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Morning blog friends. So Le Champ was due today, but I messed up the voting mechanic. What am I like? I’ll fix it today and whack the boys back in. Lots of people calling for Per Mertesacker to be included. Look, I love the big German, but how anyone could say he’s been our player of the season is beyond me. That sort of statement takes me back to the days of Alex Song and Eboue. Guilt voting. Get a grip people.

Onto other things. Manchester United have binned off a load of coaching staff. Of particular interest to me would be the keeping coach. Eric Steele leaves after turning De Gea into a decent keeper this year. We’ve said on here for years that our keeping coach is way out of his depth, so it’d be a clever move if Wenger really does want to improve what he’s doing. Bouldy made a massive difference in the end to the back four, imagine what a new keeping coach could do? Personally, I’d love to see a Jens in there… I’d have him over David Seaman. He’s a champion and a scary man who commands respect through hard work and good old fashioned fear… and probably a large leather clad whipping paddle.

Anyway, it’s worth taking a look at the people leaving United. There will be no compensation to pay and United really are a cut above when it comes to coaching and fitness.

In player news we’ve been linked with Martin Skrtel. Honestly, what a bland player to find yourself linked with. I truly hope that story is an absolute nonsense. He looks good… like, as in he looks like he should be a beast of a centre back, the reality is he’s not. I’d rather keep Vermaelen. The fact he’s being replaced by Kolo tells you all you need to know there (I love King Kolo, but he was crap when he left us).

The Jovetic story continues to splutter along. I wonder of anyone has bid for him at all? He’s looking to leave for a new experience apparently. Tell me something i didn’t know 4 months ago. Yah, literally.

Outside that, all we’ve got are the Cesc stories. Apparently he has a £30m release clause. Odd Barca would opt for such a low release. I’d be all over that if I were any club in the world. Maybe we could try for Alcantara who has a release of £18m… A younger potentially more dynamic version of Cesc? Who knows… All I’m saying is I’ve seen him do some good stuff at least 3 times. Which for me makes him a viable option…

I took some clients to an England game last night. I don’t mean to moan, but jeez, is there a better example of going with tradition over practicality? Our national stadium, from Central London, takes an hour and twenty minutes to get to. The transport is shocking, the place is disgusting and you can’t even land yourself a salt beef sandwich. Our national stadium should be in the middle of London. What a pain in the backside it is. We wouldn’t have all the Northern fan issues we have for the FA Cup final if we had the ground somewhere reasonable.

As for the game. Typical England. Flat, lacking creativity or bite. That squad really does cry out for a footballing brain in the middle of the park. The only player coming through who could change it up a bit is Jack Wilshere, even then, we’re still struggling. Wayne Rooney looked horrendously average last night. Theo was sparky in parts and Chambo tried… bless him. Not a good game at all.

Anyway, roll on today… have a good one party people.

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  1. sam

    There is still a chance we will buy a new striker coz auxerre president claimed arsene told them Yaya Sanogo might go back on loan after pre-seasons.
    Well Its better he gets loaned to an english team

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Thought Walcott played quite well last night.

    Not necessarily in terms of real quality but he played angrily, I wish he’d play like that all season for us, he kept charging at the defence trying to take his man on and was willing to take a crack from difficult angles or from range.

    That’s what we need him to do.

    Work on his distance shooting over the summer his composure one on one we all know is USUALLY spotless but some screamers from range would be nice and would take him to the next level I think.

    But as well all know you get a good, meaty game like that out of Theo then a string of tepid ones.

    That’s why i still say a signing like Shaqiri would be a good idea, he’s going to be surplus at Bayern or he’ll be off looking for more regular football in any case.

    Short in height, but absolutely stacked, pacey and can beat his man. Like a stronger, more skillful Aaron Lennon and he has got a shot on him.

  3. dialsquare

    Stadium debt repayments have for several years been £19m a year under a fixed term agreement and will be paid until 2031.
    So all this financial constraint on not spending big on transfers because of Stadium debt is pure fiction.

  4. arsenal-flavour

    cesc appeal

    your right shaquri is like a lil hulk and his not just got pace and good on the ball he can pick out a neat pass to. Watched the Bayern game the otherday he got three assists! His real quality but his at Bayern it would make more sense for him to stay there.

