Moving things forward: Will the manager match the club’s ambitions this summer?

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Sir Henry Norris chair. Has a 5th leg because he used to get pissed and fall off it. Guess who sits there now?

Moving on from yesterday’s post, yet again, there seems to be very little news in the pipeline. Remi Garde has proclaimed that Arsene Wenger will stay at Arsenal…shocker, eh? Also, today’s papers are pointing out that Mourinho is talking to Chelsea and PSG. So that push for Wenger was clearly super serious.

It’s interesting thinking about this summer because it really is important on many levels. This season, despite managing to stay in the mix, fans have almost hit a point where things have become so stagnant, they are neither here nor there with the club. We’ve supported what’s gone on over the last 8 years… but now it’s all become too predictable. I don’t mean to sound spoilt, but it feels like we go into the season without anything to cheer.

I made the point the other day that all the magical technology on offer next season with regards to tickets is pointless if people can’t be bothered to go. Probably the most noticeable change of the last 5 years is sometimes, you can’t give your ticket away. Worse than that, there are clearly quite a number of fans who don’t see their ticket as valuable enough to want to give it away. That’s a sad indictment on our relationship with Arsenal.

Now, the management team can involve the fans in forums, they can bring bloggers in for chats and they can improve the user experience… but the only thing that is going to quell the storm around the club is improving the squad.

Simple fact is fans don’t want to speak negatively of the team they love, they want to be proud… and don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things to be proud of. We’ve weathered the storm of a new stadium build, we’ve consistently stayed in the mix, we’ve seen some great players… we’re in a very strong position to kick into the European elite of finances.

… but none of it matters without a team. Well, to the fans at least.

Now, the vibe I took from the club is that the people behind the scenes are fully aware of fan desires. They’re fully aware of what people are saying about certain figures at a personal level, and they don’t like it. I get it, the dehumanisation of people you don’t know is quite common in social media. I’ve been on the receiving end of it enough times over the last five and half years… people forget when they’re calling you a cu*t that you’re just a football fan writing a blog for an hour a day. The same has to be said of the people at the club. They’re just doing a job. It just so happens that a job in football opens you up to far more abuse than a job at Pepsi.

Again… football is a passion point. If things aren’t going well, the instant reaction is always to attack. I guess the reason for telling you this is to quell this idea that the club aren’t reading and that they don’t care. You don’t get to the top of a business without caring.  Being called a s*it c*nt whatever level of pay you’re on stings.

…back to the story.

The club aren’t there to hoard cash. There’s no reason to do so. 1% interest over the course of a year is worthless to Stan Kroenke… not to mention the tax implications of having too much cash in the bank account. We’ve all seen the extraordinary lengths Amazon and Google have gone to to conceal any shred of profit in this country.

So we keeping up here?

So the finances that are scrutinised by the AST and bloggers like the Swiss Ramble. Guess what? They’re bang on the money. The club aren’t hiding anything. Those figures being bandied around for player purchases… they’re there or there abouts. The club offer up as much of that to the manager as possible. There’s no reason to bank surplus cash at a football club. Every penny they bring in as profit can go on the team. Obviously there has to be certain money apportioned to developing the club as a brand globally… and occasional infrastructure updates. But in the main, that cash is not for a Stan Kroenke smash and grab. It’s too insignificant.

So the money is there…. and the club trust the manager. The club make the purchases, they don’t make the decisions. That’s why they have a £7.5m a year manager in place. Now, if there wasn’t a legacy issue, then they might have more power. But you have to be realisitic, how do you force a manager who gets you into the top 4 every season to purchase players? He’d leave. If he left and things went south for Arsenal. Who’d take the rap? The club… and it would be forceful.

So the manager makes the decisions, the decisions have been pretty poor over the last few seasons and the performances haven’t been acceptable. It’s not just us that see this.

This summer though… and I know what you’re thinking… is going to be different. Firstly, we don’t have any players leaving. Everyone is tied down to a contract, no one is unhappy… so  bar the deadwood, the squad stays the same. Now, think whatever you like about us as an elite team… as a team in the league… we have a solid base to build from. The feeling I took from the meeting without drilling down into specifics… and also tugging on insight I’ve had from someone else close to the action is that this summer will see positive improvements… and if thing go really well, the movements could be super positive. The club can’t have empty blobs around the stadium. The sponsors won’t tolerate it. The club need to maximise revenue in the shops. They need to g ive all these new sponsors something their clients can be proud of.

