Can Theo work his way to magic?

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A no news day! What? Is this a sign of things to come? This can’t be good. I’m looking forward to all the rubbish transfer blogs coming out of hibernation in time for the summer display advertising gold rush. Some of it has already started…

‘Arsenal agree ¥17,0000,,73fdh000 deal with Madrid’s class clown’

It’s so boring. Newsnow used to be my first port of call, now I just use the filtered newsfeed I get in the comments section here.

So what shall we talk about? Ok, how about the profit warning Puma put out the other day. The German kit maker who have already announced a a projected 23% dip in operating profit had to share further bad news on their performance. Still, like all good businesses, when the chips are down, you don’t shackle the marketing costs, you make an effort to bring in new revenue streams. Arsenal being a very, very big statement.

Talking of the kit, @LAGVILAVA7  has knocked up a very tasty iteration of what he thinks the strip should look like. He also pulled together the Le Grove Twitter backdrop. If you want to get yourself out there as a young designer, there’s no better way of doing it. The kit is probably a nicer version of something Puma haven’t even thought of.

Quite shambolic that Caught Offside have run the story and clipped the originator off the post. Bad internet practice…

Theo Walcott has spoken of the half time team talk that happened on Tuesday.

“We got a rocket, we’ll keep that in the dressing room. But it’s great that the manager has that passion and it got a bit more out of the players. We all knew how big it is, not just for the manager but the fans, the players and the club itself. It’s massive to be in the Champions League. The manager gave us a kick up the backside. I felt we did show some good play in the first half but we didn’t manage to take our chances. Thankfully we did in the second.”

Sometimes seeing the passion of the person in charge is enough to kick you into gear. Hunger is a top down thing. If you’re managing people and you take the foot off the gas, they do too… even if it’s not a conscious thing. Alex Ferguson never let that hunger disappear… which considering his age is a miracle. It’s nice to see Arsene can turn it on when it matters.

One person who won’t have mastered that art is Alan Pardew. People constantly reference how he’s signed a load of French duffers… and that many Arsenal fans were wrong to have called for them… but for me, they’re good players. It’s just they’re being badly managed. The players clearly have an issue with one season wonder Pardew… so for him to come out and say he wouldn’t care of they lost 4-0… well, it’s sports management suicide.

Anyway, back to Theo Walcott… the performance he put in the other night showed he has what it takes to be a fearsome player. Whether he was coming in from out wide or playing through the centre he played with aggression, purpose with a bucket load of confidence. You felt he was playing like he believed he was a £100k a week player. Yeah, sure, it was Wigan. But it was a high pressure game and he stood up and ensured he was counted. His stats read pretty well… 6 attempts, 4 on target with a goal to boot. His passing was a little off with 64%  accuracy off 14 attempts, but I guess a few of those would have come from failed crosses.

I think we can only look at his season as a success. He’s taken his game up a level. Does he have another level of performance within him? I’m not sure. He’s developed instinctive finishing. He hasn’t yet worked out how you play against top defences. When his pace is nullified… he has to work out what his game looks like. Players like Theirry Henry had a game for every occasion. He has to find that. Is he naturally gifted enough? Maybe not. Can he work his socks off to improve to those levels? Again…a  big maybe. It was fascinating reading the bio of Thierry Henry… he wasn’t a natural finisher in the mold of David Trezeguet. He had to work to become that good. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I’ve put my mind towards growing a Thierry Henry style beard… it’s fearsome. Though it has been noted I’m starting to look like a sex offender. No amount of mind magic is going to change that, so I trim could be in order.

I was reading through The Standard last night and I came across one of those smug articles journalists pen at the end of every season when Arsene makes it into the top four. ‘Arsene Wenger will be chuckling to himself after proving the doubters wrong once again’ type articles. It’s amazing how predictable some papers can be. If Wenger is chuckling to himself after a season like this, I’d be very surprised. Bumbling into the top four on the last game of the season is nothing to be smug about. It’s a serious issue if the objective of the year was to challenge for major honours. We’ve hit a serious stagnation point at the club… hopefully, after the uneasiness of this year, that will be recified. Wenger can chuckle to himself all he wants when we win the league next year by 15 points.

