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Not a lot on today. It’s FA Cup final day and I’ve taken on a ticket. I haven’t been to a final in a while and being a neutral isn’t a bad place to be. In fact, I’ll be backing City to dish out a powerful thrashing. Hopefully it’ll destroy Wigans spirit heading into Wednesday.

It’s a tough call for Martinez. The Premier League is worth £60m, the FA Cup £5m. The priority should be smashing Arsenal on Wednesday… It won’t be though. It’s a massive distraction both mentally and physically. Which works superbly for us. 10 days off with plenty of time to recover and prepare.

In Arsenal news, John Cross is talking up Jovetic to the club based on us getting into the Champions League. Apparently he’ll be looking for a £100k a week deal. Is he a 30 goal a season striker? No. But nor was Robin until recently. It’ll all depend what Wenger has in mind for him. He’d definitely present our strike force with a higher quality option.

We’re chasing down Dortmund right back, Piszczek, this summer, if Sagna moves. I feel for Dortmund, watching everyone pick off their team is tragic. If Klopp could keep them together, they could go onto bigger and better things. With Gotze and Lewandowski off, it looks like he’ll have to start again. Poor bastard…

Another move the same Telegraph article talks about is for Begovic. I was told the other night that he’d love to move to Arsenal, it comes down to the desire of Arsenal to part with £15m for a keeper. For me, a guy in his mid twenties makes perfect sense at £15m. Because he’ll last for ten years. I really rate him as one of the best in the league. He has stature, he’s good with crosses and he knows how to make a sharp save. And he’s Prem experienced…

Outside that, I have nothing. Have a grand day one and all.

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  1. Voetstoots

    All you Spurs supporters on this site, being such big Martinez fans tonight… Please tell me, if he’s really so brilliant, why on earth is his team about to be relegated to the Chamionship in 72 hours’ time?

    PS: very well played today, Wigan – thoroughly deserved. Pity about the sore legs you’ll have on Tuesday eve…

  2. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Moyes wouldn’t be my choice as a new manager. Despite his decent record at Everton he has almost no European big game experience. Hasn’t managed or sat down and convinced big name players to join him. Has not managed the big prima donnas etc..

    Following Rednose is like someone saying to you in the year 0000, after some long haired guy named Jesus walked on water; “Now you’re up next son, you try that!”

  3. Mayank


    GIbbs has a higher ceiling, not better right now though. Monreal should at least be as good as Baines minus the set pieces.

    Malaga’s coach came out and said they missed top 4 because they missed Monreal.

    Not a position that is at all a priority right now.

  4. vicky


    Rumors are rife that Martinez is going to Everton.

    Good If that happens…He will make them look attractive If nothing else.

    I have always been a fan of beautiful football.

    That is why I like Swansea and Wigan. And this season both have won a trophy each.

    And my real love Arsenal is also not far away from winning the coveted 4th place trophy……….so it ain’t bad 😛

  5. SUGA3

    to the ones positng the come on you Sp*rs bollocks: fuck right off you bunch of no good spud cunts!

    for the umpteenth time: not qualifying for CL will not get Wenger sacked, so we may as well have theoretically better options for the summer, once a club is out of CL, there is no easy way back, just ask Liverpool!

  6. Kiyoshi Ito

    MayankMay 11, 2013 21:23:58

    Rattle,rattle..Someone’s got a bee in their bonnet..


  7. vicky


    The fact that he has been able to keep Wigan in the premiership is a miracle in itself.

    Just track the development of players like Maloney,Figureoa,Kone,McArthy.

    These players have developed only because of stewardship of Martinez.

    And when that team plays well,they cab beat any team in the PL.

    Beat Man U ,Arsenal and Spurs last season, City this season,almost won against Spurs.

    And all these by playing beautiful football.

  8. tom

    Fantastic win for Wigan. Love to see them taking it to City and getting the result.
    I don’t think Arsenal can count on them suffering hangovers on wednesday, in fact the opposite is likely.
    I’m confident Wenger will have the lads fully concentrated and that means a home win.

    Sorry for Wigan but thwy arw going down. Fantastic win for Wigan. Love to see them taking it to City and getting the result.
    I don’t think Arsenal can count on them suffering hangovers on wednesday, in fact the opposite is likely.
    I’m confident Wenger will have the lads fully concentrated and that means a home win.

