Nani for £15m | Kids shunted out the door | Cesc could cost £70m… for United

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I kid you not people, it’s Friday. How quickly did that go? Very. Mainly because the working week for many of us started on a Tuesday. Which is a day later than normal. So not only did the week feel shorter, it was in fact actually shorter.

Football wise, there’s still a load of nothing out there. Literally nothing. There’s a story floating about the web about Nani for £15m. I mean, come on, seriously, where do Fleet Street get off with stories like that? It’s outrageous. 12 weeks ago he was a £30m player… now he’s cheaper than a 2 bedroom Sloane Square flat. I’m not buying the story or the flat…

There’s more idle chit chat about Cesc. Why is the chat idle? Because the damn Daily Mail are involved, that’s why. They haven’t had an exclusive for 7 years. Anyway, Barca would have to sell for £70m to break even apparently. This is because of the sell on clause no one thought they’d have to activate. They’re well off, but not that well off. So you’d imagine they’d like to push him our way.

My understanding of the deal is that Arsene has been speaking to him. If he wants out, he has to tell Barca he wants us. Will he do that? Maybe. He has a child now. He doesn’t get to see it much because he’s a selfish dad, so moving to London might make a whole bucket load of sense.

We bombed out a load of kids. Connor Henderson has left and a player with a name that looked like Imbecillio has also left… I’ll miss the both of them. Again, it just goes to show you what a nonsense it is to buy into youth player hype. 99% don’t make it. They don’t even look good in the reserves these days… the time wasters. Sorry, I mean, ‘good luck at Sunderland’.

Other news? Well, there’s not a lot of it. Le Grove is a dry well that pops out a cool bottle of Evian every morning… can it carry on? I don’t know. I hope so. I value your visit every morning, so we’ll try.

Have fun, catch you tomorrow! It’s Friday, so I’m off for some bacon…

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  1. Ali

    Cesc is not moving from Barca this season in the first place. If he leaves it would be maybe next year , all the economics are on our side and Cesc will probably on come back to Arsenal. United are going to get the shock of their lives now that Fergie has gone. Which superstar in their right mind would wanna play for David Moyes. The pull of United Suddenly isn’t the same. He will be bringing Baines and probably Fellaini with him but no chance on European Superstars.

  2. shad

    A silent transfer summer..all is following script perfectly..then boom! we’ll be linked to everyone and get..yep, you guessed it, nothing to inspire your morning porridge.

  3. Toby

    If Arsene and Arsenal don’t want Cesc back because of his treatment to the club to push his transfer, why did they have the buyback clause inserted?

  4. vicky

    More than 20 kids have been released

    Finally a ruthless stand as far as kids are concerned.

    Will we do the same to our first team dross ???

  5. puppyguts

    having that clause in the cesc deal is really starting to look like a master stroke… i don’t really understand the comment about cesc and his child ?

    thinking about an all spanish midfield of carzola, areta & cesc really is bonner inducing

  6. vicky

    I have no doubt that If Cesc leaves Barca,we will be in a prime position to sign him back.

    But the question is will he leave Barca??

    The question for Barca is can they find a player better than Cesc in case they release him ?? Or a player who can adapt to their style better than Cesc ??

    I think Goetze was that player but he is now gone to BM.

    So probably Barca will keep him for one more season and see how it goes.

  7. babakrdaemi

    I must say I was starting to fear the worse with Cesc. Could you imagine him and RvP at UTD. Sick.

    Oh well, the summer is damper than expected and i live in Manchester so I expected damp.

    Anyway, I would really like us to wrap up some early deals to get eh fans behind the team early.


  8. Toby

    Puppyguts, when Cesc first moved we all said he would struggle to remain in the Barcelona first team. Perhaps Arsene saw this and that’s why he had the clause inserted?

    Imagine a central midfield of Cesc, Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey. Everything you could want in a midfield including depth.

  9. vicky


    That is the least of our worries.

    Cesc in the AM role. Cazorla will move to one of the wings.

    Wilshere will be in the CM role.

    Arteta, and Ramsey will fight it out for the DM role,If we do not sign a new DM.

    Rosa a backup for Cesc.

  10. Toby

    @Puppyguts I agree, I meant how would the midfield work and who would play where.

    @Vicky I think they’ve signed Neymar so they have that sorted.

