Classy football fans? Are you kidding me?

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Morning Gooners! Plenty of debate raging back and forth about doing the ponzan at the United guard of honour this weekend.

So much chat about class… acting like a small club… Being hypocritical.

You know what everyone forgets? We’re football fans. Not golfers. We love the game because we love the tribalism, the rage, the passion… It’s what makes football worth going to. On the face of it, we should just wish Robin well and applaud what a great job United have done this year.

Hey, why not take it further, why don’t we applaud if United score? Why don’t we not cheer too loud when we score… after all, their fans have feelings to.

Seriously… if you’re in football for the class, you’re in the wrong game. There’s very little class in going to war every week. Would turning our backs on united show we’re a small club? No way, it would show we had some passion. It would show that The Emirates wasn’t a library. It would give our players a boost. It’d hopefully be a visual show of disdain to our board who pride money over winning. It’d be a hilarious statement.

As for the small club nonsense, can I once again refer you to Barcelona post Figo to Madrid pig head statement.

How about the United fans when Wayne Rooney fancied a transfer? Are they a small club?

Or hows about Liverpool fans when Stevie G dared consider Chelsea?

Please,spare me the class nonsense. Don’t play the ‘oh my, I’d be so embarrassed’… because you know what’s most embarrassing about Arsenal fans? The fact we just sit on our hands for ninety minutes and don’t say anything…

That’s what’s made us a laughing stock for years. We can change that on Sunday. We can fire the players up, we can fire the fans up and we can all unite around what a horrible character Robin is for doing that to a club that looked after him… as well as make a point to Ivan Gazidis about his sporting decision to sell to a rival… along with Arsene backing it the whole way.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got time for this morning.

Have a good one, I’ll be back with a new topic tomorrow.

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  1. Ric#2

    Only Big P is able to take on look at yesterdays comments and come to the conclusion that what we need is some more hypocriticism…

    I’d laugh if it wasn’t so damn tragic.

    We’re not fucking Barcelona, We’re not the fucking scousers, and If we were manure maybe we’d have a bit of accountability and maybe a trophy to rub in someones face by now.

    But we’re not.



  2. Jeff

    Whether we like it or not, Wenger is with us for some time yet. We have to acclimatise ourselves to the idea that we may in fact not win anything major for at least another 5 years. I have no hope at all that whether we have money or not, that Wenger can bring himself to sign world class players. The days of finding gems and building teams is over and only Wenger refuses to acknowledge it.

    Having weighed up the probabilities and the history of the last decade, I am persuaded that finishing out of the top four can only damage the club and not the manager because the likelihood of him leaving does not go up significantly to make the loss in revenue and status worthwhile.

    So, we have to wait. Support will wane, fans will lose heart, more and more will stay away from matches but wait is all we can do. It is like a prison sentence that cannot be shortened or quashed. It’s not only Wenger that influences whether he stays or goes. For some inexplicable reason the board and owner want him to stay exactly where he is and do exactly what he does, year in year out. It’s depressing but that is where we are and I feel no amount of booing, jeering or getting upset is going to change that.

    It seems that at least for the foreseeable we are destined to loiter around the fringes and nothing more. The script for next season was written a long time ago.

  3. kwik fit

    Wenger on dein: “With Dein I could do what I love : coaching. He was doing what I hate. Negotiating with agents and those who have financial power. Fuck he even give me the odd hand job”

  4. Kiyoshi Ito


    Let us draw water into one’s own rice field,to the point its becomes useless & meaningless..

    Are we approaching the”scorched earth policy” mentality?

  5. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Dare say Terry wouldn’t be a bad idea to tell the truth. We would then have the full set, a c**t for a captain, a c**t for a manager, a c**t for a CEO, a c**t for a chairman and a c**t for an owner.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Kiyoshi Ito
    “Feed a dog for three days and it is grateful for three years.
    Feed a cat for three years and it forgets after three days.”

    Still at least there are a lot less mice.

  7. Kiyoshi Ito

    Arsenal 1886-2006April 25, 2013 19:13:29

    So many c’s in your club…

    By our measure,that would mean so many self-sacrifices?

    What is the problem?

    If eating poison,they should not forget to lick the plate..):-

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Dev_Gooner: I’m not mad at him for having an opinion. everyone’s entitled to an opinion. what i’m pissed off about is that he’s not willing to take action.

    Well, despite everyone being sure that either he definitely won’t sign anyone decent, or that this summer will be the one where he definitely will sign some big name players, none of us actually know for sure.

