Puma deal lands | Cesc, Aguerro and Falcao | Bony or Remy for Arsenal?

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A lot of news hit the airwaves last night, some of it Arsenal, some of it affects Arsenal. All of it quite interesting with summer rolling in fast.

The most shocking was the story around Alex Ferguson and his mooted resignation from United. The 71 year old has a hip replacement geared up for this summer and apparently has various other health issues. Going on forever isn’t an option, going out at the top is. It’d make sense. United haven’t commented on it due to stock exchange rules, apparently players have been briefed.


This is supposed to be shock news… so what does the succession plan look like? Early rumours are pushing David Moyes as a prime candidate. That would be bold. Either way, this will likely spell turbulence for a club which is known to have factions that have been bound together by Fergie and his iron grip.

News piece number two kind of lends itself to a number of things I’ve been telling you about the reorganisation of the backroom team at Arsenal. Roman Abramovich has reached an impasse with Madrid over Mourinho. Firstly because his buyout clause is a whopping £16.9m.

Secondly, because of the composition of his backroom team. Mourinho brings his own men, which comes at a premium cost. Which means there is a premium cost when they’re sacked. £18m was spent shifting them on last time. It also means that as an owner, you don’t own the relationship, which from a political perspective means trouble. Arsene has built ‘yes men’ towers around him as has AVB at Spurs. Whereas clubs like Swansea and Barcelona own the infrastructure.

This is the shift from football being about the manager, to it being about the composition of the backroom team.

Again, it’ll probably get resolved, but it’s interesting watching it unfold.

The major Arsenal news from last night was the new kit deal. It was described as a knock out last week in the meeting I attended, and boy has it delivered (until United announce their deal I must prewarn). We’re partnering with Puma for £170m for 5 seasons. £30m a year (£20m in bonuses). The biggest kit deal in the world. We’re the first major club Puma have snared globally which is where the premium will have come from. A major Japanese clothing brand also tested the water as well. Nike and Adidas passed. To be honest, they’re both relatively saturated in the UK market. Nike are probably sweating about the potential bankruptcy they’re facing with United’s new demands. I’m excited about the Puma tie up. They make great kits and when you’re the jewel in the crown, which we weren’t with Nike, you get the best training kits and shirts.

Not just that people. Guess who is on their books from a boot deal perspective?

Squillaci: Check

Giroud: Check

Aguerro: Check

Falcao: Check

Cesc: Cheeeeeeeeeeecccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!

Eboue: Oh do one.

I’m not sure having a boot deal with a kit maker ever makes a difference. It’s always one of those paper speculations that never comes to anything. We can but dream eh?

So, the comms team finally earning their corn eh? 3 deals in a week when you factor the IOT deal I didn’t mentioned. So our commercial revenue has just jumped £60m as of next season, plus the additional revenue we’ll pick up from the smaller secondary deals… plus the additional TV cash everyone is getting.

Football is swimming in money. So much for the death of the league eh? Just when you think it’s all going down the toilet, the TV companies throw another wedge of cash our way. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in La Liga, where the cash doesn’t get distributed fairly.

The important point is that all this signifies is an industrial estate of full of excuses being bulldozed away. This summer, the opportunity is there. We have to pray for a Chelsea win tonight. If we get it, this season has to be the last we ever try and wing. It always has to be about having the best squad our finances will stretch to. Our vision of a best team won’t always land the biggest prizes, but from a fan perspective, most all of us care about is that the club matches the ambition we show as fans. As long as we can head into each season excited about what could happen, I’d be ok with the outcome… for me, the negativity around the club centres around the lack of ambition. Hopefully with all these new deals dropping we’ll go out and make things happen.

An interesting story in the Daily Star has the board and Wenger at logger heads over Loic Remy and Wilfried Bony. The board want Bony who has amassed 31 goals in 24 games for Vitesse. The manager wants Remy. Now, this seems pretty fanciful journalism. Wenger will get whomever he wants. However, what I will say, if you get a chance, take a look at this Bony guy, he’s an absolute monster of a player. Huge! That said, remember Alfonso Alves? Scored more goals that Ruud Van Horseface… what happened to him? Totally shocking.

