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Ahoy-hoy… what a way to open a post eh? Worst thing about it is I had to google its spelling. Graham Alexander Bell had it down as his favourite salutation. You know who else picks the phone up like that… Gervinho. I’ve heard him do it on numerous occasions  It’s an ironic hat tip to historical inventiveness…

Talking of Gervinho, the multi-talented wing wizard of the Ivory coast has come out and stated he’d quite like to stay forever.

READ: No one else in Europe will pay me these massive fresh up wages

It’s nice to read how many players we’re really not fussed about are committed to the cause. Podolski, Gervinho and Vermalen all want to stay and fight for their places. That’s good news in a way if that’s genuniely the case. All three of them don’t strike me as players who wouldn’t want to play. They’re not ‘get fat and earn’ merchants… JD, I’m looking at you. So you never know, they might all find some form next year… then push for a move to Madrid when there’s some demand.

On the keeping front Cesar is whipping up a storm of speculation around his future. He’s been linked with Arsenal all summer. I have no steer on the club and their keeping targets but I did hear a brief snippet about the keepers attitude at QPR that I’ve totally forgotten. It wasn’t good… and gossip spreads fast in the game, so I do have my reservations about bringing anyone in from the QPR circus.

Still, if we landed him on a free, he’d represent a slightly risky bargain. On his game, he really is a force to be reckoned with. An amazing shot stopper with plenty of top level experience. My only concern is that he’s dipped in and out of form all year. I know he’s played for a shocking side that don’t put any effort in… but as I’ve said before, I’d prefer to be buying form. With him, I think we’d be buying a past reputation. One that didn’t get made in the Premier League.

The Cesc stories grew some legs and racked up pace after my piece yesterday morning. One of the more reliable people on Twitter set tongues wagging over his move. Great news, I’ve been saying for a few weeks that the story is a live one. It mainly depends on Cesc and Arsene. Can he sell the Spaniard a project second time around? Or does he need to see what we’re doing before he moves? Every Gooner I’ve spoken to about the move is absolutely buzzing at the thought… it really would set our summer up. The squad would still need work, but imagine the message it would send to the rest of Europe?

It would be mega.

Le Champ of the year was simple…

  • Cazorla 75%
  • Theo 15%
  • Arteta 10%

The Spaniard clearly a fan favourite and he’s been recognised for being a hero in one of the most drab years I’ve ever had the pleasure of!

He didn’t cost a lot, but it’s not surprising that as our most expensive signing of last summer, he was one of our most effective. Spending cash money isn’t always the solution, but more often than not… it totally is. Investing in a squad should go beyond wages. Hopefully this summer it will do.

Interesting to read Suarez has bid farewell to Liverpool. Will they be able to hold him to his contract? Highly unlikley. Could you imagine how much of pain in the backside he could be? I mean literally… he’d be like a wild animal at training biting holes in walls, chewing on players boots. I think Liverpool would be better selling him and investing the cash in their squad. The only player left to ship on now will be Gareth Bale. It’ll be interesting to see what his advisors tell him, I heard he shares the same people as Cashers… I’d imagine they communicate in ‘What could you get for £180k a week’ infographics. For me, I’d advise him to take the offer at Spurs and go next year. Cement yourself as a consistent Premier League star at a club that’s built a team around you. Thierry Henry left Arsenal and found himself put out on the wing despite being a deadly striker… would you rather be a star… or a cog? He’s a good player… but he’s not a Madrid star for me.

Fail with Spurs for top four next year… then move on.

Rumours coming out of France have linked us strongly with Grenier. In fact, we now have quotes from the man himself.

“I have more or less made a decision about which club I want to join,”

“I have made the choice for sporting reasons above all. Arsenal? It could well be them.”

