Nani for £15m | Kids shunted out the door | Cesc could cost £70m… for United

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I kid you not people, it’s Friday. How quickly did that go? Very. Mainly because the working week for many of us started on a Tuesday. Which is a day later than normal. So not only did the week feel shorter, it was in fact actually shorter.

Football wise, there’s still a load of nothing out there. Literally nothing. There’s a story floating about the web about Nani for £15m. I mean, come on, seriously, where do Fleet Street get off with stories like that? It’s outrageous. 12 weeks ago he was a £30m player… now he’s cheaper than a 2 bedroom Sloane Square flat. I’m not buying the story or the flat…

There’s more idle chit chat about Cesc. Why is the chat idle? Because the damn Daily Mail are involved, that’s why. They haven’t had an exclusive for 7 years. Anyway, Barca would have to sell for £70m to break even apparently. This is because of the sell on clause no one thought they’d have to activate. They’re well off, but not that well off. So you’d imagine they’d like to push him our way.

My understanding of the deal is that Arsene has been speaking to him. If he wants out, he has to tell Barca he wants us. Will he do that? Maybe. He has a child now. He doesn’t get to see it much because he’s a selfish dad, so moving to London might make a whole bucket load of sense.

We bombed out a load of kids. Connor Henderson has left and a player with a name that looked like Imbecillio has also left… I’ll miss the both of them. Again, it just goes to show you what a nonsense it is to buy into youth player hype. 99% don’t make it. They don’t even look good in the reserves these days… the time wasters. Sorry, I mean, ‘good luck at Sunderland’.

Other news? Well, there’s not a lot of it. Le Grove is a dry well that pops out a cool bottle of Evian every morning… can it carry on? I don’t know. I hope so. I value your visit every morning, so we’ll try.

Have fun, catch you tomorrow! It’s Friday, so I’m off for some bacon…

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  1. finestcuts

    If Fabregas wants to come back to England, we should be first in line for his signature, there aren’t many players of his calibre out there.

  2. TitsMcgee

    Arsenal forward Gervinho has rubbished speculation that he could leave the club, saying: “I have a contract until 2015 with Arsenal and I intend to honour it.”

    Because the idiot that brought you to the club is paying you way more than you could get elsewhere.

  3. mystic

    Cesc Fabregas to sign for before 1st September 2013

    Manchester United 3/1
    Arsenal 5/1
    Manchester City 20/1
    Borussia Dortmund 25/1

    Where the hell did Dortmund come from!

  4. Romford Pele

    Monty, Saw that yesterday. Didn’t realise Theo was that funny! You can still see he’s such an innocent boy at heart – even those tattoos don’t look right on him.

  5. Marko

    Suarez an idiotic cunt who blames everyone else for being an idiotic cunt. He thinks there’ll be no paparazzi in Madrid. I suppose he’ll blame the english media as well when he bites a player from Levente.

  6. Herkules

    I think there is a strong correlation between Summer time and insanity pills. Comments and posts here are degrading. Not a single credible source has even mentioned the slightest possibility of Cesc wanting to leave Barca nor Barca wanting to sell him…

    So much winding up – relax peeps

  7. Marko

    Betting odds literally mean bubcus. We were odds on to sign Cavani in the winter window. See where I’m going


    Purchase the talented players that we need for our weak areas, and the people that were in these position will give added strenght to our bench.If this gets us back to the powerhouse team we were before,i can see a player willing to stay on a winning team,and fighting for the pride of playing for Arsenal.Mind you none of this will take place unless we offload individuals who can’t make the team and are out on loan.What a terrible merry-go-round we have weaved for ourselves.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    Dunno if it ever got that high, but yeah I get your point. I wasn’t really suggesting he’s going to sign for us, more that a lot of people who bet think he is. (which is entirely different)

  10. salparadisenyc

    I highly doubt Cesc will be leaving Barca anytime soon. If he does come back to Arsenal this summer, AW will probably sell Cazorla to City for large profit. Thus mucking up what would of been a fantastic, balanced midfield.
    A couple players shy of greatness seems to be our mantra and the last couple seasons we could double that figure.

  11. mystic

    salparadisenyc – can’t see Cazorla being sold to citeh, actually believe wenger when he says the selling of stars is over.

    The daft old sod will more likely swap Cazorla with Barca for a player with ‘potential’ in their academy.

