Wenger admits Rooney interest and states he’s been talking to Cesc | Chamberlain scores against Brazil

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Morning Gooners! Who caught the Brazil game last night? Super exciting stuff. Brazil, in the main battered us, but, as we know, goals win you games, not close efforts. Chamberlain came on in the second half to shake things up, he snapped at a lose ball on the edge of the area and buried it past Cesar. Later on, Wayne Rooney took the ball on a solo run and smashed home from 25 yards.

So a draw in Brazil… even if it was a slightly average side it was still enjoyable. Lots of Arsenal fans hailing the arrival of Chambo. Look, I’m happy for him, but lets not pretend that goal was representative of his game so far. He’s not a starter for Arsenal at the moment and he won’t be for a while. I think the club are still struggling to work out where he plays best and I think he’s still finding his feet. He’s only 19 years old, he has power and skill… and he’s certainly more natural on the ball than Theo was at that age… I just think he needs time… and he certainly doesn’t need to be hailed as the second coming of Thierry after a single goal.

Wayne Rooney was interesting. He showed his talent with a very tasty goal, he linked up well with Theo and the Ox and Wenger set tongues wagging when he said this…

“Do I find Rooney interesting? Who wouldn’t be interested in him, nobody would turn him down.”

So as I’ve been saying for a few weeks… the interest in Wayne is real, the question is on the table… and the club have been having the internal debate. People ask why he’d want Arsenal… well, he’s not the main man at United. He’s sat in the shadow of Ronaldo… now he’s in the shadow of Robin… I think at 27 he’d like to be the star attraction. Arsene might be able to make that happen.

There’s still so much that needs to happen to pull that move off… so don’t get too excited!

Wenger has more too say… he also dropped this comment about Cesc.

“Cesc is a passionate guy and what’s hurting him deeply is not playing every game, that’s what he misses”

So there we are… conversations have happened. Cesc knows we want him, the question is… Does he want us? Will he give up his Barca dream? Do Barca still want him or would cash be better? They have Alcantara who is younger… plus a load of alternative creative geniuses.

The Jovetic bore fest rumbles on… Fiorentina want €30m for him. No surprisingly, Juve don’t want to pay it… no one else is in for him. So cue loads of boring public rambling… they’ll agree a deal in the end and I suspect he’ll be staying in Italy… never to escape its clutches again. Amazing how few players from Italy end up coming over from the Premiership. Once you go over there, it’s rare you make it out.

Aaron Ramsey has been talking to the Kenyan press about Wanyama of Celtic.

‘I have watched him play for Celtic, I watched him score against Barcelona and I think he is a great player. Whether he will join us is for other people to decide.’

It’s always amusing when you hear players talk about their vision of the squad. For some reason, you imagine they don’t have a clue what the team needs depth wise. Aaron is just like a fan… he probably reads the news feeds, tunes into the blogs and casts his eye over the s*it fest that is Twitter. I’ve watched Wanyama a few times, he’s a very powerful player, he’s good on the ball and he has a nice range of passing… I’m just not sure how he’d adapt to our league… or whether he’d have the discipline. He reminded me a little of Alex Song in that way.

Two strikers hanging out in Spain at the moment have both indicated their time maybe up and that a new challenge is on the cards…

Higauin is the first name on the list…

“I am leaving Real Madrid, the decision has been made, I feel the time is right and I want a change of scenery.

“I want to go where I can prove myself really. I have several offers. I hope that Madrid do the best for me and for themselves.”

The interesting part is that there are several offers. I’ve not heard any rumblings about his name, but I don’t have a constant tap on the club. He’s an interesting striker and he’s certainly very gifted. He’s also only 25 years old, so he’d represent great value. So who knows… could be a good move.

Another player possibly on the move who has been on our radar before is David Villa. He’s said he has many things to consider this summer… probably a Brazilian superstar and a lack of first team opportunities.

“We will have to analyse many things during the summer, but as of right now I’m not thinking of anything else other than playing football for Spain.”

