Arsenal commercial deals put us on Bayern’s level by 2015

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Arsenal from the boardroom

Morning to the world, not much happened with Arsenal in the news over the last 24hrs, so I don’t have an awful lot to go on.

I did head up to meet with Ivan Gazidis, Charles Allen and Dan to talk about some changes that are coming and have a broader off the record chat. I’m getting some flack for it online, which I find a touch over the top, but totally understandable. A few things to note, firstly, I’ve been totally open about where I’ve been. Secondly, first hand information if deciphered correctly, is better than taking it third hand. Thirdly, I spend everyday moaning about the way the club is run… or at least aspects. Why wouldn’t I take the time out to voice many of the shared opinions we have as a community?

You can’t win with blogging… one day you’re getting slammed for not using your blog to organise protests to grab the attention of the board… then you’re getting slammed for taking up an invitation to speak to the CEO.

Anyway, I have nothing to gain by melting into the background of opinion… but everything to lose. That said, I’m not able to used quotes as the talk was off the record, just follow the narrative over the next few weeks.

Alisher Usmanov has gone on the attack again, branding Stan Kroenke unambitious, stating the team ‘lack superstars’. Well, this much is true. We don’t boast big names like we used to. The team has players like Jack and Cazorla, but I’m not sure you move into superstar status until you help your club make a superstar impact. We have a lot of good players. We need to infuse that squad with 3-4 world class players before we can make an impact on major trophies.

What the end game looks like for either billionaire is still a mystery. Does Stan care much for football? No. Does he ‘get’ the culture? No. Is he waiting for Arsenal up lay all their commercial ducks in a row before selling up? Maybe. If you’re looking to sell a company, as far as I know, the more long term revenue streams you can guarantee, the more value you can pass onto the eventual buyer. Don’t ask me what the formula for that is…

From what I’ve been told, you can comfortably put our commercial revenue as of 2015 at £100m. That more than doubles where we are now, putting us at Bayern Munich levels of overall revenue (£300m). By the sounds of it, Bayern Munich is where we want to be as a footballing and business entity.

It was quite interesting hearing about some of the deals we’ve struck. The Emirates shirt deal sits at £30m for the shirt, which is higher than what Madrid, through the same brand have just been given. Then the stadium rights sit at £15m. The deal struck on the stadium revolves around a reduction of Emirates signage over the duration of the contract, which opens the club up to more secondary partners.

The shirt deal, which still hasn’t been signed… is apparently going to be major. The only club likely to have a better deal is United. But lets be honest, the lack of success we’ve had on the pitch… that was always going to be the way.

So the jist of the Usmanov story is there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Stan might sell up… alternatively  he’s waiting for the league to pull rank, start behaving… then we’ll have the second highest revenues which should at least sustain a competitive football team. I think the Stan and Ivan dream is very unlikely to happen. But at least with commercial revenues at market level, we’ll be able to compete for players on price and salary.

So in short, who knows why the future holds for the ownership model.

In other news Arsenal have rejigged their membership schemes. This part of the post is sponsored by a chicken wrap. Basically, the club have had the reverse realisation of The Times.

‘Hey guys, we make a s*it tonne of cash, why do we need to pay wall our digital content?’

‘Yah, totes not understanding that vibe. Lets break our content free and let it pull in many more members globally’

So that’s what the club have done. Now, for the cost of a few details, anyone in the world can watch Johann Djourrou apologise for a poor performance on Arsenal player for free. They’ve been working with IBM over the last 18months to upgrade the CRM system.

A couple of things they’re doing is allowing you to pick and mix what you get from your membership. So, if you just want silver membership without the pack, you can now opt out. At a saving of £45. There’s also some crazy algorithm that tracks what you look at on the site so it can tailor content to you.

Arsenal have also had a think about the average age of a Premier League attendant… which I think is about 43. Clearly, there’s a two fold issue here. Live streaming for teenagers is the easy option. Going to a game is no longer a standard behaviour. Why? Problem two, it’s expensive. So Arsenal have taken a German like approach to lure the next generation in by creating a 800 capacity block next to Junior Gunners section for Young Gunners. Basically a place for teens to escape and make some noise with their mates. This means category B and C games will cost just a tenner. Forget cat A games cost £456, the point is, teens can afford to go with their mates and get used to the total banter that goes with football with your mates.

All very interesting and all far more consumer focused…

The stuff that is far more interesting comes out next week, but embargoed on it. Needless to say, there’s been a big step forward with ticketing and the data that sits behind it.

Right, that’s me done for today. Tune in for more tomorrow.

P.S. There was also something around spreading the cost of joining the season ticket waiting list over three years… I thought this sounded great, until I realised the cost was £15. Apparenlty though, they’re reducing it to £12. Free digital membership goes live from August this year.


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  1. samsenal

    Vicky & Gambon £70m this summer would be enough to allow us to see off teams like Swansea at home. The “surprise” results would reduce dramatically, it would be case of how strong to Cheslea, City and United become this summer?

    One positive is that our record in these big games can’t get any worse so in theory we should be closer to the “Top 3″.

    £100m would increase the likelihood that we could compete for the title, but as Vicky rightly says It won’t happen”

  2. Zoran

    Usmanov is completely right, we don’t have Superstars.

    But, beside buying Superstars, there is another way to have them: make them!
    The best example is Borussia Dortmund.
    By taking over the club, Klopp inherited a club with massive debts, that even, ironically Bayern München helped financially.
    The only big signing that he made was the signing of Hummels from Bayern for peanuts, Subotic, Lewandowski, where he paid 3m to Legia Warschau, Blazinkowski and Pyszek, the rest, or the majority of the players where from the own school.
    Now starts the Revolution in form of Borussia, which is due only to klopp. While real Madrid in 2010 spend 80m on Ronaldo, Klopp had a Team worth not even the third of the value of only Ronaldo, not even mentioning the purchase of Kaka for 60m Pounds.
    Now, in 3 years Klopp made a Team that is double Champion of Germany in the last 3 yearsand once he took a double, Cup and Championship.

    Look now what happened to all those Superstars from Real Madrid. Yesterday we all have seen the magnificient Borussia qualifiying for the final in London.

    Another example are in England, Man Shitty invested fortune on Superstars, and they do not even qualify above the stage Group, they where last, where Borussia was first, Real second and Ajax third.

    I would say, Usmanov should concentrate, if he can, how to get klopp to Arsenal, he will make Superstars. By him, Ox, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Akpom, Belerin, would be fix Starters, now they are far away, exept Ox from the first Team.

    Now, if the rumors are true, and Pedro would know better, as he is at AST, AW made one condition to extend the contract that his friend David Dein get’s more involved into daily activities of Arsenal. This would be a good sign, as apparently we cannot, or that Yankee cunt, doesn’t want to get reed of AW.

    Let’s say this way. It would be my dream comming through, Usmanow in Kroenke out, Dein in, PHW out, Wenger in, Gasidis out and finally Klopp in AW out.
    Now, maybe some of you guns would have objections about AW, but he will be of enormous importance as a world wide respected Football expert for our PR departement, for sure much better than Gasidis.

    Like this we would have Arsenal led only by Football passionated People, like Bayern, somebody mentioned, and could expect trophies in future.
    Like this Status Quo, we could expect only hassle, I am afraid.

  3. Keyser

    “By spending 100m upfront we can have the same quality of team 12 months earlier.”

    Come on gambon, does it really work like that, it depends on who we spend the money on, that’s all.

    Dortmunds team yesterday up against Real Madrid’s.