  11. gilo

    Toby – If that’s everything you want in a midfield you don’t have particularly high demands 🙂

    Arteta is on the way down and was never that good to start with, Wilshire will never be as good as we hope and Ramsey is still shite inspite of signs of life towards the end of the season

  12. samsenal

    Toby, Cesc would sit behind the striker with Jack/Ramsey behind him at CM and a DM of Areta/new signing/Ramsey, Cazorla would move wide left or right (depending on whether It’s Podolski or Walcott in the team out wide). Hopefully they’ll all be playing behind a striker better than Giroud!

  13. Ramsey's backpass

    If we’ve not bought a class player before our first pre season match then i would know we arent ready to compete

  14. Rhys Jaggar

    Look Mate

    You need to stop slagging off youth players who simply need 4 years of solid experience in smaller club first teams to be equivalent to the Sagnas etc etc who get signed after precisely that experience in Ligue 1.

    Let’s see where Kyle Bartley is after 3 seasons at Swansea, eh?? He may not be Franz Beckenbauer, but he’s clearly holding his own in the Premier League or Swansea would have got relegated. He did alright at Rangers when he was on loan too.

    See where Lansbury is after 3 years at Forest or wherever, at least getting a run in a team. After all, the Barcelona youngsters are playing in the Spanish equivalent of League One, aren’t they?? That’s apparently a good enough preparation for stardom. Course, Barcelona are so shit they’ve never won anything the past 5 years, have they??!!

    What you want are the 18 year olds going off for 4 years week-in-week-out matchday experience, preferably under the guidance of coaches who enhance their skills, temperament and craft. For some that might be a Laudrup, for others it might be a serjeant major who makes them pull up their socks or face a rocket at half time.

    Send a kid to Zola if he thinks they are good enough. Dreadful player he was. So useless as a manager that he almost got promoted this year. Send another to adore the great Armand Traore. Send another to learn discipline under McCarthy at Ipswich. Send another to work with Phil Parkinson at Bradford. Send another to work with Eddie Howe at Bournemouth. Small club, no beat everyone through wages there. Only way to win there is playing better football.

    It’s apparently the case that Arsenal can insert a ‘first refusal’ buy-back clause into transfer deals. Do it with half a dozen youngsters you farm out for experience.

    At least that gives you a pool of players you can sign with English experience and 200 games aged 22 or 23.

  15. Goooooooooooooooooners!

    If, say, Cesc has a 30% sell-on clause, we could buy for £50m, pay Barca £35m and give ourselves a nice cheque for £15m!

    Chim chiminy chim chiminy chim chim cheroo, who needs Van Persie, oh fuck we do…

  16. puppyguts


    i have to question whether you actually watched any arsenal matches over the last 2 season; Arteta is integral to our whole system and has been for his entire arsenal career, He is the first name on the team sheet and will be our captain next season

  17. Toby

    @Gilo I agree it could be better but it would still be class. Santi and Cesc are the obvious stars, Wilshere is still a very good player. Ramsey and Arteta would make very good squad players. I think the midfield would only need a beast in there to protect the back four.

    ‘If’ we got Cesc the next priority would be a striker.

  18. Usedbustickets

    @ Rhys Jaggar

    I think you’ve got the right idea of getting the best from the pool of quality youngsters we have, giving them a chance to develop by playing – a chance they never of rarely get in the Arsenal setup these days – and ensuring that we benefit either in terms of selling or as you suggest on the right to buy back.

  19. samsenal

    So….we’re not waiting around while Cesc makes his mind up are we? I mean, we haven’t put all our transfer plans on hold have we?

    We wouldn’t. Would we? Should we?

  20. andy1886

    Toby, although technically great your m/f looks a little lightweight and susceptible to being bullied by some of the more neanderthall types. I’d rather have a Keane (spit), Vieira type plus two than three very technical but small players.

    As for the reserves, they never get a chance do they? We would rather spend (waste) millions on squad players than have youth/reserve players on the bench. That’s why we end up with Squid/Gerv et al on big wages rather than developing a youngster on a fraction of the cost.

  21. gilo


    I think I have watched every single Arsenal game for the last 25 years. I agree completely with you that Arteta is integral to our current set up, I never said that he wasn’t. Unfortunately, in my view, Arteta is integral to a set up which is painfully mediocre (could there be a link?) and can finish no higher than fourth.

