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When news dropped about Jovetic and the bid on Monday, I did fear the worst after stating we hadn’t registered an interest in Jovetic, I still ran with suspicions yesterday morning and they have, thus far, proved correct. The Fiorentina sporting director came out and bulldozed the notion that 1) we’d bid 2) we’d even registered a passing interest.

“The way I see it, this interest is non-existent,”

“I have not had any contact with them at all. I don’t think Arsene Wenger is interested in the boy.”

Then the hammer blow was dropped by his agent… that, if you followed this story online, was spotted at the airport and was speaking to Arsenal.

‘Stevan prefers to stay in Italy rather than move away,’

Ouch. Amazing how many people lead total fantasy lives online.

Anyway, am I boverred about our lack of interest? Not really. Sounds like he’s an incredible talent not particularly suited to our needs or our system. His goal return last season was average at best and for me, we need a goal scorer. I just struggled to believe we’d go from discussing Rooney and talking to Lewandowski’s people… to tabling a bid or €30m for Jovetic.

We don’t need a project… we need now talent that will turn on the goal tap from day 1. Sure, Jovetic might become a world beater, but I’m not sure that’s at Arsenal.

I could still be totally wrong in all of this. We might place a bid tomorrow… but right now, I’m quietly pleased our attention is going elsewhere.

In fresh up in your face news, Arsenal are believed to be favourable to offers for Thomas Vermaelen. The Belgian isn’t just out of favour, it seems like he’s been castigated the the changing room of hell once shared by misfits such as Bischoff, Park and Carlos Vela. The brutality of the treatment is harsh, but that’s sport for you. The idea of him being shipped on for £5m seems a touch crazy. I think the fact united and Barca are interested tells you a story about the basic ingredients he posesses. I still don’t understand why he couldn’t take the step up to that ‘in your face’ midfielder we’re looking for. Arsene is the king of crazy position conversions. If you can try Nik B on the right wing… Surely moving TV into a holding role wouldn’t be too tough an ask?

We could always get Song back. He gets in your face, ask Piqué.

The pic that never gets old...

Back to strikers we could nab… I’ve ripped this content from ESPN. I’ve listed the top scorers for your perusal. Some interesting names there… and not a whole heap of choice. You can see why the market is so tight this summer.

La Liga

1 Lionel Messi Barcelona 46
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 34
3 Radamel Falcao Atletico Madrid 28
4 Roberto Soldado Valencia 21
5 Álvaro Negredo Sevilla FC 20

Sooooo… I’m thinking we probably won’t be able to land any of the top three strikers there. However, it’d be fairly straight forward to nab the other two if we choose. Are they good enough? I don’t know. Ask Giles…

Ligue One

1 Zlatan Ibrahimovic Paris Saint-Germain 29
2 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang St Etienne 19
3 Darío Cvitanich Nice 18
4 Bafetimbi Gomis Lyon 16
5 Jeremie Aliadiere Lorient 15

This is an interesting line up. Zlatan has smashed it out the park chu young with 29 goals… by what about that Pierre chap? I’ve heard marvelous things. No wait. It’s Ligue one. Giroud scored 21 goals there last year. Can you believe Aliadiere stayed fit for longer than 15 minutes to score some goals?


1 Stefan Kießling Bayer Leverkusen 25
2 Robert Lewandowski Borussia Dortmund 24
3 Alexander Meier Eintracht Frankfurt 16
4 Vedad Ibisevic VfB Stuttgart 15
Mario Mandzukic Bayern Munich 15

Is the man topping the chart good enough for a move over here? More importantly, would Bayern Munich tolerate such behaviour… you know, having first refusal on the whole league? Lewandowski is an Arsenal target and we’ve apparently held talks with his people. He wants Bayern. Will Dortmund give up another of their prized assets to their greatest rival? Probably… if you play the Bayern DNA card… you generally get what you want. Amazing that Bayern destroyed that league and their highest scorer only managed 15.


1 Wilfried Bony Vitesse Arnhem 31
2 Graziano Pelle Feyenoord Rotterdam 25
3 Alfred Finnbogason Heerenveen 24
4 Jozy Altidore AZ Alkmaar 23

Don’t get me started on this league. It’s such a ridiculous concept. It produces some of the best players on the planet… and some of the most expensive flops. Kezman and Alves… versus Nistelrooy and Robin. Bony physically is what we’re looking for… whether he is talent wise is a risky question.

