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Not a lot on today. It’s FA Cup final day and I’ve taken on a ticket. I haven’t been to a final in a while and being a neutral isn’t a bad place to be. In fact, I’ll be backing City to dish out a powerful thrashing. Hopefully it’ll destroy Wigans spirit heading into Wednesday.

It’s a tough call for Martinez. The Premier League is worth £60m, the FA Cup £5m. The priority should be smashing Arsenal on Wednesday… It won’t be though. It’s a massive distraction both mentally and physically. Which works superbly for us. 10 days off with plenty of time to recover and prepare.

In Arsenal news, John Cross is talking up Jovetic to the club based on us getting into the Champions League. Apparently he’ll be looking for a £100k a week deal. Is he a 30 goal a season striker? No. But nor was Robin until recently. It’ll all depend what Wenger has in mind for him. He’d definitely present our strike force with a higher quality option.

We’re chasing down Dortmund right back, Piszczek, this summer, if Sagna moves. I feel for Dortmund, watching everyone pick off their team is tragic. If Klopp could keep them together, they could go onto bigger and better things. With Gotze and Lewandowski off, it looks like he’ll have to start again. Poor bastard…

Another move the same Telegraph article talks about is for Begovic. I was told the other night that he’d love to move to Arsenal, it comes down to the desire of Arsenal to part with £15m for a keeper. For me, a guy in his mid twenties makes perfect sense at £15m. Because he’ll last for ten years. I really rate him as one of the best in the league. He has stature, he’s good with crosses and he knows how to make a sharp save. And he’s Prem experienced…

Outside that, I have nothing. Have a grand day one and all.

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  1. Dannyboy

    What a set of scum Chelsea cunts…. Terry goes down clutching his chest like he has an open gun shot wound, when Benteke missed him by a foot… then that fat prick scores an equaliser.. I’d rather Spurs get 4th than those bastards!

  2. nasri's mouth

    will he play for villa again ?

    little bit of naivety there. don’t give the ref a chance to even it up if possible

  3. Raz

    Frimpong ontwitter ‘Lampard you legend’ what a fucking moron man. Reflection after the game is fine but Arsenal’s future hinges on a chelsea loss or draw today, what a twat.

  4. Keyser

    Raz – “I remember for his first two seasons Arshavin could take the ball round anyone and was impossible to shove off the bull”

    Impossible to shove off the ball ? No he had a good lower centre of gravity and pace, allowing him to ride a challenge as he scuttled past, as his legs went, he has struggled to adapt not just in terms of size but that’s a contributing factor, but because he’s not been able to vary his game enough to get the best out of others.

    Cazorla and Wilshere are decent examples, both of a similar stature, not as quick or as explosively talented, but do everything else to a more consistent level.

  5. SurferX

    Ref couldnt do anything else could he? It wasnt a straight red- it was a 2nd yellow: and if youve just jumped into a player thats heading the ball and end up kicking them in the chest, what do you think is going to happen? Even if the ref thought it was accidental, it was a dangerous tackle- at best.

    Then again, it was against Terry- so he has my sympathies- the temptation is understandable.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    I think you have to realise that a lot of players, even the ones who have a big connection to their club can praise other players from other clubs. We may see fat frank as the devil incarnate, but players may see him as someone who is a consummate hard working professional.

  7. Raz


    He for a start, he was imposisble to shove off the ball because of his midget stature and his strength. Struggled to adapt is not true, he hit the ground running. Truth is his body has given way since his first two seasons and his sheer lack of bother hasn’t helped. I agree with some of what you’re saying but not the ‘struggled to adapt’ part, that’s all

  8. Raz

    NM I do agree but time and a place. Context is important in life. Tweeting that when every arsenal fan on the planet is praying to god Villa don’t throw this away is just brainless, but then that’s Frimpong.

  9. Keyser

    Raz – He struggled to adapt once his legs began to go, the first year and a half he was quality not the best work-rate but explosive, his pace was a key asset for him.

