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Well here we are people, on the cusp of a new start for the manager, the board and of course, us, the fans. Yesterday was important on so many levels. By finishing fourth, the manager has removed any relic of an excuse that could be pushed our way come August 31st. New commercial deals are so close you can taste the cash, the bank balance is publicly brimming and we have the core of a very strong squad already with us.

The Newcastle game boasted none of the drama we’d expected / dreaded in a final day of the season show down. However, that didn’t stop the whole occasion becoming a 2 hour nightmare. I watched the two games dual screen in a pub which boasted a larger Spurs population.

We knew what the script looked like for Spurs, they’d have trouble breaking down a dogged Sunderland, then magic man Gareth Bale would muster up some ‘at the death’ magic. Which he played out line for line.

Our game was a little more tense. Newcastle didn’t really put up much of a fight. However, we struggled to make an impact for large parts of the game. Podolski spurned a very simple chance when through on goal when he fired his shot into the retiring Steve Harper. There was a fair bit of possession but no bite from us. Theo couldn’t handle the double team action that was going on his side of the wing and Lukas didn’t give is an outlet.

Our chance dropped in the second half, from a corner, Podolski I think got a touch, it looped over Koscielny’s shoulder, he followed it eagle eyed and turned it into the net. A great goal.

There was no last surge from Newcatle. Theo made it through on goal but toe poked the ball past the keeper but found himself denied by a stubborn post. The team played out the last ten minutes with a maturity I’ve not seen in years. They were calm, they slowed play down and they made the whole ordeal a little calmer.

The spirit of the side was summed up by Laurent Koscielny who had an absolutely superb game. He lost his way earlier in the year, but there’s no doubt now that he is our lead centre back (arguably he was at the end of the last summer). He dominated at the back, he came up with the vital goal and he led by example.

I said last summer that the best signing was Steve Bould. A year on, we’ve seen the reverse of last season. It was the defence that proved pivotal. We’ve not taken fourth. Because of one man and his goals, we’ve taken it because the manager allowed more focus on the back four (in the end) and Bould delivered a defence that conceded 37 goals. That made us the second best defence inside one season. That’s an impact people. With the right movements this summer, we’ll have the best defence in the league. We’ve made serious inroads without a proper keeper. Wenger also has to take some serious credit. He dropped his captain and never let him back in. He also dropped his keeper and only let him get a chance through injury. Both moves proved decisive in turning around our season.

Another change in the team no one has mentioned all season that has played a huge role in us becoming more solid as a unit has been the departure of Alex Song. He’s moved on and we’ve now fitted out the midfield with two players who are prepared to track back and take responsibility. How many cheap freekicks do we give away these days? How often is that gap in front of the back four left empty? Not often. We’re defending as a collective these days. I’ve said for years, you don’t need to have 4 world class defenders to have  a world class unit. Now, I’m not saying we’re a world class unit by a long shot, but we’ve made serious inroads this season and proof of concept is the 24% reduction in goals conceded. Players have been made accountable.

Up front, the goals were shared out and we matched what we achieved last season, however, it’s apparent we need to build in that area. We’re not clinical enough and we lack a player with the dominance to lead against world class teams. That position will be filled this summer and I think there’s a very high chance it’ll be filled with an important name. That’s unlikely to be Lewandowski as he’s rumoured to be close to Bayern and I’ve not heard anyone mention Jovetic… but they’re looking at someone outside Sanogo. Will it be Wayne Rooney? The club are interested, but you have to ask yourself a few serious questions here. Firstly, his attitude has been appalling at United this season, some seriously shameful rumours floating around about his behaviour. If Ferguson can’t control him, what hope does Wenger have? His physicality has pulled him through his mid-twenties… but what happens going forward? Does his lifestyle catch up with him now? Is that a £30m risk we can afford to take?

I think the club are going to go all out now to make an impact in the transfer market. Expect to see a keeper, a centre back, a midfielder with bite, maybe a creative player and definitely a world class striker. The perfect storm has arrived. We have lots of cash in the bank, we have new commercials on the horizon, a manager wanting a new deal and all the clubs around us are going through managerial changes. This is our summer to shine and everything I’m getting from the club says that we’re going for it.

The major difficulty we’re going to have is that we’re not selling players a success machine. We’re selling them a project. A new type of project, but it’s not the finished article. If we want to land Cesc, we’ll have to convince him of our ambition by making an ambitious signing. It might be really tough, players might not fancy us… but I can guarantee you we’re already out there trying for players who are on a different planet to the types of players we’ve looked at in the past.

… but what about Spurs?

Well yesterday’s result was a baseball bat to the back of the legs if ever I’ve seen one. For me, it’s almost curtains for Spurs in regards to moving up a level in the eyes of world football. That was their one opportunity, which to be honest, if they’d have taken, would have killed them next year anyway.

Here’s why Spurs are unlikely to trouble us next season. Firstly, Arsenal won’t have a summer like they had last year. We won’t lose two key players this year. The only people moving will be the players who haven’t really done it this year (Vermaelen, Gervinho, Chamakh the deadwood if we can find them a home). We’ll have a settled squad in that sense. The base has been set.

There is no chance Arsenal won’t invest this summer either. We’ll never make that mistake moving forward. So we’ll not only have a settled squad by August 31st, we should have one that is buzzing with excitement for the first time in 10 or so years. That’s a major step change forward.

Thirdly, I’m guessing… and this is a guess. We’re unlikely to have a start as pathetic as tepid as last years.

Finally, it’s unlikely Bale will stay at Spurs and even if he does, will he have the season he’s had this year? Everything he’s touched has turned to gold this year. If you take his form out the equation, Spurs have quite an average squad. Think of how lucky their run in has been. They’ve been dominated by poor teams and been Baled out everytime. Not just that, the deflected goals, the inexplicable collapses… they’ve had a very lucky run in and they didn’t deserve top four in the end.

