Arsenal looking at Draxler | Gotze makes move to surprise destination | Robin wins a trophy…

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So United won the league last night.

Robin Van Persie scored some goals.

The whole of the Arsenal web went into total melt down.

It didn’t really stick in my throat too much until the end. Watching Robin run around like a 14 year old girl who’d just got 4 yeses on Britain’s Got Talent really was a sickening experience. Fu*ck it. It is what it is.

What I don’t get is the surprise from everyone, like this hasn’t been building all season. We sold Robin Van Persie because he slandered the club and forced his way out. There’s no way we could have kept him on after that behaviour. Players who don’t want to be somewhere don’t play well, they pick up injuries and they sulk when the chips are down.

Should we have sold to Manchester United? Not a chance. However, if they’re the only club that come in, what are you supposed to do?

I’ll tell you what you do… you take the £24m, combine it with the £40m you already had sloshing around the bank account and you go  out and make a serious f*cking statement in the transfer market. Olivier Giroud was never going to be that statement. We should have been looking at the top players around Europe and we should have pushed hard.

We didn’t, and that was the biggest failure of the summer.

We have to give United a guard of honour this weekend, the board deserve that, but as someone rightly pointed out last night… the fans certainly don’t. Still, life goes on.

There’s always next summers hope fest… however, like I said earlier in the week, things have to look different this summer, well, if the coach has any ambition of extending his dictatorship this November.

In other news, we’re appealing the red card Giroud received at the weekend. It’s clear the big man slipped at the last moment, but I’m not sure that’s going to wash with the FA. The thought of having Gervinho playing through the middle for the final run of games fills me with dread. Same with Theo as well. Based on form, you’d probably be best off putting Podolski through the centre. He’s more mobile than Giroud and he at least knows where the net is.

Bayern Munich have apparently activated the £30m buyout clause in Gotze’s contract. He might be moving there this summer if Bild are to be believed. If Bayern are in for him, it’s hard to imagine we could compete. I don’t think many thought there was a realistic chance of that deal ever happening after we had a bid turned down for him after Cesc left.

The only other rumour coming out of Germany is that we’re looking at Draxler for £15m. I’ve never seen him play, but all the press around him is pretty positive. I’d be surprised to see Schalke sell him after just losing Holtby at Spurs, but money talks… if you’re willing to spend it.

Right, have a great day, I’m off to burn a Robin effigy in the staff room.

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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    Draxler, who??

    Another sub-20 Million player brought into Arsenal is same as bringing back Denilson and waiting for Diaby.

    Wenger still loves Diaby’s blowys. Wenger OUT!!!!!!

  2. peanuts&monkeys


    2 Arsenal medicals penned in for today | Honda, Arteta, Cahill, Dempsey, Ribery, on the radar?

    Whose radar was that? Ribery??? hahaha. Wenger doesn;t like his beard. Itches during blowys

  3. TheBayingMob

    jeffozgooner April 23, 2013 13:25:46

    “We were never able to or have tried to compete with Barca, RM, AC Inter and the like including MU and now we have Chelski and MC to contend with. The landscape has changed and even replacing AW will not mean that we are going to become like a MU.

    I expect a lot of you to resent my comments but do point out where they are wrong rather than just hang shit on them”

    I don’t resent your comments, but they are old fashioned and outdated. It’s useless looking back to the teams and eras of the 1980’s and early 90’s and the applying that logic now.

    In the early 90’s, AFC took the north terrace down to comly with Taylor, in doing so jumped on the PL badwagon and we saw a price explosion in football that hasn’t stopped yet.

    We are charged a kings fucking ransom to watch Arsenal now, not 4 quid to walk in off the street onto the North Bank.

    It’s all very different, we pay a fortune, we expect to see a club acting like a sporting institution that it is, not a fucking PLC there to generate cash for it’s major shareholders.

    We built a massive stadium, that, and I fucking-well-quote, from the board of directors, would sit us at the table with Barcalona to compete. It hasn’t as yet.