    We can all point back at previous seasons and extrapolate, but that can be balanced with the fact that this summer we will have more money than ever before and we have a growing issue with stadium corporate income, so none of us really knows.
    I’m going to wait off from getting pissed off till the end of the transfer window. That way I won’t have to be miserable all summer

  9. SUGA3


    personally, I am not expecting zip and that’s why I won’t have a miserable summer either, got plenty of good things going on, why should I bother myself getting wound up about actions of the worst bunch of lemons that ever happened to run a football club?

  10. Ric#2

    Arsenal 1886-2006April 25, 2013 19:13:29
    Dare say Terry wouldn’t be a bad idea to tell the truth. We would then have the full set, a c**t for a captain, a c**t for a manager, a c**t for a CEO, a c**t for a chairman and a c**t for an owner.

    Comment of the day by far… 😉

  11. Kiyoshi Ito

    6th Trophy

    & what does a bad manager spell..?

    You have your answer..

    Will you be there at the Emirates on Sunday?

  12. SUGA3

    Klopp is an absolute embarrassment to Wenger: no bollocks, no excuses. no big money, yet he has shown that it can be done and done within a short period of time!

  13. Meditation

    I dont understand how the ponzan celebration is gonna wind up manu. It would make arsenal look stupid. Man city picked up the celebration. Then used it to wind up rivals . Their main one being united.They won the title. But guess what? United are champions now. IT WOULD MAKE MORE SENSE UNITED DOING THE PONZAN. Support the team and slag of the board. Simple

  14. amjalice

    Pedro you need to stop acting so butt hurt. Whether we do the guard of honor or don’t it doesn’t change anything. You’re making such a big deal about it, it’s ridiculous. And stop mocking the Arsenal, very tasteless.

  15. JJ

    Kiyoshi – sorry, I was just giving you crap about one of your earlier posts where you said that you are Japanese… It is kind of obvious given your name.

    Btw – wtf am I going to do with a lion cub???

  16. scott

    Man utd win the league with 5 games left and immediately the board come out and say £50m to strengthen squad in the summer
    We on the other hand will probably sell before we buy and not the dross we can’t get rid of.

  17. SUGA3

    Cesc made his bed and can fuck right off, to me he is a bigger cunt than RvP, who gave the club an option after single handedly winning Le Senile his beloved top four trophy, rather than sulking, feigning injuries and passing to his bumchums from Barca, thanks, but no thanks!

  18. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Cesc and others left because of lack of ambition from the club, this Barca Dna excuse was never the issue. Does anybody believe he would have left if we were competing and winning trophies? all the while knowing that Xabi and Iniesta would keep him on the bench.
    Same with Rvp, Nasri, Clichy et-al, they left because they no longer believed in the manager.

  19. kwik fit

    6th/ Suga

    I can understand your frustration with cesc but if its a choice between him or RVP its him all the time for me.
    He took a pay cut to go to Barca and had a first option clause written in his contract. He certainly does have an affinity with Arsenal. He’s got to be frustrated sitting on the bench so I wouldn’t rule a return completely out even if he would only be competing for 4th.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    I have a mate who supports Basel, and his view is that none of the Basel players are really good enough to be worth signing other than as back ups

  21. kwik fit


    Cesc was torn between two loves. RVP just moved for the money and glory. Wait a minute ……who can blame him.
    Yes good luck RVP and congratulations on your trophy.
    When your old and grey you can sit and look at it on your mantle piece. Alas dear RVP you have no football home. Cesc will always be welcome at the home of football.

  22. kwik fit

    I get the distinct feeling that these Jovetic are true because of the lack of denials from the Italians side camp. I think the rumour has been long enough out there to be denied at this stage if it were true. having said that His record this season doesn’t look that impressive.
    Has I was typing this Torres just missed a sitter 🙂

  23. Jeff


    “Pulling water into one’s rice field”
    Translation: Speaking about things in a way to benefit oneself.
    Further translation: Fishing for consolation.

    Not at all; you came here with the express intention of blinding us with proverbs when you could just try saying what you want to say more plainly. People are only impressed with that sort of thing in movies. It is after all a football blog and not a convention for Shinto monks.

    Here are more items in case anyone wants a translation of some of the other gems our new friend has brought to our attention.