  22. Romford Pele

    Nani, no thanks. I don’t want any of United’s cast offs. Unless they’re willing to give us Kagawa 😀

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Managers merry-go-round:
    – Heynckes to Real: 99% done deal.
    – This means that Ancelotti will stay at PSG.
    – Klopp committed to Dortmund.
    – According to Henry, Wenger wants to stay at Arsenal.

  24. andy1886

    Lol Romford, I’m repeating what I said yesterday.

    At least I’m consistant!

    And Toby, a striker has to be our first priority, even before Cesc.

  25. samsenal

    2 bits of black tarmac walk into a Bar. They order 2 pints and so and sit down. The landlord watches them as they sit and chat, laughing and gerneally have a good time.

    After an hour or so, and several pints later a piece of green tarmac walks in. He orders a Whiskey and sits down in a dark corner on his own.

    The landlord watches the evening develop, in one corner the 2 bits of black tarmac are having a whale of a time whilst the bit of green tarmac nurses his whiskey on his lonesome, he looks angry and miserable. The landlord’s feelings of sympathy overwhelm him and he goes over to the Black Tarmac.

    “Guys, see that fella over there? Why don’t you invite him over to join you? Look at him, the poor little green guy.”

    The black Tarmac look up at the landlord

    “No way, we know him: he’s a bit of a Pscyclepath”.

    I thank you.

  26. andy1886

    And if i hear about any more pay rises I’ll sew Wenger up inside that stupid jacket with a nest of killer african ants for company!!!

  27. Josip Skoblar

    To be honest, I haven’t seen him play much this year, but he’s IMO, a good attacking player on the wing. He has what Theo doesn’t have: great technique and skills with the ball.

  28. Toby

    Andy1886, I agree a striker has to be the top priority, but if we have the opportunity to sign Cesc we have to take it.

    I also agree with you about it being a bit lightweight. I added in a followup reply we should get a beast in there too.

  29. gooner87

    Put it this way

    Would you take Nani IF you knew that signing him would be as a replacement for Gervinho

    I would pay for their respective plane tickets myself

  30. TOLI83

    Ljungberg new Arsenal ambassador.

    I think myself and quite a few others have been saying we need ex players working for the club.

    This is a good move.

  31. andy1886

    @’87 – Gerv wont go. Arsene is having a solar panel installed on his forehead to power the floodlights. Over the period of his contract we will actually make a profit selling electricity back to the National Grid….

  32. Jeff

    It’s a very simple formula for players when they make a decision to go or stay. If they are useless, they want to stay forever. If they are any good they will eventually go.

  33. Romford Pele

    For me a striker and an AM is even more of a priority than a DM. In my mind, I have Santi playing on the left next season.

  34. alexanderhenry

    You seem to be hinting that ‘le grove’ might not continue. Well, that’s not surprising as you’ve deliberately been avoiding the most important issue at the club: Stanley Kroenke. By blaming everything on arsenal’s most successful ever manager and rather arrogantly ignoring the real problem at the club, this blog has become hopelessly biased and out of touch. The debate has moved on, and while pundits, ex players and fans have rightly swung around to the opinion that, arsenal will never succeed under its current financial policy as dictated by the current owner, you’ve been claiming that arsenal’s lack of success is due to tactical ineptitude, late substitutions and the idea that vermaelen has mysteriously forgotten how to defend. Time to wake up and address the real issues methinks, or bury this blog.

  35. Romford Pele


    The first three I’d be happy with. Villa is on a serious decline though. We need to be going for someone younger in that regard.

  36. Gregg

    @Alex Henry

    I’m with you in as much as SK is the real problem at the club. No question about that whatsoever

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    alexanderhenry: You seem to be hinting that ‘le grove’ might not continue. Well, that’s not surprising as you’ve deliberately been avoiding the most important issue at the club: Stanley Kroenke.

    Or it could just be that it’s an awful lot of hard work for very little recompense?

  38. Romford Pele


    Hopefully not, it remains to be seen. I’d be surprised if Villa moves at all to be fair. His wife only gave birth a couple months ago so it’d really be a biog life change for all of them to emigrate to England, especially at this stage in his footballing career. Then again we do have a growing Spanish contingent so who knows.