    So we go to a massive stadium away from spiritual home that we all loved, we did that so we could compete, only since then it’s been 8 years of decline mate. 60k all seater, plush seats … only there’s no team to go in it. We sell our best players every year to make the financials look good.

    It’s not on, it’s not about expecting success every year, with all those things in place I don’t think it unreasonable for pople to be chomping at the fucking bit having watched the our lord Arsene Wenger sell the cunting title to Man United.

    I guarentee you, if we acted like a progressive, ambitious club then you would get none of this vitriol if we didn’t win anything; but we’re acting like a small club.

    AW has been riding his one man crusade against the money in football while we roll over and take City’s and United’s cash when they like, Barca click their fingers and we sell our captain to them for half his fucking value.

    You might be happy with all that, some of us are not.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m not worried about not signing Gotze or Cavani.

    Last summer people were kicking off when we didn’t sign Hazard or Kagawa. In the end we signed Cazorla who arguably has been better than both.

    The concern shouldn’t be that we failed to sign Gotze or Cavani, but whether we’ll sign someone else

  5. tomb

    Lets face it guys we are not the attractive proposition we once were. Goetze didnt think we were good enough simple as. RVP, Cesc and all the others the same.
    You only have to look at the squad now not real stars there no game changers . On a good day we can get a result against most teams but it is not a Champions squad.
    Our reputation over the past 5-6 years is really costing us now with being able to sign top talent. The next few years will only be more struggle. I am afraid.

  6. vicky

    Goetze transfer just goes to show there is no loyalty left in football.

    This guy was at the club for more than a decade. That means whatever he is today is because of the club.

    He has been winning trophies as well.

    Dortmund has arguably the most lively stadium in the world.

    But now he will f*ck off to Dortmund’s biggest rival.

    So even trophies do not count, what matters is money.

    This is why I fear for Arsenal. We got to change our stance otherwise it is gonna be a downward slide all the way.

  7. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Be interesting to see if Podolski is played up top on his own for the next 3 games, if he does and scores in each game what are the chances of wenger dropping him for the last game in favour of giroud.
    We all know it will happen.

  8. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I think it is more about the lure of the biggest clubs. Bayern, United, Real and Barca
    are clubs that you do not turn down if they come in for you.
    To say you have played for one of these clubs is a top honour in many players eyes and loyalty flies out of the window.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    Different situations. There is a fast track system for red card appeals, but Terry’s offence wasn’t punished in game.


    I hope we see Podolski up front but I doubt we actually will. I don’t think he’s properly fit. Will be Walcott or Gervinho

  10. David Biggs

    Your Comment Here

    With respect to the proposed guard of honour for Man U at our home game, I feel we should show respect by turning our backs from the pitch in utter silence until the ref blows for the kick off…Especially as RvP will captain for the day and lead the Manxs out

  11. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I would rather see a 90% Pod start up front than either Theo or Gerv, his willingness to shoot on sight is something we sorely miss from our frontline.
    I just feel that his experience is going to be needed in the next couple of weeks, he could be subbed after 65-70 mins for one of the other options if it is not working.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    Podolski is probably our best striker of the ball, the issue will be whether he can get himself and the ball into those positions when he plays up there. He’s clearly been struggling. Let’s see.

    In other news I’ve seen we’re being linked with Maxine Gonalons by people who don’t pretend to be ITKs.

    Might be a possibility

  13. Raz

    @The real Andy – yes I totally agree that we may never know the whole truths from these different decisions. But Nasri for example explained in one news report that he wanted to leave for because of us selling our best and not replacing them, and that Wenger and the club had a choice – hold him to his contract or take what they could. He openly said Kroenke wanted the money but Wenger wanted him to stay. Since, he has said in a press conference that what was released in that article was true. He went on to say that AFC offered him a lucrative deal to stay but enough was enough, and he’s just happy that Wenger got a nice fee. So at the end of the day this is pretty reliable that Wenger had a decision to make – threaten to walk if the money wouldn’t be re-invested. Wenger had a big part to play in allowing things to happen. He is the only manager I can think of who will defend the club at all costs. This is why I am furious with him – I have no doubts he would have held Nasri to his contract but to actively defend his sale is another thing altogether and at no point has Wenger said to the club he will walk if they don’t stop selling the players. So he is guilty.

