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Well, well, well… the day Manchester City tell the world they plan to launch full in stadium WIFI, Alex Ferguson kills the launch party by selfishly announcing his retirement from football. A monumental moment in football. One of the biggest in Premier League history.

Think what you like about the man, he’s the greatest manager this country has ever seen, and one of the greatest the world has ever had the displeasure of. Always evolving, always improving, never forgetting the end goal… to win.

Thank f*ck he’s gone.

The front runner for the role is David Moyes. Now, I rate the man, I’m just not sure he’s the guy to take United to the next level and beyond. However you look at it, there’s a rebuilding project going on there. Does Moyes have the same pulling power a Mourinho or a Klopp would have? We’ll have to wait and see. I mean, even a Laudrup has more of a reputation.

For me, Moyes feels like premier manager filler. The guy who takes the brunt in the first season to make way for the main man.

I might be totally wrong though. So might everyone. He’s just not very fashionable. What he is good at is spotting talent, nurturing it and building competitive teams off the back of nothing. Can he make the jump? Will he get time?

This is good for Arsenal and everyone else though… no doubt about it.

Check out this video of Fergie and Wenger… when they were rivals. Quite sweet… reminiscing about when we were competitive.

On something a little more relevant to us. Chelsea and Spurs drew last night in a game I thought should really have tilted Spurs way. It was end to end stuff, both sides clearly desperate for the win. In the end Adebayor and his one solid game of the year couldn’t convert the win. His first goal was bad defending on a different level. When do Chelsea ever play that badly against us?

Anyway, what this does do is put 4th back in our hands. 2 wins and we’re through. The summer time can start and we’ll have something new to worry about. Wigan shouldn’t be too much of an issue. They’ll have a cup come down of sorts, not to mention the ten days rest we’ll have had. Then it’s Newcastle away on the last game of the season. On paper, not the easiest. However, if they’re clear of danger by that point… expect them to be thinking of their holidays. They don’t have a good enough manager to focus otherwise.

Spurs have Stoke away and Sunderland. I’m expecting them to drop more points. They’ll be deflated by last night.

All in all, we’ve had a gift sent out way, all we have to do now is sign for it at the Post Office.

In other news, the rumours that we’re sniffing around Draxler aren’t a million miles off. The German playmaker is attracting interest from lots of clubs after his meteoric rise up the ranks. I’ve only caught a bit of him, but from what I’ve seen, he certainly looks a talent. I’m hoping that the reason we’re sniffing around so many players this summer is because there’s a plan b… unlike years gone past where we miss out on plan A… then it’s over. Remember that year we missed Baptista?

Another player who seems set on moving on is Wayne Rooney. He’s not been himself over the past year or so and he did try to move to City a few seasons ago. I remember a Sky Sports presenter telling me he’d run an interview with him and Wayne had alledgedly spoken about United in past tense until his agent got involved and demanded the whole thing be pulled… which is was. He’s been a problem for United this season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on… especially now Moyes is back. I’m sure they had a legal spat over something he put in his book? Anyway, wouldn’t he be a signing of intent? We were interested in him before he moved to United. I think he was shown around Colney… so we know Wenger is a fan. What do you reckon? Would you have him at Arsenal? I doubt he’ll be fetching £32m… and I’m struggling to see him getting a move to Bayern Munich. Anyway… fantasy talk over here.

Finally, a bit of behind the scenes news. Our new away kit is supposed to be a bit special. It’s a take on the retro kit below. Similar in colour scheme to the one we had a few years ago. Anyway, if I’ve got that wrong, you can all call me a massive you know what. Nice for Nike to pull one out the bag as they’re on the way out!

P.P.S I’m at the FWA this evening… so I’ll be rummaging for gossip. More tomorrow.



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  1. Raz

    “RazDont look at that all competition bollocks, Bullying shit teams like Coventry and Reading in the CC is irrelevant.He also has 20, not 21 goals.13 league goals from 78 shots, thats 1 in 6.”

