Martin Keown: Supporting the children of Syria with Save the Children

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Word up people, a little charity mention from Save The Children. Please take a read and donate if you possibly can. I work with the and they’re a fantastic organisation full of people who genuinely care about making a difference.

Former Arsenal defender, Martin Keown, today (Thursday 2 May) officially opened a new Save the Children football pitch for Syrian children in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, as part of the Club’s global partnership with the charity.

The Arsenal legend, who made more than 400 appearances for the Club and was an integral part of the double winning sides of 1998 and 2002, spent two days visiting the camp to highlight the critical work being carried out on the ground by Save the Children. The international children’s charity is one of the largest organisations working in the camp, providing vital support for Syrian children and families that have crossed into Jordan to escape the Syrian civil war.

Some 120,000 people – more than half of them children – are sheltered at the Za’atari camp in the north of Jordan. Numbers continue to increase daily with hundreds of new arrivals from Syria. Save the Children, in partnership with UN agencies and Jordanian authorities, is working around the clock to help the Syrian refugees. As well as providing food and other essentials, the charity is providing emotional support for children who have suffered or witnessed brutal attacks within Syria and working to get them back into education.

During his visit to Za’atari, Martin heard some of the devastating stories from children that have been affected by the conflict, before meeting with Save the Children representatives to see how their work is making a difference on the ground. To complete his trip, Martin officially opened a new football pitch in the camp. For many Syrian children, playing football on the new pitch will give them the chance to regain a sense of normality following the horrific events they’ve experienced.

Speaking about his visit, Martin Keown said: “It’s been a truly humbling experience coming out here and listening to some of the stories of hardship from children so young. The strength and resilience that they show, having been through so much, is an inspiration and it’s been a privilege to support Save the Children’s important work and use the power of the Arsenal name to bring a little bit of hope and enjoyment to their lives. Football is a platform for bringing people together, instilling discipline, team work and a sense of achievement and wellbeing which are vital ingredients for future success.”

Speaking about the visit, Save the Children’s Chief Executive Justin Forsyth said “Arsenal has been a generous supporter of Save the Children’s emergency appeals in the past and this visit once again shows the Club’s commitment to helping ensure that children caught up in emergencies are not forgotten. Martin Keown’s visit has delivered a message of hope to the children living in Za’atari and has helped us raise awareness of the plight of children inside Syria and across the region, who are growing up in the shadow of this conflict.”

Through its charitable partnership, Arsenal has already supported Save the Children’s disaster relief work In Japan and East Africa. Next week the Club will launch an appeal for Syria at The Arsenal Foundation Ball, with money raised being used to fund temporary learning spaces for Syrian children and provide them with essential learning materials. These learning spaces will give many Syrian refugee children the opportunity to continue their education in a safe environment.

Save the Children

Save the Children works in more than 120 countries and helps to save children’s lives, fight for their rights and help them fulfil their potential. For more information visit:

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  1. Cheney10

    Great article… I live in Jordan via UK and the conditions at the camp are awful… Good to see us (Arsenal giving a little)…. 4th? And any chance Cesc4 might be back????? If only….. If only….

  2. Kiyoshi Ito


    A case of the boy who cried wolf,too many times..I’m afraid

    Majority of us,have all switched off..

  3. Goongoonergone

    Wenger: “I would love to stay…”
    Dear Mr Wenger, please go. You have over-stayed your welcome. There’s a large number of us who believe you are imposing your stay on us. We have had enough of your stay already- we only want a ‘super, super’ manager who can be a huge improvement on what we have already.
    Nothing for 8 years and you still believe you can do well. Battling for a fourth place trophy with your champagne socialist policy is for retarded commies. You lost your marbles a long time ago – PLEASE GO!!!

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Wenger was only going to give one answer when asked if he wanted to stay. Same with almost any manager.
    I do hope that the what the club considers as ‘doing well’ is better than we’re doing at the moment though

  5. zeus

    Edi Tubau, the Spanish international grass hockey player and Barcelona fan, has managed to cause a stir amongst the Barça ranks after his live tweets during his team’s overwhelming defeat.

    Tubau launched a tirade at Cesc Fàbregas on Twitter, accusing him of not working his socks off for his team. “Cesc, I’ll only ask one thing of you, to run your arse of in the second half. I ask you as a Barça fan,” he wrote first, in a message in Catalan directly addressed to the player’s account, @cesc4official.

