Arsenal land what I hope is a 3rd choice striker…

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Morning boys and girls. Today it feels like there’s less news than there was yesterday, so instead of making something up, I’m going to first throw up, then work with what I have.

The story that gripped me by the ‘what have I achieved’ part of my neck was the one about Josh Kroenke and his first dalliance into the media to talk about Arsenal and his love of football. He’s 31 years old. He’s going to run our club at some point. What is the world coming to folks?

Then guess what. I read that this article was two years old. So I thought, you know what, forget about it. He’s 33 now. He could definitely run Arsenal now.

Onto more current mutterings. The Mail are running the Wayne Rooney story again this morning. Serious talks internally have begun and they’re trying to thrash out how they can bank roll his move. I’m guessing the sums look a little like this.

Chamakh £75k
Squillaci £60k
Denilson £55k
Andrey £90k

Boom. We’ve covered it boys.

I’m still not quite sure why we haven’t just released these players earlier. Why can’t we just give them free transfers? Surely it would make sense to take them off the books and give the squad a bit of a clean out? I mean, why not offer them severance pay? Seems silly to keep them on for 5 years at a time.

Still, just because we’re looking at big names, doesn’t mean the bargain basement of France has lost its appeal. Apparently we’re close to landing Auxerre front man Yaya Sanogo. He’s tall, he’s French-African and he’s banged in a few goals in Ligue 2. I’ve no idea about quality. Wenger loves taking players who have the raw ingredients… then moulding them. See Adebayor for a prime example of that in action.

As long as that isn’t our striking options done… then I can deal with it. Hopefully he’s fast.

Right, I have to leave this now… as I have a sh*t tonne of work on. More tomorrow.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Arse&Nose©

    SurferX, agreed. No problem with making gambles in the transfer market, just frustrating when these gambles are later used as excuses to not strengthen further. I mean last year Wenger had the nerve to count Afobe as one of our 1st team strikers in front of the press when asked if he would sign anyone else.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Reality Check: We have plenty players we hope will improve over time. Why buy more?

    Because it either makes the club money when we sell them or gives us players for much less than buying them ready made.

    It makes sense as long as:

    a) we don’t have to rely on them before they reach the stage where they’re good enough


    b) if they don’t turn out to be good enough we don’t reward with them an excessive salary.

  3. SurferX

    If there is something I have learnt about AW, it is to ignore everything he says to the press. AW has never spoken the truth, nor has be ever spoken to ‘you’ as a fan. Everything he says is to the players- and his style of management is to build confidence by inflating their ego’s. Those words weren’t addressed to the press, fans, board or anyone else other than Afobe himself. The trouble is, every other player hears them too- especially the RVP’s of the squad. And they are left thinking- “Really? Thats your big plan for the season?”

    It was the same when we told the world he had 3 world-class keepers. He didnt really believe it. He knew no-one would buy it. But it was targetted at Almunia & Flappy who might, no-one else. And the mad-German called him on it (Really? World-class? Are you sure?).

  4. salparadisenyc

    Yaya Sanogo.

    Wrong Yaya.
    Missed boat on the other Yaya, even though his brother captained our squad on occasion and we kept the injury prone Gallas instead thus scuppering the deal for a player we still desperately need. In the end sold Gallas to Spuds, amazing business.

    Fuck me is right.

  5. MadeToLoveMagic

    Has anyone noticed that political correctness in this country has gone completely mad!? No longer can you even say “black paint” anymore!
    Now you have to say “jamal, could you please paint the wall” 😀

  6. Arse&Nose©

    Surfer, this may explain why gooners are amongst the most disgruntled football fans on the internet – our club ONLY SPEAKS TO US WHEN THEY WANT TO SELL US SOMETHING

  7. Harry Redknapp

    so basically sanogo has till he is 24? but we talkin about 18 year olds being usless? ox has 6 years of excuses then

  8. KJafc

    He is rumoured to be the new Didier Drogba. Best we get him now, I say.

    Stop being so negative chaps.

  9. N5

    Bony is the new Drogba also, fuck me we could have a team of Drogbas.

    KJafc the negativity is directed more and the worry of this being same old same old not on the kid he’s looking at buying.

  10. zeus


    Gervinho, Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, Sanogo. PL defenders shaking in their boots. Sign of things to come I tell you.

