Arsenal looking at Draxler | Gotze makes move to surprise destination | Robin wins a trophy…

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So United won the league last night.

Robin Van Persie scored some goals.

The whole of the Arsenal web went into total melt down.

It didn’t really stick in my throat too much until the end. Watching Robin run around like a 14 year old girl who’d just got 4 yeses on Britain’s Got Talent really was a sickening experience. Fu*ck it. It is what it is.

What I don’t get is the surprise from everyone, like this hasn’t been building all season. We sold Robin Van Persie because he slandered the club and forced his way out. There’s no way we could have kept him on after that behaviour. Players who don’t want to be somewhere don’t play well, they pick up injuries and they sulk when the chips are down.

Should we have sold to Manchester United? Not a chance. However, if they’re the only club that come in, what are you supposed to do?

I’ll tell you what you do… you take the £24m, combine it with the £40m you already had sloshing around the bank account and you go  out and make a serious f*cking statement in the transfer market. Olivier Giroud was never going to be that statement. We should have been looking at the top players around Europe and we should have pushed hard.

We didn’t, and that was the biggest failure of the summer.

We have to give United a guard of honour this weekend, the board deserve that, but as someone rightly pointed out last night… the fans certainly don’t. Still, life goes on.

There’s always next summers hope fest… however, like I said earlier in the week, things have to look different this summer, well, if the coach has any ambition of extending his dictatorship this November.

In other news, we’re appealing the red card Giroud received at the weekend. It’s clear the big man slipped at the last moment, but I’m not sure that’s going to wash with the FA. The thought of having Gervinho playing through the middle for the final run of games fills me with dread. Same with Theo as well. Based on form, you’d probably be best off putting Podolski through the centre. He’s more mobile than Giroud and he at least knows where the net is.

Bayern Munich have apparently activated the £30m buyout clause in Gotze’s contract. He might be moving there this summer if Bild are to be believed. If Bayern are in for him, it’s hard to imagine we could compete. I don’t think many thought there was a realistic chance of that deal ever happening after we had a bid turned down for him after Cesc left.

The only other rumour coming out of Germany is that we’re looking at Draxler for £15m. I’ve never seen him play, but all the press around him is pretty positive. I’d be surprised to see Schalke sell him after just losing Holtby at Spurs, but money talks… if you’re willing to spend it.

Right, have a great day, I’m off to burn a Robin effigy in the staff room.

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  1. puppyguts

    fuk RVP, why the hell are a load of you defending this c*nt …. wenger stuck by this guy while he was injured and believed in him when no one else did.

    that bastard stabbed wenger and the club in the back even his family were saying that he owes the club.

  2. Danish Gooner

    Remember how Le senile once spoke about being able to afford Falcao??? what a smoke screen.Wenger wanted Gotze no doubt in my mind and he knew about the release clause,he could have evoked it 2 years back but didnt.It will be another summer of frugal spending mark my words and if we fail to qualify for the cl,no spending will be made at all.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think RvP was bothered by anything other than the strength of the team and then I guess it comes down to whether Wenger has had the choice to spend the money under the mattress or whether that’s out of his control. The point is the public view, the journalists view and the view that always comes out of the club is that there is always money for Wenger to spend IF he WANTS to. So RvP’s view would have been the same, because that’s either the truth or the line everyone is fed. So if he’s fed up with the investment into the team, he’s fed up with WENGER’s investment in the team.

    Of course, it’s entirely possible that Kroenke IS keeping Wenger on a tight spending leash, but if he is, that info doesn’t get out of the boardroom.

  4. gambon


    You dont realise commercial potential by refusing to invest, lowering the quality of the team and getting further and further away from success. Thats the complete opposite of how you realise commercial potential.

    Commercial revenue is all about the size of your fan base, your exposure in worldwide markets and the way people think about the brand (club).

    What we have done in the last 5 years is hugely damaging to our brand & club from a commercial point of view.

    In 2005 we were the second biggest club in England, well beyond Liverpool and miles ahead of Chelsea, catching up with UTD quickly. Now we are fucking miles behind UTD, behind City & Chelsea with a perception that we are a cheap academy that wins nothing.

  5. Willie

    I have nothing against RVP. It’s the ambitionless cunts that run Arsenal I have issues with; wenger, gazidis, and the board, and the moribund owner, kroenke.
    Zero ambition! Small-club mentality. Average players. Feeder club a la West Ham. Fuck!

  6. Danish Gooner

    Bendtner and Chamakh will be like new signings and some 17 year old kid will be promoted from the youth ranks.We all know it is gonna happen.And it could have been the summer where Mourinho signed instead he will re sign with chavs our football club is drowning in mediocrity.

  7. vicky

    It is the ploy of Wenger and the board to keep the fans in doubt.

    They want to give a mixed signal regarding who has the authority to spend the money. And it is working as well. Some blame the owner, a few other blame Ivan and the rest blame Wenger.

    It helps in deterring the whole anger accruing against any one person.

    These people are cheaters of the lowest class.

  8. Ramsey's backpass

    Once again Vanpersie is a hero

    until arsene leaves before we win a trophy.

    Cheer up,we have ramsey who maKes 90% pass accuracy,who is also the best passer in the league…

  9. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    “The market now is a world market, so you can always find good players. There are only a few players who have a price which we cannot reach – maybe 10 in the world but, for the rest, we have access to the market.” Wenger..

    So we couldn’t afford Goetze; notwithstanding the fact that he may or may not have choosen us over BM??

    We can’t afford to bid for Cavani?

    We need to stop selling ourselves short and accepting 2nd rate signings.. We are buying 10-12m players like Giroud and Gerv, simply because we choose to do so.. Not out of financial limitations.

    The pot is not limitless, but apart from the famous 10 players we can’t afford, the world is our oyster.. Em isn’t that right Arsene? Arsene? Are you still there.. hello
    Funny.. the line went dead..

  10. Segun

    what is the need for players to sign any contract at Arsenal again since they can LEAVE anytime they want? we have a player still CONTRACTED to this club for one more year, we sold him for footballing reasons????? people like Pedro are making it sound as if we had no choice, we had a choice, we choose money! and it will happen again.