    Not at all irrelevant. It’s all encompassing, you can’t tweak to suit any agenda. Goals and shots include international games, as they do for Benteke, cup games as they do for Benteke. Many cup games are far bigger than league games which kills any argument that they’re easier. Plus he played in the games we lost.

    Point is my stats are bang on, whereas you seem to want to tweak yours/omit stats to suit your argument. End of the day they have an almost inseparable strike rate.

    Still, I hope we can both agree that Benteke’s all round game destroys Theo’s.

  2. samsenal

    Interesting that Chelsea and United have such contrasting strngth/weknesses in midfield and attack:

    Chelsea’s 3 Amigos are a whirl of disguised passing, dribbling and occasional Genius and then their main striker struggles for goals himself.

    Untied are the total Opposite – functional central midfielders, hard work, with wingers that often flatter to deceive but they have a deadly striker.

    Sadly we lack both a genuine goal-threat up top and have little unpredictability from midfield. Sure, our midfielders have scored goals but aside from Cazorla they do not offer anything out of the ordinary aside from the odd burst from Wilshere.

    That is why i think we badly need a central AM as well as a striker. Alternatively, a creative wide man so we can play Cazorla in the central Am role. If we sign a DM and a functional midfielder we will still be far too predictable in midfield.

    That’s why I agree with Romford that a DM signing is enough. Jack battling it with Ramsey and Arteta for the CM role should be sufficient if we have the kind of attacking players that can hurt teams.

    PS Moyes has been announced as United manager!

  3. Raz

    Johnny5 totally agree re: winger. What I hate is that no defenders are actually scared of Theo. He’s the easiest player in the world to play out of a game. Far slower players regularly have him in their pockets. He offers hardly any diversity, and he certainly isn’t a progressive player with the hunger to find ANY way of scoring/getting through a defence. He’s got the initiative of a doormat.

    I’d love us to sign someone like Ben Arfa for the right wing but his injury issues worry me. But that sort of talent is what we should be aiming for. Pure football quality. I watch players like Lucas Moura and then Walcott and I die a little inside. I think one day the Ox could be as class as the likes of Ben Arfa but he needs to improve a lot before that happens. Would love a new RW, new LW, sell Gerv, bench Theo, sign a WC striker plus jovetic and then rotate Jovetic, new ST, Podolski and Giroud up top, with Theo, The Ox, and two better wingers on the wings and for depth. TASTY

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Out of curiousity, if wenger left and we replaced him with moyes, would you be

    A) very happy
    B) satisfied
    C) wishing we’d set our sights a little higher
    D) pissed off at the club for continuing to show lack of ambition?

    Honest answers appreciated

  5. gazzap

    If you offered me Benteke or Rooney for same fee and wages, I would take Benteke for definite. Benteke would actually come a lot cheaper than Rooney too.
    Spurs are sniffing around him, and we really must not let them get him. Bale and Benteke would be dangerous.

  6. N5

    “Name me any cf other than lewandoski falcao,cavani that would come to arsenal and get u 25+ goals”


    RVP he would be a good purchase for Arsenal, it would be great to have a player like him in our team…..we can only dream.

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. gazzap

    Nasris Mouth
    Very happy. I think he would suit Arsenal actually a bit more than United. I think that finding rough diamonds on a budget thing is only possible at some clubs. United dont work like that. Pressure on his big money signings will lead to pressure on moyes.

  8. Johnny5


    I think a 4-1-4-1 would be pretty good also I’m a bit of a fan of 4-4-2 but we’d need effective wingers for that.

    Signings wise I’d love






    I’d go with this if we had the players


    Jenks merts kos nacho


    Robben wilshere cazorla



  9. monty

    Omar abdulrahman,check him on YouTube, plays like messi, had a trail with city, wat u guys think.

