Arsenal commercial deals put us on Bayern’s level by 2015

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Arsenal from the boardroom

Morning to the world, not much happened with Arsenal in the news over the last 24hrs, so I don’t have an awful lot to go on.

I did head up to meet with Ivan Gazidis, Charles Allen and Dan to talk about some changes that are coming and have a broader off the record chat. I’m getting some flack for it online, which I find a touch over the top, but totally understandable. A few things to note, firstly, I’ve been totally open about where I’ve been. Secondly, first hand information if deciphered correctly, is better than taking it third hand. Thirdly, I spend everyday moaning about the way the club is run… or at least aspects. Why wouldn’t I take the time out to voice many of the shared opinions we have as a community?

You can’t win with blogging… one day you’re getting slammed for not using your blog to organise protests to grab the attention of the board… then you’re getting slammed for taking up an invitation to speak to the CEO.

Anyway, I have nothing to gain by melting into the background of opinion… but everything to lose. That said, I’m not able to used quotes as the talk was off the record, just follow the narrative over the next few weeks.

Alisher Usmanov has gone on the attack again, branding Stan Kroenke unambitious, stating the team ‘lack superstars’. Well, this much is true. We don’t boast big names like we used to. The team has players like Jack and Cazorla, but I’m not sure you move into superstar status until you help your club make a superstar impact. We have a lot of good players. We need to infuse that squad with 3-4 world class players before we can make an impact on major trophies.

What the end game looks like for either billionaire is still a mystery. Does Stan care much for football? No. Does he ‘get’ the culture? No. Is he waiting for Arsenal up lay all their commercial ducks in a row before selling up? Maybe. If you’re looking to sell a company, as far as I know, the more long term revenue streams you can guarantee, the more value you can pass onto the eventual buyer. Don’t ask me what the formula for that is…

From what I’ve been told, you can comfortably put our commercial revenue as of 2015 at £100m. That more than doubles where we are now, putting us at Bayern Munich levels of overall revenue (£300m). By the sounds of it, Bayern Munich is where we want to be as a footballing and business entity.

It was quite interesting hearing about some of the deals we’ve struck. The Emirates shirt deal sits at £30m for the shirt, which is higher than what Madrid, through the same brand have just been given. Then the stadium rights sit at £15m. The deal struck on the stadium revolves around a reduction of Emirates signage over the duration of the contract, which opens the club up to more secondary partners.

The shirt deal, which still hasn’t been signed… is apparently going to be major. The only club likely to have a better deal is United. But lets be honest, the lack of success we’ve had on the pitch… that was always going to be the way.

So the jist of the Usmanov story is there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Stan might sell up… alternatively  he’s waiting for the league to pull rank, start behaving… then we’ll have the second highest revenues which should at least sustain a competitive football team. I think the Stan and Ivan dream is very unlikely to happen. But at least with commercial revenues at market level, we’ll be able to compete for players on price and salary.

So in short, who knows why the future holds for the ownership model.

In other news Arsenal have rejigged their membership schemes. This part of the post is sponsored by a chicken wrap. Basically, the club have had the reverse realisation of The Times.

‘Hey guys, we make a s*it tonne of cash, why do we need to pay wall our digital content?’

‘Yah, totes not understanding that vibe. Lets break our content free and let it pull in many more members globally’

So that’s what the club have done. Now, for the cost of a few details, anyone in the world can watch Johann Djourrou apologise for a poor performance on Arsenal player for free. They’ve been working with IBM over the last 18months to upgrade the CRM system.

A couple of things they’re doing is allowing you to pick and mix what you get from your membership. So, if you just want silver membership without the pack, you can now opt out. At a saving of £45. There’s also some crazy algorithm that tracks what you look at on the site so it can tailor content to you.

Arsenal have also had a think about the average age of a Premier League attendant… which I think is about 43. Clearly, there’s a two fold issue here. Live streaming for teenagers is the easy option. Going to a game is no longer a standard behaviour. Why? Problem two, it’s expensive. So Arsenal have taken a German like approach to lure the next generation in by creating a 800 capacity block next to Junior Gunners section for Young Gunners. Basically a place for teens to escape and make some noise with their mates. This means category B and C games will cost just a tenner. Forget cat A games cost £456, the point is, teens can afford to go with their mates and get used to the total banter that goes with football with your mates.

All very interesting and all far more consumer focused…

The stuff that is far more interesting comes out next week, but embargoed on it. Needless to say, there’s been a big step forward with ticketing and the data that sits behind it.

Right, that’s me done for today. Tune in for more tomorrow.

P.S. There was also something around spreading the cost of joining the season ticket waiting list over three years… I thought this sounded great, until I realised the cost was £15. Apparenlty though, they’re reducing it to £12. Free digital membership goes live from August this year.


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  1. harry redknapp

    good post by the way is stan as annoying talkin in real life as when i read what he says then?

  2. Leedsgunner

    “We have a lot of good players.”