Too old for me… but a nice stop gap if we can get him on the cheap.

Right, that’s me done for the morning… have a great Monday!

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  1. Mask of Zorro

    @keyser I meant WITHOUT signing anybody. that’s what it looks like to me. so cos other clubs sign players who flops, so we shld not pay the going rate?

  2. TitsMcgee

    “Do you not see why just spending for the sake of it, won’t work ?”

    I’ve stated that we don’t need to spend 200m(scroll up). Who has ever claimed we need to “just spend”?

    But we DO need to go out and not penny-pinch for players we do want(Mata, Lloris etc) because we are cheap and trying to save a buck.

    Wenger definitely has a “do not pass this point” limit on how much money he is willing to spend on players and that is ridiculous.

    At some point you have to break the bank for a player and WHILST we cannot do this as much as other clubs we certainly can far more often than we actually do.

    We need to find a gray area.

  3. Keyser

    Mask of Zorro – People go on like if we spend everything we have in one go, we’ll suddenly be World beaters, it hasn’t worked like that for any team.

    DS – and no, not with the money we have.

  4. Mask of Zorro

    when Wenger sells a player for a price which people would pay, he’s hailed as a good business man, when he NEEDS to buy to actually strengthen the team, that’s when he remembers he cannot compete. @keyser

  5. TitsMcgee

    The funny part is we have a reputation now for not really trying to compete and not having ambition. Players across Europe know it now.

    A friend of mine is Emile Heskey and he has friends across the league and the general feeling is that Arsenal is an “academy” moreso than a club at the moment.

  6. Keyser

    Tits McGee – Lol and thats the point those clubs didn’t work in a grey area, we should be buying players because they can improve the team, not because we need to outdo other teams.

    Wenger has a cut-off point, because the club has.

    “At some point you have to break the bank for a player”

    Because the players worth it, not because we need to break the bank to suit the wet dream of some random internet blogger.

  7. Alex James

    The special one won two titles on the bounce and was on his way to a third. He then lost Check (spell) and Terry; and Roman refused him money to replace them in the window. Ferguson got the league back and Jose left for Inter. This has alway grated on him. With Roberto do da winning the CL, it is difficult to see what his objective is. Risky

  8. Zacharse

    I really hope someone is looking at chelsea cast offs and not just rooney.
    If theyre getting rid of luiz, lukaku then wtf
    I dont want want to watch rooney play for afc

  9. TitsMcgee

    “…The point wasn’t Chelsea have had down moments, it’s that they’ve still underachieved”…

    LOL we should aspire to “underachieve” as much as they do.

    If they are underachieving what are we doing?

    “Because the players worth it, not because we need to break the bank to suit the wet dream of some random internet blogger.”

    So nobody in Europe is worth it then?

    Mata wasn’t worth the extra 4 million?

    Lloris wasn’t worth the extra 2?

    You sound just like Wenger.:

    “We can get anyone we want but we just don’t think they are Arsenal Quality”….

    *as those same players go on and show us how good they are while we have guys Gervinho on ridiculous wages*

    Funny also that Arsene’s cheap way of doing things has also produced just as many flops as Chelsea’s in recent years.

    But we do things the right way.

  10. goonerbone

    Really starting to get the feeling I was hoping to avoid this summer: the manour from Strasbourg won’t buy to avoid the pressure to win and the misery from Missouri won’t put him under pressure just because he can’t be bothered. God, I hate loving this team!

  11. salparadisenyc


    Not asking for Chelsea type spending.
    For a club of our standing to progress forward you can’t sell Van Persie quality and replace with Giroud, banking the profit of roughly 15 million.

    Think that may well be we lost Van Persie for that very reason, it lacks of ambition.

    Quality players available in this window, especially strikers which we desperately need could upgrade massively it we wanted or had the stones for the risk.

  12. TitsMcgee

    8 years with NO TROPHY at ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB is underachieving no matter what your definition of the word is…

  13. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – “LOL we should aspire to “underachieve” as much as they do.”

