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Morning people, I’m hoping you’re all well. I’m playing golf with the boss today… in the rain. Obviously in the rain. It’s freezing as well, what’s with that? We’re nearly in June.

Anyway, forget my corporate bothers, how are you? Furious it seems. Well some people at least. We’re a few days in to pre season and we’ve signed precisely no one. Does this matter? Not really. Players aren’t moving yet. mot even the mega ones (unless you’re talking Andy Carroll). On that, Arsenal fans need to give up the campaign for Cavani and Falcao. Seriously. Give it up. Both are way out of our league even if we offered over the odds.

Lewandowski is only within our reach because he earns relatively nothing and has a year to go on his deal… so we can match the price and the wages. Let’s be honest though, even he is a long shot. I think the point was made yesterday that outside the elite strikers, there’s not a lot of choice. Most players will look like an expensive punt.

The star man is either going to be a failing striker like Mr Rooney… or it’ll be a player who ‘might’ make the jump. I think the key is making sure we don’t get put off by not signing a mega star. The team of 2004 wasn’t built on star men.., It was built on nearly people. Pires, Ljungberg and Thierry were only global monsters after an Arsenal education. Trouble is. Post 2004, we’ve missed out on players like that. Essien, Cech, Suarez… all have evaded the Arsedar.

At this moment in time, current players who might fit that bracket would be Benteke, Isco and Strootman. If you can’t get the 2nd tier superstars, you make a move for the tier below. The nearly theres. The Michu guys, the South American characters Athletico type teams dig out everytime they sell a mega star. City and Chelsea can’t and don’t buy everyone. There are always players you an nab…

Intent is king… do we have it? I hope so…

Talking of Benteke, interesting to read that he’s looking for a way out of Villa after one season. Now, I’m all for ambition, but I don’t like reading stuff like that. You should always give more than one season to a club. His comments reek of Nik Anelka. Greed is not a good look so early on. That said… Villa must be a drag. I think he’s a talent. 27 goals last year, 17 in Belgium the year before… involved in 49% of all Villa’s goals last season. Clearly a talent. Question is, can he do it next season? Well, generally, that’s a question you can ask of most players.

That’s all I have this morning. Have a great Friday… I think it’s the woman’s FA Cup final tomorrow? Hopefully some more silverware heading their way!

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  1. SUGA3


    nah, absolutely logical, given that most of the ‘haters’ would not be ‘haters’ in the first place, had Wenger not replaced his magic hat with a tinfoil one 😆

  2. Goongoonergone

    I get quite a laugh out of seeing all the players you want at Arsenal, boys. Dream as much as you want.
    Only Wengersauraus will decide who will play for Arsenal.
    So no use getting your undies in a knot, lads.
    When he is gone, and I am desperate that next season is his last, we can all have a go over whom we want for our beloved club.
    At the moment the club is called Arsene-al.
    Let’s wait for ARSENAL to re-incarnate.

  3. Keyser

    Heh, think that’s the problem in the first place, the nutter who thought it was all down to a magic hat to begin with.

  4. tom

    I certainly have more faith in AFC statements than press speculation.
    Admittedly both are self-serving but are motivated by different values. Plus the Club is held accountable in a way the media simply isn’t.
    What possible value to the Club does seeding false stories provide? They only feed the narrative that they don’t know what they are doing when the stories don’t pan out.
    The season ticket drive angle is a crock, so don’t bring it up.

  5. Mayank

    Not bad man. Am a research associate so things are chilled out. Still going to pursue MS. Dunno about the time frame though.

    Stanford(?) seems to be keeping you busy.

  6. Rohan

    aah, yeah. I’ve been busy but not too bad.

    Stayed off here during the season but I’ve been reading over the past week or so and plan to participate more regularly over the summer. Nice to see some of the old gang back.

  7. zeus

    tomMay 24, 2013 18:22:17
    RVP has fulfilled his ambition by claiming is champions medal.
    Football is over for for a couple of months. This would be a chance for him to make a comment about Arsenal. He could clarify some things, either rebuild some love or rip up the scrap-book altogether.
    It’s hard to imagine that our fans new found animosity doesn’t bother him a little.


    Oh for crying out loud. I thought only teenage girls needed closure. (no offence) I hope your not looking up your high school girlfriend asking her to make clear why you broke up at 16. Its over.
    I couldn’t give a shit about Rvp’s thoughts. He needs to clarify nothing. That chapter is closed. Move on.

    Him bringing us up would do nothing apart from further the divide.

  8. Keyser

    Kwikfit – Parlour’s just great, always seems happy, and he must have loads of stories like that.

  9. sam

    benteke over higuain anytime because of premiership experience

    I think this season we should only buy epl ready players to avoid slow start

  10. SUGA3


    was cracking up myself typing that :mrgreen:

    seriously, as far as I am concerned, Wenger can stay for as long as he wants, providing that he delivers the goods, can he adapt?

    I am pretty skeptical in that regard…

  11. tom

    I’m not pineing for ‘closure’.
    Just very curious what happened to cause van Persie’s change of heart.

