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Well here we are people, on the cusp of a new start for the manager, the board and of course, us, the fans. Yesterday was important on so many levels. By finishing fourth, the manager has removed any relic of an excuse that could be pushed our way come August 31st. New commercial deals are so close you can taste the cash, the bank balance is publicly brimming and we have the core of a very strong squad already with us.

The Newcastle game boasted none of the drama we’d expected / dreaded in a final day of the season show down. However, that didn’t stop the whole occasion becoming a 2 hour nightmare. I watched the two games dual screen in a pub which boasted a larger Spurs population.

We knew what the script looked like for Spurs, they’d have trouble breaking down a dogged Sunderland, then magic man Gareth Bale would muster up some ‘at the death’ magic. Which he played out line for line.

Our game was a little more tense. Newcastle didn’t really put up much of a fight. However, we struggled to make an impact for large parts of the game. Podolski spurned a very simple chance when through on goal when he fired his shot into the retiring Steve Harper. There was a fair bit of possession but no bite from us. Theo couldn’t handle the double team action that was going on his side of the wing and Lukas didn’t give is an outlet.

Our chance dropped in the second half, from a corner, Podolski I think got a touch, it looped over Koscielny’s shoulder, he followed it eagle eyed and turned it into the net. A great goal.

There was no last surge from Newcatle. Theo made it through on goal but toe poked the ball past the keeper but found himself denied by a stubborn post. The team played out the last ten minutes with a maturity I’ve not seen in years. They were calm, they slowed play down and they made the whole ordeal a little calmer.

The spirit of the side was summed up by Laurent Koscielny who had an absolutely superb game. He lost his way earlier in the year, but there’s no doubt now that he is our lead centre back (arguably he was at the end of the last summer). He dominated at the back, he came up with the vital goal and he led by example.

I said last summer that the best signing was Steve Bould. A year on, we’ve seen the reverse of last season. It was the defence that proved pivotal. We’ve not taken fourth. Because of one man and his goals, we’ve taken it because the manager allowed more focus on the back four (in the end) and Bould delivered a defence that conceded 37 goals. That made us the second best defence inside one season. That’s an impact people. With the right movements this summer, we’ll have the best defence in the league. We’ve made serious inroads without a proper keeper. Wenger also has to take some serious credit. He dropped his captain and never let him back in. He also dropped his keeper and only let him get a chance through injury. Both moves proved decisive in turning around our season.

Another change in the team no one has mentioned all season that has played a huge role in us becoming more solid as a unit has been the departure of Alex Song. He’s moved on and we’ve now fitted out the midfield with two players who are prepared to track back and take responsibility. How many cheap freekicks do we give away these days? How often is that gap in front of the back four left empty? Not often. We’re defending as a collective these days. I’ve said for years, you don’t need to have 4 world class defenders to have  a world class unit. Now, I’m not saying we’re a world class unit by a long shot, but we’ve made serious inroads this season and proof of concept is the 24% reduction in goals conceded. Players have been made accountable.

Up front, the goals were shared out and we matched what we achieved last season, however, it’s apparent we need to build in that area. We’re not clinical enough and we lack a player with the dominance to lead against world class teams. That position will be filled this summer and I think there’s a very high chance it’ll be filled with an important name. That’s unlikely to be Lewandowski as he’s rumoured to be close to Bayern and I’ve not heard anyone mention Jovetic… but they’re looking at someone outside Sanogo. Will it be Wayne Rooney? The club are interested, but you have to ask yourself a few serious questions here. Firstly, his attitude has been appalling at United this season, some seriously shameful rumours floating around about his behaviour. If Ferguson can’t control him, what hope does Wenger have? His physicality has pulled him through his mid-twenties… but what happens going forward? Does his lifestyle catch up with him now? Is that a £30m risk we can afford to take?

I think the club are going to go all out now to make an impact in the transfer market. Expect to see a keeper, a centre back, a midfielder with bite, maybe a creative player and definitely a world class striker. The perfect storm has arrived. We have lots of cash in the bank, we have new commercials on the horizon, a manager wanting a new deal and all the clubs around us are going through managerial changes. This is our summer to shine and everything I’m getting from the club says that we’re going for it.

The major difficulty we’re going to have is that we’re not selling players a success machine. We’re selling them a project. A new type of project, but it’s not the finished article. If we want to land Cesc, we’ll have to convince him of our ambition by making an ambitious signing. It might be really tough, players might not fancy us… but I can guarantee you we’re already out there trying for players who are on a different planet to the types of players we’ve looked at in the past.

… but what about Spurs?

Well yesterday’s result was a baseball bat to the back of the legs if ever I’ve seen one. For me, it’s almost curtains for Spurs in regards to moving up a level in the eyes of world football. That was their one opportunity, which to be honest, if they’d have taken, would have killed them next year anyway.

Here’s why Spurs are unlikely to trouble us next season. Firstly, Arsenal won’t have a summer like they had last year. We won’t lose two key players this year. The only people moving will be the players who haven’t really done it this year (Vermaelen, Gervinho, Chamakh the deadwood if we can find them a home). We’ll have a settled squad in that sense. The base has been set.

There is no chance Arsenal won’t invest this summer either. We’ll never make that mistake moving forward. So we’ll not only have a settled squad by August 31st, we should have one that is buzzing with excitement for the first time in 10 or so years. That’s a major step change forward.

Thirdly, I’m guessing… and this is a guess. We’re unlikely to have a start as pathetic as tepid as last years.

Finally, it’s unlikely Bale will stay at Spurs and even if he does, will he have the season he’s had this year? Everything he’s touched has turned to gold this year. If you take his form out the equation, Spurs have quite an average squad. Think of how lucky their run in has been. They’ve been dominated by poor teams and been Baled out everytime. Not just that, the deflected goals, the inexplicable collapses… they’ve had a very lucky run in and they didn’t deserve top four in the end.

Then look at the revenue gap. We’ll be a full £100m better off than them by the end of next season. That’s an unbelievable power grip we’ll have on them. They’re trying to pull together this new stadium, but I haven’t read anything about a loan being secured? We picked up ours for what, 3%? They’ll have to pick theirs up for at least double. How will they fund it with the inflated wages of modern football and without consistent Champions League revenue? They won’t be able to… it’d be too much of a risk

*Not to mention the new Premier League wage rule will scupper any rapid growth plans they might have (only being able to add £4m to your wage bill each summer. Getting from £90m to £150m will take a while).

