Arteta / Ramsey

    Ox / Ramsey/Diaby Wilshere
    Theo Cazorla New sign
    New Sign

  63. Romford Pele


    It depends, some adapt longer, some fit in straight away. But on the whole, it’s easier for attacking players to adapt to the style of football we play since it’s very continental.

    Rooney only really knows Wilshere, Ox and Theo. While that may help around the dressing room, there’s no guarantee that he’d be an on-field success. Let’s not forget that this person had to be sent to America to get into shape. I’m sorry but any footballer who can’t keep themselves fit would be a cause for concern. Then there’s his temperament which has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions. And his wages; 250k is way too much for someone who isn’t one of the top 5 forwards in the world. Unfortunately because he’s English, he gets a bypass. Not for me though i’m sure many will disagree.

  64. nepGunner

    Also, Wenger CANNOT handle bigger players with “egos”, which Rooney has in abundance, and Rooney’s outlandish wage are two more of the reasons why Rooney to Arsenal WONT happen.

    I’ll eat my share of humble pie if it happens (though I would prefer Higuain, Grioud & Benteke as our striking option next season) but I’m more than ready to put my neck on the line here confirming it WONT happen – not necessarily because Rooney doesn’t want to come to us, but because Wenger doesn’t have the balls to commit to such high profile signings.

  65. Rhys Jaggar

    A few amusing possibilities about your gossip:

    1. Sagna is angling for a pay rise, so touting himself with PSG is one way for his agents to go. Alternatively, Wenger has been told to put in a bid for Kyle Walker as Roy Hodgson wants to stick a hot poker 2 inches from Glen Johnson’s backside and having another player in the Champions League is the best way for him to do that. Sagna is worried he might become Carling Cup fodder??!!
    2. Rooney’s heart is in playing with Jack Wilshere and making a statement to David Moyes. He made a statement at Euro 2004 and in his Man Utd debut in the Champions League, after all. Perhaps he thinks that his best chance of doing something with England is forming a Holy Trinity with Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain and a gruesome twosome with Theo Walcott??!!
    3. Rooney has won everything there is to win at Man Utd: 5 EPL titles, ECL in 2008, Carling Cup 2006 and other times. Maybe he needs a new challenge?? Maybe he’s reached that stage when living outside the NW appeals?? Who knows….
    4. Who knows with Higuain?? First thing to eliminate is that this story isn’t just a bargaining chip with Spurs over Bale. A ‘if you don’t do what we want, we’ll sell folks to Arsenal just to spite you. Then we will offer you £25m less than we offered before you said no this summer’. Could be, though, that outside of Barca and Real that Spanish clubs are raising cash selling their best players. Navas leaving Sevilla, Llorente leaving Bilbao, what about Valencia after they finished 5th?? Could be a boring league in future, so Higuain fancies some tough competition before the World Cup. Maybe he just fancies somewhere new as well?!

    FFP broadly says you must have on operating budget losing no more than £15m a year over a 3 year period, whereas you can spend squillions on academies, training grounds and stadia. So if Roman wanted to stay FFP compliant, he might as well build New Stamford Bridge with 60,000 Chavs in it. Rumour had it he fancied Battersea power station. He could pay for the stadium by building One Stamford Bridge with the Candys, after all…….he even offered to pay for part of the Northern Line extension. Perhaps lots of London folks are saying ‘fuck off Roman, you thought Russia getting the World Cup was more important. So you can whistle for planning permission until at least 2020…..’? Well, at least all those folks unlike the penny pinching Chancellor who supports financial splurges where football is concerned………

  66. unhappy gunner

    We are all coming up with names wenger should buy, but reality is guys 70 million to include wages is maybe 1 and a half decent players. 70 million would be perfect if the core of the sqaud was good, but wenger has depleted the sqaud so much that 70 million is truly not enough to even contemplate winning EPL next year. Plus with mourinho back and pellegrini going to city its going to be a damn sight harder next season.

  67. Romford Pele


    Yes he’d also make a good CM but we’ve already got numerous options there. I wouldn’t say he’s useless outside the box though this is definitely an area which is lacking. Why is this the case? I’m not sure because Rosicky hits the ball as well as anybody i’ve seen. And he certainly used to score a fair few crackers when he first joined.

    And at 32, he can’t be relied upon regularly. A DM would be great, but i’m not sure we are going to get one. And I prefer not to have two wide attacking players. They lose the ball too much. I always prefer having a playmaker out there which aids the possession better. Nasri and Hleb were great in that regard. A rapid strike would be nice. Do miss the Henry-type pace.