    He was one of Wenger’s greatest supporters till around christmas 2011.
    By new year he was deliberately undermining him.
    Wengers is saying nothing, typically.
    Van Persie could tellus his side. I’d listen.

    If it was pure ambition, do you think he would have been happy with a move to City or CFC?
    Always thought Robin was motivated by sporting considerations before money and trophies.
    Of course I find the desire for trophies less disagreeable than money alone.
    I wish Juve could have stumped up the cash.

  12. tom

    I think Wenger can adapt. The idea that he is inflexible and too stuck in his ways doesn’t stand up.
    He may be faithful to his principles but he is brave enough to change.
    This latest version of Arsenal are quite different than those that came before.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    but the process of getting this ‘new, different Arsenal’ were exactly the same.

    Promote youth, buy youth, find bargains/oldies/players no ones heard of…refuse to spend big or even moderately big (£20 Million).

    That’s where he is inflexible.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    I can’t believe people are wheeling out the ‘If Arsene doesn’t change and win anything this year he should be sacked.’

    Didn’t we say that last year? And the year before? One more chance…No wait NOW one more chance…no wait

    He’s going to be permanently in some weird twilight of his career where he’s hanging onto the ledge but no one wants to put their boots to his fingertips.

  15. Johnny5


    Wenger is totally inflexible. He has the chance this year to prove he can adapt. Failure to do so will see him rightly not offered a new contract.

  16. tom

    I doubt you’ll ever convince Wenger that a Galactico model is the best way to go.
    Yet Cazorla, Mertesacker and Poldi are not kids, nor where they cheap (though they were bargains) and they clearly represent a change of approach.
    Wenger should get recognition for that.

    Could you really imagine signing Neymar?
    If we did would it automatically lead to success?
    Arsenal need players who are commited to the cause.
    Not one’s who just want a stepping stone to Madrid.

  17. BacaryisGod

    If Benteke does come to Arsenal, that’s fine and I’m not a hypocrite for thinking that RVP, Nasri, Adebayor etc are disloyal bastards. That’s because I would completely understand Villa fans feeling the same way about Benteke. Only this time, he would be our disloyal bastard.

    I don’t think he’s coming anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at Spurs and it’s lovely that they’ll now have to figure out a way to get rid of Adebayor.

  18. tom

    Watching Basel taking spurs and CFC reminded me that it’s a team game and a well drilled, commited team can match a collection of super stars.
    Ideally, you want the ethic and drive of a Basel complimented by a high level of skill.
    Like Dortmund who remind me of the best Arsenal sides.

  19. Rohan

    Can’t see us buying Bentekkers with Giroud around.
    He’s a huge prospect though.

    I honestly think we’d be able to tempt Suarez and Liverpool. They’d much rather sell to us than Chelsea/City. Suarez is experienced, proven and a winner. He’s wasted at Liverpool.

  20. Rohan

    We’ve sufficiently replaced nasri with Cazorla, but I feel we still lack a proper playmaker from deep since Cesc. Arteta is good but at the end of the day limited. Would love a Xabi Alonso-esque player.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Why is it though Wenger and his supporters always go to the extremes??

    If we say we want big buys he says ‘What you want Messi?’

    No of course not!

    We’re not asking for £40-50 Million buys.

    Was Mata a £50 Million buy?

    RVP cost United £24 Million!

    Ba cost Chelsea £7.5 Million.

    Vertonghen was £9 Million.

    Dembele was £15 Million.

    Luka Modric cost Spurs £16.5 Million when they bought him.

    Robson had it right today, Wenger is afraid.

    People have been saying it for years, he’s rather come 4th and have people say:

    ‘Well he doesn’t spend what everyone else does so it’s good.’ Cowardly.

    Rather than, he spent all that money and still can’t win anything…he’s useless.

  22. sam

    I am also skeptical about this Ashley William deal,
    if he’s being signed to replace Thomas vermaelen I think its a mistake.
    why not keep vermaelen then we will have 4 CBs, we play 4 competitions.
    I hope he’s here to replace squillaci not vermaelen.

  23. tom

    Benteke would upset the Villa faithful if he were to jump ship.
    But it’s not the same as van Persie who Arsenal showed tremendous loyalty to that was unreciprocated.

  24. Gooby

    sure benteke looked good but what about one season wonder?

    we should show intent and go for suarez, offer him money and champions league

  25. Zacharse

    Cast offs from utd, city, chelsea
    A Williams
    French national team

    There are plenty of 2nd tier players available. Lez do dis

  26. Gooby

    adebayor went for the money, he said it himself, thought he was as good as Henry.

    stupid twat really, if he stayed put could have become a star with RvP, cesc and all.

  27. SUGA3


    you know me, I like a laugh or two…

    mostly happy days here, distancing myself a little from all things AFC did me a world of good, yourself?

  28. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Tom may be a bit more of an extremist, but come on.

    You pick players from several different teams, with different values and try to apply that to us and you’re talking about extremes.

    Chelsea didn’t just buy Mata did they ?

    Citeh didn’t just buy Kompany ?