    He’s struggled to adapt since and at his age it’s hard to not only do it, but also perform to the level we need without making mistakes, Wenger tried last year, but it just wasn’t working.

  10. Raz

    Absolutele love Weimenn, never needs asking to be available, never needs to be cajoled into running at players…one of the busiest in the league, love watching him play. Got a lot of love for this Villa side and what they’re trying to do actually.

  11. Raz

    What the fuck is going on with my spelling? Sorry all, it’s painful.

    My heart just sank. BUT I fancy Everton to do a job on Chelsea still.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    Either he should realise what might happen or the manager should explain to his players not to do anything stupid. They threw away a possible win/draw there and our chance for 3rd. Not that they care about that of course

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    akpom tweeted “if only benteke didn’t get sent off” so he’s one that understands 😉

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    Technically we only need Everton to get a draw against Chelsea and for us to get a lot of goals but I just can’t see Chelsea either losing or us scoring +5 in the last 2 games.

    A draw today and we’d have stood a chance

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Either Chelsea are being pretty stupid or they’re trying very hard to get their wage bill down by not re-signing lampard quickly

  16. Raz

    @NM that’s what I thought…glad i’m not going mad.

    I have a lot of faith that we will score +5 goals…but even if we don’t, I have a lot of faith that not only will we get 6 points, but Chelsea won’t beat Everton. I just have this feeling in my head. or my gut. Or my balls. Whichever 😀 but I know Everton can do Chelsea, they’re playing for top 4 (just) and will want to win for Moyes. And probably us too.

  17. GUNNER786

    I really hope that we don’t qualify for t.he champions league.

    It would teach Wenger for selling all the best players.

    Sweat Wenger sweat.

    UP THE SPURS!!!!

  18. Raz

    NM re:wages I think they are happy to spend big but don’t want to spend on silly wages any more. They signed Mata for £18m but not only is his re-sale value now about £60m but they only signed him on about 75kpw, contrary to belief, then bumped him up to 100k after his first season. Terry, Torres, Lamps, Cole and Hazard are their highest earners…imo they should keep Lamps and get rid of the rest.

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Think you’re on the wrong site, try this:

    you’ll find more idiots like yourself there

  20. Dannyboy

    If Lampard had any self respect he would have turned round in the last minute, given Abramovich the V sign, and walked the ball up the pitch, and crashed the ball past Cech into the back of the net…
    Why’s he scoring crucial goals for those cunts when they have told him time and time again that he won’t be getting offered a new contract? Prick.

  21. Marko

    Are we to believe that we’ve nearly agreed to sign Jovetic AND Higuain? Are we seriously gonna start acting like a big club this summer?

  22. Babakrdaemi

    Amazing you don’t feel the same for arsene as you do klopp. Both have had to deal with the same issue.

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    Mata’s a very good player but never £60mill. I won’t bother discussing his wages other than to say neither of us knows what he’s earning.

  24. kwik fit

    Can’t see us getting any really top players unless we make Top 4.
    If the gods continue to conspire against us then were looking at players such as Remy and Williams.

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    I expect Chelsea would love to re-sign lampard, just on less money and for less time than he wants. Remember when he signed his last contract all the papers were saying he was going to leave? Chelsea know he wants to stay but he knows he’s still extremely useful to them for another season at least. Bit of an impasse but one you know will get sorted

  26. dave


    It’s not just Wenger though is it. It’s the whole board, the constant lying, bullshit , complacency and general lack of any football ambition. Plus it’s about 50p to watch Dortmund not the £1395 I pay for my ST

  27. Nasri's Mouth


    No way would man city pay that much for anyone other than messi or Ronaldo. In fact I don’t expect man city to spend that much on all their summer transfers net.

  28. Raz

    I am one of those who will always go for what is still possible. While third is still possible, my feelings are ‘f*** 4th’ and it’s not so unrealistic even after today….just imagine us finishing 3rd after such a poor season!!

