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Arsenal from the boardroom

Morning sports fans, it’s Tuesday, which is technically a Monday to me and my fellow countrymen, so it’s been a tough morning. Real tough.

I missed the Wenger interview on Theo yesterday. The 20 goal man has always harboured ambition to play through the middle, and this season, he’s occasionally made a good case for that. However, Wenger has poured cold water on that dream.

‘He finished in the middle,’

‘I use him on the flank because I try to put a player in the middle who can score goals and having another player on the flank who can score it gives you a little bit of security.

‘He (Walcott) is more mature in his finishing. His goal was similar to the one he scored against Manchester United. It’s a short back lift.

‘He makes good runs and he is calm now in front of goal. When he arrived [from Southampton], in front of goal the ball could go anywhere.

‘Now you see every time he hits the target, he is forcing the keeper into a save.
‘That’s why his numbers are so much better.’

He’s banging them in from outwide because he’s more instinctive in front of goal. For me though, as a striker, he’s a long way from what you need as a loan man. All he really has is pace and a shot. He can’t hold the ball up, he can’t battle  in the air and he doesn’t have that magic a player like Robin has.

So it makes sense we have a high scoring wideman.

Elsewhere, the club are about to announce their new ticketing technology. They’ve been working hard to maximise their IT infrastructure especially in that particular area.

After undertaking fan interviews, they established a few reasons fans don’t sell back to the club. It mainly centred around the worry of who would take your seat. Now, I also highlighted the sad fact that sometimes you can’t give tickets away because we’re not an attractive proposition like we were years ago… but that fell on deaf ears.

Anyway, the solution they’ve come up with centres around a friends and family list of ten. You punch into your member portal who you’d like to give your tickets to. They get an email which lets them print off a hard copy of the ticket. They can buzz into the game on the new barcode enabled ticket booths.

Good times I say. At least all that messing around with plastic tickets is wiped out! However, as I said earlier, my fear is technology isn’t the main cause of empty seats… it’s he product on the pitch.

We’ll see though. What the system does do is open the fanbase up to reward schemes. Arsenal can operate a club card scheme like all the major supermarkets. That gives Arsenal more data to improve consumption and it gives fans a reason to pull their finger out and ensure 100% capacity utilisation on their ticket… because everyone likes 15p of baked beans in the Super Store.

It also highlights the glamour ticket buyers (you know the banks who buy up huge blocks of tickets they can’t shift on)… and gives the club the chance to pressure them into using them. How that’d go down with Goldman Sachs hospitality is a different story. I’m waiting for the day when all of this can be controlled from a smartphone app. It would be nice if aside from being able to pass on your ticket to a friend, you could donate it back to the club so people could get cheap tickets on the gate, or perhaps they could go to school kids or something. This is the first step in the right direction… and it’s a positive ‘consumer first’ story.

Goal have reports running this morning that we’re after both Jovetic and Lewandowski. Now, I’d heard that we’re chasing the Dortmund forward and that we are talking to his agent. Us… and about ten other clubs. From what I’ve been told, it’s highly doubtful we’d spend the best part of £50m on two strikers. It wouldn’t make sense when you consider the holes we have in the rest of our starting 11. That said, a marquee striker and a Remy wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. I think one of the reasons Lewandowski is attracting so much interest, bar his age, clinical finishing and size… is that his contract doesn’t have much long term in it. I don’t think he’ll be going for the £40m being touted, which puts him in the reach of anyone who is willing to make a suitable bid… and match his £10m a year wage demands.

If we’re going to go big this summer and smash the wage structure… well, he’d be the striker to go for. He’d be the statement of the year. I guess it depends on many things. How attractive are Bayern to him? How much does he like being the main man? Does he want to come to London? Would he accept being part of a project? So many questions… but we’ll have to wait and see. We’ve proved over the years, if desire is there to bring someone in… we can do it. If we landed him, he’d be the biggest statements of intent since Bergkamp.

… I’m sure even the Goldman boys would turn up if he was snared.

Our keeper has been in the news again for reasons which seem to have split the fan base. Basically, he can’t keep his mouth shut. One good save and Mr Arrogant is back.

“If we win our next two games it will be enough because either Chelsea or Spurs will drop points because they play each other,”

“If you look at Chelsea’s fixtures, they have Tottenham and Everton left and they won’t be easy games. And Tottenham do not have enough quality, so there you go.”