    Supposedly 34 million (Most of that spent on Reus) up against 290 million.

  4. Moray

    Pedro, I hope you are right about “something special”, but my eye is always drawn to the Le grove “most popular posts” list:

    2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?

  5. Bankz

    Over both legs, Borrussia Dortmund were the better team. No way can you think that Madrids revival in the last 10mins of the game should have seen them qualify.
    Dortmund should have scored as much as 5 goals yesterday.

  6. Hard Ogura

    Usmanov is just trying to get the support to do arsenal business not what he is saying. For how long has been having shares at Arsenal and why now? It does not even encourage players you have when you start to under value them. Its Arsenal that has been supplying some of the so called superstars he is talking of every year. so he should have talked of retaining them by paying off the debt in previous years instead of selling them to pay the debt.

    The funds available are enough to supliment the squad we have to create a winning team. 2 Defenders, 1 defensive Middie, 1 attacked and a complete finisher. These can give other managers sleepless nights

  7. SpanishDave

    Wenger for some reason is frightened to spend money on big players, so he is holding us back to fullfill his day dreams of winning with a team of average joes.
    Winning in this way would satisfy his ego, this is his blind obsession.
    We used to play fasr one touch counter attacking football, but it cannot be done with the talentless players we have now.
    Wenger has also failed with the youth set up, which gas produced only a few players from the thousands that have passed through.
    Changed of both owner and manager is the only way forward.

  8. vicky


    What makes you think that we do not have money to spend ???

    AST has substantiated that we have money to spend.

    Who is being naive here???

    It is not that we are going by heresy or by the info of so called ITKs.

  9. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – “All Ivan is doing is conflating matters creating a division amongst fans, allowing them carry on business as usual.”

    What I mean’t to say is, I agree.

  10. Aussie Gooner Dave

    We’ve just got to stop selling our superstars. This year won’t be too much of a problem as we’ve got few if any left. Arsenal has been systematically dismantled over the last 5 years. Love to see Klopp at the Arsenal.

  11. goonerboy

    I dont doubt that Ivan will do better on the commercial front-he could hardly do worse. If the club make a bigger profit- Stan will hand out a dividend to shareholders- very nice for them.
    The simple fact is Arsene does not spend the money he has on players-so what does it matter if we have millions more in the bank? Great for them.
    We are already the 4th most valuable club with a squad about as strong as Ful
    I have absolutely no doubt that Usmanov should be in charge of the gunners. Absolutely no doubt.

  12. Pedro

    Vicky… it was mentioned yesterday that although in the grand scheme of things the money isn’t massive… it’s all there to spend.

  13. Marko

    I still feel somethings in the pipeline this summer whether it’s Usmanov related, the board forcing the manager to spend or the manager leaving cause too much has gone on this season and it’s been a real eye opener and that fact that this summer it’s gonna be a friggin super market sweep in the transfer window in England means we’ll have to spend. Right?

    Also when he does finally leave one of Klopp, Low, Pelegrini or DeBoer and Bergkamp to take over please

  14. Leedsgunner

    “Leedsgunner – Do you think there’s some sort of FFP switch in the Arsenal boardroom that says “Turn ON” with Competitive written next to it ?!”

    No, I don’t. FFP will never save us… the only people believing that seems to be the Board and the manager. THe only thing that will save us is:

    1. a new owner who cares a damn about the team and how it preforms on the pitch
    2 a new manager who believes in playing his players in their strongest positions and employs appropriate tactics suitable to outplaying and neutralising the opposition
    3. a scouting staff that proves their value to the club
    4. a ceo who can support the manager in spending the right money the right way to strengthen the first team

  15. Keyser

    vicky – Mate come on, why would you think I mean’t that ? It kind of proves my point.

    if I deride the idea of ‘funds’ it doesn’t suddenly mean I don’t think there are any.

    It’s just a word and yet it polarises people to such an extent. Pedro, Gazidis, Hill-Wood use it and people are suddenly willing to believe in little genie’s in lamps and that Wenger’s withholding their wishes.

    If Wenger has an extra £5, 10, 20, 30 million at the start of the year knowing players are going to need contract renewals, we may face injuries, we won’t get the player we need, while there are others out there we should wait for then how much does it really matter ?!

  16. gambon


    Yes klopp has done well, yet look what happens now…..

    All the superstars that have been created have left. Does that remind you of anyone?

    It doesnt matter whether you buy world class or create world class, you have to pay them world class wages in order to buy/or keep them.

  17. Keyser

    Leedsgunner – “1. a new owner who cares a damn about the team and how it preforms on the pitch”

    Until then, the board, Wenger, whoever else are stuck trying to make the best of whatever situation they are in.

    FFP may not save us, but surely it helps if with added revenue from commercial streams, we can genuinely compete for a top playere here or there without being blown out the water by a team with no regulation.

  18. Pedro

    Keyser, Wenger has had funds to spend… he just hasn’t spent them.

    AST, Swiss Ramble… Ivan… have all confirmed this. Yet Wenger is still being held back.


  19. gambon

    “Dortmunds team yesterday up against Real Madrid’s.”

    Dortmund that have spent 4 years building that team.

    You looking forward to challenging for the PL in 2017?

    I would rather compete next year.

    We have enough development players in Szczesny, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott

  20. samsenal

    Bankz, i’m happy with the result i’m just saying that Real came out like a Train in the first 20 minutes and should have been 2 or 3 up. Sloppy finishing prevented their progression despite their spanking in the first leg.

  21. Keyser

    Pedro – Did you miss my post to ‘vicky’ ?

    Lol you’re not going to add ‘Significant’ in front of ‘funds’ are you ?!

  22. Marko

    Well if Dortmund do decide to sell Hummels or Reus we should go in for them Reus in particular when he was at Gladbach mentioned he was an Arsenal fan.

  23. Johnny5


    Wenger isn’t making the best of the situation because the situation is of his own making its there black and white Ivan has said money has been available its backed up by money savvy bloggers and the Ast etc but wenger won’t spend it. Stop looking for a way out for him it’s his fault he’s in this mess

  24. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    There’s always been two big factors in our ability to keep/attract big players..
    Transfer fee & wages..

    We all know we could buy pretty much anyone out there; fee wise that is; the big obstacle has been the wages..

    We are at the magic number of wages = 60% of (football) income. So one of the main arguments against buying big and staying ‘within the Arsenal model’ has just been killed by Ivan if I understand Pedro right.. We will have the money.

    Tom Fox must be earning his wages if Ivan can confidently predict we will match Bayern by 2015. That means stuff happening later this year and next year.

    I see no reason based on Pedro’s summary why then we cannot go and buy seriously big this summer and beyond. Once the club (Ivan and Tom Fox) grow the revenue then the wage bill can grow in the ratio of 60% to revenue.

    This of course takes no account of the huge rise in income next season from the PL TV deals and the rise in CL income. Or the 13m this year and next year from the property.

    Although this magic 60% was arrived at when income from all the clubs was much lower. I expect going forward that this figure could grow substantially as the costs (of running a club/stadium, etc) will not rise by the same amount.

    What I mean by this is if we take 100m.. UEFA and the PL etc estimate that a good wage to ratio is 60%. (also adopted by the Championship) 60m on wages, 40m to run the club and not make a loss.. If you grow the income to 200m then wages can become 120m and 80m to run the club. The running costs will NOT rise by this amount. So I reckon the 60% figure should be revised now in the light of much larger incomes than when the ratio was calculated a few years back.

    if we make an extra 100m then we certainly will not incur 40m more costs in running Arsenal. Paying stewards, overheads on the Emirates etc..

