Wenger to PSG this summer. Yeah right!

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Blue steal baby....

As we welcome in the weekend with a piece of toast, news has hit the feeds that Arsene Wenger is a major PSG target in France this summer. Carlo has bid farewell to the French club and has his eyes set on the Real Madrid hot seat, which leaves a space open at a club Arsene Wenger has referenced many times in the past as a sleeping giant. One papers suggests he’ll go there next year, the other suggests Arsenal will go full steam ahead for him this summer.

Does this mean anything?


This for me is a starting point for some Arsene Wenger leverage. It’s a way of him showing off to the board that he’s still got that French swagger and if he wanted to, he cold go somewhere else.

Arsene Wenger isn’t about to give up his job at Arsenal. He’s not a silly man, he’ll have read how the French club operates. He’ll know that the men in charge purchase glamour signings above the manager. He’ll know the demand for success will be instantanious. He’ll know that he’d be joining everything he’s battled his whole career to avoid.

There’s simply no way that Arsene is leaving this summer and I’d hazard a guess that if he moves the year after, he’ll have have to put some severely deep thought into whether it’s PSG. I mean, they’re probably twice as bad as City when it comes to trying to buy success. Ibrahimovic is on £435k a year. It’s quite unbelievable what’s going on over there. I don’t even understand the point. You can have a nice big club, but at the end of the day, you’re still in Ligue One. The love for football in France is  nowhere near what it is over here or in Spain.

Not just that, remember, he runs the show at Arsenal. He has unrivalled power he’d never get anywhere else in Europe. He’s worked 16 years for that. He has a fat salary, relative privacy, £29m in the bank and he’s settled. He’s not going to be angling for a mega pressurised job at his age.

Anyway, that’s a no go for me.

Onto the game tomorrow, Wenger has highlighted our poor record against the best teams this year.

“I personally believe we have been remarkably consistent against the teams who do not fight for the championship,”

“Last year we did well against top teams, but this year we have not.”

It’s certainly an issue, we seem to go in peaks a troughs with this one. When we’re beating all the top teams, we’re dropping points at Stoke. Tomorrow would be a good place to start with the beating of the better teams. The beating of the Champions. It’s going to depend on what United side turns up… slightly fat on celebration United… or gunning for the record points total United. I’m guessing Fergie won’t allow complacency, so we can’t be too hopeful of a gifted three points.

Make no mistake though… this is part one of 4 cup finals we have in the run in. If we win all 4, it’ll take some miracle consistency from Chelsea and Spurs to perform in all their games and for Spurs to beat Chelsea.

To be honest, it feels like it’s going to take a minor miracle for us to win all of our last games. Still, form is on our side, even if the striking gods are not. I have a horrible feeling we’re going to opt for Gervinho tomorrow. Maybe he’ll shine, maybe the United defence will eat him alive. Either way I have feeling tomorrow the goals are not going coming from that position if we’re going to win.

Wenger insists that we’ll stick to our normal game plan and we won’t make any tactical changes based on one player going missing, so I’m guessing we’re going to have Arteta and Rambo anchoring with a likely return to the side of Jack Wilshere. The manager might opt for Rosicky in there somewhere, his tireless workrate comes in handy against better sides. It’s all up in the air as we’ve got most of our squad fit. One player who is not fit though is Fabianski, this busted ribs really have killed of his chance this season… and quite possible next. That might not be a bad thing though.

If we keep our strength in defence, anything is possible. It’d be nice to have something to celebrate at the Emirates, even if it is just a solitary win over the Champions…

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  1. Nemesis.

    Pressing without the highline is useless(ars v tots).

    On the other hand defending deep invites to much pressure on the backline(ars v fulham),dort vs mad ?

  2. Mayank


    There is a middle ground. But in general plying deep is more dangerous that playing a high line.

    I also think Lloris is the perfect ‘keeper for playing a high line. Wenger missed a trick there.

  3. No more French Players

    tony adams was slow but he was a great defender…. its not all about pace..

    without mert we have no strucutre the defense crumbles because individually verm and kos might be better but as a team they have zero communication and organizational skills ….

  4. Relieable sauce

    Bottom line is, the majority of our players aren’t good enough for the top level & our board & manager seem unable or unwilling to address it.
    If CL football is so important in attracting players, why did Miralles choose Everton, Vertonghen choose spuds & come to think of it why did Monreal choose Arsenal?
    It really is a bogus argument but that should be no surprise as it stems from the great deceiver himself.

  5. Mayank

    A point at Wigan is a good result for spurs. Espescially if Wigan get points of us or Chelsea.

    A draw tomorrow coupled with a Chelsea win puts us in 5th.

    I know the two have to play each other but I don’t think we can topple them again with the games we have.

    Tomorrows game is a must win for a number of reasons. Ramsey will have to do a Gundogan.

  6. Nemesis.

    Thomas for all his flaws for me recieves too much criticism,the highline suits him and koz,they could even play together(if they are drilled well enough).

  7. Mayank

    In general I want Dortmund to retain all their player but if Lewa and Goetze leave I think there might be an exodus. Reus and Gundogan both will be perfect for us. Reus less so.

    Regardless I think Utd will ship more goals next season. Chelsea will get another new manager, Mancini might leave too.

    Getting fourth and securing 3-4 top players might really put us in the mix.

