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Ahoy-hoy… what a way to open a post eh? Worst thing about it is I had to google its spelling. Graham Alexander Bell had it down as his favourite salutation. You know who else picks the phone up like that… Gervinho. I’ve heard him do it on numerous occasions  It’s an ironic hat tip to historical inventiveness…

Talking of Gervinho, the multi-talented wing wizard of the Ivory coast has come out and stated he’d quite like to stay forever.

READ: No one else in Europe will pay me these massive fresh up wages

It’s nice to read how many players we’re really not fussed about are committed to the cause. Podolski, Gervinho and Vermalen all want to stay and fight for their places. That’s good news in a way if that’s genuniely the case. All three of them don’t strike me as players who wouldn’t want to play. They’re not ‘get fat and earn’ merchants… JD, I’m looking at you. So you never know, they might all find some form next year… then push for a move to Madrid when there’s some demand.

On the keeping front Cesar is whipping up a storm of speculation around his future. He’s been linked with Arsenal all summer. I have no steer on the club and their keeping targets but I did hear a brief snippet about the keepers attitude at QPR that I’ve totally forgotten. It wasn’t good… and gossip spreads fast in the game, so I do have my reservations about bringing anyone in from the QPR circus.

Still, if we landed him on a free, he’d represent a slightly risky bargain. On his game, he really is a force to be reckoned with. An amazing shot stopper with plenty of top level experience. My only concern is that he’s dipped in and out of form all year. I know he’s played for a shocking side that don’t put any effort in… but as I’ve said before, I’d prefer to be buying form. With him, I think we’d be buying a past reputation. One that didn’t get made in the Premier League.

The Cesc stories grew some legs and racked up pace after my piece yesterday morning. One of the more reliable people on Twitter set tongues wagging over his move. Great news, I’ve been saying for a few weeks that the story is a live one. It mainly depends on Cesc and Arsene. Can he sell the Spaniard a project second time around? Or does he need to see what we’re doing before he moves? Every Gooner I’ve spoken to about the move is absolutely buzzing at the thought… it really would set our summer up. The squad would still need work, but imagine the message it would send to the rest of Europe?

It would be mega.

Le Champ of the year was simple…

  • Cazorla 75%
  • Theo 15%
  • Arteta 10%

The Spaniard clearly a fan favourite and he’s been recognised for being a hero in one of the most drab years I’ve ever had the pleasure of!

He didn’t cost a lot, but it’s not surprising that as our most expensive signing of last summer, he was one of our most effective. Spending cash money isn’t always the solution, but more often than not… it totally is. Investing in a squad should go beyond wages. Hopefully this summer it will do.

Interesting to read Suarez has bid farewell to Liverpool. Will they be able to hold him to his contract? Highly unlikley. Could you imagine how much of pain in the backside he could be? I mean literally… he’d be like a wild animal at training biting holes in walls, chewing on players boots. I think Liverpool would be better selling him and investing the cash in their squad. The only player left to ship on now will be Gareth Bale. It’ll be interesting to see what his advisors tell him, I heard he shares the same people as Cashers… I’d imagine they communicate in ‘What could you get for £180k a week’ infographics. For me, I’d advise him to take the offer at Spurs and go next year. Cement yourself as a consistent Premier League star at a club that’s built a team around you. Thierry Henry left Arsenal and found himself put out on the wing despite being a deadly striker… would you rather be a star… or a cog? He’s a good player… but he’s not a Madrid star for me.

Fail with Spurs for top four next year… then move on.

Rumours coming out of France have linked us strongly with Grenier. In fact, we now have quotes from the man himself.

“I have more or less made a decision about which club I want to join,”

“I have made the choice for sporting reasons above all. Arsenal? It could well be them.”

Well, as long as he isn’t the only creative outlet for us this year. If he can play outwide, he’ll be able to compete with Gervinho… We’ve gone for the cheap option there, but we’re building a squad. He has quite a languid style about his play, his control is good, his coordination looks impressive… and he’s not afraid to shoot. Trouble is, Ligue One is such a poor standard outside the top clubs, it’s difficult to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Have blinding day of beer filled fun…

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  1. Raz

    “They’re not ‘get fat and earn’ merchants… JD”

    If you’re talking about Djourou, that’s a bit harsh. He’s been tempted into staying at the club forever, he’s wanted a loan move for a lot longer than he’s had one, and now he wants to stay in Germany because he plays every week and it’s US who won’t let him go for a realistic fee.

  2. Bankz

    The fact Arsene still persists with the Ligue1 market speaks volumes of his amition. Even QSG (a Ligue1 club) didn’t build their current squad reliant on Lique1 players. Zlatan, Levenzzi, Moura, Thiago silva/Motta.
    we’ve tried that market for far too long. A season without a Ligue1 player joining Arsenal wouldn’t be bad for anyone.

  3. Raz

    @Bankz it is shockingly bad on the S2!!

    Pedro – I think your ‘advice’ to Bale is strange. He’s clearly ready to make the move in terms of talent, age etc. What’s the point in spending another year at Spurs? What will he achieve in that time except another 20+ goal season?

    He bullies the best teams in the PREM, imagine his impact in Spain. Also, he has had one incredible season as an out and out winger, and one incredible season wide left, right, and playing through the middle. He is also the man at that club who will go and get the ball if it won’t come to him – if it[‘s a neutral game, it also stays that way until BALE takes it by the scruff of the neck.