  11. Dan

    Well I hope Arsenal get top 4 then the guys that wanted to buy the club for £1.25billion can I think there’s going to be some changes this summer ever since the sun came up with Arsenals take over there hasn’t been no other news and I can imagine reading if Arsen get top 4 we will have a take over and usmanov would be in that board. Arsenal marketing and business strategy is rubbish Around the whole world we don’t have the market the only business idea Arsenal have is emirates Arsenal don’t appear on adverts that’s why u see UTD,REAL MADRID,BARCA EVEN CITY and CHELSEA are well known arsenal need new sponsors MAN UTD EARN £50Million a season from all their sponsors a total of £50million I’m dosapointed we didn’t buy GOTZE I was happy we where linked with him imagine him alongside jack that would have been good this summer there’s going go be loads of clear out in Arsenal first of all players contracts expiring arshavin, squallci if angers me that he’s still in our squad, and I’m sorry but I think it’s time wenger let’s diaby retire from football I’m sorry but let’s not give him hopes his time is over since he has joined Arsenal he has had nearly 15injiries, chamak is off, bendter is going as well or he should be released, djouri should go he’s done a good job for us but it’s time he goes and guys imagine wenger wants to let frimpong go are u silly what’s wenger thinking about that lad is going to be a class DM I fell sorry for coquelin that lads got a good feet but wenger gives Ramsey the spot Ramsey has been good but I’m sorry wenger needs to loan him for a good full season let him get his confidence back, it’s true nobody can estimate Arsenal as a winning team anymore we just don’t have enough fire power and I blame wenger when he buys a player he doesn’t use them in their positions look at pod he stays as an left attacking midfielder he’s a striker for God sake and I also think wenger doesn’t teach his squad how to fight get stuck in Arsenal of those days where even Vira is at City football is all about money these days and Arsenal need to accept and let there be a takeover I kno if we get taken over we wouldn’t be that stupid but these days u have players wanted £150-200k for wages why don’t wenger and the board look into selling and get out wenger can stay another season. Spurs will go down hill when their stadium get built I’m just hoping the people who want to takeover Arsenal don’t choose spurs the cunts themselves I would really be unhappy nd that would be the end of Arsenal north London life All Arsenal fans from the whole world even the Arsenal fans that go watch week in week out Iv been to watch Arsenal 10 games this season we need to write to the board members and also even Arsen email we need to be heard we are not stupid we are not paying money week in week out for the past 8 years and no trophy has been won we need to he heard kronke out and Gazids hoping we will see changes this summer I’m suprised that we are looking at the Germany coach to replace wenger those that mean the people taking over Arsenal have started to kick start out Season for next season if we get taken over Cesc will be back imagine that midfield with CESC THERE the lads needs to come back home wenger needs Song back I don’t kno why he’s been stupid about he should stay for another year in the next one week or two I’m going to either write an email or send a personal letter to Arsenal boards and wenger because we are a joke to everyone’s eyes even UTD don’t take us seriously we shouldn’t be battling for 4th or 3rd it should be 1st or 2nd.

  12. samsenal

    Gambon – i don’t disagree. But that’s how Kroneke runs his clubs.

    NM – It doesn’t get out because Arsenal try to project strength. You do so to rally the players, fans and attract investment. You don’t project strength by saying the owner doesn’t want to spend, he wants to make a profit in the transfer market. The club sold the dream of the new stadium as the gateway to paradise where we can afford the World’s top players and that paying it off will NOT affect our transfer budgets…..funny how project Youth began in earnest once we moved. funny how we went from only selling our players when WE wanted to and for inflated prices to selling everyone that a cash-rich club wanted.

    I’m sure Wenger COULD have bought a Falcao….but that would have been the budget for the next 200 years gone.

  13. Danish Gooner

    But the 10 players we cant afford are the ones we need.Falcao,Cavani,Goetze,Jovetic,Lewandovski lets see if any of those players end up at Arsenal during the summer.

  14. mrz

    In the last season, Nasri and Clichy left for Man City and they won the premiership title.

    In this season, RVP left for Man Utd and wins the title comprehensively.


    RVP , like everyone, wanted to win the title. Clearly, Arsenal did not have any ambition of winning the it. Then why would we expect the top scorer of last season would stay with Arsenal just to see another club winning it.

    RVP did what he had to do. Any other player would have done the same thing had he scored tons of goals in the previous season. I mean what is the use of scoring so many goals if u can’t even be in the race for winning the championship.

  15. Segun

    and if we could sign other team players for free reader e.g Chamakh why can’t it be done to us? oh, our manager is all knowing! I mean Wenger waited a year to sign Chamakh!! Damn!

  16. AJ

    Ramsey’s backpass April 23, 2013 10:28:58

    Once again Vanpersie is a hero

    until arsene leaves before we win a trophy.

    Cheer up,we have ramsey who maKes 90% pass accuracy,who is also the best passer in the league…

  17. Inter YourGran

    Lewandowski’s signed a pre contract with someone. Borrusia have told english clubs to not bother registering interest. News should come out by end of the week.

  18. reality check

    Another thing I noticed. Which wasn’t explained properly. Why did wenger get so upset about those rumours in that interview? Specifically?

    All that was being said is, you’ve been offered some extra years to your contract. No?

    Whether it was lies or whatever. So what. What’s wrong with the greatest manager we ever had who all the players love and respect getting extra time formulate his plan.

    They way he reacted you’d think the story was about him getting sacked.

    I’m with doublegooner on this. If wenger gets more years jacks off. If he goes at the end of next season, jack will stay. To be apart of the NewEra.

  19. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    People need to forget about RVP and move on

    Great player but not ours anymore

    Looking forward to a summer of loads of le grove speculation and targets.

    And of course Vi,x Gambon, Thorough et all comments.

  20. fanboy

    I may be wrong but if rvp had said nothing we would have had the nasri fabregas situation all over again; sell him late in the window and use that as an excuse not to sign anymore players, and if anyone hasn’t noticed we signed noone else even with the extra money, which was the plan all along.

    Basically he was right and the champioship win vindicates him

  21. tomb

    Lets face it guys we are not the attractive proposition we once were. Goetze didnt think we were good enough simple as. RVP, Cesc and all the others the same.
    You only have to look at the squad now not real stars there no game changers . On a good day we can get a result against most teams but it is not a Champions squad.
    Our reputation over the past 5-6 years is really costing us now with being able to sign top talent. The next few years will only be more struggle. I am afraid.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Samesenal: NM – It doesn’t get out because Arsenal try to project strength. You do so to rally the players, fans and attract investment.