    Sorry for Wigan though. They try and play the right way.

    Also, Ito is a troll.

  9. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 11, 2013 21:20:21
    Anyone here of the opinion that Man U will regress under Moyes ??I get the feeling that it is a wrong decision that they have taken. At the very least, Man U under Moyes does not evoke any fear as say Man U under Mourinho or Pep does.

    Yep 110% explained it in a previous post..

    Will find it & forward it..ASAP

  10. SUGA3


    no way Gibbs has higher ceiling than Baines, he is 23, which means that he won’t get that much better, plus, IMO he is not the natural LB like Baines is…

  11. reality check


    Congratulations Wigan.

    Just a game of 11 vs 11 at the end of the day.

    I still believe it all comes down to management and coaching.

    I wonder if we would by a Lee Dixon today? Or Keown, Adams. Or Nigal friggin winterburn!?

    Yet under the right managment and experienced coaching they excelled for AFC.

    I won’t say it was all GG. Wengers first few years he improved almost everything and everyone.
    Its a shame his desicions and actions of late are signalling the time to retire like fergie is right around the corner.

    Did COYG really come from COYS?

  12. Mayank



    I, ignore, your posts…

    But it isn’t, easy, to do


    the, way you…. format them,

    Seeing you, be miserable, all, the, time on here…. gets a bit irritating

    But you are right, I should ignore…. those who haven nothing

    of value, to say

  13. Kiyoshi Ito

    Here it is,in answer to Moyes..
    Kiyoshi ItoMay 11, 2013 18:44:37
    reality checkMay 11, 2013 18:18:24

    Hear all that you are saying..

    But football has dramatically changed..

    Look at SAF..

    He has sacrificed Man Utd,for his own selfish ends..

    On the face off it,a great man,who won untold trophies..

    But I can tell you from my friends,who are Manure fans,they are unimpressed with the Moyes appointment..

    Why did SAF,assign Moyes?

    1)A bumsteer move..Controlling from the backseat.

    2)Bringing in someone,who is not going to overshadow his legacy..

    You cannot tell me the Moyes appointment was made overnight?

    SAF resigns& within 48 hours, Moyes in the last year of his contract,suddenly gets the job?

    Despite telling Pepe(before he took the BM job) in Dec,he’s planning to stick around for a few years.

    With Pepe,expressing a desire to come to England..& the same with Jose..

    Does it really take 2 days for a high profile job as the Manure job,to get sorted?

    Geez,try applying for a CEO job for Vodafone,or RM,or a major global brand..?

    Usually it’s more than a month’s process..

    No candidates,interviewed for the job?

    Anyway,the point I’m trying to make is that this was all pre-planned from years in the offing..

    When SAF,decided to retire,he knew who he wanted to take over..

    & if Moyes screws up,which I think he will,as the players will know he’s only a puppet,whose strings are being pulled by SAF upstairs.

    Already,you’ve got Rooney kicking off& Rio referring to Moyes,”as that guy”..

    Says it all really..Anyway,SAF’s primary concern,is about safeguarding his legacy..

    A bit much like Mr Wenger..

    Only difference,is that SAF is doing it subtly behind the scenes,having amassed trophies to date..

    Whilst AW,having won nothing in the last 8 years,is happy to take the money & help out his mates in France& upstairs,all upfront..!!

    In short,the game is all about me,myself& moi..
    (The rest is irrelevant)
    You fans,are irrelevant..They just pay lip-service..So,don’t expect any change on the transfer front this summer,despite the windfall of money we have come into..

  14. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Martinez has done a fine job at Wigan considering the resources at his disposal. Admiring that connects us to spuds???? how???

    I too see Wigan going down however. So it’s not all good there unless the Geordies lose their next two games and Wigan can beat Villa in the last game.

    Wigan are where they are because of results. We should be able to keep them there. They have the desire to fight to stay up. Well our desire to win and achieve that 4th spot should counter that. That just leaves quality.. Em Arsenal I think!

    And seeing the spuds behind us again would give me some joy. A spud mate posted some old shit on my FB wall a few weeks ago when they were 7 points clear. He deleted it recently. Worried!! Oh Keegan I would luv it if we beat them. Luv it!