  29. dave


    Isn’t that the Arsenal mentality? Shitting yourself because the other teams are winning. Who gives a shit. If we beat the 3rd and 4th bottom teams then its top 4. That’s the difference between an ambitious team and an also run

  30. Jeff

    Nobody should believe anything about signing big names or anyone who’s been linked with us. It’s just the usual smoke screen and it will go on till end of August – as usual. In case people don’t quite get it yet – we’re not in the business of winning trophies or medals. Our greatest ambition is simply to secure as much profit for as little outlay as possible. Our wage bill is already prohibitive and there is hardly any room for more dross let alone players of note.

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    Different situation this summer though. Would be wrong to use previous summers as proof of how this one will go

  32. Raz


    I still firmly believe that we have a massive problem with the mentality of our players which combines with their talent to devastating effect. I do blame this on Wenger entirely as well. I say this because everyone hoped Chelsea would struggle with such a busy fixture list in the last month but in reality their players have shown their class by winning either every or almost every game. They’ve hardly had a single player play ‘badly’ by an arsenal fan’s context of the word.

    I look at the sheer drive of players like Mata and Hazard, Oscar, even Torres who we all know is now shook has still never failed to give it everything every game – he has worked for this team all year.

    Then I look at our lot who have failed to turn up for half their games, and certain individuals have failed to turn up for half the season.

    Whilst on one hand we have the bottle to keep going and we’ve come back in the second half of games as a team, it gets to me that we have carried individuals for so much of games or the season as a whole.

    Giroud has been lazy for a while now.
    Podolski has regularly failed to get into games since his first good few months.
    Theo – askjfbsdifhksurfbkusdbf hate Theo
    Santi often disappears out left – why?
    Jack has been poor with no movement until the second half – why?

    Our hardest workers have either not performed (The Ox), move very well but just suck (Gervinho), or tend to produce not that much regardless of effort (Ramsey).

    Imagine if Podolski worked as hard as Gervinho. Imagine if Theo made the same effort that The Ox did.

    It’s not just this lot though, it’s been the same for years now. Moyes, Fergie, in fact far more that just that get such exceptional effort every single game with maybe one exception in 10 or 15, from every player, every week, yet I know I am not alone in being worried every week that the boys won’t turn up. Wenger seems to really struggle to get the team to show that mentality. We could have challenged this year if we showed that mentality from the first whistle instead of the second half whistle or the 67th minute subs.

    Perhaps it’s that they are undroppable. I find it a big problem that we have a clear cut first 11 almost, with squad players behind them, as opposed to a squad all genuinely vying for first choice.

    I could never imagine someone like Mata coming to us and playing with the effort that Theo has, can you? We need to start buying players who care as much or more about winning than they do about their wages. I do think this team is developing a winning mentality slowly but I hope any signings we make will come in with that do or die attitude we lack.

  33. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I love FA Cup Final day. It was always the highlight of the season for me as a kid, the colours, the flags hanging out of windows if your team was playing, the newspaper special sections sellotaped to the living room walls with your favourite players pictures alongside, the food laid out like at Xmas, the family gathered and eagerly awaiting the kick-off and Abide with me sung by all.

    Even if it was not us playing it was still an occasion, it was a national occasion that everybody shared in and treasured.
    Now it is belittled and treated by some as a waste of time and effort

    To hell with those people, if we let the FA Cup fade into obscurity then the life and soul of English football history may as well be cast aside with it.

    Come on Wigan, always with the underdog if your team is not in it.

  34. Jeff


    What difference do you detect this summer that? I remember last year this time and all through the summer people like your good-self queued up to tell us that the coming summer would be different and Wenger would go out an buy world class players. He bought one good player on the cheap (Cazorla) and two further players (Podolski and Giroud) also on the cheap neither one of which proved to be anything like what we had hoped. If you go a year further than last, we’re talking Gervinho, Arteta, Mertesacker; again nothing to write home about and certainly nothing that would catapult us anywhere near where we have to be to compete for top honours.

