Arsenal close to landing striker | Two French stars hint at exit | The Hig versus Rooney… who would you take?

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Run Kozzer, run...

A French exodus is on the cards people… they all want out… they’ve seen the lack of ambition and they want to say goodbye. Next seasons plans… all big scuppered. Pack your bags people it’s over…

Just kidding, there have been negative mutterings in the press from Sagna and Koscielny. Both players have come out and said very similar things…


“To see others win and lift trophies, honestly, that hurts.

“It’s six years I’ve been at Arsenal now and I will remain focused on my club, but I don’t know [about my future].


“Psychologically, it is hard. We are always under pressure – a season without the Champions League for Arsenal is catastrophic.

“I have the desire to add to my list of honours. I hope the club will give me the means.

“If this weren’t the case, I’d look elsewhere.”

They’d like to win something.

No way? Players of a high calibre would like to have a title to show for their careers? I think that’s perfectly fair. When you’re a sportsman, it’s not about money. No one will congratulate you on a fantastic last contact. They’ll ask you about your trophies.  Explayers have nothing else to talk about. You don’t get on the after dinner circuits if you don’t have stories… if you don’t have trophies to your name, you don’t have stories in football.

Arsene Wenger demands loyalty and vision from his players… buy into my project and you’ll be rewarded. Now, the shame of it is, the general trend is you buy into Wenger’s project and you’re rewarded in someone else’s. players are picking up on that earlier now. Koscielny is barely into his Arsenal career and he’s already looking at the next move as he’s bored of challenging for financial security.

This sort of news is great news for fans. Ivan has put pressure on Wenger. Bloggers have put pressure on him. The fans have pressured him in the stadium. Now the players are rounding on him. They want to compete and they can all see there are no barriers to stopping him.

Wenger can’t afford to go into contract negotiations with yet more players demanding moves because of a soured project, your staff have to believe in you. If they don’t in football, they won’t play for you.

Wenger, you’d best start making some moves…

Oh, what, he has started making them?

We’re chasing down an 18 year old Serbian who goes by the name of Mitrovic. Dear oh dear… he’s a kid, he’s a striker and he managed to score 10 goals in 25 games last year. Now, I’m not going to lose the plot over this because I quite like Serbian players. There’s always something a little dark about them… like… if you took the mick out of them in a match report, they’d be knocking on your door 2 hours later. It seems we’re really ramping up the the second string this summer. Sanogo, Dan Crowley from Villa now this chap. It’s probably a neccessity, we really don’t have much of a Carling Cup side these days. Well, compared to the one we had a few years ago. As long as the first team squad gets the same treatment, I’m not against it.

… also, as long as he’s good.

However, if this is the shape of our ambitious summer… well, I won’t be pleased.

I’m still on team ‘we will spend’ though. I’m convinced we’ll go out and make a statement this year. We have to. Chelsea have landed Mourinho, who is apparently going to spite Wenger by signing a player as far as I’m told, we haven’t bid on. Yeah, the J word. The most boring transfer since we attempted to sign Juan Mata a few years ago. Let them have Jovetic I say… we have Sanogo and Mitrovic.

Peter Beardsley is still a style icon in the Jovetic family

It will be interesting to see what Chelsea do this summer. I’ve been reading up on FFP (Cheers Swiss Ramble) and I’m still not exactly sure what the deal is. But from what I gather, last season and this season, you’re supposed to have demonstrated that you’re at least trying to make a consious effort to get your finances in order. Well, Chelsea scrapped into doing ok last year… making a marginal loss by their standards… so this summer, unless they could justify a deviation, they won’t be able to spend £100m. They’ll have added £10m in wages with Mourinho. They’ll have to absorb last seasons spending. Plus they’ll still have a huge wage bill. Their commercials haven’t really moved. No one was interested in buying up their stadium naming rights and they can’t put any more pressure on the fans with ticket prices.

So, I won’t be shocked if they spit in the face of FFP… but I’ll be interested to see what UEFA do if that’s the case.

News slipped out of the Rooney camp that he’d be happy to move to London if we matched his wages. Again, of course he’d be happy. He’d be the main man and he’d have every single vice on his door step, bigger and better than Manchester by a muliplier of ten. Honestly, I’ll take him out if that gets him down here. I know places Wayne… I know dark places.