    Walcott was Englands best player though that’s not saying much, we were dreadful but walcott has an aggressive streak he wants to score and I was impressed by his dribbling which isn’t always the best, he didn’t really do much wrong and didn’t lose possession as much though he was playing against Ireland, he also nearly made a nice assist for cole.

    I think Walcott is getting better and better every season I think the fans should cut him abit of slack yeah his no Messi or Ronaldo but fact is for the last 2 seasons his been scoring more goals and making more assists he has bad games this season but so has all of our squad I think people hate on him so much because he was overhyped for such a long time at a young age which you can’t really blame him for!

    Fact is his direct and aggressive and tries to shoot to score something we miss from alot of other players, it annoys me how he is treated by fellow arsenal supporters Jack wilshere had a fair few bad games where he didn’t really contribute much same with Ox but no one says anything about that.

  5. Kjay

    MOST WANTED AT ARSENAL THIS SUMMER – Lewandowski, Jovetic, Cesc Fabregas, Strootman, Hummels and Begovic.
    Crime – Absence from Arsenal
    Warrants are hereby issued for the arrest of these individuals. All gunners are urged to join in the search. Hunt these guys down and bring them to the emirates ASAP. Leave no stones unturned!!

  6. Johnty79

    Jeff , I totally disagree with you. The problem with arsenal is initially players only signed for arsenal because of wenger as wenger has flopped his draw has devalued.

    Players have only signed for man utd because of the size of the club and not ferguson. Players will join man utd even if side show bob is the manager as along as there winning trophies, playing in front of big clubs they don’t give a shit.

  7. Dannyboy

    AFC will complete the signing of talented #AVFC midfielder Dan Crowley tomorrow. [Jeorge Bird of #AFC Youth]

    Doesn’t it just make you sick.

    European Champs sign Gotze and Lewandowski

    Spanish champs sign Neymar

    Madrid looking likely to pick up Bale and Suarez

    United at least trying to pick up Fabregas.

    We sign two kids… fan-fucking-tastic!

  8. Johnty79

    Dan Crowley is a fantastic player who is probably
    Y slightly ahead of wilshere at the same age. The problem is wilshere has gone backwards under wenger. The same will happen with Crowley.

    Wenger should be banned from signing players under 18. Full stop

  9. Johnty79

    Dial square, if what you say and arsenals stadium repayment is fixed untill 2031 then why has the debt on the stadium gone down from 300k to 90k? At this rate our stadium will be paid in a couple of years time. Am I wrong?

  10. Cesc Appeal


    Players like to play for a ‘club’.

    I can’t really say I define Arsenal as that.

    A club always acts in the best interest of the footballing side of the ‘club’.

    How has Wenger sitting on £70 Million all season and selling Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Van Persie and Clichy in the space of 12 months been acting in the best interest of the footballing side of things?

    What player on Earth would want to sign for a team that did that?

    That’s the problem.

    That’s what I’m not getting my hopes up aside from a few Ligue 1 players who’ll be on too much a week for their worth.

    Hopefully Wenger fucks off at the end of next season the new guy will have £100 Million+ to spend (unless the board are the real heels in this all…or a bit of both) and we can finally move on.

  11. BacaryisGod


    Are you serious? You don’t think those other clubs sign youth as well? If you’ve been paying attention you would have noticed we’ve finally started to offload most of the academy players. It’s clear the remit is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Crowley is a coup and a player that many others wanted.

    I’ve been relatively negative about our prospects the last couple of years but this year everything seems to be coming into focus. We’ll sign 3 to 4 quality players that will contribute immediately and players like Sanogo and Crowley give us a smaller but more effective pipeline for players coming through.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    I really will not be able to understand it if everyone at Arsenal isn’t doing their best to sign Fabregas.

    It literally could not be a better signing on all fronts, Arsenal hasn’t felt like Arsenal since he left. His stats are pretty impressive in his time at Barcelona and he’s maintained his excellent passing game even with limited opportunities.

    His homecoming would be a massive coup and a huge feather in the cap of Ivan Gazidis.

    Most importantly it would get the majority of supporters back onside again and believing in the team with Captain Fabtastic’s return.