That starts with a team.

The infrastructure has been laid. We’re a Michelin star restaurant that’s been getting away with Tesco’s own brand ingredients. This summer, we have to go out and bring in the Kobe beef. Arsenal have to make a huge impact and I really wouldn’t be surprised if we did. I’m not talking signing Benteke either… think bigger. The feelers are out as of now.

Anyway, I could be totally wrong on this. I could have misread the situation. I could have been taken down the garden path on this one. But ask yourself this… what would be the point? Bring in one of the most disruptive bloggers on Arsenal and make a fool of him. What would be the pay off?

It’ll all come down to the manager at the end of the day… but the perfect storm is brewing for him to make this a final hurrah. If he fails on us again, well, at least you know the intent of the club is to move things forward at some point.

Right… I hope you enjoyed that. See you in the comments.

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  1. Kiyoshi Ito

    Anyway,what I fail to understand,is that BM take bits of Barca’s model& adapts it to there core strengths…

    Arsene,in his infinite wisdom,decides to dismantle what we were renowned for,breaking on the counter,with pace& one touch football,zig-zag lines across the pitch.

    & replaces it with a cheap version of tippy-tappy slow paced,non-penetrative football across the opposition’s box,with average players.


    He had the perfect platform,to build upon..

    He’s had 7 years?

    How old is Heynckes-67yrs old?
    The man has adapted..

    How old is Mr Wenger?
    Who cares..65 yrs old?
    The neanderthal has failed to adapt..
    Instead polluting our airwaves with politics,finances& other shit..

    Who cares Mr Wenger?

    Ans: Keyser & Tom cares…Those r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d types..

  2. Keyser

    vicky – “Just that you relate that more to our team whereas I relate that more to his own class”

    For me that’s always how we’ve been able to compete, it’s how it should be in my opinion, we’re going to get nowhere simply reeling off a list of stars because we will get nowhere like that.

  3. kwik fit

    I think we on LG should all offer the hand off friendship to our new poster Kiyoshi Ito. It is testament to the work of Pedro that his posts reach out to far flung lands and encourage’s intercourse across the divides. I am not fluent in Japanese Yoshi .(I hope you don’t mind me calling you yoshi) so I will welcome you in English.

    Yoshi how’s it cutting!

    PS Vicky cut out the fucking cursing when we have an honoured guest on board 😉

  4. kwik fit

    No worry’s Vicky. Normally I quite like the old cursing ….its quite sexy 😉 But with a guest who has so much cultural differences I feel he may mis-understand and come to the wrong conclusion.

  5. scott

    How can we trust Wenger or the board to be ruthless when he gave Djorrou a new 5 year contract then loan him out.

  6. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 2, 2013 20:13:26

    (Your welcome is appreciated)

  7. kwik fit


    Agreed on Walcot. Apparently he put on RVP’s united shirt as well on sunday . in the tunnel, Why did he feel the need to dawn an RVP united jersey. Beggars belief.
    Personally I would flog him ……. then sell him for 10m.

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    Now,we are done with the formalities..

    Why does Keyser persist with his inane b/s?

    Who’s watching the Chelsea Match..?

    Stellor No9 Guy,was close with his volley!

  9. Radio Raheem


    I was one of those who wanted him to sign dat ting…I must confess it was more for economic reasons than football ones. Besides, I don’t trust our gang to get a better replacement.

  10. Radio Raheem

    Theo really needs to stop this striker nonsense…the kid is deluded like an X-factor participant!

  11. kwik fit

    He played well before signing but has really taken the foot off the gas. I.m sure we could get 10m for him. Gnarby could be used as his replacement in true Wenger fashion.

    1’0 Basle!!

  12. Kiyoshi Ito

    Radio RaheemMay 2, 2013 20:40:34
    Theo really needs to stop this striker nonsense…the kid is deluded like an X-factor participant!
    The apple does not fall to far from the tree..

    He’s learnt from his surrogate father-Mr Wenger!

    & I’ve missed a goal..Basle have scored!

  13. Kiyoshi Ito


    Maybe somewhat similar to the Pablo Angel issue@ Aston Villa,many years ago-when his wife miscarried.