    He’s clearly held back at that club. Staying for another year would be completely pointless, he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone for another season, he’s done his talking for an ‘average’ side. If he played for us, Maybe we’d have won the league this year.

  4. Crusaderrabbit

    Have been out of the country since pretty much the last day of the season. Have I missed any Arsenal news – any statements of intent – clearly not. And yes while I agree that the window doesn’t officially open until July 1st and so on, it really doesn’t stop other clubs from signalling their intent. You think the club would realise they need a player to win over the fans as soon as possible. IMHO they either don’t care or have been lying

    Having had my fill of Arsenal and Arsene’s nonsense I gave up my season ticket before this season began. I don’t regret it one bit. I also have a number of relatives who are also season ticket holders. About four years ago they had five tickets to share between seven of them. For the coming season that will now have dwindled down to two and possibly even one, partly due to the sheer cost, but mainly down to their exasperation at season after season of being sold a lie.

    They are much more AKBs than me, and despite be happy that we achieved fourth, all now recognise the huge faults in the direction of the manager as well as the huge lack of respect the club shows its fans. Particularly in the transfer window. In past seasons they feel they’ve given the benefit of the doubt over signings and direction, only to be left with a horrible empty feeling come the start of the league campaign as yet more empty promises become apparent. One or two of them even have some indirect relationships with the supporters trust and feel the time has come for these groups to call for immediate (and I think thats the key phrase) investment in the squad or to call for a boycott of products and attendance. I myself have been driven to frustration by the AST’s suck it and see attitude when it comes to the transfer window.

    Anyway sorry for waffling – what am trying to say is this. I believe Pedro believes in what he has been told by IG, maybe even IG himself believes it. But unless AFC demonstrate some significant desire in the next few weeks (and I mean few weeks, not by the time the window shuts) then they are going to find themselves with an even more outraged fanbase and dwindling match day support

  5. Raz

    I am saving my worry over transfers until the end of the window.

    But this year, I won’t be glued to the computer on deadline day hoping to see us land another player. I’ve learned that lesson!

    Right, i’m off to play in the sun!

  6. reality check

    Is anybody else getting the feeling that we have our 1st team already. Most of last years players.

    So now we’re building a better squad around the team we already have.

    That’s the actual transfer policy this time around?

    Of any of the targets we have been strongly linked to,

    “Rumours coming out of France have linked us strongly with Grenier. In fact, we now have quotes from the man himself.”

    Would any of them go straight into our 1st team?

  7. Bankz

    I use a Note2 and I still think its shocking so I’m imagining how bad it would be on the S2.
    Good point on Bale but somehow I think he would remain at Spurs. if Madrid go for Suarez, I doubt if they will have another £40mill to throw on Bale unless they actually plan on selling Cristiano Ronaldo.
    As for Cesc, I still insist, it makes no sense (logical) leaving Barca for Arsenal. I cant see him making that move.

  8. azed

    I can’t see Wenger paying 20+ mil for Cesc. He(Arsene) would rather tell Barca to sell to us for 5mil because we “made” him.

  9. Marko

    Lyon are certainly a top club in France they went what 9 years or something there not long ago winning titles in a row. I personally like the look of Grenier he looks a cross between Rosicky and Kaka and whether he’s a replacement (for Rosicky?) or he’s simply added to the squad he’s a good option.

    Caesar on the other hand I don’t want. Don’t be shit just pay the 8-10 million for Adler and be sorted in the position for years to come

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Fabregas would be an amazing statement of intent from the club…I read we can get him for £20-25 Million as well due to a stipulation open only to us.

    Jeez Barca must have been arrogant when they signed that deal.

    But for all the praise we can heap on the negotiating team it’s only any good if we exercise it.

    No Arsenal fan wants to hear ‘but we got £15 Million out of the £30 Million United deal for him.’

    But that’s so Arsenal you can just imagine it, being proud that a player we got for £600 000 has essentially netted us £50 Million. But the fans would be pissed.

    Make Jovetic/Rooney and Fabregas our two big signings for the summer.

    Add a GK Cesar/Mignolet/Begovic and a CB Rami/Richards/Williams/Boateng and then a CDM Capoue/Gustavo/Gonalons/Bender/Pogba

    Then Wenger has to win something, full squad (or near on) for the COC, just get that first trophy under your belt, winning is a frame of mind and a habit…a habit none of our players have.

  11. Mental Strength

    The problem with Wenger is he wants his national team to be successful so he uses Arsenal to groom young French players for the national team.

    Problem is that the French, though still better than English have fallen way behind the Spanish,Germans and Italians(arguable) in terms of quality players produced.

  12. Disco Stu

    1st the worst, 2nd the best, 3rd the one with the hairy chest

    Haven’t heard that for YEARS 🙂

  13. Tim

    Guillem Balague always call the big Spanish transfers before they happen and categorically denied any possibility of Cesc moving from Barca. He said that Barca have no intention to sell at all and if they were they’d demand at least 40mil.

    Is Balague ever wrong?