  68. Crusderrabbit

    Who’s fitter – Beyonce or Katy Perry? Doesn’t matter, you’re not going to get to sh@g either of them. Who’s a better signing – Higuain or Rooney? Just as irrelevant.

    Happy players putting pressure on Wenger – if that is what they’re really doing – but really don’t see the manager having his hand forced at all. There’s still a huge swathe of deluded knobheads out there praising his strategy, telling everyone to calm down, transfer window still has months left etc etc. Deluded fools – it’s the same as last summer, and the summer before – picking up cheap youth which has a bout a 1% chance of really making an impact, whilst our rivals continue to strengthen. And where are the Supporters groups in all this? – I don’t see any pressure really coming from them at all. Still happy to give him one more chance, only to be left looking sheepish come September 1. We’re all too distracted by this player or that player coming in to put any kind of concerted pressure where it needs to be felt

  69. Romford Pele


    It’s an interesting debate. Ox is very comfortable as a CM it seems, but we already have Ramsey and JW who play there ahead of him and both are still very young. My reason for saying AM was that he’s better at shooting than the aforementioned two, though probably lacks the awareness and vision. This could be something that can be improved upon though.

    For me, striker and creator are necessities. That’s where we should be focusing our attentions first.

  70. Gregg

    Romford, Agreed First choice striker & creator required as neccessities.
    The Ox’s shooting is pretty good which is why I see him as one of the ‘energetic two’ playing in front of Arteta in the future. We saw the power that Phil Jones gave Man U last year at the Emirates from that position, driving forward into excellent positions, luckily his finishing was shit. I See the Ox as maybe being earmarked for a similar role. If I were a betting man I’d say Wenger sees Ramsey as Arteta’s heir apparent in the future.

  71. Romford Pele


    Depends on which way you see our formation. I’ve always thought we played more of a 4-2-3-1 rather than 4-3-3. Maybe we may switch in the future, who knows.

    I’d be shocked if Ramsey was Arteta’s replacement to be fair. They are different players for me. Ramsey playing Arteta’s position wouldn’t utilise his best attribute; his workrate IMO. And that’s not something I want to lose. Ramsey has a ridiculously high success rate, over 90 per cent i’m sure. Ramsey, Ox and JW are all box-to-box players. Be interesting to see how they are utilised in future.

  72. Romford Pele


    Mourinho did fall out with most of the Spanish players at Real, Casillas being the most notable case. And the players at Chelsea now are not the archetypal Mou players. Who knows though, if he’s planning to stick around for a while this time, he may end up changing his style.

  73. nepGunner


    Quite amusing possibilities!

    I would thoroughly enjoy signing Kyle Walker!!! Just to pull a fast one on them spud mates…Unless they go on and sign Higuain and we get a 12 year old promising Ethiopian from Ligue 2.

  74. Oh Theo Theo!

    Anyone else getting an ominous feeling of deja vu from last year? There we were debating like crazy who we’d like to sign. From the club – silence.

    Each day went by and we saw the other teams signing the big names. Le Grove was in a frenzy – “just wait – big signings coming” said the AKBs. “Do something said the doubters”

    Ice came on with wild and crazy stories about “major signings in Germany – knock your socks off” – bollocks as usual.

    And we signed kids. RvP had enough and said “fuck it, I’m off”.

    And nobody major came….

    This year, we have silence, kids being signed (although nobody decent left to be poached) and no signings.

    I mean if the club hasn’t worked out who they need and aren’t putting the deals in place – WHAT’S THE FRIGGING POINT??

    I have this horrible feeling we’re about to get another schooling in how to conduct transfer business by the other clubs…

  75. Gregg


    We deffo don’t play 4-3-3

    I think the ideal is back four, sweeper in front of them i.e Arteta; Two energetic driving players, i.e two from Ramsey, Oxlade and Wilshere & the three ahead of those. Wilshere is nailed on for one of those two but I can see Ox getting more gametime in that role when either Wilshere & Ramsey injured, rested etc. Don’t get me wrong, give me £25m and I’d get Alex Witsel and stick him in there for sure – forget this Fellaini bollox, this kid pisses all over him.

  76. Romford Pele

    And we signed kids. RvP had enough and said “fuck it, I’m off”.And nobody major came….

    Umm, we signed Cazorla, Giroud and Poldi all who were over the age of 25. RVP had already decided he wanted to leave.