    Good players produce results when it matters. We have three or four players that might make the bench of the top top teams. Unless we change attitude to those who want to win rather than 4th place – roll on Usmanov!

  3. Rich

    An I reading this right??
    The new Emirates arsenal deal has not been signed yet?
    And it’s £30million for the shirt sponsorship a season and an additional £15mill for stadium naming rights?

  4. Gunner Sore Arse

    Well you were always going to open yourself up for flak by taking tea with the devil and probably more today for saying that you met but you cant say anything and we’ll have to wait until next week to hear about it. The information about the Young Gunnners section was already public knowledge, I read it either on the Arsenal website or in the program on Sunday – I don’t have kids so I didn’t pay much attention but thought it sounded like a good idea and being tracked by a cookie on a website to tailor content (ie Ads to try and sell you shit that you dont want) is definitely not ground breaking, in fact it’s years old. So, now you are caught in the trap of being “schmoozed” by the high council of Satan but you can’t say a dickie bird, I think you might be in for a rough ride Pedro – good luck!

  5. Dony

    Pedro, we do want to be where Bayern is. However, there’s a big difference between them and us. The Bayern Board and organization is full of ‘Football’ people, focused on success from a footballing perspective. This leads to more fans, sponsorship and ultimately revenue

    Our Board is comprised of business people who seem to focus on extracting as much revenue from the fans as possible, while putting out a mediocre product.

    Usmanov is spot on. There’s no ambition to put together a winning side.

  6. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Did you voice you’re true feelings towards Arsene and the way the club is being run to Ivan the Terrible and his hoard of savages? What was his reaction and surely he knows the kind of stuff being said by Gooners worldwide? You got to give us something or we’ll think you’re a prick!

  7. TT

    Its all well and good to have these smashing new commercial deals if we spend the money, but all that will come out of this is that our bank account will be registered as critically obese in 2015.

  8. gambon

    So we will be at £100m commercial by 2015??

    Bayern were at £160m in 2011.

    Man Utd and Man City are both already over £100m as of 2012.

    This is like another PR post.

  9. Johnny5


    Reeks of pr. Ivan and co got the more critical bloggers together fed them some bullshit payed them some attention and are hoping for good press

  10. Pedro

    Gambon, he said total revenue for the Bayern comparison.

    Johnny5, it was pretty heated… he absolutely knows what the fans think and he hates it… and I fired back on a lot of what he was saying. It was a debate about why we’re not happy… he had some good points… he had some flawed points as well.

    Like I said before, what is apparent is he has no control over whether Arsenal spend… he said there’s no reason to hoard cash. 1% interest means fuck all in the grand scheme of things. They trust Arsene on the team.

    Rock and a hard place for him.

  11. Hitman49

    Smoke and mirrors..

    You’ve been had……………!

    Who we buying ?

    Still the same.


  12. gambon


    Assuming that for inexplicable reasons Bayern fail to in any way add revenue for 3 years?

    You’ve been mislead.

    By the time we are at £300m, City and Chelsea will also be there, UTD will be at £450m.

    Once again you have been sold the future, as we have been since 2006, and you are now selling it to your readers.

  13. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Can anyone disagree with anything Usmanov has said about about the Gunners? I know it could be spin but at least he is giving us something, not like the present ownership/management. Stan couldn’t give a toss about Gooners. The sooner Usminov gets involved in the club, the better.

  14. Josip Skoblar

    Did Gazidis hint at Wenger’s departure?…
    On the subject, the BBC was saying this morning that Maureen could also go to… PSG. In truth, the media don’t have a clue, it’s all speculations.

  15. Johnny5


    Did he mention about the constant lies? The endless warchest stories that may/may not originate from inside the club? Any mention of phw’s our affairs comment the rumours surrounding wengers contract renewal etc?

    I know what side your bread is buttered pedders but it seems like they’re now targeting the blogging community going on a charm offensive do you think some may be for turning?

  16. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Nice Pedro
    Sounding a tad defensive. Perhaps you’re starting to think your cred is on the line.

  17. Hitman49

    Sorry pedro..

    Didn’t see your reply to johnny and co..

    I’m gladd you got our negative point over, it’s about time someone said something,
    Especially to those who need to listen,as there isn’t much wrong just WENGER!

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Josip Skoblar: In truth, the media don’t have a clue, it’s all speculations.

    da DAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  19. Johnny5


    ‘Johnny5, it wasn’t a charm offensive… it was more of a total defensive.’

    Wow. Maybe they’re realising you bloggers have more support than they thought.

    ‘Gambon, he reckons Arsenal will have the 2nd highest rev streams by 2015…’

    Is that in the EPL or worldwide?

  20. Pedro

    Johnny, the warchest stories are true… Wenger just doesn’t activate the warchest was what I took from the meeting.

    Which is exactly inline with what we have all known for years.

  21. samsenal

    Pedro, good post and good on you for going to the meeting.

