Arsenal land what I hope is a 3rd choice striker…

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Morning boys and girls. Today it feels like there’s less news than there was yesterday, so instead of making something up, I’m going to first throw up, then work with what I have.

The story that gripped me by the ‘what have I achieved’ part of my neck was the one about Josh Kroenke and his first dalliance into the media to talk about Arsenal and his love of football. He’s 31 years old. He’s going to run our club at some point. What is the world coming to folks?

Then guess what. I read that this article was two years old. So I thought, you know what, forget about it. He’s 33 now. He could definitely run Arsenal now.

Onto more current mutterings. The Mail are running the Wayne Rooney story again this morning. Serious talks internally have begun and they’re trying to thrash out how they can bank roll his move. I’m guessing the sums look a little like this.

Chamakh £75k
Squillaci £60k
Denilson £55k
Andrey £90k

Boom. We’ve covered it boys.

I’m still not quite sure why we haven’t just released these players earlier. Why can’t we just give them free transfers? Surely it would make sense to take them off the books and give the squad a bit of a clean out? I mean, why not offer them severance pay? Seems silly to keep them on for 5 years at a time.

Still, just because we’re looking at big names, doesn’t mean the bargain basement of France has lost its appeal. Apparently we’re close to landing Auxerre front man Yaya Sanogo. He’s tall, he’s French-African and he’s banged in a few goals in Ligue 2. I’ve no idea about quality. Wenger loves taking players who have the raw ingredients… then moulding them. See Adebayor for a prime example of that in action.

As long as that isn’t our striking options done… then I can deal with it. Hopefully he’s fast.

Right, I have to leave this now… as I have a sh*t tonne of work on. More tomorrow.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Dannyboy

    hahahaa yeah Dan, ‘150k a week?… we should sell him! Gylfi Sigurdsson needs games, and he’s better than Bale anyway!’

  2. afturburn

    My biggest fear, if we do indeed sign Sanogo, is that he is good immediately. If that happens, Arsene will treble his wages immediately, and once this stick of a Diaby 2.0 gets injured, no one will want him and he’ll be deadwood.

  3. Kushagra

    Third Party ownership the sole reason Falcao who is owned by Doyen Sports, is going to Monaco
    60m fee + 10m wages. It’s in Ronaldo territory..

  4. Kjafc

    No problem whatsoever.
    Yep, it’s all about the football I could not agree more. I am looking forward to the new season, hopefully this is where we get the fun back into supporting our club. Should have some big signings to look forward to and the dross will be gone. Can’t wait.

  5. gambon


    Looks like the club are looking to change the wage structure whether Wenger likes it or not.

    Loaning out Chamakh and Djourou, mass cull of the youth team, Gazidis admitting we needed to change the way we pay to compete at the top end.

    I think wenger will see out his last season then disappear, he will hate being told what to do.

  6. Kjafc

    Falcao was always going elsewhere but he is serious quality. Not sure if Higuain is happening probably just rumours. Jovetic looks done. I definitely think Benteke would have been worth a punt though.

  7. reality check


    ‘Gazidis admitting we needed to change the way we pay to compete at the top end’

    Finally! Looks like this sleeping giant is about to wake the f*ck up.

  8. Kushagra

    The problem is it’s not in Falcao’s hands where he goes because of third party ownership. One year at Monaco then maybe to Madrid

  9. afturburn


    You are right. For all the hate people spew on here, no one can deny that things SEEM like they are moving in the right direction.

    The doomsdayers are having less to say so far this transfer window. I dunno what spurs these cunts into hoping the club fail, and I dunno at what point in their fandom that they decided that watching our club flounder gives them more joy than anything else. I hope they are shut up for good, though that is a big ask. And yes, the spurs pun was intentional.

  10. Kjafc

    Not sure why a player with Falcaos quality would end up at Monaco and the French League. Is that confirmed? The fee and salary although substantial could be met by others. Why would Madrid have a deal to take him in two years? Jovetic worries me, I don’t see the star quality some do.

  11. HP

    I don’t think we will get CL at all, we will draw with NC while Spurs will win. Our team is just a bunch of bottlers.

  12. Kjafc

    Is that the same team that went to Munich and won and is currently on an unbeaten run? get behind the boys. I think NC will be on their holidays and we will win by a couple of goals. They are where they are for a reason, I know they are at home but hard to get motivated and they won’t want to get hurt for their long hols in the sun. Di Canio has Sunderland would up too, threatening to halve their holidays . One thing I do know – going to be biting our nails.