Now, firstly, it’s quite clear Spurs do have the quality this season. The only thing that’s let them down is their size of squad really. For me, the comment is totally unnecessary and it’ll likely act as a motivating factor for the game. You can imagine AVB will have that quote pinned to the dressing room wall on Wednesday night. It’s just an unnecessary thing to have come out and said… it’s the type of quote you read and thing, ‘fu*k me, if Spurs finish ahead of us, they’ll have that on t-shirts next year’.

Anyway, it is what it is…  but this ‘oh, he just loves Arsenal so much’ nonsense people peddle on his behalf really grates. Wasn’t he talking about Barcelona the last time he saved a penalty?

Right, finally, a bit of fun from one of the guys on Twitter who is a black cab driver. Can you decipher this?

‘Mate, I took 2 agents & player to Colney last Thursday from Heathrow, one agents surname Neilsen, Black German player about 25, any idea?’

Finally, on this day 2006, we played our last game at Highbury (Courtesy of @Donaldo1998). It’s been a tough slog since them… but whatever your views of the new stadium are, it was a move that needed to happen. I do wonder whether we’ll ever have the same feeling for the new place? How can the club make the match day experience more special? Or is it just providing a team that competes? It’s a tough ask. I still think they could do more with the space outside the ground. I know there are restrictions on merchandising. Couldn’t the club make an exception? Even for food stalls… if you give more reason to come to the stadium plot, surely a bi-product of that will be people there earlier and in the ground earlier?

Ok, so that’s me brain dump for this morning. Have a good one.

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  1. Johnty79

    David villa is a disaster waiting to happen, only take on loan or on a 12 month contract. Not the player he was and attitude is questionable…dortmand striker who I can’t spell….don’t make me laugh….

    Realistic signings……

    Remy 6m
    Samba 6m
    French unknown 2m
    African unknown 300 k

    Plus these will not happen if we finish forth.. Or and vermalen and poldolski to leave as our squad is too strong!

  2. Cesc Appeal


    But what do you rekon on him? People were raving about him earlier in the season, saw a fair few who’d sign him on here.

  3. kwik fit

    De Guzman would be good call. He’s on loan as well so could be available.
    It looks like Gonalons or Capoue though for the centre mid birth.

  4. Johnty79

    Cesc,he never played for psv??? But I suppose for uefa cup next year hell be fine….I think Swansea r bankers for relegation next year…joey schector of Swansea is quite possible the worst player I’ve ever seen. Chamack doesn’t give a shit but schector is just awful. Seriously watch him awful…

  5. Johnty79

    It must be said said spurs new stadium designs are what I want from a stadium….no exec boxes behind the goal. Plus is it only me but doesn’t the emirates feels like its made from Lego????

  6. SpanishDave

    I think Wenger will try to buy a bigger player to try and use the situation to prove he is worthy of a contract extension, buying votes a la politics.
    The fact is we need 4 quality signings and he will not do that otherwise he could spoil Diabys career.
    I dont think we will win both remaining matches as both Wigan and now Newcastle are both in the shite.

  7. vicky

    I guess we have two sets of target for each position depending upon whether we qualify for top 4.

    Say If we qualify for top 4,we will look for someone like Jovetic.
    If we don’t,then someone like Remy will become our transfer target.

  8. kwik fit

    This day 10 years ago Arsenal beat Southampton 6/1 , the first game of their unbeaten run. Hard to believe its Ten years. WTF has the time gone.

  9. Johnty79

    Nasri m….samba would have won us the league in 2010 & 2011. He can’t run properly now but he can head the ball…listed as 28 but could be much older if taribo west is anything to go buy….count the individual mistakes koz cost us in his first two seasons…I hope the bayern rumours are true and koz sticks two fingers up to wenger. You can’t wait three seasons for a player to come good..song, Denison, flamini,bentner, cesc, koz, etc.. I want players to perform straight away..pires, vieira, overmars,Henry and to a lesser extent wiltord.

  10. Johnty79

    Nasri m, no team has ever won the premierleague with a centre back pairing of less than 6 foot average. Vermalen and kos was less than this therefore…….we would never win the league.

  11. Johnty79

    10 years ago was the killing of jermaine pennant. Hatrick then dropped for the cup final…motm in the 2007 champ league final…wasted talent by wenger who didn’t like his wide boy attitude. Should have been ahead of ljungberg in 2003 & 4.