  15. Mayank


    You’d be right if Gibbs had had a lot of games under his belt. He’s been injured most of his time with us to the 23 years thing is a bit misleading. He still has a lot to learn, which he can only do if he plays more top level games.

    I think given the qualities he has he can become a better player than Baines. Id the injury problems continue that’ll be a lot harder.

    Baines gets skinned more than people think. His crossing and set pieces make up for that. For Arsenal both these skills would be of lesser value.

    Again my point is LB is the least of our concerns.

  16. Kiyoshi Ito


    Huh,don’t ever recall,replying to you ever,apart from today..

    I think you took it upon yourself,to address me..Safe to say,your views,hit a brick wall.

    Not sure,why you are still persisting.

    Just do me a favour& fuck off,out of my space..

  17. Toli83

    Is it just me or does anyone else think Mcmanaman is quality, not because of today but of how he has been this season.

    Old school English winger, could become a decent player . I like him.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    I asked for peoples reaction about moyes if we’d have had him as manager because bizarrely I think I’d have been a little depressed if we’d have got him, but I think he’ll do as well as anyone else they could have got. With fergie sitting behind him, moyes has all the experience he needs when he needs to call on it. On top of that moyes will be both strong enough personality wise to not get swamped by fergie, yet mindful of the fact that fergie was brilliant. I can’t imagine mourinho asking fergie for advice for example.

    Basically anyone going to Utd, pep, mourinho etc. would be a step down, I just happen to think that moyes with fergie’s experience will be the best combination they could hope for…

  19. vicky


    I agree that the decision was already made.

    In fact, when I heard that Moyes had declined the offer to sign a new contract at Everton I could sense a move then.

    But to Man U ?? No way.

    I thought If Fergie was gonna retire this season,then Pep would not have gone to BM. He would have been the heir to SAF.

    But in hindsight all this makes sense now.

    Pep and Maureen were probably intimated that the decision regarding a new manager was already made and they should look for other options. And that is why Pep moved to BM and Mou to Chelski ( almost done ).

    But I do not quite agree that any manager in the world would have overshadowed Fergie’s lagacy.

    May be he really rates Moyes. Who knows ??

  20. Kiyoshi Ito

    On top of that moyes will be both strong enough personality wise to not get swamped by fergie, yet mindful of the fact that fergie was brilliant. I can’t imagine mourinho asking fergie for advice for example.


    On all accounts…

    Yes he will have strong advice to call upon,but will not be respected by the players..

    As they will know,who is really bossing the side..

    Secondly,players will be looking at Moyes,thinking what has he won?
    In 10 years …Nothing?

    If anything,he would be seen as a puppet by the players..

    24 hrs after SAF tenders his resignation..

    Rooney, is already acting up…

    Rio,is referring to Moyes as that guy on “MUTV”..

    The season,has not even ended yet..& already senior players are testing the waters!!

    What will pre-season,be like?

  21. Johnty79

    @sugar 3, if there is no way back in champs league then the result will equal wenger out and take over. Can’t wait.

    Arsenal deserve to lose out on champs league full stop.
    Spurs have tried to sign decent players, they have showed ambition. we have spent minimal on transfers why coining in profits.

    At least in uefa cup we may stand a chance of winning it.

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    But I do not quite agree that any manager in the world would have overshadowed Fergie’s lagacy.May be he really rates Moyes. Who knows ??

    Vicky come on Pepe 16/18 trophies over how many years 4 years & 2 CL’s?

    vs Moyes
    10 years no trophies?

    No overshadowing SAF’s legacy?

    Come on???

  23. Marko

    I’m late to the party why are people talking about Gibbs and Baines? We’re totally sorted in the left back position Monreal has been superb since joining.

  24. Marko

    To be honest in the last couple weeks it’s been reported that we’re close or whatever to signing Jovetic, Higuain, Gonalons and possibly Adler. If we miss out on Champions League you can forget some of those deals. So why people would want us to miss out and Spurs to pip us is beyond me

  25. zeus

    Hahaha. Yeah vicky.

    Manchester United told Pep “Fergie is gonna retire, and we have his replacement lined up. Look elsewhere.” Riggggggggght.

    More likely that Pep wanted to go to a club that was a heavy hitter and the undisputed money king of that league to mkae life a little easier for him.

