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Today has landed in your inbox.

It’s Arsenal vs United day. A terrific, glorious… not usually too victorious day.

But it’s here.

… but before we get into that, let’s jump right into the news that Barcelona might be looking to sell Cesc Fabregas onto a club who’d be willing to pay a small fortune so they can fund a rebuilding strategy. Now, as Arsenal have first refusal on his signature, that opens up the delicious possibility we’ll all be extremely disappointed when he ends up going to United or City.

Just kidding. But kind of not.

If there was a player I’d like at Arsenal more than Cesc, I haven’t seen him yet. A dream player with skill and vision by the bucket load. He’s still young, he might come back slightly humbled and we’d get the best years from him. I guess the only way we’d land a player of his calibre back off Barca is if we could show him we actually mean business.

Apparently, the mother of his new child mostly hangs out in London… which makes the story… or the news… that little more tantalising.

What about the finance news? What about the Sunday Times Rich list? Sadly, despite a great run of Walkers ads (so sorry about those), I didn’t make it. However, the table topper this year? It was Alisher Usmanov with a staggering £13billion to his name. Quite the sum of money you’d have to say. Ignoring his past and looking at his business portfolio, you’d have to say he’s the ideal person to run Arsenal. He’s not a one trick pony with Property man Stan. He’s an manufacturer, he’s a metalist, he’s a telecoms guys, he’s a tech guy… he’s an incredible businessman. Most importantly? He has this ingredient all businessmen who own sports clubs need.


Now, I’m not saying Stan isn’t ambitious. I’m not saying he’s not a great businessman. Jeez, what have I achieved compared to him bar a really good bit of beard growth last week? Nothing. However, you have to tally it up… compared to Alisher, he’s no where near his level. He has us set up as an investment, versus someone who’d have us set up a channel to drive success and pride.

What can we do though? You can’t force someone to sell up their shares… especially if they have the idea that Arsenal represent some sort of family heir loom. What would Josh do if it weren’t for Arsenal?

I’m hoping that the whole running a Premiership club thing will become too much. I’m hoping that Usmanov will have to pay over the odds for us… but he will in the end and Stan will walk away with a big fat profit.

That’s the dream. The reality at the moment is that this summer, if we want Cesc, we’ll not be able to buy in other more important positions. That my friends sucks a massive about of Arsenal.

Onto today. United come to play. Robin Van Persie returns to the club. Spurs dropped two points yesterday. I think that still leaves 4th place in their hands, but it does make things slightly tougher for them… especially if we win today.

The game will be hard, I don’t think there’s any chance of United letting their foot off the gas. They’ll come with a game plan that’s ready to stifle us and I suspect it’ll be a frustrating afternoon. I can’t really see a situation where Robin doesn’t score. We always do poorly against our ex strikers and it’d just be the icing on the headline if he banged in a winner today.

We have the ability to pull off a result. Our players have to be at their sharpest and our defence have to play as a unit. That’s why the game is so important from a midfielder perspective. We have to keep things disciplined  but at the same time, we can’t sacrifice ambition going forward, which does tend to be the bi-product of a solid display when it comes to Arsenal this year.

I’m hoping we have a front three who decide to turn up. I haven’t noticed Theo in a while. Now would be a good chance for him to establish himself as a player worth of a mega contract. I have no idea who is playing centrally, but I’m guessing it’ll be Gervinho (though the rumour mill suggests it’ll be Lukas up front today). If it’s Lukas, what a great game to showcase your striking pedigree. If it’s the Ivorian. God help us.

I’ve no expectation of a win today, if something happens, it’ll be a bonus. If we lose, well, it’ll be a nail biting finish to the season.

Whatever happens, if a Poznan erupts today… I’m all over it.

Have a great day regardless.

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  1. Dannyboy

    hahaha Kwikky boy, my thought exactly, Rosicky our best player in first half, subbed in 50 odd mins. Ramsey at the start of the season played absolute dog shit game after game, and Wenger flat out refused to sub him.

    Finally plays well today. Subbed in 60th minute instead of the useless Sagna, who was so fucking poor, I wouldn’t be surprised to see FA investigate see if he’s been talking to any Spurs/Chelsea big wigs.

  2. useroz

    Usually fed up with ramsey today though he’s less frustrating so in relative terms a good game for him…still an average player and not AFC grade as of now.

    Two CBs appeared ok, just. United got 2, 3 headers straight at our GK or we’d have lost. Still an area to strength.

