Arsenal land what I hope is a 3rd choice striker…

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Morning boys and girls. Today it feels like there’s less news than there was yesterday, so instead of making something up, I’m going to first throw up, then work with what I have.

The story that gripped me by the ‘what have I achieved’ part of my neck was the one about Josh Kroenke and his first dalliance into the media to talk about Arsenal and his love of football. He’s 31 years old. He’s going to run our club at some point. What is the world coming to folks?

Then guess what. I read that this article was two years old. So I thought, you know what, forget about it. He’s 33 now. He could definitely run Arsenal now.

Onto more current mutterings. The Mail are running the Wayne Rooney story again this morning. Serious talks internally have begun and they’re trying to thrash out how they can bank roll his move. I’m guessing the sums look a little like this.

Chamakh £75k
Squillaci £60k
Denilson £55k
Andrey £90k

Boom. We’ve covered it boys.

I’m still not quite sure why we haven’t just released these players earlier. Why can’t we just give them free transfers? Surely it would make sense to take them off the books and give the squad a bit of a clean out? I mean, why not offer them severance pay? Seems silly to keep them on for 5 years at a time.

Still, just because we’re looking at big names, doesn’t mean the bargain basement of France has lost its appeal. Apparently we’re close to landing Auxerre front man Yaya Sanogo. He’s tall, he’s French-African and he’s banged in a few goals in Ligue 2. I’ve no idea about quality. Wenger loves taking players who have the raw ingredients… then moulding them. See Adebayor for a prime example of that in action.

As long as that isn’t our striking options done… then I can deal with it. Hopefully he’s fast.

Right, I have to leave this now… as I have a sh*t tonne of work on. More tomorrow.

See you in the comments.

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  1. vicky

    He is French.
    He is young.
    He is black.
    He is free.
    He is injury prone.
    He is an unknown entity.
    We are the only suitor for him.

    Yup,he ticks all the boxes and I have no doubt we have our first signing of the summer.

  2. gambon

    Fucking hell, wasting money again.

    What a bunch of cunts we have at this club.

    Wenger is obsessed with building these big squads full of ram french and african kids.

    Nothing is going to change this summer, that is pretty obvious.

  3. SpanishDave

    Wenger lokking at a ligue 2 french player surely not!!!!
    When will he stop doing this ? He will never change loves poundsavers.
    Not getting 4th is our only hope of a shake up, I dont like us loosing but I can not think of any other circumstances where he would go.

  4. @snoekrats


    Wikipedia states we signed him on Friday 17 May, oh hold on thats today…

    Well well well…. Hope Wenger wont be doing that again… How Mmany young strikers do we need on our books?? What bout Campbell and Chuba Akpom??

    We seem to have so many of these… When are they going to get there chance?

    Rather go buy a decent player.

    I might be wrong and maybe he turns out to be great, but Anelka and Henry is a long time ago…

  5. Kevin

    Typical Wenger, typical Arsenal. Leak stories into the media that we definitly have money to spend. Links us to Rooney, Jovitic and Higuain and then just before the summers starts admit that we are in advanced talks with Sanogo. An unknown quantity from france, who is young, tall and black. Well i haven’t heard that before!

    Next thing that we are going to hear is that we will definitly not be spending big, because we don’t want to hinder the development of Sanogo and ofcourse young Coquelin.

  6. azed

    Wenger and the bargain basement shopping spree…

    And people were on here talking about Higuain, Benzema and Jovectic..

    I laugh in spanglish

  7. Romford Pele

    The only thing I know about Sanogo is that he turns into a beast on Football Manager. But still, FFS!

  8. graham okeeffe

    B63 NO he has “mental strengzzzzths” Well done le prof yet again you astound us all with your shrewd scouting…..youll pay him around 10million over the time hes at arsenal hell play 5 mins in the reserves and end up at crewe…..but it is ok as he played with ze andbrake on..

  9. nuudles

    I also hope he is meant to be our third choice striker (hopefully he can be like Anelka but less of a sulker and mercenary). There is just too many Rooney/Jovetic/Higauin stories flying around to believe we have not yet realised that we need a proper first choice CF.

    One of those three (Rooney, Jovetic, Higauin) or similar grade options + Giroud as first 2 options + this kid + Akpom + Theo + Poldi + Campbell + etc (in no particular order) to fight it out for third choice CF if the first two are out/rested. If Theo can have more games like against Wigan and like he had before he extended his contract he can be very useful on the wing (and drift around to chip in as striker/to lose his marker).