    When you said “he has not control of whether Arsenal spend” was he saying it was Wenger’s decision or was he talking about Kroenke?

  22. Pedro

    Samsenal… they trust the manager on the footballing decisions.

    Which in fairness, is how any club that pays a manager £7.5m a year should behave, right?

  23. Johnny5

    Aussie gooner Dave

    Usmanov isn’t giving us nothing. He’s not laid out a vision or his ambition for the club. He is merely sounding off to the press to keep the pressure on the board and stan. He’s not helping his cause though if anything he’s pudding many fans off.

  24. Samir masri

    It seems like pedro had a suicide committing type of conversation. I would seriously hate to be in anyone’s position that regards to arenal matters. We all know we are powerless when it comes to decision making. And again the board and wenger are agains forming a wining team.

  25. Jimbo

    I think we could be seeing a summer of change finally!

    Also I think they have an idea of who our next manager is going to be.

    Inviting Pedro up there is a step in te right direction…they are obviously taking note of what Gambon and co have to say on a regular basis

  26. Pedro

    Johnny, this isn’t the first time I’ve met with Arsenal… this has been going on for years. I met Ivan through the AST. This isn’t a new thing.

    Difference between me and the others is I don’t have a book to push… so there’s no gain in me pandering to the club. Yesterday was about defending the club and getting across some of their views in an open discussion.

    I’m not sure what people wanted me to do… pass up the opp to have a debate with the guy running the show?

  27. Kleinfeld

    Pedro – so the situation is that Wenger has a substantial sum of money to spend on players, but he won’t spend it?

  28. Johnny5


    So that clears it up for the people who think the board aren’t giving wenger the funds but many clubs these days have senior management involved in transfer dealings isn’t it about time Ivan rolled up those sleeves got stuck in and forced wengers hand a little.

  29. MrT

    Now the inside gist seems to be in the comments section … Is David Dien coming back? Plus any vibe about Usmanov Buying? Are we buying Lewindoski ? I’m in dream land I know 🙁

  30. samsenal

    Pedro, i wouldn’t waste anymore time justifying yourself. Only an idiot would have refused to attend.

    It sounds like the guys running the club are genuinely optimistic about the future. The excuses not to spend are therefore gone.

    Could be a good summer.

    PS please will people stop talking about Uzmanov. We don’t need him. He has previously announced his desire to take money OUT of the club.

    Even Kroenke hasn’t done that.

    The club can stand on its own 2 feet if it makes use of it’s resources.

  31. Johnny5


    Fair play for giving them some stick. Many would be overawed by the situation and sat in silence taking notes at least you were getting fans feeling to the men who make the decisions maybe just maybe they’ll take some of it on board. Don’t suppose he let slip that the dinosaur (phw) is going to get the sack or they’re going to add a few new members to the board who aren’t just there to get rich but are from a footballing background?

  32. Jimbo


    Absolutely did the right thing by attending, and you always should take those opportunities

    Others on here would love the opportunity to get in front of them and give their opinion, so ignore the haters

  33. gambon

    If we are gonna be so competitive in 2014/5 why dont we over invest now (spend £120m ) to make us competitive.

    If this nirvana of commercial revenue is guaranteed then isnt it better that we invest it now, rather than in 2015?

  34. Aussie Gooner Dave

    You may be right about Usmanov but you would be in the minority if what Usmanov says turns you against him. Personally, I don’t care if Usmanov ever owns the club, all I want is for my club to show some ambition and to become great again.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    Nothing wrong with talking about Usmanov as long as people realise there could well be motives behind everything he says.

    Come the end of the season, Usmanov will more than likely try something. It could be a massive PR attack, it could be an attempt to get a proper look at the accounts. it might evevn be an offer to buy the club etc.etc.

  36. goonerbone

    Good that you are meeting with them! At the same time, dont be fooled by S(a)tan! They try to sell you the future, while we all know that in thr world of sports you dont create a brand and value based on projections, but on what is happening on the field every week. That is what make the kids buy the shirts etc.

    Also, I think we should NOT target the position of other clubs. We are the greatest club in the greatest city in the world of soccer. We should be completely out of sight, having other clubs just dreaming of being in our position, knowing that they will never be able to match the history, the league and the geographical placement which is ours. The only one who can put us where we belong, and not just sell us projections of being “on par with FCBM” is Usmanov. And the only thing we can do to make him take Control of our beloved club is to keep begging him to do so an IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY show our hate, recent and loathing of S(a)tan and his board

  37. Aussie Gooner Dave

    The difference between Kroenke & Usmanov is that Usmanov is a supporter.
    I wonder if Stan could actually name more than a handful of players.

  38. samsenal

    NM – he’s there, it’s to be debated but i think it’s ridiculous that people think he’s some kind of Saint.

    On the one hand people label every utterance from the club – even stuff via Pedro – as PR Propaganda yet they lap up every promise mad by Uzmanov as fact.

