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Today’s post is brought to you by a long time Grover Tim. Enjoy… it’s a great piece.

It isn’t really a surprise to me that Santi Cazorla is most fans Arsenal Player of the Year. He has had a fantastic start to his Gooner career and I think has shown no real need for a bed in period. His ability with both feet is really astounding, I don’t think we as Arsenal fans have had a player with the pure technical brilliance of Santi since possibly Dennis the Menace. The argument could be made for Cesc but I feel Santi edges it. However, I think it is important to acknowledge before the transfer window that we are playing our club asset in the wrong position.

Cazorla has played for Villareal to great effect out on the left and also featured often for Malaga in the same role, and since the last game in January he has mainly been used as a left forward in our front three. On paper a two footed skilful player with a hell of a longshot should be ideally suited to the fluid role of the AML that has developed in recent times.

The best performance from Santi came probably in the Reading game when he grabbed then excellent hatrick and barely put a foot wrong all game, while playing in the hole. These 3 goals are part of his 12 league goals of the season and 15 goals for the season.

Using the last 12 games as a comparison between his performances before the end January and since then shows his creativity and contribution has dropped significantly and is less effective than Podolski. Cazorla in his last 12 games has 3 goals and 2 assists from his 9 goals and 6 assists he had playing in the centre. Of course you have to take into account that he’s played 12/13 out wide and roughly 24 games in the centre. However his efficiency has clearly dropped since he moved out left and I think he crosses very, very rarely, which coincides with Giroud’s serious dip in goalscoring form. Podolski, no matter what you think of him as a centre forward, managed to score 5 goals and nab 5 assists in the 12 games he played out on the left before Wenger dropped him.

Now the injury that he’s been playing through could explain his lack of sharpness and commitment but his effect out wide was still positive. If football was this simple you could predict that if Podolski had played the whole season out wide then he could of racked up about 15 goals in the league with 15 assists, brilliant stats. The combination between Giroud and Podolski in undeniable, Girouds first ever Arsenal goal came from a Podolski cross at West Ham if I remember rightly. The main point here is that there is a possibility that AW’s brilliant knack of refusing to play players in their natural positions could hinder the impact of a great player.

I think before we go into the transfer market we should establish that Santi will be playing in the CAM role next season and that we need a solution for the LF spot. It’s important we make sure that Jack’s role at the club is established as well because his performances and stats indicate he can’t play the CAM role very effectively, and with Rosicky getting older and more injury prone (is it possible?) then we have to make sure to strengthen the CAM spot or the LF spot dependent on the future role of Santi Cazorla.

With just Wigan and Newcastle left to play and the big summer spending spree supposedly on its way, the names of the potentials and the Football Manager favourites are being thrown around again.

Firstly, Stevan Jovetic is not as good as most of the people who speak about him seem to think. If you intend for him to lead the line as Arsenals complete forward then you are going to be distinctly disappointed. He does fit an Arsenal type player though, with sublime passing and is probably as quick, if not quicker, than Chamberlain or Gibbs. He scored 12 goals this year and it is important to realise that this is his fourth year in Serie A and that 12 goals in 29 games is less than 14 goals in 29 games he got in the 2011/12 season.

He is undoubtedly going to be a major talent in the future but to compete with the best in England and the UCL, we need a striker who can score goals now. Wayne Rooney to Arsenal is interesting because of the significance of buying a Manchester United player who isn’t Silvestre. It would certainly solve the problem of having no established CAM player when Santi is on the wing as Rooney plays best in the no. 10 role in my opinion, though I must admit I don’t watch much United. Why Rooney would come to Arsenal and anger fans that idolise him is a mystery so I don’t rest much weight on the idea.

In my opinion the important thing this summer is to make sure we land the high profile names, and if we miss out on one like Benteke to Spurs then we switch targets immediately and try out utmost to sign them. There is nothing more frustrating for me as a fan to watch us flounder and fail to land Juan Mata when the hint of blue competition came on the horizon. Hopefully we can secure our targets, whomever they may be, early on in the transfer market.

If we could do a Lukas Podolski and grab our targets before the deadline even opens then that’d make our pre-season a lot easier and more stable. Hopefully this year we can grab the experienced GK, CB cover, first choice DM, technical AM and clinical ST we all dream of.