  77. Arsene nose best

    Well laurent, you best start becoming a better player if you want to win trophys, mug, your the reason we never won the league cup you fucking dickhead.

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    Oh Theo Theo: And nobody major came….

    Cazorla has been absolutely brilliant, how is he not major?

  79. nickw

    Higuain all day long. A better bet than Jovetic as he’s an out and out striker. If that did’nt send the right message to Koscileny & co then nothing will. Rooney’s wages are too high could end up another Arshavin

  80. Oh Theo Theo!

    Romford – We signed those players because RvP decided to leave.

    We got 24m, we spent 24m, late in the window. Doen’t strike me as pre-planned does it?

    If the club is so well run and “on it” why haven’t we tied down our key targets?

    All this delaying does is let other clubs in… Just sign the fucking targets.

  81. Romford Pele

    “Just sign the fucking targets”

    If only everything in life was that easy. Can’t disagree with you that it’s not frustrating but it’s still only June 5th. The window doesn’t open until July 1st.

  82. Oh Theo Theo!

    Nasri’s – agreed; great player, but signed with RvP money. Seems like if RvP hadn’t left we wouldn’t have moved for him.

    We need to break out of this dithering mentality.

    I genuinely hope that this year IS different and that we’re in advanced noegotiations with 2 really key signings. But the silence is worrying.

  83. Dev_Gooner

    Oh Did anyone read that West Ham tried a £15m bid for Negredo? Now that shows ambition in rumours lol. Still its a lot better than us linking to a 18yo serbian!

  84. mystic

    Jovetic to chelsea – maybe, but then again it wasn’t so long back that it was almost a dead certainty that was Falcao’s next destination!

    Rooney to Arsenal – can’t see scrooge agreeing to pay him decent wages / make a proper bid for him. I do wonder though whether he could actually be open to an Arsenal move. Having been usurped by a forward from Arsenal, what better way than to move the opposite way and establish himself as a main striker again?

    Cesar to Arsenal – could be true, not sure what Gus Cesar is doing these days!

    Does anyone know where wenger is at the moment (other than when Paddy Got Up saw him in Goffs Oak!)? scouting in the Outer Hebrides? on holiday at Kroenke’s ranch? counting down the days until Mourinho starts taking the piss next season? working on major transfers? – ok the last one was a joke.

  85. arsenal tom

    We’re gonna loose about 25 players including youths this summer so we have to go get a few kids… those deals are always going to be easier to sort out than any big money move because of the relative risk/loss involved.

    Its no big deal.


    greatt post..n great discussion in the comments section……… seen an interactive discussion rather than guys just cursing n ranting about….cheers..n COYG

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    @Oh Theo Theo

    We might not have signed Giroud if we’d have kept RvP but we’d have signed Cazorla. We needed someone more creative in the middle of the pitch. Wenger had talked about that lack previously.

    I don’t worry about things being quiet, everyone is quiet about transfers.

  88. goonerbone

    Ffs, don’t sign Rooney! We would have a 200k/w (at least) alcoholic who would be trying to bang the other guys wags, but he would grow frustrated because he wouldn’t get any, because he honestly looks like a sausage with some transplanted hair on it. Or he looks like Shrek. Get Hig the MIG!

  89. mystic

    Giroud was signed before RvP did so for Utd, therefore it was only the consideration of what the Dutchman would do and not his actual departure that brought the Frenchman to the Emirates.

  90. Moray

    we will offer max 150k per week for Rooney. The tattie faced cunt won’t move for that. If anything, he’ll want more than his current contract. We can forget Rooney.

    As for Sagna and Kozzers’ comments, if it wasn;t for Kozzer’s costly mistakes and Sagna’s dip in form (around the time of the contract renewal), then maybe we would have won something this last year or two, even despite the best efforts of our loser manager. Why don;t these cunts take some responsibility. They are both first X1 players…who do they think is responsible for us winning or losing?

  91. Nasri's Mouth


    The shit with RvP had been going on for a while, they signed Giroud knowing that RvP might well leave.

  92. mystic

    Agree that Giroud was bought based on what they thought RvP might well do, but ultimately the purchase was done on anticipation of him leaving, not as a result of him doing so.

    As I have argued in the past, RvP could have chosen to change his mind and stayed at Arsenal – Giroud would still have been at the club regardless.

