Turkish team interested in taking duo | Wage structure in danger…

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Morning party people, how’s life treating you? Good? Well, I’d hope so, you deserve it. It’s supposed to be 17 degrees today. Mega weather.

Anyway, what are we going to talk about? My hangover? No way, you had a 730 post yesterday, you can’t complain. We can instead talk about the insinuation that I was back tracking on our summer of expenditure theme yesterday. What I penned yesterday wasn’t penned based on any club insight. I just had a look at Europe and highlighted that there aren’t many mega strikers about. You can’t buy what isn’t there.

That was just strikers as well. Cesc is available along with plenty of other big names. There’s every chance we could sign Ashley Williams… but there’s also every chance we could go way bigger in terms of statement when it comes to that position. Our summer really is going to be defined by who says yes… over a pre agreed plan.

Players leaving the club is an important aspect of the next three months. News that Andrey failed to impress at Zenit doesn’t matter because he’s out of contract. It’s mildly interesting that Fener are sniffing around Gervinho and Bendtner. Someone needs to take them both, I can’t believe anyone would be mad enough to do that as a double deal… but whatever works for Turkish football I say.

The Mirror are talking wage structure and how we plan to break it this year. The club know that to land the best you have to pay £10m a year. Lots of talk is happening around what we’re capable of… for me, we need to deliver one player of note sharpish. Talk is cheap, a 5 year £150k a week deal is a premium statement that matters.

Let’s see what happens. Right, I’m done. Enjoy the Champions League final!

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  1. gambon

    Neymar a flop? LOL

    Arsenal fans are hilarious, have been conditioned by LeSenile to think any signing over £15m is terrible business.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Paul Pogba! Would be delighted with that.

    £15 Million, said a few weeks back we should try for him after the racial abuse thing.

    Wenger has a serious hard on for him every since he was a youngster.

    That would be the player for me above Gonalons and Capoue.

    Mirror is reporting that Jovetic will cost £10 Million!!!

    So far I’ve read £10 Million, £15 Million, £20 Million, £25 Million.

    Basically, no one has a clue what’s happening with the negotiations!

  3. Gunner2301


    That’s just a reflection of the decline at Arsenal many top players would see us as a step down. How many years of blatant lack of ambition do you think it takes for players to realise we are not the club we once were? I you believe the Arsenal PR machine maybe you think we’re progressing, but players talk to each other and understand the inside track on clubs.


    Good post you’ll still find players sucking Wenger off and as much as I love him Henry is the chief hypocrite who left to fulfill his ambitions but is still sayin the fans should keep faith with Wenger even though he couldn’t.

    When Wenger finishes his final season winning nothing it will be 9 years and he will officially have undone the great work he and the players did in the first half.

    He has instilled a loser mentality and made that pervasive throughout Arsenal to the point where we have to make up fictitious trophies because we can’t win a real one. Hilarious.


  4. Gunner2301


    We don’t go for players the media are courting I can’t remember the last time we did. Arsenes mind doesn’t work that way unless the player is dirt cheap and undervalued a la Cazorla or nobody else wants them a la Podolski.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Pogba is in a situation where his value is hit because of being unsettled…Wenger territory

  6. Radio Raheem

    Monaco aren’t messing about are they? Guillem reporting that Falcao will be having a medical on Monday…and there are signings on the way.

    On the one hand there is a moral concern that a world with huge and growing inequalities and poverty sees such a profligate use of money yet the ‘little boy’ inside me cannot help but be excited by this redefining of the football landscape by the sheer force of money. With a strong Monaco side we could see 2 top sides in France. When was the last time that happened? I like the increased diversity of football powers that seems to be emerging. The problem there doesn’t seem to be enough talent to match the increased revenue. When demand outstrips supply price rises!

  7. Doublegooner

    I’d have Pogba in a second.

    He really could be a PV .

    Only problem is he a bit ‘Balloteli’ ?

    Wenger can’t control anyone unless they’re a bit passive.

  8. Raz

    Morning all….

    @Guns, I believe we also paid a few million more than his release clause. I think his release clause was £6m should Cologne be relegated. They were, yet we paid something like between £9m an £11m depending on who you choose to believe.

    Amazing that we’ll pay a premium for him, but we won’t pay a premium if the asking price is more than £12m…

  9. Guns of the brixton

    . . . and man citeh have a confirmed link up and talks with Cavani, with dzeko understood to be going the other way as part of the deal.

  10. Raz

    I think the Mirror are keener for us to make signings than even we are…

    In the last day alone they’ve added Pogba and Mignolet to our targets list.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I really rate Pogba, I think he’s a dominant middle player and has the ability to score from range.

    But yeah if he’s coming for £15 Million we should just buy Gonalons/Lars Bender/Capoue as well.

    Pogba would bring something we don’t have in the middle though, cause he’s leggy but powerfully built as well, and has attitude, he’s the type of player opposing teams would be afraid of.

  12. Guns of the brixton

    raz, lol! yeah, youre rite! ive noticed that too! they linked us with rooney too! but, they also claim manure got a 25m on csec fab. to nab him from barca. . . no way would that happen esp. if fellani is heading over to old crapford.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    John Cross is why.

    Big Arsenal boy…hopefully he pushes it through Wenger’s letterbox with writing in massive red pen ‘IT’S EASY YOU FUCKING DUMMY!!’

  14. Raz

    Apparently Lyon want Gervinho, they don’t have the money so want to loan him instead – considering how we’re after Gonalons ‘apparently’ (my confidence from yesterday has vanished) all that’s left now is to see how Wenger messes this deal up.

    Gervinho is attracting a fair amount of interest – there’s some instant cash for us if we want it. Hope we get it right….I can see him going out on loan and us not capitalising on his demand using him in deals.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Especially as Barca would get £12.5 Million of that and we’d get the other £12.5 Million AS WELL as them owing us £20 Million still!

  16. Raz

    I Cross actually an Arsenal boy?? All he does is big up what the board do, make up transfer rumours and as has been suggested before, by Pedro, he is happy to receive stories ‘planted’ by the club.

    IMO he’s part of the problem – every day he’s thinking of some new way of selling his rag to Arsenal fans by name-dropping players we won’t sign. We’ve probably signed less than about 5% of the signings he’s said we’re after…

  17. Guns of the brixton

    amazing how barca buy neymar for 21m , but owe use 12m, for a team thats run like a business, we dnt chase up debt to well.

  18. Gregg

    John Cross is todays Steve Stammers. Dear old Steve really was fed a load of shite which he felt compelled to publish as yet another ‘exclusive’

  19. HerveDeNerve

    Apparently, Senn Ferrero Sports in Madrid have purchased 72 million Euro’s worth of Pound Sterling on behalf of Monaco, there’s only one British player worth that much……….Gareth Bale