    Why oh why we can’t cross?? Look at bloody wlacott taking corners…3 or 4 today either not got past first defender or beyond the last man. Shocking. Forget sagna. Can gerv cross at all?

    Podi not a CF forget it. Sluggish and no tech skills running with the ball. Had too look for somebody always and lacking pace too. Wot a sorry affair with his giy the top earner!!!

    Major surgery needed but all we’d get is patch up jobs by the unlicensed doc..Prof Wenger-Frankenstein.

  3. Relieable sauce

    Jamal April 28, 2013 17:13:06

    Shere Willpower haha

    LOL. Thats so bad i’m considering changing my user name.

    I think walnut would’ve been shifted to RB before now under a capable manager. Surprised wonga hasn’t chanced upon it during his crazy football experiment & sagna’s loss of form & the lack of a genuine replacement.

  4. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Graham Souness: ” If your an Arsenal supporter your be praying to get in a couple of players this summer”.

  5. Goongoonergone

    I was screaming blue murder when the idiot manager took of our most attacking player, Ros. I thought Podders would do something as a centre forward. Badly disappointed. Manager must pack up and go back to his hip hop chick.

  6. kwik fit

    I would play Verninator up front in the last 3 games. Reasonable in the air, fairly mobile and has an eye for goal. These traits make him a better prospect up top than Pod (not fit) Wally and The mop.

  7. bayo

    Enough of all this unmotivated Man U……..United played at their best and defended very well…if they were unmotivated why was jones, ferdinand and co defending like crazy….Man U has only 3 plans against arsenal….Block the middle, cross the ball from the wings, catch arsenal under the counter cause we play our full backs like strikers……

    It’s time we look at the squad and agree…..this present bunch will never be better than united..is not about running and jumping into tackles..its about quality……arsenal barely managed to create a chance for Podolski from open play….

  8. Stu2323

    Sagna proved he is finished for us,Pod is worse than I thought and corners for us are a distinct disadvantage,they never go to any of our players.
    Unfortunately,after this season our expectations are now so low,I find myself contented that we escaped with a point against a team still hungover from Monday.

  9. tom

    Arsenal were excellent today. I’m happy with a point and a powerful display.

    Now there are three games left and I reckon on this form we’ll win them all.

  10. tom

    Wilshere looked good in the time he was on. Rosicky was tiring after giving so much in the first half. It was a good substitution. Arsenal were able to raise the tempo in the final twenty.

  11. kwik fit

    Did we ever look like scoring after the first minute? Yet United had 4/5 clear cut goal chances. Lets face it guys we are in a three horse race and are probably below our rivals in terms of potency.

  12. tom

    Sagna did ok today, mistake aside, and is always so busy. Right flank at Arsenal is always a focus, both in attack and defense, and that’s where he operates. Sagna has been a fine servant to the club and is still more than able.

  13. kwik fit

    Agreed tom. I wouldn’t even blame Sagna for the goal. He passed the ball to RVP possibly still thinking that he was still playing for us. No blame whatsoever . Could happen to anyone.

  14. tom

    We pressed them hard all afternoon. They haver the best defense in the league. We had more shote than them and more on target. All their chances (which admittedly were clear-cut) were made on the break. Arsenal press leaves us exposed but demonstrates a commitment to be positive and try to win. In the end our defenders and GK (who had an outstanding game) did enough.

  15. tom

    plastic bottle,

    neutrals where I watched it all thought it was a great game played by two fine teams but it was Arsenal that showed more initiative.

  16. Alex James

    Tom. Sorry, you are talking over optimistically. We never looked like scoring again, and it was squeaky bum time, every time they attacked. Fortunately, we played them at a good time, whilst their focus was slightly off. We have to beat Wigan, and hope that a win at Newcastle is not required. Sagna’s colossal error could prove really costly, in terms of both finance and bragging rights.

  17. Dannyboy

    Tom, 1 point in a must win game is never a good result mate. We are now faced with having to win ALL our last 3, AND Spurs fucking up.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    He wants to raise his daughter Lia in London apparently…he fell in love with the City while he was here…suppose you would going from 16 to 23 here…important stage of your life and he did it in London with Arsenal.


    It shouldn’t, Wenger has £70-150 Million to play with.

    But, if you could sign Jovetic and a cheap playmaker, or Fabregas and Remy, which would you choose?