  12. Johnty79

    My god it’s kozs 9 season as a professional…my god I bet he was a scrawny peace of piss back then….9 stone now after beefing up.what then?

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: samba would have won us the league in 2010 & 2011

    You constantly amaze me with your idiocy. Keep it up please

  14. vicky

    If Wenger had any intention of signing Samba,he would have done that a couple of years ago.

    It is very clear that Wenger likes defenders who are comfortable with the ball and pass the ball from the back.

    I am afraid Samba does not fit in to this category.

    Although I would have taken him a couple years ago. At the moment he is in wretched form.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: Jermaine Pennant,Should have been ahead of ljungberg in 2003 & 4.

    The gift that keeps giving.

  16. Johnty79

    I would settle for not winning a trophy in the next 3 years if it meant diaby not playing again…as I said before redondo gave back his wages to ac Milan after persistently being injured. What price diaby doing the same?

  17. SUGA3

    Pennant was a bit of a cock, I heard that he replied ‘That’s Mr Pennant for you’ to one of the Colney’s security guards’ ‘Hi Jermaine’ at just 16 years old!

  18. Dannyboy

    Yeah Johnty… shite that Schecter isn’t he?

    Remember aswell when you used to say shit like ‘Vermaelen might be out of form, but we will get 20 million bids in the summer for him, can’t say that about the 8 stone french weakling…’ how’s that working out big guy?

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    Pennant had a lot of bad shit to deal with as a kid and he was never the brightest, but he did really mess his career up

  20. kwik fit

    Its all going down to the Newcastle game. Pardew is a manager I have never warmed to. His only redeeming feature was hitting Wenger. God knows he deserved it.
    Pardew however is in love with himself and he believes in his own hype. Mind you he’s not alone.
    If Wigan don’t win tonight I think were in big trouble cos every one else are then safe.

  21. Dannyboy

    Pardew will stop at nothing to fuck Wenger off, even if they are safe on the final day he’ll still fire his players up so we neeed to be careful there. Just hope Wigan win this so Pulis can’t gift wrap Spurs the 3 points at the weekend!

  22. kwik fit

    Pennant would have needed fergie to look after him in his early career if he was to have fulfilled his potential.
    Wenger is about has useful has a used condom in a whore house in that respect.

  23. Dannyboy

    this is bad news… they will come to Emirates all Guns blazing and probably play our unmotivated slackers off the park.

  24. SUGA3


    you’ve got that one right, there is not a lot one could desire as far as using OGL as a textbook example of a piss poor man manager is concerned 😆

    it is no coincidence that the success years were those when the squad was full of seasoned pros who have been there and done that, coupled with a number of old guard who instilled the right attitude towards the shirt, this team pretty much managed itself, kudos to Wenger for showing alkies how to squeeze a few more miles out of their car wreck bodies, but that’s about it!

    roll on to 07/08 season, this was to be the all conquering team, yet when it mattered, there was no appropriate action to shake the ranks into shape, especially that they expected their demi god of a manager to provide solution, yet Wenger shat himself an the rest is history…

  25. SpanishDave

    If Wigan loose tonight and the cup final they will down mentally for us, plus by attacking us to win they will be exposed at the back. If we cannot beat then after over a weeks rest then we deserve nothing.

  26. Dannyboy

    Wigan should be legally allowed to sack that piece of shit on the spot for that pathetic last minute cross… The amount they are paid these days and he can’t even keep the fucking ball in play. Useless cunt!

  27. Jeff

    Yes Kwik. Wigan will be fighting for their lives when they play us and it’s not going to be pretty. It could also work to our advantage though. They won’t be playing “park the bus” football so maybe the must win condition will draw them out leaving spaces to be exploited.

  28. ranxzy

    “this is bad news… they will come to Emirates all Guns blazing and probably play our unmotivated slackers off the park.”

    Wigan were 1-0 up, 2-1 up and then end up losing 3-2 in a must win game against a team with nothing to play for. If that sack of shite play us off the park, we deserve Thursday night football.

  29. kwik fit

    Plus Jeff ,Newscastle will be safe and probably more relaxed. Given the drubbings they have had in the past two home games 3 and 6 they will be right up for it.
    Ours is definitely the must difficult of the three.