  14. Kiyoshi Ito

    You can’t go from tearing up the league, for 2 seasons with L’pool in the EPL,to suddenly being a shadow of yourself-overnight..

    I think maybe a combination of injuries,personal issues& the London move,has disoriented the guy..

    His lost his verve..But still his link up play & passes is there..
    Just not his clinical finishing..

    There’s a pecking order at Chelsea,with JT& Lampard having been the top dog,when he arrived..
    With Drogba also at that time,as the main man,maybe he felt marginalised& his confidence suffered as a result,on top of everything..

    I know,it’s all supposition..But don’t forget he is also human!!

  15. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Theo needs to take out his frustration on a race track

    preferably a greyhound one

  16. Kiyoshi Ito

    Wengers Plastic BottleMay 2, 2013 20:57:40

    Or maybe,he can race his twin brother-lookalike-L.Hamilton around the Silverston Race Track & give him a run for his money!

    I bet,that would be a crowd puller!

  17. vicky


    Apart from all the valid points you made, I think Chelsea style has also got something to do with his lack of form. Chelsea style before this season was totally different from Liverpool,Spain national team and Athletico Madrid.

    And yes,playing second fiddle to Drogba was something he could not digest.

    Again all these are assumptions.

  18. Kiyoshi Ito

    Wengers Plastic BottleMay 2, 2013 21:04:27

    Amazing ..

    They are almost a certainty now, to be in another European Final..

    Whilst Arsenal FC,are continually selling us the dream,of waiting till 2014,before we start challenging for silverware..

    Never ever,have I heard such clap trap,in top elite sport.

    It’s unheard of!

    Now,why is it every time I type.
    Chelsea score..
    Luiz with a curler!!

  19. kwik fit

    The Chelsea match being streamed in Japan Yoshi. Isn’t technology great. I suppose we have your country to thank for all the advancements in modern day technology.

    Once again Yoshi take a bow.

  20. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    What’s going to happen next

    The ’10 year trophy drought DVD’

    Full commentary by David Attenborough

    coming to a store near you soon

  21. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 2, 2013 21:08:42

    Yes,that too..Their playing style also has contributed.

    But,deep down I think he is not entirely happy.He needs to be loved..& Chelsea is not the warmest of places..

    I think to survive at Chelsea,with the characters they have,you have to be an utter bastard..i.e.Terry,Cole,RA..

    He seems a sensitive type!

    As I finish this,I bet you Chelsea score again!

  22. Mart

    What is this about Wenger and Ex-Arsenal French failures – First Remi Garde, then Phillipe Senderos.. So Squillaci must be next

  23. Kiyoshi Ito


    Very funny..Did not see that one coming

    Where does Benitez go from here,if he wins the Europa?

  24. vicky


    I think Mourinho deal with Chelsea is done and dusted. So Benitez has to go whether Chelsea wins Europa or not.

    Rumors have it that Rafa will go back to Spain.

    We can surely rule out RM and Barca.
    That leaves the likes of Athletico Madrid/Sevilla/Valencia/Bilbao.

    It could be any of the top 5-7 clubs in La Liga.

    One wild guess is Liverpool but odds are very very low.

  25. kwik fit

    Usmanov: “I will think what to do with Arsenal by the end of the season. Kroenke has no plans to sell his stake, but we also won’t sell.

    Smells like a planned take over. Lets hope so.

  26. kwik fit

    Maybe Vicky but it has to happen sooner or later. I think that when it happens it will come completely out of the blue. Stan’s a business man first and foremost. If there’s a reasonable premium on the share price I think he’ll encash.

  27. Kiyoshi Ito


    I’m thinking the rank outsider is L’pool for Benitez services!
    Another possibility Newcastle?(I know off the radar completely)

    Spain-I agree with your lists
    Germany-Possibly B.Dortmund?

    I’m assuming Klopp will move?
    To where,who knows?
    If he does move to England-Maybe Man City?

    England-Chelsea,or Man City?
    Germany-A rank outsider Dortmund?

    So where does that leave Mr Wenger..Yep at Arsenal!Big exhale…!!

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 2, 2013 21:54:32

    I could Vicky..

    It was the obvious choice.
    Mr Wenger,does not do the obvious.

    He prefers to give you the middle finger.

    Look how he ripped Sagna& our defense at the emirates last season at home!