  11. gambon



    Oh great, so we can look forward to one good season before Wenger decides to cash in and start his project nonce again.

  12. KJafc

    That is fair enough, if you are right. I agree we need proven players to go into the first team, I have been saying that on here regularly. But if a young boy has the potential to be a star, why ignore him for someone else to nab (as long as we are buying the proven players as well). Anelka was a young boy, what a find he was, unplayable at times. Some you win, some you lose. You can’t just write off every young prospect, that is my point.

  13. zeus

    From (uk)…………….

    The deal is not quite official yet but Arsenal appear set to make their first summer capture in the shape of young French striker Yaya Sonogo, who is set to arrive at the Emirates Stadium on a free transfer from Ligue 2 outfit Auxerre.

    Sanogo will arrive in London a virtual unknown, having played only 22 senior matches in France. With no fee associated with the move, other than training compensation to be paid to the Bourguignon outfit, he is in many ways an archetypal Arsene Wenger signing.

    At 20 years old the striker shows terrific promise. He is from the athletic school of French forwards, built with the strength beyond his years and blessed with electric pace. Perhaps most importantly to Arsenal fans, though, is that he has shown himself to be a genuine goalscorer this season.

    From his 11 matches with Auxerre in Ligue 2, he has scored an impressive nine goals. Seven of these came in back-to-back games, in which he struck a treble versus Tours exactly a week after scoring four times in an encounter away at Laval. Such a prolific ability in front of goal is rare for one so young.

    Those attributes, it would seem, should have big clubs clamouring for his signature but so far the interest has been relatively muted. Lille proved to be Arsenal’s biggest rivals for Sanogo’s signature but given his capacity to find the net there has been a surprising lack of serious interest from elsewhere.

    Looking at the player’s injury record gives a clue as to why. He has been beset by problems throughout his young career, including a broken leg that kept him out of virtually the entire 2009-10 campaign and a torn adductor that saw him sidelined for much of the following season.

    To make matters worse, he has been plagued by a series of more minor issues over the course of the last year and will on Friday, assuming he is selected to play against Clermont, only feature in five consecutive matches for the first time in his career.

    Sanogo has a habit over overcoming setbacks, though. As a youth he was turned away from the illustrious Clairefontaine academy and instead played for local Parisian club Les Ulis for a year as a 13-year-old. Les Ulis have proven themselves capable of forming world-class striking talent in the past, with Arsenal and France legend Thierry Henry among their alumni.

    If Sanogo’s ability to remain fit is questionable, there are few problems elsewhere in his game.

    Standing at comfortably over six-feet tall, he possesses a physical strength that his lanky frame would suggest unlikely, allying this with great pace that makes him difficult to stop once he gets away from defenders.

    He has been compared to Romelu Lukaku due to his similar height and attributes, yet there can be little doubt that the Chelsea man, who has spent the season on loan at West Brom, is a good deal further along in his development.

    Sanogo, however, has greater scope for improvement. First-team matches will bring with them a greater understanding of the game while there is little doubt that working with Wenger’s team at Arsenal he can improve his link-up play and become a more rounded striker.

    The France Under-21 international is not the first man that Wenger has plucked from Auxerre, following previous moves for Bacary Sagna and Abou Diaby, with the latter also moving at the age of 20.

    Gunners fans hoping that he will be an immediate replacement for Robin van Persie are likely to be left disappointed, but if the young Frenchman is given the duration of his expected four-year deal to develop and manages to shrug off the injury problems that have hindered his development to date, there is little doubt that Wenger may just have found himself another diamond in the rough.

  14. KJafc


    At least you acknowledge Anelka. One season but what a season! I would have one of them every year! You?

  15. salparadisenyc

    Joel Cambell.

    We do it every summer adding additional weight to a very bloated strike core with little quality. Our scouts are so keen at spotting new talent. Implementing the throwing drunken darts at the board tactic, occasionally you hit the bulls eye but for the most part you miss the mark entirely.

  16. Mental Strength

    I think Arsene chooses the biggest risk player his scouts bring to him, just so he can pat his ego IF the player comes good. “Who was Sanogo before I signed him?” he’ll say.

  17. gambon


    What a season? He scored 17 league goals

    Anelka circa 1999 is nowhere near the calibre of player we need to win the PL.