    That said, roundabout last summer we were talking/dreaming about Hazard… Maybe it is just the press linking us with strikers of high calibre because we should logically go for one of these strikers. Obviously Arsenal logic does not quite work that way.

  10. @snoekrats


    Wenger better sort his shit out, we have been incredibly pasient but its time to act…

    We have been on great run but against average teams.

    We need to be a force again, go buy some star quality.

    We have a huge squad, and mostly they are all shat…

    Think must take Wenger to a corner and give him a good spanking…

    Anyway thats the summers issues.. Lets just go win this weekend.

    And then Wenger will say:

    ” we have the quality, I believe in this group of players. I will be in the market for maybe one or 2 players. People in this country think you need to spend to solve everything, sometimes you need to take a step back and think”

    or something along those lines and then we will al puke

  11. bc

    For a start if u want to give a player a free transfer he has to agree to it. Let me ask uif u was earning £90k a week for attending football training sessions and your wife and kids did not want to move home or change schools would u still go especially if the new job paid u only half of what u was currently earning?
    Well of course u wouldn’t so the club has to keep the player. Let’s not forget it was only 4 years ago that people were screaming for wenger to buy the best striker in the champions league for £20m. He never he waited and took him on a free instead unfortunately chamakh could not repeat that form although 10 goals in his first 19 starts was pretty impressive. Squillaci there was a french international on the top of his game having just been named in la ligas equivalent of pfa premier league team of the year after a world class season at sevilla.
    As for how we raise the cash for rooney u are right with this and let’s also not forget bendtners 52k a week there is also park santos djourou gervinho diaby plenty of players that we can move on should takers be forthcoming.

  12. Bergkamp63

    Only 2 more seasons and we can coin the Jeremy Piven line from Grosse Pointe Blank.

    10 YEARS ! 10 YEARS MAN ! 10 ! 10 YEARS !

  13. puppyguts

    the rooney move makes alot of sense imo…. could have been in rvp deal tht we get first look at rooney, wenger also saw fergies retirement coming.

    wayne is not afraid to make a controversial move and arsenal is a very attractive club for a striker.

  14. samsenal

    Guys, we do still have to try to get young players in. We have to now get the right balance between genuine proven quality and potential, which we have not done for years.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    As I don’t know whether this guy will be any good, how much he’ll be earning, which other players we’re going to sign, which other players are going to leave, just because we’re about to sign some player I’d only vaguely heard of, I’m not going to write off next season just yet 😉

  16. finestcuts

    If we’re spending big we should go for obvious choices like Benteke (20m)or Lewandowski (35m). Nothing against Yaya Sanogo, he looks like a rough diamond, 20 years old so not a kid…..could be a big player for us in the League Cup which would lead to promotion to the first team.
    We need a top quality striker, Podolski and Sanogo as backups would be decent… I’m sure Giroud will stay at least another season so we’ll once again have a multitiude of options up front as we should.
    Being 20 points off the Champions should tell Wenger that he should take every opportunity to strengthen.

  17. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I’m not against him taking a calculated risk on unknown talent, he’s just got to mix it with top shelf talent. Personally, I’d like to see Wenger gone, but we all know that’s not gonna happen in the near future

  18. Romford Pele

    I’ve calmed down now lol. Let’s see. Hopefully the free transfer means there’s a marquee signing coming in too. Who am I kidding?! Wenger, it’s 10.30 and you’ve already ruined my Friday!

  19. Pires_legend

    Great article as always Pedro!

    Not to mention:
    Bendtner £52k
    Djourou £50k
    Park £30k
    Andre Santos £30k

    Phenomenal sums of money per year going to players that haven’t even contributed to this team this year!!!

    Pay out on a World class player year we agree in the socialist model but in reality some players are much better than others and deserve to get paid more. Rather than rooney who is exceptional and would be a massive coup for U s i would prefer if we invested in our time and efforts into Cavan, Jovetic and Higuain type of players.

    Flair plus natural fitness/ability.

    PS just noticed that bc mentioned all this above :O)

  20. AJ

    Should’ve gone for Benteke. He’s 23, and has experience playing in the league. Or will he kill Giroud’s chances?