Serie A

1 Edinson Cavani Napoli 29
2 Antonio Di Natale Udinese 23
3 Pablo Daniel Osvaldo AS Roma 16
Stephan El Shaarawy AC Milan 16

Errr… mostly no to all of them. I’d love Cavani, but give it up people. We’re not in his league anymore. I doubt even United would go for him.

Portuguese League

1 Jackson Martínez FC Porto 26
2 Lima Benfica 20
3 Óscar Cardozo Benfica 17

I know nothing about this league.

Premier League

1 Robin Van Persie Manchester United 26
2 Luis Suárez Liverpool 23
3 Gareth Bale Tottenham Hotspur 21
4 Christian Benteke Aston Villa 19
5 Michu Swansea City 18
6 Romelu Lukaku West Bromwich Albion 17

I had to throw this one in. Lots of snobbery around Benteke. A young Belgian with 27 goals in 45 games for club and country is not a player to be sniffed at. If I were him, I’d boss it at Villa for another year, then move. He’s a big talent though. Michu is the same… can he replicate his form two seasons running? If they both can, they’ll be big money moves in 2 years. Outside those two, I don’t think there’s a chance for anyone.

So, take your pick people… we’ll take a look at South America tomorrow.

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  1. TitsMcgee

    “The doomers said we wouldn’t make top ten at the start of the season. Now they eat humble pie”

    Sneaking 4th on the last day by 1 goal is a reason to beat your chest. Pat yourself on the back and be sure to help RVP polish his Champions trophy.

  2. reality check

    So take away maybe the 10 best strikers in the world from all our lists – then what? You’re left with those ~£15m approx rated strikers who are just as likely to flop as to be a success.

    Agreed Raz

    This leads me onto what @tom just wrote

    “I’m struggling to remember a single signing we saw coming.
    This has got to be a good thing. I can see nothing to be gained from broadcasting the Club’s intentions. Why alert your rivals? ”

    1. Who are our rivals. Wenger himself has confirmed we cannot compete in the market with citeh chels utd. Those are just the home town big spenders.

    2. If your honest tom most of our signings that became world stars came from a time where wenger was the best in the business at talent spotting. Today, every team (even newcastle) are scouting in the deepest darkest regions of world football for talent. Simply put, most clubs have learned to do what wenger did/does.

    3. The club, if they are serious, shouldn’t be afraid of other teams knowing who they’er in for. This is Arsenal for crying out loud! Its not like players and agents don’t know who man utd are or real madrid. Or even dare I say it. Spurs.

    Ok rant over. Standing by my statement. GIROUD is our CF. Ever other signing will be built around that.

    1st proof: Sanogo is a CF but is back up to Giroud.

    (The next signing in the attacking category will be creative, to provide for Giroud.)

    Thankyou for indulgence.

  3. Hitman

    Kozzer has actually been with us for 3 years. And cost us in some big games incl a final.

    Hardly a runaway success. He is coming good now but that doesn’t vindicate the signing at the time. (unless Wenger was planning to win sod all in the intervening years, which probably is close to the actual truth).

  4. kwik fit

    Did you ever hear a bigger load of codswallop than verminator on the market for 5m. Fucking media always taking the perverbial piss out of arsenal.
    PS 72 hours on and still buzzing!!!

  5. tom

    Kos has won us more games than he’s lost. Unqualified success.
    Is there anyone who would be happy to see him leave for Barca?

  6. Zacharse

    Koz is the best cb in the EPL

    V Kompany who most would probably give that title to- i remember a very specific play from the community shield two yrs ago where nani took him to town like a lardass villa cb and scored to win

    Koz would never do something so arrogant. All heart tjat boy is

  7. tom

    Reality check,
    Rule one: in negotiation as in cards, never show your hand.

    This ” we are Arsenal and we do what we want!” idea of yours is naieve and foolish.

  8. Inter YourGran

    Afternoon all,

    F*ck me it’s still only May and people are losing the plot.