  24. SUGA3

    like I said, unlike Cesc, RvP did give the club an option, they chose £24M ahead of genuine chance of challenging for honours, Cesc sulked all season and was not even with his team on the last day being the captain…

    Cesc effectively stole a cool few million off the club in wages in his last season here and made the club lose a lot of money due to being sold for about two thirds of his market value, so all there is for me to say is speak for yourself, my dear friend 😉

  25. kwik fit


    I agree that cesc was young and Naive that season. He went into tantrum mode alright. He did however get that clause written in the contract which shows us genuine affection.
    RVP on the other hand was deep in negotiations with fergie from Christmas and the chance of being an Arsenal legend didn’t cut any ice with him.
    So for me it Cesc all the way.

  26. useroz

    Purely on what’s in the media on how he got his move Cesc was/ is graceless and much worse than Robin.

    By the way you believe the stupid FA would slap a 10 game ban had Rooney, Terry, Gerard or even Shawcross bit?? This was a joke decision however fitting of a joke of a gov body…

  27. SUGA3


    neither of them should be welcomed here, but as much as I can sympathise with RvP, I would boo Cesc til I was blue in the face, simple as that…

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one 😉

  28. Alex James

    Wouldn’t want either of them back. Seem to recall Feb telling Wenger he wouldn’t play for us again and then sulked for most of the season. Any player that leaves us to better himself can go jump off a cliff as far as I am concerned. That is my simple view. I love the club above all else.

  29. Jeff


    I work for a very large Asian IT organisation and they don’t all talk in maths, proverbs, sayings or words of wisdom. While such things may sound clever and have poetic value, we still have to look up what it means because it’s not familiar. In all honesty you can take any proverb and attach any meaning you like to it if you don’t know what the intended meaning is. Some of them are pretty obvious but others have to be explained.

    I remember a particular episode in Star Trek New Generation where they meet a race that speaks in nothing but figurative language such that even the universal translator didn’t know what they were going on about. So Captain Picard had to go to the planet on his own with the captain of the other ship to “sort it out”.

    “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra”.

    It’s one of the funniest episodes they made. Brilliant! Here is a short clip.

    I suppose what I’m saying in rather a convoluted way is to politely advise people to talk in plain language because otherwise it might just be taken as a load of spherical objects.

  30. Jeff


    Fabregas coming back to us is a bit like your lover leaving you for another man and when he tires of her, she wants to come back to you again. Would you have her back? How desperate would you have to be? Well, we’re pretty desperate at the moment so if the opportunity did arise, I am sure Arsene would welcome him with open arms because that’s just the sort of guy he is.

  31. Alex James

    Kwik don’t worry, Gervinho will expose the lack of pace the two have. Then again, coitus could rule, as you so aptly say.

  32. Cloggs

    The whole universe speaks in figurative language: The dance of forms, they come and go, like clouds in the sky. Who’s the watcher?

  33. Radio Raheem


    Spot on the need for clarity in writing. What gets my goat are the pretentious posters who unnecessarily use words that serve no real purpose. Sadly the ignorant fall for it they think it is good writing.

  34. Alex James

    Jeff agree about behing desperate but have a long memory over players who I think let our club down. Still let’s leave it until and when it becomes a reality.

  35. Alex James

    Kwik what a choice this year. Giroud who kicks the ball towards Mars and Gervino who thinks he is eating a mars bar and leaves the ball behind. What a joke. Still we have signed a super striker for next year – haven’t we?

  36. Jeff


    It’s really difficult supporting Arsenal at the moment. We all know that Chelsea, Man U and City will be out there hunting world class players/managers to give themselves a better chance at winning things and we also know that we won’t. That thought is so depressing.

    At best we can hope for a couple of 8m to 10m players and it will not be enough to compete with the big boys. Do you remember how hopeful we were this time last season? Hoping that Wenger would persuade Van Persie to stay; hoping that he would sign some world class players; hoping that he would get a good keeper; hoping that we could compete for something a bit better than fourth. Instead, we sold our 30-goal talisman and bought a goat from Lille and a donkey from Montpellier; says it all really.

  37. Jeff

    Actually I would love it if Podolski plays as a forward instead of Giroud and smashes man U to smithereens. That would show how wrong Wenger has been about playing Giroud as the main striker when he has the striking ability of a deaf bat.

  38. Alex James

    Jeff You are right. I feel as miserable now as I did in the 60s when Spurs and Utd were ruling the roost and we saw no way out of the nightmare. Even the flat 80s never lasted as long as the Wenger decade. The fact is that we’re the fourth richest club in the world, located in the largest city in the UK and yet act like a middle ranking premiership club. I have given up hope of ever winning the CL in my lifetime, and fear the nightmare of Spurs doing a Chelsea and winning the thing.