  13. Kjafc

    No problem with the pun mate. Like I say, what has happened has happened but I am very confident about the future. However, I guess the signings we make will determine how positive we feel but everything is falling into place. All the money, the dross off and the rivals all replacing their managers. Can’t wait but we need those signings.

  14. Kjafc

    A lot of fans are raving about him and they may have seen more of Jovetic than I have. He doesn’t fall into that world class category and that’s where we need to shop. I would have walked to Spain for Falcao, he is class.


    Cue lights

    Wenger takes his position on bended knee,arms out streached and belts outs from center field,mike in hand.

    I fucked you myyyyyyyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaaaay

  16. Mental Strength

    Most Arsenal fans are get excited by the fact we a signing a player, and not the actual player.

    I remember when i was excited about the Chamakh signing, i had deluded myself into thinking he could be our Torres.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I like Jovetic, but bought with an actual ST. Jovetic and Higuain for example (easily doable with our cash) I’d be ecstatic with.

    Jovetic playing in behind him in a 4-2-3-1

  18. Bade

    While driving north to my parents today I witnessed some truly thick bloke driving his car on the highway with both side mirrors folded


  19. Kjafc

    So true. It is impossible to get every buy spot on. It is a gamble. Even with top, proven players. I remember when we signed Vieira, Petit, Anelka and the press and fans went into hyperbole about a club of our stature buying these unknowns. Bad enough they had been asking who the hell this manager from the J League was. Mixed comments when we signed Henry but who thought he would end up the legend he was.

    If Wenger had the knowledge of the fans, he would never get it wrong! It’s a gamble that you have to take. But we have moved on now so should have more proven quality and less of the ‘prospects’. We shall see.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Think we can sort our defence buying from Munich, Boateng and Gustavo

    Jovetic and Higuain to sort the attack.

    Cesar for GK unless we’re thinking long term away from Schez in which case Begovic.

    If Sagna goes then we can reinvest the money we get from here like for like, Dortmund bloke with hard name or Richards.

    Sagna/New RB, Boateng, Kozz, Gibbs,
    Gustavo, Wilshere
    Walcott, Jovetic, Cazorla

    That’ll do for me.

    New spine in the team we’ve been crying out for for years.

    I think we could get 2-3 good players from Munich, I’d certainly put the feelers out on Boateng, Gustavo and Shaqiri, think they’ll be surplus.

  21. Kjafc

    Tell me what qualities you have seen in Jovetic because you have probably seen more of him than me. I have only seen bits and pieces really and the Internationals. Problem is, you hear all these rumours but you have no idea if there is any truth in them.

  22. HP

    Kjafc, only reason we won at munich is because bayern were semi serious. Plus, we are a team of bottlers and pardew hates our guts so…..yeah. Gareth Hotspurs to clinch 4th,

  23. afturburn

    The Youtube highlights of Jovetic aren’t very impressive at all. I know that’s not a good bearing of his overall ability, but you would hope someone with his reputation would be capable of more notable, talismanic moments. I’m not sold either, I guess.

    I’ll still take him though, better than what we got I suppose.

  24. afturburn


    What proof do you have that Bayern were semi-serious on the second leg? They played most of their first team, playing at home in the CL. If Bayern were able to just switch on/off that easily, I’d be amazed. If they were playing for no reason, why have they even fielded a team after securing the Bundesliga title.

    This is what I despise about the club haters. Yes, we’re all disappointed in the past few years, but does that mean the club cannot get credit when it’s due?

  25. Dannyboy

    hahaha CA, ‘Dortmund bloke with hard name’ Definitely getting that on the back of next seasons kit if we sign him!

  26. Bade

    I’m excited about our next season’s striking power

    Joel Campbell
    Yaya Sonogo
    Benik Afobe

    Wow, we’ll rip the league a new one

  27. Kjafc

    So Bayern were semi serious. They had an incredible unbeaten home record and we went there and did them fair and square. In fact we nearly did it. Surely 3-1 down and going away t o Bayern would have hilighted any ‘bottling’ as you call it. They showed more bottle than most teams that go to Bayern and managed a clean sheet too. Why is at that some Arsenal fans find fault in everything and can’t give any credit when it is due?