    Which is more likely that Wenger will suddenly “change” and buy a Cavani or Neymar or a couple of cheap hopefuls? It’s simply not in his nature however much money we have or don’t have.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    Lot of issues with all of that. Podolski is playing with an injury. He may need surgery. Walcott has had his role changed and is struggling to come to terms with it. Cazorla has been played wide to accommodate rosicky / jack. Jack isn’t fully fit. Ramsey might not be scoring goals but he’s putting in an awful lot of tackles.

    £ for £ wenger has been getting more out of his squad than most other managers. Exceptions are fergie and possibly moyes

  36. Raz

    @86-06 totally with you on that and rooting for the underdog also!! I think as long as fans like us have those memories and love for the competition then it will always remain magical. You try telling clubs like Bradford or Brighton that these cups are decreasing in meaning…far from it!

  37. kwik fit


    Yeah cup final day’s were great al-right. They used to be the perfect climax to a long hard season.
    They’ve really messed the cup final’s up by not having them at 3 o’clock on a Saturday and the final game of the season.

  38. Raz


    I hope this discussion remains that and doesn’t descend into arguing…

    But – yes there is this talk of an injury. If he is not fit he shouldn’t play. Playing and not trying is poor. If he’s fit enough to be on the pitch he should make the effort to win the ball and make runs. If he isn’t fit enough for that he really shouldn’t play. But I do take your point.

    As for Theo though, 1005 disagree with you, sorry! He has played about 85% of his games as the RWF – which is exactly where he has played all his life. There have been a handful of games where he has started as a CF, probably about 3, and there have been a fair amount where he has chosen to move across the front 3, often drifting into the middle. But this is not a role that has been thrust upon him like Ramsey to right wing, it’s a role he not only pines for but regardless of that, one in which he still plays with fuck all effort. I would like to draw your attention to the spurs loss at their place, wherein he may as well have stayed at home. The only thing that annoys me more is that he has scored 20 goals in a truly half-arsed season and so will be acquitting himself of criticism. I think, goals and assists aside, he has honestly been a disgrace for most of the season. Such a shame that The Ox didn’t manage to take his chances.

  39. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Don’t know if it’s me getting a bit older, only 47, but i guess i am getting cynical as to the direction of the game these days.

    I know what you mean when you say about clubs like Bradford and Brighton but we should feel the same about it.
    The FA Cup has been a massive cornerstone of our history and for the life of me i cannot understand why some fans these days see it as irrelevant.

  40. Kiyoshi Ito

    Nasri’s MouthMay 11, 2013 14:36:45
    Either Chelsea are being pretty stupid or they’re trying very hard to get their wage bill down by not re-signing lampard quickly

    Nasri’s MouthMay 11, 2013 14:49:53
    @dannyboyI expect Chelsea would love to re-sign lampard, just on less money and for less time than he wants. Remember when he signed his last contract all the papers were saying he was going to leave? Chelsea know he wants to stay but he knows he’s still extremely useful to them for another season at least. Bit of an impasse but one you know will get sorted

    So which one of your statements are you adhering to?

    Which is it..?

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m not saying we’ll definitely spend big, but there are differences to previous seasons.

    More pressure from fans than ever before.
    More pressure from commercials than ever before (some payments are reliant on results)
    Last year of wengers contract (so if he wants a new one he needs to perform)
    More money in the bank than ever before
    No longer wanted players coming to end of contract and no issues over important players leaving
    Massive increase in income (so no longer a need to sell to make a profit)

    The last one is the most important IMO. It means we can afford to spend and spend fairly big without causing any future issues.

    So again I’m not saying we will spend big but there are many things that have changed since last season meaning that we can’t simply say we WON’T spend big because we haven’t in previous years

  42. Arsenal 1886-2006


    It should go back to being the final curtain of the season, it deserves a special place in the calendar.
    It seems to be a special occasion for overseas players as well, i have heard many players from Bergkamp, Zola and other great players almost crying from the privilege of taking part in the occasion.