    From his comments he sounds like he was desperate to keep RVP but again he always puts on this united front in terms of him and the board. It’s not what fans expect. Pardew openly spoke about how he was demanding more money. Wenger always says there’s money and doesn’t spend it. He sells players and justifies it instead of saying ‘the fans deserve the truth – my superiors wanted the £24m instead of keeping RVP no matter what. When we sold Nasri and Fabregas, not all the money was available.’

    Instead, he comes out with ‘we have spent the Nasri and Fabregas money’. He lies through his teeth protecting the wrong people. He and the board are clearly not on the same wavelength but when push comes to shove he defends them, not his players or the fans. He defends high ticket prices, defends the turd on the pitch, and defends PHW and Silent Stan. What he should be doing is giving them an ultimatum if the rumours really are true that the money isn’t released. And if it is, well then he is really to blame for everything.

    So as far as I am concerned all three parties – the owner, board and manager (if they are to be separated so) are all as guilty as each other. Their behaviour has more in common with a sneaky political party if I’m honest!

  14. Nemesis.

    Just read a piece on how pep wants to ruin dortmund by signing gundogan,hummels and lewandowski.

    I hate the prick !

  15. thirdway

    Sadly I’m not sure it matters who we sign – or don’t sign. We’ve lacked a variable strategy going into games as well as proper leadership on the pitch for a good while now. We freeze on big days (and that includes the trophy-seekers RVP, Nasri and Clichy in the CC final). We get crap about “nerves” and “handbrake” from the manager and JD and the rest banging on about “lessons learnt” for the umpteenth time. Can we really expect to add new players – be it Jovetic, Capoue and maybe others – to the same situation and see any change? It’s not just a change in players we need but a wholesale change in mindset and approach to ‘footballing matters’. I don’t see that happening under the present regime.

  16. Evan

    Wenger doesnt care he is currently looking at the next Amaury Bischoff. His summer consists of extending contracts and nothing else.. Arsene has the easiest job in football

  17. Jeff

    This guard of honour humiliation is already biting and it hasn’t even happened yet. Just thinking about it makes me want to puke. How lucky for all those teams that have already played Man U twice? It seems to me like we are the poor relation these days. Always under foot, always grovelling while knowing full well that Ferguson doesn’t think we’re worth the shit on his shoe.

    Wenger gambled that he could be the big hero by selling a 28 year old for £24m and still come fourth. Well done it is probably going to work. However what he didn’t bank on is Van Persie having a huge impact on Man U, staying fit for the entire season, scoring freely, being ecstatic about joining Man U and leaving Arsenal but to top it all, did he could not have even dreamt that he would have to watch his team give Man U a guard of honour? How worthless must that £24m seem now! Did we really need that money that badly?

  18. vicky

    Nemesis. April 23, 2013 16:08:16
    Seen as dortmund will disintegrate we could go in for reus ?
    u should have some sympathy for them.

    U r wishing an ARSENAL on them 😛

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Here we go again, big noise to get ST holders on side then the REAL rumours start to come out.

    On a day that Gotze moves to Munich, Bundesliga champions by a mile and likely UCL winners this year, for £32 Million we’re sniffing around £3 Million Cabella, £15 Million Draxler and some £5 Million Sevilla defender.

    Wenger logic

    £32 Million for ONE Mario Gotze


    £23 Million on three gambles…bank the rest

  20. HUNTER

    Your Comment Here
    just goes to show ‘if you want to WIN the premiership title,you have to leave AFC’, i.e.Toure,Nasri,Clichy and now Van Persie!!
    I fely physically sick watching RVP score a hat trick and celebrate afterwards,oh what could have been!and now we are shafted forever,you wait all our summer targets will be chased and probably won by other clubs with more ambition than us,the name of AFC dosent attract the big signings anymore……now why is that I wonder?