    Like I said, either way RvP is publicly critical of his boss.

  23. AC Gooner

    Our brand has been seriously damaged the past few years. To the point where its a freakin joke. It is. People laugh at Arsenal these days.

    What a shit day: Had to watch the Dutch fucker with a girl’s name smash 3 past Villa last night in the pub, the spuds took over barnet last night in the mini derby, and now Goetze’s gone.

    Yeah, we were never going to get him anyway.

    It going to take A WHOLE LOT OF FUCKING MONEY to solve this now. And you know what, you clever little board mousemen, and you stingy tache stan, and you know-it-all Wenger:

    It would have been alot less spending if you had done it a few years ago.

    But to save their little money and indulge Wenger fantasies of finding the next great gem, they didnt buy – they just spent huge money on worthless players crowding up our squad sheet.

    Just watch what City are going to do this Summer. And Chelsea and Totts. Totts are going to sell Bale for huge money and use it all. ALLL!

    And we can watch Giroud jump in the air, be dispossesed of the ball every time, throw back his head and do a french shrug.

  24. Dev_Gooner

    Yesterday was a sad day for arsenal. It just proved that whatever the strategy is, it is deeply flawed and unless things change, this will continue to happen year in year out.

    Words cannot express how painful it was to watch those celebrations. I forced myself to watch RvP celebrate, so I can build up my anger for Sunday afternoon. Note though my anger wont be directed at RvP. It will be towards those responsible for this farce. The Board and Wenger are the only one to blame. Sad truth is, I’m happy for RvP. Thoroughly deserved winners medal. Amazing that a player of his quality hasn’t won more. Can’t blame him for celebrating like he did. If I was in his shoes, I’d too celebrate like a 14 year old girl. He is 30 now and in the twilight of his career. Shame he is not winning things with us but he is not to blame. He saw all his mates leave him at arsenal and go on to win trophies and be successful elsewhere. What else is he suppose to do. He’s gonna go somewhere he can achieve those things. He had only one condition, spend some money or I’m off. Aaaannnnd we sold him. Had we actually spent some money and had gone on to win the league or a cup, he would’ve probably changed his mind and extended that contract, who knows. atleast we wouldn’t have to watch what we saw yesterday. Glad i’m not running things, because if i were, I’d parade all those involved in his transfer naked around the streets of North London and have things thrown at them. Inexcusable really. All of them bent over at united’s will and cited “footballing reasons” to cover up this farce. What footballing reasons?! I can not see any!

    To be absolutely honest, I was actually hoping United to win the league at the emirates but now the guard of honour seems even better. A massive slap on the face of everyone involved in his transfer. I’d even go one better and if I was RvP and I scored a goal, I wouldn’t refrain myself from celebrating. I would know I’m gonna get some abuse from the fans and the hell with respect. I play for a different club and I’m a champion and I would sure as hell celebrate because the board and wenger do not deserve a muted celebration from RvP. Run around the whole pitch and hug fergie in the dugout. Make a fucking statement!

    What was even more disgusting was fans reaction on twitter. Cannot believe they played the invincible card. Wow, I mean just WOW. Yes we were invincible once upon a time and yes it is a record to be proud of, but come on! That makes us no different than Loserpool fans who still think they are the best in the country even though United just went 2 better than them. pathetic attempt of trash talk. It would’ve been fair had we been the defending champions and lost that title to united. Its fine to say then that win the league unbeaten then talk. But to say that now and hash tagging #OnlyOneArsenal in every tweet cussing RvP and United? That just makes you look fucking retarded! That was some 10 years ago and we have no recent success to even talk about. We all should just hide our faces in a hole somewhere and just stay quite. I bet all united fans were rolling on the floor laughing their fucking arses off almost brought down to tears reading those comments! Show some class, accept defeat and the fact that we are just Shite! Have some perspective and direct your anger to those responsible instead of cussing RvP and united.

    I lost my trust in wenger last summer, and yesterday somehow got the feeling I can’t be bothered to support arsenal any more. cant be bothered about football in general. Maybe it was just emotions running high, i dont know, but the one thing I do know is I sure as hell dont support wenger anymore. We have been resorted to celebrate achieving 4th place and finishing above fucking Spurs every year instead of celebrating league or cup success. What baloney. A club of our stature should be making a statement and intend to win trophies. Instead everyone feeds Wengers ego by hailing 16years running in the champions league. 16 years and 1 final? Not a record to be proud of to be honest. Fergie has won the thing twice and he still thinks United should have more than 3 UCL titles to their name! Anyone who bigs up Wenger for achieving 4th this year is as big a moron as the man himself. Pathetic and Poor Management. 4th richest in the world and we have nothing to show for except a big fat bank account and a shiny new stadium, which tbh isnt even that great atmosphere wise. If highbury was a “library” then the Emirates is a fucking ghost town. Top tier is embarrassing to say the least! Absolutely ridiculous.

    Poor, really Poor! That’s me done for the season. Can’t wait for sunday and blow all my anger out on the fucking club. Shame I couldn’t get a ticket. Because I can assure you had I actually gotten one, you’d have definitely seen at least one Wenger Out banner! Don’t care if I would’ve gotten chucked out and barred from the stadium for the rest of my life showing dissent. Dont want that fucking membership anyways. After sunday ain’t watching a single arsenal game until things change because I simply do not care!

  25. Johnny5

    Sky news app says we’re looking at some African defender for 700k. That’s about right. Cheapskate doesn’t buy quality. He buys inexperience throws them in at the deep end and hopes they float. Prick

  26. SUGA3


    have a fucking word, selling RvP can’t be justified in any way, as far as your statement that one does not keep wantaway players is concerned, I have just two words for you:

    Cristiano Ronaldo!

  27. Dev_Gooner

    with Nasri you can take the mickey out of him coz he didn’t really play a big part in city’s title win. The same however does not apply to van Persie. He has single handedly gotten the title back for united. Think Southampton early in the season. Without his hattrick, united would’ve lost that match. everytime united seem down and out, he has gotten them the points. fact is we are as it stands we are 21 points behind united and thats the difference. Van persie could’ve had a hand in those 21 points for us and we wouldve been much closer!

