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Not a lot on today. It’s FA Cup final day and I’ve taken on a ticket. I haven’t been to a final in a while and being a neutral isn’t a bad place to be. In fact, I’ll be backing City to dish out a powerful thrashing. Hopefully it’ll destroy Wigans spirit heading into Wednesday.

It’s a tough call for Martinez. The Premier League is worth £60m, the FA Cup £5m. The priority should be smashing Arsenal on Wednesday… It won’t be though. It’s a massive distraction both mentally and physically. Which works superbly for us. 10 days off with plenty of time to recover and prepare.

In Arsenal news, John Cross is talking up Jovetic to the club based on us getting into the Champions League. Apparently he’ll be looking for a £100k a week deal. Is he a 30 goal a season striker? No. But nor was Robin until recently. It’ll all depend what Wenger has in mind for him. He’d definitely present our strike force with a higher quality option.

We’re chasing down Dortmund right back, Piszczek, this summer, if Sagna moves. I feel for Dortmund, watching everyone pick off their team is tragic. If Klopp could keep them together, they could go onto bigger and better things. With Gotze and Lewandowski off, it looks like he’ll have to start again. Poor bastard…

Another move the same Telegraph article talks about is for Begovic. I was told the other night that he’d love to move to Arsenal, it comes down to the desire of Arsenal to part with £15m for a keeper. For me, a guy in his mid twenties makes perfect sense at £15m. Because he’ll last for ten years. I really rate him as one of the best in the league. He has stature, he’s good with crosses and he knows how to make a sharp save. And he’s Prem experienced…

Outside that, I have nothing. Have a grand day one and all.

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  1. Voetstoots

    Would prefer it to go to extra time & penalties today, with City winning in the end… That will destroy spirit AND tire Wigan out before Tues

  2. Voetstoots

    Would prefer it to go to extra time & penalties today, with City winning in the end… That will destroy spirit AND tire Wigan out before Tues

  3. Voetstoots

    Would prefer it to go to extra time & penalties today, with City winning in the end… That will destroy spirit AND tire Wigan out before Tues

  4. SurferX

    @Arsenal 1886-2006

    Yep- agree with most of what you said on the old thread mate. This would be my planning for the new season;

    First Team:

    Monreal New Mertesacker Sagna / New

    MC MC
    Wilshere New

    New Cazorla Walcott



    Gibbs Vermaelen Koscielny Jenkinson

    MC MC
    Arteta Ramsey

    Podolski Rosicky Oxo


    How you cut up the first-team / backups is largely irrelevant: point being that everyone brought in should be immediately capable of challenging for that spot. Giroud might turn into Imbrahimovic next year (v doubtful, but…)- but thats beside the point: they are the places we need to have either a better first-team option, or someone challenging for that position.

    As for marquee signings- I dont give a rats arse if they are marquee or not. They just need to be top class- not projects.

    Still dont think we’d win the leeague next year with that, but we should be challenging & close: either way, thats what we need to be doing every year. Move out the duds, keep the quality improving. No more stagnant lost years.

  5. Moray

    I will start to believe this rumour if it refers to a Steve Higuan, who plays for League 2 side, Sedan.

    Let’s watch as each player we are linked with sign for other clubs, or re-signs with their own. This is the reality for us over the last decade….

  6. SurferX

    Should be… I dont have a problem with his signing. Wasnt big money by modern standards and he has been alright. The problem is, he came in to replace RVP which anyone in world football would of struggled with.

    The last two years we’ve spent trying to plug big losses to the squad. We’ve only just about kept we are- not moving forward, just treading water. The crime was allowing it to go that way between 2006-2011. Im not talking about spending big money either, Im talking about sticking with the dross.

  7. kwik fit

    86-06I don’t believe that Huguain is a done deal. Heard this morning that we could get Jovetic for about 15m. Now that seems about right. I agree with you that we need a bergkamp esquee signing but do you really think we would spend the money? need to put 25m/30m so I doubt it.

  8. Guns of the brixton

    man citeh to win, would be very very surprised if they dont. if they do lose and wigan win, then the fear is they’ll be riding a morale booster when we face them. and i dnt want that.