Anyway, rant over… I just can’t stand smug journalists picking holes in the concerns of fans who pay for their tickets.

The sun is out… enjoy the day and remember this… the football season is nearly over, which means you might actually have to pay attention to your family this summer.

… but there is the Confederations Cup… and so much beer undrunk.

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  1. Kjafc

    Arsenal 1886-2006
    It is an interesting subject though! Bad debt is when you borrow money to pay off something intangible or that has no value. That is what Chelsea’s debt is. You pay more for that sort of borrowing.

    Good debt is like a mortgage. You pay less and when paid off you have an asset.

    Chelsea do not function as a business, if they did they would be bust. Is it cheat ing to spend money you do not have? i think it is. The whole point of FFP was not to help clubs like Arsenal but to prevent clubs going bust. Where you have a sugar daddy, there is that risk because as soon as he decides to stop writing off bad debt, disappears or goes bust himself,, the club will cease to exist.

    If we spent more money than we earn in our jobs, we would lose our homes. Football should be the same. The issue I have is players wages. They earn far too much and because of sugar daddy’s the wages have just gone mad. The Russian started it. If however clubs like Chelsea could only spend what the club earned then wages would have to fall. £100k per week is £5 million in wages per year and yet still these players want more. Crazy. YaYa Toure is on around £250k per week, which £15 million a year. To play a game. Meanwhile, we blame the club for ticket prices, forgetting how much the parasite that are players earn. If all clubs had to spend within their means, we may get sanity back. And more loyalty.

  2. Kjafc

    NM 17:46

    Very well put. Socialism always sounds great but in practice it fails. This idea that you have wage parity is a complete nonsense. Some people are worth more than others, simple. The knock on affect is that you have this rubbish players that you can’t get rid of. Players have too much power as it is, paying them over the odds is suicide.

  3. JJ

    The thing that impressed me most about Walcott on Tuesday was his willingness to track back and help Sagna. Long overdue and hopefully he will continue to do so.

  4. Doublegooner

    You lot are so disrespectful.

    All you can talk is our Club & Wenger.

    FFS. The Greatest ever player has today resigned.

  5. Kjafc


    Wellbecks contract means he will be paid £19.5 million over 5 years. Not bad for a part time job doing something you love.

    An average player getting £75k per week proves football no longer belongs to the fans. If we can get rid of sugar daddy’s and make clubs pay within their means, the first thing that will happen is wages will fall as clubs couldn’t offer what they cannot pay.

    Then maybe we will get a bit more loyalty and more young home grown players.

  6. kwik fit

    Peter Hill Wood will step down as chairman of Arsenal at the end of the season. Another bad news day for Arsenal Fc. Can things get any worse? We are losing the greatest chairman in the history of football and no one is prepared to demand that he think again. Peter please don’t leave us. With out you we are nothing!!!

  7. zeus


    So many of these players won’t go on to have careers, Sad to hear that about Simpson though. This explains why people like Sanchez Watt is so reluctant to leave Arsenal even though its clear they have no chance of playing for the Arsenal.

  8. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Pretty much cleared a few things up.

    Something I would like to see is player agents fees becoming a % set by the football authorities and all costs incurred by the player and his agent to be paid in full by them, clubs agents must also be bought under tighter regulations.
    Agents are the worst parasites in the game and need to be bought into line.

    Another idea would be squad size reductions.
    You name your first team and a back-up player for these positions plus a third choice selection of eight players making 30 squad members. The third choice player can request to leave the club at any time and on a free if they are not being played and feel as though they will get a chance elsewhere.
    The first and second named players could have written into their contract a clause about minutes played i.e. at least a third of playing time. If they are not playing then after 2 years of reduced playing time they can leave for a fee that is half of what they were purchased. Unless they lost this time through a long term injury.
    Under 18’s are excluded from these restrictions and can be played without penalty.