    Just curious, we can easily afford Fabregas who’d cost about £10 Million and Jovetic who’ll go for about £20ish Million I think.

  19. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    It wasn’t a great game just a good game in my opinion.

    I felt both teams defended well obviously apart from the Sagna error.

    Apart from that we lacked once again any cutting edge

    as I said earlier had Ramsey made the correct decision with that pass to theo instead of poldi we may of took all 3 points.

    Ramsey worked hard. (Which is expected).

    Wilshire done ok.

    Cazorla for me is good player but lacks that quality around him which can affect any decent player.

  20. tom

    Ferguson’s post match interview was enjoyable. Clearly not a happy manager. Whining about tackles and the ref. Over emphasizing the quality of his teams chances. Making excuses.
    Wenger, by contrast, was pretty cool.

  21. tom


    I’d sign Fab and a nailed-on finisher (is that Remy?). We know what we’re are getting with Cesc, and he loves the club.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    I think Johnny said on here yesterday we might as well tell Barca keep the £25 Million you owe us for Cesc and the £15 Million you owe us for Song and we’ll have Fabregas back cheers.

    Reflects horribly on Barca as well and fantastic on us.

    The fan reaction would be sensational

  23. tom

    Cazorla is happy. He’s having his best season to date in terms of goals and I think he’s enjoying his football.

    Next season I expect even more.

  24. tom

    I have to say Cesc is one of my all time favorites. Right up there with Brady, Rocastle and Vieira in midfield.

  25. vicky

    A few points

    1. We desperately need a quality striker. Podolski does not fit the bill. Giroud is nowhere the level we need.

    2. Ramsey is good at dirty play–tackling,closing down opposition players,running all over the pitch. But as far as creative play is concerned–he is a very very ordinary player. The number of misplaced passes he makes per game is just mind boggling.

    3. Wilshere is not going to ever become the creative maestro that people expect him to be. We need a Cesc type player in our midfield.

    4. Wenger will never learn to make correct substitution. Rosicky was probably the best player on the pitch and he was the first subbed player.

  26. tom

    If we got him back I’d be thrilled. If Barca need to free up cash for investments perhaps that deal could work.

  27. Cesc Appeal



    They owe us £25 Million, if they sold him for £50 Million (not likely) they’d have to give us £25 Million and would STILL owe us £25 Million.

    So they’d end up giving us £60 Million in total for Cesc.

    Makes no sense for them to sell to anyone but us.

  28. tom

    Rosicky was visibly tiring. He ran his arse off putting in that display.

    Ramsey is all action. He mis-passes quite often but he has so much of the ball and he is prone to try the odd hollywood pass. But his pass success stats are very good at 88%. He has gradually become a very important player for us. His energy helps set the tempo.

  29. Thomas


    There’s good results and bad results. Given our position and Man Utd already champions we should have won this and a draw is not good enough.

  30. tom


    That makes sense to me.

    It raises another question (which I ought to know the answer to but don’t), which is;
    If we haven’t actually got the money for Cesc yet, where does the ‘war chest’ come from?

  31. kwik fit

    Without an end product to our play we are going to struggle in our last three games. It doesn’t matter who the opposition are. You can say what you want about Giroud’s deficiencies but he is an important link in our forward play. No one in the squad (except Verm) can provide.

  32. tom

    in your imaginary world, where you get what you want just because you want it, results might go that way.
    United are still the best team in the country and if they ran out unmotivated (which I seriously doubt), they certainly woke up when we scored in the third min.
    A result against them is always good, especially given our recent record against them.

  33. vicky


    Let me hazard a guess.

    I think we got most of the money from Nasri and RVP sale in the first installment given that both Citeh and United were very keen on having these players in their side and we were in a position to dictate the terms of the payment.

  34. tom


    Podolski was disappointing today. He could lose his place to Gervinho, who can be effective depending which version shows up.
    Plus, I thought Theo did well today and might find form for the run-in.

  35. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Ahh, tom arch “everything’s well in the world of Arsenal” proponent.

    How goes it in your alternate universe? The one where Wenger as been successful over the last 8 years…

    And where we can win a game we need to?

  36. gunnergetyou

    Top 4 is finally out of our hands. Even if we win our remaining games there’s a chance of spurs beating chelsea and both finishing above us. And on current form I would definitely expect the chavs to beat united next week

  37. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    tom, today was a must win game if we really do want CL football next year. A home draw with united and people like you come on and say “great result”.

