Puma deal lands | Cesc, Aguerro and Falcao | Bony or Remy for Arsenal?

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A lot of news hit the airwaves last night, some of it Arsenal, some of it affects Arsenal. All of it quite interesting with summer rolling in fast.

The most shocking was the story around Alex Ferguson and his mooted resignation from United. The 71 year old has a hip replacement geared up for this summer and apparently has various other health issues. Going on forever isn’t an option, going out at the top is. It’d make sense. United haven’t commented on it due to stock exchange rules, apparently players have been briefed.


This is supposed to be shock news… so what does the succession plan look like? Early rumours are pushing David Moyes as a prime candidate. That would be bold. Either way, this will likely spell turbulence for a club which is known to have factions that have been bound together by Fergie and his iron grip.

News piece number two kind of lends itself to a number of things I’ve been telling you about the reorganisation of the backroom team at Arsenal. Roman Abramovich has reached an impasse with Madrid over Mourinho. Firstly because his buyout clause is a whopping £16.9m.

Secondly, because of the composition of his backroom team. Mourinho brings his own men, which comes at a premium cost. Which means there is a premium cost when they’re sacked. £18m was spent shifting them on last time. It also means that as an owner, you don’t own the relationship, which from a political perspective means trouble. Arsene has built ‘yes men’ towers around him as has AVB at Spurs. Whereas clubs like Swansea and Barcelona own the infrastructure.

This is the shift from football being about the manager, to it being about the composition of the backroom team.

Again, it’ll probably get resolved, but it’s interesting watching it unfold.

The major Arsenal news from last night was the new kit deal. It was described as a knock out last week in the meeting I attended, and boy has it delivered (until United announce their deal I must prewarn). We’re partnering with Puma for £170m for 5 seasons. £30m a year (£20m in bonuses). The biggest kit deal in the world. We’re the first major club Puma have snared globally which is where the premium will have come from. A major Japanese clothing brand also tested the water as well. Nike and Adidas passed. To be honest, they’re both relatively saturated in the UK market. Nike are probably sweating about the potential bankruptcy they’re facing with United’s new demands. I’m excited about the Puma tie up. They make great kits and when you’re the jewel in the crown, which we weren’t with Nike, you get the best training kits and shirts.

Not just that people. Guess who is on their books from a boot deal perspective?

Squillaci: Check

Giroud: Check

Aguerro: Check

Falcao: Check

Cesc: Cheeeeeeeeeeecccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!

Eboue: Oh do one.

I’m not sure having a boot deal with a kit maker ever makes a difference. It’s always one of those paper speculations that never comes to anything. We can but dream eh?

So, the comms team finally earning their corn eh? 3 deals in a week when you factor the IOT deal I didn’t mentioned. So our commercial revenue has just jumped £60m as of next season, plus the additional revenue we’ll pick up from the smaller secondary deals… plus the additional TV cash everyone is getting.

Football is swimming in money. So much for the death of the league eh? Just when you think it’s all going down the toilet, the TV companies throw another wedge of cash our way. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in La Liga, where the cash doesn’t get distributed fairly.

The important point is that all this signifies is an industrial estate of full of excuses being bulldozed away. This summer, the opportunity is there. We have to pray for a Chelsea win tonight. If we get it, this season has to be the last we ever try and wing. It always has to be about having the best squad our finances will stretch to. Our vision of a best team won’t always land the biggest prizes, but from a fan perspective, most all of us care about is that the club matches the ambition we show as fans. As long as we can head into each season excited about what could happen, I’d be ok with the outcome… for me, the negativity around the club centres around the lack of ambition. Hopefully with all these new deals dropping we’ll go out and make things happen.

An interesting story in the Daily Star has the board and Wenger at logger heads over Loic Remy and Wilfried Bony. The board want Bony who has amassed 31 goals in 24 games for Vitesse. The manager wants Remy. Now, this seems pretty fanciful journalism. Wenger will get whomever he wants. However, what I will say, if you get a chance, take a look at this Bony guy, he’s an absolute monster of a player. Huge! That said, remember Alfonso Alves? Scored more goals that Ruud Van Horseface… what happened to him? Totally shocking.