    He was even more critical later on. “Seriously, it’s the 65th minute and you’re still not running? You’re not proud of the shirt. You should be ashamed of coming to Barça with that attitude,” he said. “We need to make signings, and good ones – not just for the media, but for our actual needs. And we need to be brave and sell the ones who think they don’t have to work hard here,” he assured.

    “Everyone criticises Alexis, but at least he pours his heart out in every game. Others don’t even break a sweat… right, Cesc?! That was quite a swindle you managed to end up here,” he said. “We need to sign a winger who can break, a centre forward and a good German style centre back, who’s big and imposing. And the stars, or those who think they are, can go.

    ”He also asked the press to get on the case of “the freeloaders who were on the pitch”.

  6. zeus

    And the campaign by Marca marches on.


    The Camp Nou points its finger

    The people rule, and the majority is usually right. If we take these two ideas and apply them to the fans in the Camp Nou over the last few matches, then the people have quite clearly decided who their weakest links are – and they might just be right.

    The four players under the public’s beady eye are Cesc Fábregas, who was booed considerably during the Bayern de Munich game (and that wasn’t the first time, either); Alexis Sánchez, who as of late has taken quite a lot of stick from the Culé fans; Dani Alves, who has been irregular all season; and David Villa, who has been looking for more of a leading role in the team.

    Tito Vilanova himself has said that the club is in need of new blood: “It’s clear that we need reinforcements, every year we do, but it’s not a case of changing everything or pulling everything to pieces”, the manager commented. That said, it’s quite clear that before signing, those that do not form part of the club’s plans need to be shown the door one way or another.

    The player seen by the fans as public enemy nº1 is Cesc. He started the year well and as a starter. One of Tito’s preferred players, he was even allowed to play as a forward when Messi wasn’t there to do the job. Now, however, the masses blame him for the club’s disappointments, and the player has said that he’s not happy.

    It is worth noting that the four players that the Camp Nou has identified as the main culprits have cost the club €150 million: Cesc, 40; Alexis, 38;Villa 40; and Alves, 32. Barcelona is looking to get back some of the money that it invested.

  7. Arsenal 1886-2006

    We should go for Cesc, tell Barca we will cancel the money they owe us for him and not a penny more. If they sell him we get 50% if what i have read the last couple of days is correct.

    Win win all round for us, we either get Cesc back or wenger makes a lump sum to not spend.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    I suppose when the best team in the world gets beaten 7-0, there has to be considerable fall out. Can’t imagine that some heads wont roll in the summer

  9. zeus


    Its not just about this hockey guy, Marca has been running story after story about fans blaming cesc for heavens no what.

    Hockey boy is but a reflection of the perception that Cesc must go. How far that perception goes, who knows?

    Its kind of Arsenal fans and Ramsey from what the Marca articles suggest.

  10. Mayank

    Cesc usually was the on running the most in matches he played in. Can’t imagine that’s changed.

    Fact is Xavi’s getting old and Tito’s not very good.

    Also, since their pressing game has dropped their defence has been horribly exposed.

    However, it is a fan-run club and it wouldn’t surprise me if Cesc and Sanches were booed. Once Barca or Madrird fans turn on a player he rarely turns it around. Also Cesc will be heading into his third season and if on top of not being a striker he’s booed I imagine that might be too much.

    This summer is going to be crazy. There’s actually a chance Ronaldo comes back to Utd, Mou to Chelsea and Cesc to Arsenal. A very, very remote chance but a chance nonetheless.

  11. Mayank


    Don’t listen to metal much but a friend went to a Slayer show not too long ago. He said it was by far the best concert he’d ever been to. Better live, than bands 20 years younger. Even met the band backstage. Albeit very briefly.

    His only regret was Jeff’s absence.

  12. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Seen them well over 40 times and loved everyone one of the gigs. Brixton and the Marquee were the best places to see bands when i used to go, these open air gigs are no good in my opinion, you lose the intensity and aggression that smaller venues provide.
    Real brutal in yer’ face music, probably a big part of the reason I have Menieres Disease (Inner Ear Disorder).

  13. Kushagra

    Arsenal 1886-2006
    May 3, 2013 17:26:41
    So a fella that plays a girlie sport is knocking Cesc, boohoo.
    Boooooo hockey players don’t dive and dope moreover he used to be top striker..

