Koscielny attracting Bayern glances | Michu on the radar, or an easy rumour? | Cesc ruled out… for the moment

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Well hello summer! Good morning and welcome to the Tuesday post. Loads of stuff going on today… including me exploding a box of pasta in my gym bag. Did I just squeeze in an accident that highlighted my healthy lifestyle?

I think I did…

First up on the ‘heeeeelllll yeaaaaahhhhhh!’ list is the fantastic news that Denilson is on his way out of the club after we came to a deal with him on his last year. No idea what that looked like, but I’d imagine a 6 month lump of cash… and a bosman. A good deal for him. Let’s hope we can pull a similar trick with the rest of the dross. I’d be going to Chamakh, JD and Fabianski with that deal as well…

People shedding tears online of Denilson like he was a good servant. He was lazy, he was arrogant behind the scenes and he sat on a fat deal rather than fight for first team football at a new club. I’ve no time for him. Good riddance. If a big club has to come out and say ‘you’re too rich for us’ and you’re crap… there’s a real issue if you don’t go. It means you don’t love the game. Which when you’re loaded already is shameful.

On the Cesc front, he’s had quotes attributed to him from one of the 72 Barcelona publications in circulation stating his happiness. Now, this either means he’s happy, or the quotes are made up. Whatever the quotes, Wenger has been talking to him and the interest from Arsenal has been firm. As I’ve said all along, the ball is in his court… if he wants to stay, that’s down to him. It’s also down to us to go out and find someone else. I’m not talking a punt from Lyon… I’m talking Hamsik or a creator of equal stature. To be honest, I can’t help but think Cesc was an opportunistic dream move over a standout requirement.

A position we do desperately require surgery is up top. I had a text from someone close to the transfer action that stated we weren’t close to Rooney or Cesc because there’s a lot of ‘posturing’ going on. As there weren’t any new Wenger quotes today, the Daily Mail has made up interest in Michu. Apparently we’re sniffing around for £18m. Now, he banged in 22 goals this season. He scored a similar amount the year before in La Liga. He’s a talent. He’s more of a risk than Rooney in terms of return… but he’d be a safer investment if we wanted to save money to invest elsewhere in the squad.

Not quite marquee… but a star performer this year none the less.

I also missed the Benteke story the other day. Mainly because it felt like The Express had looked online, seen which fanbase wanted Benteke the most… then linked the two for a mega display media pay day.

I’ve been doing a bit of work with some football blogs, you’d be staggered just how much busier and Arsenal blog like this is compared to a Chelsea equivalent. Chelsea might have the money, but they don’t have a digital fanbase in our league. Or a normal one for that matter. That’s why Talksport are always on the wind up against Arsenal fans… we’re the most likely to pick up the phone. And we’re an easy target.

Talking of targets, Wenger added Gareth Bale to his all time ‘sh*t, we just missed out on him’ eleven. Gareth Bale was an option we passed on because we had Clichy and Cole. Can’t argue with that logic. It’s not like he was a hit for Spurs straight away… in fact… Ferguson told Harry he should sell him. I don’ t think there were many takers. He was moved up to the left wing… then the rest is history.

The Sun has Koscielny linked with a move to Bayern Munich. Their centre back Bastuber is injured and looking at a long time out… Guardiola likes Laurent, so there’s an interest. I have no doubt that this story really doesn’t have legs. Bayern can’t bully us on finance… they can on prestige at the moment. I’m pretty confident we won’t be letting him go… I’m also fairly confident he won’t be pushing for a move.

Right, I have a meeting in 8 minutes, so I’ll catch up with you a bit later.

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  1. mystic

    AA23 June 4, 2013 22:09:19
    ‘Ben Fairthorne saying Cesar a done deal.
    So what keeper should we go for now we definitely aren’t getting Cesar?’
    Done deal for whom?

  2. Kleinfeld

    Nabby June 4, 2013 21:46:05

    Why is it so hilariously predictable that someone as blinkered as johnty79 (btw, Chris Samba is very upset that you’ve stopped crying out his name 100 times a day and taken your tongue out of his arse) can write utter made up tripe about Rowley’s wages without any backing or evidence and others then blindly follow this as gospel?


    Anyone who wanted us to sign Chris Samba knows less about football than the back of my balls.

  3. AA23

    I wouldn’t mind Cesar to be honest.
    On form he’s a quality keeper, he’s won things and Schezney could learn a lot from him.

  4. AA23

    Would the back of your balls be available to become Arsenal chairman?
    I’d be happier with that appointment than Bob Wilson

  5. AA23

    Bay Area gooner
    I’m leaving soon, I just have to finish these last 17 burgers in butter and lard sauce
    Then this sofa, it has a gravy stain on it…

  6. AA23

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  7. mystic

    “I think there is plenty to celebrate in finishing fourth. Arsene has yet again waved his magic wand to come fourth and get into the Champions League as he has done for the last 16 years,” he told Sky Sports News.
    Oh dear, David Dein stills seems to be an AKB.

  8. SUGA3

    well, I am anything but a so-called AKB, but I actually have to say that finishing fourth, with not a whole lot of daylight between third and second with this squad is actually not too bad…

  9. mystic

    Getting 4th was a feat considering the poor position Arsenal were in after the defeat at spurs, but for me if David Dein wants to be taken seriously (to be honest I think his big picture decision making is poor – hence Kroenke’s involvement) comments such as:
    ‘I think there is plenty to celebrate in finishing fourth.’
    should not be uttered.