  39. Johnny5


    Well my twitter feeds says feeling towards usmanovs comments are similar to mine and other fans I know are growing tired of him saying shit but doing nothing

  40. gambon

    Usmanov is a fan, i would be shocked if he was involved in Arsenal for money.

    This is the richest guy in the UK, he has a worth of $20bn.

    he doesnt need Arsenal as a money making scheme, he has access to the best fund managers in the world, the best hedge funds, lucrative private equity investments a la Buffett.

    Making £20m per year from Arsenal would be utterly pointless.

  41. Johnny5


    ‘On the one hand people label every utterance from the club – even stuff via Pedro – as PR Propaganda yet they lap up every promise mad by Uzmanov as fact.’

    It’s funny how some can be that easily won over

  42. samsenal

    Yeah good ol’ Alisher. His first word’s as a little Toddler were “Arsenal”.

    He loves us, the big cuddly Father Christmas.

  43. Yippee Kai Yay

    Pedro, anyone with an ounce of sense will recognise the situation you are in. I applaud your honesty about the situation and the surrounding information.

    I think what is becoming increasingly clear is how little time the exec spends looking outside of the bubble they exist in. Maybe this is why they put so much faith in Arsene?

    You posed the notion that ‘a business rightly should trust someone they pay 7.5mil per year.’ and it would certainly be true of most businesses. but for that money there would be far greater accountability for both success and an expectation of some form of tangible result and improvement as a consequence.

    That is what we are still not seeing, accountability and consequence for failure to acheive.

  44. samsenal

    Gambon – we don’t NEED him though do we? If the club spent what it generates and what it will soon be generating, effectively we could compete on the pitch.

    Surely that is an Arsenal to be truly proud of?

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    Usmanov may be a fan at the moment. I doubt very much he was much of a fan before Dein got in touch with him though. Can’t imagine his dad put him to bed under an Arsenal duvet when he was a baby oligarch

  46. Dony

    When Wenger was once asked, if the Board gave you 100M, what would you do. His answer… ‘I would hand back’. Kroenke loves this attitude.

    If Wenger spent anywhere close to 50M this summer, I would be shocked. The minute he spends north or 50M, he begins to create a little pressure to win. By having a bunch of good but not great players, he always has an excuse.

  47. Johnny5


    I don’t think usmanov wants to take money from the club I just think that instead of saying shit in the press about the board he should be gaining fan support by outlining his vision.

  48. Aussie Gooner Dave

    WTF can Usmanov do to get in if Stan not interested in either selling or giving him a seat on the board? The only way anything going to change if Stan’s hand is forced somehow and that’s likely to damage the club.

  49. gambon


    We need a leader…..Kroenke is NO leader. Usmanov is much more impressive.

    It would also be good to have a guy with that kind of wealth. Usmanov lives in London, is an Arsenal fan, attends Arsenal games.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Usmanov may be a wonderful owner, allowing the club access to additional funds while not getting involved in the football matters, but he may also demand to be involved with the day to day running of the club, signing players, dictating personnel or he may simply get bored once he’s tried it for a couple of years.

  51. mystic

    Pedro you say
    ‘… they trust the manager on the footballing decisions.’

    Bearing in mind he is not delivering does that not make you extremely reticent to accept they know what they are talking about regards to the future?

  52. Radio Raheem

    I think the set target for Arsene is a top 4 finish. That is what he is accountable for, the base line for which he is judged whether he is successful or not.

    If Ivan and his boss are not happy with Wenger not spending the money he is allocated what have they done about it?

  53. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I don’t think any of us want to become a Chelsea or City, but something has to happen to wake this club out of its 8 year slumber. People should not be afraid of change, especially when we can all see that this club is nowhere near where we should be. The longer it takes, the further behind we fall.

  54. Dev_Gooner

    I dont understand why people are hating that Pedro went to meen Ivan The Terrible. Its an opportunity I definitely wouldn’t pass up thats for sure. Gives you a chance to separate out the rumors from reality. and see whats what.

    Correct me if I’m wrong Pedro, but reading what you have wrote, according to Gazidis, I understand that the funds have been available for Wenger to spend over the last few years. He has no control over how much Wenger spends, right? I wonder what the Wenger faithful will think of this, surely they cant say the money wasn’t there to be sent now, can they?

    If thats the case then I can’t blame Gazidis for the lack of transfer activity over the last few years. Wenger has is solely responsible for the lack of ambition. The only thing Gazidis is guilty of is not pushing Wenger to go for a signing. Isn’t that what David Dein use to do, again correct me if I’m wrong because I am not aware of what went behind the scenes in the Dein-Wenger era. I believed Dein use to be that guy in the board that pushed wenger for the big money signings. somehow it all fits, he left and suddenly the transfer activity just went south, with big money being splashed on the wrong players. Sure occasionally we’ve ended up with a good buy but the majority have been dreadful to say the least. Somehow I get the feeling that since Wenger had a say in Gazidis’s employment, Gazidis somehow feels that he cannot go head to head with Wenger on club matters, He always will have that feeling that I’m here because of wenger!