    I love how low most gooners standards are, you all like to imagine teams that can come 4th, which is ridiculous.

  18. Highbury

    i dont see the logic of getting him, coz even Chamakh would even bang 200 goals in the French 2nd division…8th WORLD WONDER!!!

  19. Harry Redknapp

    no one has had a longer time to prove themself than theo tho. and we only stopped him from leaving coz it would have been embarrasing lol

  20. Harry Redknapp

    who was that tall streek of piss we tried to sign a couple years back but milan got him? that 6ft9 french african with pace to burn and a matt le tiissier shot? what happened to him? this is the exact reason i dont care for any youth wenger signs till their worth 20mill

  21. KJafc


    Stop telling me what i think. You don’t know me.

    You need to sop believing your own hype, accept other people have opinions and stop being so argumentative and obnoxious.

  22. TitsMcgee

    “He is rumoured to be the new Didier Drogba. Best we get him now, I say.”

    Everyone that’s black and African is the “new Drogba”.

    Benteke is miles better than this kid.

  23. N5

    MS we know he’s good mate and thanks for the video, but he has to come with others, people are sick of the future build and want the now!

  24. N5

    Everyone that’s black and African is the “new Drogba”.


    Never a truer word said, I’m sick of Drogba comparisons!

    We are also apparently linked with a young short white french fella with hideous looks and a really miss shaped head, apparently he is being tipped as the next Beardsley!

  25. TitsMcgee

    That article is scary. This kid has Diaby written all over him.

    He’s injury prone in Ligue 1 and he’s coming to the most physical league in the world.

    Wenger loves sob stories and hard-knock cases. He’s using Arsenal as an academy for young,unproven players. He needs to stop treating the club like a damn nursery and GTFOH.

  26. Mental Strength

    I really hate that Arsenal keep going for target men , they don’t suit our style of play.

    We should be looking for strikers with some pace and trickery and most importantly, are good finishers.

    Send some scouts to South America I say.

  27. gambon

    This Sanogo kid is more of a cunt than KJAfc, who is a mighty cunt, but nowhere near as much of a cunt as Wenger.

  28. salparadisenyc

    Mental StrengthMay 17, 2013 16:07:21

    “Send some scouts to South America I say.”

    We did but hey got stuck in Costa Rica and did not bother to make the transfer flight as they found Joel Campbell kicking a ball in front of the terminal. Deemed it JOB done, mission a success, in fact HES THE NEXT DROGBA!!!

    Now lets get some hookers and coke and see what this country really has to offer.

  29. the_real_andy

    I´ve no problem at all buying some promising young players who at least have played in professional football league already. the big question mark is whether we buy him to loan him out, bring him back the year after, get him into CC games and the one or the other EPL game and after 3 years he will be a squad player or maybe a regular. that would be fine for me. if his loan isn´t successful, sell him. you´ve a loss of 0 or maybe 1 or 2 million in wages.

    it gets problematic in case we buy him and count on him shortly afterwards. if we can get a real proven CF and buy him together then we have a new CF, giroud, walnut/pod who can play there if necessary. we should loan this guy to a mediocre EPL team á la welbeck with sunderland some years ago. in this case you can get a decent squad player at least

  30. the_real_andy

    to be honest I didn´t watch campbell enough to judge him but he scored some goals didn´t he? is he a regular at betis? he plays for them doesn´t he? 😛

  31. Marko

    Apparently Sanogo is being offered a 2 year deal so obviously they wanna see if he came show something and stay fit and if not he’ll go fairly quickish.

  32. salparadisenyc

    the_real_andyMay 17, 2013 16:23:08
    Joel C stats

    3 goals in 25 for Lorient.
    2 goals in 26 for Real Betis.

    Think we lost out on Mata due to fact ‘scouting network’ was in Central America at the time.

  33. Relieable sauce

    OGL says he knew the battle for 4th would come down to the last game!?

    It does rather beg the question, WTF didn’t you but some quality players when you had the chance you deluded fuck wit?


  34. Herkules

    i think it’s perfectly fine to sign a young player for the second team – you have to invest in youth and some of them might come good or prove to be valuable investments.