  28. Johnny5

    Goetze going to bayern for 32m did us a favour though. Wenger would have made us look like cunts by offering 12m for him. I very much doubt we are even looking at 80% of the players were rumoured to be interested in. Lewandowski won’t happen in a million years or falcao. I doubt were even looking at jovetic as he’s far too pricey for wenger. I doubt we will be in for draxler as if he’s a good a prospect as some say we will face competition for his signature. We have to face reality we won’t buy anyone of note unless they’re dirt fucking cheap or play in the French leagues.

  29. mystic

    RvP – 24 league goals
    Cazorla – 12 league goals
    Giroud – 11 league goals
    Podo;ski – 9 league goals

    It has taken the combined scoring of all three of the summer intake to out score RvP.

    If RvP had wanted to win the title at Arsenal I wonder what the combination of the above would have achieved? (Giroud/Podolski up front with Cazorla & RvP playing just behind – the Dutchman playing in the role that Bergkamp has always said would suit him even better than being a striker).

    Still we will never know, as he was sold / left for ‘footballing reasons’ – WTF. Well done Wenger / Kronke you fucking arseholes.

  30. samsenal

    NM – no, he criticised the direction of the club. As i don’t think Wenger has the level of control that you clearly do, I didn’t take it as a criticism of Wenger but rather a criticism on Kroenke’s tight-fisted refusal to invest appropriately in the team.

    I am sure that Wenger tried to persuade RvP that the team had quality and could compete and i’m sure van Persie thought he was bat-sh;t insane but he didn’t come out and say “the manager was an idiot for sticking with Almunia for years and for not dealing with our general defensive frailties”.

    Where i think Wenger is culpable – in terms of how the club is run – is the wages. I’m sure Robin wondered why we were paying Arshavin £80k p/w (for example). I’m sure he said “Get rid of the rubbish and we can afford to pay top players top wages!”. The trouble is that top players require a transfer fee and that is where there is no headroom.


    Yes,we won the league gooooooo Arsenal,RVPPPPPPPPPP.

    Hey buddy,you know RVP dosen’t play for us because of footballing reasons.


  32. Al

    Dev_Gooner April 23, 2013 11:19:09

    with Nasri you can take the mickey out of him coz he didn’t really play a big part in city’s title win. The same however does not apply to van Persie. He has single handedly gotten the title back for united. Think Southampton early in the season. Without his hattrick, united would’ve lost that match. everytime united seem down and out, he has gotten them the points. fact is we are as it stands we are 21 points behind united and thats the difference. Van persie could’ve had a hand in those 21 points for us and we wouldve been much closer!

    United Won the league because they know how to and have a manager who gets everything from his players.
    The fact is Van persie went missing for United when it mattered most from february he only scored 1 goal in 13 games that saw them knocked out the champions league and FA cup.
    During that same period they only conceded 6 goals (3 against chelsea and 3 against real madrid).

    When it mattered most he disapeared and United did what they have always did under ferguson when it matters ….they stopped conceding goals and grinded out results

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: I very much doubt we are even looking at 80% of the players were rumoured to be interested in.

    Absolutely. Most are made up by the press or are linked by their own agent in an attempt to push through a deal with another club or their existing club

  34. kay

    Pedro for all your realistic thinking… I am still wondering how you are able to justify RVP s sale.. Whether or not its Man u… We should’nt have sold him in the first place.. You know how good he is.. Do as much as possible to make him sign/stay..

    Spending 70 Million last year with RVP would have made us world beaters for sure..

    Even the current squad with RVP along with Caz, Wilshere, Poldi is seriuosly good enough to win the League in my honest opinion..

  35. Ramsey's backpass

    Arsenal opens talks with warri wolves for Sunday Mba.

    And by the way he is a mildfielder.

    And if this is true,we ought not to qualify for UCL,its pointless.

    Goetze to bayern

    Mba to arsenal.

    arsene thank you for this marquee signing..

  36. gambon

    No samsenal, its the other way round.

    We can afford any player in the world that isnt Messi/Ronaldo.

    What we cant do is get them onto the wage bill cos Wenger pays injured cunts like Diaby £2.5m pa, Djopurou £2.5m, Squillaci £3m etc

    We also have way too many foreign kids earning good money, way too many players on the payroll, an overpaid CEO & Manager.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Ramsey’s backpass: Arsenal opens talks with warri wolves for Sunday Mba.

    He’s probably a good example of a player who is being linked with us in an attempt to get another club to sign him.

  38. Marko

    Really gutted about Gotze he’s one of my favourite players but now he’ll end up like Lahm and Schweinstiger and be in Germany all his career, seems like a Guardiola player to me. Still I suppose at least Isco, Erikkson, Draxler, Hamsik, Douglas Costa, Strootman, Maher, Rakitic and Gaitan are still out there.

  39. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Justifying RVP’s sale for financial reason’s is not a good argument when you consider the risk we have taken on getting 4th without him.. Sure he wanted to go, but we did have the choice to say NO, you’re seeing out your contract. With 4 games to go it is still all to play for. If we had kept him for this year I think we would at least be a few points better off than spuds or Chelsea now, or even in with a shout for 2nd.

    If we finish 5th and spuds 3rd or 4th, that’s a financial 6 pointer swing on the swingometer. 30M Less for us, 30m more for them.. And they will spend it on players.. unlike… well u know!

    The CL Pool money from UEFA has been increased by 156m pounds this year. And even finishing 4th, 3rd, or 2nd changes how much money you receive from the TV Pool share by a significant amount. (10% per place). And 4th only guarantees a play-off game.

    Arsenal did NOT in fact play it safe by selling him for 24m, they took a huge risk that could cost them a hell of a lot more than 24m by the end of the season..

    With 4 games to go, we’re going to have, (and I suspect Ivan and Co. too) a few arse-clenching moments! If we had 3rd place now in our pocket thanks to RVP’s contribution, we could now be hunting for top top players, guaranteed money in the bank and at least consoling ourselves; well next year we might challenge…

  40. samsenal

    Gambon – I disagree. The budget is there to pay some of the best players some of the best wages in the world….we have just misused that budget appallingly. Sack every player and start again and you could pay a forward line of Falcao and Cavani with a number of other players like them, you’d just have to pay the less experienced or inferior players lower wages than we currently do.