Then look at the revenue gap. We’ll be a full £100m better off than them by the end of next season. That’s an unbelievable power grip we’ll have on them. They’re trying to pull together this new stadium, but I haven’t read anything about a loan being secured? We picked up ours for what, 3%? They’ll have to pick theirs up for at least double. How will they fund it with the inflated wages of modern football and without consistent Champions League revenue? They won’t be able to… it’d be too much of a risk

*Not to mention the new Premier League wage rule will scupper any rapid growth plans they might have (only being able to add £4m to your wage bill each summer. Getting from £90m to £150m will take a while).

Arsenal’s long term planning has started to bear fruit after nearly a decade. How will Spurs manage a transition like that? It feels like an impossibility.

Now, credit where credit is due. Making top four from where we were has been a massive achievement. 12 wins out of 16 is absolutely massive. Wenger has pulled it out of the bag at the death again. However, those who think 4th place with our resource is worth crowing about are really missing the point of being a big club. Wenger has had cash to invest over the last four years and he’s failed to do so. He’s been treading water and survived. This season has to be the last time he does that. This was the closest in a while. What made this seasons escape all the more impressive is that we didn’t do it with the stars he’s done it with of seasons past. The clubs management won’t want to go through that again and I’m pretty sure Arsene won’t want to go through that again. It’s time to face up to facts. Big clubs sign big players. You can still do things the right way… but a simple look around Europe shows you that even clubs like Dortmund spend big if they need to.

The club won’t put us through that again. They know there’s a huge opportunity this summer. The United team you saw draw 5-5 with WBA is a sign of things to come under them. City, Bayern and Chelsea can’t buy all the players in Europe. Spain don’t have the money they used to… and you’d have to be brave as a foreigner to set up home in a country that’s on the verge of bankruptcy… we all saw what the EU sanctioned against the people of Cyprus… footballers and their wealth will be easy pickings for the Spanish Government should things get desperate.

Arsenal is about to get exciting people. I truly believe that. If they don’t, well, that’ll be because the manager doesn’t have a project he can sell to elite players, and that’s a story in itself. This has the foundations to be the best summer we’ve ever had, so lets be thankful to the players for busting a gut to make top four happen.

Before I leave this post, I just wanted to take time out to thank everyone who visits the site, posts a comment on the Facebook page and chats to me on Twitter. Writing for you all this season has been, in the main, an absolute pleasure. To have a comments section with such a rich variety of opinions that are made by so many people is quite a marvel when you consider most blogs barely register a single mention. I wouldn’t write everyday if it weren’t for the people that e-mail me at 11:00 to find out if I’m dead if I haven’t posted. I’m never dead people… just nursing a Peroni induced morning of hell.

Anyway, a massive, massive thanks for continuing to make Le Grove relevant amongst Arsenal fans… and, now, with the club. Long may it continue.

Here’s to a great summer of daily posts!

See you in the comments.

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  1. Romford Pele

    Apparently Lyon want to make Gervinho their marquee signing this summer. That’s a good deal there samsenal. I’ve loved Capoue for ages though! Anyway, either of those are good.

  2. gambon

    And for the record Raz you prick, what I said was:

    1- To win the PL we need better than Anelka corca 1999, infact better than Anelka ever was in his entire career

    2- I have very, very clearly stated that we need to buy a top centre-forward IN ADDITION to Jovetic (if we sign him), in fact if you could read English you would see I have said over and over that a top top top CF is vital, hence why I have said numerous times we need to go crazy and sign Lewandowski/Cavani/Falcao

  3. arsenal-flavour

    gambon no offense mate but have you watched gonalons play?

    im a geek when it comes to football when ever we are linked to a player i try and watch as many of their matches as possible!

    his a decent no doubt but why do you think his good enough for arsenal? just out of interest? personally i think we could do better

  4. Reiss

    We definitely need to get Jack back fit and get Ramsey out the team. He has had a good run but isn’t going to challenge/win us a trophy.

  5. voetstoots

    Great post – baie dankie.

    I am wearing a pale blue shirt, red tie & dark blue suit at work today – yip, the Wenger uniform. Happy to be the unbearable one in the office (rather than having to deal with the unbearability of a select few Spuds colleagues).

    To next year!

  6. N5

    Gambon chill fella, you have great football knowledge you don’t need to resort to calling people cunts and wankers, it really takes the serious out of your post.

  7. gambon


    I think we could do better, but he would still be on my shortlist.

    Gonalons is solid rather than spectacular, does everything well from a defensive MF point of view.

    Capoue & Gustavo would be my favourite choices.

  8. Reiss

    We need to sort the situation with Sagna. Just give a year or two extra and by time he has finished Jenkinson/Bellerin can take over.

  9. arsenal-flavour


    To talk about Gonalons, it’s important to know what he went through. In 2008 he got a golden staphylococcus and almost got a septicemia, he was close having his leg amputated. But he stayed strong and on the 20th of October 2009 he was born again. Maybe his destiny is linked to England but this day, he played against Liverpool as a sub, coming on in the 43rd minute as a CB; to finally score an equalizer in the 72nd minute. Lyon finally won 1-2 at Anfield. Gonalons was voted MOTM. It was the beginning of a very promising career.

  10. gambon


    There are so many pricks on here that put words into your mouth.

    I said “Anelka is 1999 isnt good enough to take us up to PL winning level”

    and this wanker says “You said Anelka was a bad signing”

    The other day I made a point of saying Rooney is as productive as an AM as Bergkamp was, and the cunts on here say “You said Bergkamp was shit”

    They are an embarrassment to their cuntish families.