  93. Zoran

    How fucking greedy all, but all, Football Players are. There are of course some honourable exceptions.
    Only last year, when he signed the extenssion of the contract, Kozzer was saying how greatfull he is towards Arsenal and Wenger in particular. He came from a side from League 2, and he never ever dreamed to Play in the PL or more in Arsenal. That was the dream comming through for him.
    He said, he would be nothing without Wenger who was forcing him through the Team giving him the chances where we all, and I mean all from this blog, where moaning about that fucking Wenger and fucking Koszielny. Or, is there somebody who find himself as exeption?
    Now, not even one year latter, after having a remarkable season, Kozzer is taking the same methods of his friend Robin van Pussy: he is blackmailing Arsenal and Wenger. If we do not reinforce and sign some remarkable stars, he will leave.
    No Problem dear Kozzer, go, we are not a Club like you think we are. We survived bigger departures and we will for sure survive in the future other big departures from greedy Players, but we are not the Club that the greedy Players think they can fuck as they want.

  94. nepGunner


    While I also believe panicking now is a tad too much when the window opens officially on July 1 (I’m not sure on this), but I also believe in planning to acquire your required targets from now only so we can avoid last minute panic buying (and gambling on players like Park) like two seasons ago. Also tying down your targets early gives the team a good pre-season and gelling time. We can unveil all our efforts on July 1 for all I care, but the official date should not be an excuse for not acting from now.

    Falcao to Monaco, Goetze to Bayern, Neymar to Barca has already happened. OK, maybe we could not have afforded them, but seeing these transfers happen, the efforts on our side does look inadequate. Especially for a club like ours who are in dire need of rebuilding the squad and with a sizeable transfer kitty to spend as well. Maybe they are acting behind the scene (I hope so), but by the looks of it, Wenger is in no hurry to change his ways – he has time to give interviews and most probably act pundit in the upcoming confederation cup, but he won’t act upon what is most pertaining to his job right now. That I consider irresponsible and taking a piss…again.

  95. seventhwave101

    Please NO Rooney ….its bad enough loving a team where you cant stand some of the players already because of their lack of effort/talent let alone him. Anyone else please………..! Beneteke, Michu, Hig, Jovetic

  96. Oh Theo Theo!

    Mystic – there was never any chance of RvP staying. Don’t you remember his “the club and I disagree on future direction” (i.e. they’re not going to win anything in the next 5 years, I’m off) public pronouncement he made?

    Never going to stay unless Wenger broke out the corporate card and spunked the cash on a couple of big signings. Never going to happen and RvP knew it.

    Suspect his agent had Manure on speed dial and that’s why Fergie made his “please let me have him, I’m retiring” plea and our complete pushover of a manager said – cool.

    If we really didn’t need the money and it wasn’t about balancing the book we would have made the signings we made AND made RvP play out the last year of his contract (although he would probably have had a Cesc style “injury”).

    Course not – money first kicked in and we balanced the books.

  97. Santos


    Lolololol . Now Koscielny is a greedy player ? Is it not good that the players are putting pressure on OGL to show more ambition? Wenger discovered these players, fine, good, but why doesn’t he want to help them achieve common goals; trophies and medals?

  98. Danish Gooner

    Man Wenger is spiting the fans Mitrovic and Crowley.How about Rooney,Benteke,Higuian,Jovetic etc ?????

  99. Oh Theo Theo!

    dial – you’re an idiot that “creaking” defense won the double in 98. Best defense outside of the invincibles we’ve ever had. Muppet.

  100. El Tel

    Stop bitching and whinging.

    That traitor twat hs said he wanted to go to the Mancscum weeks before he went.

    He is now blaming the board for not wanting to give him away.

    I would buy Looney the Fatwan just to spite those tossers and show some intent. I personally hate Looney yet see through my hatred or the enhancement of the Club.

    It will also give our players more mental strength adding English players to the squad along with Germans and Spaniards.

    Sagna is the most over rated RB in all my time watching the Arsenal and Koscielny never said he wanted to leave at all, He just said like others have in recent days that we need to strengthen the side to give him a chance of winning trophies.

    Wenger is probably using his players to get the message through to Kroenke and Co.

    I would go for Rooney, Jovetic and Higuain, if even one of those players comes on board then we will already be seen as ambitious.

    Mata and Co. will soon be upset at the Chavs and this will cause major problems for them.

    Cant wait to see Hazard and Mata getting bollocked for not defending by the Special needs one. All those attacking players will get the hump and Moaninio will not have the Chav old school,there to help him through it.

    Come on Guys, get behind e team for once.

    I read this blog every day and commented for years but switched off till the seasons end as the negativity was dragging me down.

    Our team fought back from a disasterous season and scraped into the CL places with League winning form.

