Cesc Fabregas would only move to Arsenal… or would he? | Wigan and Arsenal are both in a Cup Final tonight

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The last home game of the season takes place tonight and there are millions of pounds at stake for both sides. If Wigan win, they open themselves up to the possibility of winning against Villa this Sunday and staying up. If Arsenal win, we’ll be three points away from securing a top four position.

Many fans have forgotten that two wins on the bounce could also secure us third place. Chelsea have made the Champions League, they have a Europa Cup final to play for, so they might not be entirely focused on beating an Everton side who have drawn at City, Liverpool and Arsenal away from home.

Wenger said something interesting in his press conference about Wigan…

‘Of course they get out in recent years every time – just – but when you play with that fire every year it can be dangerous’

Arsenal are the Wigan of the Champions League. We seem to intentionally go out to play with fire every season and near enough every year, we just about scrape it. This has to be the last summer we flirt with omission from the top 4. Our wage bill should dictate that we’re well away from the danger by now. Sure, so should Chelsea’s… but they’ve chopped and changed to get into a position where they can find a manager who can do that.

Mancini was sent packing from Manchester City yesterday after one disappointing season. Brutal, yes. He didn’t hit objectives and that’s how you pay at the top level. Now, I’m not saying I’d like to work to that model. I guess my worry with Mancini is that the players looked as though they’d stopped playing for him… and with that squad, you shouldn’t be chasing a cup final with Rodwell and Milner. Anyway, my point is, Arsenal have consistently failed to improve over the last 8 years. We’ve consistently failed to hold on to star players and ambition has been cited numerous times.

It’s time for Arsene to show he can move a squad into the elite. That starts with more than a win tonight. Wigan have lost 19 games this year. They’re a poor side with a terrible defence. Three points isn’t the objective tonight. Scoring 5 goals is. We can respect their cup win, but lets not respect them to the point we have the fear. We’ve had ten days preparation. We should destroy them this evening.

This is Wenger’s chance to show he can focus a team when the pressure is on… something we’ve consistently failed with… a problem that can’t rear it’s ugly head tonight. Because if it does, our season faces early closure (well, if Spurs don’t bottle it!).

With the summer approaching, we’ll also need to show early balls there as well. Lots of debate around the veracity of a Rooney move… he’d be an amazing buy, but not as amazing as a returning Cesc Fabregas. The papers are alive with stories around the Spaniard being the target of United. Now, it might not be worth anything, but I was told he would only consider a move back to Arsenal if he did decide to leave Barcelona this summer. I might be totally wrong, but there’s a small chance he might have Arsenal DNA. However, the very fact United are in for him should spur the board into action for the 26 year old assist machine. He has many years left in him… and come on… who wants to go and play for David Moyes?

I’d be hugely disappointed if we missed out on a player who made his name with us… and has stated that he still watches our games. Arsenal just need to present him with an ambitious project plan… and stump up some serious cash.

We need to take care of tonight first. I hope we don’t see Podolski in the middle, we should stick him out wide and bring Theo into the middle. He’s the perfect player to rip them a new one. He’s found form of late, so I see no reason as to why he can’t continue that. Pace against Cup final tired legs is a good place to be. I had a dream that Chamberlain impacted the game with 2 goals. I’m not sure that’s happening, but I hope if we see one of those turgid midfield performances, he’s given a go. I’m guessing the midfield three will be Rosicky, Arteta and Ramsey. How the front three will work out is a mystery… I’d look at Podolski, Cazorla and Theo… he might bring Gervinho into the fold though… who knows. As long as there are 11 motivated players on the pitch, I’m not really fussed how the line up looks.

I want this season to end on a high… I want the last home game of this horrible nine months to end with me staying on to applaud the players for showing some f*cking guts for once. It needs to be a big performance pushed by a big crowd reaction. I’m looking forward to it, catch you in the comments!

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  1. Keyser

    Tylers alright, just annoying today, also a bit pretentious.

    Barry Davies by far the best commentator ever.

  2. zeus

    Thats the only thing I like about Tyler, his ability to work in stats.

    To be fair, he has some of the most legendary commentary of special Arsenal moments. The Tony Adams goal that acts as the intro for the Tuesday club pod for a start is a special one.

    John Helm is so knowledgeable too, he can give you info like this referees father used to be a blacksmith. I have no idea why I like to hear things like that.

  3. Radio Raheem

    Tim Capel and Dave Farrar my favourite commentators, I think they are on Eurosports, both, especially Farrar, show good knowledge of the players, systems, clubs etc. They come across as football nuts. I think I heard Farrar on one of Espn’s matches recently

  4. zeus

    Nice catch up on the GD front.