  11. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I was talking about the Academy from the bottom up, and for your information it is something i have banged on about for years.

    And how you can mention Chamberlain beats me, he is not a product of our academy, he and Theo were both bought for a premium, they are a product of the Saints academy, Jenkinson is from Charlton’s academy.

    We rarely see a young player who has played throughout he whole set-up (11-16) and play in the first team as a regular.

    Pontificating Ponce 😉

  12. Raz

    Gambon, instead of Jovetic as a Gerv replacement, would you take Aubameyang or Abdelloue? Aubameyang is apparently as fast as Walcott but can actually play football…would much rather have him tearing it up and have Jovetic through the middle?

  13. S Asoa

    There is no comparison between Walnut and Drogba. For one has power and presence. The other is too small to matter trying to gain a ball. Theo is sometimes effective only when the ball is already with him and can sprint like hell. N
    And for God’s sake let us not lose focus and allow s fresh contract to Le Pistule . Fellow was so shameless he will stress everyone and refuse to go . The omerta at club Bottles all shame . Just see what things come out when The Great Dictator goes. Mancini will be mild in comparison.
    Wenger out

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    @Romford Pele

    I’ve just got it into my head that Gervinho is off this summer. It’s a theory based only on the fact that Wenger has dropped him completely in the last few games of the season

  15. Ramsey's backpass

    Arsenal Flavour

    i have read it before,just that gonalons reads game well,his passes are top notch and i like him

    and almost every time(3) i watch capoue,he just has the nack of going forward,not a sitting 4 for me..

  16. arsenal-flavour

    lars bender makes 4.25 tackles a gain nad 2.3 interceptions

    capoue 2.9 for both tackles and inters

    the best in europe right now is a less we known croatian

    milan badelj he Croation’s averages for tackles (4.19) and interceptions (3.44) both rank among the top 3 here, and though the defensive side of his game is incredibly impressive, he offers more than an out and out anchorman. The 23 year old attempts 58.6 passes per game, second most behind captain Westermann for his side, but he also has the ability to unlock defences, with an average of 1 key pass per game and a brilliant 2.9 successful dribbles per game.

  17. samsenal

    Gambon – i know we have this same debate again and again but i just can’t see us going for a DM AND a CM. rightly or wrongly the club will look at Ramsey’s last few months, at Arteta’s experience, at Jack’s massive potential and the fact that Chamberlain is ear-marked for a central position at some stage and conclude that we are healthy in the CM position…and that’s assuming they have given up on everyone’s best mate Diaby. I think they will be looking to recruit one guy to sit in the middle and take over from Arteta.

    It would be nice if the club were more ruthless…but that’s not how we have rolled…

  18. Dan Ahern

    We should try to sign Cavani, Fabregas, and Vidal.

    Even when we’re unsuccessful, other players will get the feeling we’re ambitious again.

  19. Raz

    Gambon, that’s absolute bollocks and you know it. When someone said Anelka was a great signing you turned around and said he wasn’t, and that he only got 19 goals and that it was nothing to shout about. That was when I reminded you he was only 19-20 years old.

    You always back track when people call you out on your bullshit. And when it comes to forwards, you are full of it. So call me a wanker by all means, but I don’t come on here one day saying a player is not great for scoring 19 league goals in 1 season aged 19-20 but then go on about how amazing Benteke is for what he’s done aged 22, or Jovetic’s 13 goal season at a similar age in a weaker league. It’s embarrassing – but it’s also the tactic of every argumentative twat who hates to proven wrong.

    And you’ll just come on here and say ‘I didn’t say X I said Y’ knowing full well nobody can be arsed to look, but those of us on the receiving end tend to remember.

    I’m also not the one saying players like Aguero aren’t great strikers. Maybe you should just not speak about forwards because according to you, a 1 in 7 goal ratio is ‘poor’ – and that’s the ration most of the best forwards have or had, including Henry,

  20. arsenal-flavour


    you might of read this but this is more tactical analysis of gonalons

    Maxime Gonalons has gone from strength-to-strength in recent seasons. An exceptional average of 3.89 tackles per game ranks fourth in Ligue 1, while 3.06 interceptions a match is also among the top 10 in France. With 68.6 passes per game he ranks highly on our leaderboard, while his often safety-first approach leads to a superb 88.6% accuracy. The 23 year old is already at one of the top clubs in France but looks set for bigger things in the future

    i know stats are not everything but we have a position like DM where you need to be consistent they are quite helpful

  21. Zoran

    I was reading that Kos was our best Player this season.
    No doubt he is an excellent Player, but if I may add to all, I would say that without the big german, he will be there where he was playing alongside TV5.
    It is Per who did a lot in Terms of developing Kos Play, giving him the necessairy backup, giving him the stability in his defence knowing that he has a Partner to rely on.
    That’s why I am a Little bit angry, that some of Gooners did moan about Per, just after one year in Arsenal.
    I hope that they will realize by now that in the big german we do have an excellent defencive Player.

  22. Romford Pele



    You do know that is nigh on impossible? He’s playing for Italy’s most successful club. That’s like going to Man United and saying you’re going to buy their best player, will never happen.


    I’d love if that is the case, but I can just see Gervinho rocking up at Colney in July 🙁

  23. zeus

    “The only people moving will be the players who haven’t really done it this year (Vermaelen, Gervinho, Chamakh the deadwood if we can find them a home). We’ll have a settled squad in that sense. The base has been set.”


    I doubt very much that either Gervinho or TV5 will leave. That is, unless they ask to go. No way Wenger pushes them out.

  24. Raz

    Even the other day you were chatting breeze about the most clinical forwards, and again afterwards I put up official stats that proved you need to stop making assumptions and start looking at facts, and what was I met with? SILENCE

    The no comment tactic when a man is proven wrong – you’ll never win any kind of heated debate with someone like that.