  10. Bade

    This is so pathetic to try & buy Benteke as our leading CF

    I’d rather keep Giroud then

    He barely has any experience, not in the top teams, he won’t lead us to anything by his own. We need a Bulldozing CF

    There are so many top CF out there, we just need to be serious & pay the market value

  11. monty

    Giggs loved Omar Suarez swapped shirts so did Ryan, and Micah Richards said he was great, Asia’s best player, imho

  12. Mayank



    He’s good for united since there was no manager they could get that could better Fergie. He provides stability and will get the most out of his players.

    We however, have had stability in every department and have had for a while. What we need is a someone young with new ideas that can take us to the next level.

  13. Josip Skoblar

    Priceless question at the end of the clip to Wenger: “Which ManU players would you most like to sign?” Lolololol!

  14. Pedro

    Now the stories out…

    Rooney was the last name I was told we were interested in.

    Nothing concrete. Just putting the feelers out about him.

    So names I’ve heard we’re interested in are Rooney, Lewandowski and Draxler. The Dortmund man is the only person I heard we were talking to. But the club are talking to agents of 4-5 top players.

  15. monty

    Everyone check Omar abdulrahman on YouTube, he’s better than neymar and had a trail with city, you won’t regret it, and tell me wat u guys think of him.

  16. Johnny5


    ‘We need a Bulldozing CF’

    Isn’t that what benteke is. He’s a beast but he hasn’t been tested at a top team where he is expected to produce. I think though that he’d handle the pressure. I’d rather we got him than be saying in 5 years we should have

  17. KJafc

    There are some reports that Draxler has just signed a new deal until 2018 with Shalke? Leandowski is serious quality and he would be a signing that demonstrates our intent and would help attract further acquisitions.

  18. mahessar


    Geoff is very positive on Jovetic and I think he has never been wrong when it comes to Arsenal info.

    And he also said that Jovetic would be signed apart from our 30m marquee signing, the name hasn’t been revealed though, so it will be really interesting to see who we sign.

    I’d love one of Isco or Draxler and probably Robben for wing.

  19. mahessar

    Schalke are a selling club, so the new contract Drax has signed is nothing at all, he would either end up at Dortmund, Atletico or Chelsea, but obviously I’d love for Wenger to sign him.

    Barcelona are after Gundagon, them fucking bastards. And I thought we would go for him next season to replace Arteta.

  20. Raz

    Kjafc I think the germans are altogether cleverer and more skilled at getting loyalty from their players. Goetze hung around for an extra year /year and a half, signed a new contract and therefore put a minimum price on his head for Dortmund to receive.

    It’s what everyone wanted RVP to do. Sign a new ting ten we can sell you for your value. It’s what we didn’t do with Fabregas, ironically.

    With Draxler I think it’s more of the same. ‘We brought you through, we introduced you to the world stage – you might go for 10m this summer but play for us for one more year, make a bigger impact in the league etc and go for £25m next year…please?’

    Sth like that…

  21. Raz

    Can’t see us losing either game in honesty. Newcastle have been awful against poor opponents. They may well rally against us but they’re going to be dreading us playing them and as the last game of the year they’ll be nervous as hell.

  22. Mayank

    Haven’t we had Moyes’ number for the majority of his tenure.

    United will strengthen a lot over the summer, they’ll still finish in the top 3 with more than 80 points. Of this I’m sure. Their team is too good not to fight for the top spot.

    The best thing I can see coming out of this is getting a few big wins over Utd.

  23. Dan Ahern

    Oh, okay, we can’t have van Persie because he’s a money-grubbing cunt, but signing an inferior player on £250k pw is cool.
    Got it.


    Just read AFC in talks with Fiorentina ,they say between 30 and 35 mil,we are talking 20 to 23mil hahahahahahahaha

    Another Arsenal FAIL.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    I like the rumours about the board being at loggerheads with Wenger over Bony vs Remy….hope it’s true, about time they stand up to Wenger.