    Yeah, maybe when Kroenke invests a billion into the club you might have a point. Chelsea bought Mata and spent 60 million on top of that. Do you see the difference yet ?

    Lol Tottenham deserve credit, for doing exactly what we’re doing, Chelsea never underachieve, Torres is just like Gervinho, Emile Heskey is my friend, we might up once in a while, after he’s visited every other neighbour in my street looking for my house.

    What is your point ?

  14. Keyser

    salparadisenyc –

    “Not asking for Chelsea type spending.”

    This is it, well that’s what we’re up against, we need to be smart, fuck Van Persie tired of the bullshit really, we spent 7 years getting him up to that point, and people go on like we owed him the World.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Keyser does have a point.

    Chelsea have been very successful, they’ve won a lot of cups, but proportionally they’ve spent a huge amount to do it.
    Had we followed their path we’d be utterly bankrupt, so while we can be jealous of their success, we shouldn’t be looking at them as some sort of role model.

    So by all means we can criticise our club for the mistakes it’s made, just don’t use Chelsea as a comparison.

  16. TitsMcgee

    “Lol Tottenham deserve credit, for doing exactly what we’re doing”

    Keep changing the topic and pretend like I don’t notice or that you gonna talk your way out of it with your sarcastic responses. You aren’t dealing with your kids here.

    Spurs getting to top 4 is an accomplishment because they are a smaller club than us with a much smaller stadium and no history.

    We (should be) a big club with aspirations to win the league….not be content to finish in 4th place and get fat off of the fans.

    “What is your point ?”

    Funny because you are the one that stupidly started “dick measuring” us with Chelsea saying how much times they’ve failed in the last 2 years. Well I’ve shown you that you’re an idiot for comparing us to Chelsea because they’ve blown us away totally since the last time we’ve won anything.

    “Chelsea have underachieved because they don’t win every year”

    Yes forget the 8, 9 trophies they’ve won since our last.

    Forget that Wenger at AFC hasn’t won ANYTHING in 8 years and you want to use the word “underachieving” as the baseline for your argument?

    Try harder.

  17. BacaryisGod


    You know better than to say that it was a straight swap of RVP for Giroud. Last season we primarily had 2 first-team players leave (RVP and Song) and brought Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla and Monreal in. I’m of the belief that RVP forced our hand and that we made the best out of an awful situation.

    Again, based on the fact that RVP made the decision he did (and we had been trying for the year before to sign up back up despite his woeful injury record) it is hard to say that the club short-changed the fans in transfers this past year. We essentially lost star quality in exchange for a deeper, more experienced squad. I think the RVP transfer worked out spectacularly for Man U and his and Song’s replacements worked out very well for us.

    We now find ourselves in a far better position than if we had kept RVP and lost him for nothing. Financially we have more flexibility to strengthen the squad further and with a Spanish trio of Arteta, Cazorla and Monreal it possibly allows us a better shot at bringing in more Spanish talent. What I like about the team’s construction is that we now have a first-team squad that can ease the transition of new players from Spain and Germany.

    I’m convinced that Arteta helped Santi settle more quickly than he otherwise would have done. Santi said as much himself and then this follows on for Nacho and so on….

  18. TitsMcgee

    That’s the thing Nasri.

    Nobody said anything about spending Chelsea money.

    Matter of fact I’ve said at least twice or three times so far that we shouldn’t be spending 200m but just because you don’t want to go bankrupt doesn’t mean you have to spend no money either.

    It’s not a “don’t have any money” issue.

    It’s a “I don’t want to spend any money” issue with regards to Wenger.

    Spend the least amount of money that can get me to 4th spot because I’ve given up on competing with the big 3. I’ve thrown in the towel.

    He’s banked on that strategy for the last two years and it’s payed off for him but it will bite him one day very soon.

  19. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – It’s all relative you plum, ffs put some thought into it. You decided Tottenham deserve credit without bothering to use any balance in your assessment, which is exactly the same mistake you’re making with Chelsea.