Anyway, it comes down to whether Arsenal feel that he’s the statement they want to make. I’d love him here. His stats are fantastic. Over 4 seasons…

Played: 184 games

Scored: 116 goals

Assisted: 43

Those are major numbers. The key one is that he’s very rarely injured. Such an important asset in a player. He’s like Ronaldo and Messi… pretty much invincible. Now, that either means he’s due a massive problem. Or he’s just one of those players. I think it’s also important to note that United are world class at keeping players fit. They’re further ahead than Arsenal on things like recovery etc… they also rotate their squad better, mainly because they actually have a squad to rotate.

Final piece of news is that Higauin said he’d suit Arsenal. Which is great news, if it’s not an old comment about Juventus they’ve repurposed to say ‘Arsenal’.

His stats are also impressive over 4 seasons.

Played: 146

Scored: 107

Assisted: 32

You have a younger player of 25 who has a less baggage, but he doesn’t have Premiership experience. Nor is he a global brand in the same way Wayne Rooney is.

Rooney is the bigger statement. Higauin is the safer money.

Who would you choose?

Toulouse want more than £10m for Capoue.

Finally, before you go, Sam Duckworth (ex Get Cape, Wear Cape) penned a song about the January transfer window. A great track. You can follow him on Twitter @ForgetCape.

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  1. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitJune 5, 2013 20:01:39

    “He’s busy with transfer matters” says journalist.

    Thats what I tell my misses when I going to have a wank in some other part of the house.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    Ok, so you think there was a mutual decision to not spend it, maybe after some discussion, maybe not, but eventually the decision was agreed upon.

    Do you think that this summer that all parties are still lined up the same, (‘singing from the same songsheet’ as my old MD used to say) or do you think that some want the money to be spent more than others?

    IE Does Gazidis have a bigger desire to spend the wonga than Wenger?

  3. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Lol the facts ? Your facts are usually easy to weed out and discard before you get abusive and upset.

    Fuck me, do you not understand the point, how can the board, Gazidis on 1.5 million and a club with a turnover of 250 million be completely in control of Wenger.

    Is that what you really believe ? are you soo obsessed with your bullshit vendetta that your not only are you going to give everyone else a complete pass, but everything must be down to one man ?

    That’s all, so what does everyone else do at the club exactly ?

  4. kwik fit


    like your style 🙂
    And the misses actually falls for that! Do you not think she’d get slightly suspicious with all the groaning and moaning sounds coming from the other part of the house?

  5. Keyser

    NM – I don’t think desire especially comes into it, they’d have made an informed decision regardless if they’re worth anything like the money they’re on.

    The only thing that matters is the revenue streams we didn’t have during that period, from sponsorship deals, all that does is elivate us to another level in being able to compete.

    Why would there be a change of direction ?

  6. Radio Raheem


    With Fernaandinho coming you’d think Yaya will be used more as a holding player. Soriano probably prefers him in that position. I read Sid saying Pelliegrini isn’t really a 433 man, which seems to be the formation they’re nudging towards with Navas…

  7. Marko

    It might not be to everyones tastes but David Alaba would be a super signing. Great engine and pace and a sweet left foot to boot.

  8. sam

    so we signed a new bendtner huh?
    I am sure Cesc will be tempted to come back.
    I know for a fact that names being mentioned here would end up signing for other clubs than arsenal.
    we spent almost fuckall on 3 kids already, just 2 more unknown players to complete our summer spree


    Just heard, no new WC signings.Just heard,fools still believe.Just heard,same team as last year.Just heard,Arsenal FC in a coma.My advice,drop the team.

  10. Goongoonergone

    I see that Dein is talking crap again by bigging up Wenger. Wenger this, Wenger that, as if many of us are going to fall for his clap trap because he is Dein.

  11. Radio Raheem

    Dein’s timing is impeccable isn’t it? Every summer, like a swallow, he never fails to show up on Sky Sports News blowing breeze up Wenger’s arse fending off his imaginary detractors.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, City were lacking a player like Fernandinho I think, pretty much will do the job Ramires does for Chelsea.

    Navas will give them a real winger as well.

    I doubt they’re done either, I can see Isco still and a CB to play alongside Kompany.

    I think Chelsea will end up getting Jovetic and then that Mangala or whatever his name is, the CB.