  28. Thorough

    Cesc Appeal. Boateng, German international, bought for over 20mills, after a long time of sweaty negotiations…don’t think they’ll sell at all, but even if they were ready to sell it wont be at our price. And Gustavo? No way are they selling him, they’ll rather sell Tymoschuk who’s past it than a Gustavo that has all of his future ahead of him. Ever wondered why they bought Goetze and are ready to offload Robben? They are not senile like Wenger.

  29. Kjafc

    I am off to watch the Copa Del Ray as Arsenal fans depress me. Spurs haven’t won a title for 52 years, can’t finish above us yet they are the most optimistic fans on the planet, as much as I despise them! Put some of us to shame.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Oh yeah, you know one of those days where you’re sat there and you just say ‘Fuck it, I’m going to Israel.’


    Arsenal missed a trick not putting me in marketing.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Most I’ve met, and I live in a house full are so optimistic they’re delusional.

    I heard one in January say ‘let’s buy Ozil and then Walcott as a back up striker.’

    Same Spud thinks they could afford Rooney and his wages…you try to argue logic but they retreat to their caves light up the hearth and start throwing their own flaming stool at you

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Loaning out Chamakh and Djourou, mass cull of the youth team, Gazidis admitting we needed to change the way we pay to compete at the top end.

    Whether it’s Gazidis or Wenger or anyone else, it’s good news. Positive steps.

    And what’s also good news is that the people that have come out and said we’ll buy well this summer also thought we’d be a little more ruthless too, so a tick in that first box.

    On track at the moment, let’s hope for a lot more though.

  33. SUGA3


    Gazidis is not dumb enough to defend the indefensible, but make no mistake, if the toss up will be between paying what the player is worth and selling him, how many times out of 10 do you think it is going to be the latter, RvP stylee?

    talk is cheap and Gazidis is effectively just a hired mouth…

  34. mahessar

    If we sign Jovetic he would be the second best player at Arsenal only behind Cazorla.

    He solves up a lot of problems for us, can play lone striker or no. 10, with Giroud, Cazorla and Podolski he would be brilliant in no, 10

  35. Santos

    Yaya Sanogo? Another Gervinho. Are these the calibre of players that will make us great again? Wenger does not learn.

    How do you do? Been a long time

  36. Nasri's Mouth


    While the cash will be useful, what I’m more impressed with is the ruthlessness. Looking at the U21s squad, while I doubt they’ll all make it with us, I can see most of them making at a reasonable level. The ones that wont, went.


    To be honest, I’m not so sure. Could go either way at the moment. 1/10 or 9/10. There seems to be something happening. I’d be tempted to add PHW going into the mix, but that might be wishful thinking. Let’s wait and see

  37. Bade


    Many of our academy boys will make it in mid table teams of the EPL & below

    But they’re simple not the mettle to take us to the next level

    I hope this ruthlessness will hit the 1st team squad too this summer

  38. zeus


    Good catch on that article. Sifting through the comments……………..

    May 17, 2013 at 7:49 pm Reply
    1 0 Rate This
    As I said weeks ago but was shot down by so many. Last summers record departures will be smashed. I said 20-25 and everyone laughed. I reckon it could be 25-30 once the first team dreggs have been discarded. The brady era has been well and truly put to bed.
    I will tell you all now something big is going to happen this summer that will have a major impact on the club from the academy right to the top. Watch this space. I don’t know anymore but I am coach and a scout and this is what everyone is talking about.”

  39. Radio Raheem

    Does every club need an academy? Clearly there are some clubs and/or countries better at developing talent than others? Since every man and dog rabidly repeats the cliche, “football is a business” why can’t they apply Ricardian economics to it, so clubs good at developing talent do so leaving the rest to ‘compete’ making more of that money that is to be wastsed?

    Come to think of it I foresee such a situation in the future where the inevitable Super league becomes real. Clubs not part of it will, essentially, be feeder clubs to the clubs in it. The competition for these unlucky clubs then will be for what club can be the best feeder club. Starved from Super league sponsorship, these glut of teams will be competing ferociously for scraps left. They’ll be like a farmished Europa league of a zillion clubs all around Europe.