  12. monty

    Romford,to be honest wen I saw it,I just loved arsenal again,I love the bond these players have,actually liked Theo a bit more after that,even though were not winning I don’t care,because wen we do its gonna be awesome.Theo and mannone have a good bromance there.

  13. mahessar

    Good riddance Suarez is off to Madrid, Liverpool would have been challenging next season for top 4 next season with him and a couple of smart signings by Rodgers.

    Fabregas, I’d have him back any day. And get rid of Gervinho while we are at it.


    Gerv isn’t going anywhere,
    1 good money
    2 he’ll see playing time more than not
    3 all that london puh-tang

  15. mystic

    ‘Arsenal target and Auxerre star Yaya Sanogo has already passed a medical ahead of a summer switch to the Emirates, according to reports.

    Sanogo, a French under 21 striker, has scored eight times in seven games this season, with four of those appearances coming as a substitute.

    He is one of the hottest prospects in French football and is tipped to become one of Europe’s very best strikers.

    And according to reports on the Sky Sports website, he will sign a four-year contract with the Premier League club after passing a medical.’

    Oh boy do I feel underwhelmed.


    For all you Wenger dick lickers,come(no pun)end of this transfer period all of you will finally see the man for whom the bell tolls.

  17. sam

    Cesc is so thrilled we signed Sanogo, he’s already packing his bag
    He told barca to respect his goon dna he cannot wait to be reunited with his father arsene wanker

  18. mystic

    samsenal May 31, 2013 15:47:24
    ‘*Pastes Link, Runs for cover*’
    You can run but you can’t hide forever!

    Gary Neville is a wanker, wonder how much he would have liked having Wenger at the helm at Utd.

  19. Johnty79

    When cesc left arsenal he was on 110k aweek. He took a payout to join barca and is on 80k aweek.if he comes back he should earn no more than 110k plus inflation over the last two years. Remember he left us and is not a super top player he thinks he is because he couldn’t get in the barca or Spanish team.

    Interesting stat. When cesc and nasri left our wage bill was 133m-8m of there wages so our wage bill should have gone to 125m..instead it increased to 143m?????that means the wages of park,santos,mert and gervinho in the 2011-12 season was 18 m. Unbelievable!

  20. Johnty79

    Here’s dreaming……

    Nasri/nani. Remy/benteke. Walcott/ox

    Wilshere/cesc. Coupoute/strootman alicantra/ cazorla

    Gibbs/Montreal. Mert/samba koz/ diakite Sagna/ jenks

    Begovic/ Schezny

    It won’t happen though..

  21. PK

    “can’t see Cazorla being sold to citeh, actually believe wenger when he says the selling of stars is over.”

    That can be true, but if you look at the soulition for it you might not be happy. What we do now days is that if we are going to buy a “big name player”, we buy older ones who never really made it in a big club, but still has played CL and is an international.

    Arteta – 29 years from everton
    Mertesacker – 27 years from werder bremen.
    Podolski – 27 years from köln.
    Cazorla – 27 years from malaga.
    Giroud – 26 years from monpellier (ok no cl experience but int.).
    Monreal – 26 years from malaga.

    That way the club can buy cheap and the players will almost certainly not leave. So if we are to speculate on who the club will sign we should look at players that are:

    – 26-29 years old.
    – international.
    – played CL.
    – don’t currently play in of the big clubs.
    – 10 – 25 m£.

    Anyone who can think of someone that would fit into the above?

    Then you have the usual young talented and the “wtfw!” signings that wenger always persist with.

    Young talented
    Oxo, jr miyagi, jenks

    Foorhead, Park, Santos


  22. mystic

    PK May 31, 2013 16:16:26
    ‘What we do now days is that if we are going to buy a “big name player”, we buy older ones who never really made it in a big club, but still has played CL and is an international.’
    I know where you are coming from, but it could be argued that players such as
    Mertesacker / Podolski / Cazorla / Monreal have simply been over looked by major clubs. All are still increasing their international appearances and play for countries that have success that takes the piss out of England.

    The biggest problem at Arsenal is the lack of a decent squad. Once the main players get injured (Monreal / Gibbs at LB an exception) it is a major downward step when calling on the backup – there is no competition for places, because there is no competition in the squad.


    What Wenger forgot to add after not selling anymore stars is that he isn’t buying anymore either.

  24. Kjay

    it’s increasingly looking like we may not sign that marquee striker Pedro thought we would. Another summer of dross signings commences. Two done. how many more to go?

  25. PK


    I agree that we need a better squad depth. My point was that wenger can say that we don’t sell stars anymore bcos we buy older ones now. But i am shore we can find some more of them out there if we look into it.