  14. Mayank

    Vilanova on Cesc: “He will continue, unless he asks to leave or the club receives an irresistible bid.”
    (Mundo Deportivo)

  15. Kushagra

    Tito is alright cancer affected him and the team . Need a better number two who is an accountant. At the start of the season they were more aggressive and lateral than Pep’s Barca . Tita a big fan of Cesc was looking to make him the lynchpin . Lack of squad and physicality ruined them but still comfortable winners of La Liga

  16. zeus

    Arsene doesn’t do irresistible. It was fun to dream if only for a while.

    If 25% selling on fee comes to Arsenal, what happens if we are the buyer btw?

  17. Kushagra

    Juventus have started negotiations with Fiorentina for Stevan Jovetic. Arsenel are also very interested. #afc [La Gazzetta dello Sport]

  18. Gooby

    what’s happening to song? is his head going to role too?

    poor boy who wanted to go top barca, good riddance i won’t have him back if i had to chose

  19. Mayank


    Don’t really get the point of keeping Tito. What have we seen in his tenure that convinces us that he’s a good manager? Cancer patients and survivors are recommended to keep stress to a minimum. There’s a good chance he himself may ask to leave.

    I don’t see Cesc coming back and neither do 99% of Arsenal fans but that’s not stopping anyone from fantasizing. Except SUGA3.

    As for metal, I don’t personally like it but music(like all art) is subjective and the ‘essence of music’ is defined by the listeners. As it stands metal has some of the most passionate listeners out there. It must be doing something right.

  20. Mayank


    “If 25% selling on fee comes to Arsenal, what happens if we are the buyer btw?”

    Wasn’t it 50%?

    Anyway for Arsenal there’s a buyback clause wherein we simply give back what Barca gave us.

    The fact that this cause is there is main reason I’m fantasizing. I know it could’ve been put in as a gesture of good faith but really, why go to all the trouble? As if negotiations aren’t hard enough.

    It seems to me Cesc/Arsenal wanted that clause because coming back was a real possibility.

  21. Kushagra

    I am the same old Kush
    As for Tito till the operation looked a pretty good manager to me was integrating Cesc and Iniesta pretty well Barca were comfortable in early classicos, walked through the league, conjuring big margins. Many cancer survivors are in stressful jobs even Abidal made a comeback.
    Cancer is less of a threat than it was in 1990s.
    On to metal I was jesting was expecting a reply from Kwik or 1886-2005. Agree with you on that ..
    Today is Satyajit Ray’s B’day amazing filmmaker gifted writer, check him out if you haven’t .

  22. Goongoonergone

    What’s all the craze and love-in here for Cesc Fabregas? The twit, he made all his pals at Barca keep making comments about his Barca DNA and how much he was loved at Barca while he kept quiet. Seriously, I don’t want Cesc, Song or our manager here. I want a manager with a winning mentality and especially one who knows how to work out our opponents. Tired of the crap we have become and the tedious tippy-tappy sideways and backwards style our manager forces us to watch season after season. Please leave, Wenger. And Fabregas and Song can stay at Braca for all I care.

  23. Mayank


    Yeah he did well early on but that may have just been the team.

    As for Satyajit Ray, I know of his contribution to cinema(one of my friends is trying for FTII in music) and have been meaning to check him out for a while. Classic movies are really not my thing though.

  24. Kushagra

    “Fàbregas himself spoke about his issues under Guardiola just before the start of the season, stating that “Under Guardiola I never really got to grips with the system”, continuing, “playing in central midfield was hard for me because I need more mobility and I am not quick off the mark in the first few metres… It is true that I am a bit anarchic, but that is my style.” Since Vilanova’s arrival, his tune has been changed somewhat. “Tito has made it clear that I need to play the way I know. I have to be mobile, look for space and help my team-mates by playing the easy ball.”