Right, that’s all I have time for today… get stuck into the comments.

P.S. Who had a ticket renewal notice? FFS…

Also, I made an appearance on the Footballistically Arsenal Podcast. Take a listen here.

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  1. KJafc


    I agree but Jack is still learning the game and has struggled with that ankle. AW has been reluctant to play him of late which suggests he isn’t right. A good rest and a decent pre-season and hopefully he will fulfill that potential. But we all know we need better players with him.

  2. Raz

    Yes true but his positioning before his injury was superb. I actually think playing him and santi together messes him up. He sits back knowing santi will come inside if he can, it’s only in the second half that we see them both getting closer to the box. I don’t know, I think he was far far better positionally before his mega lay off. Also it’s common sense to play in space, so why he doesn’t i’m not sure. I find a midfield consisting of Rambo, Arteta, Jack and Santi almost painful to watch though. Fingers crossed it gets better.

  3. KJafc


    Did you see the report on the refereeing appointments handled by Mike Riley? I am not into conspiracy theories but that was pretty damning. In essence, any referees that Fergie had criticised were removed from future Man Utd games, often for the season. This meant that the only referees being appointed Man Utd games were those he had NOT complained about, guaranteeing favourable officials.. Now when said referees were reassigned to Man Utd games, a year later, did that affect their decision making? It is nevertheless thought provoking.

    I will find the link. It may just be coincidence but even so that is the power that club has.

  4. Raz

    Then again the pressure of walking into any team mid-season when aiming for top4 is huge. Add to that the fact that it’s THIS team with all the problems and that jack had never played with any of these lads before….and we had all our problems and so many shit or average players or those who aren’t ready and a poor poor defence…he’s done well. Also considering that he was a dm last year but a cm and acm this year. Ok I’m sorry Jack I love you really. Have a good rest, see you next season haha

  5. Cesc Appeal

    ‘This has to be the last season we try and wing it.’

    That has been the feeling over the last 24 months.

    You can imagine Ivan and the Silent sitting with Wenger asking ‘can we make UCL with this lot?’

    Wenger answering ‘I reckon so.’

    I’ve had enough of the Yids crowing, because they shouldn’t be anywhere close to our team and when you explain to the Neanderthal like cretins about the £150 Million in the bank, about the fact we’ve signed a sponsorship deal worth more than their ground, they just shrug and say ‘where are you in the league?’

    That’s what it comes down to.

    I’d rather have Adler, Hummels, Richards, Gonalons, Fabregas, Reus and Jovetic playing for us than a gigantic mountain of cash sat in the bank.

    Fans can crow about that, they tend not to get excited about a pile of twenty notes the size of the Royal Albert.

  6. KJafc

    I suspect there will be some serious signings next season, there is no excuse now. Not sure about Jovetic but looks like that is a done deal. We need some world class signings to go with what we have, no more prospects.

    Don’t worry about our neighbours, they are a noisy bunch of dreamers, obsessed with us. They would gloat if their pitch was greener than ours, that is how far behind us they are. Wait a couple of weeks and I suspect they will be crying again. Providing the new revenue streams are reinvested into the football side, the gulf between clubs will be enormous, starting next season. Always makes me laugh when I look at the club crest, who on earth would choose a chicken over a canon?


    It only streghtens the resolve of the Arsenal elite knowing they can still attract huge revenue like the Puma deal without winning shit.That deal has dealt us our final death blow,in this you can believe….sigh.

  8. Samir masri

    I Would personally had preferd fergie to had stayed for another year. I think wenger v fergie has been embarrassinly been no contest. Atleast he knows he’s time is up. But he has retire which another premier league medal to his name. And our shameless manager is pretty much happy to continue going years and years without wining a trophy.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Bermy Boy

    They’ve fired.

    However instead of spending properly the Board and Wenger decided to sell our reserves of top notch gunpowder and settle for damp, inferior stuff which leads to frequent misfiring and sometimes even backfiring, allowing the enemy to get the jump on you and for your guns to be overrun.