    Perhaps, with 12 months remaining on his deal, MASSIVE commercials coming in on Bayern scale and most crucially the fact that his popularity is massively low, probably for the first time the majority of fans want a change…perhaps the board is now standing up to him a bit.

    John Cross did a nice bit, ‘the board have held up their end, now it’s up to Wenger to do his bit.’

    Of course we don’t know the actual running’s of the club, don’t know whether Stan will want to horde cash to drive the share price.

    But for me, Arsenal (not just Wenger) should be browsing Europe with about £100 Million in mind to spend.

    And be ruthless with what we’ve got. Minimum is a GK, CB, CDM and ST…but added to that I’d like to see a RB and a LW/RW ACTUAL winger.

    That’s 6 players, I’m thinking Adler, Richards, Hummels, Gonalons, Jovetic and Shaqiri/Robben (one will be on the move).

    I’d probably add one of Bony and Remy as well, sell our shit or just move it on, a lot of them are coming to the end of their deals anyway.

    Richards, Hummels, Kozz, Monreal/Gibbs
    Cazorla, Gonalons, Wilshere
    Shaqiri/Robben, Bony/Remy, Jovetic

    That’d do quite nicely, most expensive guy there is probably Jovetic, maybe Hummels would run close. But Adler, Richards, Gonalons, Shaqiri/Robben, Remy/Bony all under £15 Million.

  26. Mayank

    Bermy Boy

    Have you negotiated for anything ever in your life?

    The less money we waste on any one signing the more there is for other signings.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    £30-35 Million for Jovetic is ridiculous though.

    £22 Million would be fair, great player, average season, not in any big competition either.


    I haven’t been on this site that long,but the wish lists i read in my short time that haven’t materialised is crazy.I may not be a master negotiater,but i know what i have witnessed AFC put everyone through year after year.

    Again i ask.What other signings?


    Don’t get me wrong fellas,no way in hell am i saying agree with the asking price.What i was refering to was the bullshit excuse game the Wenger usually comes up with to wiggle out of a deal.

  30. eboue

    i for the life of me cant understand why some people are against us being interested in wayne rooney, do you people not realise just how huge a statement this would be if we managed to sign him.

  31. eboue

    although if united are willing to sell rooney i cant see us being able to compete with the wages he would surely ask for a minimum of 200k a week, although to be truthful the main reason i truly hope we sign him is just so we can rub it in on all the united fans who gloated us about signing rvp!

  32. Mayank

    Piers Morgan @piersmorgan 3h

    Come to Arsenal @WayneRooney and I promise never to call you Shrek again.

    Why must he embarrass Arsenal at every opportunity?

  33. Bobpatdentel

    There is no way Rooney will come our way
    When we were competitive perhaps but not now
    Would he go to Swansea

  34. Mayank


    Because teams like Real Madrid make signings as statements of intent. We have a limited albeit healthy transfer pot.

    Is Rooney the best value for improving our team? Only if we can get him for ~£25m @ £180k p/w.

  35. Mayank

    Bermy Boy

    That I can agree with. We have let players slip over very small amounts of money. But in all of these cases the deal was fucked up due to personal terms with the players.

    Hopefully this doesn’t happen with Jovetic.

  36. Dan Ahern

    If I’m AW I’m calling Cesc right now and asking which CF target he feels best about playing with.

  37. eboue

    mayank why are you worried about his wages? are you going to be paying him? we pay the highest price for tickets anywhere in europe i want to see our team compete and if it means breaking our wage barrier then who cares? especially if its for one of the biggest names in world football who is good enough to get you 30+ goals in a season.

  38. gambon

    “Out of curiousity, if wenger left and we replaced him with moyes, would you be”

    I would be apprehensive but give him a chance.

    hes certainly doing better than Wenger in recent seasons, but hes not a superstar name.