    That and, why in the world would he want to succeed Fergie? Pep is a great manager, but there is no guarantee that he would’ve enjoyed similar success as he enjoyed at Barca.

    What would that do to his esteem to get sacked after following a legend.

    If Bayern do the treble this season, he is probably in the same pickle.

    I don’t see Man Utd, telling anyone outside the club about future plans. Mourinho said he cried when fergie called to announce his retirement just recently.

    No way he would be leaving Madrid if it was smooth sailing.

  26. nasri's mouth


    i think when moyes beats 7 shades of shit out of them they’ll respect him. i don’t remember many everton players taking the piss with him at all. he’s hard bastard. as for rooney i think you will find wanted to leave before fergie announced his retirement so youre the one who’s wrong 😉

  27. vicky


    Your argument sounds good.

    But don’t you think If Moyes fails which is more likely,ultimately a part of the blame will also be attributed to Fergie.

    Man U fans will raise the same doubts/suspicions that you are raising.

    Which in turn will take some sheen away from Fergie’s impeccable record.

    So in a quest to safeguard his lagacy,is he not in a way putting it under risk ??

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now..May 11, 2013 22:23:02

    As long as SAF,is involved at the club,albeit as a backseat driver,it will not happen,unless it is for an astronomical fee& even then,when have you known Mr Wenger to bust the £25million-£30 million transfer mark..?

    Even at that price,with Rooney’s best days past him,that price is too steep?

    You can get better for the price..We know Mr Wenger,likes value..

    Why not go for a Cavani @the price,if you are entering that bracket transfer fee,of £25-£30 million plus?

    & I don’t see them selling a potential threat to a rival team in the EPL,unless he’s absolutely mediocre,a crock,past it,or just damaged goods..


    As some examples..Note some of the Everton links..

  29. nasri's mouth

    people forget there is a big correlation between spend and league position. who are the managers who consistently better than they should ? moyes is as good as anyone.doesnt mean he’ll be able to make the step up of course but don’t under rate him

  30. Keyser

    “Mourinho said he cried when fergie called to announce his retirement just recently.”

    What, when he realised he hadn’t called to offer him the job ?

  31. vicky


    Nothing is guaranteed in Football or for that matter in any sports.

    Is there any guarantee that at BM Pep will have a smooth ride ??

    And as you yourself said If BM wins the treble,then the same challenge will confront him in Bundesliga.

    So well it is quite difficult to say anything conclusive in this regard.

    But what I remember is that Moyes to Man U rumors are very old,aren’t they ??

    We heard them a couple of years ago as well.

    That is why in hindsight that seems to be the case but then we do not know.

  32. Kiyoshi Ito

    as for rooney i think you will find wanted to leave before fergie announced his retirement so youre the one who’s wrong

    Well Rooney’s a r-e-t-a-r-d first of all..

    Secondly,maybe he did want to leave,because RVP made him look silly this season..
    & Rooney threw his toys out of the pram..
    No longer No1.the main man…!!

    Either way as soon as SAF resigned & Moyes already announced internally as the next manager,before the public statement was released..

    Well you saw Rooney’s, so-called subtle reaction..

    Now it’s one thing for Moyes to knock bells out of players,you dig out of the championship,or bring through the ranks for a small-mid-tabling team..

    It’s another thing to try that shit on WC trophy winning players,playing for one of the top clubs globally..

    Especially with Moye’s track record,of having won nothing in 10 years of being in the EPL& also being perceived as SAF’s poodle!!

    Different kettle of fish,different ball game!!

  33. tom

    Moyes to United is no big surprise, as vicky says.
    I expect him to do well, more importantly, the club seems willing to give him time to do so. 6 year contract is s least 2 years more than you’d expect.
    Moyes is a clone of Ferguson in so many ways. Is he a winner when given the means? We’ll see.
    At least he understands what’s expected of him.

  34. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 11, 2013 22:31:56
    KiyoshiYour argument sounds good.But don’t you think If Moyes fails which is more likely,ultimately a part of the blame will also be attributed to Fergie.

    No..because fans are just stupid..

    They are emotional& irrational in their thinking when it comes to football..

    All they will demand,if Moyes fails,is for SAF to come back…
    & it will be to SAF’s credit that his legacy is maintained!!