  25. Kushagra

    “The variation of the formation that Vilanova has moved to thus far sees the midfield three remain in a 1-2 formation, with Busquets sitting behind Fàbregas and Xavi, but in attacking moves, Fàbregas moves forward and Xavi slightly deeper, seeing it become something closer to a 2-1 setup. This is far more similar to the aforementioned role he had at Arsenal. His roaming makes him almost impossible to mark. As part of ‘looking for space’, he is just as comfortable operating further back when necessary. Xavi’s importance remains in the slower buildup play and the maintenance of possession, which remains so crucial to them, but it is Fàbregas who holds the primary creative responsibility. His anarchy has become his interpretation of conformity, just as it was in North London. His strong pre-injury showings may even have convinced Vilanova to place Iniesta on the left-hand side on a more regular basis, where he has been so fantastic for Spain, and from whence 8 of his 10 league assists have come this season.”

  26. Kushagra

    “Fàbregas’ season started as the last one ended. Shorn of confidence and re-adjusting to another new role, it seemed as though the pre-move sceptics could be proved justified in their arguments. His form began to improve steadily, aided by Vilanova’s continued use of him in central midfield. Until mid-November, he was Barcelona’s only outfield player to start every league game, illustrating both the faith the manager had in him, and the importance he possessed. It was not until the rather insane 5-4 triumph against Deportivo La Coruña that it felt like he was truly ‘back’. In that game he made three assists, two of which were trademark, defence-splitting through balls and the other a backheel to Messi that signalled the strengthening of the axis that the two were forming. From this point he replicated similar performances in almost every game he played, until he picked up a hamstring injury at the start of December.”

  27. Kushagra

    Xavi will remain in an important and extremely valued capacity, but tactically speaking, it is not his side any more. It is Fàbregas’. They have gone from a team reliant on Xavi’s lateral instincts to Fàbregas’ vertical style. Vilanova’s vision is a Barcelona led by him and his abilities, and it is more than possible that Spain will follow suit as Xavi’s years wind down. He was always too good to remain in the mire in which he was engulfed for so much of 2012. Now, it is his time; his era; his Barcelona.

  28. Gunner2301

    Fuck Fabregas the judas. Memories are short. He treated us like shit and disrespected us. If you accept Fabregas you might as well say Nasri or RVP could come back. Where do you draw the line?

    Now we’ll be making excuses about him wanting to go home or RVP is worse because he went to united so that makes it somehow different.

    The real story like so many of them before. They had no faith in the club wanted to win things and knew they could do that elsewhere.

    For me once you made that decision to abandon the ship (which I understand) then don’t come back.

    Why did Fabregas want the clause in? Because he knows Arsenal are a soft touch and he could win everything at his treasured Barca and when his best days are behind him he knows he can always come back for a good pay day.

    Instead of Favregas why don’t we think of players like Goetze (if he wasn’t going to bayern). Fabregas isn’t the only player on earth, but everyone’s acting like he is and wants to sweep all the shit we went through with him under the carpet, and I don’t care how good he is or will be its the principle.

    Well done Martin Keeown for your good work a great ambassador and a legend. It’s a shame others can’t measure up.

  29. dave


    I learnt a long time a ago not to have an emotional connection with players. Would Cesc improve our team? J
    He’s 25, yet to reach he’s peak. So yeah, I would welcome him back today.

  30. kwik fit

    Back in a heart beat!!!

    The little guy who ripped spurs to shreds. Once a gunner always a gunner. Arsenal DNA to the core.
    Kill the fatten calf Wenger…… the prodigal son returns!

  31. rusty gunner

    I really find this talk of whoever coming back somewhat sad. We really are getting stuck in the past. Can’t we think of building a new team? Bringing new players who can do better and differently? Is this what Wenger has brought us to? No aspirations, or imagination of something better than a mundane past? Let the past go and look to the furure.

  32. dave

    Rusty gunner

    Cesc is one of the best midfielders in the world. He has yet to reach his peak. He is the future. He has an affinity with Arsenal. The fans(most of the) would adore him. He is infinitely better than we have. He is within our price range. Why not?

  33. SUGA3

    I mean, look at yourselves: back in 2008/09 everyone said Hleb and Flamini were a pair of cunts and none of you would wants them back, yet they would improve the team that invented the wank crab football!

    ha ha, fucking ha!

  34. luke

    I am really conflicted about whether or not I’d want Cesc back. If he genuinely wanted to come back and admitted moving to Barca was a huge mistake I think I’d take him. Then again, the sight of him wearing that Barca jersey with Spain after winning the Euros makes my stomach churn.

    What a fucking player he was for us though. I don’t think there was a more effective central midfielder in the world during his peak with us.