    Agree with most as we won’t be signing Cavani or Falcao. Lewandowski has his suitors and i’d steer well clear of Ligue 1 and The Erdevisie. I don’t believe the Higuian stories eminating from Juve. They sign Llorente on July 1st, makes no sense that they’ll also sign Jovetic & Higuain.

    In regards to the targets i’d like to see at Arsenal

    Rooney, Benteke, Higuian, Jovetic, Suarez, Neymar in that order. Anyone outside of that unless it’s a major suprise will be throughly disappointing.

  9. Hitman

    Kozzer a success thus far? Show us his medals.

    Success is when you win things.

    Dont get me wrong I like Kozzer, but it clearly has been a long 9 years and some if us have forgotten what success actually means.

    Or has Arsene redefined that word for you?

  10. Inter YourGran

    Yes Marko, Benteke before Higuain. Reasons being there’s more room for improvement, he’s more suited to the bread & butter prem football (more pace, more strength, better in the air, better hold up play) Higuain would require us to play with less direct wingers and a acm in the hole behind if we continue to play one upfront. The fact we don’t really play much on the counter, nor have a player like cesc who can play slide rule passes renders Higuian a little useless in our set up. You see Theo against Bayern? That’ll be Higuain most weekends in the prem.

  11. Inter YourGran

    Hitman – not sure what you’re getting at there. A player at a club, just because they don’t win medals doesn’t not make them a success. Sure, at a bigger club it doesn’t make them a legend, however. I wouldn’t call Fabregas, Shearer, Le Tissier, Juninho etc. failures.

  12. Bacaryisgod

    You heard it from me first.

    1. Atletico ordered to 15 million for breaching a T V rights deal.
    2. Arsenal had reported January interest in Adrian Lopez
    3. NOTHING has been mentioned of him since January.
    4. This is a stealth operation and while everyone is focused on Falcao, we’re working on a deal for Lopez. Not glamorous, but Arsenesque (I’ll take the trademark on that one…)

    Although Lopez was the rumour when we were still tangled with Theo in negotiations, it still feels like an Arsenal move. I’ll take the credit when it happens. Even so, with the Atletico fine announced surely some genius from the tabloids can create a link even if one doesn’t exist….

  13. Inter YourGran

    I still think we have a very realistic shot at Rooney, but it’ll come ultimately down to wages and Wenger selling the project. I can’t see him staying at United and he’s everyone else’s (city, psg, bayern, madrid, barca’s) back up. Chelsea will go full tilt if they miss out on all their other mega buck targets, but they’re getting themselves into a position where they might need to let lukaku and courtois go permanently.

    Also, Rooney doesn’t seem the type to ply his trade abroad… I’ve just got a sneaky feeling he might be the one…

  14. Marko

    Higuain, Jovetic and Neymar who you seem to rate behind Benteke are better now and will continue to get so much better than guy who’s had one good season. Honestly people have been on this blog for the last week waxing lyrical about a player who could very well be good also could be a one season wonder and someone who guarantee you if we bought him last summer people would be bitching and moaning about it. Fuck Benteke seriously

  15. Inter YourGran

    Marko – I don’t rate them behind benteke, i listed them in the order i’d like to see them at arsenal. Stop making assumptions based on your dislike for Benteke’s current spot in the limelight, you’re showing yourself up.

  16. Inter YourGran

    Yilmaz was a good shout from earlier, but i’ve not seen enough of him. Anyone watch him at length (outside of youtube comp vids) to give an opinion…?

    I’m still well fucked off Galatasary are playing at the emirates cup, hopefully we’ll play the other 2 sides instead.

  17. Inter YourGran

    Soldado gives me the case of the “mehs”.. The fact everyone else has left him alone at broke Valencia suggests he either flatters to deceive or is a homeboy. Plus he Isn’t involved enough in games for me, but has the experience & quality to adapt and hit the net regularly should we take a punt. I have my reservations but, hey ho…

  18. Inter YourGran

    Lopez is 3rd choice at Ath. Madrid. We’d be made to look mugs if he came over to be first choice.

  19. Inter YourGran

    is that confirmed kwik? If it is, I’m steering well clear then. Fucking morons running the club..