    Only occasionally does the stuff fire up properly and remind us of what our guns use to do.

  10. Dan Ahern

    BBC got me feeling hopeful:

    “Spurs’ last win at Stamford Bridge was in February 1990, when Gary Lineker and David Howells got the goals in a 2-1 victory.”


    Cesc Appeal

    Either way,it’s still a waste of hardware never to reach it’s full potential until it finds an owner who appreciates it.

  12. Dan Ahern

    How can you not imagine Spurs losing this one? They’re playing a better team. They’re away.

    We need this loss, dammit!

  13. tom

    Lot’s of huge news today and also the most important match (that AFC aren’t playing) for a long time.

    Sir Alex retiring is massive. I’m surprised to find myself feeling a little sad about it. My feelings for Ol’ Red Nose have morphed through several phases over the years. First he was a figure of fun, inept and vulnerable, I mocked him and anticipated his demise.
    Later I came to hate him as his talent, and that of his young side, forced United out of it’s slumber.
    At one point, as Wenger’s Arsenal reached it’s zenith, my hate for Ferguson became tempered with a little sympathy as it seemed he was on the verge of being eclipsed by the young, progressive new-breed frenchman but, of course that never happened.
    Also I grew up a bit and found that, though the United manager could still infuriate me, I could no longer muster true hate when the truth demanded respect.
    Over recent years I have been able to relax a bit and and accept what this man really is; the greatest football manager that Britain has ever produced.
    A classic character. Fiery scotch-protestant, dour and shrewd but funny and steadfast too. Brilliant as tactician and motivator. Superb at the politics and strategy of running the biggest club in the country. Remarkable achievement.
    Hats off to Sir Alex.

    Puma kit deal is fantastic. Kudos to AFC for landing it. Many people have remarked that it’s surprising given Arsenal’s lack of recent success. I wonder if they consider that the power of our brand is as much to do with our reputation for doing it the “purist” way as it is for winning prizes. I really think that the ‘path less travelled’ that Arsenal has chosen – that of internal building, a commitment to progressive technical play and resisting the check-book management style has created a very healthy image that companies are pleased to associate with.

    Also, who would you rather where your boots, Walcott or Suarez?

    Chelsea have to do us a favor tonight. I think they will be motivated and have enough class too see off Bale and co at the Bridge. So I’m hopeful.

  14. kwik fit

    Today is the equivalent of the demise of communism , or Moses taking his followers through the red sea , or Wenger opening his purse strings and spending some fucking money.

  15. tom

    Luckily Chelsea hate spurs as much as we do. They will be up for it. They ought to win.
    But it’s football and they have Bale, so who knows…

  16. Josip Skoblar

    My favourite Fergie quotes: (Btw, does seem to think that Maureen is a bit of a self-infatuated idiot…)


    “Do you think I would get into a contract with that mob. Jesus Christ, no chance. I wouldn’t sell them a virus.”


    “They say he’s an intelligent man, right? Speaks five languages. I’ve got a 15-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast who speaks five languages!”

    “He’s a novice and should keep his opinions to Japanese football.”


    “He could start a row in an empty house.”


    “He was certainly full of it, calling me ‘Boss’ and ‘Big Man’ when we had our post-match drink after the first leg. But it would help if his greetings were accompanied by a decent glass of wine. What he gave me was paint-stripper.”


    “I remember his first press conference [at Chelsea, in 2004] and I thought: ‘Christ, he’s a cocky b******, him’. He was telling the players: ‘Look, I’m the special one, we don’t lose games.'”


    “Inzaghi was born in an offside position.”


    “When an Italian tells me it’s pasta on the plate, I check under the sauce to make sure. They are the inventors of the smokescreen.”

  17. Goongoonergone

    Man Utd looking for a manager with Premiership and European experience.
    A shoe-in for Wenger.
    Here’s your chance Arsene, get your CV in. It’s the only way your are going to break your 8-year drought.
    I will drive you to Old Trafford myself and I promise you I will not drive with the brakes on.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Everyone calls them bubble boots, but they actually look like the plate tests for colour blindness??