Lastly just a comment about the fanbase at Arsenal and how it has changed so much recently. Probably a product of globalization and footballs massive worldwide support but more and more non-English Arsenal fans are commenting a lot on social media. This is diluting the resolute, die-hard, fan-for-life Gooner attitude that I associate us all with. This easy access to post opinions is giving very impatient, very angry people the chance to launch tirades against the club, the manager, the players and each other. I just want to remind everyone that we are The Arsenal. Arsene may have dragged this club under the water lately, he may have made some very questionable decisions over the last few years but he is still our most successful manager. He deserves respect just as much as he deserves criticism. To call him a c**t every single day on twitter does nothing productive for the club whatsoever, it makes you look like a child who got hold of his older brothers twitter account and posted it to piss him off.

The players, no matter how badly they play, do not deserve to have people tweeting them to “f***ing die”, a tweet I saw directed at Poldi by a gooner last week. As long as the lads show effort and wear their hearts on their sleeves then they deserve applause because if they are rubbish, it is only AW’s fault for playing them at a club above their talent.

Anyway this is my first guest post so thanks for giving this a read! If you’d like to say something just tweet me @TGesches. Let’s tear the FA Cup Winners a new one on Tuesday!

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  1. TitsMcgee

    It’ll be nothing less than Wenger deserves for his arrogance the past few years.

    Sell RVP to a rival then arrogantly not replace him adequately when he was the only reason we didn’t drop out of top 4 last year.

    Weakened the team that barely qualified last year and acts surprised we suck this year.

  2. Radio Raheem

    What if…

    Saralex had a verbal agreement with Wenger to sell Rooney to us if they won the league? In reply, Wenger said, “he is better than you think [I’ll take you up on that offer]”

  3. Keyser

    Raz – Because before Sturridge moved to Liverpool he’d scored 2 in 12 for Chelsea.

    What are you supposed to make of that ?

  4. Raz


    Apologies if this comes through twice, I just lost a post :/

    But yeah, why isn’t Williams Arsenal quality? He’s a tall,strong, pacey, adapted, high quality defender. He has the attributes and stats of a brilliant defender. I have always been baffled at people’s lack of joy over that potential singing. I think it is perfect for us. He already plays in a team that likes to play the ball out and is comfortable passing round at the back. Statisitically he wipes the floor with almost every defender in the league, and to watch him you can see he has got what it takes.

    He’s better than Cahill, better than Evans and Smalling, better than the likes of Per and Vermaelen this season, sattistically he and Bassong are the best defenders in the league. Unless we’re looking to spend £20m+ on the likes of Hummels, Williams is about as good as it gets!

    And, if we were instead to sign someone like this year’s Varane I don’t think that would go down too well. Williams would be a very intelligent signing on every level – experience, quality, strengths, style of play, EPL adapted, age, price. No brainer imo.

  5. Radio Raheem

    Oh dear looks like we’ll have to endure Sturridge do that stupid dance three times on MOTD…

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Mancini axed having won the Premiership last year, FA Cup year before and going his first season without winning silverware for a long, long time.

    RDM axed months after winning the UCL and FA Cup.

    Heyneckes replaced after leading Bayern to an unbelievable title win, UCL final having dismantled Barcelona.

    Fergie leaves having won the Title and being the most successful manager in history.

    Arsene Wenger unrepentantly and refusing to adapt has gone 50% of his tenure at Arsenal having won nothing whilst the club has degraded around him…in no danger of losing his job.

  7. tippitappi

    OK Gooby he can take his money and fuck off then because he of no use here then if he wants to make money there’s plenty of other options

  8. Raz

    Yes but Keyser, on the basis that he was perofrming better than that before he went back there, I think you can say that a lot of it is to do with the environment of that club – it’s an age old concept that some players just don’t work at some clubs. he’s neevr done the business at Chelsea and that has to be considered but I think now we are seeing the STurridge we all expected to see at Chelsea but didn’t, for whatever reason.

    It’s like Podolski, his strike rate was pretty good, then he joined Bayern and it was diabolical, then he moved to his home club and he started scoring about 1 in 2 again. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, it just didn’t work out for him at Bayern. It happens.