    Of course the youth discussion is not the same as the first-team discussion… there fore – the only thing that could screw this up is if Wenger pays this guy more than 15k a week. I don’t mind the untested kids – I mind OVERPAYING for untested kids and not being able to sell them on to Championship clubs because of their salary demands.

  35. Dannyboy

    only a mentally ill person would compare Sanogo to Lukaku… yeah they’re the same height, but the Belgian is about 5 stone heavier. Sanogo is basically the striker version of Diaby…

    Now we know how Arsene FC works these days, here is my prediction for Sunday…

    chelsea and everton will draw 0-0, we will be 2-0 up at newcastle with a minute to go, newcastle will get a corner, and wenger will run onto the field, and utilise every last stretch of his 6 foot 6 frame, and power a header into the top corner past szczesny, and seal the 3rd place playoff, and ensure they can scam another £5 million off the fans for an extra home game..

    Then he will use that money to pay for a 5 star summer holiday for him and his new boyfriend(s) to the Seychelles.. TOP TOP QUALIDEEEE

  36. Ines

    Of course Wenger fancies play off. That would be a good chance to visit Wembley again. It couldn’t hurt us – the worse outcome would be our regular fourth place trophy. And we would get decent money for it.
    I would like play off too, if it’s played on White Hart Lane. Since it’s not – just win the game. Chelsea won’t.

  37. Raz

    “What a season? He scored 17 league goals”

    Yes he did Gambon, AGED 19 TO 20

    That is an incredible return for someone so young.

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    Henderson, Bihmoutine, Monteiro, Wynter, Angha, Ebecilio, Hajrovic, Reice-Cook, Neita, Fagan all confirmed to leave Arsenal

  39. Kiyoshi Ito

    DannyboyMay 17, 2013 16:33:42

    “newcastle will get a corner, and wenger will run onto the field, and utilise every last stretch of his 6 foot 6 frame, and power a header into the top corner past szczesny, and seal the 3rd place playoff, and ensure they can scam another £5 million off the fans for an extra home game..”
    LMFAO..Quite funny..

  40. DDT

    Hello, 1st time commenter here. Just want to share my thought on Pedro’s previous “best football blog comments section on the web” comment.

    Couldn’t agree more. I found this blog like a year ago, and was attracted to it from day one (I read a lot of Arsenal blogs). Since then I haven’t missed a post, and when my time allows, I scrutinise the comment section as well. And I have to say without posters like Gambon, the blog wouldn’t be half interesting as it is now. As long as his posts are informative, compelling and, at times, absolutely hilarious, I wouldn’t mind the abusive words (although English’s not my mother tongue so I might feel less offended as some of you). After all, this is the internet. I’m sure some c* words couldn’t make you have troubles sleeping. So… why so serious?

    So… thumbs up for the way you’re running this blog Pedro, Keep it as it is.

  41. Raz

    And why is everyone moaning about Campbell? Most people who have watched him believe he will be huge. They also will tell you just like we already knew, that he wouldn’t be ready for a good few seasons. Now I see people are hailing him as an unsuccessful loanee who will never be good enough. Do your homework, he’s only 20. He may not be ready til he’s 24/25, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hang on to him, doesn’t mean we were wrong to sign him, and doesn’t mean we should bring him back, test him and then label him a flop any time soon. That’s the serious problem at Arsenal, this youth policy has warped people’s perceptions and now if a kid isn’t world class by 20 then ‘they will never succeed at Arsenal’, total rubbish!

    And Pedro can I just ask what you are even doing talking about Sonogo as a third choice striker? That is some of the laziest/most wilfully and deliberately misleading headlining I have seen….maybe people are right in what they’re starting to say about you. Ridiculous to even suggest he’ll be a third choice when we have 4 players ahead of him in the line up and one on loan to West Ham. Jovetic would be a third choice, not some random kid. Still, I bet you’re pissing yourself at the fear you’ve just given the more naive fan base who frequent Le Grove.

  42. ughelligooner

    Gambon are you married? Cos i have never seen you agree with anybodys opinion, you even ague with pedro that has more info than you. It will be thunder in your home if your wife does not agree with you i presume. Well i am expecting you to release those vernom of yours now, cos u always will not let go.

  43. Raz

    Benteke, 2 years older, has scored 19 times in 34 and nobody can get enough of him.