    Only 1 behind Chelsea. A 0-0 draw and a win by 2 clear goals send us to 3rd.

    There I go, getting greedy.

  5. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Yeah, not sure if it’s two different ones or what, but they switch between sports and so on, can speak a couple of languages aswell, or is at least knowledgable on quotes of what players and others have said despite the language difference.

    He has a deeper voice than Tyler aswell.

  6. Keyser

    Sorry not too clear there, there’s one that commentates on under-21 competition’s and I think the Cycling aswell, next to Stuart Robson.

  7. Jeff

    Well done to us. In the end we were simply too good for Wigan. We have to put in a performance one last time at Newcastle to secure CL. Roll on next season.

  8. zeus

    0-0 between Chelsea and Everton I mean or even a Chelsea loss. (C’mon, send Moyes off in style)

    And a victory or a 2 goal victory by us.

  9. Guns of the brixton

    have to take out the barcode at st james. . . spuds to lose at to di canos sunderland.

  10. zeus


    I feel bad now, cuz when i thought the worse was happening, I was having a go at Santi.

    Still think we need another in there to help him out.

  11. salparadisenyc

    A win against Newcastle and a farewell to Moye’s victory for Everton at a still hungover Chelsea.. from back to back European conquests and were sitting 3rd; without qualification.

  12. tom

    Happy to see Ramsey finally get his goal.
    Another energetic and effective performance.
    Also impressed by the defense. Collectively solid.
    This team has improved immensely over the season.
    Wenger deserves credit. Kept his focus despite so much pressure and negativity.

  13. Al

    That one flying clearance in the first half by Kos was out of this world. Kone would have nodded it in because the keeper came out for no reason

  14. Keyser

    Zeus – Both Terry and Hazard were injured against Villa, think the Europa League final’s tommorrow ? So might not make it for the weekend, not sure.

  15. SUGA3


    and I second that, I may consider Wenger to be an incompetent old fart, but what good does not qualifying for the CL do to us?

  16. zeus


    Cutting the dead weight (all those players on mammoth salaries that can’t even make the match day squad) and adding the ‘super quality’ Wenger likes to talk about, and we’ll be on our way.

  17. Radio Raheem


    Farrar and Capel are for those who want a bit more. I’d say they’re the anorac’s commentators.

    Tyler is smooth, stylish, with a ‘rustic’ charm to his voice…so he is well suited to the Sky product. He’ll slip in a cliche here and there to keep the casual viewer interested.


  18. Maciek

    Tyler is the best. I love him. And I have heard that he is an Arsenal fan.

    Great man. He creates that special feeling. Respect!

  19. useroz

    Assuming we beat newcastle…..

    Wenger will try turn podi into a striker and save buying a WC striker; he will buy 2 or 3 half know french africans to work with the “BEaST’ of africa (gerv)….

    To show he hears the fans, he’d sell 2 or 3 dross (in addition to the ones whose contracts expire) of the 50+ (some say 80+) squad

    To cream it off, wenger will sell wilshere, cazorla or kos to meet his target for the fat bonus…..

    This is how our summer looks like on transfer front

  20. GUNNER786

    Those of you who want AFC to qualify for the CL should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This is a slap in the face for people like DoubleGooner -who campaigns hard to get Wenger and the BOD out.

    You deserve no trophies under Wenger.

    YOU MUGS!!

  21. Marko

    I also would like to thank Gooby for pointing out that those who wanted us to lose and finish behind Spurs are a bunch of idiots.

  22. tom

    Thought Mertesacker was very good today. Him and Kos work well as their styles contrast and compliment each other. Kos has the athleticism and Mert the read.
    Not saying we couldn’t do better but you have to admit theyve got stronger and stronger. TV is a high quality back-up.

  23. Radio Raheem

    Someone mentioned Alan Green from 5Live. Well, Alan Green would have been good if he didn’t forget key infos lol. He’s a bit of a little Islander as well. All the 5Live commentators don’t seem that interested in football outside of England, at least, not to the extent those Eurosports guys are.

    It always feels forced whenever they have to speak about non-British players in non-British teams.

  24. zeus

    Alan Green is up his own arse. Bombastic bastard that thinks he’s God’s gift. And childish.

    I was listened as he commented on a game and was slagging off the Cirt fans for long stretches about a banner they took to the stadium. He thought the banner was professionally done, a City fan either texted or tweeted in that it was ‘home made’ and he bitched and moaned about it not being homemade for the rest of the game.