  21. nuudles

    Worst summer: extend some/all of Santos, Denilson & Chamakh’s contracts, let Sagna go and keep any one of our three left backs as right back backup. Sign unknown/unproven players from second division sides. Promote kids who had one or two decent games at junior levels (Im not against promoting the best, but then they need to be at the levels of Jack/Cesc when they started featuring for the senior team)

    Best summer: sell all the unwanted players/let them go free, sign Rooney, Cesc, Cesar, Capoue/similar, keep Sagna. Uncovering a gem or two would also not be unwelcome.

    Massive difference…

  22. vicky

    The point is we just can not afford to waste any squad space and money on unknown players. He may or may not come good but for a club which is 20+ points behind the champions the scope for experiment is non-existent.

    Man U can do such experiments.
    City also can.
    But we are in a precarious situation and so we can not.

  23. Ramsey's backpass

    The most important thing is that,he is FREE

    thank you arsene for adding to the wagebill


  24. samsenal

    As the last of my blood spurts from my slashed wrists, i have just realised that the transfer window has not even opened yet…so i may have slightly overreacted to this possible free transfer…..

    Goodbye cruel Wenger

  25. redpitser

    What about Loic ‘the Roaster’ Remy ? Is he still a target? If he’s guilty he’s gonna be banged up for a good while. Doesn’t sound like the kinda guy we’d want a the club regardless of skill. We were definitely interested though, looks like we’ve dodged a bullet there!

  26. Romford Pele

    How many youngsters do you want on the wage bill for crying out loud.

    Young strikers on Arsenal’s books.
    Joel Campbell
    Wellington Silva
    Chuba Akpom
    Sanchez Watt
    Zak Ansah

    Bloody hell! Realistically, only Akpom can make it, and now you want to add another young striker to the equation.

  27. nuudles

    Bergkamp63, Santi is very close to world class if he is not. I struggle to think of any CL level team who would not love to have him, either on the wing or at AM. The only teams he might not be an automatic starter for are:
    – Real Madrid (Ozil above him, but Santi has been more effective this season, if they want to play both they could play Santi right wing above Di Maria and Ozil AM),
    – Barca,
    – and maybe Chelsea (because he is quite similar to Mata, although they would likely play one of them AM and the other wing, with Hazard occupying the other wing).

  28. Pires_legend

    has to be the funniest thing I’ve read

    “The only thing I know about Sanogo is that he turns into a beast on Football Manager. But still, FFS!”

    Thanks to Romford Pele

  29. nepGunner

    Same old…Same old

    Lets hope this is just a teaser to the main show hitting the screen this summer.

    But can’t help feeling helpless on the possibility of Wenger’s “We tried hard / Could not find / will only buy special players that will improve the squad / had bid rejected for so and so players / so and so players’ development will be hindered” speech come August. Wenger – prove me wrong.

  30. shad

    So sad that AW is targeting another squad player when we already have so much deadwood to get rid of. This man needs to go before he drags us into a black hole where we’ll be competing for a “6th place trophy”. We all know he’ll barely make a move for Rooney, keep Diaby and hail him as a new signing, probably recall Bendtner, try and lure Cesc back, etc.

    He will never have a clear-cut move for a star player like Lewandowski, Neymar, Isco, Soldado, etc


  31. Romford Pele

    NM – maybe so, but right now, we should be looking to fill our team with matchwinners, not stockpiling it with squad players who may or may not be good enough.

  32. Craigy

    That sonogo looks a quality prospect, ver muck like adeybayer, he’s got pace, strong tall, good finished, and got great technique from what I see, definitely worth a punt, as long as we’re signing a tried and proven striker aswel

  33. Raz

    Can’t believe the fuss over Sonogo. Wenger always gets deals for the young ones done early. Plus Sonogo talk started about 3 months ago, maybe even before Jan.

    Wenger does have some responsibility to the reserves and youth set up as well people. So far we’ve won not much in a fairly long time, we don’t even finish top 2 in the youth or reserve leagues these days usually. So if he is going to sign some randomer from the Ligue 2 so come in and strengthen that scene then so be it. Watt has no senior future, Wellington Silva is surely never coming, Campbell is at least a season away from being considerable for the first team set up, Afobe unlikely to succeed, Akpom too young still.

    We do still have to deal with non-first team players, and I don’t care who he brings in for that.