    I then Chelsea is a toxic club for most young players trying to establish themselves and who don’t know where they stand with regards to their club. I honestly think he tried to compensate for this by over-playing, which again happens to players, that’s not a new concept.

    I think he’ll be good for 20 a season now, regularly. He won’t get away with being selfish at Liverpool, especially not under Rogers, and it’ll be the making of him I reckon. Be interesting to see if we remember this conversation in 4 years!

  9. rory davis

    I’m probably guilty of being sensitive here but I’m a die hard gunner that’s not from London nor do I live in England but I’ve been a gunner all of my adult life

  10. kwik fit

    The 3 women in Ohio held captive for 10 years have been interviewed live on CNN news. All 3 asked…..Have Arsenal won anything yet?

    If you can’t laugh you cry.

  11. Raz

    Hi Rory, I have supported Arsenal since I was about 6 or 7, so about 21 years. It took my mum until about 5 years ago to admit she is a Spud due to where she grew up – some of her football chat STINKS, but it’s a fun environment where I have enjoyed having the upper hand. Due to me being obsessed with it, she has really gotten back into footy in the last few years so the banter is pretty amusing.

    I will support this team even if we slip to league 3. I always will. And I have a soft spot for teams who try and play attractive football – so teams like Swansea, Wigan, the Blackpool team that came up to the prem with Charlie Adam in it….and I love watching european football when I can. Except the French league, that is so fucking boring, it’s worse than watching England.

  12. eboue

    just a question for you guys, when giroud smiles when he misses his chances(happens quite often) do you think he is smiling because he knows just how shit he is or that he was genuinely unlucky and is asking the gods why oh why?? its a serious question btw.

  13. Keyser

    Raz – His record has been pretty average, that’s all, he moved from Citeh to Chelsea or money and there’s question marks over his attitude.

    Look at the lengths you’re going to, to defend Sturridge, how much slack would you give Arsenal players ?!

    There isn’t really any reason why we’d sign Sturridge, yeah a player in the Aguero/ Suarez mould, but then there’s a pretty big gap in the talent and most people on here would choose either of the latter.

  14. Raz

    Another game where Coutinho plays like a cross between Mata and Fabregas. Fucking amazing signing he really was. £10m? World class star for years, that’s what he is destined to be.

  15. Keyser

    “Kwik did that happen?”

    Supposedly one of them had been taken to an Arsenal game long before they were kidnapped, and Jeff Stelling’s Soccer Saturday was the only connection they were allowed to the outside World. LeTissierCommentarygavemehope.

  16. Alex James

    The thought of Spurs and their fans crowing over us through the summer whilst we struggle to get decent players in would be the most sickening moment ever for me, and I have had a few during my 60 plus years of supporting the club. I have been saying for weeks that the wheels are finally going to come off. If so, there will be rows of empty seats, and then Levy will announce the new stadium for the Tots, based on serious financial investment. What a scenario to look forward to.

  17. Raz

    Keyser, I do defend our players if they show the right attitude. That’s why I love Ramsey even though I don’t think he is what we need in midfield unless he changes to true DM…but that’s way I despise Walcott. I recognise talent in players…and if I’m honest, I have lost count of the number of times I have seen a player, and said on forums elsewhere that they will be amazing soon, and had so many doubters all proved wrong as I am proved right, I have learned to trust my instincts. I knew Ba would be a good signing, I knew Sturridge would be a good signing, I took one look at Coutinho and knew that he had the vision and gameplay to become a household name and probably world class and I’m looking good for that chat so far. I see Sturridge’s talent shrouded by greed. I see Walcott has hardly a shred of that talent.

    I would go as far as saying I would prefer Sturridge up front to Giroud.
    Just as I would prefer the Ox on form over Theo. Trouble is this season the Ox had so many chances and didn’t play well.

    And considering we won’t spend £30m+ on a player like Aguero, and soem doubt we’ll even spend £20m+ on a striker, then the next option is the 10-15m bracket.