  25. zeus


    Exactly how does Arsenal being out of the CL change our trophyless situation.

    1. All that Puma money would just get backed to safeguard not qualifying.

    2. Silent Stan’s franchises has gone trophyless and he hasn’t been firing the other coaches who don’t enjoy the status Arsene does. Why do you think Wenger would get pushed out?

    3. Ivan the terrible is powerless vs Arsene.

  26. zeus


    That I do agree with. Doubt we’ll buy anyone of worth.

    Still doesn’t mean I want out the CL or finish beneath Spurs.

  27. Johnty79

    If Ffp is ripped up by the courts then wenger and gazidas have a lot of explaining to do. But on the other hand they won’t have any excuses anymore.

  28. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    LeMassiveCoqMay 14, 2013 22:16:01
    tom. I agree. But at least they are not deluded cunts like you eh?

    nice one!

  29. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    That was Brave of him considering he got clattered in that England game

    Theo needs to bulk out a bit though

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Been looking at the GD and there is actually a real possibility of an Arsenal v Chelsea play-final for 3rd spot!

    If Chelsea Draw 0-0 and we win 2-1.. we’ll have the same GD, and the same amount of goals scored. In that situation the PL go to a play-off..

    Chelsea draw 1-1 and we win 3-2.. Play off.. and so on..

    A two goal victory will do it though if they draw!

    I think the spuds will win though so the foot should be on the pedal for the full 90. Mustn’t throw it away now. Advise all gooners to cut their finger nails on Saturday! 🙂

  31. Keyser

    Gunner786 – The problem I have is you make no sense.

    Why would kroenke sell ? He’s about to finally realise the value of all the commercial deals the clubs been re-negotiating.

    The only reason would be what ? Greed ? As in he makes a fat, swift profit, he’s going to get more money for the club if we make the top 4 it’s that simple.

    Other than that the club can wait out a year as the revenue flows in anyway.

  32. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    That is of course play-off final.. not play final.. going to put my anorak away now.

  33. SUGA3

    as everyone knows, I am no Wenger fan, but given that he will not be gone at least for another season, wishing for us to finish outside of CL places and what is more, below these spud cunts is not just repulsive but also utterly pointless…

    this is one of the reasons I have taken a bit of a back seat on the blogging front, seeing how some have lost the sight of a bigger picture!

  34. Thomas

    Wanker should get sacked at the end of the season really regardless if we make CL or not. Terrible manager.

  35. Mental Strength

    Dan I’m just saying, this is the type of player that we’ll see at a club like Dortmund tearing it up in 2 years time. Only thing he’ll be 30 million not the 10-12 we could get him for now.

  36. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    They’re +1 on the GD Suga so a 2 goal victory will do it for us if they draw..

    I think there’s a greater chance of Chelsea drawing than spuds drawing or losing.. They’re going to be up for it against Sunderland, fuck all to play for.. Us likewise..

    Chavs tired and weary, and might get a shock against Everton!

    Of course we could end up 5th if we take our eye off the ball. but I don’t see that happening either.. The mood is positive listening to the interviews. They should be up for it.

  37. SUGA3

    I think we are more than capable of putting Alain Pardieu’s garcons to the sword by two or more, especially that they have fuck all to play for now…

  38. Al

    Thing with Walcott is when he plays aggresively like today he is such a threat and a great player but more often then none he plays the game to nicely and not agressively enough.

    I think the more his position in the team becomes a threat (dropped due to poor form or competition from new signings) the better a player we will see

  39. Dan Ahern

    Mental Strength — I’m just joking with ya 🙂

    Bernard just got included in the Brazil squad for the Confederations Cup I think. Maybe we’ll get to scout him this summer!

    I’m getting way ahead of myself, but imagine him and Santi together: the Axis of Dangerous Midgets.

  40. Gooby

    I wish we can finally sell the dead wood and add 3 major signings for next season along with a couple of squad players.

    We really have a solid base this time. United have been above the rest but i don’t believe there’s too much difference in quality between us, chavski and shitty, even if it’s the case on paper and on the bills.

    I often get angry with Wenger, but who knows maybe he can turn things around now that the early stadium move period is behind us

  41. Keyser

    Today was bad enough, this season’s been tense, the only thing left to play for now is the Champions League places across the premiership.

    Don’t have a clue about Newcastle, didn’t even watch MOTD for their game at QPR, they made all those signings in January and last summer, people wanted us to go for M’bwia and Sissoko if they’ve got no prsssure on they might finally play with freedom.