Arsenal’s long term planning has started to bear fruit after nearly a decade. How will Spurs manage a transition like that? It feels like an impossibility.

Now, credit where credit is due. Making top four from where we were has been a massive achievement. 12 wins out of 16 is absolutely massive. Wenger has pulled it out of the bag at the death again. However, those who think 4th place with our resource is worth crowing about are really missing the point of being a big club. Wenger has had cash to invest over the last four years and he’s failed to do so. He’s been treading water and survived. This season has to be the last time he does that. This was the closest in a while. What made this seasons escape all the more impressive is that we didn’t do it with the stars he’s done it with of seasons past. The clubs management won’t want to go through that again and I’m pretty sure Arsene won’t want to go through that again. It’s time to face up to facts. Big clubs sign big players. You can still do things the right way… but a simple look around Europe shows you that even clubs like Dortmund spend big if they need to.

The club won’t put us through that again. They know there’s a huge opportunity this summer. The United team you saw draw 5-5 with WBA is a sign of things to come under them. City, Bayern and Chelsea can’t buy all the players in Europe. Spain don’t have the money they used to… and you’d have to be brave as a foreigner to set up home in a country that’s on the verge of bankruptcy… we all saw what the EU sanctioned against the people of Cyprus… footballers and their wealth will be easy pickings for the Spanish Government should things get desperate.

Arsenal is about to get exciting people. I truly believe that. If they don’t, well, that’ll be because the manager doesn’t have a project he can sell to elite players, and that’s a story in itself. This has the foundations to be the best summer we’ve ever had, so lets be thankful to the players for busting a gut to make top four happen.

Before I leave this post, I just wanted to take time out to thank everyone who visits the site, posts a comment on the Facebook page and chats to me on Twitter. Writing for you all this season has been, in the main, an absolute pleasure. To have a comments section with such a rich variety of opinions that are made by so many people is quite a marvel when you consider most blogs barely register a single mention. I wouldn’t write everyday if it weren’t for the people that e-mail me at 11:00 to find out if I’m dead if I haven’t posted. I’m never dead people… just nursing a Peroni induced morning of hell.

Anyway, a massive, massive thanks for continuing to make Le Grove relevant amongst Arsenal fans… and, now, with the club. Long may it continue.

Here’s to a great summer of daily posts!

See you in the comments.

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  1. Radio Raheem

    Yah I’ll keep Poldi for rotation. Giroud for rotation not as the main man.

    At the bearest minimum we need 3 players. 1 specialist CF, 1 versatile creative forward and a DM/CM.

  2. mano'gunner

    >Here’s to a great summer of daily posts!

    Hear hear Only thing to look forward to in these coming footballless months besides Arsenal’s spending spree. International football doesn’t count

  3. Kiyoshi Ito

    Romford PeleMay 20, 2013 13:18:14

    While the club is far from perfect and there are numerous flaws, moaning on here everyday achieves nothing.
    & fantasizing about WC signings,equally achieves nothing,under Mr Wenger’s remit..!!

  4. Gregg

    Can’t see Giroud leaving, regardless of who we buy. He has finally arrived at a top club as opposed to run of the mill lique 1 sides. Why would he leave ? He seems a confident type, i’m sure he’d give the challenge a go.

    I’ve been mightily dissapointed with Podolski, his lack of mobility is shocking. When we signed him I remember reading from a Cologne journalist that the feeling was he’d struggle in the premiership unless he really upped his workrate.

  5. useroz

    Good article and if wenger can sell the project this convincingly, we’d have no issues attracting the sorts of players we missed. Money still talks…

    Having said that, knowing what wenger is like (per media anyway), will believe when I see it. Look forward to it though.

    I like the part about Le Grove being ‘relevant’… that’s quite true!!!

  6. nuudles

    GOH, a fit Rio and Vidic is a mythical creature. Vidic is not the same player as he was before his injury, not yet in any case. Rio is also well past his prime and will only deteriorate (he might still be a decent squad player, but will never be a force for them over an extended period) In seasons past they were the best yes, but a lot of that is down to the whole team’s mentality and defensive workrate.

    In the last 6 games in which either (or both) of them played they conceded 8 goals while one or both of them were on the pitch (8 appearances in total with them only pairing up in 2 games during which time they conceded 3). Over the same period (from game week 32 on) Koz and/or Per played in 8 games (total of 15 appearances), during which time we only conceded 4. That is half the number of goals conceded over a longer period of exposure.

  7. vicky

    I would not mind selling both Poldi and Gervy If that meant getting a top player as a replacement.

    I am assuming we would get at least 15-16m for the pair and add 10m to it,we can have a real top class winger.

    But in all likelihood Poldi will stay which I have no objection to.

    But Gervy has got to go.

  8. Romford Pele


    Selling someone who’s scored in excess of 20 goals and has 15 assists this season?

    While i’m not Theo’s biggest fan, there’s no doubt that he’s an effective weapon and useful asset to have in the team. His consistency levels have improved this season. And he really is one of the only players who ever tries to run in behind. Theo right now is the least of our worries.

    That’s a wind-up right?

  9. Romford Pele


    Couldn’t really care less. Bar a few individuals, that U21 squad is quite poor. And Ox and JW are part of the seniors.


    A relegated team won a fuckin trophy this season?WTF
    I guess some would say thier is no comparison in the two teams,well yes i would agree.
    THEY WON A TROPHY….knock,knock…..hello is this mike on?

  11. Pedro

    Danish, I’m not… because everything I’m writing comes from a friend… not an Arsenal press officer.

  12. Kiyoshi Ito

    Romford PeleMay 20, 2013 13:23:49
    Kiyoshi,Selling someone who’s scored in excess of 20 goals and has 15 assists this season?
    Sorry RP,for me he’s had almost 7 years & heaven knows how many appearances in the AFC shirt..

    At,this point in his career,I’m expecting him to turn on it,in the CL games..

    Against top class opposition,like BM..?
    & please don’t mention the assist to Giroud..

    After that,the man disappeared..

    It’s all well & good,scoring against Fulham,Reading..

    But for £100k,I expect that guy,with 7 years at AFC,to be pulling up trees,against top class opposition..