    How far have we fallen where a home draw is greeted as a good result, coz its united? Break that down and it seems that you are saying:-

    1. We’re not as good as united
    2. We were expecting to lose.
    3. Taking a point from united is a premium result.
    4. How sad that you are settling for mediocrity!


  38. Gregg

    Todays game I thoroughly enjoyed. A point is a fair result, Kos & Ramsey played very well today as did Rosicky. What we lack as we know is decent movement/quality in the final third. I wish Theo would involve himself more than he does. He sticks to one position and thats it. The Henry’s and co would go and get involved and take it to the opposition if they weren’t seeing enough of the ball. Still it’s a decent point

  39. Thomas


    Such a deluded fool. Listening to him you would think Arsenal is the best team in the world and have won massive amounts of trophies the last few seasons.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    I think we were a little too desperate to win this. The early pressing was very impressive but we rushed some of the passes a little bit. Then in the 2nd half we went too much the other way.

    ManU were nice and relaxed early on, but as the game went on they worked harder and harder, and looked full of confidence as you’d expect.

    We really need a CF. People were crying out for Podolski to play up front, describing it criminal that he’d never got enough chances there, but today showed why he’s been playing wide. When I saw his name on the team sheet I thought I’d been wrong about him, but it turned out he just couldn’t hack it there for one reason or another.

    I thought most of the team played well, but against a team like Utd, you need everyone to play well to get 3 points

    Hopefully it wont turn out to be a bad result.

  41. HerveDeNerve

    PFA Team Of The Year: De Gea, Zabeleta, Vertonghen, Ferdinand, Baines; Mata, Carrick, Hazard, Bale; van Persie, Suàrez.

  42. Ramsey's backpass


    in all honesty,i think you are the deluded fool.

    We needed to win the match against a side that didnt leave third gear

    it is not about the last time we won a trophy,it is about qualifying for UCL and today was an opportunity to beat man.u

    norwich that beat man.u,what have they won for the past eight years.


  43. vicky

    Just realized that top 4 is not completely in our hands. If Spurs win all their matches and Chelsea win all the matches except the one against Spurs, we would finish fifth irrespective of what we do in our remaining matches.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    True, but I don’t think Spurs will beat Chelsea and Chelsea will beat ManU at old trafford

  45. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Vicky, that’s why sagnas piece of utter reckless stupidly was so typical.

    Win that game and bang on for 4th. I think we’re nailed on for 5th… Usual Wenger crap though, can’t get the right result when we need it…

    That’s why it was a must win. That’s why the game was so typical of last 8 years, coming up short.


  46. Nasri's Mouth


    People have short memories sometimes I guess. To be honest there hasn’t really been any keeper who has been head and shoulders over the rest. Hart continues to make ‘uncharacteristic’ mistakes, Lloris has been good, but not brilliant. Ever since he started wearing the mask, Cech has not been as good as he was.

    Just can’t believe Hazard got in ahead of Cazorla.

  47. vicky


    It was just an observation.

    Yeah, I do not see Chelsea or Spurs winning all their matches.

    Chelsea will drop a few points for sure. Man U,Everton and Tottenham are all tough matches.

    But now that Man U can not get to record 96 points,who knows they might not show any hunger in their remaining matches.

    But still in all probability,If we win all our remaining matches,we will be through.

  48. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I think if we’d won today we’d have got 3rd, now 4th looks more likely. Just need to hope Newcastle are safe by the last game.

  49. vicky


    Not only that penalty mistake.

    his horrible crossing killed so many potential chances of scoring.

    It was as If we were playing with 10 players.

    I sincerely feel If we had Jenko ,we would have had 3 points for sure. We dominated the first half and yet were on level with Man U. The entire blame lies on Sagna.

  50. vicky


    The problem with 4th place is that we will wait till the CL qualifiers to make our moves in the transfer window.

    That is why 3rd is so important for us.

  51. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    The Emirates is cursed
    As Thorough said Red nose gave us a chance today and we stuffed it up

    Sagna messed up but where was the desire to score more goals

    Rosicky i wish he had hit that shot with his left foot may have scored.

  52. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Sagna actually put in a few decent crosses today

    at least they went into the box rather then hit the first defender as usual

  53. vicky


    Where are the players who can score goals against top teams ?????

    Tbh, as bad as Giroud is at least he gives you the feeling that there is a striker on the ground.