  39. eboue

    in my opinion this summer should be about ARSENAL and how were not going to be pushovers anymore and letting our best players leave every summer and us taking rooney off united would surely signal that message. although this is probably me being extremely optimistic.

  40. Gooby

    I love to see people laughing at our negotiations for jovetic.

    So in your opinion we should put £30m without asking any question?


    Lets say the personal terms called for a few more bucks,and the player was truely worth the end result,i don’t see an issue as in the past.Now that we have extra moolah,it will be interesting to find out if 1st will finally become the new 4th.

  42. Toli83

    I wonder if Rooney story has any legs. I certainly believe he will leave UTD, I’m equally adamant he won’t go abroad. Not a Wenger type signing though either. See how it develops.

    Agree with Gambon, Moyes would have been given a chance at Arsenal but we would all have been disappointed . A lot of Mancs won’t be happy but who gives a fuck I suppose. Bunch of cunts .

  43. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    £30 Million for Jovetic would be crazy money.

    And whilst I’m as anti Arsenal anal way of doing business and I want us to be a lot more flexible in negotiations as opposed to Wenger’s myopic way of doing things…just because we have an abundance of money swilling around we shouldn’t go the other way and just fork out.

    If Fiorentina won’t sell for less than £30 Million then move on, for that money you could look at a guy like Reus.

    If it were me I’d slap £50 Million on the table for Reus and Hummels.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    This Bony guy 31 games 37 goals in Eredivise…guy looks a beast.

    Built like a brick shit house!!

  45. Keyser

    That Daily Star article might have been the most interesting thing all day yesterday for Arsenal fans, though it is the Daily Star.

    Either it’s bullshit or the club are trying to distance themselves from Wenger, obviously though it’s more likely bullshit and it’s just more heartache for the fans.

    There isn’t an abundance of money, we haven’t had loads for years, and we need to spend it wisely, while we might have finally have something to genuinely compete with we’re going up years of wage inflation and teams spending with gay abandon.

  46. Johnty79

    Although Rooney would never sign for us.. I think he’s a dud. Look at his body he’s 27 going on 50. Will be finished as a footballer when aged 30.

  47. Radio Raheem

    Rooney? Wow. Why not Messi eh? Ye men of little dreams.

    But if by some cosmic transmogrification we did sign Rooney…it’ll be a good signing. I like Rooney, works hard, good on the ball, can play a variety of positions (something that seems to have counted against him)…but I’ll also be worried. Why would manu sell us a top player? Just hope it will be for financial reasons not to do with his ability. Perhaps, changing clubs will benefit him, maybe he fancies living in London.

    I watched Fiorentina recently and to be honest his strike partner, Ljajic, was more impressive. But form is temporary class is permanent the cliche goes. Well, according to the commentator Jovetic’s form hasn’t been that good this season. Isn’t that too long to be temporary? Who knows? I still like him though. (It’s like shopping from Amazon. Your mate advises you a product is not that good but you have read too many good reviews for you to accept his opinion)

    There are good arguments to be made for and against signing Rooney. To me the most important question is, will he improve us more than marginally? Yes he will. I can see him combining with Cazorla, playing behind Giroud and supplying those deft passes making Giroud look 1.5 times the player he is, adding that aggression to our game we sometimes lack – that famed British Bulldog fighting spirit – he’ll give us presence and I’m sure he’ll be vocal. He strikes me as a leader or someone with a potential to be.

    Rooney might not have lived up to expectations for the England side but how many have? Crouch?

    I see people bringing up financial reasons why we should not sign Rooney. Why? If our ‘board’ deem it fit to pay however amount to Rooney then I I’m happy with that just as long as it doesn’t hamper us addressing other areas of the team. I am flabbergasted as to why anyone here feels they can teach our prudential board about prudence. Actually, I’m amused.

