Arsene wants to stay | Cesc has to tell Barca he wants Arsenal

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It’s QPR away today which should make for a pretty easy game. They have many quality players, far too many to find themselves in a relegation battle, but that’s what you get when the only attraction to your club is an outrageous pay packet.

Apparently it’s absolute carnage behind the scenes. Nobody gives a crap about the club, they have major cliques and Harry doesn’t have things under control at all. It all makes for simple prediction, but this is the Premier League and Arsenal are Arsenal.

We have a relatively fit squad of players to pick from. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jack back in the fold today. I’m not sure if Podolski will start after his poor performance against United. That said, if the plan is to convert him back into a striker, lining him up against QPR wouldn’t be a bad pick me up. Their defence has been a shambles all year. Chris Samba really didn’t justify that horrendous outlay. How’s that going to feel in the Championship?

Anyway, it should be a good game. It’ll be the last time we see QPR in the league for a while.

In other news, the crescendo of a week of serious PR for Arsene and his future was met at yesterday’s conference.

“I want to stay (on past 2014) if I do well and if I consider or the club considers that I do well, that is all.”

An interesting way of framing his desires. I can’t imagine the club think he’s doing too well at the moment. Red empty seats dot the stadium, fans are spitting blood online and I’d suspect there has been an impact on things like shirt sales. The management are clearly hurt by the impact of Wenger’s transfer policy over the last few seasons and the performances are clearly unacceptable.

Wenger isn’t dim… he’ll want to keep this job and the prestige that goes with it and I’m sure he’s privately accepted making a splash is the only way to go this summer. The noise around Cesc Fabregas is real, but he’ll have to push for the move. Villanova said as much yesterday. Arsenal will have spend big to bring him back, but from what I understand, they still have outstanding payments on Song.

He’d be an incredible player to bring back…

We’re also looking out for a top class striker, a keeper, a centre back and a midfielder. Expect the striker to be a major purchase. I know Wenger has made noises about Remy, but from what I’m hearing, we’re in talks with the agents of far more prestigious names. Whether they’re interested is another question all together. Do you want to be one of 4 great strikers, or do you want to be the main man? You’ll be the main man at Arsenal and the fans will adore you… that’s always appealing.

If Wenger wants the club to think he’s doing a good job, he needs to do a good job. He has it all to prove this summer. That’ll be fun to watch… let’s hope he has the magic touch, could be a very expensive balls up if we need up with 5 Gervinho’s.

That’s all I’ve got time for this morning. Keep it mega today people. Mega.

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  1. SUGA3

    even 4th is out of our hands, so we need a major miracle for 3rd, I think someone will have to make a stand and force Wenger’s hand early in the summer, there’s more to it than just having a squad of players, we need a competitive squad pronto, or the product will be less marketable, no?

  2. Paddy got up

    I am aiming for the 4th comment on page 4 of the comments section.
    If I pull it off that really is a 4th place trophy!!!!

  3. vcc

    We are shit at corners. So I do not understand
    6th trophy your snide comment at someone who made a half amusing point.

  4. chris

    Suga you need to chill
    Every game in the run in is difficult.

    BUT Wigan at home a few days after their cup final as the 4th game they will be playing in 10 days, with a more winnable game against AVilla coming up MAY be a bit tired and as they are prone to giving away shit goals at any moment anyway, Arsenal may well go into the last game with NUFC on 70 points and a GD of at least +32

    Chelsea are winning games but not consistently and the same for Spurs and probably both of them are quite a bit better than Arsenal on a player for player basis But Chelsea may not beat ManU
    And they may not beat Spurs
    If they don’t win either they’ve got a tough game away against a resurgent AVilla in good form just before the Europa League final when players won’t want to get injured and a tough home game a few days after the final against Everton, which may be Moyes’ last game.
    I don’t even make them clear favourites to finish 3rd

    As for Spurs, if they don’t beat Chelsea, they pretty much need to beat both Stoke away who will almost certainly be in park the bus and desperately try to get a point mode and Sunderland at home on a nervy last day against S’land who will very likely be in the relegation mix
    – and even then it may not be enough

    In a season where the team is only where it is through beating teams below it in the league more consistently than Chelsea Spurs and Everton, it’s very hard to say we don’t have the better run-in, which may make all the difference, even now.

  5. Gregg

    We have a 10 day rest until our next game which will be against a team that needs to play 4 times in 10 days and one of those games is going to be on a energy sapping Wembley pitch. It does concern me that we look pretty toothless right now but defensively we’re looking ok. You’d like to think we’d go right at Wigan from the start, like we did last week against Utd. I was kind of hoping Wigan would be relegated by the time we played them, thats unlikely now. It’s going to go to the last game

  6. rusty gunner

    Is Daniel Sturridge settled at Looserpool? Why did Wenger ignore him and opt for Giroud?

  7. telarse

    Pedro likely went out last night aiming for 4th place trophy munter but his mates pipped him at last orders and he ended up with 5th place hound!
    Seemed OK last night when he convinced himself he showed good quality and mental strength but this morning he’s realising that he’s gonna be on the receiving end of so much abuse!

  8. Senderoff

    So if Cesc was sold for 35m, Song for 17m. Then that’s 52m combined right?

    Right, so if we buy back Cesc for the original 35m. But use the 17m owed to us to offset it then, we could negotiate Cesc back for 18m (52m-17m).

    So effectively we are back to where we were before but have gained 35m in effect for Alex Song!

    What a wonderful man you are Mr Wenger!