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Morning friends, foes and mid morning browsers. I’m currently basking in the heat of a C2C train that lacks air conditioning functionality. I shan’t complain because when praying to the gods for heat, I didn’t specify how I’d like it to come.

Anyway, plenty of news to share with you today.

First on the hit list is the story from Gunnerblog on our potential signing of Gonalons of Lyon. The deal is being mooted at £13m and has all the hallmarks of a Wenger signing. Firstly, he’s coming in from France, secondly, he’s not the best that league has in that position and thirdly, he comes from an old boy recommendation. So he could be amazing, or he could be a Gervinho. Either way, his name doesn’t make you reach for the ‘THIS IS TO MAKE ME BUY MY SEASON TICKET’ bell.


What, you don’t have that bell on your desk?

Good to read that he’s heard the spine of the team is being addressed… bar I had a potential right back and a new keeper.

So, who caught the Bayern game? Wow. Utter destruction of Barcelona. Makes our victory over there all the more impressive. Bayern Munich combine technical brilliance with absolute power, something Barca struggled to cope with. Why they stopped their pressing game is a total mystery to me. I read a Ballague article that suggested it was to make Barca more unpredictable. Well, case closed, they were unpredictably bad last night and not for the first time outside their very uncompetitive league.

On their keeper Valdes, once again, can I just stress my total lack of faith in his ability to adapt to the Premier League. He’s very weak commanding his box. His shot stopping ability is undoubtedly more impressive than any of our keepers and he’d mark an improvement as he’s a proven winner. I just think there are keepers better suited to the league and I’m not sure he has the same age on his side to adapt like De Gea. Give me Begovic or Steklenberg. Don’t tell me we’ve opened up talks over a keeper because he’s the cheapest deal in Europe.

On the striking front, we’ve been dealt a foam hammer blow by the FA (annoying but not that painful), after they failed to rescind the red card for what was ultimately a pretty dim challenge from Giroud. He has to suck up an early holiday and watch the next three games from his laptop. This poses an issue because regardless of how you spin it, we don’t have another striker. Both our spares are on loan. A huge oversight that was pointed out at the time. We have a manager who thinks you can call your squad massive by proxy of the fact you have players who can rotate positions.

So what do we have lined up for United? Well, simply put, it’s Theo, Gervinho or Podolski. Not exactly filling me with clinical happiness. I’ve no idea who I’d opt for. Theo was totally schooled in Bayern Munich, but he scored a cracking goal against Chelsea. Podolski has big game player tendencies. Could he play that central role against United being as rusty as he’s been? I’m not sure that feels like a good idea.

People keep asking why Podolski doesn’t get started more often. It’s like we’ve all forgotten how little cover he’d give whoever was left back earlier in he year. I mean, I know we’re not tactically tight by any means, but jeez, he was a joke. Not just that, he’d shout at people when he made mistakes. I like him, but I can see why he’s sidelined.

Oh, for Gervinho? Ahh… I see the issue. As you were.

Finally, the guard of honour is happening at the weekend. It’d be totally respectful to clap United, but number one, I hate United, number two, I hate the situation the club is in by selling Robin to a rival and number three… do me a favour. There’s no love loss between us. I think we should all turn our backs on the guard. As a sign to the club that making sales to our major rivals in the full knowledge that the move is handing the title over is not acceptable.

Or is that totally classless like the Robin than I’m aiming to affect? This is hard. One classless act doesn’t make another classless act acceptable. Do we want to maintain integrity? Does that get us anywhere? Or should we stand by North London principles. This is a tough question.

Anyway, mull over it. It’s that or I’m taking that pigs head in. It’s been sitting on the radiator in a plastic bag for weeks. I’ll never salute Robin’s behaviour. I get his motives, but he showed zero class, that combined with him being our best captain since Paddy was disgraceful and the acidic taste of traitor is still swilling about in my mouth (could be a London Bridge kebab, still undecided).

Anyway, loads to debate. What do you think of Gonalons? What do you think of Valdes? What do you think of turning your back on the Man United guard of honour. It’d whip up a bit of atmosphere eh?

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  1. I Gunner Believe it

    the bvb and the bayern munich team really do remind me of the old arsenal team

    robben ribery, schwar, muller remind me of pires lungberg theirry viera ect…

    the germans have so much pace and agression in their team they break up the pitch and go for goal at lightning pace! we used to do that! there’s this old myth about the old arsenal of jusst using tika takka tactics in fact we were a happy medium of that and counter attacking football!

    i feel these days despite have some pacey players we break up the pitch then slow it down pass back and sideways instead of going in for the kill!

    we play a much blander football, with less risk but less reward!
    we need to go back to the dynamism adaptability ruthlessness and straight for the jugular approach!

    i think the slow death of the tika takka style is taking place… i think we should adapt stil play beautiful football! but for me there is nothing more beautiful then an agressive attacking game rather then a safe side pass and pass back tto goalkeeper!

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Hope the Arsenal scouts are totally focusing on Germany and German talent…incredible roster of talent coming out of there.

    Reus and Lewandowski, whilst costing us about £50 Million would totally transform our front line.

    If this Draxler is as good as everyone says perhaps it’s a wise investment. Then Capoue/Gonalons. Williams on the cheap and Cesar.

    Lewandowski/Jovetic £25 Million
    Reus £25 Million
    Draxler £15 Million
    Gonalon/Capoue £10 Million
    Williams £8 Million
    Cesar £3 Million

    Easily doable. A lot of money, but we’ve got a lot of money, plus whatever amount we can raise from sales.

    Sagna, Williams, Koz/Verm Monreal
    Draxler Capoue/Gonalon Wilshere
    Cazorla, Lewandowski/Jovetic, Reus

    That’s a title winning side…if we even got a few of those players the transformation would be amazing.