    You then have every team with a 30 man squad and a more manageable wage bill. No club can buy up all the top talent and leave them on the bench without the fear of them walking out of the club on a possible free or reduced transfer.

    Impossible i know but something drastic is needed is we want to keep football competitive.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    PHW to step down as chairman at end of season, David Beckham retiring at end of season after spending time training with us at xmas, coincidence? I think not…

  10. Radio Raheem


    You are right. So few of these players actually make it for us I am starting to think we need to downscale the whole thing. Players like Simpson who leave Arsenal are like champagne bottle, once uncorked there is a quick fizz and pop afterwards it goes flat. They impress but only briefly.

    I remember when Watt was offered a contract extension a year or two ago. That has got to be the most baffling contract extension ever, made no sense whatsoever!

  11. samsenal

    Just wanted to point out that the PHW news was broken at 11:48 this this morning by none other than samsenal.

    not one “thank you”. Not one.

  12. Radio Raheem

    With all these retirements I might have to retire from le grove. This is the retirement season…even the Pope retired…unbelievable

  13. Ramsey's backpass

    “Wenger has to be one of the most succesfull conman of all time”


    thank you Thomas

  14. zeus

    Wonder if it means they will finally get a football man in on the board now. PHW was mainly on the board in a figure head capacity anyway.

  15. TitsMcgee

    “8 years and no trophies true but we have a magnificent 60,000 seater stadium, revenue that now puts us up there with only Barca, Real, Bayern and Man Utd and a solid financial foundation that enables us to compete for years to come. With the new sponsorship deals coming into place, make no mistake we are now a giant that can compete in the long term.”

    Big stadium and sponsorship deals mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if the team isn’t prepared to invest in the squad.

    You have to buy quality players to keep the 60,000 seater filled with asses and have those asses buying merchandise from the Armory.

    Winning = more lucrative sponsorship deals
    winning = more money from going deeper into tournaments + more tv
    winning = more merchandise sold

    We are in the exact same position we were in last year at the same time and to be honest it would serve them right for losing their spot to Spurs on the last day. Reckless,cheap and arrogant the way Wenger basically decided that losing the one reason we were even in the running last year(RVP) didn’t warrant massive re-investment in the squad(didn’t even use the money we got for him and Song).

    Then had the audacity to come out with “this is my best team ever” like the fans are idiots and don’t have access to the squad sheet and can’t see all the dross on there.

    There are literally about 10 players on the wage bill who have NO REASON WHATSOEVER BEING ARSENAL players but it’s “his best team ever”.

    The comment above was right…

    “As long as the gambler wins, his addiction gets worse”

    Couldn’t be said better. Wenger wagered that we were just the tallest midget out of the “rest” of the premier league besides the obvious top 3. He wagered we’d just be the best of the rest and I for one will find the positive to him being wrong if it comes to that.

    He basically sacrificed this whole season due to trying to qualify for 4th as cheaply as possible.

  16. TitsMcgee

    It’s also pretty pathetic to be ranting and raving about “moral victories”.

    That’s all the AKB’s want to talk about “moral victories”.

    “At least we beat Munich at home and that shows we have quality.”

    –Even though we got beat thoroughly at home and they had no motivation in that game.

    “At least we have a nice pretty stadium”

    –Yea that matters at the end of the day when we are out of all major tournaments.

    “Chelsea does things the wrong way and we do it the right way”

    –whatever makes you sleep better at night. Chelsea just won their 89th title in the past 8 years WITH AN INTERIM MANAGER. If that is doing things the wrong way then we should never be right.

    “At least we are better than Spurs”

    –Not for much longer with Wenger here.