    Poldi i felt was completely missing. I just could not feel that we had a striker on the pitch.

    I think even he should be shipped off. He has flopped both on the left wing and in the middle.

  54. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Vicky, this is wengers shitty selection policy, again. Sagnas been garbage for too many games to count. Does he get dropped? Nope. Will he for the next game? Nope.

    This is Wenger, like with RvP, pandering to a player to get him to sign a new contract.

    It’s total bollocks, he should stick sagna in the reserves, training with the youth team. Shove in jenks, tell him he plays well he stays in.

    But no, we’ll get 4 more crappy performances from sagna who will fuck off in the summer. How does Wenger not see this?

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Podolski’s done pretty well out on the wing in his first season. 14 goals from 30 starts (and most of those only lasted 70 mins).

    I’d bet he’s been playing with some sort of injury.

    What we really really need is a top quality striker. Whether they’re a goal machine, or a player than bring others into the game, or ideally both.

  56. Voetstoots

    You guys make me laugh. Most of the season I have to read about Spuds being so much better than us, they’ll definitely get top 4 & we definitely won’t, etc… With some stooping so low as to support them every weekend (up to & including yesterday…)

    Puh-lease. And then today I have to read how you clutch at mathematical straws, betting the house that they will win all remaining matches, with Chavs doing same (except of course against Spuds), thus keeping us out of Champs League…

    Well, take your next month’s beer money and bet on that, guys – if nothing else, it will teach you something about odds. And maybe the sobriety will be good for your liver. I’m sure the missus will like it too.

    BTW, I’ve just returned from the stadium… Seems like I saw a different game from most of you. Excellent today – a result that most of us would have taken if you offered it to us before (yes, we should’ve been at least 2-0 up before half-time, etc… But we all know that it’s a funny old game).

    Tom, I admire your energy, continuing the good fight against all these one-eyed Spud bandits.

    Good night gentlemen, hope you have a lovely week.

  57. vicky

    @ NM

    he has scored a few goals but bar a couple of matches,he has been average.

    He is not the same incisive Podolski that we have seen in the past. He has become one dimensional in his play. He does not irk me like Walcott,Ramsey and Gervy do but still I had expected more from him.

    Hope he does better in the next season in case he remains with us.

  58. Nasri's Mouth


    IMO he’s done pretty well, but for me he just isn’t a striker in a 451 formation. I hoped with his start today him and Wenger would prove me wrong, but they didn’t.

    Having said that, he’ll have it easier in the next couple of games

  59. Raphael

    Laughing at you mugs that slate Giroud, and say Poldi would be a better CF, where was the little German today?

    Wilshere has not recovered from that mid-season injury, and the last couple games have showed.

    Ramsey is getting better, yes he makes a few mistakes, but he’s growing compared to where he was in the first half of the season.

    Chambo is overrated. Rosicky is class.

  60. kwik fit


    I scour high and low. I only post that what would be considered socially acceptable mind 😉

    WASTE MAN was on the borderline of acceptability.

  61. rusty gunner

    I am not looking forward to your next post. I hate Wenger. I hate being a fan. Fergie came bearing gifts and we cannot even accept them! United did not press once. The United goal was forced on them by Sagna, who obviously had been verbally abused by Evra (no evidence of it, but remember Evra saying Arsenal is a development side some seasons ago?). Oh my!!! Why can’t I just become a United supporter like Wenger?

  62. Kleinfeld

    I was so angry at Sagna today. What an utter fucking cock.

    1. Utterly hopeless backpass.
    2. Ridiculous, unnecessary challenge in the box.

    Couldn’t cross the ball all game and did his best to get sent off.

  63. Johnny5

    Well I think today was really a bit of a letdown. We played so well for the opening 20 mins had we kept at that level we might have won but I feel we were missing that quality in the middle and upfront to really punish united and once they got the pen I knew we’d be kind of lucky to not lose which I feel we were. Yes we had chances but they had better ones I feel.

  64. Johnny5

    Also I’m starting to think jack is never going to be the superstar we all hoped. Perhaps it’s time to cash in before the other clubs notice? Maybe then get cesc back bring in some quality and really make an impact.

  65. Johnny5

    Also not one arsenal player in team of the year says it all really. Aside from cazorla who should have been in it there isn’t a single player from our team who deserves to be there.

  66. Doublegooner

    Does anyone seriously think buying players will change anything ??