    But even if you could wave a magic wand, you couldn’t BUY the players because Kroenke wouldn’t give you the transfer fees.

  41. Zoran

    Wenger said he does not regret buying Walcott instead of Bale, who was also available at that time.
    What an idiot!

  42. Nasri's Mouth


    He’d be an idiot to have said he did regret it. Whatever he actually thinks, saying he doesn’t regret it is the right thing

  43. TOLI83

    Not quite sure why people are gutted about Goetze, he would never have joined us. Players from Dortmund would see moving to Arsenal at the very best a sideways move. We stand less chance on both a domestic and European scale than them for trophies.

    Our long term lack of success and constant gamble with our squad juggling every summer is not an attractive propersition.

    Long are the days when players left Arsenal and joined the scrapheap in the footballing wilderness. Players are leaving Arsenal and succeeding, worst of all it’s not like they are doing it abroad, it’s right infront of our fucking faces.

    Wenger used to have a name attracting players, maybe he perhaps still carries some weight to draw players in. However he now has other younger hungrier managers as competition, that coupled with his erratic behavior in the press and dithering tactics he is not the respected football genius everyone was thought, quiet summer awaits, not just because that cunt is set in his ways, but also because there will be more attractive managers/clubs to join that us.

  44. TitsMcgee

    RVP was absolutely right to go to UTD.

    He went to a club with ambition and to a manager who wants to win and knows what he’s doing.

    If we all can see that Wenger has lost his mind from our vantage point what makes you think players on the inside can’t see it?

    That’s why Wenger surrounds himself with mediocre players on ridiculous salaries. They then become his sycophants and don’t question him.

    RVP is a great player and has shown his quality these last 2 years. Congrats to him for winning a trophy. It WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED HERE UNDER WENGER.

  45. Ramsey's backpass


    the question should be why us and not chelsea,man.u

    we are always linked with average players but that doesnt happen to man.u or chelsea

  46. gambon


    So Kroenke wont bankroll signings but has no issue paying £150m pa in wages?

    That makes no sense.

    Any club has to try and keep wages below about 60% of revenue,, ours is right at the limit.

    We have £70m sitting there waiting to be spent, but because of the dross Wenger has put on the wage bill we cant get them in until there is a clearout.

    And theres the problem, a combination of Wengers insanity in paying Gervinho £3m pa, and his reluctance to let his babies go is holding us back.

    Rooney was on £250k pw at UTD when they had a £150m wage bill, we have the same wage bill now, but our highest paid is £100k pw.

    its pathetic.

    Fergie as good as admitted yesterday that RVP won them the PL, well thats why hes on £12m PA where as Welbeck is on £2m PA.

    Arsene would have RVP on £5m PA and Welbeck on £4m PA

  47. TitsMcgee

    Goetze was never coming here. Neither is Reus or Lewandowski or Hummels or Falcao or anyone like that.

    I just don’t see the appeal for players to come here knowing full well we don’t compete for trophies.

    Unless you are coming from the lower leagues(Ligue 1 cough cough) I don’t see the appeal in coming to Arsenal under our current management.

  48. Kane

    The question should be why the fuck did we allow the contract of our best player to reach a point whereby the club could be held to ransom by his demands?

    The next question should be, when your best player, who also happens to be one of the world’s greatest players, says he wants the club to show him that it matches him ambition, do you not go and bring in the players that will show him you are intent on not only matching his ambition, but exceeding it.

    Open question to Le Grovers – did you at the start of this campaign think for a moment that Arsenal could win the league this season?

    I didn’t and if I didn’t, I am sure that no player at the club did either. So in effect, we went into the 2012 / 13 season knowing we could not win the league with the players we had available.

    RVP acted like a cunt, but there was so much negligence shown by Arsenal it is laughable and their problems are 100% of their own making.

    My one wish is that watching RVP get a guard of honour on Sunday (and I will be there), sticks in Wenger and the boards throat and is the catalyst for change.

  49. Ric#2

    Hola academy fans…

    Loooking forward to greet an actual champion next weekend?

    Who would have thought five years ago that Wenger and his ilk would just give up?

    You have nothing to be angy about, our situation is as much a result of poor support as it is anything done in the boardroom.

    Our fans deserve nothing, and they are happy to receive nothing.

  50. Leedsgunner

    You can hear it now… “We tried to sign Goetze but the player didn’t want to come here…” It’s the Hazard debacle all over again scout a world class talent to death then go off when the real club’s with ambition to win things show up. If we really wanted Goetze we should have signed him 18 months ago. Who did we get instead? One Thomas Eisfild. Will he cut the mustard? Don’t know. I doubt even Arsene knows.

    Whilst ex-AFC players win titles, we fight for scraps – no wonder c***ts like Nasri taunt us.

  51. lord snotty

    So Manure will get a guard of honour at Emirates? I only hope Le Senile will be there up on the podium with RVP and the rest of them, being cheered to the rafters by the Manure support. He has done so much for that club he ought to be on their fucking payroll! What’s he doing on Arsenal’s payroll, being paid £7 million to destroy a once great club? Arsenal will not achieve 4th this season. Sp*rs have a superior squad and a manager who knows what he’s doing. They actually deserve it more! Will they bottle it – not this time. WENGER OUT – NOW!!!

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ramsey’s backpass

    I’d guess there’s an element of positive feedback. We’ve had history of signing really cheap players, so it makes sense, then those ‘fake’ stories are used to link further players etc.etc.
    Possibly if we were Chelsea fans, we might see more stories linking Chelsea with such players, because we’d be actively looking for them.

    To be honest, I can’t be arsed getting upset with seeing stories like that. If we actually sign someone AND they turn out to be poor AND they’ve been signed as a first team player THEN I’ll get upset.

  53. Keyser

    “Arsene would have RVP on £5m PA and Welbeck on £4m PA”

    This is just complete bullshit, Campbell hit 100k a week more than a decade ago, Henry in his last year earned over 10 million, Cesc had 3 million in what loyalty bonus/signing on fees owed to him ?!

    Fergie’s already got Rooney and Van Persie on over 200k a week, you just don’t need Welbbeck half as much and even then both him and Hernandez had their contracts what ? Tripled ?!