  17. Kiyoshi Ito

    TitsMcgeeMay 16, 2013 20:00:18

    You’re preaching to the dumb,blind & deaf..

    It’s wasted on them..

    I’ve got a blinding headache..

    I think nowadays,I’ll allow you & other rationale guys to be the mouthpiece..

    Good post by the way..

  18. Ramsey's backpass


    Then he had the audacity to come out with “this is my best squad ever” like the fans are idiots and don’t have access to squad sheet and cant see all the dross on there


  19. Kushagra

    Villa’s academy is producing the goods some great talent coming up
    Grealish, Crowley, Graham..
    via @Sharpovic

    Radio Raheem
    this guy can be of gr8 help for your blog

  20. GUNNER786




  21. Radio Raheem

    Cheers Kush. Lurch also suggested him. I will get in touch with him when I start. I’ve had to put the blog on hold for now as I’ve been crazy busy.

  22. Kjafc

    Tits and Ramsey

    First off, just because a fan chooses to accept the financial planning of the club does that make them an AKB. What is it with some of you guys, you won’t allow an alternative view.

    Arsene Wenger has signed some dross. His socialist wage structure is a serious problem. Not sure selling our best players can be laid at his door but it happened.

    The point I and many others like me have made, is that as an Arsenal fan you cannot ignore the stadium project and the essential need for it.

  23. tom

    Having to think hard to decide who is a bigger cunt:
    Arsenal Truth
    Myles Palmer.

    Decided it’s Palmer.

    Both are total twats but MP is horribly pretentious too.

    I expect many Le Grovers feel differently.


  24. Zacharse

    My thoughts today LG

    taking a look at the german national side heading to the us it’s hard not to notice two big names in that squad. A nice touch for AFC to have those two in the squad, i like that, the only other player who plays outside germany on the traveling squad right now is Ozil.

    The Ox. Hopefully he gets a starting berth next year. I’m sick to death of Ramsey. Half sick of theo… i don’t think even he can convince me that he has the potential to be more than he is now and build up some killer instinct.

    Vermaelen to DM. Scoring goals, the guys got a fucking shot and can play D even if his CB days at AFC are numbered.

    Even though nothing can turn back the hate i have for wenger’s lies, failure in the transfer market and general lack of ambition, the full picture seems to be coming together a bit more. Soon he’ll be moving on, he has no excuses not to spend this summer, he seems to have come close to the brink of insanity and bounced back, hopefully he’s seen some sort of light this year… can’t say until we’ve bought falcao or someone up there

    love the set piece play where they kick it at Mert and he lets it go. almost worked twicethe other day. i think it might be the first time i picked out an actual play they ran. thank you Mr Bould (?) definitely not arsene’s idea

  25. kwik fit


    Interesting theory on Verm at DM.
    Could very well work. I actually think he’d make a good striker. He’s got an eye for goal and is good in the air. Worth a punt but maybe not on sunday .

  26. Raz

    I know it’s worrying when someone says this is the best Arsenal squad they’ve managed, having managed the invincibles,or even our 2008 squad – but guys, come on. AS IF Wenger would sit there and say anything else?! We all know he defends his team players to the hilt. He protects them in the media, he makes ridiculous allowances for them all the time, from ‘I didn’t see it’ to trying t find that one good thing a shit player has done in months, and talking about that. or failing that, mental strength. This is a guy who puts those players first, so to even bother picking apart or mocking his comment about it being the best squad he’s ever had is naive, because he will say that every summer if asked the question.

  27. Zacharse

    Just saw the comments on PHW



  28. SUGA3

    nah, that’s bollocks, he just had a stroke, he’s pushing 80 and has no influence at the club whatsoever anymore…

    little wonder he is still going, well, sort of 😆

  29. tom

    stadium project was essential and well executed.
    Spurs and Chelsea both know they need to follow out lead but also know how hard that will be.
    Forgoing silverware in the interim is hard to endure but I think we’ll see it was worth it in due course.