    Yesterday I felt happy reading Wenger’s off to PSG, would’ve have driven him to Paris myself as he probably thinks a plane ticket to Paris is too expensive. Disappointed to read today that he might still be there this summer on to next season. What shame, the sooner he goes the quicker Arsenal can get back up from this utter shambles.

  55. Johnny5


    If he plans to keep wenger then him getting involved isn’t a bad thing. Either way whether he wants involvement or not it’s better than our current set up

  56. gambon


    He has outlined his vision, a few times, notably in the 5 page open letter after RVP said he wasnt signing a new deal.

    He said we need to pay as much, if not more, than the Madrids and City’s of this world to attract the best players, in order to compete.

    He said he wouldve allowed to fans to invest in the building of the stadium, rather than saddle the club with a £600m liability while increasing their share value massively.

  57. Ramsey's backpass

    This wenger to PSG rumour is now getting annoying

    this has given AKB’s to believe wenger is the right man to take us forward,while some are saying he should be tied down with a new contract.

    If this happens,i would stop watching football till arsene leaves arsenal….

  58. Johnny5


    ‘I wonder what the Wenger faithful will think of this, surely they cant say the money wasn’t there to be sent now, can they?’

    They’ll probably say Pedro is lying or Ivan is lying to try and get arsene the boot. You can’t reason with crazy lol

    Aussie Dave

    Top post @10:45

    Agree mate 100%

  59. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I don’t think Usmanov would become another Roman. However, we don’t know. I think he’d be too smart to think he should be recruiting & micro managing. I do think he would want to bring the best talent to the club, whether that be players & management.

  60. samsenal

    Gambon – there’s too much speculation, too many “Maybes” in an Uzmanov-run club. The guy makes me uneasy. And god, he’s ugly.

    I’m not of the view that he will bleed us dry but i think it’s interesting that his push for shareholders to be paid dividends is being ignored by so many.

    I would prefer Arsenal to win trophies with players paid for by the club’s own money. It would fill me with a pride that i wouldn’t get if we buy a title like a Chelsea or a City. Sure, it would be nice to shut everyone up, end the “8 years and counting” talk, but does it mean as much after a couple of years if Uzmanov – assuming he’s true to his word (and there are many people who say he isn’t) – injects cash and our success is paid out of his pocket?

    As Nasri’s Mouth has said, what if Uzmanov starts interfering. What if he thinks he knows best, does an Abramovich and starts drawing diagrams during a half-tim f~cking Team-Talk. What if he tells the next manager, “These are the players we are buying, trust me i’m a successful businessman”?

    More “maybes” admittedly. Still something to consider though.

  61. Johnny5


    Perhaps it’s time he did a proper interview when the club is not in the midst of the RVP madness laid out his vision to the masses.

  62. Nasri's Mouth


    Imagine if Usmanov came in and signed a load of 30+ yr olds on huge 5 year contracts, then demanded we play them, then we didn’t get results, sacked the manager, brought in a new manager, a new load of players, still didn’t get results and then got bored and walked away refusing the club any more funds.

    There is the argument that someone with as much business savvy as him would run the club well. That’s possibly true, but he’s unlikely to be looking at it as a business venture, more likely a hobby so who knows how he’ll act. I certainly don’t.

    All we’ve heard so far is nothing more than a load of PR. Akin to those 5 min political party broadcasts. He may be brilliant as an owner, he may not be.

  63. Radio Raheem

    When it comes to playing extra matches in Asia they get Wenger to agree. This is a football decision one Wenger has kicked against in the past citing the disruption to preparations. Yet when it comes to spending the club’s money on players they are powerless?

    Forgive my cynicism but has one got to do with earning and the other to do with spending??

  64. gambon

    Its impossible for us to become another City/Chelsea.

    These clubs were small when taken over, and so the over investment was enormous.

    We would be more like Madrid. A big club, overinvesting in order to succeed and grow revenues.

    Ive said this a million times, we could spend £100m right now, without getting into any trouble at all.

    Its just a whole lot easier when we have a guy worth £13bn who is willing to invest underwriting this.

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    You’ve read Usmanov adores Wenger because Usmanov has said he thinks he’s a great manager.

    Now, ask yourself is he saying that because he really believes it or is he saying that because he believes the majority of the Arsenal fanbase believe that with the right owner behind him, Wenger would be very successful?

    Could be either couldn’t it? Better not to assume either.

  66. AlexV

    for all this talk about 70 million…. i fail to understand why we need 70 million in the first place…

    talking in pure cash terms we only need some 10 – 12 mill to have a top class team… heres how i got there….