    We’ve been behind United for about 20 years now, it’s got almost fuckall to do with Wenger.

    When we had Henry and Van Persie, what do you think Adebayor was on ? It was something like 20k a week.

    We had 3-4 players who would’ve stretched the pay bracket and allowed us a more hierarchical wage structure they all moved on.

  54. Nasri's Mouth


    Chances are Wenger was asked by a journo looking for a story. Something like

    “Arsene, don’t you wish you’d have signed Bale instead of Walcott?”

    Whatever he thinks privately, Wenger has to say he’s happy he signed Walcott otherwise headlines the following day would have been huge.


    THAT would have been idiotic wouldn’t it?

  55. Ric#2

    Keyser is just the willful idiot cheering our demise… as always.

    You are the epitomy of AFC support Keyser, please know that.

  56. Johnty79

    Pedro you r totally wrong bout Rvp… All he said was he and the club don’t agree on there vision for the future of the club..I.e. why the hell should I stay at arsenal when they just sold clichy,cesc and nasri.. Rvp would have looked like a complete loser if he stayed at this club…he just got lucky that he didn’t have to take a pay cut like cesc and vieira to get away from this hell hole.

  57. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Will be interesting on sunday if we go into the game in 5th, which I expect will be the case as spurs should beat wigan and chelsea will beat swansea pretty comfortably.
    This will be the first time that this current team will be under severe pressure in a big match to deliver all three points, win and we could kick on and finish in the top 4, lose and all will crumble in the remaining matches.

    I reckon Fergie will be going all out attack to put on a show, they have the league sewn up and will want to send a message to the worlds top players that this is the club to be at, it will be a showcase for his transfer targets and ours.

    Can we rise to the occasion and spoil the party, or will it be the death knell for wenger and any hope of spending money on quality players?

  58. Keyser

    “The question should be why the fuck did we allow the contract of our best player to reach a point whereby the club could be held to ransom by his demands?”

    This is the question, the answer is players and their agents aren’t stupid, they know their worth and exploit it.

    We’ve been stuck in between, Wenger knew how good Van Persie could be, so you keep faith in him, you balance his injuries against his potential and you try to make the most of it.

    We paid Van Persie 80-90k a week when people were saying he’s a crock, you can go back and I’ll bet you’ll find gambon questioning why we offered Van Persie a new contract in the first place.

    Our problem is Van persie came good so late in his contract. He isn’t a hero, you either accept this is what football today is about or you waste your time deluding yourself that we can compete regardless.

  59. goona

    So Wenger will go and spend £700k on an unknown…..sums him and the board up nicely- cheep and nasty.

    Have they ever heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”

  60. Keyser

    Ric#2 – Number 2 how apt that is for you.

    Cheering our demise ? Heh, what will you be doing if we finish 5th ?

  61. Ric#2

    Without morons like Keyser, Arsene would never have been allowed to ruin our club, but when idiots like Keyser is cheering him all they way yelling “fuck RVP Eidsfield will be supreme just you wait”, rational fans are deafened. Think about that, Keyser and his crowd of sycophants is actively killing AFC.

    Fucking morons. You deserve what you get.

  62. Ric#2

    I assume Manure will field its recruits against us, afterall it means nothing to them and everything to us.

    Expecting them to triumph comfortably none the less, the afc bungeling job doing most of the job for them. It’ll be a good run out for the manure youths.

  63. SpanishDave

    Bayern strengthening after winning, thats what you do to continue sucess. Wenger will not and cannot bridge the gap that exists between us and the top teams. He is finished as a top manager, he has the wrong mentality for todays footballing world. He is now at the level of a mid table team scrapping around for cheap players, thats his mentality now.

  64. Johnty79

    Draxler will join dortmand now that is a no brainer. Strange why dortmand negotiated the deal now with the season on going i cant see goetze team mates being very happy.I gurantee that. Madrid win the semi final and go on to prove my prediction that they will win it… Also think barca will beat bayern to meat Madrid in final.

  65. Keyser

    Rickypoo – No mate, all we do is whinge on a blog, well you promote the offerings of the Norwegian League, but we shouldn’t really hold that against you.

    Van Persie is a Wenger lovechild, so it’s just mind numbingly stupid when people like you hate one while slurp the other.

  66. TitsMcgee

    The thing about this weekend’s game is Fergie won’t take his foot off the gas.

    You think he’s gonna reward Wenger by taking it easy on him?

    He’s gonna go out there to destroy him and us.

    Monday could get real ugly for Le Senile.

  67. Johnty79

    Spanish dave after winning the title in 91 graham said something like why do I need to strengthen I have just won he league.i have the best team. Wenger said some thing very similar after 98. Wenger and graham both twats…particularly wenger as signing Kano in the summer of 98 meant Manu wouldn’t have won the treble the season after.

  68. NEEG

    Watching RVP & his MANU colleagues receive a guard of honour on Sunday will not affect the board – they have more serious matters on their minds – how to shift club level seats for next season.

    They could be on the end of a double whammy – no Champions League revenue and seriously reduced gate receipts. The owner of Sutton Place is just starting to rub his hands.

  69. Guns of Hackney

    It’s been a while since I last posted. I got bored of saying the same shit every day but now Man U has destroyed the league with the help of one of the world’s best strikers, I feel compelled to say: I am so glad in was RVP who wrapped up their title. Quite simply, for an investment of £24m, Man U won the league at a cantor and got arguably a top 3 in the world forward who scored one of the best goals I have seen in the premier league. We got Giroud and Podolski.

    I said here about 3 months ago that Arsenal were always getting fourth and I appear to have been proved correct – this will not help Arsenal and has pretty much guaranteed Arsenal winning nothing for the next 3-4 years after Wenger gets yet another contract.

    Goetze to Arsenal? LOL – it was never, ever going to happen in the first place but at least that little chestnut has been put to bed once and for all. He will sign for a genuine European Superpower…not some two bit outfit from London.

    Fuck Arsenal, fuck Wenger. See you when Wenger is gone.

  70. samsenal

    Gambon – Kroenke always said he didn’t want to interfere in the day-to-day…so yeah, i can see him accepting a wage budget of “x” and leaving AW to manage that as he sees fit.

    I don’t think he’s in a hurry to see the ongoing costs reduce, and seemingly – based upon our appalling commercial performances – he’s not in a hurry to see the ongoing revenues increase! Bizarre. He’e just seems to be waiting it out, seeing what happens.