  9. kwik fit

    Wouldn’t right off Giroud yet nor Podolski. Both deserve on more season to shine. Gerv’s had his chance so he should go to Turkey.
    That means we can fit in two Strikers. Possibly Remy/Jovetic (20m the pair)

  10. Ghost

    Any striker Arsenal buys will always score. It’s a question of whether he wants it or desires it. Giroud is lazy and would rather complain than get stuck in. Adebayor once scored 30, then followed it up with 14.

    I really don’t want Jovetic at Arsenal, for the reported amount, he just isn’t good enough. His goal record( roughly 1 goal in every 3 games) mirrors that of Chamakh (1 in 4) before we signed him but my point earlier defeats that. Why aren’t we looking at Soldado? A soldado & Benteke will be great. Very.

  11. kwik fit

    Now this is more like it;

    Jamie Sanderson in the Metro.
    Arsenal still expect to be able to sign Yaya Sanogo from Auxerre the striker giving his word he’ll move to afc after a meeting with Wenger

  12. kwik fit


    Pod’s had a poor season but I would give him the benefit of doubt cos it has been said he’s got an underlying injury. So next season should be his make or break.

  13. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I can’t see Vermaelen staying as back up, that would be a slap in the face for somebody who was captain. Could he play the Petit role? if not he will be off this summer.

    I like the thought of Begovic in goal, that should help to settle the nerves of the defence and improve general confidence throughout the team.

    The midfield is crying out for a Vieira type of player, big, strong and able to bring the ball forward with purpose, but if we signed two of these type of player then i would be happy, suspensions come regularly for these players..

  14. SurferX

    Podolski has been alright. Hes the best finisher we have at the club. But, if AW persists with playing 1 up (and, in my opinion he should)- then Podolski is not the man. Which leaves him playing as a left sided advanced midfielder. His work ethic isnt good enough for that position: playing against the top sides we get overloaded on that flank.

    I think he is a great squad player- he should start 20-30 games a season and be a really useful player to come off the bench. But shipping out Carzola to that spot isnt the answer. We need a naturally left sided midfielder; not a central player or forward converted into that spot.

    Trouble is, there arent many around.

  15. Max85

    I don’t think Jovetic should be our goalscoring answer, but he’d be an excellent addition to the team in the no 10 role – he’s got excellent feet and vision, as well as tons of flair and unpredictability. Keep Santi on the left as a creative outlet from the wing, Jovetic just behind the main striker, and Wilshere and a new DM at the base of our midfield.

    If Jovetic does come for between £15-20 as being discussed this morning, partnering him with a goal getter would really sort us out for next season. In an ideal world someone like Lewandowski or Cavani to play ahead of him, but would settle for Buruk Yilmaz whose goal record has been amazing this season both domestically and in the Champs league.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert believes Stiliyan Petrov leading the side out following this weekend’s Chelsea game is a great gesture for the man.

    The 33-year old Bulgarian midfielder has announced his retirement from the game after his battle with acute leukaemia.

    Petrov, now in remission, will lead the Villa players out for their traditional lap of appreciation for the fans after Saturday’s final home game against Chelsea and Lambert believes it is a great send-off for the former skipper.

    Good luck to him, i think it will be quite emotional for all fans.

  17. kwik fit

    I’ve heard that Jesus Navas has got over his fears of living away from Seville. Actually think he’d be a real quality signing. He’s a god in the seville set up . Could be the same with us.

  18. SurferX

    Well, two points Arsenal 1886. Firstly, he shouldn’t be captain next year regardless. Secondly, thats where the mistake comes in: in modern football, its usually rare to say who a first-choice player- you need 4 quality DC’s: he would be one next year. Perhaps he’ll get back to the player he was and you wont be able to get him out of the team. Perhaps one of the others gets injured and thats the opportunity he needs. Who knows- but you need the strength in depth and, to be frank, hes under contract and he should be going nowhere- whether he wants to or not. If he wants out after next year and its gone badly for him then fine- the ‘new’ DC would of had a season under his belt and the progression can happen.

    Thats the mistake weve made over the past 8 years- we are always fire-fighting with the squad. Cesc leaves and you need to sign an immediate-impact replacement. RVP same. Its bloody difficult to do..

  19. Guns of the brixton

    begovic is definetly a move in the right direction, with pizeck(sorry cant spell) and beniata we could have a very solid defence that even AW couldnt screw up.