  35. Samir

    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas, we’ve got Cesc Fabregas, WE’VE GOT CESC FABREGAS, WE’VE GOT CESC FABREGAS!!!!!

    I hope we’ll all be singing that song at the start of the season…

  36. SUGA3


    sorry mate, but Cesc has made his bed when he sulked, feigned injuries and passed to his new team mates before he even got transferred, zero class, RvP at least had some front to come out and say it as it is…

    I am old school, and in my book being a little fucking thief by the way of pocketing wages for doing more harm than good in the last season is mighty disprespectful, that’s all…

    but hey, what goes around, comes around, eh? Arsenal transfer dealings show exactly what bitch karma is:

    – Fabregas sneakily poached for peanuts and sneakily taken away with about £20M discount
    – Flamini taken on a free after being convinced to fuck his club over, need I go on?
    – ditto Chamakh (in the making, but you get my drift)

  37. SUGA3

    sure I can!

    that 07/08 team was called the rocket fuel of football, they just clicked, I believe in chemistry and that team was destined for great things, it’s just that Wenger thought it would be a better idea to piss the money down the drain on D******n and his ilk instead!

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Of course Cesc will be a scapegoat, for Barcelona fans facing up to the reality that their time is over and Bayern’s/Germany’s is now coming is too much.

    So they’ll blame guys like Fabregas/Sanchez etc in the same way Arsenal fans will talk about FFP and other magic dates instead of actually facing up to what’s wrong with the club.

    All season long I said Barca aren’t that great without the fat Argentinian, 7-0 just goes to show, totally out classed, out fought and out muscled in every department.

    Ivan Gazidis should be on that phone negotiating with Barcelona whilst Wenger is on the phone personally to Fabregas.

    £10 Million, plus a write off of the £25 Million debt should do it.

    Even if they got offer of £60 Million from someone else they’d only get £30 Million, the other £30 Million would go straight to us, PLUS they’d owe us £25 Million from the original deal (£55 Million to us so far) PLUS they’d already given us £10 Million…so they’d have paid us £65 Million and be negative to the tune of £5 Million.

    Credit where it’s due that contract we gave Barcelona is an utter mare for them. It basically means if they want to get rid of him, the only destination is Arsenal without them taking a financial hit!

    As such, Arsenal should play hard ball and offer exactly what they paid us, £35 Million…essentially meaning we pay them £10 Million, less than we paid for any of Gervinho, Podolski or Giroud! For Cesc Fabre-back!!

  39. SUGA3

    you do realise that it’s two seasons until Xavi hangs up his boots, then it’s Barca DNA bollocks all over again, right?

  40. dave


    I’m more about the here and now. Cesc went to his boyhood club. A season ticket holder of that club, was brought through their youth ranks and had all of his family still there. Yes he left us but that was understandable. RVP, left for Man Utd. I was at the Emirates last week. Did he have to take that penalty? Was it that important to Man Utd? Can it put it out of CL? Who is worse?

  41. SUGA3

    RvP at least had the bollocks to stand up to Wenger and give him an option first, if you want to blame someone for that pen, blame the tosser Sagna, RvP was going nowhere with that ball…

    would not mind one bit if Cesc stood his ground and went one season earlier, but what he did in the last season here, is inexcusable…

    fool me once and all that!

  42. SUGA3

    blaming RvP who was a model professional until his last day at the club for our potential (and highly possible) CL exit is laughable as we were in position to keep him or at least replace him adequately instead of buying some two bob French ponce who wouln’t score in a brothel with a fistful of £50 notes!

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Which is why you’d be smart with the contract.

    Install a buy out clause of £80 Million.

    If we put him on £150 000 a week and IF he decided to sulk again then sit him on the bench, we already waste about that on Arshavin and Squillaci.

    But I don’t think he will, if he manages to get back to Arsenal I think he’ll be quite glad. Like coming home…ironically.

    It’d be nice to put the shoe on the other foot for once, lets take Fabregas and Villa off them!

    You have a summer of Cesar/Adler, Williams, Richards, Fabregas, Gonalons, Villa and Jovetic.

    That’s an almost £80 Million spend…who would be complaining??

    Richards, Williams, Kozz, Monreal
    Fabregas, Gonalons, Wilshere
    Cazorla, Jovetic, Villa

    Outstanding line up. In my opinion anyway, with the bench we’d have you’ve got so much versatility as well.