  14. Santos

    Why do we keep mentioning names of targets which will never materialize? I see us delving deeply into the French market this year. That is where we will get players within our price range. Arsene just has a way of adding to the GDP of France. Clever guy but at the detriment of the club.
    We may sign names like;
    And Loic Remy

  15. JustJoy

    @Bankz, we have over sniff around france, our next bus stop should be Spain, Germany, Holland or Italy.. And speculations and players link to US have overburden us..

    I checked Arsenal news every 5mins..

  16. Tim

    No Loic Remy… Wenger doesn’t like associating himself with trouble makers or we would have Yann Mvila is the red and white by now.

    Remy is a charged rapist. Highly unlikely to risk a transfer now. That’s why the rumours have died.

  17. JustJoy

    @Bankz, we have over sniff around france, our next bus stop should be Spain, Germany, Holland or Italy.. And speculations and players link to US have overburden us..

    I checked Arsenal news every 5mins………………….

  18. salparadisenyc

    Kamikaze Cazorla!! What a champ.

    So far Cesc is this summer’s surprise £30 bid that spilled over on twitter in January and we all assumed it MUST be Cavani. Turns out there never was a bid of any sort. Cesc will retire at Barca, a room filled in silverwares adorned w/ young Catalan panties from Beatles-esque fans whom faint at the sight of him. The future is his and Neymar’s.

    We’ll get this Grenier lad, take three seasons to get him really cooking and sell him to Monaco.

  19. Santos

    And Pedro

    Why talk about Cesc everyday? It will not happen. Why would he leave a potential league retaining club and UCL winning club to join a club which will be ousted in the round of 16? A team which boasts of;
    And soon probably Hummels or Thiago Silva.

    To a team which has;
    And Ramsey

    If I were him, the decision wouldn’t be hard. I know where I will stay or go( if need arises)

  20. Santos

    Get Grenier , turn him into a polished player, then sell hum to Monaco. With the frugal accountant at helm, there is a high probability of that happening.

  21. Marko

    Mental Adler said he’d be interested in Arsenal before he said he wouldn’t leave. And since then Arnesen has left Hamburg. No doubt if we went for him we could get him

  22. Toli83

    We don’t need Grenier although he looks ok. Whoever said he will take 3 season to fit in is spot on.

    Same as Nasri, he’ll be good for a bit then probably leave so really what’s the point.

    We need players who are ready NOW.

  23. Santos

    Normally if an organization has had a bad year in their output generally, they will act fast to amend their ways, maybe by hiring the best execs in the industry to enable them catch up with others, be competitive and more productive. The board are just reluctant to respond to certain areas which have made us fail. Look at how Bayern München have turned around. Do we have no ambitions to match the best in Europe? Our best decision will be to revamp the board, the coaching crew and Wenger. He’s lost it and we will still be in struggle for the 4th place again next May.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s very unlikely that Fabregas will come to Arsenal this summer, but why would you use players like Santos, Bendtner and Chamakh in your little comparison, when they’re all very unlikely to ever play for us again?

  25. Goner Joe

    Would that be the same team that lost 7-0 over two games to Munich or finished 3-3 over two games. Sometimes the facts don’t stand up to what people state or on sided point of view. I know everything in the Arsenal garden is not rosy but it is not as bad as it could be.

  26. Santos

    Nasris mouth

    They might be hard to sell. I don’t see a majority of the deadwood being sold this summer. The list is too long.

  27. Santos

    Gooner Joe

    That’s a bit fallacious

    Arsenal played 3-3 with Bayern over two legs

    Bayern beat Barcelona 7-0 in the semis

    Therefore Barca aren’t superior to Arsenal.

    That’s a wrong conclusion!

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    Whether Santos is sold or not, I don’t see you listing Barca’s 3rd choice left back in your comparison.

  29. Marko

    Mental it seems no one is will to meet his 30million price. Which is right he’s 20-25 million tops

  30. andy1886

    MS – You think we would pay that if Juve wouldn’t????!!!! Lol.

    Grenier, cheap (check), French (check), no-one else interested (check), probably another Gervinho (best player in France remember?), so probably shite (check around September).

    Never mind f’kin squad players, it’s the starting XI that needs addressing!!

  31. Santos


    Well I thought you would have understood what I meant from post: that the quality of players they have are greater than ours, so Cesc isn’t unwise. He knows where he wants to ply his trade. I hope he joins us, but the chance is 0.01%

  32. gunnergetyou

    ‘we’ve gone for the cheap option’
    We need to start spending big on top players unless you’re looking for us to finish 4th again, or even worse with bale likely to stay at spurs

  33. Bankz

    you got me. fact Pedro and almost everyone on Le Grove comes on here every day to compile a song on the “return of Cesc” cracks me up.
    wenger wouldn’t even pay £30million for Messi if he stated his intentions to become an Arsenal player.
    moreover why on planet earth will Cesc leave for an Arsenal side who may not even be challenging for the FAcup next season talk less of the EPL or UCL??
    Give wenger £150mill and he will still insist on buying shit players from Ligue1.
    unless Kroenke/Gazidis interferes with the next couple of signings by insisting Arsene buys quality, we may find ourselves in exacctly this same position come next year……..exactly same position on the 1st day of June 2014

  34. Bankz

    Goner Joe
    I bet you are among the Arsenal fans who are still celebrating a win over Bayern munich 2months ago(we havent even qualified fully for next season’s champions league) while Bayern munich players prepare to celebrate their 3rd Trophy yhis season. ..

