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Not a lot on today. It’s FA Cup final day and I’ve taken on a ticket. I haven’t been to a final in a while and being a neutral isn’t a bad place to be. In fact, I’ll be backing City to dish out a powerful thrashing. Hopefully it’ll destroy Wigans spirit heading into Wednesday.

It’s a tough call for Martinez. The Premier League is worth £60m, the FA Cup £5m. The priority should be smashing Arsenal on Wednesday… It won’t be though. It’s a massive distraction both mentally and physically. Which works superbly for us. 10 days off with plenty of time to recover and prepare.

In Arsenal news, John Cross is talking up Jovetic to the club based on us getting into the Champions League. Apparently he’ll be looking for a £100k a week deal. Is he a 30 goal a season striker? No. But nor was Robin until recently. It’ll all depend what Wenger has in mind for him. He’d definitely present our strike force with a higher quality option.

We’re chasing down Dortmund right back, Piszczek, this summer, if Sagna moves. I feel for Dortmund, watching everyone pick off their team is tragic. If Klopp could keep them together, they could go onto bigger and better things. With Gotze and Lewandowski off, it looks like he’ll have to start again. Poor bastard…

Another move the same Telegraph article talks about is for Begovic. I was told the other night that he’d love to move to Arsenal, it comes down to the desire of Arsenal to part with £15m for a keeper. For me, a guy in his mid twenties makes perfect sense at £15m. Because he’ll last for ten years. I really rate him as one of the best in the league. He has stature, he’s good with crosses and he knows how to make a sharp save. And he’s Prem experienced…

Outside that, I have nothing. Have a grand day one and all.

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  1. reality check

    “Finish out top four we could end up like liverpool”

    As far as I can see the only issue liverpool had was shit managers spending a shit load of money on absolute shit players..

    Arsenal will never be led down that road. Spend spend spend Never. if we bought 80mil worth of players this summer. It would be like drop in the ocean.

    We still won’t splash.

    But other than the finances. What have we to fear about becoming liverpool.

    Never really competing for title despite spending money. Errrr?

    Not attracting the best players. Errrr Suarez or Gerv hmmmm? That’s a tuffy!

    Sturridge or giroud. Dam this is hard.
    (That’s what she said). (Sorry, Had to ;-))

    Reina or Almunia or Flappy or mannone the last 5 years?

    Losing your best players.
    Gerrard is still there. Carra is still there. Masheranos a sub. Torres is shit. Alonso ill give you, if you disagree but..

    Cesc left. Henry left. Patrick left. RVP left.

    But then again, walcott is still here (sigh.)

    I don’t rate liverpool or there managers but at the end of the day. Luck or no luck. They won the UCL in its modern day form.


    We want to move onwards and upwards. But liverpools recent downward slump has been much more fruitful than our recent downward slump.

    Qualifying for UCL 16 times never buying/replacing the best players has only so far benefited the dross,Stan Ivan & Wonga. While we are still being told, next season next season..

    Even faaking dagliesh won the CCup. Let’s be real, we have a board room and coaching issue. Makes no difference who we buy. I want our arsenal back! Patience.. Till 2014.

  2. Dannyboy

    MS, he’ll be 29 by the time the season starts, that would make him our oldest centre back, and he wouldn’t be any better than the 3 we have apart from Vermaelen on current form… No thanks. IF we sign a CB this summer, it has to be someone to play alongside Kos IMO.

  3. sam

    gael clitty is having a fucking nightmare. he reminds me of our fat brazilian
    he’s being shafted like a dirty whore

  4. Johnny5

    Reality check

    We will never find a Suarez in the depths of the French leagues man. We will end up worse than them. They’re not known for being shit. We are these days. They’re not known for being cheap. We are. They’re not known for bottling any breaks they do get. We are. They’re not selling their best every year and insulting fans intelligence by saying things like this is my best ever squad. Trust me we come 5th were fucked. You think we’re cheap now. Wait and see, if it does happen we will be Everton only we won’t have a manager who gets the best from his players. We will have wenger.