  18. Tim

    Wait what the flying fuck is going on with the criticism about the post?
    A) Can you please understand that I am jesus god forbid an AKB. That accusation stings.
    B) I never said they won it by chance?! Where is this coming from?
    C) Santi doesn’t edge out Cesc. I said he edges out Cesc in the “TECHNIQUE” department which I fully stand by. Cesc was a hell of a player and drove the team forward and made the difference in the big games and for me is the better player. But just as Bergkamp had more technique that Henry, Santi has more technique than Cesc.
    D) The final part. I honestly feel fans from abroad, incl. myself, are far to harsh.
    E) None of these views are supported by Le Grove. They are my own and I stick by them. I’m not sorry if you don’t agree, I posted what I feel which is what the blogosphere is about.

  19. kwik fit


    Don’t worry about that spud lot. They may have their joy this year but they have not got it in their arsenal to sustain a period of dominance. Once we get our act together we will blow them, once again, out of the water.

  20. Keyser

    Raz – Mate Coutinho was being discussed on here as a signing years ago when Inter paid 4 million for him, loaned him back, he turned up at Inter Milan and pretty much flopped, it’s why he’s on loan again.

    That could be because he’s young, because Inter are a bit of a shambles, because Seria A doesn’t suit him or his style of play, or because they didn’t see him as enough of a talent as to get the best out of him.

    All that tells you is how much guesswork is needed for players to succeed nowadays.

    Do you not see the difference between recognising talent and seeing them fulfill it to a World Class standard ? There isn’t much point in saying someones going to be azmaing as a teenager, it means little to nothing.

  21. reggie 57


    My own opinion of William’s is he is a very good championship defender but because he’s had a half decent season at premiership level does not make him good enough to play for us!! we should be aiming much higher quality wise not price wise!!

  22. Raz


    a)Ignore the AKB stuff. But at the end of the day 8 years is a whole generation in footballing terms and in those 8 years Wenger has failed to show adaptation to changes in modern football.
    c) Still disagree. I think Cesc’s technique is better than Santi’s. The only department I would question that is long range shooting. Cesc is pretty well as good with both feet on the ball, the only difference is perhaps set pieces and long range efforts.
    d)I think you just have to be careful what you say, and also can you back up what you’re saying? I see as many if not more home supporters dishing out the Wenger abuse as foreign fans who just want to support a successful team. Until there are stats to back up your claim, it really does leave it open for criticism.
    e) You posted your thoughts and to expect no criticism is unlikely. We all get criticised for our thoughts on here, just depends who happens to read your comment. You gave us an entire blog of stuff that is up for debate and that’s what happened?

    It was still a welcome post and thanks for doing so.

  23. Raz

    @Keyser very true. I am not one of those who is livid that we didn’t buy him because I know he flopped at Inter. But it is a great shame in hindsight that we didn’t, and I think it’s interesting that people would weigh up a move for Sneijder but not Coutinho.

  24. Raz

    @Reggie57 seriously? Championship defender with half a good season at Swansea? You are not taking facts into account there at all mate. 2011/12 he was up there in the top 10 defenders in the league, and this season he is one of the best in the league and statistically the best. How can that be disputed?

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Pep wants JW, and there Stan Kroenke was thinking he’d already stripped all the stars out of the club…bet that has made his season, maybe one last big transfer.

  26. Raz

    Right, till next time all, thanks for discussion today, see you tomo probably, off t enjoy my evening, have a nice rest of weekend!

  27. reggie 57

    I didnt say half a season I said a half decent season! thats just my opinion Iv had enough of signing average shit we have more than most team’s already stats mean fuckall

    Ask Rafa he deal’s in fact’s

  28. tippitappi

    Interesting to see most on here including myself don’t think 4th is going to happen thats a real measure of lost faith and well founded too with that arsehole and his acolytes still here. I do feel a positive change is in sight though

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Huge cheer for RVP at the end there, got his winners medal, got his trophy, vindicated.

    Bitter Arsenal fans will still no doubt throw insults his way.

    Paid what he deserves, now has the medal he deserves. Well done RVP.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    You watch the scenes at Old Trafford and you can’t help but think how detached we as Arsenal fans have become from the club.

    United feels like a footballing club, you can see it today.