  8. Johnny5

    Merts is the closest thing to a top level defender we have and what he lacks in pace I think he makes up for in positioning and were much stronger defensively with him than without. Sure there are better defenders out there but if we are getting rid of defenders to make room for them then kos and verm are the ones who want to be worried

  9. Nemesis.


    laurent and tom could play together if arsene persists,both ball playing defenders,tom is a better tackler,kosc reads the game better.

    It could work.

  10. Mayank

    Nemesis half those targets have no chance of happening. My most ambitious transfer list within the realms of possibility is


  11. Johnny5


    Dude they’ve played together for a few seasons yet have at times been shocking together our best pairing is merts and kos by a mile but personally I’d flog verm have kos as a back up and buy in another quality cb to partner merts as neither kos or verm have been good enough this season.

  12. Nemesis.


    van d.weil



  13. Johnny5

    My realistic team for next season would be


    Sagna ( if he’s not sold)
    New cb hummels/ Williams


    Take your pick any other striker top class and good for 25 goals



  14. Incesc

    It’s no lose Mayank

    Benteke and jovetic would be a good summer

    Draxler looks interesting too

    Who is gundogan

  15. Mayank


    Yeah Cesc and Isco are both highly improbable. Why include them then? Also, I’d much rather Sagna stays,


    Gundogan the Dortmund CM. He ripped Real a new one mid week.

  16. Al

    Nemesis.April 27, 2013 18:10:34
    Pressing without the highline is useless(ars v tots).
    Bayern Don’t play that crazy high line, Dortmund don’t play that crazy highline line that we and barca do.

    Man united the most successful team in the country have never played a crazy highline like we have.

    There’s a huge difference by just playing a high line and sticking to it like we do (so instead of dropping off when attackers running at us we push up and what happened at spurs happens) and having a defence set out that plays the middle ground like united ( pushing up and back when needed).

    Its all about balance which we have with Mert and Kos. One attacks and one covers.

  17. Bade

    After a long day on the beach, this post was long to read

    Anyway I don’t what’s on about as I’m knackered

    So until tomorrow

    For me play Podolski as CF

    Rosa & Theo on the flanks

    Santi as n.10

  18. Dannyboy

    I thought the quote from her fat cunt of an ex husband was funny..

    ‘She will get tired of him and move onto the next one soon enough…He’s no David Beckham….’

    He’s 100 times the player that Beckham ever was you fat fuck!

  19. Dannyboy

    yeah but kwik, if you were a woman, or had the same sexual preference that Vix Affair often expresses in his conversations with NM, who would you rather be with? That dopey OCD cunt, or the Spanish pretty boy?

  20. Dannyboy

    kwik, if it was any other more respectable newspaper, then that would make tomorrows morning glory much more explainable at the breakfast table!!!


  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Would be very interesting if he came back. Would send out a definite message. Not quite sure what that message would be though.

    Can’t be very likely

  22. kwik fit

    You take it all the way to the breakfast table Dannyboy.
    Fair play to your Morning Glory. Wouldn’t want to have breakfast at your place though 🙂

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Well, if he did decide he wanted out, and then he didn’t come back to us, we’d certainly have to spend big in other areas, otherwise there’d be a big backlash.

    Imagine him going to Utd

  24. Dannyboy

    kwik, that’s what happens when you are a family of naturists and your mum looks like Kelly Brook! 😉

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    Firstly I don’t think Barca will sell him. Secondly, much as I think he’s a brilliant player, I can’t see us spending loads on him when we really need to spend it in other areas and thirdly, I think we’ve got a sell on clause, so we’d get a nice wedge if he went somewhere else, which I can’t believe would be anywhere in England

  26. fell

    The ‘fact’ you have a copy of wenger’s bank statement… amazing (insert sarcy. smiley icon face here)

  27. useroz

    Harry @ QPR had this to say…how different is Wenger!!!

    But Redknapp said that he had not spoken to the hierarchy about the financial situation.

    He added: “I wouldn’t have a clue about the finances.

    “I’ve said before, it’s a different story with managers now than it was 15 or 20 years ago. We are not involved in that side, deals are done by chairmen and chief executives.

    “I don’t know the wages really, I don’t ask what people are earning.

  28. Radio Raheem

    Dortmund started with Sven Bender and Gundogan, with Gundogan the more adventurous of the two, as pivots against Real. I don’t see why Wilshere and Ramsey can’t occupy the same positions for Arsenal allowing Rosicky to play that AM position.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    Redknapp is such a wanker, he’s getting his excuses in early for when he gets asked about why he’s ruined another club.

  30. Evan

    Ferguson ” If we can find a player of quality we will sign them regardless of players in current position(s)

    And thats where Arsene fails, he would rather stick with deadwood in the hope they become superstars as it would kill their carreer.
    Really hope the home fans show disdain today

  31. Evan

    Saying that with wellbeck rvp, chico and Rooney. Wenger would say I have giroud and 3 midfields who can play upfront, who clearly cant

  32. reggie 57

    Honestly the bollock’s that come’s out of his mouth makes me ashamed to be a arsenal supporter Evan….

  33. reggie 57

    His press conference’s are getting really embarrassing!! master of every ones problem’s but fails to address the in house problem’s we have got….

  34. Al

    I will be absolutely shocked if OX does not start. I mean last year he tormented United ….so much fergie was forced to sub Rafael as he was getting destroyed.
    Even though he hasn’t started much he would still be confident based on his performance against them last year.

    It is the same thing Fergie does against us everytime. He has a number of players that always perform against us and will just bring them back into the team when they play us like Nani