  13. Jay Bin Shik0bama

    finishing fourth needs a huge celebration if some one have to look at qualities of strikers and difensive midfilders we have. what Wenger must do is to buy a proven striker, a fast and quick like Walcott left winger, solid defensive midfielder of Mikel Obi calibre and maybe cener back if Jourou move on. i still have faith in our two polish goal keeper. there still row talents in the second team that can navigate the team to glory in a long run. if i cud be Wenger i cud prefer AC Milan Ashwaay, garatasaray yimar (spelling), Capoue and maybe Colocini. than i have to get rid of Diaby, Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Gervinho, Squilacy, Mamone, Djourou, Denilson and Santos

  14. nuudles

    It is a bit embarassing that none of our u21 players make it into the England squad, our players who are young enough to qualify are too good for the u21s as they are already playing for the senior squad (Jack & Oxo). Akpom has probably been our most promising u21 English player, but he is is still 17 so probably still a bit too young to feature for the u21s. The “usual suspects”, i.e. Afobe, Aneke & etc have not had good campaigns. I would have thought Jenks would have made the squad as he has chosen to play for England (or is he injured?).

  15. Romford Pele


    Depends what way you look at it. People love to use the line, “Yeah, he has good stats, but he doesn’t turn it on in the big games.”

    What people tend to forget is that 75 per cent of your games are not against the big teams. If you were to win 75 per cent of your games, you’d be very close to, if not top. United used to struggle to beat the big guns a couple years back but it proved irrelevant because they would end up winning the title. I’d rather that. Call me silly, but i’d lose to Spurs twice if it meant we won the title at the end of the season.

    I do take your point that Theo’s wages are excessive, that’s down to Wenger and the board though. When they have a stringent socialist wage model, they will eventually encounter these problems. And while Theo is frustrating, it’s worth remembering that he’s still only 24 and his stats and general play are improving year on year. His finishing is only matched by Poldi. He’s a very vital asset to have, definitely wouldn’t sell him.

  16. Kiyoshi Ito

    Romford Pele
    I’m just curious to know,when Theo’s hamstrings pop,like Owens,or his pace goes,how will he adapt his game??

  17. Romford Pele


    True, but how many English players are actually in our reserves? We’ve been over this before but the state of grassroots football on the whole in this country is poor, hence why we buy from overseas. The ones that are good cost a bomb. Ox and Theo are perfect examples in this regard.

    And while the players we produce may not end up playing for us, there are a bundle littered in the Prem and Championship.

  18. puppyguts


    was it you who said wenger was done as an elite manager?

    do you really beleive those words?

  19. Andy

    The song from primal scream comes to mind….moving on up now!great win yesterday,rarely have I seen such jubilation in the away section as of the full time whistle yesterday.i was hugging complete strangers like they were life long friends.echo the sentiments of building on what we have for next year.

    As always great post pedro.i look forward to reading it at every 10 o’clock tea break at work.keep it up

    Arsene wengers havin a party!bring the vodka and the Charlie!

  20. Arsenal 1886-2006


    They didn’t even make the under 20’s, something is wrong at the academy and it looks as though it is starting to be sorted with the clear out.
    Now for the senior squad.

  21. Tryangle Gooner


    You keep stating that you are convinced the Arsenal are going to be practive, relentless and very busy during this upcoming transfer window.

    Can I ask what makes you so sure? Have you heard this from the horse’s mouth during your meetings with Gazidis et al? If so, do you believe that they could be possibly stringing you along to ensure you post such information in an attempt to ensure that season tickets are snapped up again?

    I just don’t see any major signings or change in their appraoch to the transfer market. I mean yesterday’s post match conference Wenger mentioned about one or two possible signings which completely contradict your guesstimate of at least 4 to 5 players. Can you please confirm if that is simply your gut feeling or you have been made privy to such information?

    As for Rooney, never in a million years will the Arsenal break our “socialist” wage structure to pay him $250k per week. Never. Sanogo is more of our speed these days IMO unfortunately.

  22. Romford Pele


    That’s why Wenger has always played him right as opposed to his preferred position up top. he wants him to become more tuned with team play rather than focusing on his own internal strengths. And we’ve seen that improve IMO.

    As a quick example, he played a lovely through-ball to Poldi yesterday, which was wrongly flagged for offside. I don’t ever think he’ll be perfect but he’s definitely worth keeping.

  23. Kiyoshi Ito

    Romford Pele

    It’s the percentage of key games,that he is vital too?

    Are you telling me the Reading,Fulham& other games were key games..

    Granted,I’ll give you the Man Utd game& then what…

    Now,I’m not comparing him to Drogba..

    But Drogba,went missing in some games..

    But the key moments..FAC,CL,against top flight opposition..The man delivered..

    Theo,whichever way you look at it,is not only 1 dimensional,but mentally is lightweight..

    Did he not play in the AC Milan 4-0 thrashing,last year?

  24. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Disagree about the state of grassroots football, while it is not great it is not too shabby.
    Southampton continue to produce as do Villa and some of the other mid to bottom table teams. It seems to be more about the need to produce Vs the ability to buy readymade.

  25. Tim

    Anyone would think the last 12 months or so haven’t happened with all the doom-mongers out there. OK, so we finished 4th, but on the back of a really impressive run after we’d already been written off for even the UEFA Cup! (Shearer was still stating this month on MOTD that we’d not make the Champions League spots). If we can keep that form going next year we WILL be challenging for titles.

    In case nobody’s noticed, recent signings have been (a) mid twenties and approaching their prime. (b) Seasoned internationals from teams in the top 10 in the world rankings. (in case you’re still wondering who they are: Mertesacker, Podolski, Carzola and Moreal).

    Critics will point to none of these being the ‘Stellar’ signings they think we need, but then neither were Henry of Bergkamp when we signed them!

    Whilst no Gooner would believe we’re there yet, the signs are . Maybe this time it’s more than just bluff to get season tickets renewed. A summer of signing additional, credible, seasoned internationals – not necessarily the most costly superstars – without the mass exits of previous years and we’re in good shape for the 13/14 season.

  26. Romford Pele


    It’s a 38-game season, every game us key as no result is ever a given.

    And if you’re referring to key games, Theo has a very good goalscoring record against United, Chelsea and Spurs, the latter two especially. But as I said earlier, if you win against every team outside of the top 6, you can afford to drop points against your direct rivals, not that I want to obviously.

    Drogba is different to Theo. You’re forgetting he joined Chelsea at 26 and didn’t really start producing until he was 28. I still think Theo has a way to go before he reaches his ceiling, definitely not the complete article yet. Judge him when he reaches that point.

    How can you blame Theo for a 4-0 thrashing? Everyone was at fault in that game. As I said, Theo isn’t perfect, but he’s the least of our problems. It makes no sense to sell him right now.