    “Spurs getting to top 4 is an accomplishment because they are a smaller club than us with a much smaller stadium and no history.”

    Spurs sell their best players, turn a profit and invest in younger, cheaper alternatives, why because they didn’t make the top 4, and they are trying to build up funds for a brand new stadium.

    At the other end you’ve got Chelsea, who’ve got a Billionaire owner who has invested probably 1 billion pounds of his own money into the club, yes they’ve won trophies, but they’ve spent ridiculous sums we don’t have to achieve it.

    In the middle you’ve got Arsenal, who you apply fuckall reason to, which is why you have such a manic view of football and the club.

    The baseline to the argument is we can’t use either approach, it’s beyond stupid to think we can.

    What is your point again ? A grey area between the two ? Fuck the grey area it’s always been about being able to match the clubs above us who also think ‘fuck the grey area’.

  20. kwik fit

    Mourinho was offered the Spurs job and was asked”As the Special One, can you get us above Arsenal?”I’m the Special One, not a fuckin magician

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    I just saw people listing the cups Chelsea have won, which to me means someone is comparing the 2 clubs, and of course it’s not like for like. But I haven’t read much more than that, so I’ll just shut up and leave you all to it 🙂

  22. Keyser

    “It’s not a “don’t have any money” issue.
    It’s a “I don’t want to spend any money” issue with regards to Wenger.”

    It’s neither of these really, it’s always been ‘How much’ which should be the underlying point. I’ve never said Wenger doesn’t have any money, it’s the complete fuckwits who only differentiate between Having ‘No funds’ and ‘Having funds’ that get annoying.

  23. Toli83

    Keyser have you read anything interesting in the star lately matey?

    What do you make of PHW standing down, a positive if rightly replaced in my opinion.

  24. dialsquare

    All Wenger had to do was spend £30-40 million on the Team in 2004-05 season to keep our noses in front of the oncoming Abramovich juggernaut, instead he weakened the Team and the rest is history.

  25. Jeff

    Fill in the blank

    Man U came first and they have a new manager
    Man City came second and they have new manager
    Chelsea came third and they have a new manager
    Arsenal came fourth________________

  26. zeus

    Excellent news re Denilson. Hopefully the same will be made to Squillaci and the rest of the dross.

    Maybe, just maybe, Ivan the terrible is taking back power from Wenger and setting things in order. Maybe just maybe, the Frenchman is finally going to be held accountable.

  27. salparadisenyc


    “We essentially lost star quality in exchange for a deeper, more experienced squad”

    Not sure i’d agree with all that.

    For me Cazorla was the Cesc replacement, Podolski to fill the void we found ourselves in from Park and Chamakh not cutting it. Giroud for RVP, yes RVP we put years of effort into without reaping much of the reward, except financially. Which should of been spent on a striker of higher quality and hopefully it will in this window, i’d agree it will probably be Villa. Odd one but I like him as a player.. age / injury record not on his side but I sure as fuck don’t want him going to Spuds.

    Lets ease the transition Germans, Marco Reus.. he can replace Nasri.

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    A little disingenuous

    ManU’s manager retired
    ManC’s manager finished behind a team that spends less than them
    Chelsea’s manager finished behind a team that spends less than them
    Arsenal’s manager didn’t finish behind any sides that spent less than him. (possibly because he had the option to spend more and didn’t of course)

  29. Keyser

    Lol maybe, just maybe Ivan’s got off his arse and is actually doing something to warrant his 1.5 million a year salary.

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Durham, who also hosts a popular radio show on talkSPORT, was returning to his hotel with his girlfriend at 7.30pm local time after watching England’s 2-2 draw at the newly refurbished Maracana stadium.

    I’m utterly shocked and amazed by that story.

    He has a girlfriend!!!!!!????

  31. Radio Raheem

    Why are people excited over PHW’s imminent resignation? It’s a ceremonial position with little or no real influence on the running of the club. We could put a turd clothed in satin and it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s a non-story.

