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Morning party people. How’s the head? Good? Ok, that’s excellent news. Shall we crack on?

Firstly, who saw the Barcelona fight pictures? Alex Song reaching in to slap Piqué. Seems like he’s having fun over there eh? What did I tell you about his attitude? I’d love to know what Piqué said to deserve the slap. Something we’ve all dreamed of. You do have to ask questions of Song though… who is he to behave like that? On an open top bus parade. What a twonk.

Lots of anger about the Sanogo deal yesterday. I can understand it. Dealing with a French under 21 with injury problems considering our record of late is a touch neglectful. Arsene Wenger first got his taste for injury prone players when he signed Marc Overmars in 97ish. The speed demon came to us at a knock down rate and he flourished. He was one of my favourites… still is. That’s goal at Old Trafford will live in my memory forever. The deal for Overmars was so good, we sold him to Barca with Petit for £25m. Two years later he was ruined.

That first taste of ‘injury prone player turned good’ is kind of like the person who makes a bet for the first time and win big. It’s all down hill after the initial big win. Sure there have been players that have worked out. Kanu came over from Inter and played a decent half season. Amaury Bischoff obviously worked out. One player I can maybe draw comparisons with is Gael Clichy. He was crocked all through his teens… but eventually came good. You could say the same about Theo.

Look, I’m not saying this guy is the answer to our striking issues. In fact, he certainly isn’t. But it’s about having a squad. If we have Giroud, Sanogo and something a bit world class… then that’s not a bad place to be. I don’t mind having an Anelka like punt as third choice. Well, an Adebayor like punt should I say… and lets be honest, we’ve missed a powerful pacey forward who can bully defences with work rate.

On the keeper front, the rumblings are firmly around Caesar, now, that means either we are interested in him. Or, his agents are really keen to move him over to us. Now, I like the Brazilian, who when on form, he’s easily up there with the best in the league. My only issue is some of his form has been shoddy at QPR, and height wise, he isn’t exactly dominant. It’s another risky punt when really, we need to make a sound long term move.

Begovic is my number one target, he’s the perfect physical specimen when it comes to being a keeper, he’s agile, a great shot stopper and he’s had the Stoke treatment with crosses. He’d be a step in the right direction. It’d be nice if Jens was his coach. Binning off the keeping coach might be a step too far for Wenger… despite his appalling record over the last 5 years.

So what about this playoff? I know it’s a long shot… but if there is a 3rd place playoff… shouldn’t there be a trophy? Seriously. There should be. It’s a one off game, with a prize. So there should be a trophy? People… the top four trophy is dead. 3rd place could actually be our first piece of silverware. Plus, we’d be the first name on it ever. Think about how mega that would be…

Tomorrow is on my mind, but we’ll talk about it later. Don’t listen to Wenger saying he’s not thinking about the summer either. The club have been working on players for weeks. Wenger is just keeping his warchest close to his… Errr… chest?

Have a good one…

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  1. sam


    you should know how arsene operates by now.
    If there is a player he really wants he will rush quickly to sign him before everyone else to avoid competition. as soon as the window opens , agents start parading their clients any player we are linked with will end up to the highest bidder and we lose out. are you trying to tell me that if man city or chelsea wants Jovetic wenger will still hang around? nope, he will shy away till the last day of transfer window to try to pick up bargains.
    its nothing new, there is 95% chance that freebie Sanogo will be our only summer signing. Well if no agent refuse to talk to him on deadline day we can still parade diaby as new signing.

  2. GUNNER786


    I’m going to throw a party to celebrate Spurs qualifying for the CL.

    Guess what? Your name will be at the very top.

  3. Kushagra

    Higuain and Ozil’s knack of missing chance after chance after chance is exemplary.
    Whenever I open the TV in some random channel in some random match Higuain is missing a chance .It’s the same old story. Rooney over him any day

  4. GUNNER786


    If you want to see players like Cavani,Falcao, Lewandowski etc then hope that Spurs go through tomorrrow.

    Gooby obviously doesnt!! He is quite happy with Denilson, Diaby and Gervinho.

  5. Inter YourGran

    It does make me laugh. The fans who turn their nose up at Rooney tell everyone else that Yaya Sonogo could be our Benteke….


  6. Inter YourGran

    the worst arsenal fans on the planet are;

    Piers Morgan
    Stewart Robson
    Osama… oh wait he’d dead 😆

  7. Inter YourGran

    Gunner786 – can you explain how spurs getting in the CL at our expense means we’ll buy players like falcao, cavani etc?

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Sam: there is 95% chance that freebie Sanogo will be our only summer signing

    How did you get to the figure of 95%? You made it up didn’t you? Go on, you can tell me.