    All the more reason we should be screaming at them.. And Wenger in particular. Buy the fucking players!

    Oops! Long post.. Sorry! 🙂

  25. gambon


    Going back to the ’50+50′ and ‘100m’ discussion.

    What would you prefer:

    1- Buy a GK, CB, RB, DM, CF, CF this summer

    2- Buy a GK, CF, CF this summer, then a RB, CB, DM next summer

    Scenario 1 makes much more sense, the outlay is the same, yet scenario 1 sees us more competitive next season rather than a season later.

    Now i do get that we shouldnt buy players for the sake of it, but Wengers assertion on a yearly basis that he cant find better than we have is utter, utter bollocks.

    This summer will be another disaster.

    We will strengthen marginally, City & Chelsea will strengthen significantly, UTD will also do more than us in the market.

  26. Keyser

    “Dortmund that have spent 4 years building that team.
    You looking forward to challenging for the PL in 2017?”

    Dortmund who were Champions League winners in 1997, almost went bankrupt in 2005 and have won 2 titles and reached one more final than Madrid in the last 4 years.

    Wasn’t really the point other than to show the massive disparity between what teams are spending and what they have achieved.

    The key is you build a team, you spend on the right players, there’s a correlation between spending money and winning titles, but we’re a bit late to that party and teams are beggining to feel the negative effects of it.

  27. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Pedro at 12.21.. The money is there too spend..

    It’s always been there.. since 2007.. just the quantity is the issue. The board have been consistent, either in the truth or lies.. but consistent.. that there has been money available to Wenger since 2007 which he alone has chosen not to spend. (well on transfer fees, but not so much on wages).

    I have no reason to disbelieve them.

  28. Gooner S

    Pedro…you should be aplauded for getting close to the club and influencing them. It is absolutely necessary and anybody that criticises this is a tad naieve. The fact that they invited you in speaks volumes for them and you as well.

  29. Zoran


    You are right, but you should also say that, ok, they lost Goetze, but they have maybe a better midfielder in Gündogan, MOTM yesterday, and as they will loose Lewandowski, they will replace him with equivalent one, Dzeko.

  30. gambon


    Running costs are currently £60m pa, dont really see why they will rise for any reason.

  31. gambon


    I wouldnt say either of them are better.

    However the problem is if they do prove themselves world class they will also move on for bigger wages.

  32. dennisdamenace

    What a shame (or is that sham) that all the effort and bollocks that went into researching and implementing the commercialisation of the club, it’s fans and the ground itself, that the same effort wasn’t expended on actually buying a few top quality players. Then we might not have to pursuade Gooners to attend, and the prices would then be worth watching the team for.

  33. Aussie Gooner Dave

    as Johnny5 says, Wenger cannot blame anyone but himself for the predicament we’re in at present. His stubborn attitude means he cannot change and unless he’s seriously challenged, it will be more of the same.

  34. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Seriously what are you on about ?

    “Wenger isn’t making the best of the situation because the situation is of his own making”

    So he gets the club to build a new stadium, gets rid of Dein, starts a bidding war between two billionaires, instigates a Global recession, the onset of FFP in football, all while maintaining our position in the top 4, and you think he managed to do all that while not spending the extra £5 million the club might have made available to him.

    Did you have a little fit when you read that ? Good because I haven’t said there isn’t money available just it’s fucking pointless arguing unless you know how much.

  35. vicky


    All the factors/issues which you have mentioned above are part and parcel of each and every transfer window. Every season we have players whose contracts are to be renewed,injuries are not a rarity either and missing out on primary targets is not something alien to us.

    Yet there are reasons to believe that we have more money to spend this season than the earlier ones. How much money we have to spend is still shrouded in mystery but it can be safely assumed that we can spend at least a net amount of 35-40m because according to AST figures we had 45m of funds available.

    Also for sure,we can offload more players this season than we have done earlier.

    So a 50m spending is not totally out of question and this is even If we bypass all the contract renewals,injury and choice issues which you have mentioned .

  36. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Exactly Gambon.. So the 60% could be moved significantly up IMO!

    I remember your good buddy El Tel stating here a while back that they (the stewards) had not got a rise in years!

    So we can count on a significant higher portion of future income to go on wages.

    Which is why UTD’s wage bill sticks down around 47% but growing nonetheless because they have been growing the income but not the costs (apart from salaries)

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Radio Raheem: The correlation between the amount spent and points/trophies won is common knowledge.

    Of course, but the correlation between finishing with 67 point or 75point and the extra revenue that generates isn’t.

    So the commercial guys can estimate how much extra a tour of Asia is worth, but they can’t estimate how much extra revenue those 3 extra players will generate. So they can exert pressure on Wenger to take the team on tours because they can say to the CEO with some confidence that it’ll make the club £xxxmillion. but they can’t say the same when it comes to signing Cavani.

  38. Keyser

    I don’t mean a sort of convulsive, frothing at the mouth fit, just a small scoff and splutter of your Orange juice.

  39. Zoran

    having them, would be great, but do you think they would like to come to Arsenal?
    To abandon a Team which is year after year competing for trophies, which is in the Champions League final, and most probably will win it and Change it for a Team which is competing for the 4th place. No mate, definetely not.
    Apart that many other Clubs would pay for them much more than we can.

  40. Marko

    Oh and I don’t think Dortmund will be as bad as us re selling cause when they sold Sahin they bought Gundogen, Kagawa they bought Reus and it seems with Gotze and Lewandowski going that they’re looking to bring in Draxler (probably won’t) and Negredo (seems likely). Not quite the same scenario of course since we sold all our best players (mostly) cause of the stadium.

    Oh and would the fact that United City and Chelsea are likely to spend fortunes this summer not finally somewhat force us to spend this summer? Or maybe Usmanov to invest? Are we not to read into various reports of doing some business early ala Jovetic, Gonalons and Adler?

    I dunno

  41. Zoran

    Definately, we all know that the Money turns the world around, only our f… Yankee doesn’t realize it.

  42. Keyser

    Vicky – That’s the point though, all those things are to be considered each and every transfer window, the club don’t go into every transfer window as if it’s their last, they plan years ahead.

    It’d be wrong of Gazidis to promote that, and naive of people to belive that they don’t plan years ahead.

    Everything the club has planned for has been to reduce risk and wait for the chance to renew sponsorhip deals. So this year was obviously going to be different.

    The thing is this year we’re into the second year of Wenger having to rebuild a team he’d spent the previous 3 piecing together.

    Supposedly no-one at the club can force Wenger to spend these ‘funds’ well why didn’t they stop him from selling players to produce those ‘funds’ in the first place.

  43. Johnny5


    The fact remains he’s spent cheaply when he has spent he’s stripped the club of almost every sellable asset (team wise) whilst making the club millions yet money has been there to spend how much we don’t know but we can safely say it could have bought in much better than what we have for a marginally higher cost. The club are struggling to get 4th because of him we might even miss out this season yet you’re still here trying to defend him. Why? What’s in it for you. You can’t honestly believe wenger has the clubs best interests in mind but only those of his own. Moneys been there for 6 years and the club have said its there if he wants to spend it yet he either doesn’t buy or buys shite from ligue 2 why? Because he has no intention of trying to win anything and for that he should have gone 2 seasons ago maybe more

  44. vicky


    There are four positions which are absolutely critical— CF,DM,GK,AM.

    Now If we spend 50m,we can cover these 4 positions.

    Gonolans– 10m
    Benteke- 12m

    I am sure you would not complain If we signed above 4 players. That is a total outlay of around 50m. I am sure If we add these 4,our squad will be competitive.