  32. TitsMcgee

    “little disingenuous ManU’s manager retired
    ManC’s manager finished behind a team that spends less than them
    Chelsea’s manager finished behind a team that spends less than them
    Arsenal’s manager didn’t finish behind any sides that spent less than him. (possibly because he had the option to spend more and didn’t of course)”

    So it’s about who spends more and where they finish relative to that?

    You realize there can only be on winner of the EPL right?

    Somebody will always “underachieve” their way to 2nd spot.

    Arsenal were one goal away from finishing behind a team that shouldn’t even be close to us if we were run properly.

    So 1 goal makes the difference between over or underachieving?

    The big spenders finished at the top just like the other leagues and winner of the UCL.

    Again we don’t have a mad Russian running the club for kicks but we’ve certainly penny-pinched our way the last 4 or 5 years at least and in this day and age of football we need to be more competitive on the transfer scene.

  33. Jeff


    I don’t really care how he goes. I’m fed up with finishing fourth and being asked to be happy about it.

  34. zeus

    Maybe just maybe, Ivan the terrible was doing a work behind the scenes that only now we are seeing. (The sponsorship deals)

  35. WengerEagle

    My dream summer would be:
    New GK Coach
    CAM/LW:Grenier-10m(last year of his contract)
    FW/ST:Carlos Vela-4m(buy-back clause inserted in his contract)
    Toatal Spent-125-130m

    ST:Chamakh-1-3m(some shit French team will pay that)
    CMRamsey-10m(controversial I know just don’t feel he’ll ever be a top class midfielder for arsenal)
    CMWilshere-25-30m(massively overhyped and overrated imo and Liverpool or united would pay that for him)
    CM:Diaby-cancel contract
    ST:Giroud 10-15m
    LB:Santos-Literally any sum of money, guys a waste of space
    Total cash raised- roughly 60m

    So around 70m outlay would give us a squad more than capable of winning the BPL and for the first time in years a actual chance of winning the Champions league.

    Make it happen Wenger.

  36. Keyser

    Zeus – He sat down with Wenger and Van Persie, what was he doing there, asking if he a bit of lucosade refreshment from our sponsors ?

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    TitsMcGee: So it’s about who spends more and where they finish relative to that?

    Yes of course it is. Like it or not, football is a business.

    If ManC’s budget is bigger than ManU’s then they should be achieve more. The fact is they weren’t, nor were they even close.

    Chelsea likewise, though of course the manager wasn’t actually sacked, because his contract was only till the end of the season and was never going to be more than that.

    So actually only 1 of the clubs above sacked their manager.

    It doesn’t absolve Wenger of blame of course, hence my comment in brackets. He had money to spend and should have spent it.

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    TitsMCGee: Somebody will always “underachieve” their way to 2nd spot.

    and no, not necessarily. If each team finished in order of budget, you could argue everyone achieved. (of course that means no-one overachieved)

  39. Rohan

    Ivan Godizis is a commercial legend. 🙂

    Jokes aside, I don’t think he is particularly incompetent.

  40. Rohan

    If everyone else doesn’t improve, we’ll probably challenge for second atleast next season without any improvement.

    The challenge is improving more than everyone else given our budget. We need to make smart buys.

  41. rusty gunner

    I don’t have any high expectations about impactful new signings. Wenger is in a comfort zone. His 4th place is still achievable next year. And besides Mourinho’s desire to make a point about his return to Chelsea is going to put Wenger off from any contest for the premiership. He didn’t like engaging him the last time he was at Chelsea. Wenger seems to be happy for whoever is most desirous of winning to have it their way.

  42. WengerEagle

    Don’t get me wrong I Love Wilshere for his attitude and his die-hard passion for Arsenal and he’s a terrific little player but tbh he’s simply not contributing enough in terms of goals and assists. 2 goals and 3 assists simply isn’t enough from a player of his quality. I would love to keep him but if we can get 30m for him I would much rather a player like cesc who guarantees you 10-15 goals and 20 assists a season.

    We’re a massive club and need to develop a ruthless streak. If by selling LJW we could afford cesc and those other players I mentioned I would do it in a heartbeat.