  26. samsenal

    Johnty79 – the fact that Cesc was only on £110k per week was a joke when you compared his ability and performance levels to other midfielders in the Prem.

    IF we sign him back we need to pay him a salary that will keep him happy, warm and snug in his Arsenal shirt. £150k minimum. He is one of the World’s best AMs.

  27. Kjay

    Hey, Le Prof, while you’re at it, why not sign me?
    I’m quite talented though a little injury prone and might take ’bout 8 yrs to finally come good. look like your type, don’t I?
    A’ight where do i sign?

  28. gazzap

    I feel getting Cesc back is an attainable aspiration. I think Spain now have a very high tax rate so wages wouldn’t be an issue. Barca are not making the right noises to want to keep him either. If he comes to England then surely Arsenal is his preference. Would be a truly great signing and we might even make a small profit on the deal given he was sold for £35m, and Barca no doubt still owe us a share of that.

  29. Kiyoshi Ito

    gambonMay 31, 2013 17:42:27
    Pedro was doing the clubs PR, either knowingly or unknowingly.
    Is the sky blue?

    Stating the obvious there Gambon!

  30. salparadisenyc

    Everyone pining for a player we should of never sold in the first place, AW should of bought Cazorla from the yellow subs to play along side him, showed some intent and we’d be a couple trophies deep with RVP leading the line up front.

    itsss madness!
    Its Arsenal.

  31. JBamford

    To me Arsenal need a class CF and DM to progress. They could fill these needs quite well with Higuain and Wanyama, who together would cost roughly £45m. These two players alone could improve Arsenal from an also-ran to a genuine challenger for titles. Without such a move this summer, what should supporters conclude?

  32. JBamford

    I guess Wanyama can be had for much less than I had previously read, so Higuain and Wanyama could be had for roughly £30m.

  33. eboue

    hopefully gervinho snaps both ankles forcing wenger to sign a replacement, but knowing wenger he will tell us all about gervinhos super qualitys and sign no one.

  34. Rohan

    Yes! Get in.

    If Balague says he’s not leaving Barcelona, he’s definitely on the move.

    I know more than Guillaume Balague.

  35. goonerbone

    WTF, Pedrito! You were giving us a load of bull after your meeting with Ivan the whoreible, our what?! Where are the signings? The plan A, B and C? It feels like being seven points behind already! Give me a life ffs!

  36. eboue

    dont worry goonerbone i will give you a life this friday night by officially decalring ivan and wenger are offering gervinho a bumper new contract! rumours are if gervinho signs this deal then any potential deal for rooney and fabregas are off due to the huge wage gervinho would be on.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Just watched Question of Sport. One of the sections was where each team captain has to describe a particular sporting phrase

    Phil Tufnell had to describe ‘transfer window’ to his team mates

    He pointed to one of them and said something like ‘you might be moving to Arsenal in the next one’

    His team mate was Asmir Begovic

  38. goonerbone

    forehead on a new contract is like serving shit on meissen porcelain. You’re a fucking sadist!

  39. luke

    Pure fantasy but God Damn,


    Chezza, Verm, Monreal, Arteta/CDM, Ox, Poldi, Giroud

    We have Gerv, Rosicky, Ramsey, (Diaby), Flapianski, Jenko, and Per not even making the bench.

  40. eboue

    wenger: gervinho is the best striker in africa…and this is the guy we are trusting to sign the stars we need this summer…sigh

  41. kwik fit

    Arsenal are in talks with QPRS goal keeper julio cesar arsenal are looking for to get his services on a 2 year contract,

    Not so sure he’s the one But hay ho he’s free.

  42. Rohan

    Cesar is a decent buy as backup. He’ll give Szcesney some but not too much competition . He’s experienced so that’s a plus.

  43. kwik fit

    How’s it going Toli……….pinch of salt is still the order of the day.
    Mind you I still have nightmares when I think of the last Cesar who played for us.

  44. SUGA3

    people who say we should buy a no.1 keeper forget that we had second best defence in the league with what we have, IMO, we need a decent enough competitive backup to keep Szczesny on his toes and that’s it…

    my choice would be Boruc, but then again, I may be a bit biased 😉

  45. kwik fit

    Italian website
    TuttoMercatoWeb were the news came out is a piece of trash. I’ll wait to I read it in the sunday sport before I’ll be totally convinced.

  46. Toli83

    I’m alright kwik fit.