    We should have stuffed them today. They weren’t t full throttle yet we could not break them down. We were clueless.

    Then Wenger takes off Rosicky FFS.

    Fuck, roll on the end of next season & hope it’s curtains for him.

  67. vicky


    There is only so much a team full of shit players can achieve under a deluded manager,never mind the opponent’s intensity.

  68. Thomas


    I agree we’re beyond formations and players now. We ain’t winning shit with wanker as manager. We could sign Ronaldo and Messi, Still wouldn’t win anything with an incompetent coach.

  69. SpanishDave

    We dont have a striker simple, Wenger keeps buying second rate footballers.
    Sagna must go he gas no confidence. We have a rag bag squad of misfits thanks to Wenger so 4th is an achievement with this bunch of crap

  70. Alex James

    Just saw us on MOTD. Based on the edited evidence and what I saw today, we rode our luck. Are we really expecting Arsenal 2013 to beat Wigan, QPR and Newcastle? Our only hope is that Spurs will implode again but I fear the force is with them this year. Chelsea, even with their EL commitments, have too much in the tank. I am annoyed at myself for thinking it but I judge that 2013/2014 is going to be a very long year

  71. Johnny5

    I agree sagna needs to go but really he’s been shit all year and shouldn’t have been anywhere near the starting 11. Fuck him and fuck wenger too hope he quits at the end of the season

  72. zeus


    are Dortmund mugs now? Reus and Dzeko swap is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    After losing Gotze, their gonna sell ta player who is arguably even better that Gotze so they can get Dzeko, a player who isn’t even half as effective as either German. Silly, lazy ‘journalism.’

  73. Jeff

    It was another match where we put in a little bit of heart at the beginning and then panicked as the opposition came at us forcing a silly foul and a penalty.

    With an incisive forward, we might have scored one or two more but it’s all ifs and buts for an Arsenal supporter these days. There is nothing concrete or solid about this team whoever plays. There is no real cut and thrust; we are like an ailing, failing old man who dreams of days gone by.

    Torn between anger and loyalty, the poor Arsenal supporter has to sit and watch a side that has no hope either in the present or the immediate future. That is hard to take; so hard to understand; so hard to maintain enthusiasm for one’s team knowing that we are rotting from the inside. All that people talk about these days in terms of glory is the stadium. Well, that wonderful stadium is going to see more and more empty seats until something changes to rejuvenate the kind of support this great club once had.

    A top to bottom overhaul is required; owner, manager, board and players. What else can I say? It’s gone stale and by all accounts, can only get worse under this regime. What tomfoolery is it that we should pin our hopes on FFP or future commercials when our board and manager maintain this loser mentality? Does anyone think any of that is going to make the slightest bit of difference? Of course it won’t. We will just limp on and on until the club itself implodes. We will continue to stand still while teams behind us start to seriously challenge for CL positions.

    Fourth is simply not good enough – not by a long chalk – not any more – not for Arsenal.

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: Also I’m starting to think jack is never going to be the superstar we all hoped. Perhaps it’s time to cash in before the other clubs notice?

    Good god, the guy isn’t fully fit. Knee jerk reaction

  75. Johnny5


    Not a knee jerk reaction at all but a decision I’ve come too based upon his form. It’s obvious he’s not if he stays on current course going to achieve anywhere near what some expect

  76. MuddyGooner

    Our record against the teams above us has been poor this season. A solitary point out of 18 is just criminal !

  77. The King Ad-Rock

    A fully fit Jack should be replacing Ramsey who for the record simply isn’t good enough. He constantly fails to impress yet he’s now amassed over 150 games for us. You want to know why we haven’t won anything for so long, well there’s a large part of it.

  78. Johnny5

    The king

    Despite him being one of the better performers over the last few games?? To be fair he plays with more heart than the rest combined but isn’t creative enough

  79. The King Ad-Rock

    JGranted he’s got stacks of heart and is good off the ball. Creatively though he just hasn’t got it. EVERY game there is an occasion where he just has me screaming ‘NO AARON. THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH’.

  80. Johnny5

    Lol yeah he has that effect on us all I think! It feels sometimes though that he is the only player who actually gives a shit about winning games but really and truly your right he probably isn’t and won’t be good enough especially not unless he goes on loan for a season.

  81. The King Ad-Rock

    I dont know how he’d feel about it but he’d be a great squad player if we could keep Jack fit. Plus he’s only 22 and Arteta can’t go on passing the ball sideways forever so it seems we’re stuck with him for a while. At this rate he could challenge for O’Leary’s appearance record!