    Now other positions which you have mentioned are a bit of luxury. I am not saying those are not needed. If we aim to be in the top bracket,we certainly need those luxury players.But that will not happen.

    Now once we have spent the 50m on above 4 players… the next to next season, we can spend 50m on other two/three players.

    Cesc/Isco — 25-35m
    Hummels /any other top CB — 20m

    Also If Walcott disappoints for another season, sell him for 20m and get Reus.

    I am assuming that we can get through this season with Mert/Kos/TV5.
    Also Cazorla/Wilshere/rosicky/Jovetic can cover the AM and one of the wing positions interchangeably.

    Also having 6-7 new players in one window does not really helps in jelling as a team. Also monetarily it is not feasible.

  45. Radio Raheem

    I have got to give the club credit the digital content initiative and I can see on the website they’re using more club legends in different programmes abroad.


    All that is not in doubt. What you are saying existed 10 years ago yet we as a club did not tour. Wenger’s preference was aceded to. Now, that has changed. In my opinion the money generated from these tours aren’t that great the main value is the brand message being sold which is not so easily quantifiable in pecuniary terms.

    As the Arsenalisation process shows the willingness to act is not solely based on calculating returns in terms of figures. Likewise the decision to spend needn’t be
    be based on how many points X player will add to our points total. Manu bought RvP knowing he’ll add quality to their attack not through some calculation that they’ll be 15 points off City. Such a calculation is impossible and unnecessary.

  46. Keyser

    Johnny5 –

    “Moneys been there for 6 years and the club have said its there if he wants to spend it”

    Mate think about your own post. You’re soo happy to believe in something you’ve got little to nothing to back your opinion up with, you cast this cynical eye over everything Wenger does yet turn a blind eye to those that benefit for it.

    “What’s in it for you”

    You nutter think about this ffs, forget it’s me you’re talking, what’s in it for me is the same as for you.

    What’s in it for all those people that say there’s money ? The money Wenger makes for them.

    Yet you don’t bunch them together, how gullible are you ?!

  47. Zoran


    do you realy think that we could sell Theo for 20m??? Those days are gone, now he got his 100k a week, and now, as you said, he will dissapoint us, but for another 3 years.
    Reus??? we at least dont have that Money, maybe only if Usmanov IN, Kroenke OUT

  48. vicky


    Well we can spend 15m for Benteke and yet our outlay would be 50m.

    If Giroud a French national can be bought for 12m,then surely we can land Benteke for 15m,especially because he plays for Villa and Arsenal would be a massive upgrade for him.

    I think we have given up on Begovic.

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    @Radio Raheem

    You’re missing the point. ManU bought RvP because Fergie identified him as a player who would add to their attack etc.etc.

    At Arsenal, if Wenger believes he doesn’t need a specific player who is there that can disagree with him with any degree of conviction?

  50. vicky


    If I were the owner,I would not spend more than 10m for Walnut. I do not rate him at all. I genuinely think even Sturridge is better than him. But then there are people in this world who would shell out 18-20 for him. Also Wenger is good at extracting a decent price for players.:P

    I did mean exactly Reus tbh. Any player of the same calibre. Could be anybody.

  51. gambon


    Realistically we may bet the only top club in for Begovic so we can get him if we want.

    Benteke would be ablut £18-20m i think.

    If we were to sign Begovic, Capoue, Jovetic, Benteke that would cost £67m IMO.

    Then we should sell Giroud, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Gervinho, Denilson, Frimpong, Mannone, Santos at the very least.

    I think we would get £25m for them, so that would still leave us with the ability to sign a few more players or one top player.

  52. Johnny5


    Don’t be so bloody ignorant this isn’t me just believing Ivan. Of course he’d try to deflect the blame to someone else but it’s backed up by people who pick apart the financials they can’t all be in on it can they unless this is all just a big conspiracy to frame wenger and get him sacked oh and Pedro and the rest of the bloggers and journo’s are all in on it. Wengers brought utter shite to this club blagged all who’ll believe that they’re the bollocks that there his best squad ever yet they are always found wanting before we even make it to Christmas. Open your eyes keyser the clubs going nowhere with your lord and master in charge he’s been found out. There’s nothing for him to hide behind all he has to do is spend some fucking money (on decent players and theres loads about that would/could have made us better possibly even bring us trophies)and show done fucking fight some ambition for once actually try winning

  53. vicky


    I do not think Wenger will sell Giroud after just one season.

    He will get one more chance I think.

    And If we do sell him, then our dependency on Benteke will become huge.

    Bcoz Jovetic for me is a player who can play just behind the striker.

    And Poldi has not proven himself as a CF.

  54. Keyser

    Johnny5 – My eyes are open, yours are staring at the insides of your colon.

    “There’s nothing for him to hide behind all he has to do is spend some fucking money”

    All the bloggers, journo’s AST whoever differentiate between funds and no funds, some venture a guess at how much.

    Now do this you fuckwit, go and find an estimate from one of these blogs, say it’s 70 million to spend, and then kick your braincells into gear.

    70 million after 7 years of Wenger turning a profit, of selling quality player after quality player.

    2 years ago we had Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere, Song, Walcott, Van Persie, you really think Wenger’s going to spend years assembling this team just to turn a profit ? and the club, the board and it’s billionaire owners couldn’t do anything to stop him from dismantling it.

    It’s pathetic how obssesed people are with Wenger.

  55. Zoran


    Poldi has not proven himself as a CF.
    And you think he can prove himself as CF after playing the best defence in the premier Legue and only after 70 min.????

  56. Radio Raheem


    At Arsenal Ivan & co allegedly claim that Wenger has money to spend and he is not spending. That they are not happy with Wenger’s performance etc….Yet one way of solving the problem – spending money – is not used. As custodians of the club is it not their responsibility to ensure the club meets its stakeholders’ expectations?

    Just like they pushed Wenger into touring they could push him into spending. If he refuses then they can so something about it, right? Do you get the point?

    They don’t have to disagree with him on specific players just that he meets a performance target. Right now the performance target is top 4. As long as he reaches that they are happy. Thus, making any claim to feeling unsatisfied with Wenger’s performance insincere, even dishonest.

  57. Phil

    Good post Pedro.
    Meeting with the club CEO and communicating with us, is I would have thought what your (unpaid) role would include.
    How you editorialize what you heard is up to you.
    Criticise you for the latter if you want, but not the former.

  58. vicky

    2 years ago we had Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere, Song, Walcott, Van Persie, you really think Wenger’s going to spend years assembling this team just to turn a profit ? and the club, the board and it’s billionaire owners couldn’t do anything to stop him from dismantling it.



    I agree with what you are saying. the team was not dismantled deliberately but the least he could do was to replace them with equally good players.

    Now assume we wanted to keep Cesc. That means for us Cesc was more important than having 35m in the bank. Now after we have sold him,we could spend that 35m because we did not need that 35m in the first place anyway. So why did we need that amount in the bank after we have sold him??

  59. Johnny5


    He didn’t have to sell them all. One or two of those transfers might have been done above wengers head (like apparently happened with nasri). In many cases had he given players what they were worth or showed some ambition in the transfer market they’d still be here. But they’re not because of various reasons but mainly it’s wengers fault.

    Also if reports are to be believed then the club have over £120 million sitting there now lets assume some of that is to offset the loss of CL money if we don’t make top 4 then that’s over £80 million and look at the players we could have had in the last couple of years reus ba Cahill hazard mata and so on and so on but we got the best player hazard has ever played with in gervinho (cheap option) and giroud the fucking waste of a starting spot.

