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Morning party people. How’s the head? Good? Ok, that’s excellent news. Shall we crack on?

Firstly, who saw the Barcelona fight pictures? Alex Song reaching in to slap Piqué. Seems like he’s having fun over there eh? What did I tell you about his attitude? I’d love to know what Piqué said to deserve the slap. Something we’ve all dreamed of. You do have to ask questions of Song though… who is he to behave like that? On an open top bus parade. What a twonk.

Lots of anger about the Sanogo deal yesterday. I can understand it. Dealing with a French under 21 with injury problems considering our record of late is a touch neglectful. Arsene Wenger first got his taste for injury prone players when he signed Marc Overmars in 97ish. The speed demon came to us at a knock down rate and he flourished. He was one of my favourites… still is. That’s goal at Old Trafford will live in my memory forever. The deal for Overmars was so good, we sold him to Barca with Petit for £25m. Two years later he was ruined.

That first taste of ‘injury prone player turned good’ is kind of like the person who makes a bet for the first time and win big. It’s all down hill after the initial big win. Sure there have been players that have worked out. Kanu came over from Inter and played a decent half season. Amaury Bischoff obviously worked out. One player I can maybe draw comparisons with is Gael Clichy. He was crocked all through his teens… but eventually came good. You could say the same about Theo.

Look, I’m not saying this guy is the answer to our striking issues. In fact, he certainly isn’t. But it’s about having a squad. If we have Giroud, Sanogo and something a bit world class… then that’s not a bad place to be. I don’t mind having an Anelka like punt as third choice. Well, an Adebayor like punt should I say… and lets be honest, we’ve missed a powerful pacey forward who can bully defences with work rate.

On the keeper front, the rumblings are firmly around Caesar, now, that means either we are interested in him. Or, his agents are really keen to move him over to us. Now, I like the Brazilian, who when on form, he’s easily up there with the best in the league. My only issue is some of his form has been shoddy at QPR, and height wise, he isn’t exactly dominant. It’s another risky punt when really, we need to make a sound long term move.

Begovic is my number one target, he’s the perfect physical specimen when it comes to being a keeper, he’s agile, a great shot stopper and he’s had the Stoke treatment with crosses. He’d be a step in the right direction. It’d be nice if Jens was his coach. Binning off the keeping coach might be a step too far for Wenger… despite his appalling record over the last 5 years.

So what about this playoff? I know it’s a long shot… but if there is a 3rd place playoff… shouldn’t there be a trophy? Seriously. There should be. It’s a one off game, with a prize. So there should be a trophy? People… the top four trophy is dead. 3rd place could actually be our first piece of silverware. Plus, we’d be the first name on it ever. Think about how mega that would be…

Tomorrow is on my mind, but we’ll talk about it later. Don’t listen to Wenger saying he’s not thinking about the summer either. The club have been working on players for weeks. Wenger is just keeping his warchest close to his… Errr… chest?

Have a good one…

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  1. Bade

    “Well, an Adebayor like punt should I say… and lets be honest, we’ve missed a powerful pacey forward who can bully defences with work rate”


    Good morning Pedders, but Ade is the last thing we need, or some alike. Actually we have an Ade impersonator, his name is Gerv.

    Ade was horrible & still is. We were lucky he got a one off season with 30 goals

    But honestly an adequate striker would have ended up that season with at least another 15-20 goals. He misses sitters for fun

  2. Bade

    As for the Song pic, is it really a rift or is he just playing around with a vicious style?

    Either way, I can’t be arsed about that bloke. I’m happy he’s off.

    And did you get it? We sell our “DM” which many on here dubbed as “the best in the EPL” (brrrrrr), we don’t replace him & guess what? We improve our conceded goals tally by 10+ goals, sitting as 2nd best defence in the league …..

    Yes, he was that good actually

  3. Bade

    A Begovic move won’t happen, unless Arsene is truly healed of his delusions & I suspect he isn’t exactly

    Begovic means SZCZ out of the club. Arsene won’t allow that to happen. After all, they’re all his kids & he’s their father ……

    All that said, I don’t mind if we signed Diego Lopez, although he had a stinker

    That said, how come Pedro misses on mocking Jose for last night? ……

  4. Bade

    Ceasar would be an improvement over what we have as GK options, no doubt. But I agree there are better options available

  5. ardentgooner

    I dont get the Sanogo rage either

    Benteke, Lukaku etc are some of the players that our fans say we should have signed when they were unknown, yet when we do take a punt on Sanogo people go crazy? Fans as they say, can never be satisfied

  6. Bade


    What can I tell you. Such a signing makes me really angry. Not because I care about having a more known CF as 3rd option, but because I know this will push Arsene towards not signing a top CF

    This will go like this:

    “I don’t believe spending is the solution for everything, although I know here in England you think so.

    We have Podolski who had a great season albeit being injured, Giroud had a great 1st season, better than RVP’s & TH’s, so I expect him to improve next season. We also signed Sanogo & we have of course Theo who likes to play as CF, so we actually are congested there & I trust my players to deliver this coming season”

    Maybe he’ll throw a Bendtner there also ……

    I hope I’m wrong there & we land a top CF. But it’s just getting harder to believe ….

  7. SUGA3

    Pedders, good post, but there are plenty of decent physical strikers with workrate about, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel by taking another punt, not too sure if anyone noticed that Sanogo’s ‘9 in 11’ stat is a tad misleading, given how 7 out of these came in two games, we have enough of the ‘hot and cold’ kind of players as it is…

  8. St Freak

    Its amazing what you can do with 1 miserable bit of news.

    Nice call not going into tomorrow’s game by the way. Coz come sunday, You’d have jack with a side of squat to write about.