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    Ramsey most definitely deserves a start in our current squad. Whether we ought to be in a position where our squad is strong enough that he’s not a starter is another question of course, but at the moment he’s exactly what we need.

    As for Wilshere, he’s definitely performing at a level below that that we saw earlier in the year when he originally came back from over a year out. But we all saw earlier in the year what he’s capable of. Get him properly fit, a decent pre-season and he’ll be an important part of our team. Suggesting we should sell him because of 2-3 poor performances IS knee jerk

  83. The King Ad-Rock

    Yeah i don’t know why people would say we should sell him. Like others have said previously I don’t think he is going to blossom into an incisive attacking midfielder. Cazorla should be our main man for that role with Jack in behind and Arteta or whoever at DM.

    Im not really getting overly excited about Jovetic either.

  84. Johnny5


    You mean earlier in the season when we were absolutely woeful??

    And I think if we got cesc back and a DM he wouldn’t get a start even when fully fit he will make a fine squad player but would he take that?? I’m not sure he would so hed probably end up forcing a move anyway and seeing as we’re clearly in need of quality players why not sell him??

  85. Nasri's Mouth

    Weird how we’ve improved against the lower teams, but dropped against the better ones. I guess the lessening in overall talent but an increase in team organisation explains it a little

  86. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: You mean earlier in the season when we were absolutely woeful??

    The point is, Wilshere showed pretty quickly what his potential is. We shouldn’t be thinking of getting rid of him based on his last few games. As for getting Cesc back. I’d be amazed if that happened. I wouldn’t take the rumour seriously

  87. Johnny5


    I agree cesc coming back is unlikely but someone pointed out we have 50% sell on fee so it wouldn’t make sense to sell to anyone but us unless they get a massive offer but in the event he did and say we got Fellani too can you see wilshere getting a place ahead of santi cesc and Fellani. I don’t and I know it’s a bit of wishful thinking but its definatly doable.

  88. Gregg

    Some contrasting thoughts by fans today; Ok Ramsey, decent squad player and getting better, his energy levels and willingness to work hard is reminiscent of a young Ray Parlour. Parlour was integral to our team for years and years and became a better all round footballer by playing with better players. Ramsey could fulfil a similar kind of role.

    Wilshere; Having sold Nasri & Cesc and not replacing, it kind of put presuure on Wilshere to perform many roles. What we need to do this summer is sit down and decide what his position is going to be and then work round it. For me I see him as a one of two that will play deeper but he’ll have some licence to drive forward when required, I think he’ll need a bit of a ball winning, ground covering beast next to him. Interesting that Kondogbia’s name is mooted again. I said 3 weeks ago that he was the type, despite the age.

  89. gambon

    Not a fan of bringing Kondogbia in as DM, although he looks a real prospect.

    As a squad we have so few players at their peak.

    Look at our midfield.

    Arteta, Rosicky are on the way down.

    Wilshere, Ramsey, Coquelin are still learning.

    We need a couple of players in the 24-27 range that are ready to contribute immediately, not more prospects.

    Jack & Ramsey are good prospects, but both still have a lot to learn. The last thing we need is another kid in midfield thats 4 years off of being able to contribute every week.

  90. Nasri's Mouth


    There’s a big gap in experience there, though we’d be kicking ourselves if he does become something really special and we missed him when we had a chance.
    We’d be better off unloading Frimpong and Coquelin and bringing him in then keeping one of those 2.
    To be honest, there’s probably nothing in it, other than he’s one of many we’re looking at

  91. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: I agree cesc coming back is unlikely but someone pointed out we have 50% sell on fee so it wouldn’t make sense to sell to anyone but us

    I don’t quite know how the sell on fee works if we signed him back.

    if it came to a situation where Barca wanted to get rid of him and the sell on fee is 50%, we wouldn’t want to pay any more than half the fee they’d get from someone else.
    Still, I honestly don’t think it’ll happen, I don’t think we’ll sign Fellaini either, and I’d rather we strengthened other areas rather than mess about with Wilshere.
    I’d also say there’s something definitely worthwhile about having players in your team who are ready to put themselves completely on the line for the club. Both from a playing perspective and a fans perspective. I have a lot of time for Wilshere and Jenkinson, because you know when they’re on the pitch they’ll give it everything.