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Good morning fellow Gooners. This morning is the same as yesterday and the same as the day before. The constant rehashing of a stagnant news feed is beyond dull and most of it is made up. So I shan’t be delving there this morning.

I will quickly jump into the amusing story about Everton and their new crest. They didn’t consult every single fan on the planet so there’s been a huge uproar… now the club have said they’ll consult with the fans next year.

For gods sake… it’s a club crest. You have to adapt things. Football fans are so stuck in there ways with everything. I mean, Arsenal fans still moan about our last badge which was horrendously outdated by the time we changed it… I still hear people pining for Highbury… you have to move with the times. I think the idea that Everton would consult with fans over a logo is nonsense. What do football fans know about design? Trying to get a design past 3 people in a business is hard enough. Imagine taking advice from 100,000 people who don’t have the first clue about anything to do with design? Madness. How does the saying go… ‘a camel is a horse designed by a committee’…

Anyway. Enough on backward looking fans.

Today we can talk around potential players of the year, and honestly, there aren’t many candidates.

First up…

Theo Walcott was the man who went into the season in a very precarious contract situation, he had one year on his deal and the demand was simple… He wanted to play and he wanted to play centrally. He didn’t sign a deal as we sailed past August 31st which had all us Gooners fearing another high profile loss either in January or this summer for nothing. When I say high profile, I am fully aware that in the grand scheme of our history, he’d probably not be classes as high profile. It was more symbolic for me… another player we’d persisted with. Another player who’d left for pastures new.

Anyway, he was mostly benched for the opening rounds of the season. Gervinho was kind of banging them in for fun whereas Giroud was struggling. Wenger did eventually stop his sulking when our points total looked pitiful and Theo eased himself in. He consistently scored goals most of the season (past November). Mostly they came from outwide but occasionally when he was allowed through he middle, like against Reading… he flew them in from there as well.

If Theo has added anything to his game this year it’s decisiveness. He’s more direct than ever before and he generally knows what to do early. His finishing has been clinical. My favourite goals was then one against Newcastle where he was chopped down in the box, he jumped back up and chipped the keeper. A supreme goal for a man who really lacked in most departments up until recently.

Overall return for the season was double figures assists(14 I think) and 20 odd goals. Can’t argue with that. Not many players returned that without a top class striker to play with.

Santi Cazorla

The little Spaniard joined after the usual 3 year battle to sign him. He arrived as the Cesc solution and he came with a big reputation as a player who could play with both feet… Xavi described him as the best.

It didn’t take long for him to start showing why he was so highly regarded. He was more of a dribbler than Cesc and his skill on the ball could be dazzling at times. His size looked like it could be a problem when i first saw the pint sized magician, trouble for opposition with a hope of manning him off the ball was you couldn’t get close to him. He created space where there was none.

He could also shoot… though I do seem to remember his opening months dotted with a sharp spoon over the bar from pretty much any distance. He scored some crackers though, probably the best came as a consolation against United when he rattled it into the top corner from outside the box at he end.

He was quite heavily overplayed through the season which took its toll on his game. He was ever present in the squad, but not ever present on the pitch… 20 minute bursts of magic would be tempered by chunks of AWOL.

As the season climaxed he found himself played outwide. Many said that he didn’t do a good job there because his stats weren’t as impressive as the ones Lukas was putting in. For me, stats didn’t tell the whole story, he gave us more balance outwide. Having someone who could control the ball, cut in through the centre, make a telling pass… well, it just made us a stronger side. He finished the season with 13 assists and 12 goals. Not a bad return for a player who cost us next to f*ck all. A great buy and a great character to have around the squad.

Mikel Arteta

Now, I know he wasn’t exactly pulling up trees this season, but in the absence of a captain who wanted to captain, I think Arteta really stepped up. He plays with a maturity and confidence the rest of our midfield lacks. His legs can’t hack three games in a week, but his commitment to the cause has never been in doubt. He sometimes slows play down a bit, but generally, he’s the one player you can rely on to battle his way through 90 minutes. He’s a big name in the dressing room and he’s far more a leader than poor old Thomas Vermaelen will be. An outsider for player of the season, but there’s no doubt he’s been very important to our set up and stability in the back 9 of this season.