  5. Dannyboy

    haha agree wholeheartedly this time J5, Williams will be just about the best we can hope for if we finish 5th.

  6. sam

    This is what happens when you start counting on relegation teams to get result you want. you are dreaming if you think bale hotspurs will lose to that boring rugby team.

  7. Dannyboy

    Clichy has been raped time and time again, Nacho needs to be on guard Tuesday night against this kid.

  8. GUNNER786

    I hope Wigan beat us on Tuesday and Spurs pip us to forth place.

    Come on you Spurssss

    Wenger OUT

  9. Dannyboy

    Goldinho, Mancini knew his job was on the line so he broke his promise. Just like last season with ‘Balotelli and Tevez will never play for me again….’

  10. Kiyoshi Ito

    reality checkMay 11, 2013 18:18:24

    Hear all that you are saying..

    But football has dramatically changed..

    Look at SAF..
    He has sacrificed Man Utd,for his own selfish ends..

    On the face off it,a great man,who won untold trophies..

    But I can tell you from my friends,who are Manure fans,they are unimpressed with the Moyes appointment..

    Why did SAF,assign Moyes?
    1)A bumsteer move..Controlling from the backseat.

    2)Bringing in someone,who is not going to overshadow his legacy..

    You cannot tell me the Moyes appointment was made overnight?

    SAF resigns& within 48 hours Moyes in the last year of his contract,suddenly gets the job?

    Despite telling Pepe(before he took the BM job) in Dec,he’s planning to stick around for a few years.
    With Pepe,expressing a desire to come to England..& the same with Jose..

    Does it really take 2 days for a high profile job as the Manure job,to get sorted?

    Geez,try applying for a CEO job for Vodafone,or RM,or a major global brand..?

    Usually it’s more than a month’s process..

    No candidates,interviewed for the job?

    Anyway,the point I’m trying to make is that this was all pre-planned from years in the offing..

    When SAF,decided to retire,he knew who he wanted to take over..

    & if Moyes screws up,which I think he will,as the players will know he’s only a puppet,whose strings are being pulled by SAF upstairs.

    Already,you’ve got Rooney kicking off& Rio referring to Moyes,”as that guy”..

    Says it all really..

    Anyway,SAF’s primary concern,is about safeguarding his legacy..

    A bit much like Mr Wenger..
    Only difference,is that SAF is doing it subtly behind the scenes,having amassed trophies to date..

    Whilst AW,having won nothing in the last 8 years,is happy to take the money & help out his mates in France& upstairs,all upfront..!!

    In short,the game is all about me,myself& moi..

    You fans,are irrelevant..They just pay lip-service..

    So,don’t expect any change on the transfer front this summer,despite the windfall of money we have come into..

  11. Cesc Appeal

    For a man who speaks German, is well versed in German culture and seems to get on well with German players, why oh why is Wenger STILL looking at the French league?

    It worked when France were world champions and producing great talents that Wenger picked from…but they’re not anymore.

    Germany is were to go now, the whole world is screaming it.

  12. Doublegooner

    How the hell are Wigan battling relegation ?

    They really are a footballing side defying their position.

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    Fantastic – that’s what the FA cup is all about. Hopefully they will all still be hungover when they play us!

  14. Jeff

    Wouldn’t it be funny if (like Birmingham) they win a trophy and still get relegated? Unbelievable. It is now up to us to beat Wigan. Doesn’t look easy from what we’ve seen today.

  15. Doublegooner

    Bit pointless Mancini even going back to Manchester !

    Only prob is Pellegrini is another manager we’ll miss out on.

    Wenger will stay until he rots.

  16. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    SpanishDaveMay 11, 2013 19:05:17
    Was Wenger watching and making notes? I doubt it the tosser.

    No he was at home lying in the living room giving Diaby a Massage

  17. reality check

    Johnny5 and kiyoshi

    I agree. Just felt there’s no point cussing ‘pool when there still trying to win things and be ambitious despite all the bullsh*t they have been going through.

    If wigan win this. Hope wigan win this.