  30. Zacharse

    If there had been a chairman in place who had some influence, don’t you think we wouldn’t be in this mess.
    that fat old sack of gas chaired that ridiculous board without a clue for far too long. If Kroenke’s son has some ambition, i don’t care.
    Kroenke can fuck off though

  31. Zacharse

    Kroenke’s not selling 786, no Middle east consortium can sway him becuase he’s not in it for profits. he is married to the heiress of walmart, this is a long term investment.
    anyone who says he’s selling is just grabbing headlines

  32. tom

    Dear old PHW. He is a dinasaur but I can’t help having a bit of a soft spot for the old duffer.
    Last of a dying breed?

  33. Kjafc

    Spot on. I suppose what AW should really say is ‘this is the worst squad I have ever had, we can’t defend, we can’t score, I can’t see us winning another game, we are doomed’ and then list each players deficiencies before calling them some rude name’. Then the fans can actually have something to boo.

    Great motivational experts amongst our ranks.

  34. tom


    Quite right.
    AW will always protect individual players and the squad as a whole.
    I think it’s the right thing to do in public. Behind closed doors is another matter.

  35. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I always thought he had a bit of the Petit about him, good left foot and pretty dynamic.

    But with world cup year coming and him desperate to play for Belgium I can see him leaving for first team football.
    I honestly believe he will leave.

  36. zeus

    Suga may be right. PHW’s role is a figure head one. Not sure it even requires filling.

    But anyone knows a thing about Stan’s boy and what he’s like? Even his name.

  37. tom

    I do want to see some proper football folk get appointed to BOD. Bergkamp and Brady would be good choices (Bob Wilson too) and AW when he gives up the hot seat.

  38. kwik fit

    J.Redknapp: “Sp*rs & CFC have got far superior squads to Arsenal, so a Top-4 finish will be a major achievement & shows how good Wenger is.”

    Young ‘arry talking through his rear end it seems. Has he seen the respective wages bill. Oh forgot he’s son of ‘arry , they mean nothing to him.

  39. zeus

    Josh Kroenke

    His father is Stan Kroenke and his mother, Ann Walton Kroenke.[1][2] Through his mother, he is a member of the Walton family, the richest family in the world, who own Wal-Mart.[1] He has a sister, Whitney Kroenke Burditt. He grew up in Columbia, Missouri and attended Rock Bridge High School.[3] He graduated from the University of Missouri, where he received a full basketball scholarship.[3] He admitted to being bullied in college because of his family background, but said it prepared him for public life.[1]

    Career [edit]
    After college, he did a six-month internship for the National Basketball Association in New York City and later worked as an underwriter for the Global Real Estate Group of Lehman Brothers.[1][3] He now serves as the President of both the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche.[1][3][2][4]
    He volunteers for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.[1] He supports the Todd Peglow Memorial Scholarship Fund at the University of Missouri and the Playing for Change Foundation.[3]

    Personal life [edit]
    He enjoys reading Harry Potter, watching Entourage, and having breakfast at McDonald’s.[1] He lives in Denver, Colorado for work.[1]


    Thought the Rothchilds were the richest………..

  40. Johnty79

    Wenger going after this villa youngster gives me the feeling that he’s done with wilshere. I remember the look on wengers face when he shaw wilshere curl won in for the reserves when he was 16. I just get the feeling that he about to give up on wilshere….wenger will probably ruin this villa youngster like he has done theo, ox, wilshere. None of them have improved really.

  41. tom

    Personally I am ok with Stan’s silence. I’m liberal in politics but conservative when it comes to the club (note the lack of capitals).
    I think owners place is to make good appointments and step back.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik fit

    I think Kroenke’s been asked (either directly or indirectly) whether he’d ever take money out of the club, and he’s refused to deny he would, but you’d be silly to say ‘never’.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    There was something about the PHW rumour late yesterday.