If I was going to put in an award for half season heroes, I’d have to put Aaron Ramsey in with a shout. He’s come in for some stick over the years, mainly because he’s played out wide right when he’s clearly not a wide right player. When played in the centre midfield with Arteta, he really started to shine. He held his discipline, stuck his foot in and occasionally made a telling pass. His goal towards that back end of the season against Wigan (I think) was well deserved. I think he’ll have a solid future at Arsenal and I’m glad he’s starting to show glimpses of being able to handle football at the higher levels. Also on that list would Laurent Koscielny. Put out in the cold when Arsene Wenger bizarrely gave his 3rd best defender the captains armband at the start of the season…. but when the manager needed to call on the Frenchman after another abysmal performance from Vermaelen, he came in and shone like Alex Ferguson’s nose in the snow. Calm on the ball, agressive on the floor… even solid in the air. 4th place was made ours because of the defence. Our best total in years. He was a major part.

Outside that lot, I don’t think there was much else to shout about!

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  1. TomNW5

    Someone mentioned how quiet Highbury could be in the final years.
    It’s true, not a trick of memory. I alwys put it down to the spellbinding football on show. It literally had you holding your breath.
    This gave way to an expectant, “impress us, then” mentality, which has stuck with us since.
    Also the new stadium and new football is drawing from a different demographic. I doubt we’ll ever be the raucus and rude mob we used to be. We could more likely aspire to a euro-type support like Italy’s tifosi or german fans, choreography, banners etc. A crowd enjoys expressing it’s self. The club could do more to stimulate it.

  2. sam

    the joy about watching England

    Ox always in the starting line up
    wenger has a reputation of nurturing young players……………. ruining them more like.
    Hey miyaichi is back, for tour of asia

  3. Dan Ahern

    1886-2006 — He was there for 3 years until they got relegated and AW snapped him up. I don’t know how much more you could ask of him!

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The question is, how long would it be before Cesc looks to move on again? What if the next Barca coach wants him back?

    I know they are what if’s but that is all the Cesc speculation is at the moment. We are all dreaming of unicorn fantasies when we know the reality is ‘Freddie Kroenke’.

  5. arsenal-flavour

    if cesc goes to man united that will show Wenger did not even attempt to get him back if that happens it’s not excusable!

    Im not naive enough to think its impossible that fabregras will joing man u of course it could happen but it would be that much harder if we went in for him and why would we not an amazing world class midfielder who would be a sensation playing with Cazorla!

    If Wenger can’t sort this one out its very embarrassing and I think it will be his death note!

    Either way I reckon fab is staying at Barca and there selling that other dude thiago something

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Bale and now Suarez are both fluttering their eyelashes at Real Madrid. Maybe this summer might be getting a little more fun

  7. Dannyboy

    still fucks me off when people complain about missing out on Gary Cahill.

    The guy is fucking shit, and what’s even worse is he has ridiculous porcelain Simon Cowell teeth that make him look like a fucking demon.

  8. Dannyboy

    Apologies if it’s already been mentioned cos I haven’t yet had time to read the comments…

    Cesc from 8/11 out to 5/1 to go to United

    Arsenal from 16/1 into 5/1

    Obviously we know those markets are bullshit but at least he is drifting further away from those Manc cunts, so I can still follow football!

  9. Max85

    Walcott having a decent game out there tonight, you can see how far he’s come this past season.

    That said, his ceiling is still pretty low… he doesn’t have it in him to be a top class player. Doesn’t mean he can’t be used effectively.

  10. kwik fit


    He was young and immature ATT but we are his second love and he has stated in the past that he can’t see himself playing for any teams other than us and Barca. I believe he’s a man of integrity. Unlike that other nomark.

  11. zeus

    Barca need to recoup that money they ploughed in the Neymar deal.

    Will they get enough from the Thiago deal (if it happens) to service short term debt. Will PSG splurge for Dani Alves (maybe/maybe not).

    If Cesc does end up on the chopping block, Wenger has no excuse. Whatever the outlay, he is hardly an unknown quantity in the PL. If we don’t go in, Wenger would be destroyed by the fanbase.

  12. Radio Raheem

    I don’t think barca NEED to recoup the money spent on Neymar (the £100m estimated spend includes his wages over a 5 year contract) but the club president is overseeing a more prudent approach in their transfer dealings compared to his predecessor, Laporta.

    I know that sounds ridiculous in light of the present deal but Neymar is perhaps the biggest marketable football star outside of Messi and Ronaldo.