    But I don’t think it’ll happen. partly because of his wages and the fee he still commands.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m pleased to see Freddie getting a role at the club. He’s been a little critical of some of the things we’ve done recently, so it’s nice to see the club haven’t blanked him because of it. Nice to have a bit of criticism from inside sometimes

  40. Johnty79

    Sunderland signing diakite for 5-8m. Unbelievable he is just the type of centre half we need. Big powerful..we have had him watched on or off for 2 years. What’s wrong with this club!

    I’ll never forget wenger signing Melton vivas he was arguably argentinas worst player in 1998 world cup and yet wenger thought yep I can turn him from a shit player into an average player. Great he achieved that at arsenal barely with vivas showing no signs of improvement.

  41. Romford Pele

    What role is Freddie having NM?

    Criticism from inside is very much welcome. Bayern are a perfect example in this regard.

  42. samsenal

    Yeah Romford is right – AM and CF even more important than DM.

    At least we have a combination of Arteta, Ramsey, Jack and Diaby (lol) that can play in more reserved midfield positions and do a good job. there’s also Le Coq and Chamberlain.

    We only have Giroud as a striker and Santi is the only proper AM other than Old Man Rosicky.

  43. Johnty79

    Nani has 1 year on his contract I’d pay 12 m tops. He would add to our team..wenger hold have signed him 6 years ago with Anderson but dragged his heels once again.

  44. puppyguts


    imo arteta has performed his role perfectly and has adapted well with the limitations forced on his position.

    i have a problem with your comment “Arteta is on the way down and was never that good to start with” why is exactly do you think he isn’t “good” when his stats suggest he is brilliant

  45. Romford Pele


    Anderson and Nani haven’t exactly amounted to much. There’s a reason United are willing to get shot of them. For me, neither of them is an upgrade on what we have. And Nani especially isn’t really an Arsenal player.

  46. Ashanda

    I was almost going to ask same question about the balance we heard that the Barca was yet to settle Arsenal fc.Fabregas can still fit into the Arsenal’s system and still do well

  47. Danish Gooner

    Why isnt squid on of the released,thought his contract were up ???? And releasing all those youngsters,is that what Arsene mean by being proactive in the transfer market ????

  48. andy1886

    J’79 – You mean Nelson Vivas? Cost us the title when he lost JFH (I think) at the back post and Leeds equalised late in the game 1998/9. You get what you pay for ultimately.

  49. Romford Pele

    Good stuff NM – more of that is needed, especially in terms of coaching staff and boardroom personnel IMO.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    @Danish Gooner

    He’ll be off soon enough, (Arshavin is still on .com too). Getting rid of the kids who will never make it is a sign of ruthlessness. A good sign. June / July will show us whether they’re going to follow that same procedure with the 1st team squad

  51. jay

  52. andy1886

    Correction, we lost 1-0 and missed out on the title by one point and one goal in goal difference. Hasselbaink scored in the 86th minute. Thanks Nelson.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    It looks like we’ll see a new chairman this summer. (though it could turn out to be Josh Kroenke of course 😉 ) Possibly a new goalkeeping coach. And having more ex-players as ambassadors is a good sign.

  54. Dev_Gooner

    Morning all! Nice day today! what a quick read that was pedro. Like you said not a lot.

    Came across this. I know its the daily mail and they dont have anything that you would put your house on but still, it got me thinking something. If this is remotely true and if it does happen then massive credit to them. Shows huge amount of ambitions!–Spurs-ready-cull-wage-save-Bales-huge-new-deal.html

    Spurs ready to be serious and chuck their deadwood out so that Bale doesnt leave them. We all hate spurs and hate bale but that to me shows some guts and ambition. Bale is the only chance spurs will be knocking at top 4 place next year. Without bale they dont have anything to show to any new players they buy. makes sense. keep your star man on high bucks and you might just see that payoff in the long run. Contrast that to us, and we havent heard anything of that sort. There are atleast 10 players we could knock off our wage bill to sign a big money marque man. Hypothetically that could be a Lewandowski or Cavani. Or it could be Rooney or Isco or Lars Bender or Cesc Fabregas. But we just wont do that, because a certain someone or somebody does not have the balls to do that. we will again be looking at the bottom end of the talent offering him ridiculous money. Sanogo on a £25k pw? Come on! what has be done to merit that sort of wage? He should be on a 10-15k range. his previous wage is probably not even £10k pw tbh. Be ruthless. Tell Gervinho or Bendtner that he aint needed at the club anymore and watch their agents and representatives conjure up a move out of the club in no time! But wenger has to show the love. Keep telling them that they have a future at the club and let them sit on their contract till it expires or reward them as soon as the guy plays one match and scores a hat-trick! (Fabianski apprently got a new contract for his performances against Bayern and the following games leading up to his injuries didn’t he?)