    I seriously donot envy your job in the next couple of months

  9. SUGA3


    I think we will sign Jovetic and we’ll be done in this departmenr, shame, as I don’t think he is in the quality bracket required to be a proper top striker, 13 goals in all comps is a bit meh if you ask me, we need a prove 20+ striker!

  10. higz

    Lukaku unknown? He was touted as next drogba for years and had been linked with Chelsea for good while.

  11. N5

    Fuck me another “next Drogba”, if he is young, black and African he is the next Drogba, Africa must only make Drogba’s!

  12. andy1886

    Caesar for Chesney would be a minor upgrade at best, I’d rather sign one decent forward rather than 3 or 4 mid-range maybes. Unfortunately Wenger’s default is the latter.

  13. GoonerHart

    I would prefer hit usain to jovetic personally.

    Also I had a thought and this would ruin football but if someone like abramovich pr the sheikh really wanted to mess things up in the football world why not buy another European team or 2 and stockpile good players there then you have a stockpile of 2 or 3 different clubs of world class players you have access to each transfer window especially if you dedicate one to buying world class young talents then you don’t really need to worry about FFP except for that one team. And that will only be for a maximum of 3 years I believe? Like I said it would ruin football but I just wondered why they didn’t?

  14. Raz

    Ooof, negativity central!

    I say bring on the Sonogo transfer because even Wenger can’t be crazy enough to sign him and not sign anyone else. At best, he walks into the team, dominates the league and is next season’s Benteke/Michu signing. At worst, he isn’t ready, he develops behind the scenes and one day is great for us.

    I still think regardless of this signing there will be another proven striker brought in, and this is why I am still confused as to why he was even mentioned as a 3rd choice striker when we already have 4 players ahead of him.

    Let’s go mental before the window even opens!

    In other news, Happy Birthday Mum!

  15. Highbury

    I dont think this playoff thing will be there next week sunday, coz am pretty sure at the end of the day will have more goals scored!…Sanogo story…warning! Cheap is expensive that has been proved for the last 8years.

  16. HP

    Why are we commenting on Jovetic/Higuain? When was the last time we got a top class striker? that’s right, never. Wenger is going to sign another nobody to try and make him the next henry, that is his obsession. He wants credit for creating another superstar so he won’t buy one he will just buy the raw ingredients.

    Regardless we are not getting CL so get these stupid thoughts out of your head, this summer is going to be a bigger disaster than anyone before it. I predict Wilshere is sold most likely next season but this season is a possibility.

  17. Kjafc

    Great post Pedro
    The Sanogo rage is just a prt of the constant negativity that surrounds our club. To a certain extent this is understandable, the recent policy of buying cheap players with potential has proved unsuccessful. However, I concur with Pedro. Who would have accepted Michu, Benteke, Ba etc if these players had been rumoured to join at us at the end of last season? Anelka helped win us the league and his sale helped pay for the Shenley training centre!

    Sanogos injuries included a broken leg. That isn’t injury prone that is damn unlucky. The other injury he suffered was a torn abductee muscle. These are major injuries that do not suggest he is injury prone. They arent lots of little injuries like some of our players enjoy. Watching him play, one thing is for certain the boy can finish – unlike a lot of what we have been used to! Anyway, he will be an option not the main striker. We shall see.

    We need to be more open minded and positive and let’s see what other signings we make before we start doom mongering. I believe that we now have everything in place to start dominating again. Subject to the right signings of course. Leave the media and our rivals to the slagging off and constant criticism, lets get behind our great club.

  18. Kjafc

    Mate, yesterday you were calling our team bottlers and refusing to give any credit to the team for winning in Munich and for this unbeaten run. Now you are claiming this summer is going to be a bigger disaster than ever. Bet you are fun to be with during happy hour! Come on mate, wait until the summer signings then have your say. But please stop slagging us off all the time, it is bad enough with the press and rival fans rounding on us.

  19. SUGA3


    Michu – currently 27 years old, proven scorer in La Liga

    Demba Ba – same age, came to Chavs after scoring 29 goals for NUFC, came to West Ham after scoring 37 in Germany

    Benteke – closer example age and numbers wise, still a first division player


    9 goals in 11 games in Ligue 2, 7 out of which were scored in two games?


  20. lamia


    “I believe that we now have everything in place to start dominating ”
    On what do you base this statement. How many points will we finish behind a poor manure team in a poor season standard wise. And considering City,Chelsea even spurs will be strengthening ( and will be buying top notch players). Your deluded optimistic statements is ridiculous.

  21. Kjafc

    Happy birthday to your Mum.

    Glad you have calmed down today, it gets testing at times. I am not convinced everyone is what they claim to be, so bear that in mind.

    Michu and Benteke certainly hit the ground running. I just don’t think Giroud is ever going to be a prolific finisher or scorer of great goals. He works hard and is a strong boy who came late into top flight football so perhaps next season.

  22. HP

    Kjafc I’m saying this summer while be the worst as we will not qualify for the CL. Our team are bottlers, haven’t you seen the past 8 years? The losses to blackburn and bradford this season are just a small example.

    When have we actually done well when there is a pressure match on?

    Believe me I want to be proven wrong more than anything but these fucks don’t deserve anymore chances, they have abused the goodwill and trust of the fans for far too long and now it finally comes back and bites them in the ass.

    Don’t these jovetic/higuauin stories seem similar? every season we are linked with a starlet and that information is leaked by the club intentionally to give the fans hope that something will change when it will not

    We won’t win another trophy as long as wenger is here and it could be another 10 or so years if he keeps on getting CL places. It really amazes me how fans can talk about 3rd place playoffs when they should be wondering what the club will do when we do not have CL next season.

    This sanogo is another example, why not go for someone like lukaku or try at least? he is a proven goal scorer in the epl with west brom and while he would cost serious cash he is a serious talent, not a 6’4 diaby playing in league 2.