    We’d need a new DM (Pogba is my choice) and we’d have the best middle in the league in my opinion.

    Will it be done?…of course not, I expect Grenier and Gonalons instead of Fab And Pog.

  13. Keyser

    “(unless the board are the real heels in this all…or a bit of both)”

    You’re truly under the impression Wenger’s somehow in complete control of everything ? That the board and the likes of Gazidis, not to mention two billionaires are enthralled by him and mere puppets ?!

    Arsenal have a turnover of 250 million more/less whatever, and Wenger’s managing this all by himself ? Wake up ffs.

    “How has Wenger sitting on £70 Million all season and selling Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Van Persie and Clichy in the space of 12 months been acting in the best interest of the footballing side of things?”

    This is a question you need to think a lot more about, 70 million is fuckall really, the only real chance we had was to keep the players we had together, we were almost at the point where we had real depth to the squad, why the fuck would Wenger spend all that time bringing these players through only to let them go before we got what we deserved back from them ?!

    It’s like the wage thing yesterday, it wasn’t Djourou that stopped Nasri getting paid, not to mention the fact that no-one of ‘Sound’ mind thought he was worth it, Citeh simply were going to offer more than we did.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    United got Ronaldo for £12 Million.

    So we were offering £4 Million you’re saying?

    Again that’s Arsenal’s and Arsene’s monumental fuck up.

  15. Keyser

    Fabregas will go where he wants to go, I have no idea why people think he’d want to leave Barcelona, hasn’t he just become a father aswell ?

    After all the shit we went through with Fabregas, all the crap he came out with, why would he want to come back to us/ to leave Barcelona ?

  16. Cesc Appeal


    It wasn’t Djourou it was just City offered more?

    What a ridiculous thing to say.

    So we are incapable as a club of offering a palyer £200 000 a week?

    When Squillaci, Chamakh, Santos and Djourou were sat doing nothing all season earning over £200 000.

    It’s not anyone else’s fault, we CHOOSE not to offer the money.

    So basically what you’re saying is Wenger is so clueless, so completely crap, so totally ineffective at getting any kind of loyalty out of his players that he sold Fabregas and RVP two guys he’d been manager of since they were 16 and 18, and then Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Hleb, Song blah blah blah

    Or wait, it was everyone else’s fault was it?

    United spent less last summer than we’ve got now and they won the league this year.

    But then they do have a better manager, better directors, better owners (I Know hard to believe someone could be worse than the Glaziers!!!), better staff, better ethos etc etc

  17. Keyser

    Not sure we’ve had some sort of epiphony either when it comes to youth, Henderson for example is 21, hasn’t he just run his course within the club ?!

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Because he’s an exceptional player, world class.

    And does love this club.

    Wenger would have to convince him that we are actually a football team now, and that we want to win things, not make money.

  19. Mental Strength

    Probably best he went to Man U anyway, Arsene would have probably coached his trickery out of him, and had him playing tippi tappy.

    His knack for goals from distance would be gone too because you’re not allowed to shoot from outside the box at Arsenal.

  20. Dannyboy

    Bacary, it’s not the fact that we are signing this kid, it’s the fact that Wenger has been prioritising kids instead of first team players like he always does.

    He shouldn’t even be in charge of signing under 18’s to be honest, he is first team coach and should be responsible for signing first team players.

  21. Keyser

    “So we are incapable as a club of offering a palyer £200 000 a week?”

    This is getting pathetic now, so you would’ve paid Nasri 200k a week ? You were on heres aying Nasri’s worth 200k a week ? fuck me.

    Van Persie was on 90-100 k a week since 2008, were you sitting there saying pft 80k a week ? He should be paid 150k a a week.

    Wake up mate, loyalty out of players, what world do you live in, United couldn’t get loyalty from Rooney until they matched his wages, what did he do ? Come back unfit for the start of the season, put in a pretty poor effort and then a transfer request at the end of the year.

    United ? I’ve told you put more thought in ffs, you’re sitting there saying they turned it all around in a year ? In one transfer window we can do the same ?

    They lost the title on the last day of last season after a spectacular collapse.

    Why the fuck do you think we’re comparable ?

  22. Keyser

    “And does love this club.”

    Lol the reason he left is because he said he loves Barcelona more.