  21. kwik fit


    I know others left overs. I’ve heard good reports about him though.


    Would be possible if Arsene had a heart!

  22. Globalgunner

    In the summer that van d Vaart left Hamburg. RVP went to Wenger and begged him to sign him up. VdV being mates with RVP was also keen to come. Wenger in his infinite wisdom declined for whatever unfathomable reason only he knows. this is one of the main reasons RvP remains pissed with Wenger. He never likjes an idea that doesnt come from him. It hurts his ego that people can have the temerity to make suggestions to him. Of course VdV went to the spuds and took extra delight from each goal he scored (and there were many in 2 years) against us.

    Bottom line we are at the mercy of a self obsessed egomaniac. who would rather fail his way than succeed with even the hint that someone rather than him made all the decisions leading to success. Any keen observer will have noticed that the body language between him and Steve Bould is patently poisonus. i see steve moving on at the earliest opportunity and failure is something the man is so good at.
    2 CL final failures (us , monaco?)

  23. JJ

    I agree with Gambon. Blame the club for not having the ambition that matched RvPs (and the fans). Don’t blame RvP.

    RvP wanted trophies. The club wanted money above trophies. Money comes from trophies but our board (incl Wenger) does not get that.

  24. Bacaryisgod

    I remember RVP having a hussy fit over the RVDV signing and also over the Oxlade substitution. I also recall RVDV being a streaky player who didn’t defend well.

    RVP put us in an impossible situation and it would have been lunacy not to sell him after his behaviour. I would definitely have tried to avoid him going to United but Van Persie held all the cards. He could simply refuse terms with any other team that showed an interest in him and then we would be stuck with a captain who had openly defied the club and announced his departure a year in advance.

    Arsene knew what would happen and for me he turned a disastrous situation into one that has kept the club stable even if it has not improved it. Essentially we traded Song and RVP for Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and Monreal and we were playing with an extremely weak hand over RVP. Seems like our snap call of Barcelona’s bid for Song (apparently another toxic risk if he stayed) turned out pretty well for us too.

    So what are we left with as we go for next season? We now have a squad that will see very few departures and has put together an impressive end of season run. Two midfield maestros in Jack and Santi. A nucleus of young British players with a couple of them likely to make a leap in improvement next year.

    Who comes in depends on us qualifying for third or fourth this season. My guess is that third place will allow us to do earlier business but 4th might push us to deadline day.

  25. Johnty79

    No disrespect but wasn’t gonalons poor against spurs. Abit of a poor mans Flamini. We need big strong players like coupoute or Essein. We need to scare stoke when we play them not make them laugh as we have hobbits in the team.

    Well done arsene on admitting ou saw nothing in Yaya
    toure. Admitting your mistakes is the first step to realising you past it as a manager…still better than all but a few in this league…doesn’t say much or the rest of them.

  26. eboue

    hey i know all you people on this site wont believe me but i have heard that arsenal are looking into the possibility of signing xavi alonso this summer.

  27. kwik fit

    If the Board and the Yank had a choice between a Trophy and zero profit or 50m profit and no Trophy what would they go for?
    Unfortunately we all no the answer. Conclusion;
    Arsenal is no longer a sporting club but a profit making
    organisation run by a bunch of fucking tossers!

  28. zeus


    You give Arsene too much credit here I’m afraid. Sure, Rvp couldn’t have stayed, but what stopped him from going out and getting a quality replacement?

    Rvp didn’t do a company man routine like Cesc did and stay quiet all summer while Wenger knowingly lied to the fans that Fabregas was going nowhere. Rvp came out nice and early and laid it out. “I’m off.”

    No hiding, no spinning, just to the point. And our glorious leader decided to get a donkey to replace him. Good business that eh?

  29. gambon

    Dont think Dortmund will fall apart, and lifelong fans like Reus and Grosskreutz are going nowhere.