  23. Will

    We’ve had a Million of these signings. Think how my strikers we have on the books at afc. I don’t need to name them all but there is no excuse now to only bring in second division French players, we have money! No more parks, , gervinhos and chamahks. We need to move on!!

  24. SUGA3

    ‘But please stop slagging us off all the time, it is bad enough with the press and rival fans rounding on us.’

    excuse me while I go fetch my violin…

  25. Raz

    I wonder how much Mignolet would cost. I really rate him, I think he’s one of the best in the league and far better than anyone we have. At the weekend Szczesny proved what we all thought already, yet again – he made some amazing point blank saves, but other than he was poor. He threw or kicked at least 2 balls out of play under no pressure and with the whole pitch to aim at. He came for a long ball and was clearly going to concede to Kone were it not for Koscielny’s acrobatics. He seems to have gone backwards. He can’t stop free kicks, can’t stop long shots, can’t deal with crosses as well as we’d like. Almost every keeper in the league would be an improvement!

    My preference from the premier league would be:

    Guzan or that Reading keeper McArthy

    Considering we wouldn’t go for Hart, Cech, Howard, Lloris…

    But deffo Mignolet for me.

  26. Raz

    “Kjafc I’m saying this summer while be the worst as we will not qualify for the CL. ”

    Such an unbelievably massive statement that carries such an amazing amount of potential to be proved incorrect. I don’t get how anyone can go around saying that about the team at THIS stage when really it should be about having utmost faith in the boys who are on an incredible run, and who go to probably the weakest team in the league right now.

  27. Kjafc

    Never let facts or stats get in the way of a good story, they say.

    Michu, please remind me of all the big clubs that were in for him in the summer. Had you heard of him? I will bet you any money you like, that had Arsenal been in for Michu last summer that there would have been rage from some sections of the Arsenal fan club on here.

    Ba, why do you conveniently ignore Demba Ba was origanally picked up by Newcastle, not Chelsea in teh Summer? You only quote his stats when Chelsea bought him. he was proven then, any of us could have done that. He did not sign for Chelsea in the summer, they signed him once he had been proven.

    The same with Benteke.

    You all claim to be experts on who we should buy and why. Did you say Arsenal should buy Michu, Ba or Benteke last summer? If not, why not? And if we had been in for them, would we have had ‘rage’ as Pedro calls it. You do not have to be Einstein to know the answer.

  28. Bade


    Yeh, Jovetic alone isn’t exactly the answer. And I fear he’ll come on the expense of one of our “active” forwards. I guess we might cash in for Podolski

  29. vicky

    Man U third choice striker : Chirchirato.

    City third choice striker : Dzeko.

    Arsenal third choice striker : Yaya something…….Ohh its Sonogo…YAYA SONOGO.

  30. Raz

    Just thought I’d share-

    “This summer, Arsene Wenger cannot afford to make a mistake. Whether or not Arsenal manage to qualify for the Champions League, this season has not been good enough. Arsenal need to bring in a forward who can help turn them from also-rans to genuine contenders once again.

    For all Giroud’s qualities, there is a sense that he is not a striker in the true Arsenal mould. The Frenchman is a fairly traditional target man: he is best with the ball in the air and his back to the goal. He is an atypical Arsene Wenger player; Wenger’s trophy-winning sides have tended to feature quick, mobile forwards like Nicolas Anelka and Thierry Henry.

    Giroud represents a wonderful Plan B; Arsenal need a new Plan A.

    Jovetic could be the man for that plan.

    He is quick off the mark and has outstanding technique. Unlike Giroud, his game is not based on physical strength, but instinctive sprints into space and an immaculate first touch. He is comparable with Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, who has flourished in the Premier League this season.

    Fielding Jovetic at centre-forward would transform Arsenal’s style. His versatility means he would be able to swap out to the wings whenever required, allowing Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott to alternate through the centre, giving Arsenal a newfound unpredictability in attack.

    He also has the pace to get on to through-balls from the likes of Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla. Giroud prefers passes in to his head, chest or feet, but Jovetic is prepared to run in behind the defence when needed, stretching the play and creating space for others.

    Of course, the wonderful thing about adding Jovetic to the Arsenal ranks is that it would allow Arsenal to switch things up and change to a front two when required. Jovetic and Giroud would make a marvellous front pairing. In certain games, Arsenal could go for a more direct system akin to that played by The Invincibles in 2004.

    It remains to be seen whether or not Arsenal are prepared to break the bank to sign a player of Jovetic’s quality.

    However, should the Gunners bring Jovetic in, it will transform not just their starting lineup but also their chances of winning silverware next season. ”

    From the article “Picking an Arsenal Starting XI to Include Stevan Jovetic”
    By James McNicholas on March 27, 2013″

  31. SUGA3


    listen, my dear AFC PR plant:

    ‘Michu, please remind me of all the big clubs that were in for him in the summer.’

    never my argument in the first place, all I am saying is that he scored 14-15 goals for the last two seasons in the first division competition for average teams and obviously, given that he has got 18 so far in England means the scouts must have done something right, our geniuses who brought us Gervinho and other gems could learn a thing or two!