  34. Al

    Seriously Guys we all bitched about missing out on Lukaku and Benteke and now guys are moaning about signing Sanogo and taking a chance on a player.
    I would get the moaning if he was the only signing but the talk has been we are getting another striker so what is the problem.

    We will have the new striker (finger crossed), giroud, and yaya sanogo as are specialist strikers with Walcott and podolski to come in if needed. Thats not bad.

    However, if we dont buy a striker lets raise some hell

  35. MadeToLoveMagic

    Pedro , , , , , this new guy Sayongo is my cousins brothers best friends dermatologists son in France!! I know the guy well! followed all his games this year. He is an absolute beast, best player in ligue deux by far. And guess what, he wants to come to us!, can you believe it!! He wants to play for the arsenal.!!! We should be proud.

    He’s a black messy on stilts, believe me

  36. vicky


    My point is we could have signed this player even at the fag end of the transfer window. It is not that all the top clubs are chasing him.

    The strategy should be to sign the top players first.

    Then try to shift out the deadwoods.

    Then see If there is any room for some experimental signing like Yaya whatever.

  37. Raz

    P.s. I think we can expect a high level of outgoings if Wenger is already looking at youth and reserve players coming in. The Sonogo story should come as good news to people, not a reason to stick the knife in and moan about the manager.
    Bendtner, Park and Chamakh will all leave. The other loanees won’t be coming in. I for one would be very happy if we bring in a random unknown, add him to the youth and reserve set up while they develop, and hopefully improve that department.

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    To be honest, I’m not worried. If we’re serious about this summer and we’re going to sign 2/3 really good players, then we’ll also be getting rid of a load of names too.

    Squillachi, Arshavin, Coquelin, Santos, Frimpong, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Denilson could all go. There’ll be plenty of space

    And it doesn’t follow that just because they’re not worth keeping Sanogo isn’t worth signing. I’ve seen a lot of posts in the last few months, commenting on why we couldn’t have spotted xxxxx last season. Maybe this guy is worth taking.

    Either way, we’re not going to be signing any “match winners” until after Sunday and the start of the transfer window anyway.

  39. Pires_legend

    @Romford Pele I’m still chuckling because it’s soo true!!

    Realistically can we get rid of the reserve reserves (those that have to be loaned out)?

    If we sell the following:
    Bendtner – Germany club – £6m
    Djourou – Hannover -£3m
    Park – Celta Vigo £1m
    Chamakh – Bordeaux £3m
    Arshavin – Contract expires
    Squillaci – Contract expires
    Andre Santos – Gremio £4m
    Denilson – Sao Paulo £5m
    Gervinho – Galatasary £12m

    That would open the door for a fair talented players. We’re currently using the same 14 players over and over now. We need a World Class striker, and keep Giroud as he’s a decent player.

  40. Nasri's Mouth


    Maybe, but maybe we’ve already got a strategy in place? Even if the club haven’t resolved the precise targets 100%, they know the positions and the numbers. And of course none of knows whether he’d have re-signed with his club if we don’t show quick interest ourselves.

  41. Romford Pele

    As I said, my gripe isn’t really against Sanogo. He’s definitely got great attributes. I think Craigy said there are comparisons with Ade in there and that’s definitely the case. I just have my doubts and previous seasons’ work has helped to contribute to that.

  42. Bergkamp63

    Here’s to Sunday evening and Usmanov’s bid for the club next week once wev’e fucked up !

  43. Ashburton Patriot

    Gambon… hes free. hes only 20 FFS. the guy looks like a beast its good we get him before he explodes and goes to united or something. I think its important that we still sign youngsters aswell as established players. Right now we have no young centre forwards and dont talk about Benik. i think he’s useless

  44. Al


    I think it might be a case of it also being easy and less complicated to signing these young/Not as none players compared to doing major deals.

    Especially in this deal as he was a free transfer

  45. g0tch34ted

    All this lot need to go …

    Abou Diaby
    Sébastien Squillaci
    Francis Coquelin
    Andrei Arshavin
    Johan Djourou
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Marouane Chamakh
    Park Chu-Young
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Joel Campbell


  46. Romford Pele

    Ashburton Patriot,

    We have Chuba Akpom who is exactly in the mould of Sanogo. A bit stockier though and 3 years younger.