  20. Tomtom

    Am I the only person that rates Reus from Dortmund as one of the best midfielders in Europe. We should make a big effort to sign him.

  21. scott

    Hungover post???
    Podolski has been very average almost lazy looking at times. Read articles last year that in Germany they say he lost his zest for football
    Not getting excited about any of our possible signings. Would be happier if we got rid of the dross still at the club first.

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Totally agree with what you say there, but this captain thing is becoming an issue. It used to be a badge of honour and pride but now it is handed around like an England International Cap.

  23. SUGA3

    Podolski might have lost his zest for football, having been played sparingly and out of position, of course one can explain this with ‘the player is lazy’, but is he really?

    IMO, he is on the way to being ruined the way Arshavin has been!

  24. Johnny5

    Begovic would be a good signing chezzer won’t get a look in while he’s about. Also think jovetic/reus/capoue/robben/nani/benteke would make us contenders next season pick 3 for the summer and three in jan. not bad at all.

  25. Jordan

    Am I the only person that rates Reus from Dortmund as one of the best midfielders in Europe. We should make a big effort to sign him.
    We should of went for him before he signed for Dortmund now sadly I think we have missed our opportunity.

  26. SurferX

    Problem is mate- TV was the natural choice. His form has gone to shit, he not first choice at the moment- so what do you do?

    Perhaps the only saving grace is that there arent a lot of candidates. Jack’s too young, Arteta’s best years are behind him- none of the other players jump off the page.

    If you think back to the old Arsenal teams, you could of picked 5/6 captains. The last 8 years have left a legacy of plays without the mental-strength to lead- irrespective of what AW says.

    For me, things are improving- we reached rock bottom 2 years ago with the players we had- and its got no better even though the players coming in have improved simply because those going out have been such big losses. We have plateau’d for two years as a result: this summer we have to move forward.

    Ship out the dross, continue to sign players of experience. Not all of them will be successes- they never are- but some will be and the team will move forward. Keep shipping out the failures; repeat for 2 more years and you have trophies. Its what AW did for the first 7 years at the club, pre-project youth.

  27. TitsMcgee

    Jovetic + Higuain would be good up front. Higuain is basically a younger version of David Villa so if you’d like Villa you should like Higuain.

    Still think Benteke needs to be given a shot by us.

    Begovic would be great as well but I don’t see Wenger spending 15 mill for a GK.

    The Yaya guy from Auxerre is probably who we will sign knowing Wenger.

  28. SUGA3


    things are on the up? really?

    there is not a single player in this team one could genuinely get excited about, like it was the case with RvP or Fabregas, I don’t see anyone able to do something out of nothing and no one is prepared to take any sort of responsibility, there is not a single genuine captain type on our books at the moment…

    if this summer is wasted like the previous ones have been, I don’t think I will even bother watching this shower next season…

  29. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Getting in experienced solid pro’s even if they are only slightly above average makes a difference to the other player’s mentality, they look around the pitch and changing room and see other player’s they trust and know they can rely on, I don’t believe we have that at the moment and that leads to some of our more erratic performances.

    We need a solid starting 11 and tell the other squad players that if you want a place you have to consistently outperform them when given a chance.

  30. Segun

    Guys pls I have a question. Do Arsenal players PRACTICE taking corner kicks at their training? cos if we can be so ineffective with something so basic like corner kicks, then I wonder!

  31. SurferX


    Arshavin hasnt been ruined! Granted, he was always a square-peg in a round hole where he was been played- but he was always too lazy and inconsistent to be a world class player.

    AA’s biggest problem was himself. Since the death of 442, no team has managed success playing a traditional 442 with a man in the hole. He didnt have the drive to find himself a different place in the team, despite the opportunities. Simply put, he was born 10 years too late: teams dont carry a player like that the way the used to.

  32. SUGA3


    Podolski is a 4-4-2 no.9 type, not a 4-3-3 wide player, just like AA23 is best suited to playing in the hole, but Wenger can’t help himself as far as reinventing the wheel is concerned!

  33. Negation

    Pedro, you have a good point about Wigan’s priorities, but there’s something sad about as arsenal fans needing to look at the financial value of things…yes, premier league survival is worth 60m, while the FA cup is worth 5m, but what about the value of the fans being please than Wigan have won something? If that isn’t worth anything, is it still sensible to say football is entertainment?