    Arsenal fans feel separate from the players, I don’t think there’s a lot of love for them, perhaps JW, Cazorla has only been here a year, other than that you’ve got to go to a bit part player like OX to find a player the fans like.

    The board are hated almost universally. Think it’s impossible to warm to Gazidis.

    Kroenke isn’t liked or trusted.

    Wenger has burned a lot of bridges with fans, he’ll still get a reception when he finally fucks off, but nothing like Fergie, I won’t shed a tear, nor get chocked up when he leaves.

    I think the feeling will be more of an exhausted ‘finally’ more than anything else.

    Might just be me, but do people still feel ‘close’ to Arsenal like they use to? I both love and hate them…I love them because I’ve always been a supporter, always will, hate them for what they’ve been turned into.

  31. kwik fit


    Understand your point but this closeness your refer to at united comes from years and years of success on the pitch. Our apparent apathy on the other hand is a result of nothingness for years.
    Watch united’s internal grumblings commence if/when they start to struggle. Can’t wait.

  32. Wengerssweeties

    So sick of these celebrations.

    I honestly hope the board look at this and realise there is now time for chnge.

    For VP to come out and say the work rate at Utd is nothing hey has seen anywhere else before is a massiv
    e smack in they face of our

  33. Kushagra

    In their urgency to grow Coutinho Inter bugged with all kinds of droids which his ligaments couldn’t take resulting in lots of injuries.

  34. HP

    Europa league here we come

    We are going to bottle the last 2 matches

    Gonna be interesting to see how Pedro decides to defend this

  35. Kushagra

    Well I didn’t notice it the first time & took it facilely but the foreigner part was totally ridiculous , big mistake allowing that in..

  36. Dannyboy

    hahaha wtf Kwikky boy.

    Would be so funny if we did sign Wayne, so many of us would have to like him instead of hating him, would be weird.

  37. Radio Raheem

    So chaps with Arsenal the only club in the top 4 not changing mangers for next season do you think we’ll be at an advantage??
    (You know stability and all that yada yada)

  38. Alex James

    kwik Hope you are right.

    Cesc Appeal Sorry just can’t bring myself to applaud the cloggy. Anyone who goes from us to Utd immediately loses my respect.

  39. goonerbone

    you’re the cuntiest cunt who has ever used your cunt to write a cunty blogpost, you cunt!
    Aahrrghh, le grove and the aliens has turned me into a cunt-smurf!

  40. Dan Ahern

    Nice post on Santi, agree he should be cemented as CAM and we look to improve other positions.

    However, the foreign fan bit at the end of the piece reads like a case study in cognitive bias.

  41. Keyser

    Kushagra – Haven’t really followed him too closely, just remember he was one of those wonderkids we get linked with from time to time and then we heard nothing of him really, I remember a few games at Espanyol but nothing too special.

  42. Dannyboy

    onto more pressing matters, I had 50 notes on Tiger to win the Players Championship at 8/1… Be a nice little wad to add to the money I shamefully won betting on the spuds to win 2-1 today :/

  43. Kushagra

    Yeah got you . Was just highlighting the doping culture prevalent in footy right now, it will go kaput soon & I hope Rio’s truth also gets out..

  44. Gooby


    well the yank owns 77% of the club, he’s the boss in town and he makes the decisions regarding his money. Since when an owner has to put his money in the club?

  45. follow the money

    I’m not worried about the Newcastle game but I can see us blowing the Wigan match. It wouldn’t surprise me

  46. Dannyboy

    Dave, nah I think it must have been one of those moments where he was just freaking out and hitting keyboard buttons…

  47. WengersSweeties

    Listening to Van Persie was interesting I thought. Him saying that he’s never been at a club that works so hard and that Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager he’s ever worked for.

    That for me was a massive slap in that face for our club and ‘should’ be a massive wake up call.

    You have to take your hat off to Utd thought and Sir Alex. A true professional of the game and everything a player, coach, manager, club should look up to and want to be. Losing is not an option.

    Fair play to them, although I am absolutely sick to death of those celebrations.

  48. kwik fit

    So Pardew is up to his old tricks saying he doesn’t mind if they get beat 4/0. Don’t believe a word that fucker says. He would luv nothing more that getting a leg over on Wenger. Wenger needs to be ultra cautious next week.