    Based upon Nasri’s comment about his transfer, SK only seems to pipe up when there’s one-off transfer fees at stake. So it seems that he’s happy for us to be inefficient and wasteful on a day-to-day basis but he doesn’t want large sums going up in smoke at any one time.

  71. charlesbronson

    Fuck off were we ever going to sign Goetze. Our signing will either be a 10-15 million prospect (someone who will be worth x amount after a few years and will add value), and a few cheap unknowns. If we are lucky.

    Like we were ever going to spend 25 mil + hahahahahhahaha

  72. Al

    TOLI83April 23, 2013 12:51:34
    Rumour is everyone isnt going in until 7 minutes into the game.
    why 7 minutes?

  73. Zoran

    @ Nasri’s Mouth
    I agree!
    I just dont understand him that he still force Theo on the RW where he didn’t gave a worthy performance since january, when he got what he wanted, and stoped bringing any good performance.
    This about Bale he said, if I am right, sometimes in February. That’s the Point.

  74. Pedro

    That’s interesting… Ric back. Can’t leave Le Grove alone…

    Rick, it’s been great not having you stinking out the comments with your venom.

    Start acting like a fan and stop being so abusive otherwise I’ll block your latest name.

  75. mystic

    I reckon RvP will start on the bench on Sunday. Ferguson isn’t a tactical twat like Wenger, why start a player who might encourage the opposition to play better when the title is already wrapped up and so making the game meaningless to Utd – bar maintaining dignity, which even a a draw would do.

  76. Raz

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt so at home reading the comments under the post as I do today! General consensus is Arsenal messed up big time. Some people have been saying for a long time that if the club wants to increase it’s value and commercial appeal and the deals we land, we need to win things.

    Many people saw these days coming years ago and were slaughtered on these pages when they even mentioned it or criticised Wenger. This isn’t a sob story because I wasn’t one of them until maybe 2 years ago but now I am fully critical of our club.

    I’ve said for a long time, people need to stop looking outwards at the ‘traitors’ who leave the club and start looking inwards at the way the club is run, the wage bill/star quality aspect or lack thereof, the manager who should have been sacked possibly 3 years ago for on pitch reason e.g. inability the think tactically in the modern game, let alone all the stuff behind the scenes.

    I re-read and re-watched all of Nasri’s comments about why he left the club. They’re the exact same reasons why Clichy stopped playing for the badge, why Sagna doesn’t play for the badge, why Fabregas took a massive hit on his career going back to Barca 2-3 years too early (considering who he is behind in the starting line-up), why Song had a bad attitude, why RVP held us to ransom, and why our rubbish over-paid players don’t try and move in search of game time — because we fall so short of expectations.

    Now, I’m not so naive to think that a hefty wage bump helped some of them, but Nasri for example made it clear he knew he had to go when we sold Fabregas and had no intention of signing a replacement. We offered him a massive contract too but in his eyes what was the point? Have another season or two struggling to get anywhere near silverware, or go and join an ambitious club? Same with RVP – to come out and publicly lambaste AFC like that shows just how bad things had become. I don’t blame them for moving.

    And we can complain about lack of money or pretend there’s nothing to spend, but Wenger still spent a fortune, over £50m the summer we sold Nasri. The biggest problem was that the players he bought were good-awful, not world class. Are you seriously telling me there is no money available when Wenger goes and spend £12-15m on The Ox? Please. The money was and is there. When you have that money, do you buy the Ox? Or do you go and buy one of the more impressive, more experienced wingers from the EPL or around Europe? Newsflash – not the Ox. And I love that guy. And then there’s Gervinho. His stats are amazing but even his holywood highlights from France show him to be the footballing retard we see every week. We should never have signed him.

    Arteta is exactly the sort of quality you want on your bench – the kind of top depth the best clubs are able to bring on in a game for a tactical change when needed. Not the sort you try and convert from a forward-thinking midfielder to a DM and then ask him to play every game. So many of our players all start at once when they should really be split between starting and the bench.

    I understand the difference between losing out on a player due to fierce competition, and simply not bothering.

    Why didn’t we sign Enrique instead of Santos? Wenger said he didn’t want to block Gibbs’ development. Sorry Arsene is this your own training academy or is this a club intent on winning the league? Gibbs is only just showing he’s ready now, and that was 2 years ago, and Santos cost us more than Enrique cost Liverpool. Absolute joke.

    Wenger buys below-par to pure shyte players and then makes them play in odd positions and wonders why players like RVP leave.

    And what sort of club, board and manager look at £24m for RVP and think ‘yeah, that sounds about fair’? One of the worst transfers in our history. We stand to lose so much more than that paltry sum because we’ve lost an asset who was irreplaceable.

    We need a winger we sign a youth player. We need a defensive mid to complement what we have, instead we sell one. It is a tough time for Arsenal fans, the stadium move and Wenger’s legacy all feels like it was for nothing, And I honestly don’t believe that’s short sighted when it’s now 8 years and counting.

    I don’t begrudge Nasri, RVP or anyone else. We could have paid RVP £200kpq, bought a world class winger, a world class DM, paid them similar and still had a massive squad with quality everywhere if it weren’t for our ambition-less board and owner and deluded manager who’s out of touch.

    The only thing going through my mind when RVP scored that volley yesterday was that we truly have got what we deserve as a football club, and as a fan base we never have and never will deserve what we’re getting these days.

    Sorry for the long post.

  77. Skinnywill

    I have no problem with signing a young african defender for £700k as long as we keep the rest of our 1st team defenders, there is a place for a couple of young unknowns as long as they are to fill in gaps alongside quality additions to the squad.

    Where I want to see some investment is in central midfield and upfront as our inability to compete physically in midfield in big games and also finish off our chances is what has really hurt us this year.

    RVP wanted to go and we got a decent price for him I don’t blame him for leaving but he is a classless prick and I will hate him forever for pulling on a manure shirt. What worried me much more was not reinvesting the money we got for Song in a decent midfielder as his sale (I am not for one second disagreeing with selling him) left us short in midfield. Wenger had two chances August and January to buy in this position but failed and that in my mind is his biggest mistake this year.