  34. kwik fit


    With Bouldy as coach there is no reason why we shouldn’t be good at corners. When he was in the side we were deadly from dead ball situations. It does appear however to the naked eye that all our corners are the same. Straight to the goalie.

  35. sixx pac

    May 11, 2013 12:11:48
    Podolski might have lost his zest for
    football, having been played sparingly
    and out of position, of course one can
    explain this with ‘the player is lazy’, but
    is he really?
    IMO, he is on the way to being ruined
    the way Arshavin has been!

    You do talk absolute shit at times mate. The article was pre him joining Arsenal so obviously he’d lost his “zest” before joining us.

  36. SUGA3

    Death of 4-4-2?

    just because Barcelona ponces and their copycats are fixated on playing 4-3-3, it does not mean that 4-4-2 is dead, suits MU just fine in some games, doesn’t it?

    Arshavin has always been in a strange position in this team, having been bought in the winter transfer window and saving Wenger’s bacon, it’s only natural that the rest of the team will not integrate with him, as he came and showed them up for what they were!

  37. Raz

    Already some funny comments today 🙂

    Theo in a starting line up even though he is shit when he starts – proven over 7 years of football for club and country, consistently.

    Nani’s talents DESTROYS Theo’s. He is a class footballer who, imo anyway, just needs a career revival and a move away from United. Truth is now he’ll get his revival at United thanks to Moyes. Maybe…

    People expecting us to be really good after 10 days off again haven’ learned anything from our team in the last 6 years. We are usually always awful after a break.

    People still go on about ‘Vermaelen wouldn’t stay to be back up’ – that is nonsense. The first rule of being in a top team is that your place is not guaranteed. Even the captain’s place. Now Arteta has worn the band as much as Verm this season and it’s likely to go to Jack in the summer as questions arise over whether Arteta will be a starter every weak. Maybe for once Wenger will just plan to share it about until a year’s time where Jack wil be considered old enough truly. Either way, it’s nonsense Vermaelen would want to leave just because we now have good defenders to rotate. I don’t hear Terry wanting to leave Chelsea or Evans and Vidic wanting to leave united, or Smalling, or Lescott leaving City…this list is endless. You’re a squad player and this idea that people won’t ‘stick around if theya rne’t first choice’ is farcical.

    Much more truth in the idea that he won’t stick around because having had one poor-ish season, then being promoted to captain and having the worst season of his career, having his best mates RVP and Song leave with Sagna close to the exit too, well this is another story and Verm may well have had enough. Who knows or cares, loads of good defenders out there to replace him. Benatia, Ogbonna,bunch of others as well.

    Still reading rumours of Dzeko…still hope we don’t spend money on him. That would make Bendtner, Giroud and Dzeko our 3 identikit paceless forwards whose main aims are aerial and holding up play and bringing others in, and getting on the end of crosses for heads and tap ins. We need a totally different mould of striker – someone with skill, pace, trickery, amazing shot from anywhere, not one trick ponies with no pace. I don;t even know if Jovetic is the one. Can’t understand why we’re going for him at all.

  38. SUGA3

    sixx pac,

    Arshavin being ruined by Wenger is a fact, but each to his own, I think 😉

    and Podolski did not look like he lost anything at the beginning of the season, did he?

  39. Arsenal 1886-2006

    When I see the names we are linked with I always look back on how in the last couple of seasons we had signed Mata, Cahill, Hazard to name a few, but I have never seem any of them in the Red and White.

    Silly Season ends in September when reality bites.

  40. telarse

    Wigan and Newcastle – at the bottom because they’re 2 of the worst teams in the prem but I hope they are both particularly terrible when they play the mighty Arsenal as we all know only too well that the mental strength of our team and tactical genius of our manager is a tad hit and miss!

  41. SUGA3

    and oh, Surfer,

    Arshavin single handedly tore United a new one in the Super Cup final when he still played for Zenit, at the same time he was classed in top 10 footballers on the planet, so to say that he never had what was required to be a WC player is nothing short of laughable…

  42. Raz

    People talking about a move to a 4411, any takers? I can’t see it. I can picture a 4132 though.

    The Ox, Santi, Jack
    Jovetic, Podolski

    I put that because I can see The Ox usurping Theo next season (if Wenger actually decides to note who the better footballer is).