    ‘Ba, why do you conveniently ignore Demba Ba was origanally picked up by Newcastle, not Chelsea in teh Summer?’

    eh? first and foremost, he was initially picked up by West Ham and played 12 games for them, you plum, then Chelsea bought him for a reasonable price from Newcastle AFTER he has shown that he can score a lot of goals and that dodgy knee of his won’t explode and that is how one should do things, wanna bet that we pissed enough money up the wall on kids that never made it here to fund one Demba Ba?

    don’t need to tell you which one I’d prefer, do I?

    there is no ‘rage’, it’s a big word, it’s more of ‘Meh, Le Idiot just can’t help himself, can he?’ at this point 😆

  32. Kjafc


    I agree it is a bit insane but you need to rise above it. Everyone is entitled to their views. It is a shame that some see Le Grove as an opportunity to have a daily whinge or just slag off the club and the team. Doesn’t achieve anything but makes people feel better I guess. I have supported Arsenal for 50 years and seen some real rubbish but I love the club. I disagree with loads that has happened but also support other aspects and I have voiced my opinion. One thing I hate is my club being slagged off. Bad enough our rivals do it but so called fans? As I said, I am not convinced that everyone is what they claim to be, so take that into consideration. At the end of the day, we are all sitting behind a PC, IPAD etc.

    Just debate sensibly, make your point but don’t give up, otherwise Le Grove will become boring and just a place for a whinge. Pedro makes some great posts.

  33. Bade

    Some Galatasaray fan tackled Drogba during an open training session

    Hahaha, they are truly thugs of the worst kind, Galatasaray fans

  34. Raz

    I can still really see these signings coming in:

    CB Ashley Williams – no explanation
    CDM – Maxime Gonalons – true DM, statistically world class, cheaper than the likes of Lars bender, available, typical.
    RB – not even going to attempt!
    ST – a BIG signing
    plus Jovetic.

    Gervinho might go. Pod will stay. We might also see a change in formation from 433 or 4231 to 4132/41311

    Would make sense. Ramsey is rediscovering his form at last, as a central and attacking mid. We don’t have a true DM and all our impressive play going forward has come off the back of taking off one defensive player and bringing on another forward or attacking mid, where we’ve almost gone to a 424.

  35. Raz


    Bench: Szcz, Williams, Monreal, Jenko, Wilshere, Ox, ST

    Couldn’t resist!

  36. HP

    Raz, there is no point having faith because these guys are bottlers . Going on a winning run against teams we should have beaten is not some kind of favor to the fans, its what they were supposed to do anyway.

    Like I said I’m calling a 1-1 draw with NC.

  37. Paddy got up

    I just can’t believe Wenger has rode this storm out. We could of got that fucker out in January, he was wobbling, he didn’t know what to say, he was losing his rag with his mates in the press. Even Cunt Kroenke flew over to see what was happening.
    But whilst some of us was encouraging demonstrations, boycotts and what not.. Anyone remember anti Wenger banners and talk of some aeroplane with a message on the back flying over the ground!!?
    The majority just sat back and done naff all.
    Now roll it forward we talk of success if we get 4th place, swallow all the new signing shite of every year and even Pedro has gone native( this is the picture from the boardroom!)
    As for Wenger he has that slimy smile back and is laughing in your face. The club will turn a profit again this summer just wait and see.

  38. andy1886

    Raz, I respect your views but come on, be serious…

    “At worst, he isn’t ready, he develops behind the scenes and one day is great for us.”

    Nope, at worst he is complete garbage, gets injured and spends the next 4/5 years on good wages ‘doing a Diaby’ before being shipped out to play in Qatar.

    A bit of realism would be helpful.

  39. useroz

    Nothing wrong looking for potential amongst youth players the problem @ Arsenal is the manager only looks for cheap stereotypes /specimens that already failed miserably by and large; he’s obsessive with them. Other clubs go for renowned /generally good ones such as Lukala, Bony, etc and only have a few. How many have we got in London… and EU still waiting to get in the country??

    Yaya Sanogo has a documented history of not so minor injuries and he’s bloody ‘skinny’ (ryo?) so he’s going to be eaten alive (ie broken into pieces) by Stokes and the like.
    Even mature players Wenger bought aint anything special. Cazorla was bought in liquidation sale. Monreal was another forced buy but at least it shows a deal can be struck relatively quickly and not the usual summer dragging on…it IS as simple as shopping in the supermarket, Arsene.

    Begovic is top class; wouldn’t want Cesar…unfortunately the former is expensive and wenger likes cheap stuff. He could easily save us 10 points next season, assuming current CB pairing.

  40. Kjafc

    Okay, you got the insult out of the way, well done great way to debate. You clearly don’t like my opinion, so I must be a paid up member of the board or whatever.. Believe it or not mate, not everyone has the same opinions as you, get over it that is life.

    All I said was that had we been in for Michu, Benteke or Ba last summer, you would have had the same rage as Sanogo. As this hit a nerve, you tried to provide stats that proved Michu and Ba were proven goalscorers, you even had the cheek to throw in Bas stats when Chelsea bought him. However, you failed to explain why last summer big clubs were not in for these players or whether or not you would have been outraged, as you are with Sanogo. Now, if you really did know these three were stars, you should apply for the job as chief scout at The Arsenal and join me as a paid employee…! If you did not, then just take it on the chin, that the point about Sanogo is a fair one.

    Look, Sanogo is not the key signing we need, agreed. But he might turn out to be!

    I respect your opinion but would ask you to respect mine instead of reporting to childish insults.

  41. Doublegooner

    Tomorrow is a Cup Final, the biggest since Paris.

    Win tomorrow & 4th place Polystyrene Cup & all it;s riches is on offer.

    Fail & Monseur Wenger should bow out.

  42. ruelando

    its amazing how some of us support our club arsenal, by doing as much bashing as possible before a major match and dooming the team to failure, because the team hasnt bought the expensive players you hope they would, for me in looking back in arsenal history there just has been a few players who had the star power reputation before they got to arsenal.

    Yes it may be due to money(the wage structure) and lack of trophies that force some of our best players to leave, but that is an individual choice. A team still remains, which have been in the top four for several years, other teams have been fighting tooth and nail for this opportunity.

    Over the pass years we have seen areas which the team needs to improve, not numerous, just two or three. i would be the first to admit that, but still we compete and if not for some individual errors we could be challenging for titles.