    I wonder who will be next though

  44. tom

    Of course Stan isnt going to make catagorical statements about that kind of stuff.
    I doubt he’ll start plundering at this point. Timings not right.

  45. tom

    My hunch is Stan bought into AFC to get international status in his portfolio.
    I think he will.remain hands off for the most part, only getting involved if his asset depreciates seriously.

  46. Raz

    Forgive me for sounding daft, but there’s something about SK as a human that doesn’t sit well with me at all. It’s like he has no soul or something. No, I’m not stoned neither am I some kind of weird hippy. But there’s something about him that just seems totally devoid of humanity when I look at him. He doesn’t even look passionate about being alive – as if he will ever show the passion we need from our owners to invest.

  47. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I wouldn’t read too much into PHW stepping down.
    But if Harris, Keswick or Friar were to go then there is a seismic shift about to take place. Could there be boardroom discontent that is about to rear it’s head, or is it just a member of the old guard slipping quietly into the night?

  48. Raz


    If you think he chose Arsenal for any reason other than we were willing, think again. He uses sports teams to make money. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about the results on the pitch, the years of dedication, blood, sweat, tears and investment it’s taken to get the clubs to where they are. And instead, he’s happy to see it all go to waste. In this instance I truly feel if it weren’t for our board, we’d be SCREWED.

  49. Raz

    Ps I’m not saying that that’s not what every owner is in it for, but they also care hugely about the history of the club. For example, it’s a massive reason why you’d buy a club in the first place, their history. To resurrect a once-great thing, etc etc. But SK? He has no interest in that, no passion for sport, no passion for glory on the pitch, no understanding of the rivalries in football and what they mean to the people forking out to watch games. It means nothing to him to sell to a direct rival – but that hurt every fan worldwide, and it hurt Wenger.

  50. Raz


    Ask him that.

    Go and have a read on some fan forums about the other teams he owns. ABout how they used to compete until he came along…about how he sold off their best players and never reinvested. We’re the one who’ve come closest to winning anything out of any of the teams he owns and that I will credit to Wenger. But not many of the fans of his teams across the different sports are happy with his involvement.

  51. samsenal

    Tom in answer to your earlier question…Myles Palmer is worse. Much worse.

    Regarding Pardew…fuck him. He has failed to motivate his squad all season so the fact he hates us is irrelevant.

  52. tom

    Fans demand instant results these days. Don’t have the patience to build foundations for proper success. Big problem in sport generally and the force behing check book football.
    Arsenal resist and in the long run I pray that’s the right thing.
    United seem to understand and have given Moyes plenty of time as a result.
    I don’t see Stan as an asset stripper whatever they whine about on the Nuggets blogs

  53. samsenal

    Yeah and AT rolls around in the mud with people who disagree with him; at least he is entertaining.

  54. tom

    My favorite Palmerism of late is his assertion that untill AW leaves there is nothing to say, yet he keeps only blogging daily and he isn’t even an Arsenal supporter.
    Also his habit of self-glorification by only publishing sycophantic letters and his gross name-dropping is so revealing.
    It’s an extraordinary spectacle.

  55. tom

    Also, I find myself defending Stan more than I intended.
    My real point is, he could be much worse and if he is good enough for Fizman and AW then I defer to their judgement.
    Plus Usmanov just feels dodgy. Last thing I want is an RA type owner. I know I might be in the minority with that opinion but it’s just the way I feel.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    If Kroenke’s son is named chairman then can the last Arsenal fan out of the stadium turn off the light

  57. tom

    At least Arsenal Truth will take you on mano a mano.
    I respect that even if I think he totally wrong and somewhat twisted.

  58. tom

    Galloway and Palmer do have much in common.
    Though I’m inclined to agree with Galloway far more often which is very seldom indeed.
    Does Palmer earn well off ANR?
    Just curious what motivates beyond ego and personal animosity.
    He writes well enough to show he not totally stupid yet exposes himself so badly as an obssesive crank.