Well, as long as he isn’t the only creative outlet for us this year. If he can play outwide, he’ll be able to compete with Gervinho… We’ve gone for the cheap option there, but we’re building a squad. He has quite a languid style about his play, his control is good, his coordination looks impressive… and he’s not afraid to shoot. Trouble is, Ligue One is such a poor standard outside the top clubs, it’s difficult to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Have blinding day of beer filled fun…

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  1. MarsBar

    An Arsenal midfield with cesc in is a unbelievable prospect compared o our current set up.

    Players now will know they have to step up and will need to prove there worth. Win win. Will be get him back who knows.

    Like to hold up some optimism for it because would set a good start to our summer.fabregas isn’t stupid he was a major star for us and in Barcelona just another tiny gem.

    Here’s hoping just as less likely as it is more likely. Fuck it who knows in football. Arsenal and London isn’t as bad as Manchester and moyes,lol.

  2. Toli83

    Cesc probably thinks Wenger is a decent bloke as a person, but as a manager I imagine he this Wenger is a bit of a silly old c*nt.

    Cesc won nothing and constantly watched others go onto bigger things. He ain’t coming back.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    DUIFG: Wenger too slow and reactive AGAIN.

    Because all the Premier League sides have signed the big names already?

  4. Thomas

    Why in the hell would Cesc want to come back? To play with shit players like Ramsey, Gervinho, Giroud? Hahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Nasri's Mouth


    If, (and I don’t think we will) Wenger got Fabregas back, I’d expect that it’s going to be down to players like Wilshere, Cazorla, Monreal, AND the other big name (or 2) we’d have to sign.

    We’ve got a pretty decent back 4 now, so if we brought in a top striker, a decent DM (and if we’re playing Fabregas I think we need one) he’d make up a pretty decent 11

    Plus there’s the issue of his new girlfriend and her 2 children in London.

    But, I doubt it’ll happen

  6. eboue

    dialsquare i actually think after 8 years of shocking defending wenger has learned his lesson and will let bould continue his coaching of the defense.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    We’ll see I guess, but I think they’ve finally found their type. They’re actually defending at the level they ought to have been all season long

  8. Marko

    Real Sociedad clinch a champions league spot. Play some nice stuff and in Griezmann, Vela, Xabi Prieto and Inigo Martinez they have some super players

  9. MarsBar

    Credit where it’s due. Defensively something changed and it worked. Wenger admitting defeat, letting Bould do what’s what, it did work stats don’t lie.

    Not a bad return. I’m hoping it was a big catalyst in many ore changes that needed changing.

  10. andy1886

    Re Goner Dave 19:23

    Where does Swiss Ramble say that Wenger has had money but chosen not to spend it?

    Read this, cut and pasted from the entry ‘Show Me The Money’ dated 29 April 2013:

    However, the lack of investment in the squad is still galling, especially with Arsenal’s cash balances standing at £154 million last summer (almost as much as the rest of the Premier League clubs put together) following many years of positive cash flow, e.g. 2010/11 £33 million, 2009/10 £28 million, 2008/09 £6 million, 2007/08 £19 million and 2006/07 £38 million.

    I think that answers your question??

    Diaby is not worth the money, even when fit he resembles a headless chicken (for example being stupid enough to get sent off at Newcastle when we were 4-0 up, you know the rest). If Eboue was brainless then God knows what Diaby is. Apart from a huge waste of money and a squad place. If someone wants to work out how much he has cost us per game I’d really love to know.

  11. dialsquare

    We had 10 clean sheets in the lead up to the Champions League Final and we all know how that turned out, plus we had a better defensive record between January-May 2009 than we had this season. I’m sorry nothing will change.

  12. Goner Joe

    How much did mr Wenger spend on players last season before RVP and Song demanded to leave and in January he also tried to buy Villa but Barcelona would not sell him. I put it around about 45m-50m. You may not read it in SR blog I think it’s there we have to keep a large chunk of or cash reserves in the bank as part of our mortgage deal.