    Lets get behind the tea and hope the manager make h right choices for the next season

  43. SUGA3

    actually, given that so far we have conceded one less goal than the champions, I don’t think we really need a 1st choice GK, and did you see Begovic’s brain fart in the last game?

    yeah, he is adequate to compete with Szczesny for the no.1 spot, unlike Fabianski or Mannone, but IMO, there is nothing between him and WS…

    IMO, on top of Begovic we could do with another big, physical CB, a DM, a really prolific striker, possibly a proper winger, just to be greedy 😉

  44. dialsquare

    The current crop of players i would keep as Squad Members are Cazorla, Wilshere, Monreal, Gervinho, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Podolski and Giroud the rest are surplus to requirements.

  45. AJ

    Kjafc May 18, 2013 12:50:25

    Look, Sanogo is not the key signing we need, agreed. But he might turn out to be!
    This is what most people on here have had enough of.

  46. SUGA3


    mate, please, do one with this patronising nonsense, this blog has always been a bit mental and I like it this way, besides, being all so touchy-feely just proves that you are, well, a bit of a plum 😆

    repeat: there is no ‘rage’, this is a feeling reserved for special momentsm you know, like selling your captain and best player to rivals, effectively handing them the title, which is especially painful now, seeing how much we have improved defensively and it could (and should) have been us…

    seriously, what is so difficult to understand?

    Michu: first division player, reasonable pedigree, good goalscoring record

    Demba Ba: first division player, reasonable pedigree, good goalscoring record, actually, an awesome one before his move to Chelsea

    Benteke: this is where I might have my reservations, however, now we should just take a leaf out of Chelsea’s book and poach him from Villa

    Sanogo: 2nd Division player, 11 apps, 9 goals (7 in 2 games), record in the France’s youth teams suggest that he does not keep up development wise, given how the number of appearances lower and so do his proportional goal returns

    now, pick the odd one out?

  47. Raz

    P.s. I wouldn’t call Williams a big signing I’d call him a necessary addition to our squad. If people think we only need to improve the first team they are wrong. We need improvements coming off the bench also.

  48. Kamal Zharif

    U know what, I remember there was a list of FM’s (the game football manager) top young strikers to buy. Among that list was Lukaku, Fiorentina’s Khouma Babacar, and guess what, Yaya Sanogo. I know it’s just a game, but FM have been more or less accurate with the players. I’m looking forward to it. Let’s face it, we do need a youngster forward in the ranks. Giroud is 26 turning 27, Poldi is also 27 turning 28, so yeah, what’s wrong with having a 20 year old in the ranks? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really excited with this summer. Even though we still have a game to win tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure, the fans just can’t wait for the summer to come. I do believe that Wenger will bring a marquee name into the team. Like a top name forward, and maybe Cesc. But my question would be is, all these names are tipped to go somewhere else (Chelsea, City, and perhaps Utd). Who is there left to buy? Anyways, Song is not a DM. Even last year, Arterta is the one who covers the back 4, and not Song, he will only go forward and not track back for his teammates. And whatever happens to Adler? I think he would be a great fit, and have a much better pedigree. Once Germany’s no 1, cut short due to injuries. I’ll take that any day.

  49. Kjafc

    You make a great point. There has been too much reliance on buying cheap and trying to find a gem. However, there is no real problem with that providing you also buy the finished article. If you don’t buy quality as well, you are going to get what we have seen

    On the keeper front, I too prefer Begovic over Cesar and would be happy with that. They a both improvements on what we have and I agree that it is more likely Cesar will join.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    I honestly can’t see us spending on a no.1 keeper. I know we’ve got a fair bit of cash to spend, but £14m + a big salary to gain a relatively minor improvement is unlikely.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    As for Sanogo, how about this

    Yesterday we got rid of a load of youngsters off the books. 16 of them, including

    Sanchez Watt, a striker 2 years older than Sanogo, with a worse scoring record.

    So you could actually say we’ve replaced him with someone better.

  52. Biodun

    Kanu came over from Inter and played a decent half season. Amaury Bischoff obviously worked out.” You must have had too many Peroni’s before writting that. Comparing Kanu’s Arsenal career with Amaury Bischoff is like comparing Kim Kardashian and Angela Merkel.
    Now if Yaya Sanogo is the ‘big’ signing we are making this summer,then we will still be struggling for 4th and 5th place next season.
    Let’s get serious please. Sanogo is not a sign of seriousness.

  53. Kjafc


    There is not an odd one out. They are all players that last summer you would have been disappointed to hear were being signed by Arsenal. I take the point that Sanogo is a young lad and tehrefore more of an unknown but at the end of the day not one of the aforementioned would have been signings you would have wanted and therefore there would have been ‘rage’.

    The ‘Sanogo’ rage, is a bit OTT, Pedro is spot on.

    If this summer comes and all we buy are prospects’ I will join you in the ‘rage’ department. Until then I will refrain from jumping up and down and crying like a baby about something that has yet to happen. Sanogo seems to be a done deal, so nothing you can do about it.

    Enjoy your football mate, life’s tough you are lucky to support such a great club. If you were a Spurs fan, you would be on suicide watch, those clowns have been waiting 52 years for the title.

  54. Kjafc

    You are wrong. Yes we were trading players for profit, absolutely. That game is over. Like I said, you are trying to find things to be negative about and predict the future through doomladen glasses. Jesus, how about this one, we are all going to die one day. No good banging on about it, not going to stop it happenning. Like I said, lets wait and see what signings occur before predicting whether we will get relegated or not. And if the signings do not happen, I will happily join you in the ‘Private Fraser’ camp.