    Gross Mismanagement. Sackable offence at any club. Not the best interest of the team IMHO. Its like repeating a playlist over and over again. Too many players on inflated wages that do not represent their ability or place in the squad which results in people saying we can not afford a £200k pw player. UTTER BULL SHIT ! any person with decent math skills can work out that we certainly can afford a big money man and not just one a couple may be even three if we wish to!

  55. Arsene's Nurse

    Toby May 31, 2013 09:22:05

    If we got Cesc back, where would he fit into the team?
    In goal mate, in goal. /rolleyes. Jeez some people really do have IQs lower than their shoe size.

  56. Johnny5

    Anyone suggesting nani isn’t better than what we have or isn’t better than what we have are fucking idiots. He’s a really good tricky winger who is good at free kicks. He plays on the left too which is an area we have struggled and doesn’t have a bad cross he’d be good for 15+ goals a season no worries. I’d have him in a heart beat especially if it meant no more gervinho.

  57. Johnny5

    Realised I said the same thing twice lol. The first bit should have read if anyone thinks nani isn’t a good player or better than we have are fucking idiots.

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    @Dev Gooner

    You could write exactly the same type of article about Arsenal

    Swop Bentley and Gallas for Arshavin and Squillaci

    And Chamakh, Bendtner, Gervinho, Coquelin and Denilson for

    Emmanuel Adebayor, Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Jake Livermore, Tom Huddlestone and Heurelho Gomes

    Oh, and it’s the Daily Mail

  59. Romford Pele

    Is this the same Nani that can’t get in ahead of grandad Giggs? No thanks, i’ll pass on that one. He’s just as likely to give the ball away as Poldi, Theo, Gervinho.

    And as for free-kicks, Poldi, Arteta and Santi can take them.

  60. Nasri's Mouth


    Nani’s a good player, but I can’t believe we can’t find someone equally as good who isn’t ex-ManU.

    I doubt we’ll ever sign him.

  61. jay

    @GeoffArsenal just tweeted about getting off the phone and cesc to arsenal might happen very the guy to be trusted?

  62. Johnny5


    Giggs is still a better player than any we have out wide left. And at set pieces were shocking except for santi. He’s massively better than the options we have

  63. Johnny5


    There’s players just as good as him sure but there’s not many with prem and CL experience and able to slot into the first team for under £15m I’d have him in a heart beat.

  64. Romford Pele

    Nani can stay where he is. And for the wages he’d command, we can do better. There are cheaper players we can get who are better than him.

  65. Toby

    @Arsene’s Nurse; Why have you insulted me? It’s not a literal question. Obviously he would play in midfield, but where? Xabi Alan so role? Behind the striker? As part of a midfield two?

  66. Marko

    I personally don’t think we need Nani the right side of our attack is fine with Walcott, Chamberlain, Gervinho and Cazorla being able to play there too. For me the left is a slight problem with only really Podolski there and he’s substituted all the time so obviously they’d like cover or him as cover. I’d go for one of Muniain, Ayew or Griezmann.

  67. Ashwin Raghavan

    Youth players are being shown the door. good.. if they are not worth it, then it is a good move. We still have enough players who can make it to the first team. We have to trust them. Why is this not happening with the first team. Players who do no featrue even on bench should be shown the door.

    Cesc to united. Am not sure. Although I am very confident that Cesc will talk to Arsene and take his advice before anything happens. good to know that Arsene still talks to Cesc regularly. I just wish Arsene bring him back.

  68. Gregg

    Best fit would be just behind the striker, the old Dennis Bergkamp role. Thats his best position in my opinion

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s a little more tricky with the senior players, contracts, transfer fees, etc.etc.