  13. kwik fit

    ‘ If I ever find out that fucker who lied about the 1/1 at newcastle , I’ll cut of his fucking bollocks and ram them down his throat’
    ‘ We could sign Messi and would still finish behind them’

  14. Radio Raheem

    But Santos held 100% of his registration. In the end, Barcelona reportedly agreed to pay Santos and those partners around €28m, plus a further €30m to the player and close to €9m in agents’ fees. A down payment of €10m had already been made in January 2011. Neymar will sign a five-year contract on a salary of €7m a season. In total, that means the package is worth more than €100m.

  15. Radio Raheem

    LIverpool have signed Lago Aspas for a reported 9m euros. Is he any good? Got similar stats to Jovetic – scored 12 goals in 33 league games for struggling Celta this season – and also a versatile forward.

    Rodgers is obsessed with these versatile forward types.

  16. Dannyboy

    Boy is there some miserable fucks on here today..

    Transfer window isn’t even open yet, and you get bell ends like that guy this morning saying shit like ‘even without Bale, Spurs will still overtake us next season…’ get a grip you mong, they will never finish above us!

    Jesus Christ, I’m emigrating to Oz in 4 weeks and I just had to give up my two pets today that were 14 and 12, had them most of my life (lovely owners they’ve gone to) and I’m still in better spirits than some of the people on here.

  17. goonerboy

    As ever there has been a lot of talk about things changing but nothing that Arsene Wenger has actually done suggests that anything will change next season.

    Two players are out of contract-but the rest of the duds are still too expensive for anyone else to buy. The wage structure is the same, we are not able to compete with the three clubs who finished above us in the transfer market-either on fees or wages. Wenger still fiddles at the edge of our squad by speculating on risky cheap French and the club still aims to make a profit on player trading whilst our competitors actually invest further in top players.
    The gap between us and them will continue to grow.

    In short we might have more money to spend, but our competitors have considerably more but most of all, the willingness and the ability to spend it.

  18. Toli83

    Raz not sure how you can have a dog at Ox to tonight. He was one of our outlets in a fairly motionless team. Bustled his way through and looked lively.

    People so quick to out their own players down.

  19. Radio Raheem


    I’m not trying to down anyone just pointing out a difference I have observed between the two players over a long period. I only watched a few minutes of the match today.

  20. Kiyoshi Ito

    Radio RaheemMay 29, 2013 21:32:29
    Rooney at 17 played like a man,
    & How does he play now,at the ages of 25+?

    A busted flush,who has peaked& really failed to scale the heights,more so @ international level!

  21. gambon

    Aspas is pretty good, reminds me of Kevin Gameiro, good but i dont see him making the difference at a big club.

    We need much better

    That said we arent gonna sign anyone so its getting annoying.

  22. Dan Ahern

    Pellegrini to City.

    Arsene, you’ve now lost your head start on the rest of the league. Hope you are in advanced negotiations.

  23. Dannyboy

    the shit coming through newsnow at the moment is sending me towards alcohol dependance…

    ‘city and united to battle it out for fabregas’

    ‘united want to re-unite fabregas with former arsenal team mate’

    just fuck off the lot of em!

  24. Marko

    The Neymar deal is ridiculous. That’s why it’s dodgy buying from South America cause so many of these guys are part owned by 3rd parties. Barca are gas knowing them they’ll buy another midfielder next when they ahould be buying 2 centre backs and a goalie.

  25. Kiyoshi Ito

    Radio RaheemMay 29, 2013 23:03:27
    Lol Kiyoshi, I know you love Rooney you just don’t know it yet…
    Another English Media Hyped Player,that failed to have that X-Factor,or fulfill whatever true potential he had,when it really counted..

    CL 2008,2010,2011
    WC 2006,2010
    EUROS 2012

    Even SAF,got tired off him& binned him,towards the last part of his reign..

    SAF,busying replacing the idiot,over the years with Kagawa,RVP,with reinforcements in the way of Hernandez.

  26. Ben

    So the first summer in a while it seems we don’t have to worry about losing one of our best players, what happens – we have to see a drawn out Fabregas to United saga.

    Ridiculous! If that is real Wenger needs to man up and get amongst it and quickly.

  27. Dannyboy

    Rohan there is no chance he will flop, and even if he did, he is the most marketable athlete on the planet so Barca could easily offload him.

  28. Sam

    Someone slating chamberlain again? Had he signed for another club he would be a different player. The truth is arsenal now has reputation of ruining top youngsters . Zaha is a gunner but preferred man utd n pogba snubbed us for juventus. Who wants to warm the bench for gervinho and ramsey? Chamberlain is just playing for a shit team that’s all.