  55. Demon

    The fact of the matter is wenger shouldnt be allowed to make these type of signings as his priority is the first team now. By making this signing proves to me the board are goin to stick with wenger for a long time, gazidis should of said fuckoff your not going to be here long so why waste your time and our resources on developing your french lover.

    There is plenty of talent around the world, but yet wenger chooses to continue to buy dross to help the french economy.

    What was our last succesful purchase from france….dont worry ill wait….giroud, chamack, gervinho, squilacci.

    There is massive talent around the world but wenger has a massive hard on for attempting to improve a duds just to get the praise when he could bypass all that and buy ready made talent and win trophies which is a real trophy. To wenger signing an unproven raw player and making them succesfull is like winning a nobel prize. Difference is only he and the player benefits as wenger will get the praise, the player will get the praise and money but we the fans have to put up with mediocre performances for years only for that player to be sold when they have a good season or two.

    Fuck wengers model.

    Socialist prick. He should fuck of to cuba and manage a team there.

  56. Nyote Moses

    This is not time for wenger to experiment, 8yrs were enough. I find it rediculous to start hearing these Sanogo stories. we have so many of this kind of players who have congested our wage bill for nothing. we need only quality Forwards in the mould of Higuein, Rooney,cavaani,jovetic ,Falcao to deliver trophies and return to our glory days. To cry out loud look at these players and see if there is any quality at the highest level; Chamaka,Bentner,chu yang park,Squilachi,Gervino,Djoru to but afew. PLEASE WE NEED QUQLITY TO MATCH OUR RIVALS lest trophies will continue to elude us and places will continue being our trophies.

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    Demon: There is plenty of talent around the world, but yet wenger chooses to continue to buy dross to help the french economy.

    Yeah! Absolutely! Can’t believe he’s spending all this money signing a player who’s on a free transfer. Shocking!

  58. Bade

    People on here talking about Wellington Silva???

    The guy that failed to make it as a squad player for a mid table top Spanish division & now playing somewhere as squad player in a 2nd Spanish division?

    FFS he isn’t even a starter there. What has the visa to do with it?

    He has a worse attitude than JET had & plus he’s less talented ……

  59. S Asoa

    The grafic layout is nice . I can picture the ball weaving ….until it ends up with the Sole Poof …tongue out . Wonkie has to date not got his delusions fixed . It is being demonstrated in the prospective basement bargains. We can expect the war chest being surreptitiously sent to the Cleaners …..and a re-signing of Le Fraud -IV place

  60. BB KING

    ” Investing in a world class CF will demolish the growth of Giroud & Podolski. I believe in making gold out of coal. So YAYA SO NO GO is the next Drogba. You heard it first here” – Professor Wenger.

    I want my 4 th place champions league trophy.

  61. BB KING

    The need of the time is a quality CDM,CF & GK.What is Wenger doing is plain rubbish imo. He seems to be a spreader of the Chamakh virus, getting unwanted players for literally no fees & little monies. A decade of zero trophies beckons us.

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    @BB KING

    You do know the transfer window hasn’t even opened, yet along closed yet ?

    Just checking

  63. Byo

    To add the the point made earlier about Benteke- I remember reading an article about him at about 19-21 years old while playing in Belgium, and his club(S.Leige or Genk, can’t remember which) and fans regarded him as “rubbish”. He was continually loaned out, sometimes against his will. At some point he returned to Genk(?), and exploded.

    So I really don’t know how anyone can judge how a 20 year old will turn out given another couple of years.
    The transfer window is not even open. I think one needs to see how the off-season plays out before freaking out about the Sanogo signing.

  64. HP

    Pedro what are the management’s plans when we fall short of the CL?

    Will there even be pressure on wenger’s job this summer from the board?

  65. DaleDaGooner

    Kjafc, keep up the sensible and wise thoughts on where we stand at the moment. Some people are just bipolar with this AFC thing. I mean Benteke, Michu and Ba werent being signed up by bigger clubs, they had less of the glamour they enjoy now, why is it AFC or Wenger fault they arent playkng for us? If we had gone for Michu, we’d be hearing the same rhetorics as we are reading now of Sanogo….or maybe not, as Yaya Sanogo is French-African.

  66. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro tells the moaners to calm, kj tells the moaners to stop moaning and.let all enjoy support of AFC, Pedro tells kj to stop moaning at the moaners…..nice cycle of events

  67. BB KING

    Nasri’s Mouth

    My point is why we just cant sign a quality proven player for the positions that we are weak ? This whole development project has turned out to be a farce & now this bargain players is irritating us fans. From being invincible’s what have we become ? A coach fancying a play off for the third spot & claiming that qualifying for CL from last 16 years is a huge achievement.

    How low we have fallen & will be taken to the end of the pit by a delusional egoistic manager at the helm.
    Yes I am a moaner & will moan untill Wenger leaves.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    BB KING: My point is why we just cant sign a quality proven player for the positions that we are weak ?

    Why can’t we?

    1)Because the transfer window hasn’t opened yet

    2) Because we haven’t qualified for the CL yet

    There is no reason why signing Sanogo should impact on signing 1st choice players this summer. Stop whinging about something before it’s happened

  69. Kiyoshi Ito

    DemonMay 18, 2013 13:36:57
    “By making this signing proves to me the board are goin to stick with wenger for a long time,”

    “gazidis should of said fuckoff your not going to be here long so why waste your time and our resources on developing your french lover.”

    A bit hard for Gazidis to tell his pseudo boss(Mr Wenger)to…well you know…
    “fornicate off”..!!

  70. Cesc Appeal


    Shouldn’t be.

    Gazidis has all the power now, just a case of has he got the balls.

    Fan support is at its lowest ebb for Wenger, there wouldn’t be a fan revolt if he was sacked or ‘quit’.

    He has one season left on one of the most lucrative deals in football, no doubt he thinks he deserves an extension.