  70. Arsene's Nurse

    Dev_Gooner May 31, 2013 11:06:53

    …..But we just wont do that, because a certain someone or somebody does not have the balls to do that. we will again be looking at the bottom end of the talent offering him ridiculous money. Sanogo on a £25k pw? Come on! what has be done to merit that sort of wage? He should be on a 10-15k range. his previous wage is probably not even £10k pw tbh.
    Your absolutely right, Sonogo who has done nothing to EARN £25K a week, it is classic Wenger and his socialist wage structure – paying as much as he possibly can to a player rather than paying as little as possible, but with clauses to up the wages if that player performs.

    Sonogo should be on no more than a can of fizzy pop and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and he should be grateful for that too. 😉

    I think the club realise that Wenger is the problem. I suspect the reason he hasn’t been sacked are three-fold; he consistently gets 4th place and therefore keeps the cash rolling in, he has a huge severance package built into his contract which makes it costly to boot him out, until this year the majority of fans were AKBs would have gone mental if their hero had been sacked.

    Getting rid of a load of kids who aren’t going to make it is a step in the right direction. For too long now Arsenal has been Wenger’s personal creche. We can only hope that the same thing will be done with the first team and the dross let go, for free if necessary.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    If Fabregas does come back I’ll be very pleased. Still don’t think it’ll happen though

  72. andy1886

    Here’s an idea for Arsene. Rather than invest the money we save from expiring contracts we offer free beer on match days! I estimated we make say £2 per pint, about 45,000 would partake (not the kids, or away supporters lol) which makes a loss of £90,000 per pint per game which is equivalent to one Arshavin (or two Squids or around 75% of a Chamakh).

    This gives us:
    1. Happier supporters.
    2. Louder supporters.
    3. Supporters more likely to spend on Merchandise.
    4. Will make sweet f.a. difference to our final position which will again be 4th.

    So, we lose Arshavin, Squid, Bendtner, Chamakh, Denilson, Gervinho and few others and that’s about 5 or 6 pints!!!

  73. Dev_Gooner


    Precisely. and as I have also noted in my post that is the Daily Mail. Chances are this was just some random spurs fan talking about the dross they could remove from their squad to fund Bale’s bumper deal in their back garden and it made it to the Daily mail HQ.

    But my point was that the same should be with our club. Why does wenger insist on keeping these players. when even you have to agree that they have no place in our team, not even as squad players. All those clubs lets say that are interested in Bendtner I think just do it for jokes. Lets declare our interest in Bendtner and get some media coverage. It’ll be fun watching Arsenal fans on Le grove get excited about the potential sale of a player they think is rubbish and is infact rubbish but thinks hes world class. This pic comes to mind!

  74. Arsene's Nurse

    Toby May 31, 2013 11:26:03

    @Arsene’s Nurse; Why have you insulted me? It’s not a literal question. Obviously he would play in midfield, but where? Xabi Alan so role? Behind the striker? As part of a midfield two?
    Because it’s obvious. He could play behind the striker or CM, it really doesn’t matter. The point is, when you have a world class player of the calibre that Cesc is the question is not where he fits, but where everyone else does. Otherwise you end up in the situation that Wenger ends up in where he thinks, “I won’t sign Ronaldo for 50p and half a packet of werthers orignals, where would he fit in the team? It would kill Walcott if I bought Ronaldo”.

  75. karaul

    to romford and samarsenal –

    do you really want to play with 2/3 same midfield like last season? i think we need 1 player for every line. experienced gk, defender who can play cb/rb, dm, am and striker. of course there are some priorities but to win something we really need all of them. and big strong DM is very very important.

    if we really are after mignolet, gonalons, cesc (which is bullshit – hes going nowhere this year) and villa – well that means they got the message. gk, dm, cam and striker. these are essential


    I would welcome Nani in a heartbeat ,he has more talent than anyone on our team.
    Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu betcha.

  77. samsenal

    Karaul -no I want a DM too. And a Goalkeeper. And a CB. And a right back. And another winger.

    I was merely prioritising. The 3 most urgent positions are CF, AM and DM. Of those, we are lightest in the CF and AM roles.

    Make sense?

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    But neither of us have any real idea whether Spurs are trying any harder than us to get rid of their ‘deadwood’.

    I suspect both clubs are putting a decent amount of effort in moving on players that are unlikely to be in the managers future plans.

    As for them spending nearly £200k/wk on Bale, they’re more likely to use that money to buy a proper striker.