    The Carling Cup will then be competed by all clubs across Europe. Confining it within borders will be financially unsustainable. Extending it throughout Europe will mean the decimation of nations’ local variant of the competition but they’ll accept it…(“Beggars can’t be choosers” the Slav delegate muttered, well, so the translator claims). But this comes with much fanfare with suited scoundrels engaging in well worn ritual of back slapping as they flush litres of alcohol down their throats. This the re-branding event, the CC re-branding event – EuroCC! This is the year 2025

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Bade: I hope this ruthlessness will hit the 1st team squad too this summer

    The signs are good. I guess we’ll know more in a couple of weeks.

    I’m intrigued as to whether Gervinho gets a run out on sunday. If he doesn’t, he might be added to the sell list

  41. zeus

    Dan AhernMay 17, 2013 22:53:19
    Martin Angha tweeted it’s his last day at Arsenal.WELL I HOPE YOU’RE ALL HAPPY


    lol. The guys behind joregy bird (sp?) and youngguns must feel a little depressed that they cover and hype these kids up when so few of them make it through.

  42. Radio Raheem

    Jose’s lost his spark. You can only be obnoxious for so long. He’ll return to England but it’ll not be as the first time.

    He’s the rarest of wines, that which gets worse with age!

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Another two Bob striker signing to go with Joel Campbell Carlos veal Wellington to many others to mention.

  44. Santos

    Mourinho is quite a cunt and a bit over hyped. He surely deserves the p45 tomorrow morning. How can you not trust Kaka all season long? He failed with the talent he amasses

  45. sam

    Yaya Sanogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what happened to Jovetic, falcao, Benteke,Rooney? Ha ha ha ha ha!
    What happened to our huge transfer kitty? we supposed to spend big this summer.
    Wenger is fucking leopard and will never change his spots. Even if He has 2billions he will still gonna the same miserable cheap fuck.
    we will give barca 30 millions for cesc, ha ha ha did you mean 30k a week for chuk aneke?
    Until I see that stingy skinny leopard posing for a pic with new signings then I will believe it and he loves transfer rumours so he can play with the media.

  46. Santos

    Speaking of overhyped, who else thinks that Neymar will bomb at Barcelona? They should be getting a plan B like Rooney or Lewandowski not Neymar

  47. Arsenal 1886-2006


    If the super league does come into play, which i believe it will then if the other clubs have any savvy they should break from their national FA’s, UEFA and FIFA and form their own federation.
    I could see a backlash against the big breakaway clubs from fans when this happens and they could well turn to the new football federation competitions which will be based along the current set up and not just too enrich a few.
    They could place controls on player movement between the federations and impose a transfer fee that suits them and not the super league clubs.
    They could impose salary caps, they could reduce ticket prices and make it more family orientated and they could also introduce a transfer cap.

    I believe this could work because of the diversity in the numbers of clubs throughout Britain and Europe.
    Fans will soon tire of paying exorbitant prices for super league matches. Plus some clubs will likely be getting beaten more times than usual and this will drive some of the fans away thus diminishing their standing. After all, who wants their team to be a whipping boy?

  48. zeus

    Neymar is the closest I’ve seen to Robinho as I’ve said quite a few times.

    I’d like him to succeed though. That spontaneous quality is completely lost in football now. I’d like a player that can do a few Ronaldinho tricks.

  49. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Mourinho’s problem is that he was bigger than chelsea and could dictate and boss the players, but his ego was no match for that of Real Madrid.

    Interesting to hear as well that he is only known as the special one in England.

  50. sam

    Our summer transfers start with the new drogba.
    hmmm he could be real and win us the champions league when he’s 33

  51. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal 1886-2006

    Mate I admire your hope. But I have to say it is unfounded.

    When the Super League comes into being it will be given every opportunity to succeed. By that I mean all will done to ensure it does not fail. There’l be broad agreement among the powers that matter and any recalcitrant small nobody will be quickly put in his place.

    Right now we have Arsenal fans that have been disgruntled with their club for ages yet they have done fuck all about it. So my friend I ask you again why do you think they’ll do something then?

    I know a blogger who says it is not ‘classy’ to protest when you are unhappy with the way your club, one you fund, is run but decries the ‘classy’ show of respect for the league’s winners. This is what we are working with.

    Maybe we are a generation lulled into immobility and sapped of fight by all that convenience. Convenient shitty football analysis on on your telly, convenient shitty music, convenient shitty…

  52. Dannyboy

    Mourinho says this is ‘the worst season of his career’ after his first trophyless season in 11 years…

    Wenger says finishing 3rd and ending the 7th year without a trophy is ‘his greatest achievement’


  53. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Radio Raheem.