  9. TOLI83

    What I don’t get is why are we buying this guy if we got Joel Campbell and others who can be 3rd striker etc. So does this mean we’re going to ship out the others? Not sustainable…

    Think we’ll be alright tomorrow. Start Giroud and Jack.

  10. Kushagra

    Benzema, Higuain, Ozil (who was a dream player), Di Maria so may players have plateaued under Maureen . The same may happen to the likes of Oscar. 27+ year olds are better suited to his style of management..

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    GUNNER786: If you want to see players like Cavani,Falcao, Lewandowski etc then hope that Spurs go through tomorrrow.

    Absolutely clueless statement. You think they’ll all be desperately banging at our door to sign for a team playing in the europa league?

    Same goes for Piers Morgan, the bloke’s a twat

  12. Inter YourGran

    dannyboy – gunner786 is a spurs fan and a muppet. As he’s not an arsenal fan i didn’t include him.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    @BB KING

    Well, let’s just wait and see. I believe my points to be legitimate reasons. You don’t. No point in arguing anymore 🙂

  14. sam


    He already said Its priority is to keep the players he has
    they did a great job, they work hard all season.

    do you even follow what wenger says?
    he’s giving you a hint that he’s not bothered with the transfer market. he’s happy with his current playerd.

  15. Kushagra

    Higuain definitely is Ozil has plateaued need to start afresh in a new club IMO. Maureen ruined them both with his uni-dimensional tactics also one of the reasons he didn’t win shit..
    The players at Madrid were never suited to the rope-a-dope tactics Maureen excel in.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Sam: do you even follow what wenger says?

    Do you even understand that almost everything Wenger says has an agenda behind it? Clearly you don’t.

  17. Kiyoshi Ito


    Why don’t you shut up,you patronising prick..!!

    You are a bigger prick,than Piers Morgan & that’s saying something..

    Everyday,you pollute this blog,with utter drivel!!

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Oh Vix,
    I warned you about thinking about my arse didn’t I? I told you you’d get all frustrated again. And what happened?
    Off you go and have a cold shower. Quick now.

  19. sam


    There are 2 benzemas.
    one plays for real madrid and might cost a fortune he’s the benzema we all know and hope he joins us.
    and the young brother, a promising 20 yrs old Gressy benzema who plays in french second division, he could come on the cheap or free.

    tough choice huh?

  20. Dan Ahern

    Oh please, Mourinho played fucking Kareem Benzema ahead of Higuain nearly all the time. Kareem Benzema, man. Your confidence/consistency would be shaken too.

    He’s still a great forward. His converts twice as well as anybody in our whole team. He has over 100 goals in La Liga and he’s 25.

    I’m sorry you personally don’t rate him for whatever reason, but he’s good.

  21. Kurt F

    Think you misunderstood my comment Mayank – when I say the best player he can possibly have, I’m not calling for fantasy football Ronaldo / Falcao signings. What I mean is that Wenger should have been looking his previous squads and thinking: is there anyone I can (realistically) get who is better than Gervinho, Rosicky, Szczesney, Ramsay, Giroud etc – and I think a quick glance round the markets past and present confirms the answer was / is clearly ‘yes’.

    For too long we’ve seen glaring weaknesses in our squad go unaddressed – this summer will hopefully be different but the great fear among fans is that Wenger is simply too stubborn to change. Not making signings because it would ‘kill a player’s career’ is an exercise in stupidity: if a better player is available he should be bought – the fans buy their season tickets to see a team that has the best possible chance of winning now, not eight years down the line. Wenger’s ‘killing development’ attitude also leads to a situation where you end up with a number of first team players who become complacent because there’s no competition for first team places.

    I don’t like to make the comparison, but while Fergie was constantly making world class signings to strengthen his (already trophy winning) squads, Wenger was busy buying Squillacis, Sylvestres, Chamakhs, Parks and Gervinhos and telling us that next year his group of players would come good because of their mental strength and added experience…..

  22. UGooner

    I don’t understand the whole Sanogo thing. He’s obviously not going to be our only signing. Personally, I think I am the only one hoping the deal get’s done, because people seem to forget the deal’s not done yet. I was worried we would only sign the one quality striker we are all anticipating, and then maybe focus on other positions.

    God knows the Arsenal world will go crazy if we miss out on that Jovetic, Higuain, Rooney? quality we are all crying out for. As fr the particular player, I really don’t even know who I would want or who to expect.

    There’s a time we would all have gone mental if we got Torres. I would still take him now as an option but I wouldn’t really be excited about it. So who’s the right player. We can sit here and speculate but really it’s not so easy. We all complain that the club dont break the bank, But is it the price that determines the quality? Quality players may be expensive but not all expensive players are of suitable quality.