    Also up until the fans started to show their displeasure why wouldn’t they have let wenger do as he pleases because in their eyes he’s doing his job well because the minimum is top 4 and a tidy profit but they’re starting to cotton on now that is wengers sole ambition which isn’t good enough.

  60. vicky


    Man U game was not his first game as a CF.

    In the beginning of the season,he got 2-3 chances against relatively easier teams.

    He is yet to impress as a CF

    I would not mind to be proven wrong though.

  61. Keyser

    Johnny5 – “In many cases had he given players what they were worth or showed some ambition in the transfer market they’d still be here”

    Which is the whole point, people keep saying ‘funds’ where did those players move to ? and could we match their ambition.

    After 7 years you’ve come up with a figure of 80 million ? Most of that’s comprised of the money we made selling those players.

    We bought Fabregas for 2 million and sold him for 40 million, how much value do you thinks out there, you keep ignoring what I’m saying.

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    @Radio Raheem

    So they give him specific targets like

    a) get 1st/2nd

    or b) get to 80 points.

    And Wenger says to do that I will need to spend £x on players per season, where £x is an amount that we can’t afford to spend every season. And remember over the last 6 years, the amount we could afford would only equate to about £10-15m a season.

    Who’s got enough football knowledge to argue with him?

    Whereas the commercial department can put a reasonable valuation on a tour.

    I’m not saying that Wenger shouldn’t have spent the money, I’m not saying the board shouldn’t be pressuring Wenger more, I’m not even saying that it’s Wenger’s decision, but what I am saying is it’s a lot easier to understand the worth of a preseason tour and make a decision based on that, than it is to tell the manager how to do his job.

  63. Johnny5


    There has been plenty of ‘value’ out there the fact they sold cesc and didn’t replace him was criminal.

    And even if we failed to match other clubs ambition we could have at least tried (which we haven’t not even close) and maybe we’d have held into a couple of players won a trophy or two and everyone would have had no qualms. But no wenger decided to buy cheap and buy shite players left for ambition for money for DNA and he didn’t even try replacing half of them he gave up trying he knew as long as he got the minimum top 4 and a profit the pressure was off but now the fans aren’t happy paying to watch shit players not even try half the time. The first half of the united game is how we should be playing every game all season not accepting the shit we’ve been subjected too

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the total transfer fee for Fabregas is worth about £35m, but it’s made up of various payments. The (quite likely) rumour was that part of the deal involved Fabregas paying back / waiving his loyalty bonus.

  65. Keyser

    vicky – Consider how we pieced that team together, and for how much, that while it wasn’t perfect it had potential,we bought Fabregas for 2 million sold him for 30+, it’s just not that easy to find a like for like replacement.

    If you watched Real Madrid last night all that money, all that talent and they seemed to have fuckall idea how to utilise it.

    Wenger built these efficient teams in 08′ and again in 11′ our best chance was to keep them together.

  66. samsenal

    as far as i am aware no one has ever confirmed how much is available for the manager to spend.

    People have worked out how much cash is sat in the bank but “The Manager has money to spend” doesn’t necessarily mean he could spend it all if he wanted.

    I wonder what Kroenke’s view of the Arsenal year-end financial results would be without the presence of transfer profits.

  67. Radio Raheem


    I am not disagreeing with all that per se. My point is this: it is insincere for Ivan or any one else on the board to claim that they are unhappy with Wengers performance when he is meeting their targets. If he wasn’t they’ll have done something about it.

  68. Johnny5


    The fee was 25.4 million 3.2 million of which was to be paid for by fabs first 4 years wages out of his own pocket and an additional 4 million is to be paid when they win 2 la ligament titles and the champions league so barca paid £22m possibly going up to £27m

  69. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Mate first you say we should’ve shown ambition, then we couldn’t match certain clubs ambition, they’re our rivals ffs.

    We bought Fabregas for 2 million, gave him 7 years of Premiership experience, turned him into one of the best midfielders in the World, and built a team around him probably twice, how many players are you going to find the same value from ?!

    Seriously your arguments are nonsensical, Wenger decided this or he decided that, while no-one could stop him, he’s not ming the merciless you plum.

    Wake Up

  70. goonerbone

    Next time you meet with the sons of S(a)tan, explain to them that football isn’t everyday business – you can’t build brand and value on projections, only on what is happening on the pitch every week. They will see the value of the club gone before that elusive 2015, not being able to attract players nor fans.

  71. vicky


    We have discussed it before,so won’t really delve in to this but I do feel he could replace those players with better players than he actually replaced them with.

  72. Johnny5


    No you wake up son

    If you mentioned other clubs ambition

    ‘Which is the whole point, people keep saying ‘funds’ where did those players move to ? and could we match their ambition.’

    I merely said we could have at least tried to match their ambition. Do you think fab would have left if he was winning titles cups or the CL of course he wouldn’t. If we were buying decent players not shit ones and winning trophies wed still have RVP if arsene had paid 5 grand extra a week we’d still have Ashley cole if he wasn’t cheap we might still have flamini nasri etc

    And he has control of all football related matters the buck stops with him. This isn’t a knee jerk reaction to some CEO’s comments this has been years in the making

  73. Zoran


    No, ManU game was not his first, but second, where he played CF. The first was against L,pool, where he scored, and this is not an easy game.
    So, you want to say he has to impress as CF. Did Giroud impress you or anyone exept Wenger that he is a CF? Me, he didn’t. And he got way more chances to impress against relatively easier Teams, as you say. against stronger Teams, you couldn’t even say you have seen him on the pitch.

    And this is the whole season like this.

  74. Keyser

    “Do you think fab would have left if he was winning titles cups or the CL ”

    These are the margins most of your arguments work between, nothing or the CL then decent players or shit, Giroud has 20 decent chances to score one, we create loads of these, Podolski our bests triker, Mertesacker our best defender.

    Either those years of frustration have turned you into a quivering wreck or we should end this conversation now.

    Fucking Ashley Cole now ?

  75. Nasri's Mouth


    That link says: “Cesc Fabregas has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona in a deal worth a potential £35m to Arsenal”

    You said it was less than £25m and Fabregas paid £3.5 of that

    Not the same…

  76. Keyser

    Vicky – It’s all about margins, funds/no funds, it’s a pretty pointless discussion, the mysterious figure of how much is the only worthwhile poin and then you consider other things.

    You look at Fabregas from a promising youth prospect to the player that left is, an ideal replacement ? How many would have been available in World football ? I don’t think we’ll replace him, we’ll work around it and change our style to suit others.

  77. Johnny5


    CL or nothing aren’t my margins I also said titles and cups I.E winning the FA cup the prem etc. as per usual you take what I say leave bits out and try making out that your not the deluded one but I am. Nice try fucker but it don’t wash.

    And yes Ashley cole winner of a few prem titles FA cups and the CL since he left us you know the guys who’s probably the best LB in the world.

  78. Dev_Gooner

    @ Keyser 11:07:

    I also read the comment section where Pedro mentions at 10:03 (“they trust the manager on the footballing decisions.”) I assume that involves the transfer activities as well. Hence the “correct me if i’m wrong” supposition.

    all i’m saying is, If wenger actually has the final say on transfer spending, its really appalling what he has done over the last few years to say the least. Considering we could’ve had Mata/Hazard, wouldnt have had average – shite players on overinflated contracts and most probably would’ve ended up keeping the likes of rvp/nasri/cesc because our squad would’ve been competitive and trophy winnable!