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    Of course the quality of the players at Barca is better, but if you’re going to make a comparison to prove a point, at least do it like for like, otherwise it’s as pointless as the ‘we were 3-3 with BM over 2 legs, so we’re better than Barca who lost 0-7 over 2 legs argument’

  36. Santos


    What most people don’t get is that we may strengthen with five players or four or three; cool! What about others? They will strengthen and become stronger than before. Before we match the giants, it will take time, unless we do a Man City. It is what The board and management have caused. It will be hard to catch up, if we don’t buy plenty in the next two seasons. Agree?

  37. monty

    Man I don’t even care who comes I’m just glad the intention to spend is there, I care about the deadwood that should leave,we should make our wagebill and squad smaller,and pay big buck to the players that deserve it or world class players.

  38. Bankz

    Nasri mouth
    your analysis is so shit that it smells. at the start of next season irrespective of whether Barca signs anyone or not, they will be among the Top3 clubs tipped go to win the Champions league , fav’rite to retain the La liga and win the Copa de ray.

    I am yet to remember any analyst in the last 5yrs, no matter how drunk( he was at the time),who has tipped Arsenal to win the Capital 1Cup, FA cup not to mention the EPL or Champions league

  39. adi

    If we aren’t getting cesc (i.e. he isn’t leaving), I wouldn’t mind Grenier.
    If we forgo the buyback on cesc for grenier AND he goes to united/another pl club, the entire fanbase will rightly go ballistic.

    Grenier, bony, dm, williams, cesar. Retain sagna. That’s a good summer, and brilliant by our very very poor recent standards.

    How much will that cost? Not more than 50m imo. The time to spend is now

  40. Santos

    Is it true that Real Madrid want to sell their stadium naming rights? Talk about selling your soul for money.
    That name Santiago Bernabeu is an institutional name. It’s a world known brand. Why sell your club’s history for extra revenue? Clubs are becoming too profit conscious these days. Profits are awesome , but not at the expense of the traditions of the club.

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    Either you’ve got the wrong person or you’ve completely and utterly failed to understand my post

    Which is it?

  42. adi

    Quite frankly, our last 4 signings have been excellent at least on paper. Regardless of what people on here think, Giroud is a good striker, and would be exceptional as a plan B.
    Cazorla is class.
    Podolski is brilliant on his day. Some consistency in his game, and he’d be excellent, which i think he will in his second season.
    Monreal is Spain’s second choice LB, and a bloody good player.

    The whole point of this is that if the club are able to make 4 more signings of similar calibre in the summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us challenging for major honours again.

    Who would I like? Cesc, Negredo/Bony, Schneiderlin, Adler. And a back-up CB to replace the Squid.

  43. Bankz


    My problem with buying unproven French talent or “past the sell date” players like Cesar id the fact that with/without them we will still manage to squeeze ourselves into the Top4/Top5. if we are truly bent on ending the Trophy drought (which I think should be a priority for Arsene now), then we need far more superior players who can win you games. Giroud cant win you pressure games.He wont win you a cup final(see Lewandowski 4 goals in the UCL semis, his goals in the final against Bayern last season..see Mazudick’s goal in last Saturday final…watch out for him today too.see RVP’s goal vs Birmingham, despite we lost).
    buying whoever we are after niw in the midfield/attack (Sanogo) just because they are cheaper will only increase our wage bill as ee battle for Top4…I’d rather we sign no one if we dont plan to sign “super super Qualidee”.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    So a few days ago we had ruled ourselves out of Jovetic.

    Now we’ve all but signed him £22 Million apparently.

    Juve have pulled out due to not being able to raise enough capital, they wanted a £13 Million plus player deal.

    If Arsene Wenger is serious about Pogba he should jump in for him now. If Juve want to buy a Higuain type player they’re going to need to raise cash by the sounds of it.

  45. Rohan


    That’s a bit of skewed logic. In actuality most of the big teams will sign two or three players but only make 1 or 2 good first-team signings. We need to focus on bringing 1 or 2 quality players to the club, not 4 or 5. In the past couple of seasons the exact reason we have suffered is because we have made too many signings too late on. Our club is clearly capable of title-winning form – as was demonstrated by our late season results- we are nothing like Man City were. IMO we need a quality DM and maybe a ST – If sagna leaves we need a new RB. I don’t want any late transfer activity, it should all be sorted by mid july at the latest. A strong pre-season should then leave us capable of a strong push next season, to at least begin to show that we are contenders.

  46. Mask of Zorro

    Wasn’t Podolski supposedly carrying an injury? And was supposedly going to do the surgery in the summer? so how come he’s playing for Germany?

  47. Bankz

    Nasri’s Mouth

    My sincere apologies. that post was meant for Goner Joe.
    So sorry Mate….hope I’m forgiven? I know Nasri doesnt forgive, hope Nasri’s mouth forgives?? Lol.

  48. andy1886

    Adi, no offence but let’s look at this:

    “Grenier, bony, dm, williams, cesar. Retain sagna. That’s a good summer, and brilliant by our very very poor recent standards.”