  27. lord snotty

    I like the post and wish I could share your optimism. But under Wenger I can see only stagnation and more of the same next season, competing again for 4th place with Sp*rs and probably Liverpool. Given Wenger’s track record I do not trust him to spend wisely (or at all…). Things will only progress at this club when the Frenchman is given his P45 along with the likes of Arshavin, Chamakh , Diaby and all the other hangers-on. This squad needs serious rebuilding.

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    Romford Pele

    Look at the Newcastle game,how he was shackled..

    No ingenuity,no magic..Just tried to beat the man for pace..

    If after 7 years,the man cannot adapt his game,to beat deep lying defenders..

    Then there is something fundamentally wrong..

    Or,Mr Wenger,is not coaching him right..

    An England International,with a 1-D approach to football..

    I’ll gladly have him,as a super sub…

    Mr Wenger,needs to up his game/standards,or give way to a more capable manager that can, get the best out of Theo& exploit any potential(if there is any)..

    Or Theo,needs to buck his ideas up & improve..

    To be honest,seeing him in that No 14 shirt,makes me what to puke sometimes..

    He does it,a great disservice to the great man..TH!!

    I feel,he literally urinates on that jersey,with his sub-standard performances!!

  29. WengersSweeties

    Personally, Fellaini and Lewandowski would make the World of difference to our team. Add a keeper to that and we’ve made a huge difference.

    Arshavin is off the books now.

  30. Romford Pele


    I disagree completely. You’re right; Southampton and Villa do some great work, but that’s two out of how many clubs in the country? We wouldn’t have created St George’s Park if grassroots footie in this country wasn’t in disarray. You’ve seen England get schooled on so many occasions in the past few years. And from that team you posted, only Zaha and Shaw impress me. Other countries have how many?

    Naturally it’d be nice if we could produce some more homegrown players, but demand for results are so big, especially at that top that it can be hard to find the right balancing act. Chelsea, Spurs and City are no better. Look at United, only Welbeck and Cleverly have made it through.

    It’s more a national problem.

  31. Kiyoshi Ito

    ardentgoonerMay 20, 2013 13:47:23
    KiyoshiHe changed the game vs Barca…Saying that he should be sold is plain daft…
    & what was the end result?
    Anyway,for £100k..I expect more after 7 years quite frankly..

    I’d have him as a super sub..

    We need to raise the bar..The class of talent in the team..

    Look how he played,when angling for the £100k contract..

    Imagine,how he would play,if we got WC signings into the team..With his position under threat…?

    He’d be forced to worker harder& up his game..!!

    It’s quite simple..!!

  32. Romford Pele


    I admit that his game could do with some more variation, but Theo, is a sprinter first, footballer second. A lot of things don’t come naturally to him. He’s best when he works off instinct, but thankfully, he’s a bright boy and acknowledges that he has hindrances in his game.

    As I said, Theo right now is the least of our problems. Poldi was a lot worse than Theo yesterday. At least Theo offers an outball, Poldi for me is too static and plays it too safe.

  33. N5

    Dial you mean other then the fact he has scored more goals for us barr one player? although I admit I didn’t see your reasons so they may be valid.

  34. DUIFG

    Strootman must be gods gift to football the way this comments section goes on about him! some serious hype being built. reallistically we are going to be buying french in that position.

    The striker better be catagory A stuff, sick of seeing good chances not being taken and the half chances not even being noticed.

  35. Josip Skoblar

    IMO, a good season for:
    Per, Kozzer,Santi (outstanding) and, dare I say, Ramsey!
    A poor one for:
    Sagna, Vermy,Podolski and Gerv.
    I wouldn’t mind if these 4 were to leave provided Wenger replaces them with quality players.
    Giroud is no first choice striker and Jack has yet to demonstrate that he’s world class.

  36. Josip Skoblar

    Podolski is a clinical scorer, but his lack of mobility and, possibly efforts on the pitch make him look suspect. I don’t see him being successful in the PL, but I may be wrong.

  37. WengersSweeties

    Saying Ramsey has been outstanding is wrong. He’s just been slightly better than the usual shite he normally is.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’d have Ramsey as a squad player that THAT is a position we should defiantly be looking to improve on.

  38. N5

    Dial could you copy paste them again if you get a moment because I’m really interested now to see what you put.

  39. Kiyoshi Ito

    Romford PeleMay 20, 2013 13:53:17
    As I said, Theo right now is the least of our problems. Poldi was a lot worse than Theo yesterday. At least Theo offers an outball, Poldi for me is too static and plays it too safe.
    This is Poldi’s first season in a new league,a new country,new team,new environment..

    Theo has been brought up in this country,been with AFC for almost 7 years,an England Intl..

    Homegrown,played with roughly the same set of players& knows the system of play..

    I think you can allow Podolski,a settling in period..

    Walcott,after 7 years..??

    I agree,he is the least of our problems..
    But he is part of the problem..

  40. AMW

    I read Le Grove every day although I never post a comment. For me its the best Arsenal blog going, and at times some of the comments and banter have really cheered me up, despite our roller coaster season!
    Thank you for your daily posts, I look forward to reading many more!

  41. N5

    Saying Ramsey has been outstanding is wrong. He’s just been slightly better than the usual shite he normally is.


    I thought right up to the Bradford game he was f*cking awful, but he ended the season on a high! I agree he is currently a squad player, but he does show glimmers of promise! I think he’ll be alright but I would never be happy with him being our #1 choice in his role!


    Giving a shout out to Nakhi Wells on scoring at Wembley,MOTM,gaining promotion and still aiming to further his education. From a country as small as ours it is a great achievment ,and we are all so proud of him.What a great role model ,and overall fantastic young man.

  43. N5

    Also Poldi off, no chance, he has shown he can score great goals, its his first season same as OG give them time! Poldi will come good I’m sure of that, he was awesome last year and the German league is no slouch!

  44. Romford Pele


    Poldi is 27 and an international with more than 100 caps, forgive me for expecting a little more.

    Theo has 21 goals and 15 assists. Poldi came with a lot of pedigree, I expected better. Anyway, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Theo won’t be sold and rightly so IMO.

  45. DUIFG

    Imay get a tuning for this but whoever we get over the summer it is currently ramsey’s shirt to lose, with a top striker making things happen up top I really think we will miss a guy covering every blade of grass on the pitch if we bin him off to a squad role. guy is currently limited but performing a very handy role for the team, our pressing has improved with him in the team (i know collective thing) but he is the guy leading it.
    We are harder to play againt with rambo in the team.