    The “we can’t compete” line is going to look very very weak

  18. Doublegooner


    We know Martinez is able to get more from his players than Wenger can.

    I fear for tuesday.

  19. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    So in the last 8 years, trophies won by Wenger & arsenal (AKBs think its the same thing) = 0

    Trophies won by Birmingham, Wigan, Tottenham & Swansea = 4.

    Ha haha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Wengers the best!

  20. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    McManaman has impressed me a season

    Someone will buy him probably a mid table team

  21. Jeff


    Wigan will be so fired up and confident after winning the FA cup that against City that it will make the clash a very nervous one for us. They will be fighting to stay up and we will be fighting to stay above Tottenham with one game to go after that. We should have sealed our position at least 10 games ago but we fluffed it as usual.

  22. Doublegooner

    Amazing how players are buoyed up holding silverware.

    Our fucking manager & owner only care about sustainability.

    Cunts the pair of them.

  23. Ramsey's backpass

    Lol guard of honour to wigan

    i think the F.A should make this a special case so that arsenal will give them the honour Wigan deserves.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    Our only saving grace is QPR v Newcastle is on Sunday (Tomorrow) and we play Wigan 2 days later. If Newcastle win by 2 or 3 goals then Wigan will probably be relegated. On the other hand if Newcastle lose Wigan will be well up for it against us.

    Then we face a desperate Newcastle for the last game. We’ve made this mess for ourselves.

  25. Johnny5

    Reporter: so arsene tomorrow you’ve got an important game against the FA cup winners. How will you prepare your team?

    Wenger: I will prepare them as always. We don’t fear Wigan. We have mental strength.

    Reporter: you should, they’ve won more trophies this year than you’ve won in 8 and done it with less than half your wage bill and have spent slightly less on players than you in that time.

    Wenger: are you looking at me?

    Reporter: what???

    Wenger: get out all of you this press conference is over

    Theo: but boss I haven’t told them how well I’ve been playing a d don’t deserve the criticism I get yet.

    Wenger: shut up theo or no story before bed

    Theo: ok

  26. Doublegooner

    Only the twats on UA think we’ve had a good season whether we finish in or out the top 4.

    If Wenger had a half a brain he’d get Vieira back.

  27. DaleDaGooner

    Forgetting than Manchester City…..£1 billion spent, just lost to Wigan, meaning they also win NOWT this season…….bunch of uninteresting wankers on here

  28. Johnny5


    Why? It’s true. The FA and COC should be comps we at least make the finals of. The fact Wigan Swansea Birmingham Pompey etc have won it recently and we haven’t is fucking shameful

  29. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsene is a joke..

    He’s now become a figure of derision…

    When you had Stoke fans(those neanderthals),taking the mick..

    You knew,shit had hit the fan..

    Oh well,let’s enjoy the last week of Wenger’s crazy tenure..& more pronounced b/s to emanate from the Emirates,about supposed signings& trophies..

    Yep….the b/s blows forth for the next coming months..


    Meanwhile sold:-
    TV,or Theo(to the highest bidder)

    Footballing reasons..

    French Ligue 1-mediocre shite!!


  30. Doublegooner


    Mate, go back to UA with the other few blinkered fools.

    City may have spent ridiulous amounts but theyve lost one game against another PL team.

    We have spent fortunes too & lost too many games to weaker opposition too many times.

    City lacked passion today. We’ve lacked passion for too long now.

    The players need new leadership, from off the pitch.

  31. Kiyoshi Ito

    It’s getting rather tiresome..

    Arsene & his cohorts can take a running jump,of the Tower Bridge..

    This is beyond piss taking…

  32. zeus

    Hahahahahaha. Only now seeing the city score.

    Pride restored for Wigan. Now go down into the championship with peace.

  33. Raz

    Such I dilemma now – I have always wanted Wigan to stay up, now even more so. Relegation would completely tarnish their trophy achievement and the prem would lose a team who try and play the best football they can. Got a big soft spot for them and have had since they began playing their style. Martinez, what a guy, always has his team fighting for him.