    Grenier – most of us (including you I suspect) hadn’t heard of him until a couple of weeks ago. If you had where were the posts calling for his signing? Squad player at best, at worst another Gervinho.

    Bony – Apparantly AW thinks Gervinho is the best African player around so what does that say for his fellow Ivory Coast team mate??

    Williams: Third choice at best, he’s not going to help us improve our record against the top 3 is he?

    Cesar: Poor season at QPR, even Pedro can’t get excited by this one. Will probably be dropped for Chezza within a month.

    Sagna – depends on which Sagna turns up. Mr Reliable for several seasons but is his a fading force?

    In summay hardly a great let alone brilliant summer by anyones standards, especially when if we end up with anothe batch of dross cluttering up the wage bill for the next 4 or 5 years.

    Better to spend the money on two top players than 4,5 or 6 more average ones.

  49. Bankz

    if Arsene Signs Jovetic, then maybe I just might start buying into his next project and questionable lack of ambition.

  50. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Is Balague ever wrong.

    Yes he is, for about 3-4 years he was saying Cesc is leaving for Barca this summer, definite. When he did go he was all, ‘ i told you so’.

    He is a typical journo, keep repeating the blindingly obvious and one time you will be right.

  51. Arsenal 1886-2006

    If we do sign Cesar, and with it also looking likely that Santos is coming back we could have the two fattest Brazilians in world football.
    Wedge Santos into the goal with Cesar and we will be unbeatable.

  52. andy1886

    To be fair to Wenger (it’s hard to even say that, but hey) Arsenal have never been a big operator in the transfer market (not since before WWII anyway). Off the top of my head I can think of maybe half a dozen times I’ve been excited by our spending in about 40 years. The last time was when we bought Bergkamp, a real statement of intent. That’s pre-Wenger to anyone too young to remember.

  53. Mayank

    Grenier is 22. He’ll be 23 next year. He was voted Lyon’s player if the year with a landslide 70% vote.

    I’m not saying I want him or that he’s world class, just that if we sign him we’ll be signing a player further ahead in his development that Theo, Ox or Nasri were. 23 is a breakout age for most players that weren’t child prodigies.

    If we’re never t getting Cesc I’d rather get someone who can go on to become a great player than a readymade who’s good but will never be great.

  54. Rrobbins

    I’m getting that sinking feeling again…. We need to spend real money on real caliber proven players. A real keeper like begovic; Cesc or fellaini level mid; and a proven striker. We’re back to the same old nonsense in the rumor mill. No way to compete without real stars that cost. The old story is arsene afraid to take a chance and spend that kind of money and not be right???

  55. andy1886

    Until we rid ourselves of the obsession with the next great French thing we’re going nowhere. Yes, when Arsene came we did well, France were on the up and there were bargains to be had. Sadly time has moved on and the quality in France has declined badly. Ship Grimandi out to Spain, Germany or The Netherlands. If that’s too much trouble for him then he can pack his bags.

  56. Raz

    I am torn over this Cesc stuff, I really am. I’ve avoided talking about it up until now.

    On the one hand, why would we go to all that trouble and fuss with all these clauses in the contract, if we had no intention of signing him again? Why even bother with this £20m buy-back? This is what is giving people hope. But let’s be real, it was probably just posturing because we were losing our best player for half his value. Which do you think Kroenke would prefer – for us to spend £25m or so on Cesc, or for us to pocket £35m should he be sold? Newsflash, not the first one. So unless by some complete fluke/loophole, we actually get 50% of our own fee back when buying him (ha!) I don’t get why we would with Stan in charge,

    And then there’s this myth that he’s not happy/he’s a sub. What? He started 49 games – that’s more than he ever has in his life! Why would he want to leave? Where has this idea come from that he’s not happy? Because in one or two champs league games he was a sub?

    Seems to me people make up the mindset of a player to suit their agenda, and that £25m or whatever buy-back was just posturing.

  57. g0tch34ted

    Problem I’ve got is we’re in a crap situation.

    We can’t get the biggest players anymore because we’ve gone nowhere and the next level is just isn’t good enough.

    I really don’t care about Williams, Rami, Pogba, Bony, Remy, Jovetic, Skrtel, Mignolet, Grenier etc, or even Benteke really …

    Then everyone worth getting excited about is either a MASSIVE IF (Rooney, Cesc) or not going to happen Isco, Gotze, Lewandowski, Lichtsteiner, Cavani, Vidal, or any highly rated already in the CL type player.

    Utterly fed up of the transfer window already.


  58. Paddy got up

    Went to Hamburg a few weeks ago and saw Adler play. He is a top keeper and was giving the defence stick all through the match.
    Hamburg are crap though and Van dee Vart is now the size of a mini Brolin!!

  59. Mayank


    What French obsession? Most of our recent buy have been Spanish and German. And anyway France still has more prospects than England.

    Most of the French fans expect Grenier to displace Nasri in the French team. If the player is good enough or promises to be good enough we shouldn’t be looking at his nationality.

  60. Mask of Zorro

    No Arsenal fan wants to
    hear ‘but we got £15
    Million out of the £30
    Million United deal for

    guys at Untold would like to hear it!

  61. Mayank


    No player who’s among the best in the world can be happy being dropped for important matches. Especially given that the level of La Liga outside the top 3 is so low. Also, he’s played out of position for the one’s he’s played in.