  79. Romford Pele


    I agree on every position bar the versatile defender. If nobody leaves, then we are pretty much well covered. You could argue about a 4th choice CB but I don’t think that’s a necessity. Others may disagree though.

    I was just saying that AM and striker are priorities because that’s where we lacked most last season, not defensively.

  80. karaul

    of course sam. i get it. i just think we have to think big. cause i bet there are people who are also prioritising. like wenger. i just hope (again) it does not end up with signing two players

  81. sam

    lol! Nani for 15 millions? get alcantara and stay away from silversteresque man u rejects.
    we only signed 2 kids so far I am not sure that will cause cesc to throw tauntrum in cuntalunya and claim his arsenal dna. he probably spoke to wenger already ,saw our summer shopping list and told wenger to stick it while grovers are wasting time begging him to come back.
    btw,Wenger is obsessed with cheap barca kids, I don’t see him paying them 25 millions quid for our ex player.

  82. NEEG

    Andy 1886 10.18

    As well as fitting a solar panel to Gerv’s forehead Wenger also tried him out on a cycle fitted to a turbine. That did not work as Gerv kept on falling off.

  83. sam

    Last night we signed the wrong villa player, are we going back for benteke?
    or is he too expensive for arsenal

  84. Dony

    Yep, with Arsenal showing real ambition and signing Yaya Sanogo, Cesc is definitely coming back.

    Pedro, not sure why you would bring up Cesc and get people excited.

    Cesc (and RVP, Nasri, etc…) left because he didn’t feel like he had a shot at winning with us. There were no top quality signings come in. Has this changed? No. Unless we go out and sign a Lewandowski, Cavani, or other players with this caliber, Cesc isn’t coming back.


    Lets see now,we pay squad skilled players like they have talent,but wont buy real talent because they cost to much.EPIC FAIL

  86. gooner87

    If Cesc returns it will be largely for personal reasons and for maintaining an active role in the national team

    His partner and 4month old baby are based in London. Its widely known he bought her a massive house there earlier this year

    He needs to get as much game time as possible ahead of the World Cup to stay in the Spanish starting line up

    He knows Arsenal aren’t in a position to win trophies at the moment

  87. mystic

    Ultimately Arsenal’s problem is you can only play 11 and have the others either on the bench or simply in the squad.

    Suspect some like Rosicky / Miguel / Martinez will be happy with being part of the squad, but how many others? Yes we need better players and more competition, but until Kroenke / Wenger go and Arsenal once again become an attractive proposition I can’t see the club being able to strengthen overall, merely replace a few bits and pieces.

  88. Dev_Gooner

    yeh too right mate. who knows what goes on internally. we are not “ITKs” LOL. we can only go by the speculations no matter where they come from. As it stands I’m yet to see, read or hear anything of that note from the arsenal transfer rumour mill. All ive read is the “war chest” is back and wenger will go all guns blazing into the transfer market and we will be signing players this summer. Yet to see that happen. and yes I dont count Yaya Sanogo as a signing as he has yet to prove himself on the big stage. He is more of an acquisition than signing.

    Besides if say Bale was at arsenal and this was the situation, what would you do? I’d be happy to go the article route and offer him £200k or whatever the market price is. I’d want to keep my star man and build my team around him. Messi at Barca, Ronaldo at Real and so on. Its what we should’ve done with van persie too. give him the money and start removing the weed (ie all dross/deadwood) to make the lawn nice and smooth (ie buying quality and building a solid team)! My advice to wenger would be dont offer squilachi type player near the same amount as van persie type player! it makes van persie feel tiny and not valued and squilachi grows a big pair of ego balls thinking he is as good as van persie! .

  89. gooner87


    yes, but because of that – that’s where she is based. Who knows. Unlikely imo, maybe a loan


    So we are afraid of hurtings players feelings who wont make the starting 11?Or is it that you would have to admit you should have gotten rid of them in the first place.

  91. gilo

    I’d take Cesc back in a heartbeat, I think that one could argue that he’s the most talented player to ever play for the club (including Denis/Henry/Brady etc) however, in case people have forgotten we had him once and we still didn’t get anywhere near winning a trophy.

    the team that Cesc would rejoin is noticably weaker than the one that he left so we’d still need 2/3 other world class players DM CF GK to be competitive.

