Wayne Rooney wages a struggle to beat | Dortmund eye up one of ours

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Morning people… twelve is totally the new nine. How are we feeling about it? Good I hope. I’m about now though, to slay this mornings transfer rumours. In a world of murky lies and counter lies… someone needs to take care of you.

So, first up we have the news that Podolski is of major interest to Klopp of Dortmund. He’s lost all his players to Bayern so far this summer, so it makes sense to gear your transfer strategy around buying players who Bayern have already had a bad time with. If Arsenal get the right offer in for Podoslski, don’t expect there to be much resistance. It’ll be like Alex Song. There’s not the same desire to ship Lukas on as there was Alex… but simply put, Lukas is an older player on big money who hasn’t quite worked out.

Watch the Dortmund space… I’d be surprised if they were interested to be honest.

We ran through the Grenier story yesterday… I read a message somewhere that he was their player of the season… 28 games, 7 goals and 6 assists. Jeez… great season eh? Something about this guy that just doesn’t get me buzzing… I’ve not read anything about him prior to this week… and I’ve read a lot of nonsense about French footballers over the last season. That doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad player, it just means he’ll be a work in progress. Which we really don’t need.

Wayne Rooney is apparently out of our reach financially. We’re struggling to put a financial pacakage together for him that his team find acceptable. Well, you’d have to say pulling anything together that could better the £250k a week would be a struggle… he’s a great player… but even when you’re making a statement, you can’t start putting players on £300k a week who have questions over their attitude. Still, it’s nice that the fires are still burning on that story.

The Daily Star reckons Bob Wilson is being lined up to replace PHW as the Chairman of Arsenal. He’s an Arsenal man at heart… he’s an ex-player and as far as I know, he’s never been involved in a page three roasting session. So for me, he’s a winner. I’d like David Dein in there… but what can you do eh?!

I watched Barca destroy Malaga yesterday… Cesc scored an absolute beauty of a goal, taking the ball past 2 or three players and smashing it past the keeper. He’s such a great player. David Villa, also heavily linked managed to find himself on the score sheet. Although he’s a great player, I do hope he isn’t out big name striker… I have my reservations about whether a 31 year old who has done it all can adapt to the Premier League… regardless of how poor the general state of defending in the country is.

Right, that’s all for today… see you tomorrow.

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  1. Al

    i don’t get why Woy doesn’t try something different. how about a 352 which i think englan would excel at

  2. Al

    Rooney is arguably one of the best strikers of the ball in the game.

    Much better from England and Roy this 2nd half. He has gone for it rather then play cautiously

  3. Dannyboy

    haha commentators always go overboard when Rooney scores, part of the reason signing him would be good.


  4. Samir


  5. Santos

    Poor old England. Quite unlucky! Brazil are quite not good enough. I doubt their credentials for the world cup . Germany may be the favourites this time. Spain are still contenders. Many countries will be in the mix. Don’t write of Belgium, Argie, And Holland too

  6. Mental Strength

    Difference between Neymar and Messi is that everything good goes through Messi, Neymar seems to drift out of games too often and is too selfish when he has the ball.

    He was invisible for 70 minutes today.

  7. Arsenal 1886-2006


    You can imagine wenger taking the Ox off for scoring that goal.
    He plays with no fear and is willing to take thing’s on, unlike Wally who cannot even do the basic’s for a winger, like taking on a fullback.
    He passes backwards so often instead of taking responsibility.

  8. Dannyboy

    haha Ox ran over to Neymar and asked to swap shirts with him halfway through the 2nd half..

    He’s like an excited little kid living the dream aint he? You gotta love him!!

  9. Santos

    Belgium have really grown and a lot of their players will step up this year. By stepping up I mean joining bigger clubs. Imagine this team with a proper manager;

    Alderwereld Kompany Vertonghen

    Fellaini. Witsel. Defour

    Mertens. Benteke. HaZard

  10. Santos

    There’s no bad in swapping shirts with Neymar. It’s a friendly after all, not a match versus Scotland or Ireland(rivals)

  11. Keyser

    “You can imagine wenger taking the Ox off for scoring that goal.”

    Only if you’re an idiot.

    Walcott was pretty crap today, but seemed like the only genuine threat we had, no-one else from midfield wanted to push on and Rooney was pretty isolated aswell.

    Hopefully Wilshere improves that.

  12. Alex James

    1886 I agree, Theo had a number of chances tonight to make his mark but again baulked. He is so infuriating and I fear his career will remain full of what ifs. Such a pity, as he conducts himself well. Perhaps this is the probems.

  13. Thomas


    Guess what Barca won’t be playing Stoke nest season you prat.


    It’s a friendly game. Get a grip

  14. Santos

    Neymar has underperformed on the big stage a number of times I’ve seen him. Scoring against Brazilian defenses could be easier; in Europe , it will be hard. Barcelona are chiefs in misusing players just to bring the best out of Messi. It is going to be a toughie for the lad.

  15. Arsenal 1886-2006


    He seems to lack confidence one on one, there were times in this game when he could have turned the Brazil defence but didn’t have the courage to take on his man.
    He should have taken the United offer when he was younger and learnt from Giggs.

  16. WengerEagle

    First time poster, long time reader. Have to say kudos pedro on what is certainly the most entertaining arsenal blog around.

    Think you’re being harsh on LPod tbh tho. 16 goals and 12 assists a very decent return for first season in bpl. Would be foolish to sell him imo when we still haven’t shifted the deadwood along( chamakh, santos, gervinho, denilson, bedtner, etc)

    Hello fellow grovers how are you all this fine evening?
    I know this is completely random but I was recently looking at international striking statistics and realised that all of the best strikers in the world have very average to poor strike rates.
    Robert lewandowski-poland-53 caps 17 goals
    endinson cavani-uruguay- 47 caps 13 goals
    radamel falcao-colombia-43 caps 16 goals
    Sergio aguero-argentina- 42 caps 17 goals
    karim benzema-france-57 caps 15 goals
    carlos tevez-argentina-62 caps 13 goals
    Antonio di natale-italy- 42 caps 11 goals
    Fernando Torres(he’s only been shit for 2 years)-spain-101 caps 31 goals

    … and to a lesser extent-
    Lionel Messi-argentina-79 caps 32 goals
    Cristiano Ronaldo-Portugal-102 caps 38 goals
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic-sweden- 87 caps 39 goals(ok so that’s quite impressive)
    Wayne Rooney-England-83 caps 36 goals
    Robin Van Persie-holland- 74 caps 34 goals

    Podolski actually has a better international record than all of them bar ibra and maybe rvp nd shrek.

    in fact the only strikers with impressive international strike rates I can think of
    off hand would be-
    miroslav klose-germany-126 caps 67 goals
    Mario gomez-germany-53 caps 25 goals
    klaas jan huntelaar-holland-59 caps 34 goals
    david villa-spain-88 caps 53 goals
    gonzalo higuain-argentina-32 caps 20 goals
    neymar-brazil-33 caps 20 goals
    Didier drogba-ivory coast-95 caps 60 goals
    Luis suarez-uruguay-62 caps 31 goals
    looking at those stats and the calibre of players it strikes me as strange is all. thoughts?

  17. Dannyboy

    Wenger has been spouting off again during his moonlighting for Al Jazeera.

    Says ‘anyone would be interested in Rooney’

    and ‘Cesc is frustrated because he is a very passionate guy (lol) and it hurts him not to be playing every game’

    what is he gonna do about it?