    Just thoughts. What do you think?

  43. sixx pac

    Hasn’t Podolski been playing the same position on the left since pre season Sugs? I. Don’t remember if he was up front for the Koln game but I remember some brilliant link up between him and Gibbs early in the season. Got our first goal of the season, yeah? Its only now that Giroud is out that his position has changed.

  44. SurferX

    No Suga- not quite what I said.

    For 5 years we persisted with the same ineffectual squad of failures- waiting for them to come good. We were continually sold the future: one day, Denilson, Bentdner, DJ, Clichy, Eboue, Song, etc, etc would become world class. The only players we bought were 21 or younger- just wait until they get experience we were told.

    Then the wheels fell off. Cesc last year, RVP this year. The only gems from a 6/7 year wait were gone. Cesc & Nasri going marked a turning point- the players coming in were now back to what they should be 23-27 years old and experienced enough to go into the first team without having to play them 50 times over two years to see whether theyd ever be good enough.

    That needs to continue. AW’s success was always based around spotting undervalued talent and blending into an already experienced team. For 5 years that changed, and he failed. For two years, that policy has reverted back to what it was when he came in- the only difference being that what he was left with was so bad once you took the key players out that we have just treaded-water.

    If we lost Carzola, BFG or Jack then maybe we’d be going backwards. But the strength of the team now is that we less dross than we did before- even less when we finally get the wandering loan players off the books.

    So we have stayed the same: time will tell whether we are on the up. He needs to find players of the quality we have lost over the past 2 years- more than that if you include the break up of the invincibles. If the signings are bad- then things will get worse before they get better. Time will tell.

    If I sound optimistic at all its because I know l’ll never have to watch project youth again. Take Cesc & RVP out- and that was the worst Arsenal team in my memory.

  45. kwik fit

    In Pardew’s press conference yesterday he spoke about the Arsenal game being vital for the city of Geordie shore land. Strange as the conference was a prelude to the QPR game. Just shows you his inbred hatred of Wenger and all things Arsenal. Fucker!

  46. SurferX

    Suga- world class players are consistent. They dont just turn up for a one-off match: they do it repeatedly over a season or tournament- something he has never done.

    Anyway, Im off mungers- have a good one….

  47. SUGA3


    Wenger playing a player in a position does not make this player a player suitable for this position, does it?

    AA23 also played where he was asked to, even though he said initially that it was not his preferred one, Podolski was the most effective for Germany when he played as a ‘left’ player of the two paired with Klose, whilst it is kind of adaptable to a wide left player, it’s not the same, simple as that…

  48. kwik fit


    Totally agree on the Ox. I see much more potential in him than in Theo.
    He needs to step up next season and make the right wing position his own.

  49. SUGA3


    even the most talented and consistent employee will have a big dip in performance levels when being subjected to ‘taking one for the team’ for a prolonged period of time, seeing that the obvious problems remain unaddressed…

    anyway, I am off, got a special baby girl’s birthday to attend 😉

  50. Raz

    @Kwik fit cheers. I think most people can see straight through Theo’s sheer lack of football talent and can see that the Ox just needs it to click, which it will. I’ve been really gutted that The Ox failed to take his chances this season because he has played a LOT of games and he has been not great in too many. I think he will be a different player next year, and we’ve started to see it in the last month.

  51. SUGA3

    ‘AW’s success was always based around spotting undervalued talent and blending into an already experienced team’

    complete bollocks, care to name a few of those during the success years?

  52. eboue

    benteke just scored a goal that giroud can only dream of, you know why? BECAUSE BENTEKE CAN ACTUALLY SKIN AN OPPENENT!!!!

  53. Raz

    @Eboue I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!

    ‘Benteke plays a one-two with Sylla, he runs at Cahill, GOES PAST HIM and beats Cech at his near post”

    I highlighted the parts we seem to miss from our attacking players!

  54. Doublegooner

    I’m not convinced we’ll finish 4th. If we do, then Wenger will get Jovetic (which will be his idea of the Marquee signing) plus a couple of ordinary nobodies, which won’t send out any real message.

    He’ll get rid of a couple of the shite that have been draining money.

    With Ferguson going, supposedly stress has taken it’s toll claims Cappello, Wenger’s a man who lost the winning mentality a long time ago. He’s 64 this year. He won’t suddenly improve.