    Ben Arfa, Cabaye, with no pressure,

  42. Keyser

    Thomas – Thanks, Considering today, any permutation could come about, Hope we give that final push and get the win.

  43. Gooby

    GUNNER786 May 14, 2013 22:06:19

    Those of you who want AFC to qualify for the CL should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This is a slap in the face for people like DoubleGooner -who campaigns hard to get Wenger and the BOD out.

    You deserve no trophies under Wenger.

    YOU MUGS!!

    that has to be the most ridiculous post i’ve read on Le Grove. I am really trying to help that idiot by pointing it out, he seems hopeless though. The cunt has been posting shit for ages and it’s not like he can put up a half decent argument.

  44. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    No 1 target is simply to win the game.. all else will be what it is. I’d fancy us to beat Chelsea in such a scenario. I don’t think they’d welcome another game!

    Right off to bed.. at least we have some interest in the final SUPER NAIL-BITING SUPER SKY-HYPED SUPER SUNDAY.

    The commentators right now are brushing up on all possible clichés to use.

    My, those poor spuds must be nervous chaps! 😀
    Only ones with it not in their own hands


  45. Alex James

    We are not the third best club in Engand. We are the best. The team may be at the moment but no club has our class and overall tradition.

  46. Paddy got up

    Just look at the empty seats tonight in Wengers 4th place cup final.. People that have paid for tickets that cannot be bothered to turn up in what was supposed to be a massive match!! Apathy at its most scary.
    Everyone is so bored of the same shit year in year out, a money making machine that don’t give a shit about its fans and only want hoorays and tourists in the ground.
    Anyway at least Tom is happy!! Next year there will be a spare seat each side of him so he can put his carrier bags and autograph book on!!!!

  47. Pedro

    What a game! That was tense… now all we have to do is smash Newcastle.

    3rd within our reach…

    3 points is all I care about regardless.

    Gunner786, grow the fuck up… you’re an embarrassment.

  48. reality check


    Its a free country, you are entitled to your opinion just as much as everyone else..


    If your going to rep ‘786’ you have to come better than that. What you have been saying reads immature, its an arsenal blog. Wenger isn’t going anywhere, win or lose.

    What did you thinkof tonights game?
    Walcott played well, can’t say that every week.

  49. tom

    Whatever AFC’s final position turns out to be I think it’s clear they are a better team than last year, if only that they are less reliant on a single player.
    I think there is real potential and the addition of a couple of serious signings (not from the bargain rack) will see them realize it.

  50. tom

    Are the hard core doomers (who were predicting a complete collapse this season) prepared to admit that things are less bleak than they thought?

  51. tom

    In light of the transitional nature of next season for three of the top four teams and the opportunity of a proper squad overhaul for Arsenal (including the funds to manage it) coupled with FFP, help me believe 2014 may see us finally win a prize.
    Whatever happens will fascinating.

  52. Dannyboy

    Surprised we didn’t try and push on and get a 5th tonight, as it could have made all the difference! If we had scored another tonight, then any win against Newcastle would have grabbed us 3rd, provided Chelsea drop points.

    However, Newcastle shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially since they are down to their 3rd choice keeper… (The 2nd choice was absolute shit, so can’t imagine how bad 3rd choice must be!)

    Could be a crucial point in Wengers reign this weekend. If we get 3rd again, and he still doesn’t sort the team out, then as Pedro says, he won’t get an extension and we will be happy anyway.

    Hope we get some lovely new signings though!!!

  53. reality check

    ‘prepared to admit that things are less bleak than they thought?’

    I don’t know if I’m a doomer or whatever (some people today showing an impatiance level extreme!) But I think ill hold off my level 10 criticism of wenger and arsenal up until the ‘marquee’ signing has arrived. Meaning holding up the shirt with a big fat smile on his (jovetic, benzema, rooney?) face.

  54. sam

    why not buy a proper winger and keep podolski as our number 9 next season.
    jovetic is not gonna happen because we will never be highest bidder, if someone else enter the race wenger will pull out.
    benzema will be great signing, rooney can fuck off!

  55. reality check

    why not buy a proper winger and keep podolski as our number 9 next season.


    Yeah rooney would just be because of the name, the spot light would really be on us then. So ok poldi, are we happy with him? Last game he didn’t look at the races. I rate him, but some on here are not convinced.

  56. sam


    Our season started with podolski as winger and gervinho number 9 that was the biggest fuck up ever and it surely backfired. Personally I wish gervinho could be sold and replaced by someone like ben arfa(maybe).
    I am happy with podolski in his first season.