  43. kwik fit


    We should be signing those other players and holding on to Wilshire. The funds are available but does Wenger have the balls?

  44. WengerEagle

    kwik fit

    I don’t think jack’s ever going to be a goalscorer so unless he majorly improves his assists contribution we would be pretty foolish to turn down 30m for him and invest further in the squad. He doesn’t really have a concrete position in all honesty as he’s certainly no CAM, and doesn’t really have the defensive application for CM. Truth is we look unbalanced when he plays and lack height and power through the middle

  45. Cesc Appeal


    It’s boggling some of the stuff you read from fans, Wenger’s got the best part of £100 Million and people go on sometimes like we’re Aston Villa.

  46. kwik fit

    Can’t help feeling that ‘the special one’ is going to have his work cut out for him at Chelsea. The team is different from the one he left. It is a more offensive unit and he specialises in defensive units. The chavs of 3 years ago , his inter milan team and his porto team were all built upon a solid base with no frills. At RM he struggled to cope with the flair players and eventually lost the dressing room. Lets hope history repeats itself and he loses the dressing room and the faith of the owner.

  47. WengerEagle

    Cesc Appeal

    I know we have a shed load of cash in the bank i’m not debating that. I just think if we were offered 30m for Jack we would be foolish to turn it down. What does jack offer in terms of efficiency and contribution to the team is all i’m debating

  48. kwik fit


    To be fair to Jack he’s been plagued with injuries over the past two years. We have yet to see the his real qualities . If he becomes injury free, and its a big if, he must stay . The guy is Arsenal through and through and its personalities like him that Arsenal should be built.
    If however there is a fear that long term he may be plagued with injuries then his current market value may be close to its peak.

  49. goonerkitt

    I read that Michael Douglas blamed oral sex for his throat cancer. Seems a small price to pay for having Catherine Zeta Jones sucking you off!

  50. TitsMcgee

    So we finished 4th and because we spent the 4th most it means we did well?

    Big spenders get the best players and if we refuse to spend on quality players we will remain right where we are.

    Football academy AFC

  51. Samir

    Cesc Appeal
    You’re right, I can’t understand some people’s logic. There is no doubt we have money, alot of it…Even confirmed at the AST.

    We already have a lot of money in the bank so there is no need to sell Wilshere…He’s only going to get better and better. The last thing we need to do is sell one of our best players. We need to improve. Sell the deadwood and buy quality to replace them.

    We could afford;

    3 world class players added to the current squad would be enough in my opinion.

  52. Johnty79

    You reap what you so fellow gooners…forth place was a disaster for this club..1-2 signings which basically means forth again next year. Wenger is a coward. His three biggest signings arshole, reyshit and wil turd were all flops considered the money spent..shouldn’t be allowed to spend the money at this club.

  53. goonerboy

    Wilshere is not fit- judge him when he is. With our record on buying top players? You’d sell our top prospect and most valuable player in the hope that Arsenal will buy back an old boy who was desperate to leave 2 years ago, who has never said he wants to leave and in doing so Wenger would shell out in transfer fees twice what we have ever paid before.. If Arsenal were mad enough to sell Wilshere- Wenger will ensure we buy what we always buy- cheap French or an unknown.
    Get this Wilshere is about 50 times more valuable to this club than Wenger-who any top club would have sacked 5 years ago. If ever a manager was living on borrowed time Wenger is.

  54. Keyser

    TisMcGee – Mate it’s your example, you think Tottenham have done well because they finished behind us, they haven’t built a new stadium, have finished once in the top 4 in however many years and haven’t won a title for 50.

    So where does that leave us, Chelsea finished 2 points ahead, Citeh finished 5 points ahead.

  55. Keyser

    At Real Madrid, he had Ronaldo, who basically does what he wants, along with about 4-5 others, think it’s a bit different with Chelsea, Chelsea started last year flying, looked like title winners, but had players who needed to adapt over the season, plus the heavy schedule.