    Just me or?

  19. Johnny5


    ‘Also, who would you rather where your boots, Walcott or Suarez?’

    Your asking for it with comments like this buddy. I’d rather Suarez all day long. He might be a complete cunt of a human being but fuck can he play football. All his controversy will be forgotten by the majority soon enough so long term I’d rather Suarez. Theo’s too clean cut for me ( im always suspicious of people who appear nice and whiter than white) and an average footballer.

  20. Dan Ahern

    Josip — Hahaha, the guy was quality. Thanks for transcribing those. I wish I spoke whatever language Ferguson does so I could enjoy them the moment he says them.

  21. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    “Inzaghi was born in an offside position.”

    wet myself when i saw this

  22. Dan Ahern

    Also, something that I have just thought…..We are in a unique position to get out there and try and sign players now before the season ends.We have shed loads of cash, UTD have no manager at the mo, Chelsea dont know who their manager will be, Real dont know who theirs will be, and their looks to be a lot of top players out there available.”

    Yeah, AW should be all over the phones right now, promising players that we’re the big project this summer. United end of an era, moves into uncertainty; Chelsea always uncertain; City loaded with players already.

    Market potentially flooded with good CFs. Proactivity highly recommended.

  23. Johnty79

    Gambon , wenger should be planning for players for next season but he is a lazy manager who thinks players will wait around for him like yesteryear. Our sloppiness in the transfer market is probably the worst of any club.
    Make no mistake Madrid will have lined up players already. The coach doesn’t sign players at these clubs the sporting director does..

    Any player who bayern, Chelsea, city,spurs, man utd , Liverpool go in for wengers pulls out. He as said that before..

    For the money the have arsenal are the least ambitious club in the world. No one can disagree with this.

  24. reggie 57

    Never thought the day would come of me willing Chelsea on to victory against the spud’s


  25. karaul

    chelsea is useless. wake the fuck up! never imagined i would be “chelsea fan” so better try hard! 🙂

  26. Alex James

    Oh dear. Please don’t let this go south. It had to be that man, and Bale hasn’t tuned in yet.

  27. Guns of the brixton

    dont know if someone has already mentioned this, but david moyes is set to be annouced as the new manure manager.

  28. karaul

    hope we spend some serious money during summers and dont have compete with pathetic spuds never again!

  29. goonerbone

    The puma deal makes you fucking wonder about the price you pay for yer ol sports knickers… But as long as the Strasbourg loon pays up during the summer I’ll keep buying…

  30. Cesc Appeal

    I really don’t know why Reus isn’t the media, can’t believe top clubs aren’t going in for him?!

    He’s utter quality.

    Got United and City fighting over that Lamela guy, and no one is paying attention to Reus.

    I’d love him on our left flank next to our new striker, with Cazorla on the other side that would be a lethal up front.

    I’d make him my big singing, even if i had to part with £30 Million, he’s like a hybrid of Bale and Iniesta, pace and power with a rasping shot combined with excellent feet, balance, dribbling ability and the vision to pick a killer pass.

  31. Kushagra

    Because it is next to impossible to price Reus out from Dortmund atm..
    Joined them last year is the only marquee left if Lewandowski also leaves.
    IMO he can be a much bigger player than flat track bully CR7

  32. goonerbone

    reus haslost some quality this season compared with, though. Don’t really know what is going to happen there…

  33. vicky

    In a train at the moment. I can’t watch the game.

    But got to say it is a crazy season,isn’t it?

    Had to cheer for Manscums against Chelsea.

    And today we are cheering for Chelsea.

    The two clubs whom I hate the most.

    Match seems to be nicely poised at 2-1.

  34. Raz

    Meanwhile, Jovetic has another quiet game….

    Can’t understand the ‘next RVP’ hype. I’m not saying he’s bad but when he’s on the ball he seems identical to Bryan Ruiz, FC Twente era. Which was awesome, but hardly the next RVP. His goal drought is worrying too.

  35. vicky


    We had a chance to sign Reus. When he was at Borussia Mongladbach, we had a genuine chance.