    Gazidis should be stepping up to the plate, he’s brought in those two commercial deals, he should be demanding that even just to keep the sponsors happy Wenger needs to start winning things.

    Wenger is as weak as he’s ever been at the club, if Gazidis can’t control him now he never will.

    How can we have this situation where we’re not sure if Wenger should be allowed to touch things because this time next year he could be gone…or should we let him do things because we might give him another 4 years (God forbid)…again it’s the club being shoddily run.

    The only people who pay for this are the fans.

  71. Hitman

    We’ve already got a 3rd choice / 3rd rate striker – he is called Giroud. We do not need another especially with Diaby injury DNA.

    We need WC 1st and 2nd striker if we have any real ambition to win EPL.
    The strikeforce at present isn’t good enough.

  72. sam

    Its not about Sanogo. Its about wenger’s attitude to the transfer market.
    the man is shameless I don’t want rooney at our club but when he was asked he said he picked Sanogo because is a free transfer. for him. for him the best deal is the cheaper one.

  73. Dan Ahern

    Forgive me for being dismissive, but… really? A Ligue 2 player?

    I know it’s completely unfair without knowing him, but I can’t help but feel negatively about buying projects. If he’s a £500,000 player meant for 2 years later, fine. But, let’s recall that we have a distinct lack of top class in our team at the moment. That’s where we need the most help. We’ve become solid with some good pieces, but it’s time to make the push to challenge.

    Now, I love bringing in exciting young players as much as the next fan, but we’ve got more pressing needs. We have a bloated squad, and need our priorities in order. Clear out the many players who aren’t up to snuff, and find the few big moves that will make an impact now.

  74. SUGA3


    ‘You are wrong. Yes we were trading players for profit, absolutely. That game is over. ‘

    of course, this is the fact because you say so 😆 let’s revisit this issue in September, shall we?

  75. Nasri's Mouth


    Same question to you as BB KING

    You do know the transfer window hasn’t even opened, let alone closed yet ?

  76. Bade

    To the bloke that addressed me on twitter claiming he can’t post on LG:

    That You-tube didn’t mean to show the Galatasaray fan did intentionally tackle Drogba.

    That fan is a thug because he repaid the club gesture of open training in a thuggish way, by bursting into the grass & interfering the session

    I really don’t believe I need to explain this to a grown up …. Or ain’t you?

  77. Demon

    Fuck off nasris mouth the transfer window doesnt matter if its opened or closed, we knew about podolski from all the way in january last year. Look at bayern and gotze already announced, everyones making moves while wenger is watching tapes of unknown kids.

    You think free transfers dont cost anything….wrong mofo how much has park and chamack cost this club…..dont worry ill wait….park signing should of been wengers demise wasting resources to help an old club back in his native country.

    Wenger is running an inneficient operation and has lost his touch to be able to challenge for the league.

    Hos defence was a shakbles without the help of bouldy.

    His managment of keepers are a joke persisting with almunia for a number of years whilst handing the no1 jersey to a cocky cunt whi should be an understudy.

    Our midfield is crying out for a midfield destroyer whilst we wait for rhe return of mr french diaby again to much loyalty to his countrymen and not to the club, year after year he places his trust on a player who is always crocked when an addition to the squad could prevent us burning our players ala wilshere and arteta.

    Our wingers are a joke. Walcott is out the game against low defensive line, gervinho headless chicken and the only real star chamberlain isnt gettinf games.

    Our strikers are a joke too, giroud is a great plan b but considering bendy is still on the books it is a waste of resources as if wenger had the same faith as giroud then bendy would of banged more goals in. For christ sake he has more skills and pace than giroud.

    Our system is crying out for a suarez, who is both footed, can playmake and score. Podolski cant pass or shoot wih his right which is important in lone strikers, ffs we signed a big lump when we as a team play on the floor….utter madness!!!!

  78. Kurt F

    As a manager, every transfer window Wenger needs to look at the squad and ask himself one simple question: do I have the best player I could possibly have in each position?

    I think we all know the answer to that question, which is why the last few years of Wenger’s transfer dithering and disappointing budget buys have been so frustrating – he’s had the resources and opportunity to buy far better than he has, and he has certainly lost his ‘Arsene knows’ reputation when it comes to transfers. That’s why while I don’t agree with the people who are outraged at the Sonogo signing, I do share their concern that once again Wenger’s going to do things the cheap way rather than the right way.

  79. Nasri's Mouth


    Oh dear, let’s see how many things you don’t understand

    1) you said he was buying dross to “help the french economy” so you’re therefore talking about the transfer fee paid to Auxerre for him, which will be zero or at best a minimal compensation fee.

    2) So Bayern Munich have signed Gotze ? That’s everyone is it? One team in a different league to us.

    3)If we are going to talk wages, then don’t compare him to Chamakh, a player who was considerably older and had played and scored at the highest level. Now, neither you nor I know exactly what Sanogo will be paid, but it’s going to much less than Chamakh isn’t it?

    4) Yes, we did effectively agree to sign Podolski before the window opened, but that didn’t stop us from signing other players such as Cazorla when the window did open. So because we’ve signed Sanogo, there’s nothing stopping us from signing others is there?

    5) We signed Park to help out a club in Wenger’s old country? A player who was about to be sold anyway. So his old club would still have got the money.

    There you go mofo

  80. Mayank

    Kurt F

    The question he needs to ask is, do I have a balanced squad capable of competing?

    Not “do I have the best player I could possibly have in each position?” That’s a question Perez probably asks

  81. azed

    BadeMay 18, 2013 16:00:34
    To the bloke that addressed me on twitter claiming he can’t post on LG:

    Seems like there is a parallel LG on twitter!!!!