  29. Kiyoshi Ito

    Kwik Fit

    I might be wrong,but I think SK,is a long term investor.Handing the reins to his beloved son.

    I can’t see Usmanov,making a sufficient offer,in the short-medium term to make SK shift his stance.

  30. Dream10


    Rafa would certainly be better than Rodgers at Liverpool. The Northern Irishman is out of his depth.

    Benitez wanted to use Chelsea as a side thing to get to his true love: Real Madrid. But Ancelotti is the favourite.

    Higuain is available. He would be good for us.

  31. vicky


    Mourinho’s statements clearly indicate that he is coming back to England. He said he would go to a place where people loved him and then he went on to say that place is England.

    City or Chelsea are the only two places but Chelsea are a favorite to land him.

    For Rafa, Dortmund is a great call. That did not cross my mind at all.

    The moment you mentioned Dortmund, a Rafa statement just came to mind in which he said that he would be going to a club which can win big trophies. So Dortmund could be in the reckoning.

    Mancini is more likely to be sacked.
    Klopp is rumored to be in contention for Citeh and RM. Who knows ???

    One thing I can guarantee though is AW will continue to be our manager.

  32. Kiyoshi Ito


    In b/w all these,I’m thinking where does
    Ancelloti go?

    Back to Italy?
    Or to England?-Man City?L’pool?
    Or to Spain?-RM?


    The managerial merry-go-round..

  33. vicky


    I have a soft corner for Brenden Rodgers. I do not know why but I do have.

    That fella is a bit unlucky to be honest. Dalglish wasted all his money on Henderson , Downing and Carrol. And BR has still got to contend with two of them.

    Believe you me, when I watch Henderson play, Ramsey and Walnut look like quality players.

    He was duped in the transfer window. He loaned Carrol and did not get a replacement as promised.

    It is not an ideal set up for him.

  34. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsenal 1886-2006May 2, 2013 22:16:19

    Theo “7 years in the making “Walcott(I’m only 23 years old),still waiting for him to realise his potential!!

  35. kwik fit

    May 2, 1958: David O’Leary’s birthday
    Our latest gallery celebrates the man who made the most appearances for Arsenal – 722

    Never gets the credit he deserves.

  36. vicky


    Pelliagrini is again rumored to be a strong contender for Citeh Job. Many say that deal is almost done.

    It is certainly a merry-go-round.

    My guesses :

    Mou — Chelsea
    Pelliagrini— Citeh.
    Klopp —Barca
    Ancellotti— RM
    Rafa— Dortmund/ Liverpool.

    I hope to get at least 2 of these predictions correct.

  37. Dream10


    You’re right. If it were not for Suarez they might be relegated. Sturridge starts well at every club. But something happens to him. Coutinho is real quality though. I’m a big fan of him.

  38. Kiyoshi Ito

    kwik fitMay 2, 2013 22:24:39

    That’s because when he managed Leeds,he showed us utter contempt..He went down in my estimation,during his time with Leeds.

  39. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Walcott is a F*****g disaster as far as being a top talent, he is a mid-table speedster at best.
    Watching Robben and Ribery last night made me realise what a lazy bastard walcott is, and how overrated he is. His control is poor at best and he does not have a single trick in his locker to beat the fullback.
    Take away his pace and he is a Dustman.

    I remember watching a CL game a few years back on RTE (Ireland) and they asked Johnny Giles, how do you stop Walcott? he replied ‘give him the ball’, Brady was sat alongside him and you could see he looked really uncomfortable.

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Tim Payton’s bit on TalkSport is quite good, I think he’s right on all fronts.

    Over 90% of AST members surveyed don’t think Stan has the vision to take Arsenal forward…that must ring bells in the board room.

    85% want to see Usmanov on the board.

    They can’t keep ignoring this.

    If as Pedro says they are fully aware of everyone’s feeling toward Stan and Peter Hill Wood and the board as a whole…what are they doing?? Sticking the middle finger up to the fans YET AGAIN!!

    Their constant inaction are just slaps across the fan’s faces.

  41. vicky


    Oh yeah !!! That guy Coutinho is absolutely fantastic. I am also a big fan of him.
    He is going to be the mainstay of the liverpool team If he stays there.

    Gone are those days when the likes of Coutinho and Gundogan were first spotted by Wenger. We get Gervinhos and Santos of the world.