    I suppose many of us will just be happier if we take more chances on high priced proven talents. I know I wouldn’t want another Gervinho either. One’s just enough.

  23. Dan Ahern

    Well, the way I look at it, even if your accusation is correct, he’s still head and shoulder above our current strike options. We manage to bottle SMALL games. What’s worse?
    The season is 38 games, and all of them are worth 3 points.

  24. Dan Ahern

    Let’s also keep in mind:
    Nobody is saying Higuain is the one and only signing we need to fix us. Like you said, it’d be cool to bring in him plus Jovetic. To me, we have a number of positions that need work. Getting Higuain MASSIVELY upgrades the strike department, and we can move on to getting things like a top midfielder, a goalie, a dynamic winger, a CB if Verm’s out the door, etc.

  25. Santos

    Wenger is a big fool if he does not see this time as an opportunity to review his ways. I even thought he was going to be chasing Lewandowski and Rooney, instead he’s going after a ligue 2 player who is not even measurable with upcoming English talents here. 3 league titles in seventeen years. He’s the biggest failure in football history. 46 major trophies we’ve misses out on and counting. Add the 24 we’ve missed out too, that gives you 70 trophies. Note carefully I haven’t said we should have won all, but some would have made us rather not gloomy. Some of you who still see greatness in this man are very big fools equally

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Santos: instead he’s going after a ligue 2 player who is not even measurable with upcoming English talents here

    You don’t think he could be going after both a ligue 2 player AND a top class player?

  27. Santos

    Higuain will be a sign of ambition. Add Rooney to that and we will trash Bayern Munich in the CL final

  28. Kushagra

    You summed up well
    I’ll end it by saying if there is an option btw choosing a dynamic winger or Higuain . I will go for the winger..

  29. Santos

    Nasris mouth
    That cliché about a leopard changing his spot not. Arsene’s methods are predictable. He won’t sign a top class player, unless he’s forced by the guys upstairs. He is a miserly man who is keen on contributing money o the French economy

  30. lamia

    Did you ever think he would go after 2 top class strikers and not bother with the ligue 2 player. Now that would send out a message to the cynics like that he is serious about making serious contenders. We have heard the same pro wenger protestations for the past 8 years. Can you really criticise people like Gunner 786 who have heard all this before.

  31. azed

    As for those wondering why there’s so much noise about Diaby v2, Well just cast your mind back to the statement Wenger made when he signed Slyvestre.

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    I said the other day, I expect us to sign quite a few players this summer. 6+ of which 2 or 3 will be starters.

    We’ll be clearing out a lot of players (a lot have already gone), and we’ll be bringing in a fair few more.

  33. Johnty79

    @dannyboy 18.43 I take great offence to you calling me one of arsenals worst fans…I have been consistent. I have called for wenger to be sacked on and off since 2001 after a home defeat to 1:3 to Newcastle….if he followed my advice we would have won 2 European cups, 3 more league titles…wenger should have left after the 2007-8 season. Through the title away.

  34. Herkules

    Everyone talk about strikers, and i suspect Jovetic will be the one we get… But the truth is we really need midfield help.. Al least two to shore up our side. Wilshire, Arteta, and Ramsey are not good enough over 38 games to allow us to compete.

  35. useroz

    Someone said we released 16 youth players? Where was it….sorry I missed the great piece of news!

    If sanogo were the 3rd striker God helps us/ Wenger.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    In terms of middle we need a CDM and a bigger CAM than Cazorla, bigger literally. Cazorla doesn’t have pitch presence.

    That way you can have your CDM, Wilshere can be the box to box guy and then we need a CAM.

  37. Gooby


    Guess we’ll have to wait and see now.

    I has been much more encouraging last summer and even the one before when we got mertezaker and arteta who have played a major part since they came in, they’ve been brilliant. We talk a lot about park, we did take a gamble on this one, I honestly though he would be decent, he was great for monaco but it didn’t work. It happens.

    Last season on the other hand we got cazorla, poldi, giroud all major signings, they all did pretty well, I know giroud is frustrating at times but he still got 17 goals and 11 assists, good outcome after all, same with poldi. No need to comment cazorla’s season he’s been a star.

    Problem is, we lost major players every time.