  47. Ali

    Will Rooney really be a great asset to Arsenal? I have my doubts. I’d much prefer
    Theo down the middle and Jetovic as the second striker ( something in a Bergkamp
    role )

  48. Danish Gooner

    He is free and worth a punt as a third choice striker.As long as Wenger doesnt give him 70 k a week we are allright.

  49. N5

    I can’t tell you how demorilised the fact we’re sniffing around ligue 2 again has made me, every year I’ve come to the conclusion nothing would change in our transfer policy to the point I’ve not been too disappointed (with what’s come in anyway), however this year its been promised that change will happen, that this year things will not be the same as they have been! well this seems very much like same old same old.

    As Vicky said: Yup,he ticks all the boxes and I have no doubt we have our first signing of the summer, but i’d like to add and probably our only.

  50. Savage

    This Sanogo story feels a bit like the time we signed Oxlade Chamberlain early up, ahead of the other big signings. It was a big moan at the time, but I don’t think there’s anyone unhappy that we signed him.

    We’re all 100% agreed that we need some big signings, but if that happens then I’m happy for the kid to be given a shot in the CC. For every RVP there’s a Phil Jones, and a Bebe.

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d like to see Akpom go out on loan next season if I’m honest.

    Mind you, there’s nothing to say that Sanogo won’t be loaned out either…

  52. Bennydevito

    Agree about Sonago as in why another untried French kid but he could turn out as another Kozzer plus he is the nuts on FM! Maybe Wenger’s got confused with which Arsenal he’s signing him for? After an all nighter on FM Wenger’s woke up on the sofa at 5am with a crick neck startled and shouts out ” sacre bleu! Zis Yaya Sonago he as great qualidee, shoots with a short back lift… I must sign ‘im…”

  53. Ramsey's backpass

    Thank you arsene

    now we need a 16 year old GK,a 12 year old RB,a 15 year old DM and a 17 year old CM.

    All should be free

    once again,thanks arsene


  54. Arsenal 1886-2006


    He is 20 years old and will be close to 21 by the time the season starts, he is not a kid so I doubt he will be playing with the youngsters for very long.
    His injury record is quite bad as well, he has been at the club for 3 ½ years and has been injured for 1 ½ of those. One was a leg break and the other a torn abductor muscle.

    I just hope this isn’t another Diaby situation.

  55. N5

    He is free and worth a punt as a third choice striker.As long as Wenger doesnt give him 70 k a week we are allright.


    That’s the problem Danish, he rewards mediocrity so 2 seasons in that is quite possible what he would be earning on a 3 year + contract.

  56. Romford Pele

    NM – Yeah Akpom should definitely be loaned out. 19 goals from 24 games at U21 level is a good return. He’d be good at a Championship club that plays decent footie. Maybe Brighton? Or now Leeds now they have McDermott? After that, we’ll see.

  57. vicky

    Coquelin should not be in any “OUT” list imo.

    The guy has not been used well by Wenger.

    If Wenger had shown the same persistence with Le Coq that he has with Ramsey, most of us would have had Ramsey on the OUT list instead of Le Coq.

  58. Bergkamp63

    Sanogo looks like Diaby, has an injury record like Diaby, will be paid like Diaby and will form the 3rd and final part of a menage a trois with Diaby.

    It’s how Wonga likes em, tall, dark & injury prone !

  59. jay

    anyone else think Callum McManaman won’t be a bad buy for us..he could also increase our british influence in the squad

  60. Harry Redknapp

    3rd choice? we dont even give our own young strikers a chance. i hope this cunt is 6th choice

  61. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger is good at predicting things after they happened, this past week he has said

    “I had a feeling Ferguson would retire, I told my staff”
    “I felt Wigan would win the FA Cup”
    and today
    “I felt that CL qualification would go to the last day”

  62. MrT

    Can’t we make our point on here without saying s#%*t C#%*t and other frankly speaking needless words? There exist other words which emphasise our point without the vile profanity.

  63. N5

    To be honest I don’t care if he’s the next Messi, every player we buy comes with the Monika “next big thing” and we need to make a statement now, yes its great if he comes in as future potential but if he is the new partner for OG or for use in rotation then let’s just add him to our players on the bench that may or may not someday become something. Like someone said the other day we don’t just need quality on the pitch but also on the bench ready to come on like recent Chelsea have had. I just think already this all feels a little too familiar.