    Convince him we’re a football team ? Wait ? What, he should be fucking thankful we gave him the chance in the first place.

  23. zeus

    Cesc AppealMay 30, 2013 18:15:41

    Thought Walcott played quite well last night.Not necessarily in terms of real quality but he played angrily,……..

    Bloody hell.

  24. Keyser

    “But then they do have a better manager, better directors, better owners (I Know hard to believe someone could be worse than the Glaziers!!!), better staff, better ethos etc etc”

    And you’re sitting there thinking it’s down to Wenger ?

  25. Mental Strength

    “Crowley is that rarest of things for an English footballer: a technical, agile and confident pass-master with great vision, who loves to control a match and find gaps in between defenders.

    He plays more like a Spainish or Brazilian player, and that’s exactly why he stands out. Aston Villa have already invited him to first-team training, and with his ability on the ball and good head on his shoulders, he has all the tools to be a top talent.”

  26. Johnty79

    Danny boy, I second what you say.. Ban wenger from signing young players… Maybe we’ve had it wrong all along wenger should e the youth team coach. He can con young players into believing they are better than what hey r, it doesn’t work with first team players.

    Is wenger signing Crowley as he’s finally realised wilshere isn’t the player he believed he would be..

    Wenger desperately keeps trying to recreate George weah and Henry, veiria, what he doesn’t realise is these
    players would have been world class no mater what!

  27. Johnty79

    You have to worry the motives of Crowley leaving villa for 6k aweek at 16. I hope he flops like micheal Bradley did when we stole him off millionaire at 16, what is the point in trying from thre on in?ni don’t blame te parents I would do the same if my kid could make me rich for life.. Wenger fucks up again!

  28. sixx pac

    “Wenger desperately keeps trying to recreate George weah and Henry, veiria, what he doesn’t realise is these
    players would have been world class no mater what!”

    Because they all were lighting it up at their former clubs eh? Its near on impossible to look at a player early on and say for a cert that they are gonna be world class. The reverse is also true.

  29. Johnty79

    Danny boy I agree.. Arsenal as I football club will offer 15k aweek to bellerin, toral etc.. Who have done and will do nothing in football. But we won’t pay a player 150-200k aweek who has played well for 3 seasons plus.
    Ridicules club and unknowledgable fans who put up with poor leadership!

  30. sixx pac

    Johnty79 May 30, 2013 20:23:31
    “You have to worry the motives of Crowley leaving villa for 6k aweek at 16. I hope he flops like micheal Bradley did when we stole him off millionaire at 16, what is the point in trying from thre on in?ni don’t blame te parents I would do the same if my kid could make me rich for life.. Wenger fucks up again!”

    Not an Arsenal fan.

  31. Dannyboy

    Skybet now officially have us favourites to sign Rooney.

    If we sign that fat bastard and United get Fabregas, they will pissing themselves yet again!

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: Arsenal as I football club will offer 15k aweek to bellerin, toral etc..

    Knowledge or just guessing, I wonder which

  33. Nasri's Mouth


    We might be favourites, but it’s 4-1. Which means the actual chance of it happening is less than that, which means it’s much more likely to not happen than happen

  34. Keyser

    They have Rooney to stay or go in a different book.

    He’s 4/7 on to stay at United.

    The market’s are bullshit, they should put it all in one book.

  35. zeus

    Suarez to Real Madrid.

    Good move for him. Racism is generally accepted there. As is diving.

    Terrible move for Real Madrid from an image point of view, as if Jose Mourinho didn’t batter it enough.

  36. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I think it’s about time the FA clamped down on the practice of signing kids from other clubs, over 17-18 fine but younger and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
    It’s just not right and smacks of exploitation of minors.

  37. Dannyboy

    NM I know how bookies work mate they’ve fleeced me enough in the past lol, just pointing out that they reckon if he does move, we’re currently the most likely destination apparently!

    Also notice how Guillem Bellend-gue conveniently misses out the fact that we have a much lower release clause in little Cescyboy’s contract, if we want to re-sign him…

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    remember the odds are also based on the amount that has already been bet. So it’s also that the punters think we’re the most likely destination, which probably isn’t very accurate

  39. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Myself and arsene have already been tagged.