    Went to my local for a beer earlier and found out I’m barred for life, not that I can remember but singing the perry groves song with my top off by an old couple having a meal didn’t go down to well.

    Typical Wenger signing. Not bad for a number 2 to be fair.

  47. goonerbone

    Julio Cesar is sirloin on meissen. Would be great. The guy signals “the country is safe with me”. I’m happy if it’s true

  48. kwik fit

    Toli, I think it may have been more to do with the fact you were doing an elephant impersonation with your trousers around your ankles , than anything to do with Perry Groves songs 😉

  49. Rohan

    Cesar would also bring some leadership into the dressing room. He’s a seasoned pro. and an experienced winner.

    I still think we should just go all out for Rooney in addition to Cesc. That would be the single best transfer season this club has ever had.

  50. Rohan

    A higher ceiling than Cesar?

    I’d be ecstatic if he gets anywhere close to Cesar at his best. He was colossal in Inter’s Champions League run a few years ago and at his peak was considered as good as any really.

  51. sam

    Wenger cannot sell this summer because there is no one to sell for profits at the moment.
    cazorla is our best player but he’s just arrived and it will stink if he tries to cash in.

  52. Marko

    Fucking Caesar? Jesus forget trying to sign Adler, Ter-Stegen or Rui Patricio no that’d be seen as looking to the future. Caesar for 2 years. I’m gutted cause Adler with Hamburg being shite and losing Arnesen cause they’ve no intention of competeing could of been got for 10 million or under. And hé’s the second best german keeper behind Neuer who’s the best in the world.

  53. sam

    backup shopping list guys, cesc and rooney would be mission impossible.
    Julio cesar, alcantara, wanyama and grenier now get rid of ramsey, rosicky and diaby.

  54. luke

    cesar salad

  55. luke

    Cesar Salad

  56. paul mc daid

    What the last 8 seasons have proved is that Wenger does not have the balls to achieve success.

  57. dialsquare

    Just read Utd need help from Arsenal to land Fabregas.
    If Fabregas heads for Utd it would mean once again Wenger relenting to pressure from Utd and player.

  58. dialsquare

    Just read Utd need help from Arsenal to land Fabregas.
    If Fabregas heads for Utd it would mean once again Wenger relenting to pressure from Utd and player..

  59. dialsquare

    Just read Utd need help from Arsenal to land Fabregas.
    If Fabregas heads for Utd it would mean once again Wenger relenting to pressure from Utd and player…

  60. gnarleygeorge9

    What the last 8 seasons prove is that Manu, northern chavs & chavs needed money to achieve success

  61. goonerboy

    Why would any player leave Barcelona for Manchester?-only those who are not good enough to make it in Barcelona-that is not Cesc Fabregas. He would give up the chance to play with his mates and Neymar to play under Moyes?

    Are you mad? He would have to spend another year on the bench for him to move elsewhere- and he is likely to find Milan a much more attractive destination than fucking Manchester.
    I doubt whether even Gareth Bale would ever regard Manchester United as being good enough
    These Manc journalists live in a fantasy world.

  62. Radio Raheem

    “Seeing some of the kids who were six or seven using the shoulders to play beach volley was amazing.
    “I can’t do that so it showed that technically they have got it here.”
    Walcott, 24

  63. Nasri's Mouth

    Right, the transfer window is now open. WHY HAVEN’T WE SIGNED ANYONE!!!

    (actually, does anyone know the details of how the various windows work?)

  64. useroz

    Frankly I believe old habits die hard. Wenger won’t fucking change by himself. Don’t know if Ivan or other marketing folks would kick him into a bit of actions. Or else, we’d see the same old 16, 20, 22 year old wannabes who are the ‘next’ this and that.

    Oh, if I were Gervinho, I’d fucking honour my contract too, especially the wage terms…where else would – get idiots to pay me 60k per week till 2015??

  65. andy1886

    I think he’d had enough. Geoff was always more anti, I think he get fed up castigating the club and Wenger while nothing changed. A bit like a lot of us on here, we moan and complain about glaring problems but nothing ever changes. I find Pedro’s sudden pro-Wenger (it’s relative) stance very strange even though he was never as anti as Geoff.

  66. Nasri's Mouth


    All wages are really. Some are better guesses than others though.

    The only 2 players I’ve known the wages of for sure are Riise when someone found his wage slip in his bin, and an Arsenal youngster quite a few years back when I was seeing someone who worked for Barclays