    Gotze will be replaced by someone like DeBruyne, Draxler, Griezzman, Rakitic and Lewandowski by Dzeko, Kiessling or similar.

  30. Radio Raheem

    Bayern v Barca

    If you can’t get into this then I suggest you stop watching football. Football ain’t your thing…try show jumping.

    I said this on twitter ages ago but I expect an all German final.

  31. kwik fit

    I actually would love to see Maureen win the CL with Real. There is something about Maureen I really really love. Don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s his cheeky smile or maybe his massive ego .

  32. eboue

    i dont blame you gambon for not believing me anyway i just said arsenal have approached madrid about the possibility of signing him this summer i was told that thats all it was nothing serious yet so only take this comment with a pinch of salt.

  33. kwik fit

    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal Now would be an ideal time for me to “cop out” of the 30m bid with Gotze going for 32m. But that would be a lie.

    It wasn’t Gotze.

    Now he’s really go me going.

  34. Ramsey's backpass

    Lol bacary

    why didnt he sign a normal replacement
    and if not for Gibbs injury,he wouldnt have signed monreal

  35. Keyser

    Zeus – How many strikers out there score 37 goals in a year and would have cost 24 million ? Then how many have X amount of years experience in the Premiership and are already accustomed to the players we have and the way we play ? Not to mention are supposedly in their prime.

    Van Persie did stay quiet, he was a company man until he realised that was the key moment for him to get the most out of the deal that was going to be the biggest of his career. That’s it really.

    The only reason people are trying to side with him is because it suits their agenda.

  36. Keyser

    Today’s game should’ve been the final, other than that Barcelona -Dortmund will be a bit of an anti-climax, but at least it’d be a proper game between two excellant footballing teams.

    Wonder how long the Bundesliga will last now Bayern are back to crushing the life out of it, if Geotze does go there.

  37. Keyser

    Lastly the Tuesday Club’s right, the only statement of any insignificance would be the Emirates raised to the ground in fiery oblivion.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I think people side with him because he’s physical proof of what everyone is saying.

    Great players will go elsewhere because the money and trophies aren’t at Arsenal.

    Even if his loyalty is questionable, IF. The club should have done things over the years that means players loyalties never (or rarely) get tested. And when they do the grass is pretty green where they are currently at pasture.

    Not looking elsewhere at their mates lifting cups and earning more than them whilst the manager asks them to be patient for the eighth year running whilst not at all changing his strategy.

  39. SpanishDave

    Dont you think it strange that both spanish clubs have the advantage of playing at home in the second leg?
    Spain is one of the most corrupt countries in the world

  40. Keyser

    CA – It’s not that at all, Van Persie missed his chance through his own injury record or at times his own foolishness, it’s funny because I bet I was one of those defending him when he got red carded against Barcelona, while others who called him a crock were slating him.

    No player is bigger than the club, what people are doing is basically saying he was.

  41. Johnty79

    If bayern sign Draxler I expect them to win every league game next season a the treble for sure… Only with a wage bill of 162m. Take note arsenal.

  42. Radio Raheem

    No mate there is no advantage in playing the second leg at home. You should’ve watched the quarter finals.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    The board and manager have shrunk our club year on year so that players like RVP ARE bigger than the club.

    The almighty dollar is the only star of the show at Arsenal, the only thing they are interested in keeping happy.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    I was wondering whether he’s a strict DM or more of a Diaby replacement.

    I’m at least happy by the fact he’s 6’2″ according to wiki which is a bonus

  45. Keyser

    CA – That’s what you want to believe, at the end of the day Van Persie is who he is because he got the chance with us, at best they were in it together.

  46. Atomic

    Remy Cabella, Antoine Griezmann, and Iker Muniain are creative players who can improve arsenal given that Gotze is gone. but wenger will wait until some other club pick them up all, particularly muniain

  47. gambon


    Pretty much a DM, like Arteta and Gilberto mixed, or a more classy Scneiderlin i guess.

    Tackles a lot, covers the CBs and FBs, passes well, but doesnt really shoot or play through balls.