  30. Dannyboy

    kwik, I wouldn’t agree with you that ours is the most difficult of the three, however knowing how Wenger sends the players out to just ‘play their own game’ and forget about the opposition, you may well be right. Those two teams will be right up for it, and Wenger wont have even considered the effects that may have on the outcome.

  31. kwik fit

    Telegraph reporting tonight;

    Alex Ferguson is understood to be giving serious consideration to ending his 26-year reign as Manchester United manager. More follows

    Jelly and Ice cream on standby?

  32. dave


    Please don’t go down the “they’ll be fighting for their lives” mentality. They are 3rd and 4th from bottom for a reason. I’d rather those 2 games to get to CL football then Spuds and Everton.

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    I think Wigan losing was the better result for us. They should be knackered after Wembly, and they’ll need a win against us, so the game should be open and easier for us, plus if we beat them there’s bigger chance Newcastle will be safe

    By the way lots of rumours about Fergie quitting…

  34. ranxzy

    I think we need to be a bit less negative about things. Newcastle are clueless and I’d love to see how they would get battered if they relaxed against us after we only put 7 past them in the last game. Walcott will probably score another hatrick against them because they are without a prayer.

  35. kwik fit


    If Spurs get anything tomorrow then their two games are the easier. Stoke are already safe and Sunderland at home is a banker safe or not.

  36. Dannyboy

    Kwik/NM, didn’t they say he was quitting over 10 years ago? The only way that man will leave old trafford will be in a wooden box. Even then he’ll still be screaming at officials!

  37. Dannyboy

    Although it could have some truth to it, United have a very intelligent BoD, so maybe they have asked Fergie to step upstairs so they can get Mourinho in long term, before Chelsea/PSG nab him.

  38. Alex James

    As I have been saying for weeks, a need to win at Newcastle fills me with real fear. Regarding Fergie, great if he were to go but means the classless club would end up with the special one. Think I would rather have Ferguson.

  39. kwik fit


    Under normal circumstances I would agree but ATM we are useless in front of goal. Its hard to see us scoring more than one goal in any game. We are afraid to shoot, don’t know how to take a corner and are clueless on free kicks. Other than that were fine.

  40. kwik fit

    Alex you can’t be serious about preferring fergie to Maureen. Maureen is an acquired taste who wants everything his way. He may do well in the short term but
    he would never be on fergie’s level IMO.

  41. Alex James

    kwik the reason I say this is that Fergie has got a lot of things wrong recently, and I wonder whether his mindset is finally going to prove his undoing. Whereas, Jose is a really good tactician and motivator, and he is younger. It could be that the Utd board would consider him too hot to handle. Bobby Charlton hinted as much in a remark he made last year. Oh well, not our problem.

  42. kwik fit

    Its probably only a hoax anyway Alex.
    Fergie will probably be in charge for the next Twenty years, Someone once said ‘ Only the good die young’ 😉

  43. Alex James

    Kwik Like it. Twenty years! Would that mean we would see Giggs playing at 60? Until he goes, I will never feel that we shall see the last of that ruddy team.

  44. kwik fit

    Alex next season their will be zimmer frames on the touchline when Scholes and giggs are warming up. Fergie will be pushed on in a wheel chair still wearing that black coat.

  45. Dan Ahern

    Crazy news day.

    – We’ve gone from rich to filthy rich (Puma deal announced just in time to distract from missing CL)

    – Fergie re-ups for 10 more years (says he’ll retire, we all know what that means)

    – Rooney wants to go to BM (just like every other footballer on earth)

    – Gareth Bale is a vapid poseur (okay this one’s not technically news)

    There was also something about Puyol moving to Milan, but I wasn’t sure if they meant he was donating his body to science or what.
    Expect a good 3000 words on LG tomorrow!

  46. Dannyboy

    so we’ve gone from £7 million and £5 million a season on shirt and stadium sponsors, up to £30 million and £35 million. Wow, dunno what Gambon will make of it tomorrow, but that sounds impressive to me, hats off to Gazidis and co.

  47. sixx pac

    Crazy we can still get these deals after being trophyless for 8 years. Shows just how big a draw we still are.

  48. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The Arsenal Player that is going to be free online will open up a whole new advertising space for our sponsors and that is why i believe the deals are coming along now.
    Worldwide exposure to new and developing markets online.

  49. Dannyboy

    1886-2006, if it’s true that AP will be free from next season, then that’s great news! Maybe we’re finally seeing some of the massive money in the club filtering out to the fans!