    Seriously though i don’t like it, it must be for money as the Villa academy seems to be getting things right in the past couple of years and the chances of him breaking through there are quite high.

    Also i don’t think it is fair on the club that has developed them, if they are not going to bring in changes as to the minimum age a player can be poached then make the payment reflect the potential.
    If a player is bought under the age of 17 a percentage of the proceeds of the future sale of the player should go to the club whose academy they came from, let’s say 30%.
    That would be fairer but it still reeks.

  40. Johnty79

    Bacary is god……in reality we should never have signed fabregas. Yaya and micheal carrick were available and would have made ready made first team players…that centre midfield would have dominated the midfield in English football for the last 7 years……some times wenger puts the development of players of the good of the team…

  41. Johnty79

    Crowley of villa….what type of person is he who will leave villa for short term gain….hope he flops big time just to teach us a lesson….if he stayed at villa he could be in the first team in 2 years instead he will end up doing countless loans at arsenal…poor choice son.

  42. Johnty79

    @ nasri’s mouth why do you think our wage bill currently stands at 153m it’s because of these rediculas wages….aliadiere was on 6 k aweek at 16. This was 10 years ago. Anelka 10 k at 17. This is what’s wrong with arsenal as a club.

  43. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    1886 – you should read Martin Samuel in the mail. Normally can’t abide him, but he writes about FFP being a disaster and propagated by manure, bayern and others to ensure they keep their historical dominance…

    Which means smaller teams will continue to be poached of all young talent as they can never ever compete even with a sugar daddy.

    So FFP may be our undoing. Ironic.

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Cesc to United is a done deal . It’s all about money to him now, let him join Rob the pair are joined at the hip over money,

  45. Harry Redknapp

    well if cesc took a paycut to leave arsenal everyone has a chance to sign him if its moneys he’s after.

  46. Keyser

    You mean Cornetto..

    Martin Samuel seems to get pretty rabid on the subject of FFP, almost like he’s got a vested interest, but then I think he supports West Ham.

    The other side to it all, is imagine teams like Villa that have tried and failed with a billionaire backing them and have now tried to do it through their Academy and promoting younger players, if they finally bridge the gap, have a decent team, then someone like Sunderland comes along invests 50 million in a transfer window and usurps them.

  47. Dannyboy

    Some of the dicks in the media reckon we don’t have room for Cesc in our midfield… haha gimme a break, I’d be happy to see Arteta, Ramsey and Wilshere all sold if it meant Cesc replacing them.

  48. Dannyboy

    Jamal, I’d be happy to take you up on that! Only problem would be that I wouldn’t be on this site anymore if he does, as I will stop following football altogether if I see Cesc in a United shirt….

    Unless he’s swapped it with RvP after scoring a hat-trick in a 3-0 drubbing of them at Old Trafford 🙂

  49. Jamal


    It would kill most of us seeing Cesc in a Man U shirt. RVP was heartbreaking but Cesc..

    Fucking hell

    Wenger needs to grow a pair and make sure that doesnt happen !!

  50. Dannyboy

    It would simply 100% confirm that Wenger doesn’t ever want to win a trophy again. As United would win every prem trophy for the next 5 years at least, and would always beat us in Europe if we ever got past last 16.

  51. Ck

    You guys probably already know about this. So, I was just reading that when we sold Cesc to Barca in 2011, a deal was made that would see arsenal net 50 per cent of his next transfer fee.

    “In addition, Arsenal insisted on having a fixed price on the buy-back clause, believed to be between £20m-£25m.” It goes on to state that… if someone puts in a concrete offer for Cesc then Barca are obliged to inform us.

    What do you think? How much truth is in this? We can be given the option to re-sign him for around £20m ? No-harm in having a surplus?

  52. Rohan

    Have a sneaky feeling we might actually be in for Cesc. Bit dodgy that Barcelona/Cesc haven’t really come out with anything.

    If he really is gettable, it’ll be a sackable offence if Arsene doesn’t do everything in his power to get him.

    Cmon Arsene. Get him and Rooney, and we can go back to the glory days.

  53. Bade

    Cesc would be good, but Alcantara is a better option for me

    He’s the Xavi like type, who we need more than the Cesc type