    Onto this summer:
    I don’t believe sanogo will prevent us from going after our main targets, we are getting him because he’s a talent, we love to bring in young talents, it’s part of wenger policy and it won’t change anytime soon (walcott,jenkinson, oxlade, coquelin…) we have to accept that it doesn’t work every single time, that’s impossible. Let’s wait and see what this kid is made of, he looks promising: tall, quick, eye for the goal, good technique…
    I also think we won’t be losing any major player this season bar maybe sagna, so it might be the summer that will take us forward (finally) to higher goals than just the CL places.
    Wenger ain’t stupid nor the board member, he’s doing the job he’s been ask to do, otherwise he would have been sacked long ago.

  38. Mental Strength

    Cesc Appeal 21:15:43

    “In terms of middle we need a CDM and a bigger CAM than Cazorla, bigger literally. Cazorla doesn’t have pitch presence.”

    I’m interested in hearing who you have in mind.

  39. Dan Ahern

    CA – Wow, I almost never disagree with you, but Cazorla is the one piece in the team I have complete confidence in and wouldn’t swap out. I will say, he does fine from left. But I think he’s better being a de facto AM. He’s just better, smarter, quicker, and more technical than all the others. If you put two athletic mids behind him it’s problem solved. At a minimum our midfield should be Arteta and a power DM supporting Caz.

    Here’s what a nice setup could look like:


  40. Gooby

    I don’t think we’re buying a CAM.

    Wenger’s plan seems to be wilshere in that position. I think cazorla’s brilliant and we might need a strong DM to go with ramsey or arteta and a striker obviously.

    Do you believe we might actually get 2 of them like higuain and jovetic?

  41. Johnty79

    16 completely crap youth players that never had a cance of making it…Liam Brady totally lost it towards te end. I understand this cull has knocked 3.1 million off the wage bill. Thank god.

  42. Herkules

    Completely agree with Cesc… Height and presence is needed in the midfield. For all of Wilshire’s talent he can never be Lampard or Yaya, because he’s simply not genetically big enough.

    And Ramsey works incredibly hard.. Love the effort… But he simply lacks the technique that i don’t think can be learned.

    They’re both strong squad players… But not enough to play week in and week out on a Top team.

  43. Dan Ahern

    Gooby – Do I BELIEVE we’ll get 2? No.
    Do I think we’ll get a couple good players? Yes.
    Maybe hope is better word than think.

    I have to disagree with Wenger’s vision if it’s for JW to be AM. He should be Arteta’s understudy right now. Eventually he will be our box-to-box spiritual leader. But AM? I don’t think he quite has the right skill set to do his best there.

    dialsquare — I was already being overly optimistic that we’d import 4 starters. But yeah, I think we could do better than Theo. My position has always been that we should sell him. I’ve softened on that a little because he is genuinely good in the right situations. But you can’t be a great player 25% of the time.

    (And jesus fucking christ, stop taking free kicks!!)

  44. Gooby


    Wilshere would walk in any first 11 in the league, he’s that good.

    This kid is going to be better than all the lampards ad gerrards

  45. Dan Ahern

    Herkules — That’s simply not true. There are so many good small midfielders. The key is having balance. If you have a small fry and you play 4-3-3, you better have a big body backing him up (or at least good size but strong/aggressive and fast).

  46. Herkules

    Gooby and Dan… I’m not really disagreeing with either of you… Silva is great (and small) because he has yaya for cover. Chelsea have a few smaller guys because Luiz can cover… And yes Wilshire is talented… BUT.. A midfield of Arteta, Wilshire, Ramsey is not good enough to beat the big teams (or physical enough).

  47. HP

    GoobyMay 18, 2013 22:24:59
    Herkules Wilshere would walk in any first 11 in the league, he’s that good. This kid is going to be better than all the lampards ad gerrards


    hahahahahaha no he would not.

    He won’t be better than lampard or gerrard

    He won’t be around for more than 3-4 years anyway

  48. HP

    Nasri’s MouthMay 18, 2013 23:03:22
    HP, aren’t you the guy that kept saying we’d lose to Wigan 100% ?

    Yup I did, I thought Wigan would find a way out like they always do but not this time(main reason was that it was their 4th game in 11 days), just like how its going to be with us tommorow and our failure to get CL qualification

  49. Dan Ahern

    NM — Yeah it’s quite nice, isn’t it? Hope that is indeed the kit. Very classic. One thing I really like about it–I am presuming here–is that Emirates has allowed their logo to be in the kit colours. You don’t get the disgusting clash that you see on a lot of shirts these days.

  50. Doublegooner

    Tomorrow is a cup final.

    We always bottle in finals.

    Will tomorrow be any different with that rich grob Ashley The spud offering £1m bonus to beat us.

  51. Doublegooner

    Mental Strength:

    You wont find a bigger doubter than me of Wenger & his ordinary team, but you’re wrong about Jack. The guy has all the ingredients to be something special.