  44. dave


    We’ll agree to disagree. I think Cesc would drive our team forward. You don’t forgive. I just want us to become competitive again. And ryp was a cunt last week for taking the penalty.

  45. luke

    Suga, yeah rvp stood up to Wenger, props. But he went to fucking Man utd. Cesc went to his home town joining the club he supports. Rvp aint from manchester and I thought he was an arsenal supporter as a kid. Robin was getting old and he got scared he would never win anything. Simple as that. He turned his back on the club that stuck with him through all of his injuries and horse placenta bullshit only to go to one of our worst rivals.

  46. SUGA3


    I happen to sympathise with a maverick amongst the average Joes who wants to drive the team forward, yet is marginalised or worse for the sake of ‘easy ride’ for the ones at the helm and let’s leave it at that 😉

  47. SUGA3


    my last post for tonight, as I am going out:

    I have more than once proven that the ‘sticking through the injuries’ bollocks is just that, because he had maybe two prolonged injury layoffs, apart from that the time out would hardly ever exceed three weeks…

    seriously, it’s not like his fitness record is Diaby-esque, is it?

  48. luke

    “I think some people had forgotten me a little bit. I could sense that when I scored my hat-trick against Wigan.

    I had the feeling that some people were surprised that I’d ever come back and do that for my club. Reading one or two articles was quite interesting, because apparently a few people didn’t really think that I would come back as strong a player as I’d previously been.

    I don’t have the inclination to go anywhere. This is the best team for me to be in. The bottom line is that I want to win trophies with Arsenal, not with anybody else. I know you can win trophies in many countries and in many ways, but I want to do that in our way and in an Arsenal shirt.

    I’m sure I could win things at another team in another country, but would it feel like our trophy, my trophy? I’m not sure it would. Anything we win here will come from the heart and that’s what I want. It’s my dream and I see no point in speaking about other teams when I have these dreams. I think other people know that about me; I’m just hungry to win with Arsenal and that’s it. ”
    -Robin Van Persie (can go fuck himself)

  49. reality check


    Omg! I remember when he said that. He was smiling from ear to ear. I also remember after one of those emirates cups tournaments. He gave an interview on the pitch. Said something similar.

    As a man. I understand why he left.

    As an arsenal fan, him saying that then going to utd confirmed for me, you can’t have any emotional attachment to these guys. Its a job. Nothing more.

  50. useroz

    Wenger reportedly said …

    Ruling out a move to PSG, again, he said, “I answered that question already. I respect my contracts. I want to stay on if I do well and if I consider or the club considers that I do well, that is all.”

    3rd and 4th are not doing well. Fuck him and whoever represents the ‘club’. Not for *+million a year.

    Even if he spends, this idiot doesn’t know how to spend anymore… Buying stupid french players including Remy for 10-15 m is a total waste of money.

    The club should ask Wenger to fix his mess (all those squill, chamakh, denilson etc) before he touches the new fund.

  51. goonerbone

    @reality check
    and that’s the truth! So you got workers going where the money and chance of winning is, managers who are doing the same – only that they are even more focused on the money. So who then must make sure to realize what reality looks like and make something good out of it? The friggin owner! None of you hate S(a)tan enough, and that’s what is wrong with this discussion from the start, because then you just ruminate projections or players who have let you down or the senile alsassian. There will be seasons in the abyss to come. God hates us all and hell awaits, unless S(a)tan is thrown out!

  52. Moray

    useroz, it depends what Wenger’s targets are. We don;t even know who sets them. Maybe himself

    To put it in player terms, we are paying Wenger a Messi salary for Heskey like performances.

    Wenger’s salary would buy most top managers, if we could attract them.

    Also, re the Cesc argument, I would take him back in a heartbeat, though I have no confidence our contract will be watertight re the first refusal etc. I reckon Wenger writes these fucking things himself, which is why Djourou had that ridiculous automatic pay increase rubbish going on.

  53. Arsenal 1886-2006


    ‘There will be seasons in the abyss to come. God hates us all and hell awaits, unless S(a)tan is thrown out!’

    Nice Slayer link there goonerbone, shame about Hanneman.

  54. useroz

    If we focus on winning, Cesc is not a bad option: still a very good creative force exactly what we lack atm; PL proven so less uncertainty and all; knows Arsenal (well…) etc.

