Newcastle time: If we can’t win here, we really don’t deserve Champions League

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Champions League qualification day has arrived. This season can finally be consigned to the history books and hopefully we can leave it with a top 4 finish. Not a great year, but it could have been so much worse.

The day has been spiced up with the news Mike Ashley has put up around a million pounds in bonus is Newcastle win today, it’s not for the players, it’s for the backroom staff… which apparently has the Newcastle players totally motivated.

… yeah right. Footballers play for themselves. Not the tea lady. I very much doubt they care and I very much doubt this is anything other than a PR tactic to shift the focus away from the dopey comments Pardew made in the week. I was told by a third party that the Arsenal staff are on Champions League bonuses as well, so it doesn’t really make too much difference. I suspect our players and their pay… or futures are affected by our position today.

Giroud will find himself back in contention, but after the good form of Lukas and Theo during the week, you wonder if it’ll be bench time for him? Today is about goals and getting them early so we don’t have to panic for the whole game. I’ve no doubt we’ll go a goal or two down. It’s written in the stars. However, I am reasonably confident we can so the business today.

Newcastle aren’t a good side this year. Something has clearly gone wrong for Pardew so I have no reason to suspect he’ll be able to turn it on all guns blazing when tenth place is up for grabs. The only way we’re losing today is if the players let nerves take hold.

I’m hoping that doesn’t happen and that we take it to 12 wins in 16 games. A great home stretch run and just enough to allow Wenger his last chances at sorting the squad.

Team line ups will be the standard back four I’d imagine… consistency in that area there has seen us quite the force at the back over the last few games. Then in midfield, I’m expecting Jack, Rosicky and Rambo… followed by a front trio of Theo, Cazorla… and maybe Giroud. I can’t work out if I want a slightly rusty Giroud in the side for such a tight game?

Whatever the line up, we need to turn up the urgency levels early on. We need to press as a team and play the patient game if we have to. Newcastle have conceded 30 goals at home (we’ve conceded 37 in total, our best in about 7 years I think). Point is, we’re not trying to break a mid nineties Milan team down here… this isn’t far away from picking open a Wigan defence.

So, here we are… it’s time to talk Arsenal turkey until 1600. Then it’s an horrible two hours of roller-coaster football. Enjoy people!

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  1. Alex James

    Oh, on Skye, Gary Neville said we are a bigger club than Spurs. Magic. Used to dislike him but love him at the moment.

  2. tom


    You and Piers Morgan stand together on this issue.
    One of you should be having a serious re-think.

  3. matt690

    We were pretty poor today and the goal was very lucky, the spectacle the players made of themselves, as if they had won some major trophy, for coming 4th was embarrassing and stinks of a small club mentality.

  4. Kiyoshi Ito

    tomMay 19, 2013 22:15:47

    I utterly despise Piers Morgan..

    I think a lot of people think,he’s a you know what **@%!!

    But,if he’s asking for Mr Wenger’s head..

    Mate,I think you need to have a re-think!!

  5. Pedro

    Tom, other bloggers don’t go and other bloggers have a habit of crowd pleasing.

    Not sure what inaccuracies you’re talking about, we have great info and insight.

    You’re just garbling on without a point…

  6. Mental Strength

    Suarez/Tevez/Aguero, that is the breed of striker that would suit Arsenal most i think, too bad there aren’t many like like them. Though there is a kid from Uruguay, Gonzalo Bueno i think it is, would be a good bit of business if we snapped him up.

    Him in action:

  7. TitsMcgee

    Small club mentality from both the fans and players to celebrate the way they did.

    REwarding mediocre players with a mediocre performance this season

  8. tom

    Tom, other bloggers don’t go and other bloggers have a habit of crowd pleasing.

    What do you mean? Other Bloggers don’t attend matches? Really?
    And if other Bloggers are into crowd pleasing then that admits that being somewhat supportive of Wenger is crowd pleasing. How does that fit the theory the majority want him out?

    Also you may not find being crowd-pleasing as lucrative as being controversial. Perhaps.

    Also, I was really pointing to the comments sections of popular blogs as a read on how the Arsenal world views Wenger.
    In my experience you can find detractors on every blog but not in the majority and certainly not in the concentration you find here.

    Pedro, you still avoid addressing any of my points in the actual debate itself. Instead you try to undermine my credibilty. Weak.

  9. Dannyboy

    anyone spot the two lesbians/transvestites going mad? One of em looked like a fat Gok Wan, other looked like a fat Charlie Dimmock.

  10. tom

    That was just mean, someone telling Spurs supporters Newcastle had scored.

    I’d love to know how that happened. If it was a gooner prank, someone deserves a medal.

  11. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    Why you having a go at Pedro?

    I’d like to see you write a blog and work at the same time.

    Just be happy with the play offs for champions league

  12. tom


    You’ve got to be joking. This whole thing started because fuckers were moaning even though we won.

    I’m happy….not sure why other are not.