  42. kwik fit


    Tony Adams managed Pompey. The guy was a one of the best CD in Europe and could have had his pick of all the teams in Europe but, unlike Stapleton/Brady , stayed loyal to Arsenal.
    I know he got carried away while in charge at leeds but I forgave him.

  43. vicky

    How do you stop Walcott ??

    Give him the ball.


    Absolutely classic !!!!
    What irks me is that very few people here on LG are against Walnut. For me he is an appalling player. Absolutely third grade.

    Somebody put it aptly on twitter : Walnut can be a part of any trophy winning Arsenal side.

    So true!!! Any side which has Walnut as a starting player can not be good enough.

  44. Kiyoshi Ito

    I know it’s all guess work

    I agree with Rafa & Ancelloti

    The Mourinho link-Chelsea seems a nailed on certainty..But he is a bit of a dark-horse..
    Would not rule out Man City.

    In fact for the Man City Job-I see it as b/w Ancelloti/Heynckes/Mourinho&Klopp:


  45. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsenal 1886-2006May 2, 2013 22:30:49

    I know watching BM yesterday,as mentioned this morning in one of my earlier posts,made me weep with tears of sadness..

    It brought home,how shit we are,how far we’ve fallen..

    & what a waste of a space Theo is.

    But you can’t fault him..
    The blame is entirely with the unambitious manager,we have at the helm,for persisting with him!

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Totally agree.

    Walcott is a player who will never come good…because he’s already reached his maximum potential.

    Take away his speed he’s Blue Square at best…I played with better technically able players in County League than Theo Walcott…

  47. JJ

    @Pedro – (If your not in bed already) – You say that you wouldn’t be surprised if we made a huge impact on the market this summer… but would you be more or less surprised if we didn’t?

    The problem I have is that Wenger loves to defy everyone. Fly in the face of logic. Cut off is head despit his face. You get the point…

  48. vicky

    Ribery epitomizes what BM is. Arguably one of the best wingers in the game and still he worked his socks off to track back and help Alaba. His work rate was phenomenal in both legs against Barca.

  49. Kiyoshi Ito

    JMay 2, 2013 22:48:54
    The problem I have is that Wenger loves to defy everyone. Fly in the face of logic. Cut off is head despit his face. You get the point…
    My English might not be very good,but do you mean-“Cut off his nose,to spite his face?”

  50. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc AppealMay 2, 2013 22:47:01

    Maybe we all played with technically gifted players at high school level.

  51. vicky


    Agree with most of the names in the list except Capello and Ancelloti.

    Not because they are not great managers but because I want Wenger successor to be a strong proponent of attacking football but still a strong believer in structure and discipline of the team.

    Capello and Ancelloti are very boring in their style.

    Will just add the name of Louis Van Gal.

  52. Arsenal 1886-2006

    O’Leary had it all, and if we had a player like him today he would have been sold for profit.

    I would go for Joachim Low, he knows the Bundesliga and could entice a couple of their top players to join him.

    I still can’t believe he earns 100k a week, the only reason i can see was to tie him to a contract then sell him the year after, he offers nothing defensively and is the perfect example of a one trick pony.

  53. Kiyoshi Ito


    Louis Van Gaal
    Is an ego-maniac..he will destroy the squad in one foul swoop.

    He had his time..His time is gone!

    He would be good for L’pool..

    Not for Arsenal

  54. Cesc Appeal

    As I’ve said before, Walcott’s biggest crime is the players we’ve no doubt passed up on waiting for him to be our Gareth Bale i.e bud into an outstanding talent who can win games for us consistently.

    Combining speed with power, finishing from close and distance, set piece prowess…

    Just never going to happen, for me he’s impact sub at best.

    He’s such a drip when you listen to him as well, looks a proper dullard. That translates over to a total lack of flair on the pitch…needs to stop making himself a mirror image of Henry

  55. JJ

    Wenger needs to change his ways if we are going to improve. It doesn’t matter who we buy. E.g. Name one manager that decides who is going to sub’ed and when, before the game has started… and follows through with that decision no matter what is transpiring in the game. Absolutley ridiculous.

  56. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsenal 1886-2006May 2, 2013 22:59:43

    I agree,I saw as it a financial decision by the club..Rather than lose him for nothing,tie him on the contract& then flog him..

    I see at least 2 players going in this summer transfer window..