    There are younger, hungrier & more up to date managers on the scene now.

    Wenger has supposedly said said he may not renew his contract if fans aren’t backing him.

    Let our voices be heard.

    It’s time for a change after 2014.

  55. SUGA3

    Giroud is so gash it is not even funny, he can’t run, can’t shoot and why do some people perceive him as ‘hard working’, I will never understand…

  56. Cesc Appeal

    I see our summer being Adler/Cesar, Williams, Gonalons, Jovetic and Remy

    Think next season we’ll look like this

    Sagna, Williams, Kozz, Gibbs
    Arteta, Gonalons, Wilshere
    Remy, Jovetic, Cazorla

    Realistically that’s what I see Wenger doing this summer.

    Big outlay will be Jovetic, £20 Million.

    £3-5 Million for Adler/Cesar.
    £8-10 Million for Williams.
    £10 Million for Gonalons.
    £6 Million for Remy.

    £51 Million Spend but they’ll claw some back with sales and what they drop in wages.

    I wouldn’t be too disappointed, I wouldn’t be over the moon…don’t think we’ll win the league with that or the UCL but it should stop the embarrassments and crawling to fourth.

    We need to be looking a lot higher profile than that but that’s what i see happening.

  57. Raz

    @Guns – come on man. Giroud was told he was not replacing RVP, but we all know he was brought in for that, and Wenger has confirmed it since. Giroud was led on a bit.

  58. Al

    Considering what he had to deal with this season. Literally having a brand new team, Lambert has done a great job and on top the Villa board have done a great job in not panicking and sticking behind him when they looked like they was in deep deep trouble

  59. SUGA3


    seems Giroud is a Bendtner Mk II, not just ability wise but also delusion of grandeur wise as well, Bayern?

    😆 😆 😆

  60. Raz

    All the top teams had varying degrees of interest in Giroud because he had an outstanding season in France. He looked ready for the move he got. Truth is there seems to be a problem with our attacking play that would be based more on coaching than the personnel, as we see it every year regardless of who plays. One problem is having a loan striker being supported by players like Walcott who never take others out of the game and create the space for Giroud to move into. Instead it’s reversed, it’s Giroud who makes the sneaky runs making space for Theo and Santi a lot of the time.

  61. nasri's mouth

    arshavin is a lazy fecker who couldn’t motivate himself enough to make the most of his undeniable talent. podolski isn’t being ruined hes being managed. been playing with an ankle injury.

  62. nasri's mouth

    @kwik fit
    they would probably still be in the final with giroud in their squad. they just wouldn’t have relied on him as their only striker as we have…

  63. eboue

    i hate to slag off arsenal players but giroud aint good enough to be in our first 11 got a few plus points but heavily outweighed by the negatives

    pro’s- ………. oh a bit of eye candy for the ladies.

    con’s- no pace, poor touch, average finisher, rarely gets his headers on targets, laughs when he misses his shots, does not try hard enough.

  64. Kushagra

    Podolski has always been a limited player , no longer starts for Germany who now play possession footy. Will have great stats but his overall contribution is ltd need great players (Cesc) around him.
    Has over 100 caps for Germany most of them on left..

  65. SUGA3


    I am an absolute ace in my line of work, considered to be one of the best in Europe, yet as recent change of management has resulted in me being lumped with outstanding work of others and my other skills and abilities not being utilised properly, I simply can’t be asked to perform at the levels I have achieved up to this point…

    am I lazy?

  66. kwik fit


    I agree , I haven’t give up on Giroud. Our own attaching play lacks potency without him. Well see how he develops next season or how the squad learns to play to his attributes.

  67. Raz

    @NM agree on both points.

    How pictures have we seen of Arshavin yawning in training? I have read that he’s had a very problematic few years. He had some kids and that seemed to knock the stuffing out of him, then his wife left him, now he can be seen starting fights outside clubs in London. What a sorry demise. I bet he was happy on loan back in Russia….

  68. Raz

    Jesus this ref is a fucking joke. Terry lucky to be on the pitch, handball is a fucking hand ball. Thank God Ramirez has been sent off

  69. nasri's mouth

    aanyone watching the villa chelsea game ? how are chelsea looking? i am hoping that tiredness is finally hitting them

  70. Raz

    FYI I did not mean to insinuate that Terry had handballed, sorry all! I meant as well as Terry being lucky to be on the pitch, Chelsea are lucky that Cahill didn’t concede the pen.