  46. Dannyboy

    Says on something along the lines of ‘The 5 teams with the best UEFA co-efficient (which we are one of) will be drawn against the 5 teams with the lowest UEFA co-efficients.’ So surely that means we will get a pretty straight forward draw.

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    Fair enough..

    At Man Utd,after 30 odd games,SAF would have benched Theo?

    Not 180 odd games@AFC,to see the developing potential in progress…

  48. Romford Pele

    DUIFG, It’s not really a farfetched comment mate. He has two lungs and covers a ridiculous amount of ground. Unfortunately people who have agendas against him will never admit to it.

  49. gats

    Oxlade chamberlain looks like shit now. His dribbling has gone piss poor, his passing looks awful, his crossing looks awful as well, hell whats happened to his shooting?

    I am a true Arsenal patriot, and if that meant we didn’t finish 4th, and wenger walking so be it. I am a patriot, and if it means less success and tottenham finishing higher this season, I would have taken it as long as that dictator left the club. But no, we are back to signing french fuucking u21 players, and probably more 8 million shite french players in the summer. Wenger can fuck of.

  50. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I only used those two clubs as an example, Utd’ L’Pool, W’Ham and other clubs still produce some homegrown players, and by homegrown i mean genuine homegrown, not bought at 17 years old.

    I see part of the problem as being the awarding of contracts to young foreign players bought in at a young age.
    This is illegal In most european countries due to contract restrictions on under 18’s and forces some local youngsters out of the club at an early age.
    Not all players blossom at 16-17, some don’t shine until 19- 20’s but are never given the opportunity if they do not hit the ground running and are replaced by imports from abroad.

    I would personally like to see the under 18’s being comprised of only English born players, then we will see an increase in home based talent that can perform on the world stage.

  51. Spanishdave

    Wenger ignored Bould for half the season until it became so obvious what the problem was. We could have got some better results during that period and it would have been even better for us.
    Wenger will carry on like before and I think it will be the same until he goes. Now we have him for 4 more years as he will get an extension to his contract

  52. sam

    Hello Doomers!!!!
    We finally made it and got our trophy last night now the transfer bitching begins.
    I am sure we need 3 new players right?
    a our new CF is afobe, CM is aneke and DM is frimpong plus one additional signing yaya sanogo.

    on behalf of mr Wenger I will ask that the transfer window be closed sooner. its interefering with our pre-season preparation for next season’s top 4 cup

  53. DUIFG

    Ye plenty of axes being grinded but the guy has delivered last 5-10 games. not to say we should not stregthen but to recognise a base is already set.

  54. Rutu

    Best player – Santi Cazorla.
    Most consistent – Per Mertesacker.
    Underrated – Mikel Arteta.
    Overrated – Jack Wilshere.
    Goal of the season – Podolski vs Montepellier.
    Best signing – Santi Cazorla.
    Best Performance – 2-0 vs Liverpool.
    Worst Performance – Penalty shoot out loss to Bradford.
    High Point – Win over Reading after being 0-4 down after 30 minutes.
    Low point – Loss to Bradford.
    Pl performnce – Good.
    Cups – Bad, esp the fa n co cup.
    European – Couldn’t complain.
    Best individual performance – Walcott vs Newcastle / Kosc yesterday.
    Best assist – Santi Cazorla for Theo Walcott vs Wigan.
    Season rating 7.5/10

  55. monty

    Y noone goes and buys Christian Erickson I don’t know,he’s the next ozil,goetze type,cheap 15 mill only,played ucl

  56. KJafc

    Arsenal 1886
    Oh dear, some things never change. You have chosen to a go at Arsenals project ‘youth after the England U21 is announced. You have ignored Wilshire and The Ox, who will be with the England ‘first’ team!

    Arsenal also have Jenkinson too, that is 3 English lads, not sure why he was omitted from U21 but perhaps he will be with the first team too. Add Gibbs and Theo who are just 23. Sounds pretty good to me. Plus of course there are lads who will be representing other nations. We also have boys in the other England youth teams.

    Why are people queeing up to find something to have a dig about. Its like being on a Spurs or Chelsea blog, same sort of comments.

  57. arsenal-flavour

    i agree with romford pele

    why slag of walcott? granted his not the best but at least he trys to score and puts the fucking ball in the net unlike half the other lot who swan around the box, side passing tip tappy bullshit!

    fact is walcott might be a one dimensional player but sometimes we need a direct approach. yeah his not world class but so aren’t half our players, and everyone has to admit that he has improved massively in recent times.

    we would not of reached 4th spot without the guy, take all his goals and assists and we would be one fucked team!

    everyone wants this perfect player ronaldo messi hybrid playing for arsenal and are pissed because walcott is never going to reach standards! give the guy a break his hardly going to confess i am not good enough for arsenal i quite and im to go into hiding, no his going to do the best he can with the abilites his got!

    and to all the haters saying he only scores against bottom teams… so man united, chelsea and spurs don’t count all of a sudden…

    there’s much worse dross at the club who should sling a hook before walcott does… so everyone chill out on the walcott hatred

  58. monty

    Cheers n5 been at uni , Australia diff seasons. Good to see arsenal players celebrate
    4th, imagine we win epl,it would go off.

  59. Romford Pele


    I don’t think anyone goes out to purposely marginalise English/British players. After all, we’re an English club after a while. But you can often tell from an early age who has the ability and who doesn’t. I’d love to see a full homegrown team but in the current climate, this just isn’t possible. Let’s hope St George’s Park changes that.

    Ljajic is definitely not better than Jovetic. He has ability sure, but his end product leaves a lot to be desired. He’s not really an improvement on what we have, unlike Jovetic.

  60. monty

    Personally love to raid the dutch league, alderweild,Maher,strootman,Erickson,bony,dries mertens,Fischer

  61. tomb

    Really enjoyed the post today. Could have done with a crying spud in the photo though.

    Pedro you are really sticking your neck and your reputation out on this one. So for me there is something in it. I really want to believe that we can move on from this 4th place malaise and start to compete for trophies again.
    For all our sakes lets see if we can get a decent spine to our team and a Saurez type striker then maybe we could just turn that corner.

  62. arsenal-flavour

    anyone think jovetic looks very average?

    watched the fiorentina pescara match last night. jovetics team mate can’t remember his name but he looked about 12 played brilliantly and scored a hatrick outshone jovetic and it looked like he was the main man on the team,

    jovetic a 12 goal a season striker in the Italian league where the quality is pretty awful bar juventus not exactly a brilliant prospect. how on earth can he be a 25 million striker? its typical case of overhyped and overpriced!

    higuain or bony would be good choices, we already have good passers we just need clinical hitman!