    At that time, he was not quite a superstar but then anybody who understands football could see the qualities of the player.

    I also remember Wenger’s statement during Euro 2012 that he was on the case.

    But his habit of procrastinating cost us and we missed out on him on two different occasions.

  36. Kushagra

    Just for the hehe :-). But seriously if not for his narcissism and selfish play he could have achieved more . Especially at the international stage . The Euro S/F comes to the mind where he missed chance after chance.
    Right Now Messi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CR7>RVP etc

  37. zeus


    New RVP is rubbish. He is a quality player who should go up a level when surrounded with better players.

    Him not scoring for the past 2 months is a bit worrying if you think we are actually in for him.

  38. Keyser

    Chelsea should fade quite a bit in the last 10 hopefully they hang on, anyone think a draw would be better ? With Chelsea being away to Villa on Saturday ?

  39. goonerbone

    you are right, it’s the only result which can give us bragging rights too, but I’m playing safe and cheer for the Chavs. Feels horrible thou

  40. Keyser

    Van Persie was pretty quick and had even quicker feet, I don’t think Jovetic is anywhere near him really, almost all of these players are over-rated, we need to buy well this summer more than any other.

    Chelsea are beggining to crack.

  41. Raz


    I am hoping it is elsewhere. I’ve heard he’s been playing well despite lack of goals anyway. And as someone has just said in reference to Reus, you can see his quality when he’s on the ball, no question. He actually reminds me of Berba.

  42. Keyser

    Bragging rights ? Forget that, this season has been long and tedious, I’ll be happy when it’s over.

    Even the fergie thing’s a bit odd, must be down to his health or he feels the same as everyone else, just tired with how dull and soulless it’s all become.

  43. zeus


    Yep. RVP had cat like reflexes. Henry was asked who was the most skillful in the squad and he said RVP.

    Watch some of the old RVP videos from 5-6 years ago and you will see for those who don’t know.

  44. Raz

    Can’t understand why everyone wants Chelsea to win this. If they draw, we still have a chance of coming 3rd. If Chelsea win, that chance basically vanishes.

  45. Jaroda

    BEntitez has done a great job?… do me a favour.
    He has probably the best squad in the league…. better than Manure and equal to City’s, yet Chelsea are making hard work of Champions league qualification, let alone challenging for the league which I would expect if that was my team. Fixture congestion?…… again this is self inflicted by failing to qualify from a run of the mill CL group and having to endure the Europa league.
    Chelsea’s underacheivement overshadows that of Man City’s this year, yet people are still saying Benitez has done good job. If you put a potato in charge of the chelsea team then it could still pick 11 very talented footballers. I see nothing to indicate that Benitez is adding anything else.

  46. Keyser

    Probably the only two teams that deserve their final position are Man United and QPR, not even that sure about United.

  47. Keyser

    Zeus – He was smart enough to work himself a yard with his first touch, then had decent pace on top of it, was a winger, was ridiculously one footed and we worked with all of that over time, as he gained experience in the Premiership and alongside some supremely talented players.

    Jovetic has to come in like Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski and hit the ground running.

  48. Raz


    I am aware, but even so, firstly I expect nothing less than 6 points from our last 2 games. If this team can’t achieve that then they don’t deserve top 4 tbh.

    Secondly, forgive my ambition but a chelsea win eradicates our chance of 3rd, but it doesn’t if they draw (well, increases it if they draw) and I am one of those who woul rather we did what we could to get third than pray we get 4th. So it’s a draw tonight for me 🙂

  49. Raz

    Pretty sure Giroud saw a red for going over the ball the way Bale just did. Except Bale went over it with two feet showing studs.

  50. Bobby 7

    I hate that cuntish backstep everyone is doing these days, like some fucking CR& clone. Twats!

  51. Raz

    Better get your jonnies ready mate. Draw tonight (YES!!)

    If we get 6 points and Chelsea draw against Everton, we go 3rd if our goal difference is better. This may sound crazy, but that is a chance I quite fancy.