    Vermaelen 12 4
    Mannone 0 1
    Fabianski 0 2
    Squillachi 0 3
    Arshavin 0 4.5
    Park 2 2
    Denilson 2 2
    Bendtner 2 2
    Santos 2 2.5
    Djourou 2 2.5
    Frmpng,Ebcilo,Estmnd 0 3.5
    Chamakh 2.5 3.5
    Coquelin 2 1
    Gervinho 10 2.5
    Podolski 15 6
    Sagna 8.5 3

    Total 60 45 – 105 Money In

    In Fee Salary
    Ashley Williams 10 3
    Gonalons** 8 2.5
    Jovetic 21.5 4
    Adler 4 3
    Villa 8.5 6
    Fabregas / Isco** 20.5 6/3
    Remy 8 3.5
    Corchia 4.5 2

    Total 85 30 – 115 Money Out

    1) Gonalons wont cost more than 7.5, he’s on his last year and french dont cost musch + Lyon is financially screwed anyway..

    2)Regarding Cesc Fabregas we have first refusal + 50% if Barca sell him, so i pretty sure that we can get him for 20 Mill GBP.. as barca wont be able to sell him for more than 40 mill anyway.

    So we dont really need a ton of money to have a great team and i have a sneaky feeling that this is what Arsenal (Ivan and Stan) is hinting at you…Like in 2011 how we spent 60 mill on Mertesacker, Arteta, Santos, Park..etc… the reality was that most of it was recouped from selling Cesc, Nasri, Eboue….

    So we need to spend only an extra 10-12 million and have a world Class Team…. heres how
    we will line up in 4-3-3

    Jovetic Villa Walcott
    Remy Giroud Chamberlain

    Fabregas/Isco Cazorla
    Rosicky Wilshere

    Arteta / Gonalons / Ramsey

    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Carl
    Miguel Williams Gonalons Corchia

    Adler / Szczesny

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    @Radio Raheem

    Playing preseasons makes sense from a commercial aspect. There are people at the club who are (alledgedly) experts in that area, so they know the benefit of it, so they can say it’s very good move and force Wenger to do it.

    When it comes to spending £50m on more players to be more successful in the league and increase income that way then they are on shakier ground

  68. gambon


    “Does an abramovic”

    What wins us 3 PLs, 4 FA Cups and the CL in his first 9 seasons?

    Yeah, i think i’ll take that.

  69. Johnny5


    ‘He may be brilliant as an owner, he may not be’

    Exactly! He might end up a good thing where as we know if we stay with the current regime were going to become Everton. I’d rather take the chance that usmanov MAY be the man to take us to the next step because we all know the current owner/ board aren’t the right people in order for us to become great again.

  70. Keyser

    “Yeah, i think i’ll take that.”

    Woah there cowboy, wait a minute think this through, think of all that Man United has won, don’t be soo hasty making the switch.

  71. Aussie Gooner Dave

    It would make Wenger accountable, which is something that hasn’t happened since DD left.
    Gambon, you’re 100% correct about about us being compared with Madrid and I would love him to give a proper interview about his thoughts. I’m sure we’d all get a better idea about him after that.

  72. samsenal

    gambon – even if it’s bought and paid for by one man. even if EVERY other person in football thinks we’re laughing stock.

    We are a classy club, have been for decades. Chelsea are a miserable little toe nail clipping and Abramovich has conducted himself like a kid in a sweet shop.

    You think it’s worth it?

  73. Nasri's Mouth


    I think it’s very unlikely we’ll become an Everton under the existing regime. Everton would love our income, our fanbase etc.etc. I think we’re more likely to remain around 3rd/4th in the league.

    Usmanov could make us a much closer rival to ManU but he could also make us a lot worse.

    I’ve always said I don’t want either of them. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice

  74. gambon

    “I would prefer Arsenal to win trophies with players paid for by the club’s own money. ”

    And this is bullshit anyway. Bergkamp revolutionised Arsenal, he wasnt bought with our own money, i assume you hate what he did for the club?

    Do you own a house?

    I assume you saved up for 30 years to buy it? Or did you go to the bank and borrow a lump sum with the intention of paying it back?

  75. Jamal

    People dont want us to become City or Chelsea but what about Utd ?

    You cant class them in the same category as City/Chelsea

  76. Keyser

    Dev_Gooner – How did you come up with that post from Pedro’s ? He didn’t mention too much about his meeting at all ? Also it’s pretty pointless discussing funds when you have no idea how much, which has been the key issue all along.

  77. Radio Raheem


    Do you think playing these pre-season matches
    made sense 10 years ago? It is on no less a shakier ground getting the manager to spend on players. The correlation between the amount spent and points/trophies won is common knowledge.

  78. MoW

    jeez, stop giving Pedro a hard time!

    pathetic. you want a blogger to have an informed opinion. you want a blogger who doesn’t just jump on the next emotional bandwagon and spit the usual speculative bullshit that you can hear in pubs. god knows there are so many people who wan to talk about football and haven’t the slightest clue about what is really happening. they don’t have any idea of the bigger picture. or any real insight.

    if you want to read a blog that’s better than the rest, and provides insight then we NEED Pedro to attend these things, and to listen, and to debate. the more intel the better OPINION can be formed. with more INSIGHT. trust the guy, ffs.