  49. rondo

    Dear Pedro,

    Yes i am a foreign Arsenal supporter, but buddy, the majority of people insulting wenger and the players are english or brittish, not foreign

    I doubt youll find dutch,german,french japanese or american arsenal fans being as harsh as those who boo at home games or create banners essentially saying ” thanks you can fuck off now”.

    Perhaps if the gullible english arsenal fan had some spine and ignored the obvious wind ups from media and our rivals we wouldnt have reached this stage.

    Do not blame foreign supporters who are HOOKED on Arsenal worse than heroin just because the fan base in the UK is weak and manipulated…..

    You see, the foreign arsenal fan doesnt have to take mugs like hansen and lineker seriously, nor does he have to listen to talk and radio shows full of scum releasing their venom every day.

    Thank you.

    p.s perhaps if you (and other bloggers who influence support) were fair in your critique and showed balance and perspective, the peasants wouldnt be revolting

    ” theeetookaerjyhobs”


    You play Wigan on tuesday so could you do us a favour and beat them out of sight so that we can all sleep a lot easier as Vila fans .
    By the way , I have never forgiven you lot for allowing the blue scum to pick up there first wembly trophy so I think you owe us

  51. Inter YourGran

    Wayne Rooney, hey… He got mugged off today…. Sir Alex, Neville and Scholes rounded it off to him throwing his toys out the pram.. I’d be well fucked off, getting boyed like that, still…..

    I think Moyes’ pending incoming and his role playing deeper and 2nd fiddle in most big games to Van Persie (where he was the no.9 striker season before) has somewhat caused a dilemma for Wayne personally.

    The longevity issue regarding Wayne’s fitness and perceived selfish persona can be deemed a risk, but it’s not enough of a deterrent in my opinion. That’s two transfer requests is three years now, isn’t it? Regardless of the Manchester clubs’ stance they know it’s got to be over. At their club i feel he’s become replaceable, at another he’d be indispensable. Whether he’s confused or feeling unloved he’s layed his cards on the table.

    What’s the best move for him?

    He could move abroad and looking at Barca, Madrid, PSG & Bayern he’ll have his suitors regardless of their current situation with front men. He’s English though, we don’t like travelling most the time. No decent yorkshire puds… If there was ever a time where Arsenal are to show a statement of intent, a bid at the very least, wouldn’t go a miss…

  52. Inter YourGran

    gooby – it was pires. Missed the last two months of that season when he won fwa player of the year. stelllar season.

  53. Inter YourGran

    GOB – It wouldn’t happen, but as I said, a bid wouldn’t go a miss.

    There’s 3 reasons why arsenal can’t sign rooney…

    overall ambition
    piers morgan

  54. tippitappi

    Gooby point is if he’s not contributing to on field progress he’s worthless to this club you can’t argue with that, you have to wonder what the rest of those cunts were thinking although I have a good idea making money for themselves including frenchie

  55. Inter YourGran

    MS – I wouldn’t rule out Barca. They look a bit toothless and lack a bit of directness without Messi.

  56. Mental Strength

    Barca getting Neymar this year, so i doubt they’d be willing to spend on both Rooney and Neymar seeing that they should be looking to add to their defence rather than their attack.

  57. ranxzy

    PSG, maybe Real, never Bayern. Fixed that for you as there is no way in hell Bayern would shell out 20mil plus for a player on the slide like Rooney. He’s gone backwards from when he was a teen and still does not know what position he is at 27. Bayern have set a marker for the top level of performance and Rooney is a long way off that right now.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    The best thing Rooney could do (career wise) is take a pay cut and go to a team like Arsenal or Tottenham and recover himself as a player a bit.

    But he’ll no doubt end up at PSG or City on more money and kiss his status goodbye.

  59. Gooby

    Rooney doesn’t have much to prove as a player, he had a bad season that is all. I also think he’ll stay in England.


    Well if that’s the case and the owner is only a parasite who’s trying to take money out of the club what can we do about it? although i believe he’s not. The project was building a club that doesn’t need a sugar daddy and Kronkee seems to believe in it. Bayern did it i don’t see why we can’t but it takes time and we our patience is running out knowing the price we pay to watch our team. I believe the worse is behind us now and let’s not make a drama out of it many clubs in the league would trade places with us.