    Anyone from:Theo,Sagna,Vermaelen.
    If Theo is not sold this summer,then the next summer window,he will be gone.

  57. JJ

    Kiyoshi – Did you get the point? Try not to be so literal. I guess creative writing was not big in Japan.

  58. Kiyoshi Ito

    I include Ancelloti& Capello,in that list,if we are unable to get the younger managers,like Lowe,Rijkaard,Klopp..

    Because though they might lack attacking flair,they will bring organisation,discipline & a knowledge of how to win silverware..
    Instill a bit of ambition..

  59. vicky

    Theo could be sold as well.

    Anyone who tries to stand up to Wenger usually gets the chop.

    Till now this has worked against us most of the time.

    In Theo case this would be a blessing.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Looking at our squad in order to make us competitive domestically and in the UCL realistically we need:

    GK – Cesar/Adler or if we’re going for long term Begovic

    RB – Richards is probably the best choice, though there are youngsters like Lowton and that Corchia.

    CB – Really need a wolrd class player like Hummels, Pre, options Williams/Agger/Skertl/Lescott

    CDM/CM – Need a couple here, Gonalons, Capoue, Strootman, Draxler, Fabregas (I wish), Cabaye, Gundogan, Gustavo…any two of these, ideally a ball playing box to box then a defensive beast.

    LW/RW – In desperate need of one, cheap options are Cabella, Afellay. Bayern will look to sell Shaqiri probably. Reports Robben is going for £12 Million!! More expensive end of the scale guys like Reus who is fantastic.

    ST – Need two, Jovetic, Remy, Benteke, Higuain, Benzema, Lewandowski… more expensive end Cavani and Falcao.

    Really we need 7-8 players to make our squad a real force again. Comparable to Bayern.

    I’d be happy with 3 signings this summer though as it’s us. We’re not going to have this storming summer that everyone is predicting at all…it’ll be more of the same. The Board will use the Usmanov vs Kroenke battle as an excuse. Works two fold, stops them having to do anything meaningful outside of Remy and Cesar bargains…they’ll also try to use it as a PR exercise against Usmanov, just my opinion.

  61. vicky

    We have four wingers — Gervy, Theo, Poldi and OX.

    I know it is harsh but got to say that I would flog off all of them except OX.

    Our wing position is the weakest link of the team imo.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Again totally agree.

    I see Ox as a CAM though.

    But we don’t have ANY wingers at all you’re right…

    In terms of players that opposing teams think ‘Oh shit not him!!’ we have hardly any.

  63. Cesc Appeal

    A storming winger creates things you can’t tally up as well.

    They make openings by ripping defences apart that clinical strikers can then finish off…look what Bale does, tears defences apart.

    Won’t count as an assist or anything but it’s invaluable.

  64. vicky

    Cesc Appeal

    But then we all know these players will still be our wingers come the next season.

    I guess we will sign a striker, a DM and a GK.

    The wing position will go completely unnoticed.

  65. Cesc Appeal



    I see Remy, Cesar and Gonalons coming in.

    £20 Million spend.

    But then some deadwood going and then maybe a player like Vermaelen or Sagna.

    Our spend will be minimal if anything when sales are taken into account.

  66. Kiyoshi Ito

    Sorry to go off topic,but talking of what is invaluable,is also a top manager making big decisions in a critical game..

    Big example.
    RM playing Man Utd at Old Trafford in the CL this season.
    Nani gets sent off.

    Instinctively Mourinho pulls off Modric,brings on Arbeloa & bang they score a goal & the game changes.
    3 minutes later another goal..
    It’s on small details,a game can suddenly swing…

    In short,having a manager,who can think quick on his feet,in such a high-pressurised games is also invaluable..

    He’s paid that huge amount,to make the key decisions..

    Not a slow,turgid,predictable manager that makes changes,win,lose or draw in 61-67 minutes..

  67. vicky

    Cesc Appeal

    I for one will be extremely sad If Remy,Gonolans and Cesar are our three signings.

    These are all average players tbh.

    Dont see how will they improve our squad much especially given that City,Chelsea and United will spend loads of cash.

    I am not bothered about no of signings. I am worried about the quality. These 3 will be compromise signings.

  68. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc AppealMay 2, 2013 23:30:20
    vickyAgreed.I see Remy, Cesar and Gonalons coming in.
    You are quite optimistic..