  50. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The money that filters out will be insignificant compared to the revenue that rolls in via shirt and other merchandise.
    Hopefully the new revenue will attract better players and a top replacement for the manager when he decides to leave.

  51. Kiyoshi Ito

    Oh dear,AFC are diversifying overseas..

    Realising how disgruntled the AFC domestic fans are, & are now being proactive in forming international regional partnerships & screwing over the naive international fans..

    Now call me a cynic,maybe I’ve got this back to front,or just being a total pessimist..

    But with all the money rolling in..

    Who the heck is Mr Wenger going to buy?

    Outside of Lewandowski,Goetze,Cavani,Falcao?

    More money in the bank,less to spend is the clubs operative..

    Now we go international..?!!

    Oh well,a happy summer for all…!!

    We await the big signings,with a massive carrot in our mouths,asking the question in Bugs Bunny’s words”What’s up Doc?”

  52. TitsMcgee

    That’s interesting news regarding Puma.

    VEry very curious.

    But in Nike was taking the piss and Puma are game then you take it.

  53. TitsMcgee

    Nike has been getting real lazy with our kit designs of late as well.

    With Dortmund we’d be the biggest club they provide kits for at club level.

  54. monty

    Sell giroud,podolski,gervinho, : 35mill
    Bring higuian,jovetic,benteke: 57 mill.total spend 22 million, bring cesc or isco. Diame and capoue, Raul albiol and Diego Lopez. Wat u guys think.

  55. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    All new deals that increase the financial clout of the club are to be welcomed. Good recent signs of Tom Fox and crew starting to earn their keep after 3 years!

    Every deal increases the capacity of the club to sign the big players.. and marginalizes Wenger and backs him further into a corner and removes his excuses not to spend.. “This team is good enough to win…” blah blah..

    The fact that he does or has not is not reason to criticise the club for doing the deals and building the cash reserve and future spending power.

    One day.. one fine day… someone will spend it! Whether it’s Wenger or his successor is neither here nor there and the club should be congratulated for getting off their arses and doing good deals like the Puma deal (hopefully it’s true) and the announcement of the new deal in India.

  56. Kiyoshi Ito

    Hah,this time this year,its the freaking commercials..Swimming in money-huh..?

    Hah..Let’s see what the scared-monger–Wenger”The Terrified” does with it…!

    Probably resigns Squillaci(contract due to end this season),on a £60k contract?

    Great Mental Strength..!!

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    £34m a year is about as much as we were ever going to get Impressive. Now let’s spend some of it

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    Ties in with Wenger saying we were in a much stronger financial position.

    Chances of us spending this summer have just gone up.

  59. Kiyoshi Ito

    I don’t care how much money we are accumulating right now..

    Wenger is key to the problem..

    He has, as much said,if he was given a £100million,he would give it back..

    IG & Co,can develop all the money,but if the man on the footballing front,is refusing to budge,what use is it?

    There are no footballing brains,on the board to challenge the senile man..?

    He decides which players he wants,tactics,motivation,subs,etc,etc..

    It’s like giving a degenerate gambler a million,to change his life..

    What does he do?

    Spunk it up the wall& on the casino tables,thinking his revolutionary theory,will eventually come good & that will be his swan song?

    Geez,it gets worse..!!

    People jizzing,over the commercials…

    I am,about to pass out…

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    If Fergie does go and Mourinho replaces him, I’ll spend some time of the next few weeks laughing at Chelsea fans.

  61. Kiyoshi Ito

    If Wenger is still in charge next season,despite what money he has available,we will still finish either in the top4,or the top 5..


    This club,has got brainwashing down to a tee!!

  62. Kiyoshi Ito

    Yeah laughing at a club that’s won almost 10 trophies over 7 years..& a CL Cup-last year..

    Yep,keep laughing..

  63. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: If Wenger is still in charge next season,despite what money he has available,we will still finish either in the top4,or the top 5..

    That’s good news then. Would hate to finish outside it.

    Think you need to get some sleep, you seem far to determined to try and find a non-existent down side to us signing a good commercial deal and Fergie leaving.

  64. Kiyoshi Ito

    A significant portion of Arsenal fans,are fast becoming like Spud fans..

    Swimming in the misery of other clubs& hoping other results go for us,without helping ourselves..