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    @Arsenal 1886-2006

    Maybe I’d be like Gambon without the cunting 😉

    and for the record, I think Wenger has made plenty of mistakes, so maybe I wouldn’t even be Gambon without the swearing 🙁

  83. BB KING

    Mayank May 18, 2013 16:33:32

    BB King

    Your namesake and my favourite guitarist would never hate on Wenger if he were an Arsenal supporter. For shame.
    Wenger is not above the club.He is not bigger than the club. He is absolutely ruining our club & Yes I have every right to hate the professor for this.
    Even the real BB KING would hang his head in shame seeing the performance of Wenger season after season.

  84. GUNNER786


    Do you want to see wholesale changes at the club?

    If the Answer is “yes” then hope for a Spurs win tomorrow.

  85. Gooby

    Our “expert” still in rage over sanogo?

    give it a rest the kid might be good, no need to over react he ain’t the first choice striker.

    and it’s easy to get angry every transfer window if you expect us to sign 15 players and sell 20 at the same time.

  86. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Bit of a poor generalisation on my part, but you got the gist of it.
    And Gambon only swears when he is cornered and has nowhere to go, he is a bit like trying to get a cat in the bath.

  87. Dan Ahern

    The biggest disappointment this summer will be if we persist with Diaby and don’t bring in a midfielder. That will be the ultimate test of reality vs. delusion.

  88. Mayank

    BB King is full of love. He’d give him a chance.


    So in parallel Arsenal universe what would Pedro be like. I think he’d be the same, just his times of pandering to the AKBs and WOBs would be switched.

  89. Nasri's Mouth

    @BB KING

    Well, firstly, I’m not 100% sure we will sign top playerS, but there are significant differences this summer.

    1) highest level of fan frustration
    2) issues over selling high level seats
    3) value of commercial deals linked to performance
    4) highest level of ‘spare’ cash ever
    5) Huge increase in commercial revenue
    6) Wenger’s last season (if he want’s a new one he’ll have to perform)
    7) No issues over major players leaving this summer
    8) Plenty of rumours concerning big shake ups this summer which tie in with the news about the younger players leaving yesterday and PHW stepping down in summer

    Hey, who really knows, you don’t and I certainly don’t, but I see no reason to assume nothing will happen ‘purely’ because it hasn’t before

  90. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsenal 1886-2006May 18, 2013 16:58:06
    Azed.In the parallel twitter universe all will be opposite to what we believe.
    “Nasris mouth would be like gambon is on here”
    Hmm..maybe/possibly/could be/might be,but not for certain..

    Highly probable,then again,equally highly improbable,if one were to toss a fair coin..

    Arsenal 1886-2006
    That would be NM’s response.!!

  91. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsenal 1886-2016

    “Hey, who really knows, you don’t and I certainly don’t, but I see no reason to assume nothing will happen ‘purely’ because it hasn’t before”

    That’s the kind of b/s this man comes up with!!

    I bet you his wife,or boyfriend(highly probable b/f) asks him,does my bum look big in these,tight jeans..?

    His reply:”Maybe,possibly..?
    It really depends from what angle you are looking at your ass?
    Then again,what may be big to you,might be small to me..”


  92. Cesc Appeal


    I think the problem will be when June goes by…nothing…July goes by…nothing, get into August and all we’ve done is signed Auxerre’s answer to Diaby.

    Could end up being a horrible summer, Wenger not changing his spots but because he got UCL gets a new deal…and spawn of Kroenke getting the chairmanship.

    Might as well just take the FC off the club in that case

  93. Nasri's Mouth


    You have to understand that everything isn’t black and white in life, there are plenty of shades of grey in between.
    Think about that, rather than fantasising about my arse, it won’t do you any good, you’ll just all frustrated and you wont be able to concentrate.

  94. GoonerHart


    you really are a miserable guy most people that were being doomers and saying about not wanting the CL have come round to see the light and want to be in it,because there is more of a sense we may do something this summer, however you your still being moody and are just downright trolling and when we get 4th or maybe even 3rd it will be all the more sweeter for me knowing it will be painful for you to see our players and manager happy (which is kind of strange for a “fan”)

  95. Dan Ahern

    CA – I think we all owe it to ourselves to be a little optimistic about the summer. As of now it’s full of possibility. I think we’ve all been conditioned for it to suck, and news of Ligue 2 free transfers does not help much. But there is a full transfer window ahead of us. Maybe it’s just because I’m a LG reader, but you get the sense that Gazidis is modernising our mode of operating and putting pressure on Wenger.

  96. meh meh meh

    Fuck me. There’s been a lot of talk of how Arsenal need to cut the dead wood players this summer,
    What the club also desperately need to do is cutout some of or dead wood fans!!

    Pedro, I don’t envy you mate, having to write a blog daily for some of the twats in this comments section.

    They know who they are.

  97. Bade

    Twitter is a useful feed especially due to my BB failure to log on LG

    So when on my mobile, I’m mainly on twitter (Well honestly it’s not that much of time either way…)

    I’m waiting for the new BB to come to Israel ….

  98. Gooby


    Fuck off back to a spurs blog where you belong. And you being the spurs fan is the most honorable case, if you’re an actual arsenal “fan” wishing us failure then you’re a miserable twat. You make me want to punch you in the face

  99. GUNNER786

    I wouldn’t mind us playing a season or two in the Championship if it resulted in Wenger and Co going.

  100. BB KING

    Nasri’s mouth
    1) highest level of fan frustration
    2) issues over selling high level seats
    3) value of commercial deals linked to performance
    4) highest level of ‘spare’ cash ever
    5) Huge increase in commercial revenue
    6) Wenger’s last season (if he want’s a new one he’ll have to perform)
    7) No issues over major players leaving this summer
    Mate the above all get defeated in front of the rocket sized ego of Arsene. Any ways I have no hopes on squad improvement.