    But according to THE MIGHTY GAMBON Anelka wasn’t great when he scored 17 in a similar number of games, two years younger. Right…

  44. Kiyoshi Ito

    RazMay 17, 2013 17:00:02

    Things you will never see Gambon say:

    ‘It appears you know more about this than me’
    ‘It appears I stand corrected, thanks for showing me that my assumptions about some players are totally disproved with facts accessible to everybody.’
    ‘Sorry for being a complete cunt.’
    ‘Fair enough if that’s your take, but we’ll have to agree to disagree’
    ‘Really?! Yes that’s amazing!’
    ‘Yeah I really enjoy X, Y and Z about AFC’
    ‘My name is similar to the french for ‘ham’, and I have a drinking problem. I also abuse my sister.’
    ‘Today is a good day.’

    Gambon one of those total pricks who ruins this page for people visiting the first time. They see the aggro underneath and think ‘nah, think I’ll go elsewhere’.He’s also the kind of who WILL KNOW BETTER THAN YOU NO MATTER IF YOU PROVIDE EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST HE’S WRONG, OR A CUNT.

    Perfect description,but wrong person…

    Think you meant Keyser..!!Yep sums up Keyser..

    Spot on…

  45. Raz

    Yes but Pedro…they’re a one off. Keyser, Nasri’s Mouth and Gambon bring this page down most days, and for most of the duration.

    Truth is you enjoy it and you like them…which is fine, its’ your blog. But my calling Gambon out won’t drive anyone away in comparison the daily vitriol he pours onto the page.

  46. Pedro

    Raz… this is a football blog… people argue. As long as they’re not abusive… that’s what happens.

    If I took all those guys off the page… things would get pretty dull.

  47. Raz

    Why, on the face of the way he behaves towards almost everyone, would you not think it appropriate to ban Gambon?

    Because you like him Pedro. That’s pretty obvious from your dealings on twitter. And it’s pretty obvious from Gambon’s twitter that he is the tool he comes across as on here. So why would you choose an angry, nasty tool to converse with and ruin the blog comments, instead of banning them? Because it probably entertains you, and every once in a blue moon he offers something of relative value. Still, I bet it’s worth it when newbies come along for a day never to return after on Gambon experience!

  48. KJafc


    Keep the ‘c’ word insults down mate, not necessary at all. Takes a big man to do that from behind a PC.

    Lets disagree but do so as adults, okay. This is a great blog, stop ruining it.

  49. Pedro

    Raz… this is the best football blog comments section on the web. Plenty of newbies come and stay.

  50. Raz

    True, and I can accept arguing – but there’s a difference between getting into an argument, and outright abuse. There’s also a difference between ‘an argument breaking out’ at random, and ‘Keyser/Nasri’s Mouth/Gambon getting into ANOTHER argument with someone’ ….

    But I do agree it would be boring without heated debate

  51. Kiyoshi Ito

    RazMay 17, 2013 17:33:21
    Anyway that’s my rant for the day, sorry for lowering the tone all
    No you didn’t lower the tone..
    You were right about Keyser & NM,though..

    It certainly is becoming tiresome& quite frankly off putting coming on here,when those two lurk around-like mosquitoes,waiting to suck on your blood..

  52. KJafc

    Well put mate, you have to stand up to cowardly cyber bullies who hide behind a PC and hurl insults and the ‘c’ word about like confetti. Nothing wrong in having moral standards.

  53. Raz

    Serious question – could it ever happen that the sponsorship money is paid to us with conditions such as certain players need to be signed with it, or a certain percentage needs to be invested in the team?

    P.s. Gambon, please feel free to highlight anything that makes you automatically assume I am a school child. I’d love to know.

  54. JJ

    Calm down Raz and don’t try and speak for everyone. I like Gambon’s comments. Sometimes I just read Pedro and Gambon. Move on.

  55. afturburn

    I really enjoy all the comments on here, even though some people go overboard. But that’s probably unavoidable considering the nature of the Internet. If you want classy debate while swirling brandy in a sifter and chuckling “how droll” to an unfunny dude in a monocle, then join an 19th century gentleman’s club..

  56. gambon

    Raz is upset cos im bigger than jesus and no-one gives a fuck what he says.

    Its cos youre a bit of a boring melt mate.