    Then again all this can just be part of a perverse ruse…first, it was schmoozing bloggers, then Puma deal, now Rooney…still the fans wait for something concrete. Or have they started parting away with their money buying into the never ending dream of a trophy laden tomorrow ? Where would we be without cynicism eh!

  48. amjalice

    Rooney has been shit this season. If he can’t get motivated under Fergie, then who’s gonna motivate him?

  49. Keyser

    Lol it’s got Tits in it hasn’t it ? Nah it was just an odd newsnow article and Pedro mentioned it in his post yesterday, rarely read the post either, but Pedro’s been trying to push the idea of a wedge between Gazidis/ the board and Wenger, which would make no sense at all unless the board were looking for a scapegoat.

  50. Keyser

    I could buy the idea that Fergie wanted a transition with as little fuss as possible, but it seemed odd that all of a sudden Fergie had retired and Moyes was taking over within a day or two, it’s efficient to United’s standards, but thought there could be more to it, like his health forced the decision or something along those lines.

    Moyes just seems like a stopgap, maybe it’s just the idea of replacing someone that could be completely dislikeable with someone most fans have a respect for that isn’t begrudging.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    With the new Emirates deal kicking in this summer, and the new kit deal next summer, you’d think the club would want to go into this new commercially strong era with a field of strong players and maybe even one of those illusive shiny silver things.

    Big summer, masses of cash floating around at Arsenal, players on the move everywhere, clubs going bust or restructuring this has got to be our time to strike, especially with Fergie moving, Mancini’s future uncertain and God knows who will manage the Chavs…if the board and Wenger can’t get their act together this summer then there is no hope.

    No more scrapping for fourth, no more allowing (because we have) Spurs to become not just our rivals through historical relevance but actually in terms of competition, no more embarrassments, no more bargain basement crap.

    The only thing that worries me about the new commercials is that the fans become less important to keeping the club afloat, therefore appeasing us becomes less and less important.

  52. Radio Raheem

    Rooney has been shit this season. If he can’t get motivated under Fergie, then who’s gonna motivate him?

    You must rate Rooney highly. To be shit and scoring however many goals he has this season playing in a more withdrawn position compared to last season.

  53. Toli83

    Haha I believe you Keyser, any other articles of note in there keep me posted. I’m more of a pictures man to though!

    There isn’t a wedge at all. I think they are all quite happy with themselves patting each other on the back. Especially Mr Fox with the comms team.

    Interesting to see what happens this summer. A large part of me thinks nothing with change, less of the Rooney’s more of the Remy’s… 🙁

  54. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – He’s always had talent, but he’s been playing regularly since he was 16, he’s relied a lot on how hard he works across the pitch and United have taken advantage of that to, I think there are question marks over him and whether he’d be a good choice.

    Prudence is one thing, because you’ve had to be, we’ve still made mistakes and taken punts, just this is at the higher end of the risk/reward ideal. Rooney’s been disruptive, he’s turned up for the season unfit and he’s always had a petulent silly streak.

    I seriously doubt we’d buy him, but if we consider it there are downsides aswell as the up.

  55. Keyser

    Toli83 – If we’d renewed these deals in 08, even with the players leaving we’d have had a decent chance of replacing and improving the team, if we’d dded to the 10’11 teams I’d be optimistic.

    But right now we’re struggling to see any real identity to the team and apart from Cazorla, maybe Koscielny and other lesser players, we don’t have players to build around.

  56. Keyser

    Toli83 – Only give the Daily Star any relevance because for some odd reason Peter Hill Wood uses it to give interviews.

  57. Radio Raheem

    …but if we consider it there are downsides aswell as the up.

    That’s you summing up? Yup I agree. I suppose this applies to all signings. I think if we got Rooney it’ll be because we are unable to get better players in a similar tier. IMO Rooney may be considered as being in the lower level of tier 1 players.

    The board have made mistakes, they’ll make a few more but so far they’ve fared better than most others in England.