    United, I cant see Moyes not bringing Baines and Fellaini with him. Then either another ST or perhaps Ronaldo.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got a horrible feeling about us again this term.

    Can see Spurs picking up Damiao at long last and I think another middle player. I think they’ll hold onto Bale for one more year as well, promise him a move next summer unconditionally, no catches and then push for UCL hard while they have him.

  13. Marko

    Cesc a lot of teams are working hard behind the scenes to get players as I’m sure we are too. Still early days, a lot of teams haven’t signed anyone of note yet not just us

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Our need is desperate though our season was dire, second one in a row we crawled to fourth by a single point and had to do it on the last day of the season.

    How long do we wait this summer, Pedro will be posting articles in August saying ‘we’re close to a big deal’ ‘I think Wenger’s about to change’ etc

    Then it’ll be ‘well let’s get behind the squad.’

    Then it’ll be ‘Wenger knows what issues need addressing in January.’

    Then it’ll be ‘we need to get behind the team if we’re going to catch up and getting UCL football.’

    Then it’ll be ‘the new kit deal kicks in now, Wenger is going to spend big this summer.’

    Rinse repeat

  15. sam

    grenier’s not cesc but better with the ball than ramsey for sure.

    and koscielny is missing mertersacker to cover his ass, he’s being exposed tonight.

  16. kwik fit

    Apparently Grenier has confided in his mates before the french game tonight that he’s Arsenal bound. He’s just come on and is playing a blinder. Plus Kos has had Cavani in his pocket. Get In!

  17. Rohan

    Grenier looks fucking class.

    Something about the way he moves with the ball. Pires-esque. He’s also quite tall.

    Cmon Arsene. Get your checkbook out.

  18. The King Ad-Rock

    Good old Sam. I drove a band around who were supporting him on tour about 10 years ago. Top bloke!

  19. Bade

    As for the question, I’d rather have Higuain

    Younger, hungrier to show his worth, less problematic & less primadonna & a hard worker as well

  20. goonerbone

    Cesc Appeal
    you are so right. Unfortunately. Now they are saying the war chest is 100m. We will spend total 15m on 18-22 year old talent from Serbia, ligue2 and Iceland…

  21. Radio Raheem

    Arshavin was brilliant playing shit looking shit but still somehow retain loyal fans willing to defend him to the hilt. Don’t know how he did it but it’s a brilliant trick nonetheless.
    I don’t know much about Grenier but if Rohan is backing him that is a sure sign to stay away from him #Bendtner

  22. Keyser

    RR – I can’t really remember which one Fernandinho is from Shakhtar, but their midfield against Chelsea was fluid and if not good on the ball in terms of possession was good enough to play it through and around Chelsea’s midfield creating chances.

    Citeh have Barry, Toure, Garcia, Toure’s quick but pretty cumbersome with it, not one is especially agile, able to win the ball back quickly and break, like you were saying you don’t especially need the size and power Citeh have in the premiership anymore, and that added pace and agility will work well, especially with Navas.

    You must’ve seen Villereal under Pelligrini, he’s kind of like a more pragmatic, slightly more defensively minded version of Wenger, fluid passing teams that control play efficiently. and look good with it.

    Don’t think Formation matters too much once he gets it going, especially with the talent on offer at Citeh, he had Senna at Villeral, Alonso at Madrid, Toulalan at Malaga, don’t think Toure fits any of those mould’s, they only bought Garcia last year aswell, not quite sure how he’s going to make them fit.

  23. Goondawg

    Higuan is a great talent, one of those players who needs to be coached to really come out of his shell and become a proper proven goal scorer.. Which he hasn’t had the chance to showcase at Madrid cos they expect you to be a superstar almost immediately and he has been playing second fiddle to Benzema despite his return being better in goals to minutes ratio. I honestly think he will thrive under Wenger, and we could see the best out of him yet playing for Arsenal. Question is, will Wenger buy him…

    Thought Giroud was a complete utter donkey who couldn’t hit a barn door. Woeful. If only Wenger would admit failure and bite the bullet and ship him off and replace with Higuan AND Rooney. Game over. Trophy in a bag.