    Look to L’pool,after Rafa,it was always about the Daglish comeback..

    Look to Newcastle & fans demanding a Keegan comeback?
    The 2nd ,or 3rd coming…

    SAF,knows what he is doing..
    It’s more of a political move..

    & I could go more into detail,about a lot of other things..But I won’t bother..

    All I will say,is that this move,gives you an insight,into the degree of influence one yields..

  35. vicky

    One thing is for sure :

    We will not see fairy style comebacks from Man U as often as we did when SAF was there.

    And I feel relieved about this.

    This season they have won 29 points from losing position.

    Although Everton are a close second this season but still under Fergie those scums always seemed to have some tricks up their sleeves.

  36. tom

    No doubt Moyes is a hard man and not one players will be eager to cross, but his team at Everton are known for their comraderie and spirit. Ex-Everton players are always complimentary about their experience. That shows he has dimension.
    His one weak spot might be his penchant for playing safe but at United, with different calibre resources, he might not have to.

  37. vicky


    LOL !!!

    You are quite a conspiracy theorist.

    But one more follow up question : If he has intentions of coming back,why would he leave the job in the first place ??

    “To become a savior”— I hope this is not your answer 😛

  38. tom

    David Gill retiring is also significant but as he and Ferguson are only moving upstairs United will be far from rudderless. Moyes represents continuity and makes total sense.
    Mourinho could wreck any club in three years or under.
    Don’t blame United for not wanting to risk it.

  39. Kiyoshi Ito

    Right Tom,I owe you one..!!

    I heard your mother,auditioned for a gangbang movie & had to redo the scene after a 100 takes..

    The director,got fed up& brought in your wife,who also failed after 100 takes….

    The directors,parting statement was:”What a complete waste of lubrication& space”

    That’s for the father comments all those months ago Tom..You remember!!

    Night everyone..

  40. tom

    Vicky, it’s true the two things you mention are things he has less experience with, but I see nothing to make me think they will nessicarily be stumbling blocks.
    Everton may not be a glamor club but they have been fairly cosmopolitan and Moyes has succeeded in keeping Falaini and one or two others longer than he might.
    As for his lack of success in cups, he clearly has always prioritized league finishes. I expect EFC fans have mixed feelings about that, but it’s typical of a pragmatic scot.

  41. Kiyoshi Ito

    KiyoshiLOL !!! You are quite a conspiracy theorist.But one more follow up question : If he has intentions of coming back,why would he leave the job in the first place ??
    Health issues..

    But power is a drug,it’s hard to relinquish..

    Hard to give up..

    Look at Margaret Thatcher,lost the plot,cabinet turned on her..
    But initially refused to yield..
    Took a second ballot,for her to face the music..

    I believe in SAF’s case,his health has taking it’s toll..

    He quit,whilst ahead,rather than being forced out..

    But he will be pulling strings from behind the scenes..

    In addition, he might also believe, that he might sufficiently recover at some point,whereby if Moyes screws it up,he will step back into the breech..

    But life does not work like how we intend it to do..

    Sometimes,we like to feel we are immortal..!!

  42. tom

    Alex Ferguson loves Manchester Uniteded. To assert he would purposly appoint an incompetant manager in order to flatter his own tenure is absurd.
    Only an amoral mind could come up with that…

  43. Kiyoshi Ito

    tomMay 11, 2013 23:23:04

    Yep,coming from an utter prick like you,that thinks we’ve had a fantastic season& after every win,or draw,spouts..

    “Great game,showed great movement,played immensely well,given the pressure..Theo had a fantastic game(though he was missing all game),keeper did exceptionally well(despite flapping at crosses& poor distribution)..

    The defense did a fantastic job on set pieces(despite conceding 2 goals,from corner kicks)..

    Gervinho did well(despite missing 3 sitters)

    Yep,coming from the objective Tom himself..

    Yep,your opinions are held in high esteem..

    Tom,the moral crusader..!!
    Tells it as it is..!!

  44. Kiyoshi Ito

    tomMay 11, 2013 23:23:04

    The funny thing is you referred to Moyes,in your post within this context:
    ” To assert he would purposly appoint an incompetant manager “..
    So Moyes according to you is incompetent?

    I believe,he’s not up to the Man Utd job..
    But you referred to him as incompetent….