  20. Marko

    Yilmaz? Now you’re talking and Soldado has continually hit 20+ goals a season for a few seasons now. Look I don’t have a problem with Benteke he’s good but I just don’t get how much he’s been talked about on here for the last few days. Still a case of wait and see for me Lukaku’s is still the bigger talent in terms of Belgian strikers.

  21. kwik fit

    France Football says Marseille are preparing an offer for Arsenal’s Gervinho.

    No please not our Gervinho. Keep your hands of him …he’s all ours!

  22. TitsMcgee

    Adrian Lopez?

    That would be the end-game for Wenger and a SURE FIRE sign that he’s gone completely mad.

    He’s 25 and has never scored more than 7 goals in any season.

    Soldado would be underwhelming.

    You don’t take Benteke before Falcao, Cavani, Lewandoski but he’s just below Higuain on my wish list.

  23. Inter YourGran

    Thomas – You can’t be that old then. It kicked right off in the uefa final before and after the game. Galatasary fans went on a rampage. screaming women, kids, blokes getting stabbed, hunted down in packs…

    Arsenal aren’t renowned for having a “firm” and there’s a mentality on the continent that when the english come to town, they’re up for a fucking fight. Anyone who was there that night will tell you it was pandemonium… and we lost!

  24. Inter YourGran

    If someone will give us money for gervinho i’ll chauffeur him to gatwick for free and carry his bags.

  25. reality check

    RC I think Arsenal are so hush hush because they honestly haven’t got a clue.

    Cesc Appeal May 23, 2013    18:59:25



    Ok we don’t show our hand. What hand is that? Analogy eerrr benzema. We are secretly negotiating a £30M deal to sign him from real madrid.

    If the world and his dog knows. What difference does it make!?

    Real want shot of him

    We want him

    He wants us

    Even when it all comes out. There is always that lull where
    ‘the player is yet to agree personal terms’

    If city say, we’ll give you 50M for him. Doesn’t the player have the right to refuse?

    If a player saw the positive reaction arsenal fans would give him on twitter via other media, showing the player how much we would love to have him, and would support him like he was one of our own.

    Wouldn’t this help negotiations?

  26. Tiger

    If only gervinho could finish…… That being said whenever he is on I feel like he is about to win us a penalty… He gets the ball in the box and has very little control of the ball but just enough that a tackle would get us a penalty… Am I the only one that sees that???

  27. reality check

    Ok nieve cool. Your opinion. You still haven’t explained the advantage of trying so hard to keep what we do a secret.

    Your not justifying your stance. You, like many are just hoping that one day, nothing. Then the next day, like a miracle! Out pops lawendoski.
    All signed sealed and delivered.

    Its like ok, nobody knew we were trying to sign him. What? Does that mean city chels, utd were unaware of him. Wasn’t interested in him. Because well, they didn’t realize aresenal rated him!

    Ok look you have nothing to say. Your just gonna sit back and hope. Fine. But this is the big leagues now son. Big players big fees big wages. Hiding our intentions just comes across as ‘saving face’ if the player says no.

    Plus, if this is proof of how to sign the big boys. When was the last time wenger displayed he was capable of convincing and signing a ‘big boy’ player.

    No, santi is not. (Still love him though) He’s good but he’s not hmmm a robben.

  28. eboue

    success is selling your best players year in year out, success is scraping fourth year in year out well wenger it is…..FOURTH IS A TROPHY

  29. Childish Gambino

    All you talking about incoming transfers you havent discussed the dross that need to go to free up squad spaces and most importantly wages!!!

    sagna, fabianski, vermalean, diaby, eisberg, denilson, squilaci, djorou, arshavin, bendtner, chamakh, park,

  30. eboue

    excellent list gambino and it would clear a shit load of wages, but dont you dare ever think about putting ABOUT DIABY in that list, he has super quality and is the best midfielder in the world….according to le dictator

  31. Childish Gambino

    And no one should barrage me about vermalean…he has been piss poor all season.