    I just see,Mr Wenger doing the same..

    Raiding the French League& then trying to scavenge in the bargain basement bucket from clubs in financial distress.
    His preference would be for the overseas market,rather than the domestic market..

    I could see him,raiding Malaga for a few bargains.

  69. Cesc Appeal


    Oh yeah, Wenger is past it totally.

    Most every manager can outwit him, it’s not hard.

    You know what we’re going to do…Bradford illustrated this and very nearly beat us in normal time.

    I still don’t know how Wenger didn’t get sacked after 8-2…that’s when our respect as a club went out the window.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    We all know what will happen.

    As a club we’re so predictable on and off the field.

    We really, really, really need Usmanov, not for the money, for the shake up, for the aggressive action…for the new board members.

  71. vicky


    Completely agree.

    I do not know yours and CA’s opinion but I think If OX was given a regular spot in the starting 11 from the beginning and Le Coq was preferred over Ramsey in the starting line up, we would have secured the 3rd spot without much hassle.

    Wenger is terrible both in the transfer window and on the pitch.

  72. Kiyoshi Ito

    I still don’t know how Wenger didn’t get sacked after 8-2…that’s when our respect as a club went out the window
    Me too…I asked myself this question also..

    I said,how many get out of jail cards does this guy have stored away..

    Even on the last day of the season,against W.Brom,I was shaking my head in total disbelief..

    It just does not stack up..

    In fact,it reinforced my long held view,that him& the club have a pact going on..

  73. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 2, 2013 23:41:18

    I’ve been a strong campaigner for Le-Coq,from what I’ve seen of him,he looks good..Maybe raw,but he does his job..

    Similarly for Ox,good shot on him,not afraid to take on players& certainly brings a bit of action with him..

    I felt that Wenger,had somewhat knocked the stuffing out of him,towards the end of last season..

    Under a better manager,I believe OX& Le-Coq,can really fulfill their potential..

    But I suspect,under Wenger,we will only get glimpses/flashes over the course of the season of what they are capable of.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed again.

    Coq and Ox should both have gotten starts, but especially Ox playing the same role Rosicky does with Cazorla.

  75. vicky

    So many people talk about money being an issue at Arsenal. But these decisions on the pitch which have got nothing to do with money do us as much harm as the inaction in the transfer market.

  76. Kiyoshi Ito

    vickyMay 2, 2013 23:51:48

    Agreed 100%..

    But what I don’t understand,is why Keyser harps on about money,ffp,etc,etc
    & uses that as an excuse for our woes?

    I really struggle to understand half his posts& his logic?

  77. vicky

    Keyser is a bit strange.

    Today both of us were in agreement that Giroud is an average player but yet we had a 3-4 hours long discussion regarding Giroud.

    Both saying the same thing but yet in different ways.

  78. Kiyoshi Ito


    3-4 hours..

    You were lucky..From what I’ve seen,he would drag it on for weeks..!

  79. Cesc Appeal


    For a lot of fans (Keyser, Nasri’s Mouth)it’s easier to invent magic dates like FFP coming in, New Commercials etc etc…blame outside forces (City, Chelsea etc) than to actually look at the problem.

    Because there;s no easy fix to the mad dictator, the money hungry American bleeding the club like a slow, dying pig, the over inflated wage bill that’s £60 Million a year more expensive than Spurs’ despite the fact we don’t have anyone near Bale’s level and the appalling mismanagement that see’s guys like Squillaci on £50 000 a week!!

    Those questions have hard answers, and zero solutions outside of Usmanov taking over.

  80. vicky

    I find Tom the most irritating.

    He surely works for Arsenal PR machine.

    Comes here only when Arsenal has won a match and tells absolutely blatant lies.

  81. Kiyoshi Ito


    Tom,Keyser& Nasris Mouth are like The 3 Stooges…

    Just utter planks..

    The worst I think is Nasris Mouth..

    He is on here from morning to night,taking the flipside of every posters comments.

    Making out he is the voice of reason,stating absolutely nothing,with get-out clauses..
    Such as maybe,possibly,if,could be,might not be..

    He is the “supreme cunt of cunts”..

    Pardon my french,had to get that out..

    What was even more galling,was he tried to chase down some guy on twitter yesterday,who he does not know& was offended he was blocked by him(The Legendairie guy)

    & had the nerve to call him a complete cunt..