    Any Remy the (alleged) rap-ist is the other purchase isn’t he, a rap-ey forward why does that feel right?

    Not sure why it won’t let me post the word ra-pe?

  64. Harry Redknapp

    il tell you whats gonna happen to akpom, he is very avergae footballer. wenger will tell him he needs to do an apprenticeship on the wing as goals are not important. just as he did to afobe who was a much better player. then he will send him onloan to some bunch of hoof monkeys and we will never see him again.

  65. Ashburton Patriot

    Romford, on what planet does it make sense to have one young striker. this is a free transfer for a youngster. there is very little risk here. if he turns shit, we ship him out. Wenger saw something in Kos, in jenkinson, in chambo. took these guys from lower division football to the international scene. (Give Carl a few years) im excited to see what happens with sanogo. However this is really not important news. we still have to qualify and we still need to sign quality for next year.

  66. azed

    Ashburton Patriot,

    Please remind me of a young player we signed that hasn’t left us yet.

    PS: Do not include players that can’t make your pub team.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    @Harry Redknapp

    We don’t have any of our ‘own young strikers’ that are currently good enough to be given a chance though

  68. Harry Redknapp

    the french boy will get 200 games to prove himself. then if he comes good he will sign for psg. if he dont he will just hold his contract up and say fuck you arsene i aint budging you cunt

  69. mystic

    Seeing as we know Wenger will go around looking for bargain basement players so much the better if he has done it now, at least we will not go through the summer with high expectations only to be screwed over yet again with a last second, ‘was the only one available’ purchase. Oh dear I give Wenger too much credit, I’ll bet he can still find another chump out there.

    If Arsenal clear out all the deadwood, then bringing in some unknown on a free isn’t such a worry – unless he is on ridiculous wasted wages – as Arsenal must surely be freeing up at the very least 5 squad places and over £250k per week and lets not be naive to believe he will bring in known quality players to fill all the vacancies.

  70. N5

    A 3rd choice striker when we do not have a decent enough 1st choice striker.
    Season tickets must all be sold.


    Spot on!

  71. Harry Redknapp

    nasri afobe scored 40 in a season, thats when you give them ten minutes here and there them. and just havin them you occasionally place them on the bench and introduce them slow. you cant classically train a kid then send them onloan to the complete opposit type of playin style club and expect a thing.

  72. Romford Pele

    Ashburton patriot,

    So we should supplement our team with young strikers? I’m talking about the first team here, not the reserve team.

    Sanogo is about to turn 21, this doesn’t look like he’s a player for the reserves.

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    And again, to people saying we should be signing 1st choice strikers. Those signings will never happen until we (and more importantly) know where we finish in the league.

    Loving the melt down though

  74. Harry Redknapp

    its a major flawed thing to be about project youth but not give opportunitys to youth. show me the day any player was really good enough. it takes 10 games for a top player to addapt to a new club sometimes a whole season.

  75. Harry Redknapp

    i remember jack wilshere running backwards with the ball at west ham and everyone was like nah he aint the man. then i remember song being fukkin terrible, and he remained terrible but song or 200 game denilson who you picking?

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    @Harry Redknapp

    Afobe needed to get 1st team football. If he was good enough, he’d progress. I don’t think he’ll turn out to be good enough.

    Of the current lot, I’d say Akpom has a chance, (but by no means definite in any way) of getting into the 1st team squad in the next 2-3 years, but I’d want him to go on loan first. Players need competitive football, U21/U19s just doesn’t give them enough. Akpom looks like he could make the step up to playing for a decent Championship level team, then we can see where he is in 14/15.

  77. Harry Redknapp

    imagine if giroud scored half his chances we would have had enough games wrapped up we would be able to have gave akpom a run out for the last 5 games. this is the flawed part of buyin players that might not be better than what you already have.

  78. N5

    NM I think your right, the only issue a lot of us have is in recent meetings with Arsenal that Pedro has had (I wanna say one with Ivan) he and other bloggers have been told specifically that money would be spent this year and well! I suppose the mistake we made is assuming that meant on WC quality where as they meant something different, the mistake was ours for assuming what was meant! when will we learn?

  79. Harry Redknapp

    afobe was good enough playin upfront, it was wenger who gave it the bollocks about becoming a more complete footballer. he is good enough. but he needs opportunitys and a decent side who can take up the responsibility of having young players introduced.