  13. Gooby

    When you are under such pressure for a champions league spot it’s only natural to celebrate a bit after getting it.

    doesn’t mean we won’t be aiming for the tittle next season or aren’t ambitious enough, it was an important achievement and the best we could do in the shit season, let’s think about the next one now.

    I prefer to celebrate 4th than missing out on it

  14. tom

    And since Pedro decided to stick his oar in, I’ll take the chance to mention a couple of things that have been on my mind regarding the way he conducts his blog.

  15. Dannyboy

    MS, wouldn’t worry about the playoffs now mate, there’s a whole summer ahead of transfer activity to wank ourselves silly over, forget about the CL playoffs till the draw is made, you’ll only give yourself a sore head.

  16. Doublegooner


    Our football club really do now owe any fan who puts money into the club & players major top quality players.

    No more 2nd rate shit.

    It’s time to make a fuckin statement that we aren’t pussying about any longer.

    Wouldnt mind Lukaka.

  17. tom

    The player understand how critical today’s result is for them as individuals and for AFC. Good reason to celebrate.

  18. Doublegooner

    Missed the game today.

    Had a wedding this afternoon, bride & groom both spuds….


  19. tom


    Pedro does a fantastic job producing Le Grove daily and despite all that I’ve said, internet would be poorer without him.
    But he is biased, and that’s his perogotive, but it doesn’t seem right to carry that into his policing of the comments.
    I see him pull up folk like KJafc for being inflammatory when he allows the likes of Ito and gambon to troll with impunity.
    That’s my main problem.

    From a fan perspective, it’s hard for me to accept that a real fan would work so hard to defame the club he claims to love.

  20. Dannyboy

    Wenger’s Wallet… Bit early for you innit? Don’t you normally stay firmly looked in the top draw until the end of August? 😉

  21. Tai

    Ito and Gambon, I am on this site cos I am a gooner and not a student of mathematics. You prats are one of the reasons I wished people paid before being allowed to post on boards like this. Bet you will think twice before posting the bile you post here. Get a life dudes

  22. kwik fit

    Apparent;y Alan Sugar tweeted that the Arsenal game was 1-1 in an attempt to get the spuds behind their players. If your out there Alan , many thanks for making the day even better for us Gunners.

    Cheers Alan!

  23. tom

    Wenger’s Wallet… Bit early for you innit? Don’t you normally stay firmly looked in the top draw until the end of August?

    Pretty funny.

  24. Pedro

    Tom, I banned Gambon the other week, Ito has been banned under the name of Vix.

    Stop moaning and talk football

  25. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    GoobyMay 19, 2013 22:55:35
    the person who passed the news that newcastle scored at white hart lane should be knighted, brilliant

    He already is lol

  26. tom

    I’m off and enjoy some spurs blogs .

    It WAS a great result for Arsenal and we SHOULD be happy.


  27. Ben

    Alan Shearer is such a despicable c@nt. predicted arsenal would miss out on CL – nobody calls him out on that. Then when they get there he talks it down as much as he can. Prob still bitter bout those FA cup finals – Geordie tw@t

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    tomMay 19, 2013 22:44:26
    WPB,He was having a go at me. Just standing my ground.
    Yep,standing your ground in quick sand mate..

    Keep sinking!!

  29. rph105

    If Dein was still at the club, do you think he’d go for the acquisition of Rooney. Get Bale in on the left and lure back Fabregas. Title winning team there.

  30. Dannyboy

    if Kwikky boy is on the sauce tonight, then we’ll do 2000 comments, 1000 of them will be classic songs on youtube though!

  31. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Mental Strength..

    That story, if true, is hardly surprising.. The big names and the big clubs will all be linked and we’ll have to sit back and watch Falcao, Neymar?, etc move. Once we land one of the big 5 strikers I’d be reasonably happy.

    But this story worries me more!

    Would he be on Pelligrini’s shopping list if he goes to City.. And would we be able to hang on to him? Hey Santi, come here to your mentor… Oh and here’s another 75k per week!

  32. Simon

    Well credit to the team for making champs league for 16th season in a row. And whether u like it or not credit to Wenger too, he is an amazing coach but with deficiencies…as have been well documented on this blog. I pray we strengthen this season. Interesting that clubs like man city and Chelsea to name a few in spite of all their spurgeing didn’t accomplish much. I hope Arsenal learns from her mistakes this season and here’s to a better one

  33. Kiyoshi Ito

    kwik fitMay 19, 2013 23:32:50
    No sauce for me tonight Dannyboy , cos I have work in the morning!
    Pity,Keyser won’t have anyone to debate with…!!

  34. Alex James

    As far as I am concerned, Shearer cost Wrighty a chest full of England caps. I wouldn’t mind but Shearer was not a better player than Wright. Robson used to pick him because they were both Geordies. The only good thing about Shearer was that he didn’t go to the Mancs. I shall never forget when a Wright won the Golden Boot on the day the old North Bank came down. He demolished both Shearer and Soton that day.

  35. Thomas

    @ tom

    Happy to finish fourth?

    Hahahahahahahahaha spoken like true loser.

    More like another shit season over.