  29. Sam

    Pogba wasnt even going to make the bench here that’s a fact. Fans will be saying he’s not good enough

  30. Sam


    In case you didn’t know, Neymar just signed for barca not arsenal
    Yes he will flop if he’s playing for a tight ass manager with shit midfielders that’s guarantee


    I just saw the video,i laughed until tears PORED out of my eyes.I will save this and show it to everyone ,EVERYONE i know.

  32. Bade


    You should know I had a dream where you came to Israel … I know it’s awkward, but it is what it is 🙂

    Anyway, you looked much less blond than you are

  33. Bade

    The player who is underrated is Per

    He did a brilliant job

    There’s a reason why the worst partnership was Kozzer & Vermaelen, whereas both partnerships where Per was one of the pair (heh), did much better

    He’s our calm leader from behind. He speaks out, he uses his head & eyes & his game reading is absolutely brilliant

    We were caught much less with our offside much less, mostly thanks to Per’s organising the defence & making sure no one is staying far behind

  34. Bade

    As for the most improving players as the seasons grew, Kozzer & Rambo, I guess there’s a major difference between them both

    Whereas we can safely say Kozzer earned his starting position in the side, we simply can’t say the same about Rambo, who still heavily struggles outside defensive duties.

    I love the boy & his desire & commitment were never questioned for me, but if we’re going to fight for trophies we need a much better option in both holding midfielder positions than him & the ageing Arteta.

    For me Rambo earned his place in the squad, not more than that. He still needs a season or two to be ready for a starting role. He needs to learn when & how to release a ball & where to run with the ball when were on the attack

    Rambo isn’t there yet, but he’s certainly heading in the right direction

  35. Bade

    We should also mention that after many years of struggle, we have, at last, a calm situation on our left back position

    Gibbs & Monreal present a great couple for that position. Both capable to play there & will compete between themselves, something the team will only benefit from

    I hope we can make the same competitiveness in other areas of the squad, something we largely lack

    I also hope we can commit Sagna to end his career with us. He’s a deserved player & he will be great mentor for Jenko when the time comes. We need him to keep our stable back four going.

  36. useroz

    Don’t think we’d see any major signings till we got to the CL group stage, unfortunately.

    By then, the good thing is there would be much better clarity, from fans’ point of view…because most of the great players would have been signed by so people could stop dreaming. Only leftovers, scraps and seconds around heading for the bargain basement… where Wenger likes to shop.

    Meantime, what we may buy are 13, 16 and 20 year olds for Wenger’s obsession and indulgence, ie not for footballing reasons.

  37. Johnty79

    I agree one hundred percent barca will flop next season,,,they will probably win the league but having Neymar will the attempts messi has at goal….silli barca.

  38. Johnty79

    Martin sketal is a shocking player who I hope we don’t sign, Daniel agga was much better if not for injuries, don’t be fooled wenger.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    @Johnty79: I agree one hundred percent barca will flop next season,,,they will probably win the league

    Anyone got a dictionary, I need to check the definition of ‘flop’

  40. Dannyboy

    haha NM to be fair to Johnty79, although he is a bit of a nutter. they could conceivably have their worst season ever, and still finish 2nd 20 points ahead of 3rd.

    That won’t happen though, Neymar will easily be 3rd top scorer in Spain, and Barca will win it at a canter, probably 100+ points again, unless Madrid get Bale.

  41. dennisdamenace

    Hi Pedders.

    Hi Pedders.

    Sorry for the slow response, but i’m away on a small Greek island, and the wifi is very erratic.

    Anyhoo, my point was your statement, not the post as a whole. That maybe the statement about moving on and/or badge changing was a little too much corporate and not enough football.

    Sometimes fella you need to relax the marketing spiel, and relate more to the hardcore football fan. Without tradition/the past you are nothing, just another run of the mill sports club, you could be anybody else. We are supposed to be THE Arsenal, That ‘THE’ was bred out of past events and tradition, and we should never lose sight of that.

    I’m all for progress, and improving, but sorry this corporate badge just reeks of the fast buck mentality.

    Just for the hell of it, why not use our traditions, the Art Deco thirties badge for instance. Never going to happen with this much of money driven parasites.

  42. Goonzer

    Anyone else gets the feeling that Arsenal are waiting for the opening day of the official transfers window and then absolutely nothing will happen?