  63. Dannyboy

    I don’t ever recall Pedro putting that much out there in the past few years in regards to big money being spent. So if he’s putting his head on a plate this time, he must have pretty good info.

    Don’t you let us down Peter!

  64. TitsMcgee

    Will be a cold day in hell before Wenger goes on a spending spree.

    He’ll sign a couple of low budget players but far from major major signings.

    He’s already putting out the flames of potential signings by saying other teams have money too blah blah.

  65. Max85

    arsenal flavour

    In Gervinho and Hazard’s last season together out Lille, Gerv got double the goals and assists Hazard did and we know how that one turned out!

    Besides, the guy you’re talking about – Ljajic I think? – is an utter bell end and nightmare to manage. He got sparked in the face by his own manager a couple of months ago.

  66. monty

    @ arsenal flavour, that’s the guy I’m talking bout Adam ljacic,he’s better than jovetic imo aswell.

  67. N5

    Tits, he will suprise you this year! Stan Kroncunt said if he doesn’t spend the money he’ll make him sniff his wig! so he has too.

  68. Romford Pele

    Flavour – you do realise Jovetic isn’t a striker right?

    And he isn’t overpriced or overpaid. This guy is one of the best young talents around. Go and look back at how he embarrassed Liverpool in the CL at 18.

  69. Rutu

    Player rating .
    1. Szczesny – 6/10.
    2. Diaby – Not valid.
    3. Bacary Sagna – 6/10.
    4. Per Mertesacker – 8/10.
    5. Thomas Vermaelen – 4/10.
    6. Laurent Koscielny – 7/10.
    7. Tomas Rosicky – 6./10.
    8. Mikel Arteta – 7/10.
    9. Lukas Podolski – 6.5/10.
    10. Jack Wilshere – 6/10.
    11. Andre Santos – 0.5/10.
    12. Olivier Giroud – 6/10.
    14. Theo Walcott – 8/10.
    15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 6/10.
    16. Aaron Ramsey – 7.5/10.
    17. Nacho Monreal – 6/10.
    18. Sebastian Squillaci – 11/10 (cz he’s finally leaving)
    19. Santi Cazorla – 8.5/10.
    21. Fabianski – 7/10
    23. Andrei Arshavin – not valid.
    24. Mannone – 7/10.
    25. Carl Jenkinson – 7/10(most improved).
    27. Gervinho 5/10.
    28. Kieran Gibbs – 7/10.

  70. arsenal-flavour

    english players are SHITE compared to germans and spanish because of the way there trained simple alot of the training of young players has stagnated for decades, instead of changing it up we have stuck to the traditional with minor altercations

    in spain they are taught from a early age to hone their technical skills, to perfect the arts of a simple side pass to a cutting through ball, to ingrain in them certain instincts.

    read an article on german football, (the training of german youths) the reason this generation of footballers is so immense is because from the late 80s they have a revoltion in training and through out the old rulebook of defense caveman football, instead they decided to emphaise attacking football, andd highlighted key qualities such as pace/strength/stamina athletic abilities but combined that with amazing technical fast paced drills and a total football approach….

    thats why the germans at the top can only make not because there great footballers alone but because there great athletes…

    you can see english players have the potential but they always look slightly limited as if they have a mental bloc from years of substandard training!

    look half the guys who train youth teams are dinosaurs

  71. monty

    Wenger has a soft spot for arteta, he wishes he bought him earlier. Someone name me a winger that’s got better stats than Walcott. Not incl,bale,ronaldo, I dare u

  72. N5

    Rutu Santo 0.5, are you sure, I’d remove the .5 because of the RVP shirt and dock him 10 also so -10 for Santos the fat bellend.

  73. gambon


    I suggest rather than quote silly stats you actually watch the player a few times.

    Jovetic has scored 13 in 31 games this season at age 22/23

    Guess who scored 13 in 34 games at age 22/23 3 years ago????? One Edinson Cavani, one of the best CFs in the world.

    How many did RVP score at 23??? 13 in 31, exactly the same as Jovetic.

  74. Kamal Zharif

    Thanks Pedro for the daily news/posts. Truth to be told, it is something that I look forward to everyday. The posts usually comes out in the late afternoon, to early evening over here, so I tend to get restless before hand.

    Anyways, getting into Champions league contention will boost our pedigree as a club. True, with the rich history to die for, we shouldn’t be just targeting CL. But we are the only club in Europe, that looses their star player each and every year. Starting with Vieira in 2005. Every single year, we lost someone who is so vital to the team. Be it because of the player itself, and/or Wenger refusal to put his foot down. So a summer of no exits is like music to the ears.

    I can’t wait to hear about the transfers. And I just couldn’t figure out, who is Pedro talking about, when comes the big big names. We know Lewondowski won’t be around, and to be honest, Jovetic is not that marquee of a name. So who’s left? Falcao? Cavani? I really do hope that Pedro’s “inside info” leads to the real stuff. Let’s hope and pray for the best.

  75. arsenal-flavour


    i understand his not a striker per say, in fact he plays numerous roles!

    and I have seen the liverpool match but that is one match out of hundreds!

    was a very good day at the office! I really want to like this guy! but every match I have seen of him I have thought good but not great!

    hopefully im proven wrong! and i do admitt he has very decent assist play, I hear people comparing him to Bergkamp I can’t see it my self but then again he is a young lad, so he obviously has not reached his ceiling yet

  76. monty

    When I take a shit in the toilet I always think of arsenal,transfers, preffered line ups, potential signing always happen any one do the same

  77. arsenal-flavour

    i love pedro’s optimism

    but the comments wenger made, made me seriously doubt this summer transfer binge!

    hopefully its just one of his bizarre tactics to throw everyone of his scent! though I believe wenger is crazy enough not to buy any impressive new talent and instead plunder the french league!

  78. Ali

    Pedro it’s always a pleasure reading the great stuff you write for us, not to say I don’t agree with everything but 9 out of 10 times I agree !

    Would love a big name signing this season but I can’t see Wenger spending more then £25 mill on one player.

  79. BillikenGooner

    I’m a bit surprised at the guff Podolski is getting. What, 16 goals and 11 assists in all comps this year? His first with the squad.

    I’m worried about the immediate start of “wenger-speak”. Strengthening the squad “if possible”, too much money out there for too little quality players, etc. I just worry for his summertime Diaby update where he tells us he is expecting big things from him next season.