  80. N5

    Twats moaning about transfers and season not over .. classic


    Was that worth posting? either join the discussion or fuck off, the blog was regarding a transfer so what should we talk about oh powerfull dictator, the price of local fish!

  81. Harry Redknapp

    most players who have come through and flopped have been the ones that we spent money on. thats the worst thing, were they better than what we were producing ourselfs?

  82. Craigy

    Coquelin is a quality player, would hate to see him leave, out of the few appearances I’ve seen he’s been great, I feel assured everytim e I watch him, don’t stop running got good technique, and gets stuck in, wenger has definitely mis managed this guy, and it’s sad, Joel Campbell hasn’t played a game yet as his work visa or something is not valid yet, so he shouldn’t be on the out list, the others I can understand not those 2 tho

  83. nepGunner


    Unfortunately, we are talking about Arsenal signings and I bet most Arsenal fans would have been happy had Wenger signed a Falcao or Jovetic or Lewandowski along with a Callum Mcmanaman and a Yaya whatever. Unfortunately we mostly get limited to a unknown French / African / British give-him-some-time-to-prove teenager (i know Yaya is 20 – but you get my drift), host of midget playmakers (mostly played out of position) and a half decent forward (just enough for that 4th place trophy). At times Wenger even manages to buy a player like Park whose signing is utterly ridiculous.

    We all keep babbling about the huge squad at Arsenal and the subsequent wage bill which handicaps our ability to lure world class talents. So why the hell are we inflating the very root of the cause (I don’t think Sonogo will play for free for us) before addressing the main issue?

  84. N5

    Is there a rumour of Coquelin going Craigy? as that would be really disappointing, in certain games this season he has been the only player on the pitch giving it his all, I can’t put up with a bad game or a loss when the team try but when they have been happy with giving 25% that’s when they piss me off, Cockers seems to always give his all.

  85. andy1886

    If Sanogo has such great qualities wtf is he doing in the second division of a poor league? Every time we sign an unknown like this all the knobs come out saying what a great signing (remember how Wellington was going to be the greatest?), how he’s a ‘beast’ and all that shit. What a waste of money. And he’s injury prone, feckin fantastic. Pack your bags Arsene you fckwit.

  86. Harry Redknapp

    i look at the list. we had anthony stokes scoring for fun, jet scoring for fun, afobe scoring for fun. but joel cambell will score two goals in serie 9 or whatever and he will get a run out lol.

  87. Pires_legend

    I think the kid Sonogo is a decent player, I’m sure he looks great on Youtube, bit on the skinny side but has potential. Maybe could turn out to be another Anelka – but we all know how that turned out.

    I think Akpom is really good player by the way, far more mobile than Afobe, and seemingly more prolific. He needs a good season at a championship team – maybe even Wigan to get some good experience under his belt.

    Also Ryo will need to be pushing for a first team spot next year he had a great loan spell at Feyenoord and Bolton last time out, and had it not been for Miralles would probably have played a lot more for Wigan.

    Still hopeful, but I reckon it all hinges on where we finish on Sunday. I can imagine the Spuds if they get into the holy grail of the CL spending a huge amount on players!

    Lets stick it to em!

  88. Nasri's Mouth


    The transfer window hasn’t opened, we haven’t qualified for the CL yet, don’t go assuming that what Pedro has been told, (and what he seems to agree with) is a load of bollocks for a while yet.

    This guy is free. People have been shouting about all the overpaid players on £50-60k/wk, but players like AOC, Jenkinson etc. came in on much less than that before they’d proved themselves in the 1st team, so I doubt we’ll be paying him much in wages.
    He’s a risk, but a risk worth taking, because it doesn’t effect the rest of our transfer dealings.

  89. Harry Redknapp

    the french second division is like the 4th division over here. the whole french league is full of shyt anywhere there is not a sugardaddy

  90. Romford Pele

    Callum McManaman? No thanks – people shouldn’t buy the hype of the last few games so soon.

  91. Harry Redknapp

    alex chamberlain has not proved a thing. he should be considered for reserve games or a loan

  92. Harry Redknapp

    if he was a product of our youth system he would have been loaned to bolton the last year or two. were justifyin his price tag by placing him on the bench

  93. AJ

    The youngsters we have a big disadvantage. Wenger wants his grand-children and favourite players to get games first. All others after that, talent or no talent.