    Keep ‘writing checks your ass can’t cash’ … and keep the expletives to yourself, I don’t need reminding how badly you were dragged up.

  25. arsenal-flavour

    if there not going to sell gervino loan him out, best option for all parties! with regular football maybe he will become less of nervous headless chicken!

    or he will crash and burn and spend even more time on the bench but at least his wages will be covered by another team

  26. Romford Pele


    it’s the worst idea. People think because he can tackle and is strong, he’ll make a good DM. So much more to the position than that. He’d be awful there.

  27. KJafc

    “Raz, You silly cunt. No i wasnt, you just dont know how to debate with people you stupid wanker”.

    Hilarious! Oh, the hypocrisy…………

    Courtesy of Le Groves greatest master debater and most abusive resident Gambon. You spoil this blog with your constant abuse mate, you really are a nasty piece of work.

  28. Raz

    @Zeus I can deffo see Gervinho going. Yes he’s supported him in the media all season but I am sure Wenger is as fed up as we are. Not a shred of improvement since day 1, this just isn’t the league for him. He’d do well in Italy probably. And if Gala want him we should take whatever they offer and sign Aubameyang as a direct replacement.

  29. Kiyoshi Ito

    Nasri’s MouthMay 20, 2013 15:29:41
    IG: I do not see why the club will change its strategy as long as commercial revenues are coming as expected.The question that I’d ask you in return then would be, ‘what are Arsenal planning to do with the cash in the bank?’

  30. Dan Ahern

    Pele — Think you’re missing the point. Of course we couldn’t get him, but the idea is to signal to everyone you’re after the best. It’s a statement of intent to demonstrate ambition.

  31. arsenal-flavour

    wenger doesnt want superstar players!

    because he got burnt by robin van persie!

    its like robin was his girlfriend and left him for a richer man!

    wenger thus settles for an average blonde one that he can keep in check because she knows she cant do better!

    wenger isnt logical he is emotionally driven (mental spirit)!
    his a cross between a penny pinching accountant and a strange cult leader!
    though on his day he can be a very good manager

  32. puppyguts

    its silly to think players from other leagues will come into the PL and definatley improve our team, especially in their first season, even players like jovetic ….. bringing in players on huge transfers without PL experince is a massive gamble.

    if it were up to me i wouldn’t sign any striker without PL experience;


    we need a goal scorer ppl ! dnt over complicate things

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    @Raz / Gambon

    Actually what Gambon said was pretty close to what he said above:

    “Anelka circa 1999 is nowhere near the calibre of player we need to win the PL”

    (though I’d disagree with the nowhere near bit to be honest. ‘Not quite’ would be better

  34. KJafc

    You are correct, Gambon did say that about Anelka, it was me that posted it. I pointed out that not only did Anelka help win us the double but he also helped pay for Shenley training centre.

    You will recall that he also said Rooney was better than Bergkamp and RVP.

    Been a good day on here, until he started abusing people again.

  35. Dan Ahern

    Sal — Haha, it’s just that, dreams. But if you only dream of top-4s that’s all you’ll ever get.

  36. Kiyoshi Ito

    KJafcMay 20, 2013 16:03:38
    Courtesy of Le Groves greatest master debater and most abusive resident Gambon. You spoil this blog with your constant abuse mate, you really are a nasty piece of work.
    I’m sure UNTOLD,would welcome you with open arms..Toodle along now..!!

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    He’ll probably miss Colney and go straight into St.Albans 😉

    It’s only a punt, and I quite like Gervinho, (I can’t hate a tryer) but if he goes, it means we’re probably upgrading, so I’d be happy.

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    KJafcMay 20, 2013 16:07:59

    Been a good day on here, until he started abusing people again.
    Actually was a good day,until you rocked up with your usual bile..!!

  39. N5

    I like Anelka that one year, but wasn’t he a bit like Ade a real soul sucker of the dressing room, or was it just his brothers that made him become a sulk?

  40. Nasri's Mouth


    Ahh, welcome back my little stalkerette.

    I know of several things, the club could DO with the money if they didn’t invest it in players but are there any that wouldn’t cause a fucking riot?

  41. Raz

    @Ramsey’s Backpass

    Gonalons, the season before last, was statistically something like the 8th best DM in Europe. He made more tackles, interceptions, clearances and passes than players like Lars Bender who are now rated £20m or so. He’s definitely an in-the-shadows, head down and do your job sort of DM which is exactly what all the best ones are. Carrick, Parker etc all just do their job quietly and efficiently all game.

  42. Kiyoshi Ito

    KJafcMay 20, 2013 16:07:59

    You are like the smog in the air,when you come on..

    & in extreme cases,pass out!!

  43. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserMay 20, 2013 16:10:35

    Found a job yet?

    What are you still unemployed?
    Or unemployable?

    Bit of a bummer-hey..!!

    I suspect,it’s both…!!

  44. arsenal-flavour

    surprisngly tottenham have one of the best dm’s in europe sandro…

    i know crazy right his been injured this season but his an injury prone player…
    do a sol cambell….?

  45. KJafc

    You and Gambon make a perfect pair. You both ruin this blog with your abuse and childish comment.

    You are right, there were problems with Anelka. He was managed by his brothers and they were causing problems with their demands. Still, he was a massive signing for us, as said previously the money we made on him largely paid for the training facility.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    “What a season? He scored 17 league goals” is what he actually said, but to be fair to Gambon, he never directly said he was a shit signing.

    (be pretty hard for anyone to argue he was a shit signing tbh.)

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    KJafcMay 20, 2013 16:18:50

    Where the heck,is my mosquito repellant..