    And who knows what will happen at Villa this weekend…

  52. Keyser

    Love Dave, the channel SDE you homophobe.

    To mark Sir Alex Ferguson’s impending retirement, all o this evening’s programming will contain at least five minutes of added time.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Balls in our court, now let’s find ours…cannot let this slip, 6 points, that is it.

    Need to finish off Wigan early in the game and go to St James pumped up…that could be a tricky game though.

    Hopefully Stoke will make our lives even easier at the weekend…hopefully!!

  54. Infidel

    Can someone explain to me what the hell does this post mean, by R.S.P.C. Arsenal in another thread:

    ” I’m concerned and really worried that Santa will have to pay 75% tax? Can we pay him f or 3 more season? Please ”

    It came out of nowhere and makes no sense. I’m assuming by Santa he meant Santi Cazorla. is it just some inside joke? Sorry for the stupid question but incoherent posts on the net like that get to me and I’m just curious.

  55. Raz

    Infidel I think someone is basically a bit daft and thinks that santi will have to pay 75% tax and therefore will leave.

  56. Raz

    My guess is something to do with this supposed tax hike for high earners in spain or france or wherever, mixed with someone not understanding it,…

  57. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    I got a feeling the Newcastle match is going to be a West Brom last season job.

  58. Radio Raheem

    Would have preferred a chav win tonight as I can see us drawing away to newcastle. We’ll beat Wigan no problem. Irrespective of whether Newcastle need a result or not they’ll be up for it against us.

  59. Alex James

    I have been saying for weeks that a win at Newcastle is a horror objective. Pardew dislikes Wenger and will have them pumped up. Spurs will have Sunderland at home. I know which I would rather have and it ain’t black and white. As for beating Chelsea to third, I just can’t see it, especially if the Everton lads think Moyes is on his way.

  60. Kjafc

    Draw is a great result. Spurs will most likely get nothing more than a point at Stoke, which means a win against Wigan will do. Chelsea won’t find Villa or Everton easy though, so lots can happen.
    Glad AVB didn’t put Defoe on, strange one that because Defoe can finish. Wonder if he fancies wearing red?

  61. Johnny5

    Fucking wish I put a bet on now I said 2-2 earlier. Just got the scorer wrong.

    A draw isn’t the end of the world. Wigan should be no problem but Newcastle could be a difficult game but they’re on shitty form right now so we might be ok.

  62. Maciek

    If we can’t win against Wigan nad NUFC we don’t deserve to be in the top 4.

    Maybe finishing outside it will be a wake up call.

    You can still acquire quality players playing outside the CL. Just ask Liverpool and Bayern.

    I think we will bottle it, but maybe it won’t be so bad.

  63. milo-goon-since-birth

    good chance stoke and spurs will draw, pullis is a bitter cunt to any team above him, he will play a boring park the bus game to piss of spurs, spurs will be tired… bale looks worn out from a long campaign

    i can honestly see a draw… might sound like an optimist but they have a strong good defense and a brilliant keeper

  64. Kjafc

    Blimey, lot of negativity on here despite this result paying into our hands. We would have all taken this scenario 2 months ago. Seriously, all three teams have two games to play and lots can happen. As someone said, if we can’t beat Wigan at home and a poor Newcastle side we don’t deserve it. Anyway, Spurs will bottle it at Stoke, the nerves will be jingling as they know they have to win that game.

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tax infi

    Spelling error it’s sagna ….won’t go to france as he will have to pay 75 per cent tax . So we are lumbered with him next season.

  66. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It will be in the best interest to lose out on big cup next time out, it’s brought nothing but gloom. How are the st renewals going?

  67. Toli83

    PSG will pay the decifit I reckon to anyone going there that’s for sure.

    Spurs beating Stoke isn’t a given. They bottle it towards end of season and will be shattered. Pressure is massively on them. Villa are in form although hard to see Chelsea slipping up really…

  68. Kjafc

    I love my club so much I can never post pessimistic thoughts. You have to believe. I could understand if Spurs had won but they blew it. Cheer up for heavens sake or phone the Samaritans. I can get the number off a Spurs mate for you.