    Any frustrations we may harbour, y’know the emotional side of things, could be offset by squeezing/ screwing Barca.

  55. Moray

    also, the good thing about having Cesc back (though I can’t see it actually happening) is that potentially we could become effective again on the counter attack.

  56. Gregg

    There’s a possibility that he could be offered back to us. Also I shouldn’t imagine they’ve paid us anymore than half of the fee already so the price won’t be an issue. However they’ll probably fancy Cazorla in return

  57. goonerbone

    knew you would pick it up… Shame indeed. No big slayerfan, but always loved metal slogans of all kinds.

    Wake up, Pedro, and bring us the news! What happened in the boardroom last night;-)

  58. SUGA3

    Cesc Fabregas has ruled out ever returning to Arsenal by saying he hopes to finish his career with Barcelona.

    Fabregas, who returned to first-club Barca from Arsenal in 2011, reportedly had a clause fitted to his contract allowing him to return to the Emirates if he was ever put up for sale.

    However, Fabregas says he has no intention of ever returning to north London, stressing that he hopes to finish his career with La Liga leaders Barca.

    ‘Now I have returned and I want to stay, if I can and if I deserve to, forever,’ said Fabregas.

    I rest my case 😉

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    I doubt Barca owe us much on Fabregas at all. Probably only a few bonus payments.

  60. WengersSweeties

    We really should move on from Cesc. As good as he is I can’t help but think that is another backwards move.

    I’d much rather suck all that money from Barca and bring in someone like Isco instead.

  61. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d agree about Isco, or at least by sniffing around the other La Liga sides. Could well be plenty of La Liga teams desperate for money this summer. Better pickings than trying to drag players away from Barca

  62. Kiyoshi Ito


    Fabregas,was never coming back..
    I said as much a few days ago when posting with Josip Skolbar
    Kiyoshi ItoMay 2, 2013 14:05:16

    Fans dreaming of his comeback,are living in cuckoo land..

    I suppose that’s down to the club,who’s niche,is to sell fans a dream,on a wish & a prayer..

  63. SUGA3

    konichiwa, Kiyoshi san 😉

    like I said before, I have plenty of good things going on in the summer, like my bestest mate’s wedding, a nice three week break back at the old country, some music festivals and a holiday somewhere sunny later on to top it all off, why should I bother myself with the sheer ineptitude of these playing running a football club?

    last summer I felt like I did not give a flying fuck anymore, only the momentary rage triggered by the sale of RvP proved me otherwise 😆

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    Not that I think he’s coming back, but that quote is both several months old and doesn’t actually rule out a move back, simply saying that he wants to stay at Barca if possible. If (as likely) it was made to one of the Spanish papers it’s also excactly what you’d expect him to say…

  65. Kiyoshi Ito


    Konichiwa Suga,

    Enjoy the summer,I will.

    Some people need to find other interests outside of AFC..

    It’s good for the soul!

  66. SUGA3


    it is there in my garage, still needs a few tweaks, but I will now leave it to professionals 😉

    this year I need to spend a few bob on my house over there, so no further projects right now, but next year I will be thinking of restoring a Fiat 126…

  67. Phallusaurus

    The Spuds will win comfortably today and so should we, well maybe not comfortably but a win none the less.

    I do fancy the Chavs to drop a point or two tomorrow though which would make Wednesday nights game an enormous arse clencher, I can only see The Chavs winning that as the experience and squad quality will get them through at home.

    That fucking home game against Everton ffs, what a waste! Then again over all we’ve ridden lady luck a bit better than previous years I reckon.

    On a more somber note, who’s nicked the fucking sun this morning? Where is the bastard?

  68. Matchy

    An interesting way of framing his desires. I can’t imagine the club think he’s doing too well at the moment. Red empty seats dot the stadium, fans are spitting blood online and I’d suspect there has been an impact on things like shirt sales. The management are clearly hurt by the impact of Wenger’s transfer policy over the last few seasons and the performances are clearly unacceptable. “”””

    according to legrove wenger is the king, the emperor, the DICTATOR at arsenal. e hired Gadizzz. He runs the shows. He determines how much to spend, what to spend. NOW the management is not ha[ppy with wenger? Wenger is not happy with his own contract? He is management?