    He adds a couple more players like Luis and Rameires, plus a striker, he’ll have a good all round squad, all Torres has to do is look halfway back to who he was and they’ve got a quality striker anyway.

  56. WengerEagle


    No i’m saying that’s what should be done I know it won’t be obviously.

    Ah ffs come off it I don’t like how cesc left either but you can’t deny he’s in the top 3 CAM’s in world football. If cesc were to come back we would have two CAM’s to rival any other team in world football in cesc and santi.

    I do know of course though that wenger will probably buy sanogo, grenier and reina and say this is our best ever squad come september

  57. kwik fit

    Cesc’s not coming 🙁

    Fàbregas has told Spanish radio tonight “I’m very happy at Barcelona, I want to stay here for many, many more years.” #AFC ( @barcastuff )

  58. goonerkitt


    If only!

    To everyone comparing the merits of Chelsea and their billion pound splurge against Arsenal and their prudence I simply say….

    Whats the fucking point!

    Its all in the past.
    We do our thing and they do theirs.

    They have won a shitload of stuff since we last won a pot.
    Before they were drowning in stolen roubles we had won far more than them.
    I can almost guarantee that the translator will not see out his contract.

  59. Byo

    Some of the comments here are insufferable:
    one wants 9 new players in!;
    another wants to sell Wilshere;
    throw in Ramsey for good measure;

    I guess every player at Madrid are of the Ronaldo level, just like every player at Barca are like Messi.
    You build a squad, people.

  60. Dannyboy

    can’t remember his last name kwik mate, think it’s Faberge egg or something along those lines.

  61. Rohan

    Hopefully Navas turns out to be the Spanish Stewart Downing. 82 shots, 0 goals. Even Gervinho would blush.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Only a mock up, but I think (minus the massive red cannon in the shirt!!) that would be a pretty nice home strip, simple and modern.

  63. Dannyboy

    Rohan, I doubt it, as Navas has proven in the past that he is a very talented footballer. Where as Gervinho is a headless chicken.

  64. Rohan

    I can kick a ball better than Gervinho.

    But that’s not saying much because I really am a fucking legend.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    If this Spanish radio thing is true then Wenger would have known all along that he wasn’t planning on leaving Barca…so it’s this Grenier bloke then

  66. Kempster

    Interesting info at the end, considering the various stories regarding arsenal’s buy-back clause

    “But Fabregas has dismissed the gossip and says he will remain in Catalonia for many years.

    “Exit rumours in the press? There’s nothing to say. I’m very happy at Barca, I want to stay here for many, many more years,” Fabregas told Catlonian radio station Rac1.

    Respected Spanish journalist Guillem Balague has also insisted that Barcelona have no interest in selling the player signed from the Gunners for around £30m in 2011.

    “The arrival of Neymar has had the first consequence. Cesc Fabregas rumours started strongly, suggesting that he wants to leave Barcelona and that Barcelona would consider selling him. Well, despite the interest from Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal, Barcelona have got no intention whatsoever to let him go,” Sky Sports’ Balague told his followers on twitter.

    Balague did admit that the speculation was likely to continue until Barcelona make a statement on Fabregas’ future, and says that Arsenal’s buy-back clause is some 160m euros lower than Fabregas’ release-clause.

    “But they will have to say so publicly to calm everybody down, not least the player that would want some reassurances that the arrival of Neymar will not affect him. One deterrent: his buy out clause is 200 million euros for everybody, apart from Arsenal (40 million for them). Everything will be sorted and he will wear the Barcelona shirt next season.”


  67. sam

    Cesc is not a winger why would the arrival of Neymar affect him? Please Barca is not like arsenal they need a big squad so they have to try and keep their best player. If you or ballagay said they want to sell him to balance the book I will agree.
    I am not sure Cesc will enjoy being used 3 times a week for 4th place then get injured. he’d rather play a handful of games stay injury and win trophy with barca.
    I think it will take alot of convincing for cesc to come back to arsenal, also depends on who we will sign, not just Sanogo.