    Like you said Rooney is a talented player whose played at a high level for close to 10 years now. You can be sure of what you’ll get with him. His ‘goods’ outweigh his ‘bads’.

  58. goonzer

    Sorry for being out of topic here but… Anyone by any chance is interested in
    tickets to the Muse concert at the emirates?
    I have a couple for the 25th and a couple for the 26th. Both to the ground.

  59. Toli83

    Very odd, well next time I get a copy I can say its for the Arsenal section.

    I used to have a house in Sandwich (Kent) and see hill wood out and about round there. Not the most approachable guy.

    I agree Keyser. We lack quality and most of all players who embody what the club is about, character wise. I’m a fan of Kos, I know Gambon and others aren’t so much. Midfield Santi, up top we don’t have anyone . Jack will improve and should be mentioned as a player who could be a pillar for us.

    Saying that Gibbs/Monreal are good enough. Sagna can do a job most games. We will get a CB in the summer. TV is out the door.

    A leader with Jack and Santi in the middle would be pretty solid .

    Tricky winger up top with a striker with Poldi/ TW / Oxo again would be formidle.

    So maybe we’re not as far away as you think.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    Perhaps PHW hopes if he goes down to their offices to interview they’ll walk him through the photo shoot studios.

  61. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Lol it’s your average cliched summation, just on the whole people think we’ve got money, if we spend with the same blase attitude as others teams we’ll come out with the same results. We won’t, over the years we’ve had far less money but also had a far better team to supplement, the money we have now has to be tempered against that.

    When a player relies on his work-rate throughout his career he has to be able to adapt mentally, Rooney’s done that in several positions, but it’s always been to work harder, through his physical efforts, he’s obviously still at a high level, but why would he leave a team he knows, a Club at the top end of the Spectrum if there weren’t questions being asked. We’ve had players like Van Persie, Herny and Bergkamp who were smart enugh to adapt as their legs begun to go, if Rooney’s move was simply because he’d felt shunned or disappointed and he had somethng to prove he’d be a valuable player to bring in.

  62. leon

    in my opinion wigan are very dangerous team and should never be underestimated.if there any truth in the rumour that has been floating around puma they must do some real investment because the truth this team is nothing than average.

  63. Keyser

    Toli83 – We’ve had, Vieira, Henry, Fabregas, Van Persie as figureheads, players who stood up there with the best of them.

    Wilshere’s good but well off that, him and Cazorla together are decent, neither will dominate unless they have the right players around them, and together you’ve got two technical midgets., if we play both, you need to find the physicality from somewhere else, Arteta doesn’t have that, Rosicky’s nowhere near what he used to be and Ramsey works his ass off but doesn’t have the pace or experience to cope.

    Add two dominant midfielders and I think we’ve got a decent team, then think about the defence and the attack.

  64. Radio Raheem


    I take your point on Rooney’s (over)reliance on his work rate but come on there is more to him than just work rate! You’re making him sound like he is Phil Neville ). He may not have Iniesta technique (apart from Messi who has?) but I am confident he won’t look out of place with Cazorla.

    He might end up playing as a CM later in his career. I think he’ll adapt.

    Cheers, Kushagra

  65. goonerbone

    fans will never be less important, unless looking extremely short term. The sponsors will not give gunners crap, unless fans love them. And that’s why we always should be ready to tell Ivan and his evil master to go burn

  66. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Lol that’s what I mean about average summations, it’s the truth, but no-one wants to hear it.

    We’re not going to buy Phil Neville for 25 million and put him on 200k a week, he’s been a regular in the United side aswell as for England since about the time he hit the headlines, Van Persie developed his right side, became stronger physically and in the air, started to play the percentages and use his head to get the best out of his role, it’s why he slotted right in up front, Rooney’s kind of a victim of his own versatility.