  43. Raz

    86-06 I do know exactyly what you mean and I think for prem clubs facing a top 10 finish it’s value is brought into question, but any club facing relegation battles see it as a holy grail. We need the top clubs to show the same from the start.

    But even then, I don’t think managers would change their approach too much in terms of the sides they would field, because the reality is most of the Chelsea reserves would beat a league 2 team. And actually the way the top sides only field the strongest teams towards the finals is to the advantage of lower-placed teams

    What I would like to see is a lot more media hype, and hype from the teams still involved, be it through interviews, adverts, articles on club pages, news stories, radio, everything.

    The biggest thing IMO though is the prize fund. £1’800’000 for winning the FA CUP in this day and age? Come on. Make it £20m or £10m at least and watch how the meaning of the cup suddenly grows again. 10 or 15 years ago I would understand such a low prize fund but that amount in today’s football world is laughable.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    Podolski DOES have an injury, it’s not “talk” and there is every reason for him not to push himself too much and either rule himself out for months or do permanent damage.

    Walcott has a different role now. He started the season more of a winger, now he’s coming inside more , joining up with whoever is playing up front. He’s struggling to find space at the moment and therefore makes it easier for the defender to deal with him. I’m guessing this is a way to improve his overall gameplay and with us playing more defensively in the middle of the pitch to give us a little more in front of goal. It may be a role he can’t learn and he may revert to a more standard wide man especially if we sign a top class striker in the summer


    Both. Come on keep up

  45. goonerbone

    You’re an absolute shithead and a cunt for saying that. Hope Pedro bans you, and I mean it.

  46. Alex James

    As usual, when the chips are down, Chelsea do the business against a poor side. Now what are our chaps going to in a similar situation? Problem is that with this team we are all unsure.

  47. Samir masri

    Nah I think us being out of the top should be good cos wenger reckons 4th place is a trophy. And what if we finish in the top4? We will only purchase players just for the fake of balancing the books. I think you are the shit head m8

  48. UGooner

    if you are here you’re an Arsenal fan and in’t no way you hope we lose no matter how unhappy you are. We all want to win regardless of who we like, don’t like and all that bollocks we argue about all day. But here’s a hint, if it’s giving you, in all your glory (hunting?), so much displeasure, why not find a better fit. Feel free. We don’t miss the real Samir Whatever and we certainly won’t miss you.

  49. Keyser

    Samir – Think about it.

    “And what if we finish in the top4? We will only purchase players just for the fake of balancing the books”

    If we finish out of the top 4 that’s 40 million less to balance the books with.

  50. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Raz. May 11, 2013 15:52:10

    Your last paragraph sums up the game for me (not blaming you by the way), increase the ‘Money’, and therein lies the problem with todays game.
    It should be about prestige and pride, not every competition needs to be about the lucre.

  51. Gooby


    I hope we smash wingan and newacastle and finish in the top 4, and i wish it will make you cry like a little girl 😀

  52. Samir masri

    It doesn’t really matter on what position that we finish. The team has only sights on finishing in the top4. And our manager doesn’t seem to care about us wining trophies.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Few papers and agents saying Jovetic to Arsenal for £15 Million.

    Would be a real coup if true, don’t know where the lower fee comes from but one of them said Arsenal are giving them the £15 Million all at once, doesn’t normally work like that.

    Maxime Gonalons for £8 Million as well. Not the £10 Million or £15 Million reported. Metro.

    Sonogo, French Under 21 striker will join. Metro.

    And lots of people have us getting Ashley Williams for £8 Million.

  54. Johnny5

    Check out everyone giving Samir shit when the same thing is said by loads of people every Saturday. Wind ya neck in too newbies lol. I jk.