  68. sam

    Grovers always concentrate on impossible deals,
    Cesc, rooney and jovetic.
    Rooney won’t drop his salary to sign for us, unless we decided to break the bank this time but I don’t see that happening.
    We are ignoring Benteke is in fact a gooner and can’t wait to sign for us then going after that greedy scouser.
    This is just gazidis propaganda machine to get the fans excited throughout the summer knowing the real target are a bunch of unknown cheap players as usual.
    we will only hear from wenger in august that we tried our best and nothing materialised we have ze big squad capable of competing.

  69. Jeff

    What a sad state of affairs again this summer where the big clubs are buying big names early in the window to give them the best chance to bed in. And what are we doing? That’s right. Watching from a distance and waiting till the bidding room empties leaving only handful of numpties having orgasms over the few remaining nobodies and calling it “being shrewd”. Well done AFC, true to form; looks like another window of opportunity is going to pass us by. Let’s have another 8 years of piffle shall we?

    How many more times do we have to say it:

    1. Clear the dross (save £££££s)
    2. Buy 4 world class players including a keeper (to compete)
    3. Normalise the wage structure (allow big names to come in)
    4. Remove the transfer fee ceiling (bid for world class players)

    Only then can we compete. Otherwise our season will be over once again before it has even begun.

  70. zeus

    Cesc Appeal

    Poor taste on your part. The cannon is the best part of that kit which is amazing. Fan made I know. Pointless, given that Nike still has 1 more season to go.

  71. Evan

    Plus he will spend half of July in Vietnam and then spend time interviewing in France and he will likely find time for the water slide and his french rapping tart, the rest of his time will be preparing for the champions league Qualifier,

    Arsenal need to be proactive,

  72. Nasri's Mouth


    I got as far as reading “By ANTONY KASTRINAKIS” and stopped bothering.

    Koscielny wont leave this summer

  73. Evan

    “The career of a player sometimes depends on playing in the right position.”

    Wenger scouted Bale and Theo Walcott when they were Saints teenagers, but opted to sign only Walcott.

    But we could get Walcott and I am very happy. You’d be amazed by the number of players we should have signed. Every club misses players.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    Oh FFS, I was looking forward to a summer when we have all our own players in check for once!

    But here comes the Koscielny saga!

    Why do I have an awful feeling a CB will be brought in to replace Koscielny and NOT complement him?

    Would be typical Wenger, spend the whole shitty season talking about buying big and planting stories about smashing our ridiculous policies then do next to nothing.

    If Koscielny were to go then I really do think Wenger’s time is up…that might sound stupid but that would mean he couldn’t keep hold of Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Van Persie, Song and then Kozz.

    Kozz who’s had his first real good season as an Arsenal player after a couple of pretty sketchy ones and a catalog of utter howlers!

    It’d mean that whilst no doubt the player respect and look up to Wenger, they have zero faith in him or the club to expand their own careers and achievements.

    We don’t need a summer of ‘I kept Kosjjcielny, that’s as good as singing someone.’ We need a summer that will only be behind City and Chelsea’s spending in the league.

    But somehow…I rather doubt it.

  75. Evan

    What baffles me is bloggers believe we should sign a defensive midfield to make up for Mertesacker’s inability to do his job.

    You can and should sign players to compliment each other, but we shouldn’t be signing players to gloss over the fact certain players are crap.

    And yes Arsenal’s defence was much improved in the 2nd half of the season, but as I previously mentioned, if you have 70% of ball, how much defending actually happens?

    Mert isn’t a patch on Sol, Keown or Adams

  76. Cesc Appeal


    I for one believe we need to CB to replace Mert in the starting 11 AND a CDM to sure up everything in the middle of the park, to stop teams having so much freedom against us and bullying us.

    I would’ve thought Rami would be Wenger’s ideal signing and his basically sounded the alarm for a fire sale.

    If Sagna leaves we need a RB as well…I’m thinking Micah Richards, he’s a gooner and he’ll need a regular spot with the WC coming up.