    Need to slap it protect myself against bloodsuckers like you..!!

  48. Dan Ahern

    “Gunnerlacticos” hahah, love it.

    I understand the celebration to a degree. They had a really solid campaign in the final quarter of the season, and delivered CL at the last moment after a dogged performance.

    But I found the lining up and bowing to be a bit embarrassing. I think most fans felt relief rather than elation.

    It wasn’t a take-a-bow performance. It was a smile-because-we-made-it-through-the-dark moment.

  49. arsenal-flavour

    when arsenal were winning everything i was a smug cunt! but no arsehole not like chelsea fans our… chelsea and spurs are the worse!

    man united concited priks but you can hardly blame them with all that silverware!

    man city fans i really get on with I live in manchester so i meet alot there not arrogant they know their recent victories are purely because of arab money unlike chelsea who despite all the evidence protest chelsea would be on top with or without russian mafia’s backing

    as for spurs they are pathetic resentful jealous species

    we arsenal fans can be cunts and idiots but by and large we are the most intelligent fans in the league…

  50. KJafc

    A proven goalscorer is essential. The point you make about premier league experience is a fair one, however I think if you buy real quality they will hit the ground running. I guess the point you make is about getting used to English football – but I think quality will overcome that. I am not sure Jovetic is that player though.

  51. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserMay 20, 2013 16:21:17

    & how is your job search going,after almost a decade..?

    Whoops,what a coincide,ties in with Mr Wenger,not winning a trophy in the same period..

    Ooops,what do you guys have in common..









  52. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – I thought it was a more we are not worthy bow for the fans, last day of the season, the away fans have been awesome all year.

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    Dan Ahern: It wasn’t a take-a-bow performance. It was a smile-because-we-made-it-through-the-dark moment.

    Imagine the meltdown from Arsenal fans, and the absolute glee from those spurs lot so I’d say it was the equal and opposite of the devastation that would have been felt had we not got 4th.

  54. BillikenGooner

    The press and media push making the Champions League and the importance of it’s money and prestige all season… then want to act surprised when a team celebrates making it on the last day (over their rivals, too).

    They are ridiculous most times.

  55. arsenal-flavour

    dan ahern keyser

    we got so much stick for celebrating our end of season and yes getting 4th spot!

    but it is a big deal… i watched the ac milan game when they got the final CL spot they went mental!! one of their players was basically crying with happiness, they all ran down the pitch and celebrated at the way end it was much more dramatic then arsenals celebration

    and arguabley ac milan is one of the biggest clubs in the world… so if they can celebrate getting a cl spot can’t see why we can’t

  56. KJafc

    Cannot disagree with you, i think you nailed it. having lived in Tottenham, they really do like to blow smoke up their backsides, they are in complete denial. They have just missed their only opportunity and like Mind the gap, they have eggs on their faces.

    Man Utd fans can eb arrogant, they have earned the right much as i detest them and the power the hold in the game.

    Chelsea are a club that will have a temporary, short term impact on the history books before disappearing back to where they came from – once the Russian (and the alleged Russian peoples money he ‘stole’ with Putins help),, is no more.

  57. arsenal-flavour

    alan shearer is boring cunt of a man!

    he was saying it was embarrasing for us to celebrate!

    i think we were celebrating more because we proved all the haters and doubters wrong..

    anway alan shearers former team now that is embarrassing

  58. Ramsey's backpass


    yeah,i like those sort of player.


    i stand corrected

    NM is still the best poster on this blog by miles..

  59. arsenal-flavour

    yeah what I dont get about these sugar daddy clubs, what happens when the rich owner eventually dies?

    there’s no gurantee he will pass the club onto a son or a family member… and if the clubs in huge debt its unlikely another rich bastard will want to absorb all that debt!

    in 20 years maybe less we could see the collapse of chelsea man city or psg… im not saying its going to happen to all of them but it could well likely happen at least 2

  60. gambon

    “Chelsea are a club that will have a temporary, short term impact on the history books before disappearing back to where they came from – once the Russian (and the alleged Russian peoples money he ‘stole’ with Putins help),, is no more.”

    Yeah Chelsea with their £250m pa revenue will struggle, while Arsenal with their £240m revenue will thrive.


  61. KJafc

    i was not at all embarrassed by the players celebration, I joined in.

    I was more embarrassed by the so called Arsenal fans moaning about the celebrations. If you cant be happy about the prospect of getting to watch Champions league nights nor appreciate the importance of qualification to lure the best players, you must be a real miserable individual. Or a Spud. No other excuse.

    I would rather qualify for the champions league than finish 5th and have a Carling Cup or whatever they call it now, in the cabinet. So it is well worth celebrating and the boys deserve it after the stick they got from their own fans.

  62. gambon

    “yeah what I dont get about these sugar daddy clubs, what happens when the rich owner eventually dies?”

    Chelsea are now a financial giant in the game, same as Man City.

    If their rich owners disappear they have as much potential as any team in the PL apart from UTD who are streets ahead.

  63. N5

    Flavour, I wouldn’t pay that c*nt any attention, he’s a complete bellend with no charisma! I’ve always thought him and Alan Hansen are anti-Arsenal anyway! they both have their agendas.

  64. arsenal-flavour


    yeah im orginally from manor house… so my area is like 50/50 arsenal spurs…

    i have to tolerate the bitterness of tottenham fans, everytime they win a derby its like england won the world cup and got every gold medal in the olympics pretty pathetic, but hey thats the life of a spurs fan

  65. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Yeah Chelsea with their £250m pa revenue will struggle, while Arsenal with their £240m revenue will thrive.

    How will it stack up when the new deals kick in?