  80. Romford Pele


    Jovetic is most similar to Baggio and Suarez in terms of style of play. He is very elusive, has very good dribbling ability and can spot a pass.

    I wouldn’t read too much into stats, I think sometimes people do without looking at how they play.

    Despite him not scoring a bundle, he is actually a very good finisher and very composed infront of goal. And until this season, he was playing in a very poor Viola side.

    And remember that RVP and Henry used to have shit goal records before joining. As long as you have the technique and composure, this is an aspect which can be improved upon.

  81. Rrobbins

    After so many downs and ups; emotional lows and highs; we slid by barely. Hopefully lessons have been learned and no more quality sales; purchasing true quality depth; building on the grit and determination of this core by adding true star power to compete with the best. Thanks so very much for this season’s ride. Checking in everyday even when bummed, was a great way to keep faith. Job well done fellows, most appreciated.

  82. Nasri's Mouth


    Nicely optimistic post , and thank you too for managing to write decent stuff every day. I’m always impressed by bloggers who manage to drag their sorry arse out of bed to write something proper and worth reading before work each day and every day.

  83. Johnny5

    I see that some can’t even be relatively happy we got 4th for even one day. Some of you guys really are miserable cunts. I’m a doomer and your even pissing me off you bunch of whiny little bitches. Come 31st August if top signings haven’t been made then fine moan like fuck ill even join in until then don’t act like you know what’s going to happen because you don’t know shit. You haven’t got to be miserable all the time fuckers.

  84. monty

    Not right now, anyway I’m calling it a night, its 12.11 locally Fuck us later, take care of ur self n5 ill be back tossers.

  85. Raz

    Best player – Santi
    Worst player – Santos
    Underrated – Jenko/Gibbs/Kos
    Overrated – Sagna/Rosicky
    Goal of the season – Gibbs vs Swansea, then Santi vs West Ham
    Best signing – Santi
    Best performance – West Ham 5-1
    Worst performance – Vs United, vs Bayern at home, Cup games
    High point – Reading 7-5 comeback
    Low Point – Bayern home defeat/Cup knockouts
    Best individual performance – Santi vs West Ham (5-1), Santi vs Wigan, Jack vs Swansea, Theo vs Newcastle. Honours – Kos and Rambo, can’t remember who against.
    Best assist – Giroud to Gibbs/Giroud to Podolski/Podolski to Walcott, can’t decide

  86. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: I see that some can’t even be relatively happy we got 4th for even one day

    I think anyone who had Arsenals best interests at heart (IE not those who wanted us to lose yesterday) would have been very happy with 4th after the loss to Spurs.
    Maybe looking from the start of the season, 4th isn’t quite so great.

  87. arsenal-flavour

    fair enough romford good points you have made!

    doubt juventus would be looking at him if he didn’t have potential!

    also i forgot to factor in that he is playing for fiorentina who although a very decent side, can’t compete with the creativity of arsenal!

    with cazorla, jack ect he would have partners in crime so to speak making him more effective!

    watching a video on youtube of all our goals

    i know there snippets that obviously don’t tell the tale or our whole matches… but we do play some bloody good football at times!

    its bizarre seeing Gervino score all those goals at the start of the season, he was on fire then he became such a nervous mess!

  88. Raz

    “arsenal-flavourI suggest rather than quote silly stats you actually watch the player a few times.Jovetic has scored 13 in 31 games this season at age 22/23Guess who scored 13 in 34 games at age 22/23 3 years ago????? One Edinson Cavani, one of the best CFs in the world.How many did RVP score at 23??? 13 in 31, exactly the same as Jovetic.”

    Gambon – only a couple of days ago you were going on about Anelka being a bad signing and you were going on about how he wasn’t good enough for us. I’ll say it again – he scored 17 goals aged 19-20. Keep it consistent. Anelka wasn’t good scoring 17 aged 19-20 but Jovetic in a weaker league is the one because of 13 goals?

  89. Nasri's Mouth

    As for people slagging off Walcott, he’s still got plenty of room for improvement, and the occasional games where he really shines actually add to the frustration in the ones where he disappears, but remember when we were all pissed off when we didn’t shine Ashley Young and thought he was a better player?

  90. Raz

    I am absolutely BUZZING we got 4th – for about 90% of the season it’s either looked incredibly unlikely, or we’ve been out of the top 4 in the table,

    What the guy have done in the last 2 months has been incredible.

  91. samsenal

    Gambon – to play up top as the lone striker or to play behind a striker?

    I’m praying for Jovetic and Higuain. that would be huge. even you would have to start feeling a little positive.

  92. KJafc

    Pedro deserves enormous credit for his post. Despite previously nailing his colours to the post, he has the ability to base his opinion on facts. It is all out there, if you care to look. It is interesting that Pedro has seen first hand some of the abuse you receive if you dare put on a positive spin. He is no AKB and neither are most of the people who understand anything about finance and base their future predictions on that.

    The point the Victor Meldrews, Private Frasers and Imitation Gooners on here are unable to grasp, or are choosing to ignore, is the reason ‘why’ things are about to change. In fact, one idiot said yesterday that the move to a 60,000 seater stadium was purely for the board to make more money. Seriously, that kind of stupidity is doing none of us any favours. The board will make more money if we are successful – if they do indeed take dividends (a share of the profits). No good being in a half empty 60,000 seater. It is about simple economics. the more revenue you generate and the less debt you have the more money you can spend. You want big name signings and you want to pay top dollar, well you either find a sugar daddy (short term) or you increase the money you are able to spend.

    For example, you all claim you want stellar signings. If you take just an additional £30m income each year and divide that by 52 weeks you will see, crudely, that is equivalent to an additional £580,000 per week. How many top players wages does that enable us to pay?

    Of course we do not know yet what money will be spent but there is no question that we now have the ability to buy top name players and keep our best players and that was Pedros point. If it doesn’t get spent, I too will have the Samaritans on my speed dial.

  93. gambon


    I dont know.

    I wouldnt be that happy with him as CF, or with Giroud.

    I agree, a CF (Higuain, maybe Benteke) and Jovetic would be great.

    For me, Jovetic can replace Gervinho…..a dribbler that can play across the front line.

  94. SalparadiseNYC

    From what I’ve seen Jovetic would be great signing but Id like to see us go to the next level .. sign Jovetic as well.

    Benzema, Jovetic combination would be great. Benzema needs the challenge of shouldering a team and being the main man.