  79. Johnny5


    I said it was 25m not less than and that included 3.2m from fabs own pocket dude on the face of it it’s a £30m deal but when you break it down its not also wiki has it as lot less than 35m but we could both find loads of things that back up each of our arguments but look at our negotiations of late. Do you really think we made them pay £35m? I sure as hell don’t.

  80. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Nice post Pedro, hope you had a good hard scrub down after the meeting.

    The most interesting development for me is the upgrade of Arsenal player and the push for new online members, you can see we are moving into the realm of live internet streams of football in the foreseeable future. I can see clubs streaming live games and paying Sky a % fee for the rights to stream the games overseas.
    Eventually the league could go it alone and drop Sky completely and set up their own broadcasting system.

    And this is why Stan and Alisher want control of the club, the revenue streams for the top teams are going to push them to a whole new level further widening the gap between the top and bottom clubs spending power.
    The profits for a club of united’s size (worldwide fan base) will be huge and make them goliath’s in our league, while killing off the clubs with a small fanbase.

    Football is moving towards a new online era and only the big boys will survive.
    A good scenario for Arsenal and the likes, but a sad future for the game at the lower levels.

  81. vicky


    Giroud makes good runs. He has that striker instinct. But his lack of pace and inexperience in the PL has resulted in to lack of goals for him.

    But Podi has not shown that striker instinct,he does not make good runs.

    Only thing he can do is strike the ball nicely in the box. he is clinical but he needs ball at his foot.

  82. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Lol, you think the Carling Cup’s going to stack up against what was on offer at Barcelona ?

    i have this strange feeling that we spent ages discussing Ashley Cole aswell, so even when Dein was here you thought Wenger had complete control.

    So basically Wenger’s been running the club for the past 15 years.

  83. Johnny5


    I never said that did I fucker dein kept wenger in line to a degree but now he has total power of tge football side and yes if we were winning titles cups and possibly the CL (with the right investment it could well have happened) he’d likely have stayed at arsenal so would RVP. And you know I’m right about come that’s why you had no comeback and now you’ve moved on to the next perceived hole in my argument you’re pathetic you really are.

  84. samsenal

    Dear Arsenal Football Club,

    Please spend lots of money this summer because us Gooners are tearing each other’s throats out.


  85. Keyser

    Dev_Gooner – It wasn’t that, it’s as soon as someone mentions ‘funds’ people don’t think ‘how much’ it’s suddenly we could’ve bought Mata/Hazard, Pele, the stud rights to Messi.

    Saying he has ‘funds’ means nothing really.

  86. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: I said it was 25m not less than and that included 3.2m from fabs own pocket

    Chuckle, you might want to read your own posts.

    I’ll copy and paste them again

    @13.44:19 “We didn’t sell cesc for 35m it was LESS than that 25 I think”


    @ 13:47:57 “And fabregas paid 3.5 (FIVE) million of that himself”

    Do I think we got a deal worth about £35m?
    Yes I actually do. The Independent, The Telegraph, and even the BBC link you posted all back that up. It might include a lot of bonuses but then that’s the case with a lot of deals, which normally only get a single headline figure.
    Anyway, I’m not going to bother anymore about a player who buggered off a couple of years ago 😉

  87. Zoran


    CF is not there to make good runs, but to score goals.
    Compared to the playing time of both, Poldi was ways better average for scoring goals than Giroud.

  88. Keyser

    Johnny5 – I can pretty much pick apart any argument you make, you mentioned Cole.

    “if arsene had paid 5 grand extra a week we’d still have Ashley cole if he wasn’t cheap”

    I can’t be asked because if you’re not even willing to give up that Cole dealt with Dein and not Wenger, pretty sure that argument’s been done to death. Then you’re not willing to let go of any of the bullshit you come out with.

    Lol with the right invesment, you mean ‘funds’ we could’ve won the CL, see that’s as good as your argument gets.

    Arsenal have never made won the Champions League, they’ve made one final in their entire history and you just blurt it out like it’s that easy.

    What’s the right invesment ? an extr 5k for Cole, spend 70 million replacing the players we’ve lost what ? Lol

  89. Admir

    When Borussia Dortmund signed Reus, I think it was Klopp that said: “That was the reason why we were transferring profit from past years!” Most of players that led Borussia Dortmund to two consecutive Bundesliga titles were signed for peanuts. For instance, Lucas Barrios who was one of the key members in claiming first title (scored 16 goals) was signed from Colo-Colo for 4,2 million euros only to leave for Chinese club Guangzhou for double amount, or Shinji Kagawa who was sold to Manure this season for 40 times more money than he was bought for (he was bought for 350.000 euros and sold for 16 millions).

    A top-class scouting can bring Arsenal back to the days of the success. We spent almost the exact amount of money on Gervinho, Park and Santos as Borussia Dortmund did with Lewandowski, Guendogan and Reus which is unacceptable.

  90. the_real_andy

    as far as I know AW´s and dein´s relationship in professional terms looked like “AW, what player would you like to have”; “I´d like to have bergkamp but he may well be a little bit too expensive for us”; “well, arsene, that´s my part. I will get him for you”

    that´s what alex fynn said. whether it´s right or now – I think he has more knowledge of AW and everything inside than us. I think everything worked out nicely with AW as long as he didn´t have to decide on how much to spend for a player or how much he may earn. he looks to me like a guy who simply can´t understand why a football player should earn 200k a week, no matter how good he is. do me a favor – just ask your mum, dad or grandparents what they think about paying a player 200k a week. I think they will tell you it´s simply ridiculous and I think AW reacted the same way. he´s a little bit more realistic now but far from being a person who accepts them earning so much. many of you may point out that he earns a similar amount – but it´s different to earn and to offer. if they offer him 7 or 8 million a year, why not taking it? but offering someone 8 million a year for contributing on the pitch without having security he will be as good as you think is risky.

    I really wonder how it looks like with manure. I can see a similar situation like ours pre dein-sacking. SAF says he wants that player and his negotiators get him. beside that I think SAF doesn´t give a f*ck how much they earn as long as he gets a title more every year.

    I would prefer AW to leave. if we can´t arrange that I think it would be a good idea trying to take away his total control towards transfers and wages and make him concentrate on his main job – getting the best out of players on the pitch

  91. gambon

    We’ve just signed up another commercial partner….Imperial bank in Kenya & Uganda.

    That makes 4 regional partners.

    All of this provides (what should be) extra money for Wenger the terrified to spend.

  92. Johnny5


    That was clearly before id checked into it dude i put the figures there 25m of which 3.2 was from fabs own pocket and 5m in add ons that’s not 35m is it

  93. Pires_legend

    Pedro, Is this what you weren’t allowed to talk about? Not amazing imho!!

    I think someone else mentioned in the comments but we are aspire to be Bayern but the reality is that we aren’t near them as a business structure at all. Bayern have amazing commercial deals with leading brands, ties in America and Asia, but also and more importantly a structure that from top to bottom has ex-bayern players at the heart of the club.

    the list in ridiculous in comparison – Paul Breitner (Chief Scout), Rumminigge (Chairman), Uli Hoenes is the President, Matthias Sammer is sporting director!! This are ex-players who know a thing or too about football btw and they are making all the right choices and decisions for the benefit of the club.

    You now look at Ajax and what they are doing – Frank De Boer (coach), Dennis Bergkamp (Assistant Coach), Overmars (Technical director), Jaap Stam on the Board, this is how you go about running a football club, sure we wouldn’t have minded that we had to pay a stadium back, but you put the infrastructure in place to make sure you’re competitive in the next couple of years – not 7/8 years.