  92. Nasri's Mouth

    @Dev Gooner

    If Bale was at Arsenal, I’d be happy for us to pay him more. We can afford it, and selling him would be damaging.

    But… if I was a Spurs supporter and managed to put my logical head on, I’d be tempted to flog Bale if Real Madrid came offering £60m. They’re in a slightly different position to us, and the money could really improve their squad

  93. NEEG


    The available options for the best use of forehead are limited however I understand Billy Smarts have a vacancy.


    Wenger wont admit buying 10 mil players was a mistake,so now he has to make these size 7 players fit on a size 6 team.Ow, these shoes hurt my feet.

  95. mystic

    OVERTIME May 31, 2013 12:27:06
    ‘So we are afraid of hurtings players feelings who wont make the starting 11?Or is it that you would have to admit you should have gotten rid of them in the first place.’
    I think our situation is not whether players feeling s are hurt is they don’t make the starting 11, but more that to succeed we need to have a stronger starting team AND a better squad.

    Mess we have at the moment is that the club has become unattractive to the top players and to get any of them we will have to make outrageous promises that will have the others all whinging and whining and trying to leave. The team will improve, the squad will stand still.

    Kroenke and Wenger need to f*ck off, so that the decent fringe players want to stay and be challenging to be a part of Arsenal’s success.

  96. Raz

    Great to see Freddie come back to the club – the best news for a long time. I think it’s the start of a very important updating process.

    Now all we need is Hill-Wood to stop being a prick and step down, and for Gazidis to smell the coffee spilt all over the pages of the AST’s Governance Report he was handed recently.

  97. Romford Pele

    Bade – He’s just come out and said that he wants to fight for his place next season and has no intention of leaving :/

  98. Raz

    @Romford if it were any other club’s player I’d say that’s meaningless, but with us it usually means the player stays :/

  99. Romford Pele


    I’m pretty sure he’ll be here next season, Wenger likes him. I can see his plus points but Gervinho is one of the most frustrating players I’ve ever seen. He is a great dribbler, makes some very good runs but has the technique of a donkey when it comes to his final ball.

    Elsewhere, looks like Suarez is leaving Liverpool. Madrid are favourites.

  100. samsenal

    Gervinho knows he will never play for a bigger club than Arsenal, and it is highly unlikely he will play in the the richest league in the world in another Premier League shirt.

    If I was him i’d wait and see what the club does in the transfer market. Right now, with the squad we’ve got he will get games and a couple of favourable injuries or loss of form from Pod, Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud and he will be right back in there as a first choice winger/forward.

    He isn’t going to burn any bridges today by saying “i want to leave” he’d be crazy to do that and if you send the signal out that you WANT to leave you risk being offered less in wages by other clubs.

  101. samsenal

    Madrid getting the player to say he is interested in Madrid before they make their move.

    Their classic tactic.

  102. Philip

    I’d love to bring Cesc back. I think it would make our central midfield a bit crowded… and still lacking somewhat in defensive bite. But he would be a great signing and if he wants out of Barcelona, we should snap him up.

  103. eboue

    if i had a choice of flogging gervinho and no cesc or getting cesc back but keeping gervinho i would go for the former!

  104. MarsBar

    Hahaha. We won’t sign anyone anytime soon. We are all hoping and being optimistic, but deep down we know the same old merry go round will occur.

    Sanogo and few others of the like will be our only signings, us finishing how will did will be declared a good effort with very good players by Wenger.

    I’m hoping he’s finally realized and so have the club making small but significant changes lately, but they are just small cracks covering a more bigger hole.

    Just crawl before we can walk. Changes all round this year in the league, ferguson leaving, Chelsea never having a stable manager Citeh come as you go attitude, I’m hoping we could if we’re clever do something.

    But the optimism attitude only lasts for so long as the as week ticks away and our intent seems less likely…..

  105. eboue

    Who else wants to start a campaign to get gervinho out of our club the guy is a leech stealing from us, lets get a good few hundred at least and campaign outside the emirates with banners and signs showing our anger at him, also i would be willing to cuff myself to a lampost and refuse to eat until he is gone.

  106. Bade

    RP, Raz

    Yeh I read what he said there

    But it’s really meaningless if we want him out

    He can be told he won’t see the green of the grass of us. In a WC season no one will let himself rot that way. He’s not an Almunia or Squillaci