  13. sam

    the defense is solid but where is the backup?
    thats why signing a DM that can play CB should be a priority.
    wanyama, leroy fer ect……
    and hopefully vermaelen will get his form back coz if we lose koscielny or mertersacker we are back to square one again so our defense is not that solid yet.

  14. andy1886

    Joe, it’s not just that Wenger doesn’t utilise the full funds available, it’s also how he uses the money that he does that’s the issue. Too much dross. I’d rather have a thinner squad with more quality and use the youth/reserves to plug the gaps. Arsene seems to have a problem with big name players, he always wants to ‘make’ them rather than buy them (and those that say AW ‘made’ a player do that player a big disservice, and ignore all the hard work the player has to put in).

    It’s easy to say we would have bought this p;ayer or that player, fact is we didn’t, bt we did buy all the dross that I’ve mentioned previously.

  15. Goner Joe

    6 I see your living up to my opinion of you if you don’t like the facts which happen to be true attack and abuse the bearer of the truth. The deal to buy all three players was done before RVP and Song left. Never let the facts get in the way of your bullshit. What about the Jan spend and the attempt to buy Villa. The only pathetic one is you and your nonsensical name is it the place you wished Arsenal finished in PL behind your beloved spurs

  16. Goner Joe

    Ok i will give you he does not use all the funds he may have access to.
    Last season we bought 4 first team players that can’t be called dross and the season before 3 players Per, Artata ,Ox and Kos from the year before. That they could not be considered dross now although I am sure some where. As for not being able to buy big name players two are regulars with Germany and two with Spain now I know there not the superstar you may be looking for but are still very good players. That’s 8 players or so that can be considered the finished product.

  17. Wengerites be damned !

    Cesar was a top keeper before the 2010 World Cup. I don’t know what exactly that defeat at the hands of Netherlands did to him but he certainly hasn’t been looking so good ever since.
    Wenger should buy another goalkeeper but then again he persisted with Almunia for years. So, if Wenger signs Cesar it will be evidence that nothing changed and the French manager will continue to neglect the goalkeeping position.

  18. Wengerites be damned !

    I believe all this ‘Wenger made player x’ is one of the biggest bollocks being trotted out by the AKBs.

  19. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Gonad Joe – what did he sell? The best striker in the prem.

    What did he get? Girpoo. Great business.

    He got 24m, he spent 12 on an inadequate replacement. The accounts say he’s had circa 70m to spend for about 2 years.

    But according to you, all’s well, we’re happy with 4th. Great.

    You are lack ambition my friend. Like a 12 inch cock that can’t get hard. Useless. Like you.

  20. Childish Gambino

    Pedro why do you people think like you only started watching footy yesterday. Everyone knows GK is a position that gets better with age. Taking a punt on Cesar would be the smartest defensive move Wenger has made in years. His shot stopping ablities have never been in doubt. Though he may be abit on the decline playing for a team like QPR or Post Mourinho Inter will definitely concede goals.

    Imagine this being like when Fergie (bless him) took a punt on a very old Van Der Sar…even pipping him out of almost retiremnet from Fulham. He found his best GK form and won EPLs and even a UCL in the process. He even set the record for most minutes without conceding (remember!!!)

    I think Cesar will be like that. He just needs a decent back four in front of him.

  21. Goner Joe

    As usual you leave out some of the facts RvP had one year left on his contract and agitated for a move. And yes we got 24m for a player would have left for £0 and got a player for 12m who scored 17 goals and 8 assists or so even you can’t believe he is rubbish or maybe you actually do. You really are a big idiot child no matter how many times your told by me or others the money issues are not what you think they are or what care to believe. So good night and go and suck that 12 inch cock you fowl mouthed neophyte.

  22. reality check


    I read all the comments here till the end. Instead of waiting abit and refreshing.
    I decided to search for a chelsea blog to see what the fans of other clubs are saying doing thinking, about the future. Good to know what your rivals are up to.

    I wrote in google..

    “Cfc blog like legrove”

    Just because I think legroves format (page) is better and easy to navigate.