  79. Nemesis.

    Usmanov:Arsene it’s summer and you know what that means ?

    Arsene: excitedly ‘time to sell santi and make some profit ?’

    usmanov:no,time to renew santi’s deal and invest in world class talents.

    Arsene: oh !

    Usmanov:i’d like to know your plans or possible targets.

    Arsene: since i have more finances aubameyang,loic remy and morgan shneiderlen are my targets.

    Usmanov:are you joking ? B’cus i have made contact with napoli and fiorentina for hamsik,cavani and jovetic.

    Arsene: sacre bleau! How much would that cost ?

    Usmanov : just 125 million.
    Arsene has a heart attack.

  80. gambon


    It wouldnt be bought and paid for by another man, thats the point.

    Theres a difference between what City did, and what Madrid have done over the years.

    Ask City fans how much they care.

    Ask Chelsea fans if they hated winning the CL.

  81. samsenal

    We aren’t heading downhill as a club. Let’s get some perspective. The manager hasn’t delivered on the pitch, that’s all. Managers come and go. Wenger will be gone soon and Arsenal will remain.

    SURELY we want to succeed as a club, not as a Billionaires play-thing.

  82. James1008


    I completely agree with you what people have to understand is that if u get invited to have a discussion like this, being rude and voicing ur anger is not going to get you anywhere. Being a good sport and listening to what they have to say along with giving ur opinions is likely to build a bridge between the board and some of its fans and this can only be viewed as a positive if you ask me!

    Yes you are gonna get fed a fair amount of bullshit but I think we can all see through that now and might actually get more of a say in the club if someone like yourself is allowed to air they opinions to the board on a regular basis!

  83. Aussie Gooner Dave

    We know Pedro was placed in a difficult position by speaking with senior management (Pedro, was joking when I called you a prick…apologies) but all I want to know is whether Ivan has a feel for the sentiment around us Gooners at the moment. If he does get how we feel, surely he has got to act quickly. This club is more divided now than it has been for a very long time & Ivan is the man best placed to make things happen.

  84. vicky


    If there is money to spend and yet Wenger does not spend it……..then should there not be any accountability on part of Wenger ??

    7.5m for just pandering to one’s own whims and fancies ??

    What is the CEO doing to rectify this??

    Will he just keep hoping that on one holy day Wenger recovers from his disease or will he make Wenger accountable for our failures???

    Not acting on Wenger’s failures is a failure in itself.

    Can not think of any other CEO as powerless as Ivan is.

  85. samsenal

    Keyser, great link Comrade. It was an excellent game. Modric looked fantastic, Real should have progressed.

    Oh to have Klopp after Wenger though…

  86. Ric The Riot

    May 1, 2013 11:06:48

    Yeah real classy…

    There’s such a wide gulf between our current crop of players and the stars of the game that, when they get the chance to face them. These days our guys are so starstruck they can’t even wait until the game is over before desperately fighting amongst themselves for pieces of a Manure shirt.

    Its all in your head sam, you’re like a broken Dixie record that still thinks it’ll rock a punk party.In short; there’s a long time since anyone was on your groove.

  87. Pedro


    If we are gonna be so competitive in 2014/5 why don’t we over invest now (spend £120m ) to make us competitive.

    I’m going to put my neck massively on the line here… but I think the club are going to try and do something a bit special this summer. I’ve heard it from two places. Moves that would even make you smile.

    If it’s wrong info… I’ll back my blog bags.

  88. Ric The Riot

    May 1, 2013 11:25:00

    Okay straight up question then; Do you honestly think we’ll be in a position to compete at the end of this summer?

  89. King Charlie

    Usmanov’s master move would be to outline a short and medium term future for the club based on success borne out of generated revenues plus a share issue funded solely by him.

    Alongside this given his love for the club would be a legacy to place the club under fan ownership (a la Barca) in his will. He could easily afford it, if he genuinely loves the club he should want it, it would make him an all-time legend – and it would get him near 100% fan backing overnight.

  90. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Jesus, Pedro I hope you’re right. I’ve had enough of us going into a new season and realising very early on that we’re just making up the numbers and the only salvation is a ECL spot.

  91. Pedro

    Vicky… I can understand what a job it’d be to sack Wenger.

    He’s the dictator… he’s maintaining a steady ship. The club aren’t overjoyed at the performances… but sacking him?

    I think that’s out of the question as long as he’s making top 4.

  92. gambon


    lets hope so.

    As i have said a lot of times, you dont need £100m to buy £100m worth of players.

    You just need the ability to pay that £100m over the next few years.

    When you consider the Emirates deal (£150m) a new shirt deal (likely over £100m) and the new TV contract (£100m increase over the next 3 years), as well as property sales (at least £30m)

    You can see we have the ability to invest heavily either now, or in the coming years, it makes more sense to do it now.