  67. Marko

    23 million tops for Jovetic you can see the talent and potential is there but not at 30 million considering Fiorentina will most likely miss out on Champions League and why would they refuse 23 million. Also Draxler it seems will stay another year but why not move for Isco, Navas, Rakitic or Munain? Most Spanish clubs are literally crippled with debt.

  68. Keyser

    If we bought to physically or technically dominant midfielders and then Rooney, I’d be more than happy to see what we can get out of him.

    This is all without considering how much of a dick he’s been at times.

  69. kwik fit

    Falcao to Monaco shock!

    I think that Fergie was the only person able to handle Rooney. United know this and will try to offload. Rooney is likely to go completely of the fucking rails at his next club. Wenger certainly won’t be able to handle him. I hope he goes to a rival like Chelsea as he can only be de-stabling influence.

  70. Radio Raheem


    If versatility is his problem then Arsenal is his spiritual home. But seriously I hate when ‘versatility’ is seen as a problem. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Other Europeans don’t seem to mind…they thrive on versatility.

    Imagine paying £25m for Phil Neville? I think that’ll be enough to get le grove posters signing up to Doublegooner’s protest march.

  71. Dannyboy

    kwikky boy, my favourite bit is ‘We might be left with Alan Curbishley!!..’

    *girl sobs*

    ‘It’s ok, I don’t think Curbishley is a serious contender…’

    HAHA brilliant!

  72. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Falcao to Monaco, wonder what platitude (Platini) will make of this.
    It is not surprising that he has been fairly quiet since PSG and other non-English clubs started spending oil money.

  73. Keyser

    It’s not a problem in general, just in the situation we’re in.

    Say our back 4’s sorted, Mertesackers lack of pace is the only significant weakness, we then sit Wilshere with a physically dynamic defensive midfielder, or like gambon says use two holding players, then Rooney’s versatility means he can operate with the freedom he needs, alonside Wilshere/Cazorla, with Giroud (or whoever we sign) up front and we’ve got 4 wingers to choose from.

    Right now we’ve got a mish mash of these ‘versatile’ players, Wilshere/Cazorla/Rosicky/ Ramsey even Arteta there isn’t one that’s got any specific charcteristic or role locked down.

  74. kwik fit


    Or ‘ the man who made Darren gibson look less shit that he is’

    Or the piste de la resistence;

    ‘ The man who wanks while looking at himself in the mirror’ Maureen

  75. Radio Raheem


    You make the case for signing Rooney well enough. I won’t disagree with that signing Rooney should not blind us to other areas that need fixing. Rooney can also play as a lone striker.

  76. Dannyboy

    hehe Kwik, as soon as he said that, it immediately made me think of an episode of Nip/Tuck, where Julian McMahon(who looks a double of Jose)’s character had to stand in front of a blind guy and wank while thinking about how much he loves himself… Definitely something that Mourinho does.

  77. Dannyboy

    not so much these days now the years have taken their effect on Jose’s hair… but the old Mourinho.. absolute doppleganger.

    Think the old blind guy in that episode was the guy out of Dallas wasn’t it?

  78. Dannyboy

    I reckon Phelan is so glad Fergie is retiring, bet he bullied the piss out of him every single day.

  79. goonerbone

    Rooney should go to Germany. Looks like an ugly crout. And I would love to see that twat Pep try dragging him out of the bierkellers for training…

  80. zeus

    So Falcao is a mercenary?

    Or they must have convinced him they have a hell of a project coming.

    Don’t even bother trying for Cavani then. The money barrens have rigged the game.

  81. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Deportivo La Coruna president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro has claimed match-fixing is widespread in Spain, but denies his own club rigged a 4-0 win over Levante.
    The Spanish football league (LFP) is investigating the result, on 13 April, after Levante’s Javier Barkero briefly accused some team-mates of not trying.
    “Deportivo has never taken part in this kind of match-fixing,” Lendoiro said.
    But he claimed that “almost all” games at the end of 2010-11, when Deportivo were relegated, were “fixed”.