Right, that’s all I have time for today… get stuck into the comments.

P.S. Who had a ticket renewal notice? FFS…

Also, I made an appearance on the Footballistically Arsenal Podcast. Take a listen here.

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  1. gazzap

    Arsenal are not playing well. Our defence is OK but going forward we are shocking right now and I cant see where the next goal is coming from but we need to beat two teams.

  2. Johnny5

    The reason there’s pessimism is that we’ve been lucky. Results have gone our way. We’ve scored lucky goals and just about held it together defensively. But this is arsenal. There’s history of us not getting results when we need to. There’s history at Newcastle away that unnerves a few. The anger comes from the fact that we shouldn’t even be in this position in the first place. We shouldnt be needing spurs to lose to get 4th. its a fucking joke we are here again.I hope stoke smash spurs. Just can’t see it.

  3. Doublegooner

    The spuds battled hard to come back twice. Would we have done ? Unlikely.

    Our last three games have not shown any real fight or determination.

    Next two games are now critical.

  4. Raz

    This has been one of the worst seasons for us that I can remember. We have been consitently SHIT and then consistently suddenly MUCH better for the second halves of games.
    We have a squad with gaping holes, full of bottlers, whiners, with a major lack of star quality.
    We don’t play our football any more.

  5. Dannyboy

    Don’t know about anyone else but I will certainly be putting a tenner on a treble of a Chelsea win, Spurs win and Wigan/draw double chance… Reckon they’ll be giving at least 10/1 on that badboy!

  6. Raz

    People who say we don’t fight back piss me off. You don’t know your own bloody team!

    We are the 5th best come-back team in the league after going a goal down.
    We are the 7th best team in the league at coming back when losing at half time.
    We have scored more goals in the last 10 mins than any other team.

    I know some of that needs to improve – but with this team and this manager, that deserves credit.

    We’d be 2nd in the league if the season was based solely on 2nd half performances so don’t say we don’t come back because we clearly can and do.

    I’m not saying we’re amazing because we aren’t, but I never turn off a game until the whistle blows and there is a reason for that. Despite the obvious problems and shortcomings of some players and ‘characters’, our second half comebacks are something to be proud of.

  7. sam

    tired chelsea will be benteked on saturday and spurs will fight for another draw and we go third and send martinez where he belongs.
    tonight results is actually nice that we still have chance to take third place.
    and ramsey is player of the month now that ize ze mental strength.

  8. Johnny5

    It’s not the second half that I’m worried about its the first. We’re not bad second half. But footballs a 90 min game not best 45 mins out of 90 that’s why I’m nervous. And lets be fair we’ve got real lucky and had alot of things go our way just to be in with a chance of 4th.

  9. Dannyboy

    Rooney slaps in a transfer request, not his biggest fan by any stretch, but wouldn’t it be a real signal of intent to snatch one of their best players?

  10. Keyser

    Not sure it’d be worth it, this signal of intent stuff’s pointless.

    Rooney’s on 200k plus, he’s just won the league, there must be another reason he’s put in a transfer request, during the season PSG were supposedly interested in him. Beckham plus a relevant England International like Rooney is a signal of intent for them to help bring more of a focus on Ligue Une.

    Rooney could ake shedloads moving to Spain, who knows.

  11. The Poldi Prince

    Some people are raving lunatics.

    I’m anti wenger. Absolutely. However, we have an average team tha will finish third or fourth in the second best league on the planet. These fucktards have come from the wings to go on a terrific run. It makes you think we are only 2-3 from competing or 4-5 from dominating.

    We are an excellent comeback team and have a greatly improved defence. With a decent keeper, we are a ten goal oer season better defence too.

    Add lewandoski and begovic and we go close this season. Add cesc and strootman and we likely win the league.

  12. useroz

    These deals are fantastic news especially the fans who have tirelessly supported the club (some wenger only) over the past 8 barren years. The question is could Wenger still buy right for AFC, rather than his indulgence?

    We can’t just go Tesco anymore. No cheap under 10m French Africans or best of Africa, with due respect these countries. We are talking football talent that can deliver now, not 5 years down the road like Walcott (he still doesn’t really).