    Van Persie only cost 24 million because he ran his contract down, and United placed him next to Rooney.

    Tottenham bought Vertonghen and Dembele after selling Van Der Vaaart and Modric.

    Stuart Robson talks absolute bollocks, we’ve built 2 different teams since we last won a trophy, this will be the third, what’s the likelihood of us taking 6-7 years to save up some money, that we’re not only going to be able to spend it one window, but also be able to find exactly the right players we need ?

  29. tom

    Cesc appeal,
    The players you list are completely in line with the type of players AW does sign.
    The fact we missed these particular players is as much an accident of history as much as anything.
    Also how many of those players would have set our hearts racing if they had been talked about before they proved themselves in PL?
    Probably only Mata.

  30. tom

    The idea that Wenger is scared of success is baseless.
    Failure is a bigger fear, if you subscribe to the notion he is only at AFC for his own enrichment.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Silly argument, they were there to be bought…we didn’t.


    No accident of history.

    Wenger’s failing’s me we didn’t sign them.

    Especially Mata and Vertonghen.

  32. Bade

    Suarez the racscist would be the best signing, no doubt

    But we won’t put 40m for him, let’s be real

    Although he worth every penny of it

  33. Bade

    Hah, Ade as good as Henry?


    The closest you get to Ade is Gerv. Both terrible players, although they will knock that wonder goal rarely, they will mostly miss an open goal sitters

  34. Pharo9ja

    I would like to offer my deep condolences to the widow and 2 year old son of the gallant Soldier Rigby. I wish it didn’t happen and I wish those sorry excuses for humans didn’t have any ties to my country.
    Mike Rigby didn’t deserve such a fate and neither do the countless innocent men,women and children all over the world and in my country Nigeria, who live in terror of Islamists.
    I offer my deep regrets to all of you and pray you find consolation and peace in your hearts. On behalf of all Nigerian Gooners, I’m so sorry.

  35. tom


    I’m a Wenger supporter undoubtedly, don’t think that
    makes me an extremist.
    I see faults in AW and is stewardship of AFC, and I’m not afraid to say it.

  36. Guns of the brixton

    phajora. . . be careful wht you say. . . i’ve had a nigerian friend of mine phyiscally scared in nigeria, by terrosists. not ”islamists” but christain terrorists. you know the same ones that are just as guilty but somehow avoid BBCs , CNN etc radar and reports all the time. dont paint ppl with the same racial brush mate.
    be careful wht u say.

  37. Pharo9ja

    I agree Tom. Paul please tell him and whole you’re at it can he also find out from his friend if the “stealth Christian terrorists” are fighting and blowing up innocent ones all over Northern Nigeria.
    That openly declare the desire to extinguish all Christians in the country?
    I’ll stick to Tom’s advice. We signed anyone yet?

  38. Roaaary

    If anyone wants to win some free money go to bet 365 now. Place a 50 quid bet on bayern to lead at half time tomorrow and place 50 on Dortmund to lead at half time. They then give you a 50 quid free bet for in game play. As soon as the game starts put the 50 on a draw at half time. Guaranteed win. Minimum 15 quid max 130 quid

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal reportedly ready to offer Rooney £200 000 a week on a five year deal.

    Either BS reporting or we’re starting to move into ‘Oh Yeah We’re a Football Club’ territory.

    Don’t know, the Arsenal PR (give us your money) machine is a powerful thing.

  40. sixx pac

    Haha Rohan the boy has talent for sure. He isn’t what we need though and surely shouldn’t be given priority over an Higuain or Jovetic. Everton is is level imo.

  41. Marko

    Yeah didn’t he think he was signing for us when he signed for Villa. They outta just tell him he already plays for Arsenal and that’ll keep him quiet

  42. zeus

    Lunacy. Neymar is going nowhere. His father has just told the preess that santos has informed him he is not for sale.

    Santos would be coke heads for selling him for such a nominal fee.

  43. Moray

    Did Gazidis suggest that the responsibility for negotiation and final price decision is now out of Wenger’s hands? If not, I find it hard to believe he would offer that for Rooney…

  44. Jeff

    This picture says it all. I am so embarrassed for Wenger. Just look how Pardew is staring at him; bemused and confused as if to say; what have you actually won.

    How on earth did we go from winning the double and having an invincible team to this? Is it even possible for a manager to devolve so much and still keep his job? It is if you manage Arsenal.

  45. BB KING


    This is what Mourinho said,Wenger has the least pressure coaching job in the world.Cause he need not win any trophies & get paid 7.5 million usd for it.

  46. Jeff


    I don’t begrudge him the money. It’s the attitude, arrogance, intransigence and the lies that rile me.

  47. Bert

    What has me slightly confused is that you have said that we are after “names that are going to excite”…a couple of weeks later its “they are out of our reach” and we are after names like Benteke (who if we are all being honest is a promising lad but isn’t the sort of player Arsenal should be looking towards to lead a title challenge, nor is Rooney BTW)…A player I’ve always admired and think could be just what we need in Mid if Tony Kroos and I think someone we can get with Bayern buy Goetze…thoughts?