  57. reality check

    Most def a fuk up. What’s worse gerv as CF or ramsey (bless him) as RW!

    Aah wenger, who knows what’s going on in that head of his. Ben arfa is a decent shout but I thought we was looking at goatze before? I thought that was the level. I’d take nani.

  58. Jeff

    If in the final game Chelsea draw and we win by two clear goals, the points will be the same (73 each) but we will leapfrog Chelsea on goal difference and finish third. How’s about that then?

  59. SUGA3


    I have already admitted a few days ago that 37 goals conceded so far compared to last season’s 49 is a vast improvement and actually pretty respectable, as apart from Citeh who are in a league of their own with 31 goals shipped, we are on par with teams we are expected to compete with, but then again, so is Everton, hence I would consider this to be ‘normal service resumed’…

  60. SUGA3

    …in that particular department, that is, and I still think there is plenty of work to do, as e need to improve our record against the top teams (what have we wonagainst them this season, one game?) and stop overcomplicating stuff at the other end…

  61. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    With an improved Goals Conceded column this is certainly an improvement.

    On points we are exactly the same as last year… with a possible improvement of 3 if we win on Sunday.

    Keeping in mind that this was achieved without Cesc, RVP, Clichy, Song & Nasri in the team, Wenger must get some credit for ‘maintaining’ the same level of achievement. This indicates the squad is overall a bit stronger, but without star players. I.E. Big match winners.

    However, if we finished 2nd, I would still be VERY VERY critical of Wenger, simply because he has persisted, and insisted, with his policy and judgment of selecting players who are not top top quality and refusing to spend the money available.

    As long as there is money unspent, there is simply unrealized potential sitting in the bank. This is a criminal offence for any football manager unless he is winning trophies. We’ll never know how much potential this money could buy us, but by any football management standard, money in the bank = unspent potential.

    For this reason I rate him as a C student. We need a minimum B+ or an A student to manage Arsenal. This is what frustrates me who sees this policy as totally unnecessary when it has been abundantly clear that money has gone unspent since 2007, when Hill-Wood declared so, and we fixed the interest rates to bring some predictability to the financial situation.

    Until he utilizes the resources fully, he will always be open to criticism unless he is winning and leading the PL. I’m tired of hearing that ‘this team is good enough to win the PL’ No it is Not.. this has been illustrated time and time again. Therefore Wenger has been proven wrong in his judgment and with money sitting in the bank he fully deserves any criticism directed his way.

  62. Jeff


    Criticism against Wenger has never been about not maintaining the status quo; it’s the exact opposite. Many supporters feel that with a change in policy in certain key areas we could compete and close the gap between us and the likes of Man U and Man City. However, as you say, it is Wenger’s intransigence that causes angst and frustration among the fans. That is it in a nutshell. All the arguments about what he can and cannot do is just people’s opinion but the longer we keep going with nothing but fourth place to show for it the less tenable his position becomes.

  63. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Jeff. This is the point exactly. It’s not about where we finish.. 3rd-5th. It’s simply the unrealized potential of money unspent. We don’t know how many more points this would buy us, or if we would even win anything.

    We all know the strength and financial Muscle of the big three of Utd, City and Chelsea. What we don’t know is how much closer we could be if we utilized everything at our disposal. But in the minds of most, money buys success, (or in our case, probably a few more points).

    This is the key factor separating his supporters and his knockers.. AKB’s (I don’t use the term often, as we are all Gooners!), should simply focus on this point and not on anybody calling Wenger a bit of a cunt! :-). Which I never call him by the way. He’s a good guy who loves the club but is also making big errors of judgment. We gave him the chances and believed in him when he was saying in 2007 and 2008 that his team was good enough to win the PL. He was wrong. Admit it and move on. Spend the money and we can judge him fairly then.

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    Last night’s game was one of those that could be described as “one we might have lost last season”.

  65. Radio Raheem

    I’ve got to admit that I am a bit giddy at the prospect of us having a decent CB partnership. This must be the first time in a long while that I have felt somewhat secure in our defending. We certainly have a basis from which to build.

    I’m not one of Mertesesacker’s fans but you just can’t deny the results and stats. Whatever weaknesses he possesses doesn’t appear to be hindering us in the way one would’ve feared.

    My worry now is our good run of results blinds fans and manager to the problems we have. For all our recent wins we still look laboured going forward and we are unlikely to fare well against a well organised outfit. I hate to say this but spurs play better football and have a discernable approach. They look like they know what they are doing. We only look like we know what we are doing when we are defending.