    All he lacks is the right manager & team.

  52. Mental Strength

    I see Ramsey as a O’shea/Wes Brown/Cleverly type player, not good enough for the first team, but is willing to be second choice and will put in a decent performance when called upon.

  53. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I would be glad to miss out on CL football if it meant the end of Wenger. What’s the big deal with CL qualification? It’s not like we stand a chance of winning it! It’s all about the money and as we all know, Wenger just doesn’t like spending it, he just likes piling it up in the bank so he gets his fat bonus at the end of the year. Time for a change, Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke out now!

  54. Dannyboy

    AGD, we simply can’t afford to miss out with Wenger in charge, cos that would give him the perfect excuse not to spend.

  55. useroz

    Wilshere has done little, injury or not. We need way more than those. 2, 3 yard sideway flicks. He may be promising so let’s count him in ehen he gets there. Meanwhile some ready to go top MF creative player is needed…..oh, over 5’10” and no skinny type please……

    We can’t have anymore midgets or skinny matchsticks if we want to compete next year.

  56. sam

    Lol useroz,

    we are signing yaya sanogo and he’s 6’3 don’t be surprised when you are told he’s the new yaya toure
    arsene knows!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. dialsquare

    My observations on Arsenal are usually superficial generalisations but on this point i will make an exception.
    I see Wenger as a limited, conceited and deluded old man who can’t see the wood for the trees and spend his way out of trouble.

  58. Arsenal 1886-2006

    So Falcao to City, wenger better pull some rabbits out of the hat or we can look forward to fighting for the glorious 4th again next season.

    What scares me is wenger will look at our goals scored this season and settle for this young crock from france.
    You just know what he is thinking when it comes to competing for the financial prudence trophy.

    Good night and see you all for the inquest about 6 tomorrow afternoon.

  59. Arsenal 1886-2006


    ‘Wenger: Europa League rewards ‘failure’
    And the ‘Champions’ league doesn’t? This from a person that classes 4th as a trophy.

    Definitely shutting off the laptop before I chuck it through the window after reading that headline.
    The F*****G cheek of the man, jeeezzzz.

  60. useroz

    Wenger is saying he finally has a STABLE because everyone he wants to keep will stay. This is hilarious….Tell you what, Arsene, you managed to sell everyone worth their salt and we are left with people no one wanted…keep them idiot. Who wants to pay what you pay these guys???

  61. Ryan

    Just read a price in the daily mail..
    Wenger saying no world class players will leave arsenal this summer.. For once he right!! Reason: we have none!

  62. Moray

    well, for all his faults, at least Wenger has kept it interesting for us until the last day of the season. Just wish we were in a position to send Newcastle down by beating them today!

  63. Moray

    haha SUGA3, just trying to look on the bright. You could also say he’s done well to get us a chance at CL qualification considering we went into the season with only one striker and no defensive training training…but it wouldn’t tell the full story.

  64. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Last day of the season some kid decides to have a John Smith’ Hav it’ moment

    and boots a ball and smashes my sky dish. No satelite

    Laptop jst isnt the same……..

  65. SUGA3


    one has to give credit where the credit is due: our defensive record has improved no end!

    I really did not give this team much of a chance once RvP was sold and said at the beginning of the season that our only hope was repeating the 07/08 season when the players played with freedom once Henry left…

    the difference is that this squad has much less talent overall than that team, hence we were never in the title race in the first place, but I have to give Wenger credit for weathering the storm if we manage a win against Newcastle…

    still, progress is needed and it should not manifest itself in the shape of buying another bunch of hopefuls and maybes…

  66. Moray

    SUGA3, I agree. However I think we need to re-think our style of play. It is not working, and we are caught out against the better teams. We need to step up a gear for next season, Wenger or no Wenger.

  67. Moray

    This is the kind of quality we’re up against (from the Guardian):

    spurs, unbeaten in seven matches, can muster a Premier League high of 72 points by beating Sunderland and still find themselves fifth,

  68. Ashwin Gunner

    Firstly I am glad. Not because we reached top 4, but more glad the St. Totteringham’s day lives on.

    On targets..
    There are too many speculations. Be it Higuain, or Begovic. or even Rooney for that matter.

    I am not reading too much into it. Every year from the day transfer window opens to the last day, Wenger keeps saying that we are active in the market, and on the final day he will buy Gervinho’s brother.

    I think we need a striker who is stong and can shoot from who can shoot from 30 yards range. Giroud fits the bill, but his form is very inconsistent. There should be some one who scores goals more consistently and who can keep Giroud on his toes.

    I don;t think we need a DM. Ramsey is doing a good job. and we have Coquelin on our ranks.