  34. TitsMcgee

    Lol at comparing us to City.

    They won the league last year, Fa cup the year before that and lost in the final this year.

    ALso beat us at home and beat UTD at home as well.

    and Chelsea otw to the FA Cup final.

    TRuth hurts doesn’t it Dale?

  35. Kiyoshi Ito

    Then you’ve got twats like the hilly billy Dale Da Gale spouting absolute b/s..

    We don’t win a FAC,or CC..
    They say come on,”Is that what we are about..?”

    “We are bigger than that..”

    Then you mention Chelski..10 trophies in how many years,under how many different managers..

    Then they say:-
    “The man RA,has ruined football..”

    So what do you want from Arsenal FC,under Arsene..?

    To be glorious losers,doing it the classy way,whilst shafting fans to the hilt,for what?

    To see a bunch of gimps running around like headless chickens,with no fight,no ambition& no purpose..!

    DDG,come over & pay some money for a ticket,whilst trying to sustain a living in London..Food,rent,mortgage,insurance,
    kids school /university fees.Running a company,you get the gist..!

    & let’s see your opinion then after 8 years of absolute bollocks,on the pitch..

  36. Kiyoshi Ito

    It’s just utter b/s..

    We lost Cesc,we lost Nasri,we lost this,we lost that..

    We were in a rebuilding phase…

    We could not compete,with the Oligarchs..


    Some guys need to get some perspective..

    Big Club,my arse!!!

    Not on the pitch anyway..

  37. Dannyboy

    Brilliant result today, that’s the magic of the FA cup. Martinez is a brilliant manager, I’d take him as a replacement for Wenger anyday.

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    Kwik Fit
    Having a decidedly Schadenfreud,based sense of humour towards Nasri,is rather uncalled for Kwik..!

    We are slowly adopting the mentality of the Spuds..

    It’s quite worrying..!!

  39. Kushagra

    Relating everything good happening at other clubs to the situation at Arsenal is pretty boring and annoying. Sometimes just enjoy the footy otherwise why bother watching..

  40. Raz

    Dannyboy this may sound like MOTD fever to some but purely based on what he gets from his players, the way he manages to bring players in, and his style of play that he has shown consistently at his clubs, I would like to see him replace Wenger. BUT, only if we keep Bould as the defensive coach.

  41. UGooner

    Oh I wish there was an Arsenal game today so some of you would have more to whine about. Mind, it wouldn’t matter if we lost the game or won it by 100 goals, seing as some of y’all actually want us to lose.

    You must be a joy to watch the game with. Where can I join you? …Oh wait, gotta run Terry and Ashley Cole signing autographs round the corner by the brothel.

  42. Kiyoshi Ito

    Kwik Fit

    That’s the problem with AFC fans,we no longer look to dominate& win trophies anymore..

    We just seem to get some self-gratification from enjoying the misery of other teams,or ex-players downfall…

    During the first 7 years of Arsene’s reign,even prior to that,we did not really give a hoot about the Spuds,or ex-player’s leaving..

    We moved on,looking towards the horizon..

    Now we seem so pre-occupied,with bile & the rest towards Adebayor,RVP,Nasri,Cole,etc..

    & towards Chelsea& Spurs..

    The mentality has completely changed..

    & I’m sorry to say,it resembles that of an ex-partner being ditched & not having moved on,in his/her life..

    Forever,reliving past memories/glories& not making an effort to move on with there lives..

    Quite short-sighted to put it politely..
    *& Arsene & the Club,have conditioned that mentality,I’m afraid..

    Just read NM’s posts..!!

    I mean,he goes tracking people down on twitter,to offload his bile & calling them c**ts!!

    How sad is that?

    Would he,have done that during the invincible years?

    There you go,as a starting point!!

  43. Kiyoshi Ito


    Not being funny..Come & Spend 5 years here..

    I think your experience of everyday life& the financing of your match day experience,might be somewhat tempered a bit,after a while!!