    Poor mans Busquets is prob the best comparison, but dont get me wrong, still a good player.

    If we are gonna play Jack and Santi he would be a good idea.

    If we are gonna stick with the 2 deeper players a la Ramsey and Arteta, maybe a strootman is better.

  48. zeus

    Keys er

    How many players switch teams and know how to play with his new teammates. That’s never really an argument for or against a purchase.

    It wAsnt rocket science to know that giroud wouldn’t be up to it.

    His qualities as a player are so counter to Rvp’s, who showed how someone looking to play the system should be, that he was almost destined to fail.

  49. Dan Ahern

    Arguably the club decided RvP was bigger than itself. If the club is bigger, why sell to a rival (who is already stronger)? If the club is bigger, why not keep control of its talent?

    What are the club’s best interests?

  50. mystic

    Don’t know why people are debating who we should buy – with Wenger at the helm all incoming are going end up fucked-up regardless of who they are.

  51. Johnty79

    I’ve herd the alonso rumour but hopefully it doesn’t happen. Should have signed 4 years ago when we had the chance.slightly passed it now and he’s th last thing we need with wilshere, Ramsay and cazorla. But wenger does act in mysterious ways…

  52. Keyser

    Zeus – It’s your argument, finding a replacement for Van Persie, like it’s something we could’ve done with any ease. I don’t think it’s fair, look at how we developed Van Persie into the player he was he was a very one footed gangly winger, a bit part player, he developed his right foot, we moved him into a figurehead position and then gave him a team and formation to suit him, just like we did Fabregas. Interspersed with all his injuries he continued to get regular gamtime.

    We’re almost starting again now, you’re critising Giroud after a season, with a shadow of the team Van Persie had over the years and nowhere near the experience.

  53. Johnty79

    Barce went down hill when they started to put his balon dot trophies ahead of whats good for barca. If they have a played him sparingly they probably would have won the last 4 euro cups…

  54. mystic

    Johnty79 I haven’t heard any rumours but guessing they are suggesting Arsenal are looking at Alonso? – if so wouldn’t surprise me; Cazorla / Monreal / Arteta, Spain is one of wenger’s new hunting grounds.

  55. kwik fit

    All the rumours suggest that Alonso is going back to Pool ( the old Rodgers/ maureen love in). Quite frankly their welcome to him cos he’s well past his best.

  56. zeus


    A shadow of a team yes, but still, inexplicably we’ve created a fair amount of chances this season.

    A better striker than our main one would’ve put them away.

    Bayern are really playing well. Don’t want them to screw it up.

    I’m in that “F all the ex players. Let them suffer” mode.

  57. Josip Skoblar

    If Bayern wins the CL, it’s massive pressure on Pep as if he doesn’t win the CL next year it’ll be regarded as a setback. This said, we’re not there yet.

  58. Keyser

    Zeus – I’m not saying Giroud’s been great, just that’s it’s ridiculous to compare them considering everything Van Persie’s benefitted from, we don’t create loads of chances, we create half chances and then the one decent one we need for it to be put away.

    Van Persie was only ever that striker last year.

  59. scott

    Fucking double standards people moaning about van persie leaving cos he slandered the clubs buying and selling policy. Its all we ever moan about. I dont blame RVP one bit I blame Wenger and the money grabbing board.
    I cant believe some if the shit im reading on here.
    Wenger is along with Gazidis and Kroenke asset stripping this once great club.
    Some are believing the propaganda ” Wenger to wield the axe” spend big this summer bollocks.
    Wake up people! !!

  60. eboue

    Its true liverpool are also monitering the situation with alonso and to the people saying that they hope we miss out on alonso need to realise how wenger works in the market if he cant get his target he has no problem waiting a whole year to get his man while sticking to the guy he planned on replacing him with in this case ramsey!

  61. vicky

    Barca are fading as a team

    Porous defense
    Average keeper
    Unsuitable wide players.

    Only Messi magic can save them this season but even he is half injured …..not 100 percent.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Munich are what we should be.