  39. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Check out this nonsense, it’s depressingly familiar:

    The cheapskateness is rampant – our first two GK options are “too expensive” so we’re off for a cheaper option… Pay peanuts and you get….

    And we’re talking to fiorentina, but hoping that the quoted 25m fee can be negotiated down….. So another opportunity to be gazumped on supposed top target…

    And our glorious leader already saying he’s scared of Chelsea’s summer spending – that’s the excuse for not competing next year already in the bank!

    What an absolute joke we’re becoming, we’re the bin dippers of the top 6!

  40. Johnny5

    Just by how close we’ve came to being out of the top 4 this season and knowing full well the likes of Chelsea spuds pool Everton perhaps even WBA and Swansea will buy in the summer if wenger doesn’t sign some decent players we could find ourselves as low as 8th next season.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    I’d welcome Cesc back.

    Only way we’ll sign someone of his calibre…no way we’ll shell out on a £35 Million player!

    Having said that though I’d slam £70 Million down on the table at BvB for Reus, Lewandowski and Gundogan. See what happens.

    Add your Gonalons/Capoue type player and a CB to that with a lot of outs and you’re talking a complete team.

    Gundogan, Gonalon/Capoue, Wilshere is a pretty complete middle, full of pace, energy and power.

    If i was Arsenal CEO I’d make Marko Reus my priority signing this summer, fantastic player!

  42. Cesc Appeal

    The whole keeper’s being too expensive, look for a cheaper option thing does worry me.

    Says to me they have a figure for spending in mind again as opposed to on field being the priority.

    They’ve probably worked out what they can get for our deadwood, perhaps that’ll take a large chunk out of the £24 Million Jovetic signing…then they’ll scrape together a GK, CDM and CB cheaply.

    £3 Million Cesar
    £5 Million for that Sevilla defender.

    Then God knows for a CDM

  43. Dannyboy

    Kwik, the thing is, Wenger wouldn’t re-sign Cesc even if he was put on the transfer list tomorrow. He has a £35 million buy back clause waiting in his contract just for us, but also a 50% selling on fee.
    What do you think Wenger would rather have, a £35 million hole in our finances + Fabregas (who is not needed to achieve our ultimate aim[4th place]) or the £25-30 million we would get if City signed him? Not really a difficult one to answer is it.

    However I think there is a 90% chance that a former Arsenal captain will be on his way back to Arsenal this summer… He’s a bit fatter and older than he was 10 years ago, but King Kolo is available on a free, and Wenger loves a cheapie!

  44. Arsene nose best

    See, now that’s where the problem, the game has been overrun by, upper and middle class cunts, who have no passion for the game, all they want to do is, pay their money, bring their kids and there packed lunches and be entertained, WANKERS!

  45. Jeff

    I think the first thing that has to happen at Arsenal before we can realistically compete again is to clear out so many of those players that are no longer performing, never performed or for some reason can’t perform. You’re looking at minimum £40m a year freed up just on that front. We then take that cash, add to it whatever we have in the kitty and buy one world class striker, one world class keeper, and a world class right back to replace Sagna. I think we’re OK’ish in the middle barring injuries but those positions are the top priority for me; in that order.

    We need other players in other positions as well but it’s too much to do in one summer. I also know it is not possible to do even if Wenger wanted to because we’re not talking about one or two players. There are around a dozen that add absolutely no value to the first team and yet they are on first team wages. They need to go ASAP and I don’t mean being sent out on loan either. They need to be sold outright. Arsene has managed to fill the place up with so many parasites that it is crippling us in the transfer market. We are full to the brim with too many players ranging from utter useless to Championship level. This has to change.

  46. sylvain

    For years and years MU fans insult us and our club, vomit on us, and show any lack of respect it is possible to show about us.

    And we should have “classy” behavior ??

    Well I have a better idea for sunday: ask the FA to give them the champions trophy, in our house, and watch RVP celebrate this, on our ground, how about that idea do you like it ??

    I will not watch sunday’s game beacause I know it would make me completely sick, but I wish you all the fun guys.
    And as long as I live I will continue to purely and simply HATE those bastards.

  47. Alan Lawless

    here here, clap dont clap but dont let the media dictate to you how you should behave if you hate rvp and utd then by all means boo,hiss and turn your back,if you hate how arsenal have become a shadow of their former selves then by all means boo,hiss and turn your back you have paid your hard earned money to be there and you have the right to protest peacefully,if you dont we all may as well lie down lift up our shirts and let the enemy tickle our bellies.