    Rooney handed in a transfer request after being dropped for a handful of big games.

    I’d be surprised if Cesc left Barca but I’d be equally surprised and disappointed if he’s happy with his current situation.

  62. lord snotty

    After 8 years of at best stagnation, its obvious the first and most significant signing the club needs to make is at managerial level. The rest will surely follow. Further gross mismanagement of this great club can not be tolerated.

  63. kwik fit

    Cesc said on Spanish radio today that he Will Not sign for Man united. He said nothing about either staying with Barca or coming to us! Interesting….very interesting ..just look at my face 🙂

  64. Goner Joe

    Why shouldn’t I celebrate a very good Arsenal win if it’s come to the point that I or anyone else can’t enjoy Arsenal winning what’s the point. You also make points on Mr Wenger spending habits how can you make a statement that if he had 150m he would still not spend it on super stars. How do you know this just because you say it does not make it a fact. No Arsenal manager will every have those kind of funds to purchase players. Come to think about it no Arsenal manager will ever receive any thing close to those kinds of funds to purchase players.p Mr Wenger has had to manage on shoestring compared to other managers in PL because of the restrictions placed on the club since the move to the new stadium but let’s not give him any credit for that.

  65. fsd

    jack sitting behind cesc and santi in the midfield would be just to much to reckon with. We need that one lethal striker to complement that and we would be in business.

  66. Moray

    Goner Joe, “how can you make a statement that if he had 150m he would still not spend it on super stars.”
    Don;t be naive. Wenger said this himself

  67. Raz

    @Mayank – I’m not saying he’s had his dream season, but I think people are jumping on this ‘Cesc is unhappy’ bandwagon. I take your point about being dropped for big games – but also what did he expect with Xavi and Iniesta still at the club? If you are Villanova or whatever his name is, who do you play in the champs league match? Cesc or Xavi? Probably not Cesc. That’s a reality he had to face when he went home – and it’s possibly a mistake the manager won’t make again.

    I don’t know…I just want to reserve jumping on the ‘OMG IT’S SO OBVIOUS HOW UNHAPPY HE IS’ bandwagon when really nobody has a clue.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik Fit

    Wait until the season is over and then see what he says.

    (by the way, i don’t think he’d join ManU)

  69. kwik fit

    We won’t have long to wait NM

    I found this quote ; Gerard Piqué :”All Cesc Fabregas talks about in the Barca dressing room is Arsenal.” Don’t know its authenticity though.

  70. Herkules

    Cesc is NOT leaving Barca… Get over yourselves already. I doubt he is even unhappy, but if the leak IS legit it’s only intention was to put pressure on Barca to begin the Xavi transition in earnest next season.

  71. Sam

    I think arsenal fans are getting it wrong about Cesc. He’s not leaving unless Barcelona get rid of him. World class players don’t want to sign for a club that use them 3 times a week till they drop off with injury. It’s not like we are picking grenier over Cesc we are talking about him because it’s most likely to happen. Arsene wenger will pick cheap over quality anytime .

  72. dave

    I think that we should line up a load of Arsenal players stating that Cesc is being help prisoner and go on about his Arsenal DNA allllllll transfer window

  73. Goner Joe

    6th go look at Swiss Ramblers blogs to find out the true facts about how much funds Mr Wenger has had available to spend over the last number of years. Have the right facts before calling me or anyone else an idiot dick head. Don’t bother with any more clever insults because I won’t be around to read them how can I compete with someone with such impressive use of the vernacular idiot who knew.
    What else could he say he knew he was never going to have those kind of funds or thing close.

  74. Moray

    dave, they are too busy talking about how focused they are for the next game/diappointed about the result in the last game…

  75. Cesc Appeal

    Barcelona are going to have to raise money though after the whopping deal for Neymar and they are bent on getting some new players in, especially in the defence.

    They are going to need to raise money because they simply don’t have the clout to go on a spree and not see guys like Thiago, Alexis and Fabregas stuck on the market at least to attract offers.

    We need to test Barca’s resolve now, before they sell Thiago. Once he goes they’ll be more determined to hold onto Fabregas and vice versa.

    Thiago is a key target for Moyes, in buying Fabregas we could rob him of two targets essentially.

  76. arsenal-flavour

    grenier is a much better player than jovetic!

    WHAT you say? its true jovetic is a classic example of a overhyped player I have watched 10 full matches of this season his no game changer thats for sure! his got ability but its more show than actually useful, he is supposedly a great dribbler but he actually rarely beats his man, his short passing is great but thats it he has no range his good at the intricate flicks but lacks penetrative through balls and splitting passes!

    Grenier i have watched for a couple of years because my french mate raves on about him! his a better dribbler he passes players with ease! he has a much better passing range he can cross he can do long balls over the top he can do through balls he can do short passing his got a longer range shot than jovetic his decent at free kicks his faster than jovetic!

    Im not saying Greniers the answer but Jovetic surely is not!
    I would much prefer Fabregras to either of these players!

  77. arsenal-flavour

    Moyes at man united

    is like a woman with an amazing body, great tits arse and legs but a doggy face!

