Wenger to leave Arsenal this summer – why he’ll love this story | Arsenal to make big ticket announcement later today

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So the Arsene to PSG rumours have started to spice up again. This morning, The Telegraph have said that the Qataris have let there inner circle… which apparently consists of journos… know that Wenger is ready to quit Arsenal this summer. Or next summer. Or at some point in the next ten years. (wasn’t it the Telegraph who were duped into believing the £4 billion takeover bid for Arsenal? It was The Times. It was The Telegraph)

The article alludes to this being a ploy by Wenger so he can wrestle more transfer funds from the club this summer.


Wenger has had plenty of funds over the last 4 summers. Instead of spanking his surplus on better players, he instead decided to blow it on over inflated contracts for average players.

Look, if these rumours are about anything, they’re about Wenger’s bargaining power when it comes to a new deal. It puts pressure on the Arsenal hierarchy to rustle up something special when it comes to October time. The same thing happened last year when apparently Madrid were making a beeline for him.

Simple facts are these…

  1. Wenger will never get the same power he gets at Arsenal anywhere else on the planet
  2. Wenger loves it in England
  3. Wenger loves power
  4. Wenger likes the fact the board don’t interfere with his signings. He wouldn’t get that at many other clubs
  5. I’m pretty sure Wenger has been fighting the sustainable football battle for years… for him to manage PSG would be disgraceful hypocrisy
  6. Did I say Wenger loves power?

As for trying to prise more funds from the club this summer, from what I’ve been hearing, it won’t be much of a battle. The club are looking to make a statement this year (they were last year). All the big clubs in Europe are in talks with big players as we speak. Expect huge moves all over Europe this summer… and expect some very big surprises (I’m talking generally). Big money is coming into the game and there will be a lot of opportunity. It’s the perfect storm for Arsenal. More money from sponsorship’s is coming, more money from TV will have landed, hopefully we’ll land Champions League… and Arsene Wenger has something to fight for. His future at Arsenal. Well, his future as the all controlling dictator.

Arsenal can’t manage a sustainable business model without fans in the ground. We can’t pull in masses of new commercial income if we don’t have a product on the pitch. The only way to stop United achieving financial dominance through FFP is to at least attempt to match their success. We’ll never be as big as them as a club… but a few trophies will certainly bring in a few new telecoms deals and could definitely increase out potential kit deal price tag.

Success is the only way you can define yourself as a football club in a global economy (AngryOfIslington demonstrates the advantages of commercial income here)

Talking of tickets, which I did about 16 lines back, I’m heading into Arsenal later on to hear what they’ve got to say about their new membership enhancements and ticket schemes.

This could be interesting. Apple gave $100billion back to shareholders. Could Arsenal decide that all that cash in the bank be fed back to the fans?

Probably not.

I can’t think of what sort of enhancements to tickets there might be. Could they start a reward scheme for fans who bother their arse going? Could they  introduce an app that lets you sell you ticket back to the club at short notice? Could they be bringing in cheaper tickets for kids? I mean, jeez… I could sit here and guess at the news all day. It must be pretty bullet proof otherwise they wouldn’t have invited me along.

Anyway, for the record, the only fee I’ll be taking for this is a sandwich. I’m just telling you that before the ‘oh, he writes for the club’ b*llocks starts.I understand why Arsenal court the bloggers. I work in the digital marketing industry. I do the same thing for brands. My reputation as a blogger and as someone who sells the idea of transparent social media depends on me practicing what I preach. Take that as you will, but I’d never jeopardise either.

Unless it was one of those £14 salt beef sandwiches from club level…

If anyone has any pertinent questions they’d like me to ask about tickets… or about anything else, let me know in the comments.

A lot of people went to town yesterday about the unfair criticism Bacary Sagna took  yesterday as he we exposed in the main by Theo Walcott and his lack of tracking. Sure, I get that, Walcott took a hammering as well. However, it doesn’t detract from the fact that the French right back has had a poor season and he was making fundamental mistakes. Also, here’s an idea… if Theo isn’t giving you cover and it’s making you look bad, pull him to one side in the tunnel… after he’s taken Robin’s shirt… and give him a b*llocking. Can you imagine what Theo would be like if Bac gave him a dressing down? He’d probably wet himself. You’d spend the rest of game telling him to stop playing deeper than you.

Final piece of news, Gareth Parker from the Homeless FA is hosting a comedy night on the 13th of May. Last years was great fun, loads of hilarious acts and plenty of booze. Get your £15 tickets here.

Have a good one.

P.S. Check out Santos being Santos here.

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  1. Guns of the brixton

    vicky totally understand wht yur sayin but what i was tryin to allude to was manures ambition. they’ve won the league comfortably but still want to improve whilst we dont. we live in hope that the nxt year will be better, whilst they ensure nxt year will be better. not sayin we are permenatly fucked, but we should move forward and onwards b4 we are. it seems any ambition we lost they gained.

  2. Josip Skoblar

    Benzema had an impact: one goal and one assist. Is he consistent enough? That is the question. I think he would fit in well at Arsenal as he is a real striker.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Lewandowski and Dortmund.

    Similarities between us selling Cesc / Nasri and Dortmund selling Gotze, and then having Lewandowski on his final year and saying they’d prefer to let him run down his contract.

  4. paul mc daid

    Nasri,dont kid yourself,David and Stan are friends,if you personally owned 69% of Arsenal would you want it run by a winner or a loser?

  5. vicky

    Guns of the Brixton

    Our lack of ambition is well known. And this season I can see Chavs and Citeh spending a fortune. And that could prompt Manure to spend big as well.