    Also Mangala may have had a poor game today, but he has been one of the best defenders in the Portuguese league. He’s only 22, has bags of pace, is big, black and strong. Can only go in heaps and bounds from here. Debutant for the French team today.. Not a surprise he’s being touted to join Mourinho and the chavs

  24. Keyser

    CA – Exactly like Remieres, except I think he’s better on the ball, Remieres isn’t bad himself but is a bit head down and run, unless he’s scoring fantastical goals against Barcelona.

    They must have to move players on, or promote youngsters, not sure how many qualify as homegrown.

  25. Radio Raheem


    True that the most important thing is that they have a more varied squad of players to choose. I think Sid’s point is that the manager, so far, has shown himself more comfortable playing certain formations. I did watch Villareal under Peellegrini. Most times they played something like a 4222…

    Yaya is better than those players you mentioned. His played as a DM before he can do it again. I suppose signing these players gives them more options. Having a lumpy immobile team is the Mancini way he did the same with Inter towards the end of his reign at that club. I think Soriano is trying to break away from that. One just gets the feeling that they’re trying to supplant a version of barca unto city. We’ll be watching.

  26. Zacharse

    Capoue would be an amazing buy.

    The striker talk worries me, i don’t know why. I’m sure noth hig and rooney would be solid additions. Rooney esp being able to play w theo and jack ahead of yhe WC.
    I just dont see either as Arsenal players, perhaps its just disappointment at taking “cast offs”
    Still think david luiz would give us the best defense in the epl by miles but wenger wont take cast offs w stellar previous seasons. He needs to be able to rehab them. Shucks

  27. Keyser

    RR – Do you have sid’s article ?

    Villereal were pragmatic aswell as good to watch, disciplined and pretty cynical, he doesn’t have to really be pragmatic with Citeh, I think if he buys the right players he can really let loose.

    Toure could play DM, and like at Barcelona he wouldn’t really have to use his exert himself too much, but then he doesn’t get to express himself as much either.

  28. Radio Raheem


    I must’ve heard him say it on a podcast. Besides, really can’t be bothered digging up an article…sorry. That is the dilemma for any City manager – whether or not they can afford to play city as a DM. Signing Navas and Fernandinho might indicate they are willing to try it more often than not.

  29. TitsMcgee

    Our need is desperate though our season was dire, second one in a row we crawled to fourth by a single point and had to do it on the last day of the season.How long do we wait this summer, Pedro will be posting articles in August saying ‘we’re close to a big deal’ ‘I think Wenger’s about to change’ etcThen it’ll be ‘well let’s get behind the squad.’Then it’ll be ‘Wenger knows what issues need addressing in January.’Then it’ll be ‘we need to get behind the team if we’re going to catch up and getting UCL football.’Then it’ll be ‘the new kit deal kicks in now, Wenger is going to spend big this summer.’Rinse repeat

    Cesc just hit a massive 6 with that post.

    Spot on.

  30. Rohan

    ha RR, I’dlike to think my record is better than most.

    I was the original driver of the Koscielny bandwagon!

    We’re linked with Freiburg’s 19y/o DM Mathias Ginter. Apparently he’s one of the brightest young talents in Germany and was a revelation this season. He looks like a strong lad.

    It goes in line with what Pedro saying that we don’t have too much of a Carling Cup squad these days. As long as these signings don’t hinder our proper first-team signings, I don’t care.

  31. salparadisenyc

    Giroud reminds me of my friends whom attempted careers in acting and failed, now tend bar through the week and tear themselves up in the pub league on Saturday and Sunday’s.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Loaning Bendtner and buying Giroud was just ridiculous on the part of Wenger!

    Bendtner is a more mobile Giroud with Premiership experience!

    I wasn’t the only one scratching my head at that one…both have identical egos and appalling attitudes as well

  33. Cesc Appeal

    £5 Million for Ginter.

    All these youngsters are alright as long as we have the cash to throw around and buy big stars as well.

    Have a feeling Wenger is going to load up on £5-10 Million ‘next big things’ find a bargain oldie for the defence and then spend £15 Million on a striker.

    He’ll hope some of the young ones start coming through season after this one.

    Sad…but tell me I’m wrong. Project youth begins again.

    Definition of insanity.

  34. luke

    Julio Cesar

    Still think we are a tad weak on the wings. Ox and Theo need one more player as good or better than them to get some competition going.