  66. Radio Raheem

    If Arsenal’s post match celebration was OTT AC Milan’s was more OTT. One more OTT celebration does not justify the other just means both clubs have a jarred view of things.

    I blame UEFA.

  67. arsenal-flavour

    yeah i dont get the self defeating aspect of alot of arsenal fans!

    yeah I want arsenal to come 5th that will show em!
    by us getting 5th we have a lot less chance of securing the players we need to win title again…..

    why would you want arsenal to have decreased chances…..

    if the argument is ah because if we get 5th wenger will retire/ be sacked
    wont that leave us in worse state… the best time to look for a new manager would be when we our at are strongest thus we are able to attract a good enough manager…

    yeah there are managers who come from knowhere and turn out to be amazing… but there very very rare!

    would it not be better for when wenger is to leave to leave us in the strongest possible position both financially and on the football field, thus we can attract higher quality of manager

    fact is if arsenal supporters who want us to fail so as to hasten wengers departure, we would more likely get in some dross average at best manager, as a stop gap… which would most likely lead to a further decline in performance

    when wenger goes i want the best manager we can possibly manage to get

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    @ramsey’s Backpass

    If I thought you were serious I’d be honoured 😉

    still thanks all the same.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Tottenham rage at missing out on top four after being denied THREE clear penalties.’

    They could have had a thousand penalties!! We won, it makes no difference, honestly some reporters are so Pro-Spurs its scary.

    Now that’s done we need to look to the summer.

    Richards (if Sagna leaves)

    6-7 players but it’s needed and easily doable, only two of them will be £20 Million or over and I have doubts Jovetic will fetch even £20 Million so I’m thinking just Benteke.

    Richards/Sagna Boateng Kozz Gibbs/Mon
    Cazorla Capoue Wilshere
    Walcott Benteke Jovetic

    That’d do me.

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    relieable sauce: Has untold crashed?

    Nah, they’re still basking in a long drawn out self made orgasmic glow and smoking a ciggy.

  71. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    What new deals?

    Lets now pretend we’re the only club in the world allowed to strike sponsorship deals.

    Even with Puma & Emirates we are gonna be a way off City in terms of commercial money.

  72. arsenal-flavour

    look its football its passionate, they celebrate because they have reached their target

    or would arsenal fans propose the arsenal players sign a suicide pact in front of all the fans because they didnt win the title!

    looks there’s being realistically and reasonably negative but then there’s just picking bones


  73. KJafc

    “Yeah Chelsea with their £250m pa revenue will struggle, while Arsenal with their £240m revenue will thrive”.

    You are incorrect. Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity. You have not taken into account the reasons for Chelseas turnover rise nor Arsenals new sponsorship deals.

    Chelseas turnover you are quoting includes the TV money and prize money generated through their various successes, including CL last year. Again, that is a blip and inflates their turnover figure. More importantly, they are nearly £700 million in debt. They are insolvent but debt is written off by the Russian. Without him they would go bust. They are not a model to use as an example. their turnover is solely reliant on success, without it they are small fry.

    Arsenal are totally different. You have conveniently ignored Arsenals revenue increases based on the new sponsorship deals. These will catipult us to well over £300 million without any real debt, as that is being paid off on cheap finance. Success will add to that, as there is more TV money and prize money to factor in. So our revenue is more than Chelseas, even with our lack of trophies and their success.

    You are trying to compare chalk and cheese.

  74. Keyser

    CA – It sounds like a Jamie Oliver recipe the way you do that, pick 5-6 ingredients, pinch of that, easily doable, bish bosh, gas mark 4, done, that’ll do me.

  75. arsenal-flavour

    yh avb is such a sore loser!

    he basically claimed arsenal got CL football because bale was denied a penalty saying it would of impacted our game…

    grow a pair avb you lost dont make excuses and whine like a little bitch!
    his only been at spurs for a season and his starting to take on their mannerisms

  76. Keyser

    Anyone know that Adidas and Puma were formed by two brothers from the same company after a falling out, the Dassler brothers split Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik into Puma and Adidas after they agreed to split in 1948.

  77. Nasri's Mouth


    Who mentioned City, you said Chelsea. I’m guessing (because I haven’t looked) that the Chelsea figure is from the season they won the CL. So it’s quite possible that we’ll overtake Chelsea. (I think their shirt deal is tied up for a few years yet)

  78. Alex James

    The problem with MOTD is that one gets Shearer or that blond twerp, intermingled with some current player that has been invited to appear on the programme. I don’t mind Lawrenson, because he is always fair to us. Thecsamevgoes for Lineker, until he tries to be funny. Hansen? He speaks authoritively but can be blinkered. The real issue is whether the mancs will be subjectv to some proper analysis, now that Ferguson has gone. Having said all this, that WBA supporter on the other channel really does my head in.

  79. Relieable sauce

    Gooner on talksport says “the money from ECL qualifying is worth celebrating for fans”
    Dear god, why do you punish us so?

  80. gambon


    Pathetic soundbites like “turnovers vanity, profits sanity” completely ignores the fact that we have no inherent advantage over Chelsea and City.

    Chelsea & City dont make profits because of high transfer spending and huge wages.

    Their running costs are lower than Arsenal.

    If their owners left and they had to be self sustaining they could slash their transfer spend and wagebill.

    Whatever we can afford to do in terms of wages and transfers, City & Chelsea can afford to do.

    As for £700m debt, you may want to do your research. They are debt free, unlike Arsenal who carry £250m debt.

  81. KJafc


    “Chelsea are now a financial giant in the game, same as Man City. If their rich owners disappear they have as much potential as any team in the PL apart from UTD who are streets ahead.”

    Wrong. They are not in the same league as us or Man Utd.