    The fear is we will just give up.
    Wenger will just keep complaining about dominance of those teams in the market .

    If we can make 2 Cazorla type signing (top player at a cheap price),then probably we will move forward.
    Otherwise,it is going to be really really tough.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    @paul mc daid

    you have proof they’re friends of course?

    Even if they were, Dein had big connections to Usmanov, there was no way Kroenke would let him back into the club. It would have been a bad business move. I’d also suspect that Fiszman may well have made certain conditions on his deathbed

  7. Guns of the brixton

    i would welcome remy, though, why not go for benteke i ask? hm to large a price tag i assume.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Hummels was a beast tonight I thought, I know Madrid scored twice late on but the pressure that defence was under all game!

  9. Toli83

    Why would you welcome another striker that would only warrant a place on the bench at a top club.

    We will never compete buying players because they are cheap. It’s ruining our fucking club with the dross we have. We need a change, players like Remy won’t provide what we need.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    You know it’ll happen.

    £3 Million for Cesar
    £6 Million for Remy
    £8 Million for Williams

    We’ll all be sat round aghast and Wenger will look at us like ‘What?!’

    Whilst he shovels £60 Million into Stan’s back pocket and waits for a new, even bigger (if that’s possible) contract.

    But then we’ve got to let him off, A fully fit Wilshere and Rosicky are two new signings for the season, Diaby will be like a new January signing (we’ve signed that guy so many times!), Giroud will be like a new signing in his second season.

    Every year Arsenal fans are just blessed with a wealth of signings like Abou Diaby and Thomas Rosicky…SO LAY OFF WENGER!!!

  11. Guns of the brixton

    toli 83 remy over giroud anyday for me m8, (though remy is under giroud in the french national team)

  12. zeus


    We’ve seen enough of Benzema to say we dodged a bullet. fat and sluggish. If you can’t score bundles in this Madrid side (yes I know they defer every other shot to Ronaldo) then I don’t think your doing well.

    And yes, he’s better than what we got, but ours set the bar so low, I could have a trial with the side.

  13. paul mc daid

    Nasri,dont think you make many conditions on your death bed when your selling your shares,Stan just does not have the winning mentality and it has hurt the club,we are not running on all cylinders which is such a pity.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Galatasary offering £12 Million for Robben, don’t care how much of a twat he is for that I’d jump in.

    We need better wing play, Walcott never has and will never offer it.

    Either that or a cheap move for Cabella or Shaqiri (who’ll likely be surplus) to offer us actually skill and the ability to beat a man on the wing.

  15. Toli83

    We need a big hitter. Jovetic is what we need, don’t see Wenger buying anyone else in that department apart from adding the one player there.

  16. vicky


    Agree with you regarding Robben.

    He irritates but also scintillates .

    Walcott is shit and Robben is a far far better player than him even at this age.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah Robben is quality, and a big game player, over confident but that would be nice compared to our current bunch of losers…with a few exceptions.

    Wenger won’t have him though, too opinionated, achieved too much, would likely challenge him.

  18. Radio Raheem

    Cesc Appeal, Vicky

    CA yeah I’m with you there, although, grudgingly. I’d like Arsenal to go for it just a bit. I’d prefer Benteke but Wenger might see him as being similar too similar to Giroud , or that’ll be his excuse, and with Remy having a get out clause that temptation will be too much to resist.

    Vicky I agree Remy does blow hot an cold but it’ll be ok if we also get Jovetic.

  19. Guns of the brixton

    did anyone here how julio cesar dressed up as david luiz for david luizs dress up birthday party? came in a blue chesh–t shirt complete with a afro wig. of course QPR fined him for publically wearing another teams jeresy.

  20. Radio Raheem

    I’ve got a feeling we won’t sign more than 4. Apart from the guys coming to the end of their contracts and the ones out of favour, who might be loaned out again, we might see TV (12) and Gervinho(6) sold. We’d be lucky to get more than £18m for those two.

  21. kwik fit

    Yes Vicky I’m sorry to say I do. The guy has so much charisma I think he is great for the game. There’s no chance that well get him however as he could never work with the collection of twats that we have in charge at Arsenal.

  22. Moray

    The resilience of the human spirit is an amazing thing. Our minds are designed to withstand most difficult emotional situations, and we do this largely by the capacity to forget he pain we felt, both emotional and physical, and move on. This is why most of us find ourselves from May onwards hopefully following the twitter feeds and rumour mongers about the players we are going to buy. Jovetic and Ashley Williams seem nailed on, and there are whispers of Casillas and maybe even Villa.

    Then reality kicks in. Our best player/s are sold and we see bargain buys and kids coming in to replace them.

    I don;t see this season being any different, to be honest, though i would like to see some ruthlessness dealt to those loanees and no hopers picking up a hefty AFC stipend, and some transparency over who the fuck is issuing these ridiculous contracts and renewals. The Djourou (automatic) raise and loan is not far of the Winston Bogarde situation at Chelski for me. Maybe Usmanov is the man…we can only hope he is girding his hefty loins and preparing to make the yank an offer he can’t refuse.

  23. Radio Raheem

    Ok maybe skint is too strong a word. Their spending power is not what it was. They wanted Thiago Silva and Martinez last summer but lost out because they couldn’t compete financially.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    For a while Barca (and Real Madrid) were spending beyond their means, meaning they had to build up some impressive debts or get involved with some creative property sales. Now they’re living in the real world.

    Depending on how much notice other clubs take of FFP, Barca are in the top 5 for spending power