  71. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Gotta say that this Villa team have done well considering where they were a couple of months ago. They were written off as too young and inexperienced to fight off relegation and were odds on to go down, now they are looking fairly safe.

  72. Danish Gooner

    What a rocking young team Aston Villa,westwood,baker,Benteke etc they have produced more brilliant young players in one season then our supposedly brilliant academy have in 10 years.

  73. Keyser

    “I simply can’t be asked to perform at the levels I have achieved up to this point…”

    “Am I lazy ?”

    Fuck yeah. Entitled, Arrogant, a bit of a div.

    How did he get to that point in the first place if he had that attitude to begin with ? Lol that argument is ridiculous.

    Arshavin’s over 30, he’s a technical midget playing in a physically demanding league, his legs are going, he struggled to adapt, Wilshere and Cazorla are just better placed, Podolski runs the line better than him.

  74. Kushagra

    Agree need to be flexible against deep sitting teams with no midfield . 4-5-1 serves no purpose especially with the run of the mill players we have. Also Podolski has ankle trouble should do alright next season but needs better players around him..

  75. nasri's mouth


    if your new area of work is not that different from your previous job and you aren’t putting the effort then the fault lies with you and while you may continue at a decent level you’ll never b considered for the high flying roles

  76. mahessar


    If Benteke helps us secure 3rd, we should sign him up purely for that. Beast of a striker.

    Jovetic and him together would be brilliant.

  77. monty

    I would like to start off by apologizing to brixton, gambon and fellow readers for my behaviour yesterday, not appropriate art all. Onto football rumour were close to sealing higuain,begovic,Williams and jovetic, great news too, Chelsea down. Could be a good summer.

  78. Raz

    “Arshavin’s over 30, he’s a technical midget playing in a physically demanding league, his legs are going, he struggled to adapt, Wilshere and Cazorla are just better placed, Podolski runs the line better than him.”

    This idea that small players struggle is not true. The league is full of small players. Talented footballers are talented regardless of size. I remember for his first two seasons Arshavin could take the ball round anyone and was impossible to shove off the bull, he was very bullish. He lost his drive. I agree now his body is packing up too but to say he struggled to adapt is far-fetched, he hit the ground running and his demise has been in since the end of his second season

  79. nasri's mouth

    ramires will be a big miss against everton too i hope. esp if the everton players are all fired up for their last game under moyes

  80. sam

    I told you chelsea will be benteked today and the lucky french bastard will grab third place and call it a great season.
    we ave ze great squad et ze mental strength to win next season we don’t need to sign anybody

  81. SUGA3


    if there is anything I’ve learned, it is that if there is one thing standing in the way of career progressing, it is being too good at lower level, plain and simple!

  82. Al

    One thing about Paul Lamberts teams is that his teams are always excellent attacking teams. Really like him as a manager

  83. Kushagra

    Reus no way less than 30m+ came from Monchegladbach for 18m in his last year of the contract. No way in hell he will be coming to Arsenal..

  84. nasri's mouth

    Kyle bartley tweeted ‘would be a massive result for arsenal if villa can hold on ‘

    always nice to see your ex-players looking out for you

  85. TitsMcgee

    We should run not walk to the phone to call Aston Villa and offer then about 20 million for Benteke and if they want more give them more.

    This guy has future stud written all over him.

    Need to beat Spurs/Chelsea for him.

    Remy over him? Only in Wenger’s world where cheaper is better.

  86. Moray

    I don’t believe all the talk about these A grade signings. We have NEVER done it under Wenger. Bergkamp was bought by Rioch, Henry was bought as a Juve reject midfielder and Arshavin was bought on the cheap, for reasons we soon discovered.

    Unless Ivan’s influence has somehow increased to the extent that he can influence signings of course…

    So any signing in the forward position is good for me, including Benteke. If Wenger dares go into a season again with only one recognised first-team striker in the squad, then he wants to be shot.

  87. Keyser

    Suga3 – Mate, you’re the one trolling, I’ve taken your bait, you do come out with some proper weird shit.

    Have you watched Podolski’s last two games.

    Lol Benteke – What a plum.