  94. Ashburton Patriot

    I think young competition is great for players. it helps them develop faster and makes them understand that they have no natural right to a first team place. they have have to fight against other hungry youngsters aswell. how you can argue with this i dont know

  95. Nasri's Mouth

    @Harry Redknapp

    well, you might want Afobe or Stokes Or J.E.T. playing up front for us every week, but I certainly don’t. Afobe was excellent at youth level, just stopped improving, Stokes is just not good enough for us, and JET has talent but issues.

    I’d have Giroud over all of them.

  96. Harry Redknapp

    we gave more chances to aumery bischoff than players who could have turned out to be commmited and useful. i wouldnt blame any youngster for turning down arsenal pro deals.

  97. azed

    Ashburton Patriot,

    You are the one that said we should get him before the big clubs do and i was trying to point out to you that even if we get them before the big clubs do, they’ll still leave.

    We should be looking to improve the 1st team not the reserve. For a club that complains about not being able to compete with its rivals, we spend way too much energy on a reserve squad that has been mediocre at best

  98. N5

    @Arsenal 1886-2006, thanks for letting me know, what a bummer.

    @NM I understand it is a good risk, but I would only say if we do get rid of the other deadwood, Chamakh was free and how did that work out for us?

  99. Harry Redknapp

    lol nasri see thats the problem, i dont want them played upfront for us, it shouldnt be the kids who have that responsibility, but keepin them around and when your 3 up against norwich or whoever throw one in for half an hour. no kid started at the top. they all have to get a chance somewhere, we cant just sell and throw them in, or wiat for injurys. geroge graham won a title with kids and a few experienced heads. in my opinion really though its always been the bought players that let us down. rarely have the kids ever let us down. the carling cup was some of the best football the emirates has seen.

  100. andy1886

    Btw F365 says we would have to pay compensation if we do sign him, so if that’s true then all those spouting that ‘he’s free, what’s the problem?’ can revise that to ‘ffs, another Park…’

  101. SurferX

    Im with Pedro here…

    “As long as that isn’t our striking options done… then I can deal with it.”

    Spot on to me. In many ways, this signing is an irrelevance. If he’s coming in as 3rd choice striker (ie behind a top quality replacement and Giroud) then great. If its Giroud and him and thats it, well, say hello to groundhog day.

    The key issues are:

    Will we sign 4 players this season that can compete immediately for a first-team spot (ie experienced, proven in a top-league and are better than what we’ve got- on paper at least).

    Can we clear-out the deadwood: the sins of the past-projects: of or are we waiting another year when most of their contracts expire.

    If the answer is yes to both of those, AW can fill his boots with ‘projects’ as far as I’m concerned. The problem has never been the projects- its giving them 5 years in the first-team to make it work.

  102. Ashburton Patriot

    fair point azed. but do we neglect the youth system. if wenger sees potential in a player who has rare qualities, pace, height, strength, agility, skill. does he keep his eyes closed and forget about him so that he can say that ‘i nearly signed him when he was young’ like Ibra or ronaldo?

  103. Craigy

    N5…… I was responding to an outlist that was posted bout 20mins ago 🙂 but there has been some quotes from coquelin bout how he wants more game time, and could look to leave, I think I read that schalke was in for him, hope wenger gives him a chance, coz I’d hate to see someone with his potential leave the club, I like him a lot.

  104. Harry Redknapp

    if we had two quality strikers plus giroud we could afford to also have akpom or afobe in the squad. but its just wengers too tight, he shouldnt be. fergie sticks with welbeck, he scores every time he plays upfront for england, he dont exactly let united down does he?

  105. Nasri's Mouth


    JET is at Ipswich. Not even good enough to play in the PL…

    (which is a shame, the boy had talent in his legs, just not in his head)

  106. Harry Redknapp

    i mean chamakh has spent two years on our bench with no interest of even playin, vela didnt. but it was vela who looked good, chamakh always appeared to just be simply a french speaker.

  107. Nasri's Mouth

    Chamakh isn’t a good comparison, he was much older when we signed him, and had played and scored at the top level. We wont be paying Sanogo anything like as much.

  108. Harry Redknapp

    just coz jet is at ipswitch it dont mean a thing. he could have done it for us. you never know. most young players who leave big clubs struggle to addapt because they have to learn to wipe their own ass and have to learn how to collect a 70 yard pass