  59. Kiyoshi Ito

    KjafcMay 16, 2013 21:25:01
    tomMay 16, 2013 21:29:56

    Great motivational experts amongst our ranks.
    No Mr Wenger’s great motivational tool,is telling his squad & the fans,that:-

    “Top 4 is a Trophy”,in case your forgot,or forget..!!

  60. tom

    I heard Cahill say fourth placed finish was CFC’s first priority in a interview just prior to the Benfica game.
    It’s not something Wenger says every week but he’s honest enough to admit it when asked directly.
    It is also the right priority.

  61. tom

    Winning all competitions we enter is our goal each season.
    Fourth place finish is the minimum we MUST attain.
    What is wrong with being honest?

  62. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Can you imagine him and Tony Attwood in the same room, i would love to see that.

    At least Pedro blows hot and cold like us, he is a proper fan and put’s the club before individuals.
    When we win all is happy, when we lose the whole world can go to hell, that’s what I like about LeGrove, plus the diversity in the comments is mental sometimes and always good for a laugh.

  63. tom

    There has been more diversity on Le Grove recently. Its a better place for it.
    Agree an Atwood /Palmer bloodbath would be fun to watch.

  64. tom

    In the same spirit put me in a room with Gambon for two mins….then dial 999.
    I know plenty of LG regs must be filling comment section at AT but using different handles.
    Some like Guns of H I recognize by their posting style, others are more camoflaged.

  65. SUGA3

    tom May 16, 2013 23:36:17

    Cesc appeal,
    Why would Stan’s son be the kiss of death?
    What do you know of him that makes you feel that?


    let’s say we need another daddy’s son tosser (effectively, a PHW Mk II) with effectively unlimited miles in his tank given his age like a second arsehole!

  66. tom

    The pillock who signs off with “in Arsene we rust” used to post here but I haven’t noticed him/her lately. Maybe they dropped the tag line or just got frustrated by the occasional differing opinion.
    Anyhow it’s clear by some people’s handles that they have entrenched opinions.
    I’m ok with anyone except those that are willfully dishonest or actually want AFC to lose.
    Also the rudeness can go a little ott, but that’s insignificant compared to the spirit behind it.

  67. Paddy got up

    Fuck off Tom your a knob. Arsenal as a football club is fucked everyone can see it.
    I notice your not speaking about the disgraceful decision to invite that murdering Turkish scum to our place, just for more money.
    To be honest you are the fan the club wants fella so enjoy it!!

  68. tom

    Actually Paddy,
    I’m disturbed by the decision to invite Gala. I think it’s wrong and insensitive.
    I might change my mind if I can be persauded that it is a bridge-building excercise, which at the end of the day would be a positive thing. But I’d take some convincing.
    As it stands, I think I’ll boycott.
    However if I’m not at the match I will be in the neighborhood.

  69. MuddyGooner

    Andre Santos signs a new deal !
    Nearly had a heart attack till I realised he signed a personal endorsement deal with Multiple Energy Technologies, in Brazil.
    Thank fuck for that !

  70. reality check


    Excellent counter balance as always lol

    You must be on a wind up

    “To be honest you are the fan the club wants fella so enjoy it!!”

    I agree with this poster, you are the ideal fan in the clubs eyes.
    Which is fair enough.
    Yet I still think the club welcomes and accepts all types,

    You could be brown, silver, gold, blue, orange, purple or pink..

    It all adds up in the end eh..

  71. Emiratesstroller

    I think that the talking point now must be how we improve our performance level against other teams in top 6. We won only one game throughout entire
    season and that was against Spurs who were down to 10 men.

    Here are results:
    Home Away
    Man Utd drawn lost
    Man City lost drawn
    Chelsea lost lost
    Spurs won lost
    Everton drawn drawn

    That is just 7 points out of 30 and the difference between being Champions and finishing fourth or fifth.