    I think if we don’t make fundamental changes at boadroom level then we won’t be able to compete with our noisy neighbours let alone the rest of the PL

  94. gambon


    Agrees, Bayern or UTD are the club to follow, and at least we’re starting to move that way.

    Tony Adams & Lauren out promoting us in Africa this week, Ray Parlour opening a carlsbery area at Emirates’ this week.

    Weve added 4 commercial partners since our last set of accounts and renegotiated shirt deal, which will see our commercials go from £52m to maybe £78m or so.

    Its still lagging but its progress.

    The problem is the manager,

    The club have modernised, we’re now a modern marketing organisation capable of attracting sponsors, but we have a manager who still wants to find Henry for £11m, a manager that thinks spending money is evil but is happy to earn £8m per year, he just wont pay his players that.

  95. Johnny5


    It doesn’t matter who he dealt with. He should have got it. The right investment doesn’t just mean funds it means bringing in the right players not wank ones from France. And with the players we had and the players wenger has been to cheap to buy we could have had more than one CL trophy. And we’re not talking massive investment. We are now because he’s let the squad regress to the point we might not even make 4th but if he had bought in quality and kept our best players got rid of the shite ones instead if giving them crazy wages fuck yeah we could have been rather dominant in the epl and the CL.

  96. samsenal

    Gambon – Wenger the Terrified – like it.

    This new commercial deal is another nail in the Prudence Coffin – it’s time to start acting like a big club.

    Pires Legend – not sure i’d want Tony Adams on the board, the guy takes 20 minutes to make a point on TV and he always looks like he’s about to burp.

  97. Johnny5


    ‘Pires Legend – not sure i’d want Tony Adams on the board, the guy takes 20 minutes to make a point on TV and he always looks like he’s about to burp.’


  98. Keyser

    “we could have had more than one CL trophy”

    From a Carling Cup, Fa Cup, maybe a CL trophy to multiple CL trophie’s.

    fucking hell, 5k a week extra for A Hole, to mulitple CL titles..

    Lol, just nothing else to say.

  99. samsenal

    vicky – what is strange to me (a guy who knows nothing about much at all) is why all these deals are coming along now. Why have we done little or nothing for so long?

    Perhaps we were being made risible offers by companies and are only now getting good value? Perhaps, with the new Emirates deal and the new kit deal up-coming (which could suggest an upturn in our fortunes on the pitch) we are starting to get more attractive propositions?

    The more I think about it (i’m assuming we’re going to splurge this summer), the more it feels like the club has been on the hard-shoulder waiting for the last few years.

  100. Dev_Gooner

    Like I said Keyser, I don’t know what goes on behind the scene. I merely give my opinion of what I understand from all the facts that are available to the general public. Fact is this “£70m war chest” has been around for at least 3 of the last 5 windows. Prior to every window, Board mentions significant “funds” are available to wenger should he wish to spend. Now to me this means somewhere in the region of £50-£70m. And he has had funds. Last summer for example, we spent net £22m on Podolski and Giroud and net £16m for Cazorla before the sales of van Persie and Song. Now to me that adds up to £38m spent without selling players. Ox/Jenko/Ramsey all given a big pay rise from the budget available. What have they done to merit that rise? sign them up to long deals for sure but with common sense wages! salary to Hazard would’ve probably been less than that of Giroud/podolski and cazorla combined. So to say we could not afford to splash £30 odd million on Hazard is pure bullshit.

    even more annoying fact is Pro-Wenger people like you seem to suggest that we all want to see arsenal buy Messi or Ronaldo! WTF man, no one has even mentioned them likes. No one is saying we need to go City crazy break the structure and splash £120m bringing in players beyond our reach. We spend money but on shite players or players with no resale value. Honestly give me a link where anyone is willing to offer more than 10m for gervinho! Do we even hear who wants to buy Djourou or bendtner? However, we can afford the likes of Lewandowski who would add wonders to our front line. We can definitely afford to buy Benzema/Higuian should we chose to! We can afford Begovic, Capoue or stootman. We can even buy Lars bender. Hell we can even buy Benteke but likely scenario is we will have been priced out of a move by everton! If Cesc is likely to be available then why aren’t we on top of barca if we have first option on his transfer? Did they give up on signing Cesc when we said no the first time? why aren’t we closing up on these deals? Why is it that we are always linked up with the likes of Gonalons or the other guy from Sevilla or some wannabe with bags of potential to be a world beater.

    Thank god for google that we can get some info on these players otherwise we’d be in the dark as to who they actually are. They are mid-table signings not a top club signings!

    The likes of Gnarby and co need to be around star players for them to reach their potential. as it stands they have gervinho to inspire them to greatness. May god help them!

  101. Johnny5


    Again you twist words and leave shit. Your a bellend dude. I didn’t say carling cup then change it to FA cup then change it to CL in fact I didn’t even mention the carling cup you fucking moron. I said we’d have won trophies ie the prem the FA cup etc possibly even the champions league there was a point that’s already been covered here numerous times that we could have also done really well in Europe with the right investment. But whatever man you keep twisting my words to suit your argument. Whatever gets your dick hard you sick fucking shut in.

  102. goonerbone

    @Arsenal 1886-2006
    I think you are absolutely right when you’re projecting the sources of revenue like you do. The unfortunate thing is that in football you can’t breed a perfect product in the dark, foreseeing a great market to come and then earn the customers. You have to prove yourself every week on the pitch at the same time as you are forever agile when it comes to how to approach the market (e.g. Through livestreaming). If you don’t prove yourself on the pitch constantly, the supporters, sponsors and players will be gone by the time you are ready to go live and then the only thing which can help you is a sugar daddy… Sorry for sounding like a businessman writing about or beloved club, but it’s the reality. We really need a completely different practice of ownership soon if we are not going to lose too much ground to the shitoys, madness etc. Let’s show S(a)tan that he is not wanted here – in every way possible!

  103. Phil

    If you are going to attract new corporate sponsors, assume its a minimum 2 year program from identifying them to signing them.

  104. gambon


    The reason is quite simple, we didnt have the set up to earn good commercial money before.

    The first thing Gazidis did when he came in was recognise that gate & TV money were pretty much saturated, the only way we can earn more is to do better in the competitions we play, and TV deals are centrally agreed.

    But our commercial dept was way behind. Man Utd had a London & Hong Kong office with 40 people, we had 2 people. So the first thing we did was hire Tom Fox as CCO, Vinai Venkatesham from London 2012 to head up Partnerships, Charles Allen from Diageo as head of Marketing, Mark Gonella from Barclays as head of comms, our own Lawyer.

    So where as we were a good football club, we had no marketing people in the business, no idea who our fans were and where they were.

    Now we have Tom Fox wining and dining big cheeses, Venkatesham has a team looking after our partners, sending Adams & Lauren overseas to promote Arsenal and our partners, we have Charles Allen growing the fan base and making sure we know who our fans are, what their contact details are and how we can promote to them, we have invested heavily in the facilities at the stadium to make partners stay with us, we have Mark Gonnella ensuring we are very visible online and as a result we are one of the top 5 sporting “franchises ” on twitter.

    We are likely still a long way off, as evidenced by the “digital membership” that was launched yesterday, which is a euphemism for “international membership scheme” aimed at ensuring we can promote our partners to 100m overseas fans rather than our 200,000 paid members…….Arsenal player was also a big part of this.

    Expect to see us sign numerous other similar partnerships with banks and telecoms companies in the next 2 years.

    the fact that its Africa & Indonesia only at the moment is just testament to the large fanbases, and more improtantly large amount of data we have on these fans, in these regions.