    What’s going on?
    Losing your mind,because your wife’s busy prowling the streets of Soho,looking for Directors,to fulfill her ambition of being the next Sasha Grey,even though she’s like 55 years old!!

  45. Arsenal 1886-2006

    You can imagine that Ferguson might know a thing or two about getting the right man for the job, i.e. RVP. And with players like Scholes, Giggs and other senior pros around i cannot see things getting out of hand, they will also guide him when necessary. That is why you try to incorporate long term players into the backroom (Cough-cough).
    I think Moyes will do fine, not as successful as Fergie but he will hold his own.

    I would love to see his face when he sees his transfer and wage budget he will probably ask why they are giving him 20 years money in advance. I can’t see him telling them to keep it either.

  46. tom

    It’s your position that Moyes is not good enough.
    I think he’ll do well.

    You are a silly bugger, Ito.

  47. Dannyboy

    Vix you fooled us!!!! All this time you’ve been masquerading as a Japanese Warrior, and none of us had a god damn clue!!! You clever son of a gun.

  48. Kiyoshi Ito

    tomMay 11, 2013 23:51:48
    It’s your position that Moyes is not good enough.

    Wrong again Tom…

    I said not good enough for Man Utd..

    Big difference..!!

    “You referred to him as incompetent..”

    Big difference…

    I take it,objectivity is not your strongest point??!!

    Actually,dare I ask,given your posts over the months..!!

    Dear,or dear…Women hey…??!!
    Drop her Tom..!!She’s not good for you..
    Clouding your judgement..

    Releaseeee the handbrake!!

  49. sam

    Hello doomers!

    Wigan is a relegation team and won’t cope with 2 games in 3 days.
    Please get your heads out of your backsides, I only feel sorry for them because defeat will send them down on tuesday but we badly need 3points.
    we will beat them

  50. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    All depends on what Arsenal turns up.

    But I’m confident we’ll scrape through.

  51. Kiyoshi Ito


    Let that be a lesson to you..

    Don’t ever,curse my father again…

    I asked you for an apology all those months ago..You kept on,back then..

    There’s plenty more…& I’ll keep going..

    So I simple apology would suffice!
    In your own sweet time!

  52. vicky

    Wigan have their backs against the wall and in this type of situation fatigue and other factors take a back seat.

    It will be a tight game and I think we will have to defend well to get 3 points.

  53. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Wigan aren’t down even if they lose to us, they can still win their final game and stay up.
    I am tipping Norwich for the drop with wigan escaping on the final day with a win against Villa.

  54. Dannyboy

    Vix, you are quite the prankster, please don’t get yourself banned again, you provide great entertainment, was so funny when you typed a load of abuse into google, and translated into Japanese, then pasted it onto here, so witty!

  55. Doublegooner

    Anyone see the RVP banner at the Armoury roundabout or upper tier north bank at the Manc game ?

  56. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Can’t see Norwich getting another point this season, i reckon WBA will do them tomorrow and they travel to man city for their final game.
    I still fancy wigan to stay up but i would prefer to see pardew take a dive than norwich.

  57. Dannyboy

    Wouldnt fancy our bottlejobs to beat them on the final day away from home if they needed a win to stay up.

  58. Arsenal 1886-2006

    It’s gonna be squeaky bum time but that is what we need for the last game, it will show which players are worth keeping and which players should be sold.
    If there are players that cannot raise their game for this then they should be exposed in the full glare of the fans.

  59. sam

    arsenal 1886-2006

    I think you should know by now which players are worth playing in arsenal shirt and wenger knows them well.
    If spurs win tomorrow ramsey and gervinho will start on the bench against wigan. he wouldn’t gamble on second half subs to rescue our lame a$$. vermaelen, rosicky and gibbs will be benched also, who else? podolski and wilshere will start and possibly chamberlain.

  60. sam

    If spurs lose tomorrow, expect all his favourite lame ducks in the starting line-up. and he will bank on second half subs to get him out of jail against tired wigan

  61. Bade

    Morning Grovers,

    Bringing Jovetic will signal Arsene’s contract extension. He’s a player that will probably need more than 1st year to muster out all of his talent

    Even replacing Sagna will signal the same

    Those are basically long term projects & by doing them in his last season, Arsene must be counting on that new 10m-PA-5-years-contract ….