    In Wengers defence,at least he is not hiding his intent to continue on fucking up the club.I guess it’s better to know now than wait until the market is 1hr away from closing……..head shaking in lowered position.

  58. JJ

    It is a blog. Read what/who you want and ignore the rest. There are plenty on here that drive me nuts. I just ignore them and skip to people that I feel entertain or inform me. Arguing with everyone on this blog is Keyser’s job. Not mine.

  59. reality check

    @Nasri’s mouth

    Your theory could be considered correct if it wasn’t for one thing..

    “We have no players on £200,000 a week and I think other clubs will come down to us with financial fair play,” he said.

    “We have a more socialist model.”

    Indeed Arsenal’s wage bill, at £143 million a year, according to the latest figures, is the fourth highest in the Premier League and yet the club has not won a trophy for seven years – although it has qualified for the Champions League every season.

    From the horses mouth.

  60. salparadisenyc

    Raz this blog is about two points of view:

    Pedro and Gambon’s, not by design but thats the way it worked.
    Thankfully as well, because they both have fantastic insight into the Arsenal.

    Speak for thyself.

  61. Raz

    I hope this Sonogo guy turns out to be absolute class so everyone complaining has to eat humble pie. All the best clubs have talent waiting in the wings and find it just like we have. There’s no way we’re signing someone like Sonogo over a someone like Higauin so why is everyone freaking out? Doesn’t it bother you that the reserves haven’t won anything for years? Maybe signings like Yaya will change that go on to become first team players.

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    @reality check

    As we’re all now being nice to each other, what the fuck has that got to do with anything?

    Are you suggesting that Sanogo is going to be offered £50k/wk from the start?

  63. Nasri's Mouth

    Raz: There’s no way we’re signing someone like Sonogo over a someone like Higauin so why is everyone freaking out?

    Because people like jumping to conclusions

  64. UGooner

    To be fair though, almost every time I come on here, people like Gambon, Keyser et al are constantly engaging on the blog. Well, arguing but mostly because their views can be fiery or controversial. It’s really important to keep the views fresh and not interfere much in the comments so everyone can get involved. Banning isn’t necessary.

    That said, when I first started reading this blog, I was taken aback by what was said on here. I actually hated it. Vowed never to come back. But I did come back and with time realised that not everyone here is so one sided and abusive. I mean, I thought to myself. This is an Arsenal fan blog but really you wouldn’t know it. The abuse that some of our own players have received, not to forget the manager as well. You want him gone? “Arsene out.” Notice ‘cunt’ is not in that sentence and yet you know which way my views lean. On here that word should be reserved for those who actually deserve it.

  65. Raz

    “That said, when I first started reading this blog, I was taken aback by what was said on here. I actually hated it. Vowed never to come back. But I did come back and with time realised that not everyone here is so one sided and abusive.”


  66. UGooner

    I think people just like to complain, reference this Sanogo thing. Deal’s not even done. Season’s not even done. It’s gonna be a long summer, guys… Pace yourselves. Wenger doesn’t even answer such questions usually, think he just wanted to troll y’all. Or maybe Pardew, and his pursuit of French players.

  67. Raz

    I think perhaps 2 years ago, the views didn’t tally with mine so much back then. I had a bit more naive faith in certain things at the club, which has now been eroded away spectacularly by Wenger, PHW, Gazidis, Silent Stan, and this ‘difficult 5 year period where we will be limited in the transfer market’ which has been 8 years and counting…

    I thought it was a lot of people bashing the club I love, finding anything they could to launch tirade after tirade at Wenger co. But now there is simply no defending some stuff that goes on…

  68. afturburn

    At least when folks argue about football, its on topic for the most part. I’d hope most folks are educated enough to be able to filter through what they like and bin the rest.

    Arguments about who’s a bigger cunt, those are extremely tedious and does not interest me in the least.

  69. sixx pac

    In terms of abuse and generally low down cuntish comments, Le-grove is a lot tamer than it was 2 or 3 years ago. I bet if type a former poster’s name on here ( named after a big cat) this comment wont even show up.

  70. Gooby

    Is wenger a cunt for not signing varane from ligue 2? Or pogba? Or missing out on matuidi? We don’t know how good this kid is yey let’s stop the panic. Fucking hell he’s free too

  71. Cesc Appeal

    We’re all talking about Jovetic, Higuain, Rooney, Fabregas etc…what do we get??? Unknown French African…standard

  72. KJafc

    Great post. The ‘c’ word is used by Gambon when he loses an argument. Either that or he has an orgasm whenever he uses it, so I dread to think what the cyber bullies keyboard looks like.