    I don’t think the suggar daddy owned clubs will be going to spend forever, at some point they’ll need to pay back their debts.

    Now we need to start building a winning team: bringing in staff members, signing decent commercial deals, a couple of top players a year and holding the team together….

  60. mahessar


    No way would he be sold to City, can’t see him going to Arsenal or Chelsea either. If Madrid offload Higuain this summer then maybe they would sign him up if they can’t get Cavani.

  61. Dannyboy

    RR, I completely and utterly lost my shit watching that video mate. Genuinely the funniest thing I’ve watched in a long long time! Thankyou.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    I’d kill for Cesc back!! And it is possible as well…not with Wenger in charge however.

    I rekon Jovetic will be a better version of Michu

  63. Dannyboy

    Not sure about that, think Cesc would be more open to coming back with Wenger in charge if I’m honest.. whether Wenger would dare spend what it would take however, is unlikely. He needs to prove a point this summer though, so will be interesting to see what happens.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t doubt Cesc wants to work under Wenger again.

    My doubt comes from Wenger having the balls to do the deal. As a lot of people have said on here essentially we could say write off what they still owe us for him and what they owe for Song and we’ll have Cesc back thanks.

    But whether a club so orientated by money such as ours would do that…who knows.

  65. Dannyboy

    We’ll find out in a couple of months CA… One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that Wenger has never had to face such a large % of the fanbase being against him… if he wants to win some of them back over, he needs to sign this summer, especially if he wants another pay rise next year.

  66. JED

    Wilfried Bony – Vitesses,
    Ashley Williams – Swansea,
    Callum McManaman – Wigan.

    3 affordable and quality buys..
    Wayne Rooney – Man Utd.!!!!!!

  67. Ka

    Saying you want a GK, CB, DM, AM and a striker is a bit to much. I mean yes a goalie to push shez would be nice, a DM to see out games would be alright but not really essential, an AM is certainly not needed as almost all of our first choice midfielders thrive in that role. A striker of quality would be ideal, and I do not see why getting someone like rooney in would be difficult, we have a manager that most people would love to work under now Fergie has gone. I would be curious to know what one of those juventus strikers would cost, they seem to compliment each other all ends up when it comes to bringing midfielders into the game which is something that would push giroud harder

  68. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I just think Wenger is too stubborn, he’d rather have another like this, a few humiliations, press all over him, fans screaming descent in the ground than change his ways.

    To suddenly go out and buy a couple of £20-30 Million players and then a few £10-20 Million players in his mind is as well as admitting failure.

    But we’ll see, as you rightly say he can longer count of blind support from the fan base, he probably has a 50/50 split right now which you would of said would never happen a few years ago.

    Do right things and that number moves to the good (for him), but each time we hear ‘not like a supermarket, ‘economic conditions’, ‘can’t compete’ etc than number slides even more.

    If this summer is no different, with £70 Million in the bank BEFORE we announced those two HUGE commercial deals and the big African ones then even the most hardened AKB has to say for us to move on as a club Wenger has to go.

    He’s antiquated as a manager. I’d love to get inside his head and see if he actually has ANY intention of competing transfer wise this summer or whether he’ll do another ‘Ozil’ or ‘Mata’ or ‘Vertonghen’ and flirt with fees etc and then be thankful someone else trumps him.

    But you look at that, trumped by firstly Madrid, then Chelsea, then TOTTENHAM…the list is getting worse. We’re losing our pull, and we need to recover it quickly!

  69. Gregg

    Interesting comments.

    Firstly Roony; part of his issues is being sacrificed to play in other positions. He played second fiddle to Ronaldo at Utd so I’d doubt he’d want to replicate that situation in Madrid

    Ashley Williams; Decent CB who has an amazing knack of being in the right place. Always gets to the near post and cuts out crosses. Very underated player

  70. PK

    Cesc in the current team would be so amazing. Would love to see how he and cazorla plays together. We aleeady know that he and JW is a great combination.

    RB? Mert. Verm. Monreal

    Wallnutt. Cazorla
    Giroud/Poldi/New signing