    Would trade him for yanga mbiwa (he can play LB,CB,RB), cesar to come in as backup, get a better LW (ayew or cabella), get a DM (non-african /non-AFCON like Capoue or Schneiderlin) to allow Arteta play his preferred position of AM, move Cazorla to the wings ( he gets most assists from the wings)

  32. Childish Gambino

    My preferred team for next season should be:

    Corchia Mert Kos Monreal
    Schneiderlin Jack
    Cazorla Giroud Cabella/Ayew

  33. reality check

    Childish GambinoMay 23, 2013    21:40:35

    The list is cool except for verm. I’d sit him down, have a serious man to man and see if I can re-motivate him.
    Plus I’d put him DMF.

    Thankyou for not putting giroud in. He’s my hero

  34. Childish Gambino

    eboue: lol at best midfielder in the world

    reality check: giroud is our best CF… people slate him but he is good. great movement anf postioning. he will shine in his second season provided he plays alot of games. he has started his arsenal career better than rvp or henry ever did

  35. reality check


    “he has started his arsenal career better than rvp or henry ever did”

    I see this statement a lot. This is why I have chosen to back him. Sure in the beginning I was all “giroud who?” But now I know wengers going to stick with him, so as a last hurra, ill stick with him too. I disagree with wenger about all that he does, except for playing giroud. He’s my hero.

    Who’s better in an arsenal shirt.
    At their peak.
    Henry VS RVP

  36. tom

    Reality check,

    In my very first post on the matter I outlined the reasons why AFC shouldn’t broadcast theire intentions regarding transfers.

    Specificly because it tips off our rivals giving them the chance to engage us in bidding war

  37. tom

    Also the selling club gets more leverage.

    Your only argument is
    “big clubs do what they want.”

    Which is only true if you add
    “…when they can.”

  38. Childish Gambino

    @reality Dudeeeee!!! Henry is ledge…the only thing RVP was better than henry at was scoring goals via a left foot

  39. Dannyboy

    kwik, that £5 million is a joke, had my Dad taking the piss earlier saying we always sell our captains on the cheap, but that would be ridiculous, especially if the clubs rumoured to be after him are true.. We could easily get £20 million if we wanted to sell vermaelen.

  40. Dannyboy

    this is incredible and surely against UEFA rules??

    ‘Moutinho and Rodriguez signed for 70m €.Rumour has it that Porto sold Rodriguez for 69m so to pay to Sporting only 25% of 1m from Moutinho’

  41. zeus

    Anyone seen Tim stillman’s column over at arseblog?

    Gem of an article.

    He hates to pair our dreams beige, but with the added revenue that arsenal will receive, we still won’t have the spending power if the teams that finished above us.

    Therefore “……..4th is just about where we should expect to finish next term. This team is at least 2 years away from becoming bona fide championship contenders.”

    Essentially the next couple years should be about making the ride more comfortable (for 4th). “……pulling away from the chasing pack and trying to glimpse the coattails of the forerunners.”

    I just can’t really. I can’t.

  42. johno

    Who are we going to get in terms of top class striker?

    with all the managerial changes everyone in the top 5 positions in the epl will be looking aswell as the other top clubs on the continent

    Cavani, falcao, lewdownowski? No way we will get them
    Benteke at cf? Dont we have giroud for that? And incoming sanogo as his deputy? He seems far to risky with the outlay you need to make, based on one good season
    I reckon villa would be a good option

  43. arsenal-flavour

    I never understand how people don’t rate mario gomez!

    yes he is no messi his no ronaldo… instead his an insanely clever intelligent player who knows where to be at the exact right time and place to score a goal!

    He is simply a goal scoring machine because of his impeccable timing movement/understanding of the game, reactions an clinical finishing ability be that with either foot or head!

    yeah his not flash or a complete player… or got amazing neymar ( gaymar) skills.. BUT and he doesn’t need to do all that! His an efficient German killing machine, with players like santi and with jack maturing they can create for him and he will be that guy in the box we have missed sorely!

    All his beastly strong tall… an amazing target man with the best aerial abilities after falcao… but no people would rather wank over someone with silky skills… not realizing there are more efficient ways to score.

    oh and he hasn’t been played all season came of the bench and scored a hatrick in 6 minutes… but yeah his obviously shit…?

    oh and those people who say he only scores because of his team mates at bayern… he scored in everyother match for his previous team stuttgart and scored 28 goals in 33 games in his final season with them… yh him at Arsenal yes please.