  10. Kleinfeld

    AA23 June 4, 2013 22:27:50

    Would the back of your balls be available to become Arsenal chairman?
    I’d be happier with that appointment than Bob Wilson


    I’m not sure…I think my bell end actually has first refusal on it.

    Wenger won’t like it if my bell end gets the job. He really won’t want to have my bell end putting pressure on him.

  11. salparadisenyc

    “Wenger has a real problem with us and I think he is what you call in England a voyeur. He is someone who likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, have a big telescope to look into the home of other people to see what is happening. Wenger must be one of them- and it is a sickness.”

    He’s back AW, to haunt you!
    Best get your ducks in line or were fucked.

  12. AA23

    Jovetic ?
    Couldn’t give a shit about this player.
    We were never in for him anyway, I reckon we just floated that so that the other teams that use us as their scouting network get lumbered with an average player for 25 million notes.
    Go for it Jose, he’s really good… Honest

  13. Marko

    Chelsea wiped our eyes of Jovetic? Ah well if it’s not him it’ll be someone else. Higuain? Soldado? Dzeko?

  14. AA23

    62 club goals in 8 years
    39 goals for Fiorentina… In five fucking seasons? I’d score more.
    And he’s a top striker?
    I wouldn’t pay 12 quid for this cunt.
    Giroud over the exact same period? 110 goals, 33 assists.
    They are both shit. Girouds numbers trounce him though.
    Now talk about league strength, quick feet, etc etc
    Jovetic is fucking useless

  15. Gunner4Life

    You’re right, we did not need the RvP money, and also if we gave the extra million for Swartwer (Fulham keeper, however its spelt), we’d be about a lot better off.
    The missed chances and the goalie errors that cost us about 15-20 points.

  16. SUGA3


    numbers wise, we had title winning defence with what we had and had Wenger snapped up Cesar or Boruc as a viable competition for Szczesny a year ago, there would be no need to drop the latter for him to cool down and refocus…

    and since coming back he was not bad either, was he?

  17. AA23

    Higuain all day
    We should be flat out for Him because he SHITS on the other two. absolutely different class to them.
    Pay this full amount that Real want and get it done, he is class .
    And get Villa too.
    Get Rooney just because its Rooney
    Then bench the cunt for being too fat.

  18. Gunner4Life


    The problem with Wegner these days is he can’t get the players to play at their best week in week out the way Fergie did.
    Apart from the deficiencies in the squad (ie striker, GK) we had far too many ‘flat’ performances, with far too many simple errors from seasoned international players.

  19. Rohan

    Got to say, 15 goals in 36 appearances is pretty good for an 18 year old. He looks like a bit of a nutter as well.

  20. AA23

    He’s old and a crock?
    He’d score 30 goals every season for us for the next 4 years
    And we don’t want him?

  21. SUGA3


    lack of competition leading to automatic selection of players, there are the obvious ‘team A’ and ‘team B’, where the A lot play week in week out and the B lot don’t get a sniff, unless as a matter of emergency…

    could once again go on a rant about poor fatigue and match fitness management coupled with lack of team play understanding when there is a need to introduce three or four B teamers into the team, but I would not be saying anything that has not been said on here yet if I did that 😉

  22. sam

    didn’t we just got rid of shit kids like sanchez watt, why buy another one.
    oh maybe we are buying him to loan him to villa plus fee in exchange with Bentley-teke

  23. Imran

    We need to sign some fucking players!

    Arsenal are in the top ten richest sports clubs list, you telling me we can’t sign on fucking star player?

  24. arsenal-flavour

    to be fair Mitrovic is only 18…

    from what I have seen of him he looks better than most of your youth squad

    I am not saying his great or has serious potential but he looks like a decent player far better than Sanago who looks incredibly slow not agile at all and completely ungraceful!

  25. arsenal-flavour

    watching back on past arsenal matches is depressing to say the least!

    the drop in quality is immense! we were so fluid so rapid so flexible and SO DAMN LETHAL!

    it truly was art! the football we play today is nothing of the past even when we play at our best… just watching old matches where we didn’t even play particularly well we were still far superior! the only thing we lacked at times was an organised defense once adams and co weren’t around…

    fact is it baffles me Wenger can’t see this with his own eyes! I think the worse thing is we our so predictable now wherass in the past you never knew when we were going to attack and turn on the killer instinct it could happen at anytime

    GUYS LOOK AT THIS!! classic vid

  26. arsenal-flavour

    in the vid I posted above http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcE2RCKXK7I

    we are amazing at counter attacks

    we cross in balls into the box
    we attack through the centre
    we shoot from distance
    we attack at lighting pace
    we pass forward
    we don’t slow down our attacks
    we our relentless
    we our strong
    we win balls back and immediately go on the counter
    WE ARE versatile and completely unpredictable

    the passing and communication we used to have http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lwJyGHvVPg

  27. Cesc Appeal

    So Chelsea are going to hijack our Jovetic bid…Mata all over again.

    Dither on price…get fucked.

    People will say ‘I don’t care as long as we get Higuain or Rooney.’

    That’s IF we get those sort of players.

    More likely Wenger will find some £10 Million striker somewhere he’ll say is ‘just as good’ and ‘adds qualiddddddy to the squad.’

    More and more this is feeling like a more of the same summer.

  28. arsenal-flavour

    this tranfer window we will only buy young unknown players!

    rooney higauin reallly??????

    hahah come on guys you know it is with arsene fc! lol

    wenger will feel that we have a big enough squad he will also think giroud and podolski are enough that they will come good!

    don’t expect any big names