    “Let’s spend weeks laughing at Chelsea fans,if Jose goes to Man Utd”

    “Oh,its great Manure got dumped by RM”

    “RVP is a c**t,for taking that penalty against us”

    “Bale that c**t,he scored the last minute goal on Sat”

    “Fergie played a weakened team against Chelsea,what a c**t”

    The bile spills forth,until the end of the season..

    Tonight’s match should be a classic..

  65. Johnny5

    Fucking hell vix,

    I’m considered a bit if a doomer but even I see the puma deal as a bonus. Credit where credits Due, they held out for more £££ and got it.

  66. Kiyoshi Ito

    All well & good…

    What is Mr Wenger,going to do with it..?

    Oh,I get it,if he is about to sign out..

    “I’ll go out in a blaze of glory,& sign some super quality,just to pull back some of the glory?”

    In that case,what was he doing,for the best part of the 7 years..?

    Steadily accumulating his own personal warchest to the tune of £50 million..?!!

    & if he does not spend,despite the alleged increase in commercials..?

    Then what..?

    He is a so-called principled man,intent on doing it his way?

    Either way,the man needs to take a bow!

    He’s had you all,whilst all of France are heralding him as the Great Man,that done the English!!
    Busying minting himself& his mates back in France..

    He’s had you over a barrel,for almost a decade…

    Wake up!!

  67. Nasri's Mouth


    You do realise that laughing at other teams misfortunes is something that all football fans do yeah?

    Scratch that, you clearly don’t, you’ve gone into some sort of manic overdrive this morning as Arsenal have had some good news. Now I can appreciate it’s not as though we’ve just won the league or the FA cup or signed Messi, but no-one is actually saying that, and it IS good news.
    Suggests you’re just desperate for us to fail

  68. Johnny5


    I see it this way if he’s got cash available an doesn’t buy proper quality players this summer then no contract. No contract means no wenger no wenger means money will be spent by incoming manager.

    Alternatively if he does spend and does well he will get a new contract next year all these commercials will come into effect an there’ll be no excuses for failure to spend so if we do badly and he doesn’t spend I’m confident he will get sacked. But you never know we might win something play better and not have to put up with much more bullshit.

  69. Kiyoshi Ito

    Look at the man’s statements over the years..

    “I’ll only buy,if there is better”

    Every freaking year,he comes out with that..(Currently Giroud,Theo,Gervinho)

    “Judge me in May”

    For the past 5 years..

    “This is the best squad,I’ve ever had”

    For the past 5 years

    “We played with the handbrake on,but with have supreme quality& great mental strength”

    For the past 5 years,& still no silverware& finishing within top 4..

    Flitting b/w 3rd& 4th for the past 5years..

    “If we sell Cesc& Nasri,then we will not be considered a big club”

    2 weeks later,bang..sold!!

    We could go on& on..

    The man,has taken all of us for a ride..

    The boy that cried wolf,springs to mind!!

    Personally,don’t care about the commercials,as long as he is in charge!!

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    Poor Vix, must have been hoping for us to sign a really bad deal so he could have had a good moan about it.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    So it’s Puma then, £150 Million over 5 years, biggest kit deal in Britain. Will start making kits end of 2013/2014 season.

  72. Kiyoshi Ito

    Commercials have bugger all to do with matters that have happened on the pitch..

    8-2 Man Utd
    4-0 AC Milan
    3-2 Blackburn
    CC-Final B’ham
    BM-CL-1st Leg..

    Now battling for 4th place,hoping for other results to go our way..

    The man is done!!

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    I think ManU’s deal is bigger. They gain additional income through their deal.

    However, it’s still a very decent deal, beats everyone else, and will put a lot of pressure on Wenger and co to have to spend some money.

    So, unless your name is Vix, it’s good news.

  74. Johnny5


    I think he’s done too but now there’s extra money in the pot this year extra income for next season due to commercials. This means there’s no more excuses to not strengthen. If he comes out with the usual bollocks even staunch wenger supporters will be saying its time to go. He will have nothing to hide behind then and will either have to adapt or get booted out of the club.

  75. Johnny5

    But he might prove us all wrong spend money win us some silverware if he does fair enough if he doesn’t then fuck him off and. Get in a manager who can push us on.

  76. Kiyoshi Ito

    One could have crap commercials & a fantastic manager..
    It’s how you utilise the resources to the best of your ability..

    Swansea is a case in point,especially with B.Laudrup..
    A season,or two in the EPL & a COC..