  72. tom

    Agreed. We do need to find the confidence and fluidity to match the top teams.
    Interestingly the story of many of the matches against top opposition were distinguished by either slow starts or silly defensive errors.
    There were few occasions when we were clearly outclassed.
    Actually we generally got stronger in the second half of many of these games (though sadly too late to salvage points). I’m thinking defensive improvements shown in the last months and team togetherness forged through a difficult season, along with a couple of quality additions should see us do better next term.
    It’s important to remember we have had to bed-in a bunch of first teamers this season…Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla, Monreal
    Not surprising we were a little creaky against the best.
    Also we need the crowd to do their job with a bit more conviction, at the Grove at least.

  73. Cesc Appeal

    If Tottenham can offer Gareth bale £170 000 a week AND start looking toward summer signings like Villa and Moutinho we really need to pull our fingers out.

    Their wage bill is £90 Million, ours almost £150 Million…our wastage is incredible.

    We need 2-3 players in the starting eleven on that sort of money a la Munich.

    A couple hovering around the or on the £100 000 mark and then the rest below it.

    This socialist wage structure is killing us, we have £90 000 a week worth of player sat in the stands every week in Arshavin.

    We loaned a £70 000 a week player to West Ham!

    £50 000 a week in Squillaci can’t even get into the ground…the list goes on and on.

  74. gambon

    “I fancy us for the league next season”

    So do I if we sign 5-6 top players, and possibly get a new manager.

  75. makenzi

    The season 2013/2014 is going to be Wengers final season in football. He will move up to board of directors after that season.
    Wenger wants to leave a legacy and has convinced the board to spend this summer.
    Wenger wants
    Cesc Fabregas – negotions in early stages
    Stevan Jovetic – done
    Gonzalo Higuain – done
    Victor Mugabe Wanyama – negoations in early stages
    Rui Patricio – negoations ongoing
    In fact its been told that he will be allowed to get all 5 of themif possible. Money is not relevant.

  76. Bergkamp63

    How about YAYA Sanogo and that’s it for the transfer window !!

    Time to renew those season tickets ! LOL !

  77. KJafc

    “Stadium project was essential and well executed.
    Spurs and Chelsea both know they need to follow our lead but also know how hard that will be. Forgoing silverware in the interim is hard to endure but I think we’ll see it was worth it in due course.”

    ….Agreed Tom.

    The socialist wage policy has to change. You pay people what they are worth, end of. Lets hope this is now a thing of the past.
    Player power is too much, you cant just blame the club. They sign long contracts and know that if they fail to deliver, it does not matter one jot. However, if they perform well, you can guarantee they will be knocking on the door for new money, long before the contract is up. Or leave to some rich owner waving a big fat cheque. You cant keep an unhappy player, they say, so the contract gets effectively broken by the player without penalty, Joke.

    They need to address this. If they play rubbish, you should be able to sack them. It happens in all other employment sectors, why are these disloyal parasites treated differently?

    Not performing, give them a warning and if things do not approve sack them. They are already millionaires, so what. Give the fans some power, at the end of the day we are ultimately paying their wages.

  78. TitsMcgee

    Spot on. I suppose what AW should really say is ‘this is the worst squad I have ever had, we can’t defend, we can’t score,”


    You can’t come out and say that this dross is the “best team ever” when everyone can see it’s clearly the worst and save face or keep credibility.

    There is “defending your team” and then there is “making IDIOTIC COMMENTS” and that is exactly what Wenger did there.

  79. goonerboy

    You know as much about socialism as Gambon does about human rights-i.e absolutely nothing.
    Wenger started paying second tier payers more after losing Flamini to Milan. He pays them more because he doesnt want to lose players he has plucked from obscurity and nurtured to clubs who will pay and play them more. There’s nothing wrong with that reasoning in itself. Whats wrong is that Wenger’s faith in nearly all of those young players turned out to be misplaced and
    he is unable to accommodate very high quality players in his wage structure as a result.