  44. kwik fit

    Fuck sake Yoshi it was only a picture of Nasri. Easy on. I don’t like seeing people hurt as a rule. But do you really think Nasri will be hurting that much. Of course not …he’s probably on he way to party right now.

  45. UGooner

    And just for whoever coined the name Theo ‘Walcunt’, you disgrace your club and yourself just the same. Last I checked he is one of our leaders on the scorers and assists chart. Fine he may have scored more in high scoring games and all that…

    But he has put in the effort with a decent return and will get better, if only more consistent. I’d stake a lot on that. He’s won the polls for Arsenal player of the month 3 times this season…. I think only one behind Santi… Not a bad return at all. Still, lots of problems with his consistency. I remember watching him in that period of purple form and particularly against Brazil, he looked really good, using his pace almost perfectly. Maybe it was more down to the opposing defender not being so good but still Theo looked real confident too.

    And as a side note, I was happy to see Ramsey was polled player of the month, April. He didn’t even score in that period so it’s great to see that fellow Gooners appreciate his efforts. Gunners.

  46. Mayank

    Kiyoshi are you telling me all season ticket holders moan as much as you do? Or that LG is made up of 100% season ticket holders?

  47. Kiyoshi Ito


    Oh fuck….

    Well,ask this question how many are happy with Mr Wenger..?

    Untold,will give you a rough idea?

  48. Raz


    If I want to refer to Walcott as Walcunt just the once (now twice) I will. I can’t stand the guy. I ca’t stand his tedious, boring, lacklustre performances that have even dominated this season. I can’t stand the fact that he wines about being a CF when he can’t hold the ball up, can’t head it, and can’t beat a defender unless he goes way outside them. I can’t stand the attitude of a player who sets a 20goal season target, gets to 18 by the end of Jan, then just stops playing, just after being bumped up to 100kpw. The guy’s attitude and ridiculously slow development are a disgrace in hindsight. Why you wouldn’t try and go for 30 goals for the season is beyond me. Statistically he is our highest performer but everyone knows he is not a great winger, not a great crosser, has no all-round game and has about 7 out of 10 games where he looks like it’s a training session. So while players like McManaman are and Maloney play with that effort and embarrass all the lazy players at better teams, I will continue to feel a lack of respect towards players like Walcott. He should have been dropped for his ‘performance’ after the Spurs game, and tbh with you the number of times he hasn’t started just goes to show even the manager questions him. Ironic that when he comes on as a sub, as is often talked about, he is pretty good for those 20 mins he gets. It’s a shame the Ox didn’t take his chances.

    And FYI even though I don’t really think Rambo is of the mould that Arsenal require (whereas Coutinho is, for example) I have been VERY impressed with his last 5 weeks or so and am so happy he got player of the month, he deserved it. Imagine if Walcott put in the kind of shift that Ramsey does every week.

  49. Mayank


    Pedro isn’t happy with Wenger, neither are a lot of posters on here. As a matter of fact most Arsenal fans would admit that he’s made some big mistakes. Some would say he has to go, some would say he should get maybe till the end of th e contract, some still have complete faith in him.

    Different strokes and all that.

    However, there are only a few fans that rarely have anything positive to say about the club or Wenger. Who’ll twist any situation into a criticism of Wenger.

    People who have a dreary tone no matter what the discussion is.

    Again, different strokes.

    However, for them to claim the moral high ground on the basis of the money they spend is a fallacy.

    You’re trying to make it out as if anyone who’s paying to see Arsenal moans as much as you and a few others do. And if they don’t they aren’t as emotionally and monetarily invested in Arsenal as you.

    How many are happy with Wenger? I don’t know but 90% of Arsenal fans(paying or not) are less cynical about him than you.

  50. Kiyoshi Ito

    RazMay 11, 2013 20:41:15

    Great comment about Theo..

    I was nodding my head at each point.

    Why Nasris Mouth wants to persist with him beats me?

    Quite frankly he is a twat& talks out of his arse,half the time..

    Anyway,you are quite tense,but make some valid points..

    In full agreement with you yesterday,about NM,being a complete f**king tool& a pedantic twat..