    In all seriousness I don’t want to fall out of the top 4. It’ll be worse than Liverpool if we did because they spend money. We don’t make top 4 expect way more belt tightening. Instead of getting players from ligue 2 well start getting them from league 2 which is probably worse. And guaranteed we won’t spend over 30m if we don’t make top4

  55. Johnny5


    Theo’s been coming inside all season trying to prove to wenger he’s a striker when he’s not good enough frankly. He neglects any and all defensive duties no wonder sagnas fucking off.

  56. TitsMcgee

    Sonogo is exactly the cheap, imagine-less signing you would expect wouldn’t you?

    Finishing top 4 is what most want to see but I’m afraid it’ll be business as usual for Wenger and co if we did.

    Falling out of the top4 will hurt us short term but might benefit us long term as they will probably realize what we are doing is not enough.

    Have to agree with Jeff in that I am not convinced Wenger gives a shite about winning anymore. He’s looking after himself at the moment. He’s in self-preservation mode now.

  57. Johnny5


    It definitely won’t be good bud. We won’t even attract the shite players were used too. Wilshere santi pod kos sagna merts will all look to move on a d be replaced with Pompey players. It’ll be horrific.

  58. Jeff


    I admire your optimism but you know the expression “a tree is known by its fruit”? We should not expect a fig tree to suddenly grow apples. Wenger not only won’t change but he cannot. We’re stuck on the fringes until he goes.

  59. Jeff

    Can’t help being envious of the top three. They each already have a trophy or playing in a final for one. We have nothing. Even Swansea managed one this season. Says a lot about our “mental strength” doesn’t it? We haven’t got any.

  60. TitsMcgee

    Everybody and their dog could see this team would be in another UCL scrape for 4th before the season started but Wenger was up there telling us this is his most talented team ever.

    He obviously is either in denial because he’s surrounded himself with yes men or he’s given up and is just trying to collect as much more years at 7.5 mill a year as he can.

    I swear to god he only signs cheap players because there is much less blowback when they flop as opposed to the heat he’d receive if he actually spent big bucks on a star and they crashed and burned.

  61. Kiyoshi Ito


    Why reply to an arsehole like NM..

    Where he’s statements are laced with maybe,possibly,could be,might be..?

    Hardly likely to get a definite point of view,or opinion,let alone a stance from the guy..

    Waste of time,quite frankly conversing with him..

    You keep up the posts& your realism,much appreciated on here..

    Rather a fence sitter,with a stake permanently rammed up his arse..

    He probably walks around,like he’s about to take a crap permanently,bow legged!!

  62. Maciek

    I have said it before and I will say it again. If we can’t beat Wigan at home and Newcastle away we don’t deserve to be in the top 4.

  63. Kiyoshi Ito

    Nasri’s MouthMay 11, 2013 14:36:45
    Either Chelsea are being pretty stupid or they’re trying very hard to get their wage bill down by not re-signing lampard quickly
    Nasri’s MouthMay 11, 2013 14:49:53
    @dannyboyI expect Chelsea would love to re-sign lampard, just on less money and for less time than he wants. Remember when he signed his last contract all the papers were saying he was going to leave? Chelsea know he wants to stay but he knows he’s still extremely useful to them for another season at least. Bit of an impasse but one you know will get sorted

    How the heck,do you square these 2 statements?

    What is he/she/or the cross dresser implying,within the space of 13 mins of both posts being written??

  64. Dannyboy

    Vix, I see your obsession has switched back to NM this week… bad luck mate! Sure he’ll find someone else to stalk within a few days though, so just sit it out!

  65. goonerbone

    if you can’t stand a club that brakes your heart, go cheer for fucking manure. No-one likes how the team is managed, but we should always want the club to win! And also, it’s the money m8! Let’s hope they win and then, if they don’t splash it during the summer, watch the games from home

  66. goonerbone

    The lattics (what the hell does that word mean?) has been showing of some frightening skills…

  67. Johnny5


    Because he’s a solid defender!

    I’d rather we kept the defence as is except get rid sagna for someone who wants to be here and play nacho at lb not Gibbs.