    I laughed so much..The irony of it all..

    Nah NM first,& then a toss up b/w Keyser& Tom?

  82. vicky


    I would go for Fellaini. Now you would say that is not realistic.

    But my point is for us to really move forward,we have to stop buying 2nd rate players.

    If we do not have enough is fine. Buy only 2 players. No need to cover all the areas.

    We have not won anything for 8 yrs now.
    Would not mind another 2 years.
    But the direction should be correct.

    a few players but solid players.
    Buy Felllaini, Benteke and Vorm.
    Total spend of 50m. By selling deadwoods recover 10m at least.

    For me this is much better than 6 average players with a net spend of 25m.

  83. Dannyboy

    Vix, did you buy a Japanese keyboard when you decided to post under your new name, or did you just type a phrase into google, and copy and paste the japanese translation? (this is a geniune question by the way)

  84. vicky

    If we adopt this method of 50 + 50 for two consecutive season,we would be again in the top bracket.

    fellaini + Vorm + Benteke —–for this season.

    A quality winger + a top class CAM + a top RB—–for the next season.

  85. Cesc Appeal



    I can’t see Wenger doing it, we need a real injection of quality though.

    At the end of the day Wenger isn’t the guy to lead that quality though…the game has left him behind.

    If he went to PSG he’d end up embarrassing himself one way or the other, either by getting humiliated at UCL level by better coaches with smaller teams…or by totally going back on every one of his morals and principals he;s made paying Arsenal fans suffer for the last 8 years!!

  86. vicky


    My compromise choice be Diame.

    This guy is a beast. I like him.

    Surely Wenger could go for him.

    I would be happy with his signing.

  87. Kiyoshi Ito


    It’s pointless talking of players,whilst Mr Wenger is in charge..

    You just leave yourself open to more disappointment..

    I see you all avoided the 3 stooges comment!
    In agreement,or not?

  88. Dannyboy

    Kiyoshi/Vix, you didn’t think that about NM the other week when you were pestering him about his University studies…

  89. Johnny5

    Wow galatassaray love taking our crap.? Apparently they want gerv or pod and offering £12m- (sky news app). Are they fucking high?

  90. Cesc Appeal


    Looks like Wenger is going to get Gonalons for £10 Million…so many reports on it, it’s a Wenger signing as well.

    23, French, Last Year of his contract coming up this season! Wenger territory.

    I would love Fabregas back, and it is easily doable because as I say it makes literally no sense for them to sell to anyone but us.

    Otherwise I’d offer £15 Million for Yohan Cabaye, he’s had injury problems but he’s a cracking midfield player, box to box, match winner, great at set pieces and can nail that final ball.

    Cabaye – Gonalons – Wilshere looks a lot better than what we have.

    Or as you say, Fellaini.

    Xabi Alonso is on the move…would be a great signing…there are no excuses for Wenger his time, Barcelona and Madrid are going to be picked apart, as are Sevilla and Malaga. People will try it on with Dortmund as well.

    My summer shopping list would be Adler, Hummels, Richards, Gonalons, Fabregas (£10 Million + debt write off), Benteke and Reus.

    We’d have the money to do it…of course we won’t, but that’s what i’d do.


    Richards, Hummels, Kozz, Monreal

    Fabregas, Gonalons, Wilshere

    Cazorla, Benteke, Reus

    Amazing team and amazing squad.

  91. Gregg

    The Gonalons story is in all the press today. It’s gonna happen and I must say it’s as un-inspiring as could ever be imagined. I loved Gilles Grimandi as a squad player for us, he’d play anywhere and give it his all, but really has he ever recommended anyone that could be called a success ? I’ve resigned myself to this transfer happening but for the love of Christ, lets make this our only signing from France this year.

  92. Jamal

    I’m sure Gonalons is a done deal. Capoue and Strootman were available but its just like Wenger to go for the cheaper/ average option.

  93. Althea Mcpherson

    So the money is there…. and the club trust the manager. The club make the purchases, they don’t make the decisions. That’s why they have a £7.5m a year manager in place. Now, if there wasn’t a legacy issue, then they might have more power. But you have to be realisitic, how do you force a manager who gets you into the top 4 every season to purchase players? He’d leave. If he left and things went south for Arsenal. Who’d take the rap? The club… and it would be forceful.