    The guy needs a personality by-pass operation!!

    I give Keyser some credit,at least Keyser is somewhat entertaining..

  51. g0tch34ted

    I see what Mayank is saying, there is a high number of people moaning for moaning sake around here these days.

    I’m not particularly happy, i’ve agreed maybe Wenger needs to go and that some players don’t pull their weight all the time.

    However, there are a lot of people floating around right now slagging off EVERYTHING, even if they said we should do it 4 weeks ago. The people who say Theo and Giroud haven’t contributed enough and think we should get Benteke. Which at this point next year, if he has 15 goals and 7 assists will do one of two things …

    1) Complain that we should of done better and he was never good enough.
    2) Say he’s contributed enough and it was some other player or the managers fault.

    Yeah, some things need to change but seriously …

  52. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Lovely to see the top 4 stranglehold on the FA Cup broken by Wigan.. Only Portmouth got it in recent times.. Happy for Wigan.

    Wigan winning feeding the frenzy of “Hahahaha fuck you oil dollars” over on twitter! Somehow correlating City’s loss to Wengers underachievement! Weird!

    There was no Oil money when Ipwich, West Ham and Luton Bastard Town beat us in 3 Cup finals over 10 years.. Funnily enough the two we won were against Utd and Liverpool. But slaughtered by the underdog. The vagaries of cup finals!

    We should thump them on Tuesday evening. I fear they are going down but we could also do them a massive fav and thump the Geordies too.. That would be nice! Very nice..

  53. Tim

    Fuck off GUNNER68703493 whatever your name is…

    You want Spurs to finish above us just to get Wenger out? GTFO and die. If we don’t make Champs League there is no chance we can sign players like Jovetic or Pizczsek.

  54. reality check

    “Relating everything good happening at other clubs to the situation at Arsenal is pretty boring and annoying. Sometimes just enjoy the footy otherwise why bother watching..”
    KushagraMay 11, 2013    20:12:21

    Slight misunderstanding here. The reason IMO we relate arsenals success/failure to other teams (mainly lesser teams in terms of support base and financial) is because,

    “Ideally you want ticket prices to be as low as possible,” he(wenger) said.
    “But on the other hand the only way we can pay the wages and compete without any external help is to the ticket prices because it is our main income. Therefore we are in this situation where, of course, the prices are high.”

    So the action of them charging us and then us paying has come about.

    Whereas the ‘competing’ still hasn’t happened. Yet wigan just won a trophy against one of our rivals for the title

    Also, the wages which he pays the ‘Dross’ have not been welcomed by us, The Fans. The level of Player (the majority) he has bought has not met our expectations.

    He confirms the fans are needed in order to:

    1. compete
    2. pay wages

    We say fine, we will pay, but then he doesn’t compete which is not what we paid for, plus he pays ‘the dross’ wages which we do not want to pay for.

    I’d like him to put 25M 150k pw, on benzema (as an example) but what does he do. He buys players like
    ‘you know who’ and spends between
    7M and 15M. Then pays them each between 40K to 100K!

    I’m sorry but when money is involved you cannot critisize the customer for complaining that the service is terrible and way below the levels agreed upon.

  55. Kiyoshi Ito

    May 11, 2013 20:46:45

    Do you see the contradiction here..

    “How many are happy with Wenger?”

    & then…
    “I don’t know ”

    “but 90% of Arsenal fans(paying or not) are less cynical about him than you.”

    Now,wherever did you get that statistic of 90% from?

    Plucked it from your imaginary head?

    Or from your tadpole sample size pool..?

    Give it a rest..& don’t talk to me..

    I know your type..

  56. vicky

    Roberto Martinez take a bow !!!

    You deserve it !!!

    A gentleman and a brilliant manager !!!

    Wigan do not deserve to be relegated. Must be irritating for Wigan fans to see their team beat the big guns and lose to shit teams every season.

    Mancini Bye Bye !!! The only thing I will miss about you is your Italian English.

  57. Kiyoshi Ito

    reality checkMay 11, 2013 21:01:13

    Don’t mind these prats..