    That’s a team full of power and pace.

  3. Johnny5

    We play more defensively now because our defence is unreliable slow and error prone we also don’t have a DM capable of being the link between defence and attack but I too miss the old arsenal. We now play crap football.

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Also refreshing that past two nights has been the referees allowing a bit of physical contact in the game, hopefully this is a sign of things to come.
    Football is a contact sport and it makes for a better game when players are allowed to tackle and use their strength.

  5. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Cesc Appeal.

    I believe that the ‘W’ word is becoming toxic in football, players talk to each other and we are seen as a bridging club only.
    If they do come it is to get their families acclimatised to British weather before moving further north to Manchester.

  6. Jeff

    The real Guard of Honour on Sunday belongs to one man and one man alone – Wenger. The Man U players should line up and Arsene should walk through the middle to thunderous applause because it was him and him alone that decided to hand over the trophy to Ferguson while at the same time making sure we won nothing for another year. It is such a bitter pill to swallow.

    In all honesty, if I was a betting man, I would put a lot of money on Ferguson not playing Van Persie on Sunday. Not because he wants to do us a favour but to save RVP from the jeering and abuse that will accompany his every touch. It is inevitable and guaranteed to happen if he plays.

  7. peanuts&monkeys

    An ambitious Arsenal owner who commands billions and who respects fans’ wishes, would have responded fittingly signing up Rooney before Sunday.

    C’mon, we all know Fergie wants to off-load him..he certainly can’t afford 2 x 220K p.w

  8. Jeff


    Unfortunately players of note do not get off horses to ride donkeys. Rooney would never come to Arsenal – not while we are in this loser mentality phase with Wenger doing everything he can to keep us where we are.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    BvB are in for Erikssen and Draxler now.

    Looks like they’ll spend the Gotze money on more than one replacement…that’s what made me laugh when I saw Keyser and NM saying they were the Arsenal of the Germany, and that it would be a miserable summer….

    Yeah they might lose a couple of players…but they’ll replace them. They won’t sit around going, ‘well you can’t replace Gotze, the talent just isn’t out there, it’s not a supermarket.’ Because they’ve got to to compete.

    We should make sure they lose at least another….for me right now out of all of them I’d want Reus. £25 Million. That’s the direct, goal scoring, pacey, tricky CAM/LW/ST player we need.

    Would like to get Lewandowski as well…perhaps BvB might, MIGHT take some of our players as make wights, perhaps Nik B…but I doubt it.

    £50 Million for the pair, bargain really. With Gonalons, CB like Dragovic/Williams and Cesar who’ll go for nothing basically and you’d be rocking!!

  10. Sekard

    No way fergie will leave out Van Persie now he’s back to form.If Fergie leaves out Van Persie you can say Wengers now a full paid up member of Fergies after match wine club if he isn’t already.

  11. Yippee Kai Yay

    cesc, I can see the conversation now between managers:

    arsene: Yeah we’d like to buy Lewandoski

    klopp: Ok he’s yours for £28 million.

    arsene: how about we include Nik Bendtner as part of the deal.

    klopp: Ok then, if you’d like to add him that would work out at about £35million.

    arsene: Oh, what about our brazilian international player?

    klopp: you mean the left back that you shipped out on loan because he was so bad?

    arsene: ah, you heard about that did you, err, ok, we have this other wonderful player called Diaby, strong, tall, elegant, composed n the ball. I’ve got a montage DVD I can send you, don’t worry that he looks different ages over the 10 minutes.

    Klopp: You do know we have a scouting network don’t you?

    arsene: well then you will have heard of him already , perfect, shall we say £3million and diaby? hello…………..hello……..jurgen…………hello

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: that’s what made me laugh when I saw Keyser and NM saying they were the Arsenal of the Germany,

    I did? Don’t think so. Someone else maybe?

    And remember before you get carried away with who they’re signing to replace Gotze and Lewandoski it’s all rumours at the moment.

  13. TOLI83

    Klopp isn’t a mug that’s for sure, he will strengthen.

    That’s the difference between someone who is young and ambitious and someone who is old and past it.

    He will see this as a challenge, use the money wisely and still mount a challenge next year, mark my words. Wouldn’t surprise me if Suarez went to Dortmund.

  14. Samir masri

    I just read that article which said that wenger told fergie that Rvp is then than he thinks. I can’t believe he actually said that. Fucking cunt of a manager.

  15. Gregg

    It would be interesting to see what the buy out clauses are on Lewandowski & Reus. The former enters his last year of contract so I’d imaging less than £25m would get him. The other issue for Dortmund is the relatively low wages they pay. Even we would triple/quad Lewandowskis current salary, not to mention what the likes of Citeh etc would offer. Massive talent has been coming out of both Germany & Belgium for quite some time now

  16. gambon

    Lewandowski would probably be £25m and £150k pw in wages.

    City, UTD, Chelsea, Barca, Real, Juve, Milan, Anzi, PSG & Bayern would pay it.

    Arsenal, or more precisely Arsene wouldnt, and thats why we will still be talking about scraping top 4 next season, and the one after, and the next, and the next.

  17. Gregg

    Not sure on that one mate. Well other than we certainly won’t pay it, which I agree. Certainly last night pushes his value up.

    One things for sure, whilst we watch Dortmund performing as they do, Wenger and co will be justifying our model and comparing it to the way they run theirs. It gives them more ammo to predict our change of fortune when FFP is introduced, citing the impact it’s had since being implemented in Germany a few years back

  18. Kushagra

    Tiki taka is far from being dead it’s just that when the players don’t play well it looks boring same can be said of counter attack and long ball game which looks boring without purposeful play as Madrid experienced..