  62. Bade

    Cant’ see Begovic coming on the expense of Arsene kicking out two of his babies in GK position

    I guess he might look for another 30+ keeper so he keep SZCZ with a plan to get him back to n.1 position in 2-3 seasons

    All that said, I’d love to see a begovic coming over

    Indeed 15m’ for a 10+ years keeper is no brainer. Look how much De Gea cost the Mancs

  63. Toli83

    I have said before I think Mcmanaman will go onto really big things.

    Can beat players for fun, great cross on him and shoots.

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if we got him.

  64. SUGA3

    with Gibbo’s famous positional sense? thanks, but no thanks, in the situation of both being fit, it’s Monreal every time for me with Gibbs playing every third or fourth game, depending on their frequency…

  65. Al

    Toli83 May 12, 2013 10:27:01

    I have said before I think Mcmanaman will go onto really big things.

    Can beat players for fun, great cross on him and shoots.

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if we got him.
    Really comfortable with both feet aswell

  66. Toli83


    Your spot on. I saw it a few times bit especially the game where they took Everton apart in the cup you can see he’s got something.

    Can imagine Utd, Liverpool or even S*urs going for him and him cutting it on big stage. He’s got fire in his belly as well. Works tirelessly.

  67. SUGA3

    Wigan will be a tricky proposition on Tuesday, they will definitely have their tails up big time and with the amount of money on the table for staying up, I would not necessarily count on them being a tad overzealous when celebrating winning the FA Cup in stead of focusing on winning the remaining two games…

    then again, if we fail to win against tired relegation contenders after having more than a week’s rest, we don’t deserve a CL spot, simple as that!

  68. Al

    someone was telling me he will probably stay in the north west. If Martinez goes to everton you can bank on it that he will take him with him

  69. SurferX

    Come on Pedders- sort it out. I’m so starved of Arsenal comment that I accidently stumbled onto Untold’s site (stupid NewwsNow).. I really am beginning to worry about their sanity.

    Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that there isn’t a massive Anti-Arsenal conspiracy. Tin-foil hats at the ready!!! They can read your mind you know….

  70. goonerboy

    Tony Attwood is the biggest irrelevance in the Arsenal blogosphere. A fairy story has a stronger grasp on reality than Tony’s twaddle. Do yourself a favour and don’t give this hideous arselicking wanker the satisfaction of a hit.

  71. SurferX

    Hey Kush- watched the cup final this morning. Was out all day yesterday ending with half a bottle of single-malt. Head-hurts. Really pleased for Wigan though- even if it probably doesn’t do us any favours for Tuesday…

    Suga- so you and me disagree on a lot mate- that much is clear. But the reason Im here and not there is Id rather have the debate- the scary thing is they are soooo pro-Wenger it clouds everything everything that say & do. Last year their was an article written explaining how that the statement RVP put out (ahead of his move) was all down to the ‘AAA’.

    I think that is only the 2nd time Ive ever commented on there- I really dont venture on that site unless by accident. Its like walking into a cult- trying to reason with the brainwashed is futile.

  72. SurferX

    As an analogy- a few months back I had the Jehova’s knock on my door. I was bored, so I had a debate with them on the doorstep for about 15 minutes. It went along the lines of..

    J: Do You believe in God?
    Me: No
    J: But something most of created all this around us?
    Me: Yes it did.. a collapsing nebulae creating a supermassive blackhole which caused stars to form like our sun.
    J: But you dont know that for certain.
    Me: True, but we can rationalise based on overwhelming observable evidence.
    J: But where did we come from
    Me: We evolved from carbon=based life in the sea.
    J: I didnt come from the sea!
    Me: Yes you did
    J: I did not.. I was created by God in the image of himself
    Me: So the universe is 14bn years old. Earth is 4.5bn years old. We descended from apes around about 50,000 years ago. About 5,000 years ago we begin forming civilisations. 2000 years ago he sends his son down- why did he take so long?
    J: You dont now thats how old the earth is for sure.
    Me: No, but we can rationalise on overwhelming observable evidence….

    etc, etc

    The problem with debating with the delusional is they avoid the issue and always revert back to their ‘belief’ system. The Jehova’s are Tony- nothing that happens will ever distract him from his belief system- that AW is without fault and can do no wrong.