    Chelsea are currently running massive losses, as they spend more than they earn. They are an insolvent business and any ‘new’ owner would have to agree to write off the bad debt every year. Who would do that? This means that to continue to operate with a new owner, they would have to sell their assets (the players largely) and cut their costs. They will no longer be in the position they are in now. Do not be fooled by turnover. It is about sustainability. To be honest, however unlikely it may be, if FFP comes in, they will be in serious trouble – unless they find some loophole to fiddle it.

    This is a subject i know something about.

  82. Keyser

    You haven’t seen what Cesc Appeal looks like, could be a younger sexier version of Nigella.

    Lol hadn’t read that part of the wiki.

    “Both brothers joined the Nazi Party, but Rudolf was slightly closer to the party. A growing rift between the brothers reached a breaking point during a 1943 Allied bomb attack. Adi and his wife climbed into a bomb shelter that Rudolf and his family were already in. “Here are the bloody bastards again,” Adi said, apparently referring to the Allied war planes, but Rudolf was convinced his brother meant him and his family.[7] When Rudolf was later picked up by American soldiers and accused of being a member of the Waffen SS, he was convinced that his brother had turned him in”


  83. KJafc


    “Chelsea have no debt”

    ….because the Russian writes it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you live on mars or something?

  84. gambon


    Obviously success = more money, but Chelsea seem to win regularly so that is their advantage over us, our advantage over them is Matchday revenue.

    However , a lot of people keep talking about our Commercial revenue as a white knight (sound familiar, cos its the latest in a long line of white knights) but they completely ignore that our rivals wont stand still and wait for us to catch up, will they.

    Whether you like it of not, Chelsea and City are big clubs now, whatever wage bill we can afford, they can afford.

    So in this amazing future gooners like talking about us, we have no inherent advantage over them, we will be competing with them to catch up with UTD.

  85. neil

    what do u guys think of lukaku as a signing. I thing hes worth 25m. he turned the bpl on its head a few times playing for westbrom. hes quick..powerful n intellegent. I know we were chasing him for some time befor the chavs snapped him up. they always do scouting network..just pay more for whoever we scout. I really like him more than jovetic..n I think hes got the upperhand cos he has premiership experience now. ur thoughts?

  86. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Not too enamoured with the media talk about David Villa signing, he was apparently waiting to see who got 4th place (there’s commitment for you).
    Also his age 31, he will be 32 by december and we will be lucky to get 1 or maybe 2 years out of him, and for the money being touted i would say no thanks.

    Thankfully it is only paper talk so probably absolute boll**s

  87. Bush Gooner


    Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has undergone an operation on the fractured wrist he suffered playing for loan side Juventus on Saturday.

    Bendtner, 25, picked up the injury in the final minutes of the Italian champions’ 3-2 defeat at Sampdoria.

    The Danish international has failed to score in his 11 games for Juventus. Talking about the result, head coach Antonio Conte said: “It’s a pity only for the 100th injury of Bendtner, who has really had an unlucky season.”

    Still cannot believe he is still on our books. !!

  88. gambon


    So what, they have no debt, it doesnt matter why they have no debt, the fact remains they have no debt.

    It doesnt matter whether the owner writes it off or whether Frank Lampard cast a magic spell to remove debt once per year, all that matters is they are a £250m club with no debt, we are a £240m club with £250m debt,

    So you can cut the PR bullshit that we are in someway wiles ahead of Chelsea off the pitch.

  89. Nasri's Mouth


    WHEN FFP comes in (not if) Chelsea won’t be in serious trouble. They’ll be relatively fine, though they’ll have to trim back a little (assuming UEFA are serious with the sanctions). Likewise ManC.

  90. gambon


    Yep, Chelseas losses are so huge they turned into a profit last year.

    LOL, you talk some shit.

  91. Dan Ahern

    Keyser — That’s an interesting take, I hadn’t thought of it that way but it makes sense. Even so, bows are a strange way to thank someone. Clapping lap of honour would make more sense, right? I was only watching on TV so naturally that affects my perception, but it seemed way too happy for the achievement.

  92. Adam Bucci

    during the off-season, when there’s not too much to write about aside from drinking too much peroni and alledged sightings of player x walking into the emirates, it would be a nice change if there were a way to get ex-arsenal players to write the occasional guest column.

  93. Nasri's Mouth


    The CL win made them an awful lot of money. But the Europa Cup win wont have made them much.

    Chelsea’s shirt deal is till 2018, ManC’s till 2019, so time wise they’re about the same as us, but less cash.

    I don’t see them being too much ahead of us

  94. Keyser

    Dan Ahern – “Clapping lap of honour would make more sense, right”

    We were at St James’s park so fans high up in one end, half the players are kids, not one of them has won a trophy for us, they’ve seen all these players leave, the media write them off, some of the fans, new players come in, 7 points off Tottenham after we lost at White Hart Lane, 3-1 down to Bayern before the away leg, 12 wins in 16, 26 points out of the last 30.

    For the players, they it out game after game, who could you really fault ?

  95. KJafc

    Wrong again.
    I said Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity because it is relevant. In corporate finance circles it is a well known phrase.

    Look, it is a bit like having a 12 inch dick that won’t go hard. You can brag about it all day long but it means nothing.

    Gambon, you are either being argumentative or you really do not know what you are talking about regarding football finance. You have been misleading fans on here about Arsenals situation and trying to dress Chelsea up as some example of how a football club should be run. It is nonsense, anyone who lives on planet earth knows Chelsea’s situation.

    Basic maths:
    You earn £2,000.00 per month. Your mortgage and outgoings are £1,400 per month, You have £600 disposable income to spend on whatever you like.

    Your mate earns £5,000 per month. His mortgage and outgoings are £8,000 per month. What can he spend? He needs a rich Russian to help.

