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Morning everyone. I took things too far last night so this… as well as tomorrow’s post might be a bit of a write off. But what can I do? Nothing.

Ok, so most of the transfer tittle tattle this morning seems a touch laboured. The big news is that we’re apparently chasing down Paul Pogba of Juventus. The story links us off the back of the young Frenchman being racially abused. Then it goes on to say we’d have to spend £15m to land him. Now, I’m not an expert on player valuation, but I’m pretty sure £15m is a low price for a 20 year old France international. Not really feeling the vibe on that story.

The Mirror also ran with a story about Simon Mignolet. The Belgian stopper is rumoured to be on the managers shopping list and apparently we can snap him up for around £10m. He’s a very good keeper, mostly known for his great shot stopping. I haven’t watched him enough to be truly blown away by him… but the simple fact is he’s an improvement on what we have. I’d prefer Begovic… but that’s just me. It’s so hard buying a keeper from the lower reaches… because you’re not buying a shot stopper, you’re attempting to buy someone who can maintain concentration for 89 minutes then make a save that can win you the game. Richard Wright couldn’t handle that pressure. Nor could Ben Foster at United.

I didn’t watch the Champions League final last night, but I saw the Bayern won. Slightly disappointed as I’m a Dortmund fan… but there you go. There’s a superb article on The Times about Bayern written by Boris Becker… they are basically the club Gazidis wants us to be over here… minus the fan ownership. I guess the really telling part was based around the board set up… Becker, a board member for ten years lauded the club for taking world class sportsmen and turning them into smart businessmen. That’s something we don’t have at Arsenal. Zero player representation on the BoD…

Now, part of the issue here is there aren’t an abundance of smart explayers. I mean seriously… who can you think of who is ex Arsenal… that you’d let sort out your mortgage? I can’t think of anyone. Well, maybe some of the players from the invincible. Thierry is a smart guy… Paddy is a good guy, but I’ve not had the pleasure of listening to him speak at length. Outside that, there really are few people who could match what Munich have.

I guess the warming part of that story is that it’s all based on a sustainable model. The club has a family feel at heart… the key? They are ruthless when it comes to sourcing success. We’re not that club. If we are serious about being a force, we need to be. Hopefully, post Wenger, that can start to happen. 4th place should never be a point of celebration. Now the club are out of the woods financially, the goal posts of expectation need to be realigned.

Right, I’m pretty much finished here. Have yourself a great day and I’ll catch you tomorrow… late.

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  1. sam


    Podolski is a super quality forward, WTF have you done to him

    you made him a winger and shattered his confidence
    as usual
    get rid of gervinho, get a proper winger like ben arfa and play prince poldi in the middle and you will see.

  2. infidel

    kwik fit:

    ” 7 Days 4 Hours 22 seconds ,22 love making sessions 5 ham shanks, 4 turtle doves ……and still fucking buzzing!!! ”

    What in the world are you talking about?

  3. Rhys Jaggar

    You’re being silly if you think Bayern just take a player and shove him on the Board. They do lots of other things first before they get there. Rummenigge stopped playing a quarter of a century ago. Beckenbauer, Hoeness and Breitner 30 plus years ago. They didn’t immediately join the Board. Sammer is coaching a decade or so after retiring.

    What’s needed is a route map to getting to Board level.

    Thing is, with only one shareholder that matters and one who could block change engineered using ‘ex player patsies’, the primary skill required is sucking up to the owner! At Bayern, you have to answer to the fans.

    Arsenal won’t be a Bayern because they are a business, not a sports club. They won’t sign a Javi Martinez, a Mario Goetze and a Manuel Neuer. They might get it wrong. Until you are comfortable cocking up a £30m transfer, so long as you don’t cock every one up, you’ll never make a £30m transfer. You won’t be making 7 each summer, but every top, top team is comfortable making such signings. Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Milan, they all do it. At Utd: Rooney, Ferdinand, RVP all worked. Veron didn’t. At Madrid, Zidane, Beckham, Figo, Ronaldo all worked. A few probably didn’t. Martinez has worked at Bayern.

    Arsenal are either a bunch of wussies, a bunch of tight-fisted penny pinchers or a club with insufficient allure to attract a £30m signing.

    They’d better change whichever of those pertain if they want to join the elite band.

  4. kc

    Grenier has had one good season tallying 6 goals and 6 assists in 27 games, in league one. So almost no experience, no other teams chasing him, french national, thinks we’re a big club. Sounds like an Arsenal player already. Wenger can snap him up cheap and turn him into a DM. Is this the actual big signing of the summer

  5. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – I’d like to know what you think realistically will happen should we have yet another insipid effort in the summer transfer window,. That being couple of relative nobodies arrive, and Wenger gives us the same, tired old rhetoric about having ‘best ever squad of players’. All the while our bank balance exceeds the £150m mark?

  6. infidel


    podolski was never a world class forward, and he played in the center for arsenal and was utter shit. For germany he always played on the left, and was still shit and mostly scored against small teams.

  7. Biodun

    We should have signed Pogba even before he went to Juve. Pogba is a Vieira clone. Just what we need in the midfield.

  8. dangerfield

    ‘4th place should never be a point of celebration’ – Yes it should, considering the alternatives at the time. Following your logic, scoring a goal shouldn’t be a celebration as it hasn’t won us anything. Remember what ‘support’ means. Are you suggesting the fans and players should have walked off heads held low? Every win should be a massive celebration, that way we fans show we care – we’re supportive. I support Arsenal when they win, and I’m glad most other supporters do. Could you tell me when you think it’s right to celebrate?