    Moyes is a massive step down no matter what anyone says if jose was there the spoilt starlets of brazil/spain and germany would clamour to join man united with Moyes a manger of zero international reputation its not going to happen! I think Moyes wont be able to sign tier 1 international players unless he pays well over the odds like man city does I think Moyes will have alot more luck in buying players who are already premier league who know that he has achieved alot in his time despite the lacck of trophies

    but as for CESC its never going to happen…

  78. Bade

    As it looks for now, we’re NOT going to build the right squad again!

    I don’t hear about us being linked with top CF, top DM, top CM, 3 players that are a “must get” if we’re going to fight for trophies, & that’s outside the GK

    So we’re linked with 2 attacking AM??? FFS it’s dim

    Cesc is a great asset always, having him & this Grand Marenier bloke is just a waste of space in the squad

    Give me my f*cking midfielders Arsene you**********

  79. T

    I really hope we land either Isco or Fabregas.

    then again wenger demonstrates year after year that he will go to great lengths to do the opposite of what the fans would like the most..


    makes it hard to understand why I should buy some fanproducts or come to see a game eh, even then I will still be a gunner for life 🙂

  80. Raz

    I find it incredible how Moyes has been touted as actually probably hailed as Fergie’s successor for at least 5 years now, but now that it’s actually happened people want to mock it.

  81. arsenal-flavour


    Moyes is a very average manager never an Fa Cup not even a carling cup!

    Oh but he had no money! Did Wigan? Did Swansea

    Moyes is going to crash and burn I watch everton matches his tactics are best used for getting draws! He wont no what to do with all the money at his disposal he will buy several costly flops and that will be that

  82. Marko

    WHy do people talk of Jovetic, Cesc and Grenier like they play in the same positions or something. Jovetic is a striker the other 2 are attacking midfielders or deeper playmakers. End of. Buying Jovetic has nothing to do with the other 2. To be honest the only reason I can see us going for Grenier is competition and if it’s also Cesc then Rosicky will be off.

  83. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I think the problem we have in attracting big name players is not solely to do with money. In Europe we are seen as a mid table european team, not one of the big hitters such as Manu, Real, Barca, Bayern and chelsea.
    We do not compete for our own championship so why would those big players want to come to us, they want to challenge for all titles and trophies and would see 4th place as failure and nothing else, while our board, manager and current players see it as something to celebrate.

    The whole culture around the club has to change and become more demanding and ruthless.
    Herbert Chapman must be turning in his grave at the acceptance of failure by the modern custodians of this club.

  84. Mayank

    Arsenal Flavour

    “his tactics are best used for getting draws”

    This is true. In the last three years he’s been 1st, 3rd and 2nd in the number of draws he’s got. As a matter of fact over the last three years he’s only managed to win two more games than he’s managed to draw.

    The step up in pressure at Utd is going to be immense.

  85. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The players at Utd will get them through the early moyes years.
    Having winners like Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand and others around the club will make sure standards do not slip. New players will understand who and what they are playing for and what is demanded of them.

  86. goonerboy

    We need to get over the loss of Cesc and move forward for now. If he ever became available though we should break the bank for him. He is an Arsenal man and one of the few who could really lift this club.
    For me the priority right now is to strengthen the spine of this team-gk-and Cesar is a top keeper-Wanyama or Capoue in midfield, a right back-Sagna can play in the centre-but up front we need a Jovetic and a striker and to be able to bring on a David Villa or start him against the other top sides would be very handy.

  87. Leon

    Here is a scenario – We are heavily linked with Jovatic. His agent tells us that Arsenal are Jovatic’s drem club. Week after week we are linked with him then Wenger comes out and says “Podolski/Gervinho/Giroud/Walcott (pick whomever you want) has been training exceptionally hard over the summer and looks like a new signing” then interest in Jovatic wanes and either Chelsea/City/United/Real/PSG/Monaco or Barcelona sign him – tell me if that is being pessimistic please ! I have NO faith in Wenger at all – he should have been fired as soon as the whisle blew for full time against Newcastle – how can anyone think that fourth is a success ???

  88. Josip Skoblar

    Gerv + money to Lyon and we sign Grenier and Gonalons? Again, this is media talk (mostly French)

  89. Rohan

    I think Grenier is just someone Arsene likes and thinks will become a top player. Might as well get him. Don’t think we should be looking at him being anywhere near our first team. Cesc, a top class striker and a deeper midfielder and perhaps one more CB and we could probably challenge on multiple fronts.

    For once ,our squad isn’t that shaky.

  90. andy1886

    Goner Joe (problem spelling Gooner?) Wenger has had plenty of cash, he just wasted it on stupid salaries for the likes of Diaby. We spend £60m a year more on wages than the Spuds. That’s £60m a year that we could have used to buy two top players each season! So don’t tell me Wenger had less cash than most of the teams in the PL. And as for the ‘war chest’ don’t even get me started on that. You sir, are indeed the knobbiest knob in Goonerdom.

  91. Marko

    Rohan’s right and Josip that’d be good if that is true and it’s quite possible. About a month back Gonalons was reportedly in talks with us

  92. Boozy

    Moyes is a top manager IMO.
    Competing for top four with everton is no easy feat. Another manager could have them in relegation fight next season.

    I just hope he would win trophies with his ability, and not by the back door.