  36. rollen

    As far as I am concerned, Shearer cost Wrighty a chest full of England caps. I wouldn’t mind but Shearer was not a better player than Wright. Robson used to pick him because they were both Geordies. The only good thing about Shearer was that he didn’t go to the Mancs. I shall never forget when a Wright won the Golden Boot on the day the old North Bank came down. He demolished both Shearer and Soton that day.

    there is lovely short documentary about IW

  37. sam

    Hmmmmm!!! Song just won a medal while we are celebrating 4th place and mocking him.

    are arsenal fans becoming deluded like spuds?

  38. Moray

    haha Song. That’s what you get for trying to punch one of their favoured sons.

    He will be gone this summer: I just hope it’s not back to us.

  39. arsenal-flavour

    wenger can fuck right off if he doesn’t spend this summer!

    the joy at getting cl football was almost ruined by that miserable gits post match statements! about other teams finances and how there are not enough quality players!

    his already putting in the excuses for why we can’t buy, what a miserable stingy bastard of a man… he needs to be an accountant or a money lender, he is a charlatan and a Shylock!

    fuck him… there is no excuse and i personally hope his power over transfer decisions is rescinded!

    you can tell his got to much emotional bagage from players like cesc and rvp leaving…. he needs to man the fuck up!

    not worry about superstar players ruining his boys chances in the squad!
    he needs to forget about the balance sheet and think about the trophies!

  40. Kiyoshi Ito

    dialsquareMay 20, 2013 01:22:41
    Ian Wright was the worst signing Arsenal ever made.
    Oh my gosh,I’ve heard it all today…


    Pedro,sort it out…!!

  41. sam

    Now back to reality, we were shit throughout the season and we still shit.
    this is just wenger getting lucky again so he can claim he has a great squad.
    we got this CL place because he had the easiest run compare to tottenham and still we struggle to make it. Even newcastle were better and organised than arsenal today.
    if you look at our record against the top 5 club you will know what I mean. we had to cheat to get adebanjo sent off for that win. the squad needs a massive improvement unfortunately wenger will only buy cheap players that will struggle to adjust in their first season. an Epl ready player will cost 20 millions plus. Do you see wenger spending 80 mill for 4 players?

  42. dialsquare

    Wright joined us when we were Champions.
    We never won the League with Wright.
    We were top scorers as a Team in 91 and Alan Smith was our top scorer, but on Wright’s arrival, Smith couldn’t buy a goal and the whole Team shirked responsibility and left it to Wright to score the goals to the detriment of the team.
    We became a classic one man Team.
    Ian Wright was a good player but the wrong type of player for Arsenal.

  43. sam


    Arsene wenger has his own cheap shopping list. I think I will keep quiet till 31 of august.

  44. The Poldi Prince

    Dzeko anyone? Excellent second option will be cut price after rotting at manc

    Imagine higuian, dzeko and giroud as the third option, with poldi and theo to back up or change things up.

    We really need another left winger if forehead is off. Even a young player but with good pace and skill. Isco would be excellent.

    We do have theo, poldi, santi and ox as options though.

  45. BB KING

    Congratulations everybody for our 4 th place trophy/ The players celebrating as if they have won the champions league.

    Loser mentality in full force.

  46. Duckster

    Woke up this morning at 6:00am [Melbourne time], picked up the phone & went straight to the Daily Mail to check the result.

    Below is an email I got in work later in the morning from my long suffering girlfriend;

    “Hi gorg. Thanks for serenading me with the ‘Arsenal made the champion’s league’ dance this morning. Loved it. Especially the bum wiggle and the famous ‘look away’ in slow mo move.”

  47. MrT

    What is Wenger talking about? Saying there are few quality players out there. This guy has started again!!! Pedro where is today’s post ? Waiting for my daily dose 🙂

  48. ardentgooner

    Sam and BB king

    What are you guys on? It wasn’t the ideal season but atleast be happy at the way it ended. Could have been worse. Football fans/passion is something that you need to understand. IT IS NOT LOSERS MENTALITY.

    If you celebrate only trophy wins, then most club fans should be miserable according to your logic because only 2-3 clubs win trophies every season…. you are watching the wrong sport

  49. ardentgooner

    The players celebration and fans celebration was more out of relief and frustration after being written of by everyone including some afc fans. They were slated in Feb and have put their heads down and done well since Bayern away. Nobody can blame them if they just enjoyed proving most people wrong.

  50. Leedsgunner

    Proving who wrong ardent? Fair enough they finished 4th. Fair enough they finished ahead of the Spuds. But they started the season with nothing and they finished the season with nothing. They haven’t proved anybody wrong really… we are still trophyless. For a club with the wage bill, the stadium and the sponsors we have… that is the real travesty.

  51. BB KING


    The manager likens top 4 finish for a trophy, then the players will also feel the same. There is to be a motivation to win trophies, which is lacking from last eight years. I have never seen any club celebrating a 4th finish like a trophy win when u have been champions for 13teen times earlier.

    Anyways, lets see whether we strengthen the squad.If not – lets start celebrating the 4 th finish for 2013 -1 4 from now on.