    Let Usmanov on the board, don’t need his money but the commercials and business deals he can pull in will be huge…plus its contrasting views on the club.

    Be aggressive with our £150 Million.

    We could easily be a European force with one summer window…but we all know it won’t happen.

    I think that’s what makes it frustrating for fans. It’s easily attainable, but we (the board and Wenger) choose not to reach for it. Instead sit inside their comfort zone of 4th and making net transfer profits…which would be fine if you weren’t charging the highest prices in Europe

  63. vicky

    Backenbaur has always been one of the biggest fans of Goetze and finally BM have signed him.

    Imagine the likes of Bergkamp and Henry in our set up ,it will certainly help us in alluring good players.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal 1886

    With the rumours the team they could have:

    Lahm Badstuber Dante Alaba
    Schweinsteiger Martinez
    Gotze Fabregas Bale

    Shit the bed, guys like Muller, Kroos, Gomez, Ribery, Robben…on the bench…Arsenal fans would murder their mothers for those players!!

    That’s how you build a club.

    Not saying that’ll happen but for me Bayern have the strongest squad in Europe.

  65. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    1886 why would he take somebody he never really trusted in the Barca team, who’s very similar to goetze who, if you believe the newspapers, is already inked to join? Doesn’t make much logical sense.

  66. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal is a business with the aims of maximising profit and share value. The sooner fans understand this the better. If you don’t like it then do something about it. Just smash something!

  67. Arsenal 1886-2006


    It’s having strength in depth, i reckon pep will have to change from the tippy-tappy barca football, the germans are similar to us in their liking and style of football.
    And that would suit Cesc.

  68. Josip Skoblar

    Bayern have two world-class wingers who can dribble and turn a defender and run past him + shoot or cross the ball. It makes a big difference especially when you have a good striker in the middle.

  69. Keyser

    All you need really is a small quantity of petrol, maybe empty a Capri Sun, then set a person on fire in their Emirates seat. Instant message.

    If you’ve got enough people you could spell Wenger out in flaming moes.

  70. vicky

    Guys BM situation is a bit different from Arsenal.

    BM is the natural choice for all German national players.

    Germany has always been a international football powerhouse.

    This means the core of BM is always strong.

    Once you have that,it is easier to add a few players here and there and then you have a great team.

    We do not have that advantage. We are not a natural choice for British national footballers. Even If we were,it would not have helped much because British teams are not of great quality.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    Fabregas to Bayern is lazy journalism at it’s best.

    2 (Fabregas isn’t getting much playing time) + 2 (Fabregas loves Guardiola) = 4 (Fabregas is moving to BM)

  72. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    If he tries to play Barca style tippi-tappi all season in Germany he’s in for a shock, Germany is all pace, power and long range shooting! Just look at bayern tonight, two goals from set pieces and out muscling Barca in midfield. Not really cesc’s game

  73. TitsMcgee

    Barca need to go out and buy some defenders and maybe adjust their tactics for next season.

    Appears they can’t just “attack” for 90 minutes anymore.

    They need to learn how to play some defense.

    Over-reliant on Messi. Villa is on the top of the hill about to go over it.

    They’ve come back down to earth but they don’t hesitate to do what they have to to get back.

    BM are a beautiful team to watch.

    They aren’t sitting back and defending either. They’re just better.

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    Vicky: Imagine the likes of Bergkamp and Henry in our set up

    Shame Henry still has another year on his contract, would love him to come to us this summer

  75. Josip Skoblar

    I couldn’t agree more with you. Bayern have always had well-organised and well-drilled teams. Barca are starting to look like… us! 😉

  76. Josip Skoblar

    Bayern are the team which lost two CL finals against the run of play in recent years. Still they come back the following year and try to win it.

  77. Josip Skoblar

    The Bayern Board + coaching team: it’s all former players from the great Bayern team of the 70s; the one that won 3 CL finals in a row (1974-75-76) with some from the 80s as well. There must a couple of chaps who were not playing that’s all. Different culture there…