  93. andy1886

    Rohan, AW isn’t going to blow £100m or anywhere near that, so we need to buy players that will be in the starting lineup, not squad players. We have plenty of those, and every mediocre squad player we buy detracts from funds that we absolutely have to invest in a small number of top notch starters.

  94. andy1886

    Moyes may not be Fergie, but with he has enough talent in the squad to finish in the first two again. Compare his options up front with ours. He’d have to be mentally impared to finish below us as we stand right now.

  95. Goner Joe


    hanks for your concern about my spelling abilities goner is just iPad issue so I left it. Let me ask you about your maths understanding. All clubs have to pay wages ours is about 3-4 in the PL that’s been the position we’ve been finishing in the last 8-9 years. Now as for spurs they have one player and if it was not for him they may have finished behind Everton but we did finish above them by the way. As for the fact of Mr Wenger having money to spend on new players that’s the issue and I don’t think the money was there. Also all clubs have players that sit on there wages and will not move on because they can’t get close to the wages they are earning with there current club.

  96. Josip Skoblar

    Rohan and Marko
    Grenier is not world-class, but he’s a talented player who reminds me of the younger Gourcuff and Kaka. He’d be a good squad acquisition. He scores sublime free-kicks a la Beckham on a regular basis. As for Gonalons: in a nutshell, very solid; the kinf of no-nonsense solidity we haven’t had in midfield for a long time.

  97. andy1886

    Hmm, my last post seems to have vanished….perhaps using the words re tarded and b*ll*cks is out of order?

    Anyway, Joe to reply to your post I should point out if you actually read all of Swiss Ramble’s posts and not just select the bits that suit then you’d know that he says we have had money to spend for some time. Both the board, AW and the AST have stated that we DO and HAVE had money to spend over the last few years and that AW has CHOSEN not to spend it.

    Stadium debt accounted for around 14% of turnover three years ago, and will drop to around 4% next year with the new deals coming in. Wages by contrast account for around 60% of turnover. So by far the biggest drain on funds are the stupid wages we pay to the likes of Squid £50k pw, Chamakh £75k pw, Diaby £60k pw, plus the likes of Denilson, Santos, Bentner et al who do not even make the 25. Without the ridiculous socialist wage structure that AW is responsible for we would have had much greater sums to spend.

    Then of course there is the famous war chest. Swiss Ramble believes it to be around £90m, so where did that come from? Out of the blue or perhaps it is all that money that AW didn’t have to spend??

    Finally the Bale argument can be easily countered, Yes he nearly dragged them into 4th, just like RvP dragged us into the CL positions the season before. Fact is we spend some 60%+ more than Spurs to finish one point ahead. Hardly a great performance.

    So, yes we have had money, and no AW decided not to spend it. Open and shut case.

  98. GoonerDave

    Where in the Swiss Ramble blog does it show that Wenger has chosen not to spend money? What money, exactly? I work in the financial sector, and the Swiss Ramble blog, excellent as it is, does not show very much money apart from player trading. There is a surplus most years, but its not enough to buy a 50M player. Or a 25M player either.
    Your gripe about the managers use of the wages available is a fair one though. A lot of poor players on big money is certainly not good enough.
    But 4th highest wage bill while selling our assets each year to pay debt is certainly not under performing. Its simply frustrating for all of us.
    For the first time in a long time, we appear to have money to spend. The next 3 months will show us the clubs intentions.

  99. Cesc Appeal

    Cesar looks all but certain then, all the usual noises coming out everywhere.

    Wenger deal, wants out of the team he’s in, bargain price at £3 Million. Decent enough if we’re banking on Schez as the future.

    I still say it won’t be Williams or Skertl we sign it’ll be Rami…have a feeling, issued the classic come and get me plea, talks like Wenger ‘60% certain I’ll leave the club) wtf does that mean?? French, will go for a bargain.

    Add to that Jovetic/Rooney, Cesc and Gonalons/Pogba and that’s a great summer.

  100. Goner Joe

    The one big thing I can remember from SR posts that for the last few years most of Arsenals profits has come from player sales. Also the stadium debt at 14% that can’t be spent on players or really high wages that other clubs can ie spurs. That’s about to change I hope with the new deals on the horizon.
    Do we have players on big money and are of no use to the team yes and hopefully the will be gone this year or next. But having the players on what you consider high wages is down to a number reasons project youth and expecting them to turnout better players than they have.
    Taking chances on players in the transfer market who have not come up to expectations because of the lack of funds. All these reasons are down to trying to find the funds to start the stadium and pay it’s mortgage. Also Diaby is very good player when fit and worth he’s wages like RVP was in the past hopefully Diaby will come good and recover from he’s injuries.

  101. eboue

    folks dont get too excited for next season just yet we still have the chance of seeing chamack and gervinho lining up for arsenal again.

  102. Goner Joe

    Just a point I believe that Diaby is a good player and as an Arsenal fan I hope he will recover from he’s injuries and show his abilities for Arsenal.

  103. DUIFG

    Once again we are looking brgain basement or at best catagory 3 plyers past over by ll the big boys. Its tiring, he looks a tidy player but again not somebody who will boss it from the off like caz did. Cant believe the level of inactivity given the golden opportunity of all the new managers t other clubs not taking the reigns ley.

    Wenger too slow and reactive AGAIN.