    I know it won’t happen but if I was a chairman of one of the other clubs I would suggest it. I dare say that some believe they will all gain by the Super League, wrong, the big boy’s will run off with all the cash.

    ‘I know a blogger who says it is not ‘classy’ to protest when you are unhappy with the way your club, one you fund, is run but decries the ‘classy’ show of respect for the league’s winners. This is what we are working with.’

    I wonder who that could be? 😉

  54. Arsenal 1886-2006


    It’s funny hearing some of our fans talking about the S/L and how it will be great,
    what makes them think we will be in it?
    You will have Man Utd, Chelsea, us or City and I reckon they will push for Liverpool because of their history and worldwide fan base that they retain even through these lean years.

    I hate the thought of no more NLD’s against that lot, I would rather stay with the so called smaller clubs.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Can’t believe eastman an watt still there gender s on had injury when he had his chance- feel for the boy’

  56. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal 1886 – 2006

    I think we’ll be in the Super League if it was introduced. We owe a big thanks to Wenger’s 16 seasons in row of ECL. In addition, you can take Kroenke and Usmanov’s investments in our club as a solid proof. As Kroenke is quick to point out ‘he is in for the long haul’ you can be sure he thinks that ‘long haul’ will be rosy. Otherwise he’d have sold out. Mind you he isn’t alone in thinking that.

    I’ve been taking my fitness real seriously lately. Yeah I’ve now got all that six pack and all. What ‘they’ don’t know is that I am preparing, training for the that day, ready to be the last man standing, the last one with the placard saying, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

    I just hope my six pack will take the kicking

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tru dat 1886

    It would be better to keep the kids some may be late developers rather than just pay into trust funds for to many suspect players

  58. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I don’t think you will be the only one standing with a placard.

    And as for the S/L how would it be made up, which countries and which teams?
    Will it be based on financial clout or football?

    Let’s say 4 teams from Spain, England, Germany, Italy and France would want 4 even though their teams are crap and that is 20 clubs.
    We then have Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and all the other European nations who would want representation of at least two teams.
    You could end up with near on 4 divisions, who will want to be in the bottom tier?
    Say Man U or some of the other big names got relegated, do you believe they will accept 2nd or 3rd tier.

    It could well be that it does not happen due to fear of falling out of the top echelons of European football.
    For the sake of the game i hope that is so.

  59. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal 1886

    There’ll be no relegation for the big boys. The co-efficient will come in handy in sorting out some the issues you raise. There are or will be other magical tables some numbers jockey can conjure up to make this transition seamless. Experts from here there and everywhere will be in your papers, telly, online, on the radio, on your app, in your head…explaining it to you, confusing, using ornate verbiage, conflating matters…Eventually, there will be a collective thumbs up by the football masses not quite sure what they’ve acquiesce to but unable to resist (bounded by pressures within and without).

    This will be followed by a universal round of applause with any dissenter promptly labelled a heretic then burnt with sticks of criticisms and the fire of condemnation.

  60. Arsenal 1886-2006


    So when Pedro starts extolling the virtues of S/L we know that the propaganda machine is starting to crank up :-).

    I don’t see how the coefficient can work on a league basis though. But as you say they will find a way, money will conquer sanity.

    That’s me done now, the head is spinning and I am nervous as a kitten waiting for sunday.

    Have a good night all.

  61. reality check

    alex song finally becomes a legend Harry RedknappMay 18, 2013    07:41:08


    Hahaha gwaan alex! Slap him up.

  62. Raphael

    How do Grovers feel about signing Gareth Bale? Do you think if a David Dein-like figure was still at the club, he’d push that transfer too. Statement of intent, destabilising our rivals etc.

  63. Bobpatdentel

    Regardless of the result tomorrow will Mr Wenger please go at the end of the season and give us the chance to rebuild a team to challenge again for some success

  64. goonerboy

    Gambon is living proof that if you tell everyone how great you are for long enough and deny you are ever wrong and that everyone who disagrees is a moron some people will believe you.

    People who want a sensible or balanced exchange of views with Gambon are wasting their time. If however you want to blow wind up his arse and tell him how great he is -hell have plenty of that-but disagree and you are called cunt.

    I like this blog and especially Pedro’s blogs but Gambon is routinely abusive and should have been banned years ago.