    I still want Wenger to be replaced for my hero Jurgen Klopp but will be prepared to hang on till next season when his contract will be finished.

    Lets hope we do sign a couple of marquee players this season and if we start next season as we finished the last we will have something to look forward too after Christmas for the first time in ages.

    My wish list is for a Keeper(Priority) a World Class Striker, a wide attacking midfielder as we play narrow and need width, a CB squad player and a new RB to replace Mr average Bacary no output just average defender Sagna.

  101. Gregg

    FAO all our friends in Finland;

    Manchester City will play Arsenal in Helsinki in their final pre-season match on 10 August.

    It is the first time two Premier League clubs have met in Finland.

    City’s Chief Executive Officer Ferran Soriano said: “We know Arsenal will provide our team with a very competitive match and we are looking forward to what should be a memorable occasion to close a pre-season tour that also sees us visit South Africa, Hong Kong and Germany.”

  102. Nasri's Mouth


    I think there is a slim possibility that you might have over-reacted ever so slightly towards Koscielny and his comments.

  103. mystic

    oh oh Theo
    Yes I do remember the comments, which were made after Giroud had been bought. Until the moment that RvP signed for Utd nothing was in concrete – even if it was 99% certain.

    People seem to forget that RvP was under contract meaning that not only could Arsenal have held on to him has they chosen to – pretty obvious buying Giroud says they had no intention – or had the right financial bids not been around RvP could have chosen to tough out the remaining months of his contract.

    As I said, until he signed it was only ever a 99% certainty, Giroud was on board before he finalised his move.

    I’m not arguing that Giroud was purchased on the basis of RvP making a decision, merely pointing out that the purchase was not done based on him actually having gone.

  104. babasola tokoya lagos nigeria

    I WANT ROONEY AS HE WILL HIT THE 40 GOALS MARK AS A CLINICAL ENERGETICAL FINISHER then a defensive midfielder like CAPOUE OR WANYAMA AND A COMMANDING N RELIABLE GGOALKEEPER to seriously challenge for the title coming season

  105. Gooby

    Rooney any day of the week.

    But i don’t think it can happen to guy is on £240k/w .

    Sayin wenger can’t handdle egos is quite ridiculous knowing the respect he’s earned from the big boys like Adams, Bergkamp,Henry…

    There are reasons behind our lack of quality signings in recent seasons and everyone knows those

  106. DUIFG

    Raz- spot on re Sagna, liability towards the end I last season, don’t even get me started on his going forward potential!

    Rooney has all the hallmarks of a Torres signing to me. Last season a old club was mediocre, physically is he te same player he was. I’m really no sure, if you actually seethe guy live he isn’t at all impressive, he can’t go past players any more. He does score the odd wonder goal but this though that Rooney will be having stormers fr us every game is misplaced.
    Who said e was hungry? The guy is one of the biggest moaners in the united dressing room!

    Higuain for me, on it player without the baggage.

  107. gilo

    Pedro, your question is framed wrongly.

    We should be after both of them all serious outfits have 3/4 top strikers not 1

    City – Tevez Dzeko Aguero Balletelli (formerly)
    UTD – Van Persie Rooney Hernandez
    Chelsea – Torres, Ba, Lukaku
    Arsenal – ………………..

  108. NoMoreCesc

    While you are all debating Rooney vs. Higuain, the Daily Star claims that Higuain will snub Arsenal for Juve. Another one bites the dust….

  109. Oh Theo Theo!

    Mystic – you’re splitting hairs! Everyone knew he was going the moment he refused a new contract. Which would have been six months previously, when the negotiations opened.

    When a player won’t extend his contract – he’s pretty much gone as most clubs these days don’t want to lose money letting a player go on a free.

    Notice how nobody puts in transfer requests anymore – they just don’t sign a new contract.

  110. unhappy gunner

    When you have idiots like david dein commenting on what a remarkable achievement it was to reach CL football this season, with the squad we have, what hope is their for our wonderful club. FFS he signed the players so how can it be a miracle? The fact the squad is so shite is purely down to Wenger. The way the players celebrated 4th was disgusting. That mentality from the players again is purely down to wenger. I for one hope and pray its his last season.

  111. dialsquare

    Answer the point why did they not win a League Title between 91-98 and check the goals conceded column we had one of the poorest defences in the division during that period.

  112. mystic

    I think before people get too hot under the collar about Koscienly’s comments it is worth noting that he said:

    ‘I want to lift trophies and to have a winning record. I hope the club will give me the means. If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere. I want to win titles and I hope the club have the means.’