    Google then sent me pages of various legrove articles, (none cfc)

    I clicked one.

    Very relevant yes? So I went into the post, read it, then proceeded to read some comments. Just surfing you know, browsing shit for the sake of it…

    Then I found this lil gem from..

    arsene knows
    August 4, 2010    20:01:07

    well im very up for this season, feeling very positive, im happy with our squad and the ins and outs, i love to support my beloved arsenal as i did in the bertie mee and don howe years when only 16,000 of us bothered… you lot who moan and go on about negative stuff, why dont you support another team, support man city as they are doing what you want, as for me… i love our manager and what he has done for our arsenal, i love our stadium, i love the way we play and i love the fact that we are doing it with this new brew many of who are kids so we have many years of greatness ahead like ferguson did 10 years ago, arsene did it pre emirates with bigger budgets and won it unbeaten at the lane, he will do it again with this his third great side and you negatives – i cant call you supporters – will all be remembering this post in may, come on you rip roaring gunners!

    arsene knows

    Did you notice the date…?


    Team isn’t good enough.have no desire to be number 1.all of you admit it,Pedro stop feeding us crap and admit it.

    Just admit it.FFS

  24. reality check

    June 2, 2013    01:31:30

    I’ll admit it…

    The most I’m hoping for next season is 3rd or 4th and a good cup run.
    Also for giroud to score 20+ in all comps.

    This is the most I can personally hope for, from le prof.

  25. zeus

    To hell with football.

    The Pacers just beat the heat in game 6.

    Final game of the series on Monday. All or nothing. Win or go home. Fascinating, enthralling series it has been.

  26. Goongoonergone

    Don’t worry lads. The only trophy we are going to win any time soon is the bloody World Cup with Wenger up to his old rubbish of buying up every French teenager who can kick a football.

  27. Johnty79

    Grenier, very average will take 3 years to come good just like nasri,cesc, Rvp etc….then will leave for psg.

    Ready made players wenger you stupid idiot!

  28. Evan

    Im anti Wenger and his penny pinching ways and I agree for every Santi he seems to sign 2-3 gervinhos, but slating a new player before hes even put on the shirt and shown his worth isnt right.

    I can agree certain signings do not fill me with joy I.e. williams but ya never know he could do well. So until an individual has proven crap you need to show support.

  29. andy1886

    @Joe 23:15.

    Have we signed some new players? (quote – As for not being able to buy big name players two are regulars with Germany and two with Spain).

    Poldi has a lot of caps for Germany, he is pretty regular, Per is indeed a regular. As for the two regulars for Spain who are these? Santi gets an occasional run out but is by no means a regular, Monreal is second choice l/b, and Arteta has never played for the full Spainish team.

    Who are thes new guys?

  30. g0tch34ted

    “Arteta has never played for the full Spainish team”

    This is incredibly unlucky. Most other national teams he would stride into, and would have for years, even when he was at Everton.

  31. MadeToLoveMagic

    Here’s an idea! Everyone who moans about Pedro being late, write something worthwhile your self , send it to Pedro and if it’s good reading I’m sure he would be happy to use it. It seems crazy that lg is getting so popular and yet the burden is all on him after geoffs untimely brush with the law. I think this summer should be guest post summer. makes sense and could be a lot of fun:)

  32. Bankz

    Goner Joe

    two words for you…PATHETIC C@#T.

    Fans like you are the ones who still prefer to celebrate coming 4th in the next 10years using the Staduim debt as a perfect excuse and so long we finish one point ahead of SPUDS.
    I read all your posts and truly, they’re pathetic especially the one about Diaby getting fit and becoming the next Iniesta.what about Squillaci becoming the next Tony Adams?

  33. Sensible old man

    I know I’m late on this n it’s prob been asked a thousand times… But please go easy on me…. Im a 95 year old man….What the fuck happened to Geoff ????!!!! Please someone tell me