    If the Remy and Bony story is half true, we are fucked. Wenger’s gonna bump up the wages for himself and his average pets to deplete the fund, while saying we still can’t compete with Russian pockets etc BS. Oh, he’d at times leak stories that he had looked at so and so but couldn’t get them. Sure, you want Gotze for Kos swap and BM told you to fuck off; or saying they didn’t want to sell Beneke what can I do…without disclosing you bid 5m!!!!

    Goof news definitely but new problems emerge….

    And of course we must rid of the fross. AFC is not the social welfare department. How can we have a 50+ squad???

  13. Jeff

    I don’t believe Wenger is capable of buying world class players because he thinks the price is over inflated. It is against his intrinsic nature and everything he’s done up to now to go out and spend £25 on any player. So all this talk about a new super deal with Puma and how much we have in the kitty is really just another way of keeping the fans “hopeful” at this all important time when ticket renewals are sent out through the post.

    I firmly believe (on past evidence and Wenger’s modus operandi on transfers) that it really doesn’t matter how much money we have available. He will spend say £10m on a player with no pedigree hoping that he can turn him into a world class one in a short time. Whereas in the past he has managed to do this with a few, he has failed to do it with the overwhelming majority. Eight years without a trophy of any kind is too long for a club like Arsenal. If we can afford a wage bill of £145m plus per year, we can afford world class players.

    So I really don’t buy into this “lack of funds” excuse and neither do I put any credence on the looming FFP as a reason for holding ourselves back. The onus is on Wenger to put up or shut up. So far he has done neither and that is because he has not been able to move with the times. He is still looking at what happened in the past and trying to replicate the same and as we all know those methods no longer work in today’s world. Any football manager who can’t or won’t adapt never was and never will be good at his job (which incidentally is first and foremost to manage the team, not the club).

    There is no reason to assume we will be doing this summer what is necessary and obvious to all and sundry except Wenger. The three steps to once again being able to compete at the top are:

    1. Getting rid of surplus players that add no value thus freeing valuable wage money
    2. Revising the wage policy to allow a steeper pay chart thus allowing world class players to come in
    3. Changing our stance on the acquisition of world class players thus allowing us to bid for players in the 25m – 35m range.

    Unless and until these things are done, no amount of money in the bank has any meaning or relevance to what happens on the pitch. We have been through this mince machine eight years running; have we learnt nothing? There is no hope while Wenger is in charge.

  14. Toli83

    Double gooner,

    Your right and wrong I was t Stamford Bridge and we fought back, very unlucky. Both of their goals shouldn’t have stood and Giroud had converted one of his six chances we would have snatched a draw at their place.m

    Funny to think how UTD , Chelsea and even City could be hunting for new managers. We need to get in early and get our business done.

    Agree with Keyser, you don’t really buy players for signal of intent , they are purchased because they better the squad amd first XI. Big names are needed, not Rooney in my opinion.

  15. Moray

    It’s really very simple. This is what needs to happen:

    Squad size…down

    We also need to start to prepare and train our team for games like a professional football club. Having no particular strategy to deal with Bale is excactly why he ripped us a new one. Same with Messi and a hundred other talented players over the last decade or so. It is inexcusable that a manager on 7m a year cannot tactically prepare his team effectively. Our continuing underperformance against the better sides is no accident.

    Also, the fact that we are scraping through by the seat of our pants every year into the top 4 is unacceptable. With all of the money we have available (and a sizeable wage bill), our rivals should not be Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton. Things have to change, and they have to change quickly. With Man Utd and most likely City and Chelski changing managers next season, I believe an ambitious (outside bet) club has a good chance of winning the Premiership title. Whether that is us or not depends on the ambition and humility of our manager. I am not holding my breath…

  16. KJafc

    I agree with a lot of what you say but this was a good result, so not sure why all the negativity, its almost like people are wishing for failure. I would rather be in our shoes than Spurs. They have to win at Stoke and that will not be easy.

    I do some charity work with disadvantaged kids. I don’t need a doctor, they give me all the perspective I need.