  95. samsenal

    to finish 4th was the absolute bare minimum at the start of the season. To finish 4th after WHL and to finish with the 2nd best defensive record in the league and with 8 wins and 2 draws in the final 10 games under so much pressure was absolutely brilliant.

    I don’t care how much of it is down to AW and how much of it is down to Bould but defensively the team were awesome in the run-in.

  96. arsenal-flavour


    fair enough geezer! but what i was trying to say was that I have watched a fair few matches and I didn’t see anything special, Im not one of those clueless fans I do research into players,I have been on a fair few italian football forums so see what the hype is about! to be fair he had a massive dip in form in the middle of the season but apparently it was more down to team dynamics and tactics then rather his fault! but still all im trying to say is what I have seen of him 3-4 matches he hasn’t been the best player on the pitch let alone on his team

  97. N5

    I’d love to see Benzema in our team, I’ve been a fan of his forever even now when he isn’t at his best, but its not likely he’ll leave this year, Huguain is leaving though isn’t he. Has he been linked with us? Eurosport links him with Juve and apparently the daily bollocks or some such links him with the Spuds.

  98. IG

    Loved your optimism in this post Pedro!! Am sure you know some inside stuff we do not.
    But here is an alternate hypothesis drawn from Occam’s razor principle… Wenger & the club has got what they were aiming for… Wenger will backfill some of the departing deadwood with mediocre replacements… and the club is most likely going to announce a new deal for Wenger soon enough which am sure the french idiot is going to take because he has nowhere else that he can go in top division football.
    I do not see why the club will change its strategy as long as commercial revenues are coming as expected.

    Having said all that, nothing will give me more pleasure than to see Arsenal actually make an effort to be a successful football club.

  99. S Asoa

    We need a keeper , CB, creative midfielder and world class striker( not a poof at the end). An effective defense was finally set up by Bould but Wenger gave him the liberty towards the end under duress. We had it initially until Wenger was stung by praise to Bould and virtually sent him to Coventry for the period Arsenal floundered . If 5 years of perverse. negligence by Wenger has not proved anything it shows that Arsenal fans are not only idiots but stupid to boot . The French mediocre players Wenger has been scouting prove the point. So also his perverse penchant for unproven and unlikely specimens in all 4 positions listed above . Not to show seriousness when Cesc is on first call to AFC is criminal negligence.
    4th place crumbs for a club of FC credentials is pathetic . Not for celebrating

  100. arsenal-flavour

    i can honestly see wenger buying more shitty french players!

    lets be honest even with all this money who has faith in him that he will buy the players we actually need?

    its always some obscure player like the great forehead from the planet mars!

  101. Nasri's Mouth

    The Real Madrid general manager (whatever that title quite means in a football situation) says Benzema is staying and Higuain is being sold.
    While that’s a pretty definitive statement, I suspect it might not be rubber stamped until the manager situation is all sorted out there. With PSG not quite letting go of Ancelotti too easily, could take a while

  102. Nasri's Mouth

    IG: I do not see why the club will change its strategy as long as commercial revenues are coming as expected.

    The question that I’d ask you in return then would be, ‘what are Arsenal planning to do with the cash in the bank?’

  103. gary

    It takes Gary Neville to tell it how it is… There used to be a manager who won shit loads.. That club then decided on a 60,000 seater stadium and the boards policy was to pay much of it off in the first 6 years.. they even wanted a net spend of around ZERO before they could start to spend money. Wenger net spend 9 mill in last 10 years.. Wenger you are a fucking Genius and the next manager will reap your ground work

  104. arsenal-flavour

    s asoa

    you have a point! we shouldnt of signed sanago! we need more germans!

    fact is the best potential we have coming through our youth ranks our both germans gnarby and eisfield! germans are the way forward!

    everyone is going on about gonalons or coupe for DM WHY??? Lars bender he plays for bayern leveruksen (spelt wrong) arsenal would be a massive step up for him…

  105. Damian Joyce

    Great reading u this season Pedro, my debut season with you, I’m relying on ur info being good now and that the 4th place will allow us to spend some of that cash we have lying about on some quality players.

    Have great summer all, Well done Wenger, well done players, u managed it in the end with a strong finish

  106. KJafc

    RAZ 15:13
    I agree. Considering the start we had and the negativity around the club and the players, it has been an amazing turn around. I think the defeat at WHL did us a favour and the result in Munich was the turning point from a confidence point of view. They showed real bottle to come from 7 points behind Spurs, while everybody was writing them off.

    PS: I would take Higuain over Jovetic if I had to choose.

  107. Raz

    @Arsenal-flavour – you’ve lost me! I was quoting Gambon’s chat to you and saying he needs to be consistent!

  108. arsenal-flavour

    i have watched gonalons and capoue… gonalons is like a shitter arteta he is no step up… he plays in poor league… capoue has limited talent honestly could say frimpong of all people has more potential than him

    another waste of space french man so expect to see one of them next season!

  109. gambon

    Gonalons would be one of the DMs I would be targeting, definitely.

    Gonalons, Capoue, Gustavo etc

    IMO we need

    GK –
    CB (4th choice) –
    DM –
    CM –
    CF –

    All apart from CB need to be 1st team, top class players IMO.

    The DM is effectively a replacement for Arteta who I think will start to wind down, the CM is a box to box player that can do what Ramsey does to a higher level or at least provide competition.

    I have said numerous times we really really do need 2 top class attacking players, one CF and one more creative type, as Podolski & Theo shouldnt play together.

    I think this is more than possible.

  110. gambon


    You really are a silly cunt.

    “Gambon – only a couple of days ago you were going on about Anelka being a bad signing ”

    No i wasnt, you just dont know how to debate with people you stupid wanker.

  111. arsenal-flavour


    yeah sorry mate misunderstood im new to this blog!
    tired of the standard shit blog with even shitter bloggers!

    at least people on this blog what ever their opinion actually watch football here rather than flick through match of the day!

    and pedro has something worthwhile to say even if i don’t completely agree with the guy

  112. KJafc

    You ask a fair question.
    However, the club was following a plan, a bit like the one the Government is on at the moment. You ask why things will change, well simple really. they have the money. Arsenal refused to spend what they did not have. No debt on player transactions, we had to make money on player trading. We can argue all day long if we agree or not but that is what happened. Too many players were on contracts where they were earning too much money and these will be off the books too.

    Finance does not have to be complicated if you take the view, the more you earn, the less your costs = the more disposable income you have. That is why football clubs are going mad for bigger stadiums.