    Mr Wenger,has had everything

    60k stadium
    Prime Location..Besides location,location,location is a sure fire start to have an edge above everyone else..

    Great Stadium
    Great training facilities
    Support of the BoD
    Great Fanbase..
    Access to the best advisors& facilities

    What more do you need?

    What a cash injection of almost £300 million,to get you to get motivated& shake a leg?


  77. gambon

    Man Utd are looking for a £1bn 15 year deal from Nike, so we will see how competetive £30m pa is.

    Still, its good to see the commercial team doing their job. When Fox and Gazidis came in we were making £44m pa commercially,.

    We have revolutionised the commercial team, brought a lot of people in, and with the deals in the pipeline (excluding any further deals) our commercial revenue should look like:

    This season: £57m
    Next season: £78m
    2014: £100m

    So thats an additional £56m that can go into buying players or paying wages.

    The pressure really is on Arsene now, will he change, i just cant see it.

    If we finish 5th this season its also a bit of a waste, and Wenger should rightfully be sacked.

  78. Johnny5

    Dude if you can’t see the positives and how it may benefit us either way it ends up going then I would seriously suggest giving up supporting football and focus on something else.

    The biggest thing we lack is quality money means there’s no excuses to not buy it. If the same thing that’s happened previously then bye bye wenger

  79. KJafc

    Hi Kiyoshi,

    Al, Mayank, Jeff.

    Kiyoshi, thanks for the ‘insight’ into how things work here. Interesting. Sorry for the late response, I decided to check the blogs historical content, so i could make an informed response.

    Le Grove a Lions den? You are having a laugh. I would call it more a cyber
    playground full of opinionated bully’s, devoid of respect for fellow fans.

    Minds are already made up and it appears from some of the comments that LeGrove is a being used as a ‘protest’ blog? If so, there is no point trying to
    offer considered comment and I have made a mistake in believing this was for Arsenal fans to exchange views. What is the point in joining something where most of the fellow posters/fans just want an argument, based on the arrogant viewpoint that theirs is the only opinion that counts. (The strapline of the blogsite seems to contradict this by the way). It is clearly irrelevant if you are a gooner or not. Offer up a comment that is not agreed with and you get questioned about your Arsenal heritage (Gambon). Still not sure why that is relevant or voids an opinion but all went quiet when my 45 years plus support was pointed out.

    As for his/her further insults and accusations about me ‘not understanding football’ and ”back to the drawing board for you’, these childish remarks are clearly based on his ignorant assumption that my football knowledge is
    inferior to his/hers. He/she does not know me so Condescending comments based on ignorance from somebody hiding behind a computer, says more about his/her understanding.

    It seems a very odd way to behave towards fellow supporters. I can understand, some degree of abuse dressed up as sarcasm on a thread with rival fans but amongst our own fans?

    Back to the topic,
    one in which I am informed ‘has been done to death’ and where further
    opinion is not required. As a new poster I was unaware that subject was now ‘off topic’. Apologies for that. perhaps you could post a list of things that can be discussed, so I know next time not to upset anyone.

    However, I hold firm in my belief that if a world class player is wanted by us, Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd we could not outbid them. We could go to £500k per week but what makes people think the others would give up
    bidding, they wouldn’t. Strange that my criticism of the aforementioned clubs caused such offence.

    Rightly or wrongly, we do not have a rich owner writing off debt which means we have a budget to keep within that the others do not. I am neither supporting or disagreeing with the club and the managers stance, I am merely reflecting the sad state of affairs that rich owners are allowed to buy a football club and ‘buy’ success with what amounts to bribes, instead of
    building it. Personally I think it is cheating. If we all had rich owners feeding their egos where would it stop? Where would the wage ceiling be? And what carnage would follow. Someone has to lose.

    As a fan investing in the support for the club I love, it makes my blood boil that some Arab or Russian can buy a club with no history and use his immense wealth to ‘bribe’ the best players, developed at other clubs, to join his massive ego trip.

    I wanted to discuss the over rated Jovetic, a player that I do not believe is good enough for us but if this subject has been done too, i will avoid.

    Whatever happens, i hope this great club gets the success it richly deserves and our fans all stick together. It really is a great club.

  80. Verymessi

    Puma is shite, what were they thinking?

    Oh yeah, same as usual, the fucking bank balance and directors dividends.