    I suspect a large number of them only started supporting Arsenal,when Wenger became manager..

    If anyone, has had the presence of mind,to listen to Mr Wenger’s statements,over the past 5-6 years..

    My gosh,by now they would be a full scale on riot!!

    Football does funny things to people..
    Really unscrambles the mind!!

    Just look at Risdale & Fernandes as a starting point..

    Poor fans..!!

  58. Mayank

    “I know your type..”



    You picked up and responded to the most insignificant statement of the post. A vague answer to a rhetorical question.

    “Give it a rest..& don’t talk to me..”

    This just confirms my theory that you aren’t on here to talk about Arsenal or engage any view opposed to yours. Just broadcast your dissatisfaction, agree with the people who are moaning about the same things as you. Deride anyone who disagrees with you.

    Well have fun.

  59. Jurgen Klopp


    A) I can judge a persons intelligence by reading their thoughts and opinions to certain scenarios for over 12 months on Le Grove. I have read your comments day in, day out, for the last year or more and I have come to the conclusion which I leveled at you.

    B) I call myself Jurgen Klopp because I am Jurgen Klopp.

    C) You read Pedro’s articles everyday and yet all you can do is comment on how great Geoff is and how under-the-thumb Pedro is.

    D) Coming on a blog and posting your opinions while criticising the owner of the blog is simply ridiculous. Go make your own blog.

    E) The fact I like the style of Jurgen Klopp (young, intelligent, media friendly, good transfer policies) does not mean that I want Wenger out in the same way you do. Wenger is a great servant to the club. He has lost his way and we may never know whether he took the fall for the board and a lack of money or whether the money was there and he refused to spend it. However he is still our most successful manager and I respect him for that. Moving forward we need something fresh unless AW can show he has it in him by proving it this summer. Alas I rest my laurels once again on a summer, feels to familiar.

    F) Since my one comment, you have posted precisely 6 comments mentioning me. Did I upset you? I am truly sorry.

    G) is for Gambon. Very intelligent and opinionated individual. I hope someday you channel it into something more positive than criticising your chosen club 24/7.

    H) is for the handjob I wish to receive from Chelsea’s physio. The best signing this summer would be a hot physio or coach.

  60. Kiyoshi Ito

    Starting point

    You were on yorkshiregunners twitter site last week Sunday..

    He was busy regaling us,with stories about former Arsenal players..

    They were interesting & quite believable..
    We all laughed & joked& were quite appreciative of the stories..

    What did you do do?

    The prick,of all pricks,out of all the comments,pipes up & asks..

    “Are these stories really true?”

    Now,that is what I mean,by your type..!!

    So basically,in a nutshell,do one son..!!
    I have no time,for arguing,semantics with you..

  61. vicky

    Anyone here of the opinion that Man U will regress under Moyes ??

    I get the feeling that it is a wrong decision that they have taken.

    At the very least, Man U under Moyes does not evoke any fear as say Man U under Mourinho or Pep does.

  62. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Would love to see them stay up… That would mean Sunderland or Newcastle going down. Wouldn’t mind giving Martinez a helping hand by sending Pardew tumbling. Looking forward to the entertainment value of Di Canio in the PL next year.

    However, Matinez totally avoiding the question of whether he will be at Wigan next season on ESPN after the game. Not an once of commitment for next season to be seen in his comment.

    Fergie has set off a managerial domino effect!

  63. Mayank

    What the fuck are you on about? There are more than one people named Mayank.

    I’ve never spoken to anyone on twitter. I follow like 24 Arsenal related people mostly just for the news.

    I don’t give a toss what you may or may not think of me but at least get your facts right before you judge someone. Or don’t, its just internet.

    Senile twat.

  64. kwik fit

    Its inevitable vicky that he will regress as fergie is irreplaceable.
    Anyone taking over from him would be in an unenviable position. Wouldn’t be surprised fergie being back in charge the following season

  65. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I mentioned Baines the other day

    was told we have Gibbs

    surely Baines is better than Gibbs?