  93. gambon

    Oh and for the record I dont buy it at all.

    I think it will be another disappointing summer of buying crap and failing to get rid of dross.

    If we sell 20 players, and buy 5 top class players I will be delighted.

  94. Keyser

    samarsenal –

    “Keyser, great link Comrade. It was an excellent game. Modric looked fantastic, Real should have progressed”

    In truth, comrade, put it up because I didn’t think anyone would believe that, I thought the writer probably had a deadline to write about the tactics of the game and just threw it together at the last minute.

  95. Leedsgunner

    In 2012 Gazidas promised that FFP would kick in and we would be competitive, “amongst the world’s best clubs”. Now he’s talking about 2015? What has changed in 12 months? Being sold the future whilst the club struggles on in the present.

    At least one thing hasn’t changed. The club’s inability to talk plainly and speak the truth.

    Arsene knows s***.
    The Lot out.

  96. andy1886

    Pedro – you’d really bet it all on Arsene finally seeing the light?

    You must be crazy – there’s more chance of Gambon becoming Ambramovich’s new girlfriend and engaging in a three way with Fergie.

    I’m sure they are lining up the excuses already – we really tried but were outbid by petro dollars – Arsene won’t pay over the odds – we only buy players who improve the squad and we couldn’t find any that would do that… We’ve heard it all before.

  97. vicky


    I was not talking about sacking of Wenger. I know nobody can sack him.

    But the least Ivan can do is to let his displeasure known or pressurize him to spend some money.

    Just leaving it on Wenger’s discretion is a bit moronic imo because he very well knows how stubborn AW is.

    P.S :: I am assuming that Ivan cares about this club.

  98. Radio Raheem

    From what Pedro is saying it does appear Ivan is trying to create a wedge between himself/Kroenke and Wenger. That’ll make him a slimey cunt in my view. They are all in it together. If they’re so unhappy with Wenger’s performance as a manager why are they not doing something about it?

    Dictators don’t have contracts for which parties on either side dictate terms. All Ivan is doing is conflating matters creating a division amongst fans, allowing them carry on business as usual.

  99. Keyser

    Leedsgunner – Do you think there’s some sort of FFP switch in the Arsenal boardroom that says “Turn ON” with Competitive written next to it ?!

  100. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Samsenal, you’re so right, we’re all miserable wrecks. It’s not been good in recent times.
    Watching us give those arseholes from Manchester a guard of honour with RVP
    made me feel exactly like I did when Allan Clarke scored the winner for Leeds in the 72 cup final. We all need a good lift.

  101. vicky


    It is unrealistic to expect AW to spend 100m in one summer, I think we should at least try to start reviving the club in a step wise manner.

    Say a transfer spend of 50-60 m this summer.

    Then assess where we are at the end of the next season.

    And If required,spend 50m again.

  102. gambon


    That whole approach is terrible.

    By spending 50+50 we may have a good team in 24 months.

    By spending 100m upfront we can have the same quality of team 12 months earlier.

  103. andy1886

    Pedro: ‘ He’s the dictator… he’s maintaining a steady ship. The club aren’t overjoyed at the performances… but sacking him?
    I think that’s out of the question as long as he’s making top 4’.

    Would that happen at ManU? At Barca, Madrid, Bayern, Chelski, Ajax, ManCity etc? Nope, because we are the only ones who who don’t realise that winning things is what football is about. And to think we’ve been comparing ourselves to Bayern (on income – wonder where that will go?) and ManU over the last couple of days. Laughable.

  104. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Vicky, it’s not about what we spend, it’s about how much others spent to get the players we’re targeting. The socialist wage structure Arsene promotes is our biggest problem. If we weren’t spending money on dross, we’d be in a much better position to spend real money on top class players and the wages they demand.

  105. Ash79

    Pedro – I’m going to put my neck massively on the line here… but I think the club are going to try and do something a bit special this summer. I’ve heard it from two places. Moves that would even make you smile.


    smells like Cesc Fabregas ……..or Chamakh leaving

  106. Keyser

    “From what Pedro is saying it does appear Ivan is trying to create a wedge between himself/Kroenke and Wenger.”

    Or Pedro’s just hedging his bets and siding with who he thinks will be at the club for the long haul.

    All he has to do is mention ‘funds’ and people are wetting themselves saying ‘Oh no Gazidis’s hands are tied, everyone’s suffering from Stockholm syndrome’

    Whil others are saying ‘Funds ? Told you, knew it, we’ve always had ‘funds’ we could’ve been up there with Barcelona but Wenger refused ‘funds’ to line his own pockets’

    It’s mental how naive people are, even with Usmanov, richest bloke in Britain, ‘no power, he can’t do anything bruv, Kroenke’s got him over a barrel’. While the fat shit makes the odd statement and like a group of Bieber fans people start creaming themselves.