    Well, according to your maths, your mate has more money than you and is an example of how to operate.

    God, this is hard work.

  96. Oh Theo Theo!

    I think the financial debate is quite stimulating. But totally and utterly fatuous.

    If I were a Chav, would I care that my club was being run unsustainably? No fucking way. I would glory in the trophies won. As I would estimate that if the bearded russian mafia boss left, I wouldn’t see a trophy for a while. BUT I WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE FOR THE WINS!

    Problem for us at the moment is that 8 years is a long while to wait! None of my kids for example have experienced an Arsenal trophy, so all his little mates are Utd, City and Chelsea fans – he’s the only one with an Arsenal kit at his little kickaround.

    Success is passing us by and I don’t want to wait 26 years like UTD did for another title. I’ll probably be dead.

    If someone wanted to spunk £200m on us winning everything now do I care about sustainability. Nope. I want the silverware.

  97. Keyser

    Sczcesny even said it was a bit weird, but I think it was a mixture of relief and knowing how much they’d put in, there isn’t really anyone to look towards, or someone to bail the team out, you’ve got the younger kids breaking through and older heads, trying to guide them knowing they don’t quite have the legs they used to.

    There’s a few in between to.

  98. BacaryisGod

    Looks like Bale has signed a new contract for 130k with a 50 million release clause at the end of next season. This might not be such bad news. Bale is unlikely to be as good or injury free next season (we also said this about RVP though..) and Spurs won’t have 50 million to spend on new players.In essence, the new contract also adds another 50-60k to their payroll.

    The difference with RVP is that the traitor had a fresh team and new approach to look forward to, whereas Bale has the same old team and same old Europa league. He will fall off no doubt.

    Interestingly, when you look at Skybet (which although being a scam, it at least gives a little insight into where the money men see the transfer market heading) there are very few quality players Arsenal are seen as having a chance of signing.

  99. BB KING


    You are living in fools paradise. Roman has converted the complete debt to equity & now Chelsea are debt free. Last year they have posted a profit too. Due to their recent success they will be getting better sponsorship deals & they only now need to sign a deadly/lethal striker to win the league & UCL.

  100. KJafc

    Chelsea losses are averaging around £70 – £80 million a year or thereabouts, which get written off.

    To put that into context, that is around £1.3 million per week or around 9 players wages at £150,000 pw. That says it all.

    It doesn’t accumulate and roll on because The Russian writes it off every year, so you get the blip this year where all looks rosey. As others on here pointed out, the CL success made a massive difference but unless they win the CL every year, it is a blip in their fortunes.

    Looking at an insolvent business tomorrow that needs help – no not Chelsea but I wish it was!

  101. KJafc

    BB King
    Yes, he has. But the CL was a blip.

    Look it is irrelevant, time will tell. At the end of the day, it is about how you spend the money and that is what Arsenal have to do. if we buy the right players, the coming season could be very enjoyable.

    The keeper and striker situation, have to be a priority.

  102. BB KING


    Roman has only once converted massive debt to equity. The management is trying to make chelsea a self sustaining club. But even Barca under heavy debt, so whats the point ?
    Thing is will Wenga sign a world class striker ?

  103. RealGunnaz--Twitter

    We need to sell/get rid off>> Mannone, Squillaci, Gervinho, Arshavin, Park, Bendtner, Denilson, Djourou, Chamakh, Frimpong, Fabianski

    And bring in >>>Bring in, Lars Bender, Isco, Jovetic, Toby Alderweireld, Rene Adler
    Who agrees??

  104. BB KING

    The keeper and striker situation, have to be a priority
    Exactly. But does Wenger understand this ? What has he done for last 8 years ?
    He is a stubborn idiot, he will again sign mediocre players. ,Mark my words.

  105. KJafc

    Yes, they have to be self sustaining, that is my point. They are desperate for that stadium because it will be necessary for them to achieve that ambition. They cannot continue the way they have been going.

    I hope he buys the striker we need. It is amazing that we have banged in more goals than Man City when you look at the strikers they have available. Not sure how Wenger pulled this one out of the hat.
    I am not a Jovetic fan, I would prefer Higuain but to be honest I have not seen a lot of Jovetic, so stand to be corrected.

  106. BacaryisGod

    Here’s a smattering:

    Rooney: Bayern 2-1, Chelsea 2-1, PSG 6-1, Arsenal 16-1
    Fabregas: Man U 9-2, Arsenal 14-1 (which means he’s staying at Barca)
    Villa: Tottenham 6-4, Arsenal 100-30 (Hope Spurs gets him)
    Higuain: Juventus 3-1, Arsenal 8-1
    Lewandowski: Bayern 2-5, Arsenal 33-1
    Micah Richards: Liverpool 2-1, AC Milan 5-1, Arsenal 8-1
    Di Maria: Man U 13-8, Arsenal 12-1
    McCarthy: Tottenham 2-1, Liverpool 6-1, Arsenal 7-1
    Ashley Williams: Arsenal 1-1, Liverpool 7-1
    Fellaini: Man U 1-2, Chelsea 7-2, PSG 12-1, Arsenal 16-1
    Begovic: Liverpool 3-1, Man U 4-1, Chelsea 9-2, Arsenal 6-1
    Isco: Man City 1-3, Chelsea 16-1, Arsenal (8th favorite) 25-1
    Cesar: Arsenal 2-1, AC Milan 12-1

  107. KJafc

    Re the Bale ‘dive’. It was a penalty to be fair but had he not done that swan dive at the very end, he might have had it given. Watch it again and see how he throws his arms out front and his feet out back, no wonder ref thought it was a dive. He gets another award, the most bookings for dives in a season (4). His team also had Defoe, Naughton and Walker booked for diving this season. Bunch of cheats.