  68. Dannyboy

    Vix, it ends tomorrow night mate, I have £50 on Tiger Woods to win it and £5 each way on Westwood and Garcia… those are currently the top 3 after 2 rounds so if I don’t win something, then I am quite obviously cursed.

  69. Kiyoshi Ito


    You have a gambling habit,I see..
    Good for you.

    Wish you all the best..

    Any tips on the Spanish F1?

  70. goonerbone

    of course, and you could let me vent mine
    still I think it’s horrible to hear a gooner want us to lose. There are other, better ways to get to change than us losing out on UCL!

  71. Dannyboy

    J5, gotta disagree with you there mate, I’m sorry but if Williams was any good, he wouldn’t be playing his football for Swansea City at the peak of his career. Good signing if we want to finish 4th, If we wanna win things then we can’t afford to sign average.

  72. TitsMcgee

    All of those players with the exception of Jovetic are complete dross.

    We ship out dross to dring in more cheap dross?

    Wenger will never learn.

    Swear he signs cheap players so that he gets no pressure when they flop.

  73. Kiyoshi Ito

    No FAC,NO CC..!!
    £150 million wage bill for what..?

    Oopps CL qualification…!!

    Hmm,I’m bad..!!

  74. Dannyboy

    Not a follower of Formula 1 in all honesty. Only bet on things that I believe I have some sort of advantage in.
    That’s why I fume with rage when some prick wins thousands on the National and say ‘It had a cool name so I bet £100 on it’

  75. Evan

    Mental strength agree with ya on Williams.

    Is Williams in the same league as past defenders I.e. Sol, Keown and Adams. He aint the answer.

  76. Doublegooner


    It’s a long shot but maybe Williams coming to us has Laudrup’s blessing.

    Perhaps he’d become our manager in June 2014.

    We can only wish.

  77. Dannyboy

    I’d rather have Bartley back than Williams. Least the former has potential to improve. Williams is just permanent average.

  78. Thomas

    Arsenal are in no mans land. Getting into CL every season but at the same time have no chance of winning trophies. The problem is that The board and Wenger are content with that. They need to go.

  79. Johnny5


    Your not though your giving shit to someone for giving his fair play you don’t agree, your right I agree but what he’s saying is tame by comparison to many yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give anyone of them shit.


    This season he’s been one of the best in the league while for the majority of the season our defence have been having a competition to see who can play the worst and not get sold. Sagnas leading by a mile if your interested lol

  80. Kiyoshi Ito

    Don’t you guys ever get sick & tired of regurgitating the same crap,season in,season out..

    Who we will buy?
    Given the money, this season, will hopefully be different….blah,blah..

    Fantasy league every season…

    Only to rock up with Gerv,Giroud!!


    Last season & the previous seasons was Belhanda,M’Vila,Mbia,Sahin,Villa,Cisse,

    Now it’s Lewandoski,Jovetic,Gundogan,Benteke,blah,blah…

    As if the club listens too you the fans..

    The fans that pay good money..

    Well clearly, they are diversifying away from the domestic homebase,with all the deals they are striking overseas..

    Mr Wenger,cares about no-one,but himself& his masters..

    Wake up..!!

  81. Dannyboy

    Cesc, I’d take Sakho from PSG, Benatia would also be a good shout. there’s an abundance of quality affordable defenders in Italy.

  82. Dannyboy

    I’d also go for Subotic while everyone is wanking themselves dry over Hummels. That would be one occasion that I wouldn’t be furious with Wenger for going to a club, and taklng the cheaper option. A la Gervinho.

  83. Mental Strength


    I agree, at 28 he ain’t getting any better and its not like he’s among the best in the league?

    I don’t watch Swansea often so i wouldn’t really know…Is he Arsenal quality?

  84. TitsMcgee

    Whether they win this game or not it goes to show you how much spending money can get you.

    Top 3 all spend cash when they need to.

    Try and sign players from Ligue 2 in France.