    I sought help once because I had an orgasm every time I sneezed. The doctor asked me if I had taken anything for it. I said, yes pepper.

    The ‘c’ word should not be allowed to be used as abuse to another blogger. I don’t like its use but i accept the freedom to use it, BUT not to insult another and call them a ‘c’.

    Pedro himself stated “people argue, as long as they are not abusive”. Well you don’t get any more abusive than calling someone a ‘c**t’. (Gambon 16:07).

    You don’t want to sanitise this too much but you have to have some moral compass or where will it end. Everyone will be swearing and readership will diminish.

    Ultimately we are all Gooners on here, well most and we should respect each other, even though we may disagree strongly with the views/opinions.

  73. afturburn

    I think what’s generally unappealing about some of the commenters when they argue is that….if you look carefully, they are often arguing the same point, except that the posts are so dickishly long that no one notices.

    Then there are some people that take a new position everyday, just to argue. But that’s another story.

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    @sixx pac

    I’d even say it’s got better in the last 6 months or so. More debate / argument rather than just personally insulting someone who has a different viewpoint.

  75. Thomas

    Wenger could have a transfer kitty of £1000m, He would still be going after young french africans. He has some kind of weird fetish for them or something.

    Get him out!

  76. ranxzy

    Love how so many gooner’s are scared Wenger blew his transfer budget of Sanogo. Just show’s how much he’s tortured us over the years.


    from the horses mouth..
    ”For people the CL is very important today,”Wenger said.It makes a massive difference to everybody inside the club and to recruit players and to keep players.You need to be in the CL first.

    ”People always dispute that with me and i agree it’s not enough but it’s the basic requirement to keep the top ,top level players.And after that you want to win trophies like the Championship and the FA and the CL.

    As Tonto would say,”white man speak with forked tongue”.

  78. BB KING

    Seriously, people here slagging Gambon instead of Le Professor. Gambon always says the truth Imo. Why cant Wenger get some world class player, why the hell he has to always pick some kid from France ? This surely means, he wants only his 7.5 mill quid & the 4 th place trophy, to hell with the fans.

    Pathetic man, Le Wenger.

  79. sixx pac

    Compared to where it was a year ago, I’d say legrove has definitely gotten better. The posts were always good but the comments section seemed to be fill with a lot of people just saying outrageous things to become the ‘next Gambon’. Quite boring.

  80. sixx pac

    ranxzy May 17, 2013 18:24:10

    Love how so many gooner’s are scared Wenger blew his transfer budget of Sanogo. Just show’s how much he’s tortured us over the years.

    Sanogo is a fr transfer mate.

  81. KJafc

    I can’t believe you have asked this.
    Called respect mate. I use it in my football circles but i don’t call it to someones face nor do I hide behind a PC to abuse people with it. If someone was to call me that to my face, they wouldn’t do it again. I don’t see what is so big and clever about hiding behind a computer calling people names like that. How do you know the person you are calling a ‘c’ word is not a youngster, girl etc, you don’t. It isn’t clever and it isn’t big and you can get your point across without it. Well, if you have a brain you can.

  82. reality check

    Soz for late reply I’m at work.

    Nasri’s mouth

    Ok I won’t be argumentative and say

    ‘He most probably will be offered 50k pw knowing wenger!’


    The socialist structure is there. How much did project youth Mk2 get their wages increased by?

    For doing what exactly. What have they really done to deserve a pay increase when they did? Theo getting 100k was by default more than anything.

    There isn’t anyone else at the club who could demand it but him, doesn’t mean he deserves/earned it. If this new guy plays to the standard of a giroud or arteta or ramsey (bless him), he will be well within his rights under the socialist structure to demand 40k if not 50k.

    Yet those standards are low and pathetic.
    Reach 4th and its all good??? Ridiculous.

    My point is we don’t need any more

    ‘He could be good’

    We need more ‘He IS good’

  83. Moray

    so our scouts in France have seen through the obvious signings like Aubemayang and Gonalons and come up with a French African kid with an injury record. Why do we waste our time? It’s not our squad that needs bolstered, it’s our first XI. Typical Wenger paedo-centric.