    Chances are that actually suggests he has been told that Arsenal intend to buy this summer and therefore he has stated ‘If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere.’ in other words he is not looking to leave at the moment.

    Quite why Kos should be taken in by wenger this summer having seen what has happened in the past is beyond me.

  113. GoonerDave

    I think Kos’s comments were taken out of context a little, after all he said he wanted to stay and win things here. He wants signings. He wants to compete and to win.
    The interviewer asked him about PSG etc. trying to squeeze out a headline, yet the full interview and the context of it have not been reported by most.
    As for our signings this Summer, I think we will get 2 players at the 20/25 M mark, and a few smaller buys. I suspect that any big signings will have to have a re-sale value on them, so I bet we sign 2 top players between 22 and 25 years old.
    With the 3 teams above us changing managers, we have a fantastic chance to compete. Its highly unlikely all 3 will succeed.
    Here’s hoping Wenger and Ivan see things the same way.

  114. Nasri's Mouth


    oh no, it must be true, it’s the same paper that was linking Wilshere with Barcelona yesterday

  115. El Tel


    Yes apt name.

    Rad what your Lord RVP said in the Mail today, then read your comment.

    He was off no matter what. Wenger and the Board made it difficult for him to go there. Even the Piss head said this before siging him.

    Wenger never gave in unlike your comment that he is weak and let him go.

    That greedy bastard went for the cash. Yes he won a title, well done little Boy.

    He also upset some of their players as a few are talking of leaving. The Man or Boy is a grat player but a terrible influence on team mates.

    Looney was THE Man before billy big shot arrived. Pisshead couldnt care less as he knew he would be off, he wanted to get his last glory day in before shafting the Mancs.

    Moyes has most probably already fucked it up by sacking Pissheads back room team and bringing his no hoper mates from Neverton on board.

    The Pissheads Golden troops have retired and are baling out.

    Giggs,Scholes,Looney, Nani,the Little Pea,Evra the cunt all left or leaving. Rio the druggie on his last legs, Vidcic is a crock. I predict them to be fighting with us and the Spuds for that fourth position next season. I think Citeh and the Chavs will be favourites although we have a goos chance to take something from them as they are also in turmoil.

  116. Nasri's Mouth

    Dialsquare: Wenger should of changed the ageing creeking defence back in 96, but he didn’t, should have been a sign of things to come.




  117. Oh Theo Theo!

    Dial – check your club history.

    Graham was there 1991 to 1994 – and kept buying crappy players (glen helder, stefan schwarz, etc.) and now we know why. Financial incentives. Merson also imploded and Houston led the team on a run of something like 10 games without a win

    1995 – 1996 – Bruce Rioch. Say no more. Signed Bergkamp, eternally grateful but shite manager.

    1996 – Wenger year 1, cue revolution

    1998 – Double

    2002 – Double double

    2004 – invincibles

    From then on – shite. Get rid.

    We had

  118. nepGunner


    Yes, Adams, Bergkamp & Thierry were all big players but not necessarily egomaniac cunts as Rooney is. How did SAF handled Rooney when he asked for a raise saying United don’t have ambition???? He gave him the raise AND bought the league’s top scorer to put him in his place. Do you think Wenger is capable of doing that? He would have sold Rooney to the highest bidder straight away and paid for his taxi fare. Ridiculous? Please.

  119. El Tel

    The Mancs would rather sell Looney to us than the Chavs or Citeh as they do not see us as rivals anymore.

    Looney in my opinion will not play abroad so the options are limited.

    Live in hope until the hope has gone.

  120. TitsMcgee

    …and the only reason we got/went after Cazorla is because we got him at a MAJOR discount because Malaga was in financial trouble.

    So we’re in for quality players only under very special circumstances.

    i.e when they are wayyyyy below market value.

    Pelligrini was lamenting how criminal it was that they sold him to us as cheaply as they did.

  121. Oh Theo Theo!

    El Tel – nope. He phoned Wenger and Wenger caved. Could have sold him anywhere else. Could have said no. Red nose gave it the I’m retiring shite and Wenger gave in.

    RvP wanted United. He got it.

  122. mystic

    El Tel
    Unfortunately this is all about ambition by Arsenal. You are right that Arsenal COULD upset the barrel and actually take something from citeh and chavs as there is amount of turmoil at both clubs that might result in short term messes.

    However, it seems as unlikely that Arsenal will invest this summer any more than the past and therefore won’t be strong enough to take advantage of any slips made elsewhere.