  105. Keyser

    Johnny5 –

    “Do you think fab would have left if he was winning titles cups or the CL of course he wouldn’t.”

    “CL or nothing aren’t my margins I also said titles and cups I.E winning the FA cup the prem etc”

    “yes if we were winning titles cups and possibly the CL (with the right investment it could well have happened)”

    “we could have had more than one CL trophy”

    Your quotes mate, from FA Cup to Multiple Champions League titles.

    Just like the plums that differentiate between ‘funds’ and ‘no funds’.

  106. Nasri's Mouth

    Dev_gooner: And he has had funds. Last summer for example, we spent net £22m on Podolski and Giroud and net £16m for Cazorla before the sales of van Persie and Song. Now to me that adds up to £38m spent without selling players

    You’re making an assumption there that Arsenal didn’t know they were going to sell RvP or Song before we signed the other players, or that had we kept either RvP or Song we would have sold other players instead. I think it’s highly likely that the future sale of RvP was known about when they signed Giroud

  107. Johnny5


    Yet again but parts taken from a whole paragraph and even they they show I include prem AND cups not one or the other you fucking serious waste of perfectly good sperm I bet you mum wish she swallowed instead.

  108. Nasri's Mouth

    Dev_Gooner: Ox/Jenko/Ramsey all given a big pay rise from the budget available. What have they done to merit that rise? sign them up to long deals for sure but with common sense wages!

    Do you know what payrises they got ? Because unless you really do know, it’s a bit of a null point

  109. samsenal

    Gambon – top response.

    But based upon this….even you…the Evil Sith Lord that you are….even YOU must feel the future is looking decent, that we have had a plan all along. That perhaps, PERHAPS significant “funds” (there’s that word again) are only now becoming available for transfers now because of recent commercial activities, because of the ground work you have detailed.

    that perhaps, PERHAPS this summer WILL be different….

    Can i get a “One Arsene Wenger”?

  110. Keyser

    Dev_Gooner – Exactly you don’t know, you’re guessing, which is what most people outside of the club do, it might be a fact stories about 70m warchests have been going about for years, but we’ve been linked with Sebastien Frey for about a decade.

    ‘funds’ doesn’t mean anything, ‘signifcant funds’ signifcant to who ? Our top end transfer fee has been 15 million, do you not see how little these terms mean, yet you choose to believe one thing over another just because it suits your agenda. Whereas you should judge both on the same merits.

    That’s all, pro Wenger/ anti-wenger, if you judge the facts without bias it shouldn’t matter either way.

    Look at your Hazard example, you mentioned Gervinho, Giroud and Cazorla and it might be enough for a Hazard, fuck me 3 different players for one and even then you have to convince Hazard to come to us over other teams.

    Do you realise how ridiculous your example is ? Hazard knows Gervinho from Lille, he thinks Cazorla top player ? Giroud top scorer in France, sorry Eden we’re not going to buy any of those, we’re spending all our money on you.

    Is that really how football works in the real World ?

  111. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Mate, that’s the best you’ve got ?

    An FA Cup to multiple Champions League titles.

    That’s the margins you work between, I don’t even think you’ve understood the point yet.

  112. gambon


    Positive? Well that depends on the manager doesnt it.

    If he goes out and signs another Gervinho, Chamberlain, Park, Arteta then you can forget about it.

    ive said it so many times its getting boring, but we need to blow everyone away this summer.

    If City pull a knife we need to pull a gun, if UTD send one of ours to the hospital we send one of theirs to the morgue.

    I joke, but its true, whatever City, Chelsea and UTD do this summer, we need to do BETTER than them, not match them, not sign a few good players, otherwise we will be in exactly the same position with 3 games to go where its out of our hands just to finish 4th.

  113. Pires_legend


    No i don’t want Adams either, but having players who have a business head, not the ex-Arsenal players who are now pundits (apart from Keown) like Wright, McLintock and Merson and Charlie Nicholas

    Berkamp would be a step in the right direction, getting the likes of Lauren and Sol Campbell (who I hear is close to finishing his badges), Remy Garde who has had a season with Lyon. Someone that can fill Liam Brady’s Shoes as Head of Development. That kind of staff will make the fans feel that at least when it comes to football decisions and the health of the club we know we’re in safe hands

  114. Johnny5


    I get the point. Your just out on the troll AGAIN. Twisting what people say AGAIN. Being a total fucking cunt AGAIN. I always wondered since I was a kid do trolls really live under bridges? No wonder your a fucking dick. I bet everytime you open you open your moth or type a post your mothers axe wound winces.

  115. samsenal

    Gambon – I don’t want us to sign an “Untouchable” either (in the Hindu caste sense). I think you will be disappointed if you want us to out-perform those 3 clubs in the transfer market but as i said earlier, our record against them cannot get much worse (2 points from 6 games against those 3) and in theory even a £50m net outlay versus £100m+ from each of them will see us closer to them because we should be able to to better prevent the daft losses to smaller sides and grab a few more points off the bigger sides.

    I’m not saying it’s right, i’m just saying it’s the best we can realistically expect to happen.

    Unless of course Pedro was hinting earlier about MASSIVE changes.

  116. gambon

    “I think you will be disappointed if you want us to out-perform those 3 clubs in the transfer market”

    I wont be disappointed as i expect another disaster this summer,

    I am also not deluded and realise we will struggle like fuck again next season, and will be in a similar position with 3 games to go.

  117. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Mate, don’t think you did, you don’t have a fucking clue what we could’ve won, an FA Cup, a couple of Champions League titles, but you’re going to say it anyway and if not you’re going to come up with some petty curses.

    Who’s trolling ?

  118. Johnny5

    You are you bellend. I’m done. You camt even have a convo without being a dick and twisting words to suit your fucked up ideology of your master. Go troll on untold you wenger loving parasite.

  119. samsenal

    Gambon – nah, we’ll be better next season because we WILL have a better summer so losing at home to Swansea and away at Norwich will not happen.

    Things are looking up/i have no idea because it’s not the 1st of September yet.

    Keyser and Johnny5 = Han Solo and Princess Leia. Yeah, you HATE each other don’t you….

  120. Kiyoshi Ito


  121. Keyser

    Axe wound, gash, fireplace ? Lol at what age do you stop and think ‘Why the fuck did I just say that’

  122. slade

    “Good because I haven’t said there isn’t money available just it’s fucking pointless arguing unless you know how much.”

    Mr. Keyser: Why is it only worth arguing if you know how much?

  123. NEEG

    Clearly IG and his team have been earning their massive salaries and have at last made headway in achieving sponsorship deals. Undoubtably there will be break clauses inserted into the deals should the team not perform or does not have enough marguee players that the fans can associate with (I wonder how many Gervinho shirts have been sold).

    It is good that Pedro was able to meet with IG – reading between the lines several snippets of information were fed. What is IG’s agenda – I would assume to gain greater control and in the coming season he will be in a stronger position to challenge Wenger – after all we would all hate to see the good work go to waste.

    Unfortunately there are still a large number of AKBs that believe Wenger can do no wrong even though he continually buys from the bargain basement.

    The main worry for the board must be empty seats. Whilst they may be ‘sold’ the club is unable to maximise revenue earning potential. To lure the serious money spenders back to Club level there will need to be at least two Marquee signings especially if the 4th placed trophy is not achieved.

  124. Keyser

    Slade – Because it gives you some sort of perspective, an idea of how competitive we can really afford to be.

    The argument should never have been whether there’s money or not, but how much.