    Those who are saying the French league is a good test for a player should look at the top scorers this season so far (nos. 5 and 7 are a good illustration):

    Rank Player Club Goals
    1 Zlatan Ibrahimović Paris SG 27
    2 P.E. Aubameyang Saint-Étienne 19
    3 Darío Cvitanich Nice 17
    4 Bafétimbi Gomis Lyon 16
    5 Jérémie Aliadière Lorient 15
    6 Anthony Modeste Bastia 14
    7 Wissam Ben Yedder Toulouse 13
    André-Pierre Gignac Marseille 13
    Salomon Kalou Lille 13
    10 Dimitri Payet Lille 12

  84. afturburn


    I honestly didn’t mean to wind you up, mate. Just seemed like you were so offended with his use of that word, even though his general demeanor doesn’t make it much of a shock. If the comment was in bad taste, I apologize. For the most part I don’t like being called a cunt either, but I’m not so sure a moral tirade about the values of yesteryear are going to register with anyone here.

    That’s the last bit from me, let’s go back to talking about football.

  85. Nasri's Mouth

    reality check: The socialist structure is there. How much did project youth Mk2 get their wages increased by?

    I don’t know, and to be honest, no-one on here knows for sure. But the point is they weren’t signed on big wages. Even AOC who was signed with a big transfer fee was on relatively low wages to begin with. Sanogo will more than likely be the same. So signing him him is relatively low risk.

    The other concern you have (and so do other various posters) is that we shouldn’t be signing him, we should be signing top class players. Which is very true if it was an either / or situation. But it’s not. Signing this guy doesn’t impact on us signing someone like Higuain. We can easily sign both.

    I’d also say that there’s a degree of impatience from some on here. Until we’ve qualified for the CL (assuming we do) any negotiations with players like Higuain aren’t going to precede very far, (in his case possibly until RM sort out their manager situation), but Sanogo isn’t going to have any such issues.

  86. Cesc Appeal


    ‘I’d also say that there’s a degree of impatience from some on here.’

    8 years…8 years of the same recycled lies and underachievement brought on by a total lack of ambition at any level in the club.

    There hasn’t been ENOUGH impatience that’s the problem!!

  87. Dannyboy

    Raz, as much as Gambon can occasionally rile people, Pedro banned him before for a couple of weeks, and the comments section pretty much dog shit the whole time! (no offence pedro)

  88. afturburn

    Hahaha everyone thinks this Sanogo rumour is true because he’s from Ligue 2. Admittedly it sounds like an Arsene move. But these reports are coming from the same places that have us in for Jovetic, Higuain, etc, no? So basically, it’s just as likely/unlikely to be true.

    There was a bunch of talk about M’baye Niang during the winter, too, which came to nothing.

    In any case though, I hope it’s not true. There are just too many parallels to Diaby for me to feel comfortable about it.

  89. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    And that would be very true if we’d reached the end of the transfer window and were expected to wait for him to come good in a year or 3. But as I say the window isn’t even open, we haven’t qualified for the CL yet, and signing him doesn’t impact on us signing players who ARE good enough IMMEDIATELY to play for us.

  90. Roaaary

    I have exec box tickets for spurs Sunderland on Sunday. Free booze and food all day. I’m going to drink the fuckers dry and walk out laughing at them all crying. Could be epic

  91. reality check

    Nasri’s mouth

    I’m telling you either way he will be on wages he doesn’t deserve.

    A) if he’s really good, he will not deserve to be stuck on low/medium wages.

    B) if he’s poor, he will not deserve to be paid similar wages to the better players.

    Either way the socialist structure is a terrible model and this is why its pointless buying into ‘potential’ right now.

    We should be focused on pure quality. All these squad places should go to top top qualideee players, the rest should go to the best in our academy.

    Another jack or jenks.

    Arsenal DNA not wasted on
    ‘in 3 years’ players in the french ligue.

  92. Dan Ahern

    Imagine an alternate universe where Arsenal fans are Spurs fans:

    “Bale for £150k pw? What a greedy cunt. We can’t afford to pay him that much. Next Defoe will want £150k pw, and so will Lloris, Vertonghen, etc. etc.”