  35. Rohan

    Giroud doesn’t really have an attitude does he? If anything I think he has an inferiority complex. That would explain him always going on about Drogba and how he got 16 goals in his first season. Giroud works hard and his linkup play is good. Needs to become far far more clinical. next season will be crucial as far as whether he has an actual future at Arsenal.

    And then we have this guy:
    “When Bendtner misses a chance, he is always genuinely convinced that it wasn’t his fault. You might say that’s a problem, and to a certain degree it can be. But you can also view it as this guy has a remarkable ability to come back after set-backs.”


  36. Cesc Appeal


    Giroud doesn’t have an attitude??? Really?

    One of the worst attitudes on a pitch and off it I’ve seen. Totally arrogant with no cause, no thought for the team…his performance against West Brom when we were down to 10 men and he made it 9 basically was so abysmal after that day I’ll never warm to him.

  37. kc

    Giroud will never be a top class striker in this league, he’s far too slow. Maybe that works for him in League one, but not at this level. When CDF’s can outrun your first choice striker, it’s time to get out the checkbook and spend some money. Higuain at 20 million is the best move for the money.

  38. Rohan

    Dunno CescAppeal what you’re on about. I don’t remember well the game you’re talkign about tho.

    Giroud is pretty selfless imo. Works hard defensively as well. Massive asset on set pieces especiall when defending.

  39. sam

    2 questions about the hot boy higuain.

    why is madrid getting rid of him?
    would Mourinho try to sign him? does he rate him?

  40. sam


    you believe that crap?

    Torres is abramovic’s enfant cheri he’s going nowhere.
    mata is their best player and you cannot chop him for wesley sneider(past it)

  41. Rohan

    Why on earth would jose sell Mata. He’s by far their best player.

    Rumours Villa are in for Belhanda.
    Got to say Belhanda behind the legend that is christian bentekkers could be mouthwatering

  42. unhappy gunner

    Apparently getting rid of those 3 has saved us 10 million a year. Shocking reading. The man wenger is a joke, frugal my arse. 60, 000 a week squillaci and denilson are on…talk about rewarding players for fuck all. I could of gone into league 1 and purchased 3 players who would of contributed more to the club and on a hell of a lot less money. My only crumb of comfort is that this could be wengers last year….yippee!

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Go watch West Brom where Mert gets sent off and come back and tell me about his defensive work and his selfless attitude!

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Glad the Mirror are taking a dim view of this whole Ginter transfer.

    ‘Club’s talk of having stacks to spend on stars left open to question as latest target fits same old ‘young and cheap’ template.’

    ‘While Wenger sees the teenager as a major prospect, the move may not be as popular with Arsenal fans desperate for big name signings.’

    Yeah fucking right!!

  45. Radio Raheem

    Yeah I was kidding Rohan you are one of the better posters on here when you’re not loving Bendtner 😉

  46. Johnty79

    @kleinfeild yesterday…. I remember Chris samba having. Motm against us when they beat us 4:3

    @bade arshavin was the worst signing in arsenals history. Never played a single good game against a decent team.

    @dialsquare…wenger doesn’t run arsenal like a business….our wage bill for the squad we have should be 50m less. I.e arsenal should be making 50m more each season then what they actually do…runs it like his own play thing. Even in Japan wenger didn’t have th power he has hear.

  47. goonerboy

    I largely agree with CA’s analysis-in addition I have major concerns about Wenger’s ability to acquire the right players in the transfer market.
    Wenger’s record shows he won’t spend the money-he doesn’t even try to.

    What I object to is his pretence to be in for top players at this time of the year- its fraudulent.

    He’s interested in Rooney all right- in a way that a normal person is interested in a piece of fine art at the auction-without the slightest intention of putting in a bid.

    We only got Giroud because he is French and cheap. Giroud is slow as others have said-he would need to improve a lot to be first choice in any top side.

    If we are to ever become competitive, we must start getting results against the top 3- and we have to expect more from our CF. Higuain is much more of a virtuoso and would convert a higher percentage of chances and deliver against better organised defences.. Giroud should be the backup.

    Problem is Wenger won’t spend the money to get Higuain.

    Bendtner is not a mature professional he has simply wasted the many opportunities he has had to launch his career at the top level and should be sold off.