    Hopefully we can get rid of some deadwood and free up some wages for some quality signings this summer and if Wenger manages to acheive this I will be prepared to give him the last year of his contract to redeem himself, but if not I hope the club decide to terminate him “for footballing reasons”!

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    I haven’t made my mind up about Walcott.

    Maybe he’s just relaxing too much now he’s got his contract, maybe it’s that he hasn’t quite got the hang of his new role. He’s not staying wide so much anymore, he’s coming inside. The problem is he hasn’t learnt how to find space for himself, so he’s easy to mark. If he can work it out, he’ll be a much better player, just depends how much he’s actually trying to.

  79. Raz

    Pedro is there a problem with posts going through these days? Have typed a fair few posts that disappear off the face of the earth when I click ‘post comments’ … been happening for a little while now. Cheers.

  80. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    @ KAY..

    Yep but only up to a point… as this is their game in hand for both of them.. so no matter what the result of this game we will drop from 3rd to 4th. So this game just clears up the table and we have 4 games each left then to slog it out. It’s all about the other 4 games!! winning all of our 4 games will guarantee us 4th, no matter what the other results, possibly 3rd if we improve our GD on the chavs by 1!

    Current situation:
    3. Arsenal 63
    4. Chelsea 62
    5. spuds 61

    If game in hand (spuds v Chelsea) is played today: then each have 4 games left.

    Chelsea win:
    3. Chelsea 65
    4 Arsenal 63
    5 spuds 61

    If spuds win
    3. spuds 64
    4. Arsenal 63
    5 Chelsea 62

    A draw
    3. Chelsea 63 (currently +1 better GD so they take 3rd)
    4. Arsenal 63
    5. spuds 62

    I think its up to us and we will need a result against Utd.. a draw wouldn’t be a total disaster provided we win the other three.. as spuds and Chelsea are also under pressure to win all their 4 games also…

    I’m fucked if I know what is the best outcome of that game.. I’m leaning towards a Chav win.. as it keeps the two points between us and those spud cunts and we could then afford a draw even if they win!

  81. useroz

    Nobody knew except the real insiders…but am not so sure Robin really forced a move as such; he appeared to try and influence buying of players. In any case, Wenger made it very easy for the Manure move and that’s criminal. At least in the media, it was widely reported Juve came in for Robin albeit at a low fee. There you go…money talks, for Wenger at least. Scumbag.

  82. jeffozgooner

    Its time to move on from all this RVP crap. He is a United player now and we all need to get over it, all this crapping on about us not spending 50m on a player is futile. We never have in our history and we never will. Charlie George, Ray Kennedy, Liam Brady, Frank Stapleton, all left us for other teams and we wondered how we would survive but we did.

    We were never able to or have tried to compete with Barca, RM, AC Inter and the like including MU and now we have Chelski and MC to contend with. The landscape has changed and even replacing AW will not mean that we are going to become like a MU.

    Some of you seem to think that we are entitled to the success that we have had recently under AW on a yearly basis. Dream On why not try supporting your club in the bad times as well. I am not saying that we should not have strong opinions I too would like to see us spending a bit more and hurt when we perform so badly as at Fulham but we should know as gooners that we usually pop up every few years and win a title. That’s arsenal and that how its always been if you expect to win the league or cup every year you have much disappointment in store and if you expect CL success you are really dreaming cos my friends Arsenal have been playing for a long time and have never won it.

    Lets hope we can get 3rd or 4th and CL next year I know its not a tro phy but whats the alternative. Just remember you could follow Spurs and only win something like a title a few times in your entire history. Remember that the golden years we had under AW were not normal for Arsenal we have never had a teamlike that before and may not have in the future

    I expect a lot of you to resent my comments but do point out where they are wrong rather than just hang shit on them

  83. Raz

    To summarise my ‘essay’ that didn’t make it through 🙂

    -I don’t blame Nasri, RVP, Clichy for leaving.
    -I don’t blame Fabregas for taking a hit on his career by going home about 3 years too early (considering who he’s behind in the line-up)
    -I don’t blame the world’s current stars for not wanting to join us when we don’t compete on the pitch, in the market nor with wages
    -I think Wenger’s spending has been embarrassing. I am not talking about players who have statistical excellence but then don’t work out e.g. Gervinho – every manager signs them, it’s life.
    -I’m talking about ignoring Enrique and signing Santos and paying him more in the process.
    -We need a DM so Wenger sells one instead, and then admits to taking a risk on Diaby – again. What was that definition of insanity?
    -We do spend a lot of money once we sell players. My problem is it’s spent on second-rate players and players who are good as squad options. I’ve always said I couldn’t give a shit if we sell RVP and Walcott nor anyone else, so long as we REPLACE THEM ADEQUATELY. We don’t.
    -Wenger signs all these players then sticks them all on the pitch at the same time.
    -We spent £12-15m on the Ox. Anyone saying there isn’t money should think again.
    -We spent a good few weeks negotiating a deal for Campbell. What a waste of time. He was never intended for the first team and he doesn’t even want to join us this summer either. Pointless.
    -Wenger worries more about player development e.g. Gibbs, than making sure the first team can compete.
    -Wenger should have been sacked years ago for being a tactical retard.
    -Wenger lies to the fans at every given opportunity. His loyalties should not lie solely with the board and silent Stan. But then, that’s what his hefty pay is for probably.
    -It’s a shit time to be a Gooner, we pretend it isn’t all season long but when Man U run away with the title largely due to a helping hand from us, it’s sickening and brings it all home.
    -I’ve never seen so much parity in the comments on Le Grove before.

  84. TOLI83

    Nothing in particular about 7 minutes, a few sources have said that fans will be waiting in the concourses until roughly 5-7 minutes and wont be going in until the guard of honour is done.

  85. peanuts&monkeys


    I haven’t read other comments yet. Not sure if many pthers have taken teh line i am goin to take now.

    RvP had not slandered the club at all. He did nothing so serious that he had to be shipped. It was only and only immediate greed of the lazy American and the scheamy French who plotted this cool bargain.

    RvP would have still given his best had he been kept back and offered what is due to him (he single-handedly got Wenger his bonus). Your theory of RvP picking up injury is utter bollocks. What gone wrong with you, Pedro? Is this you AKB true self showing from under the mask of a true Arsenal fan?

    Come what may, Arsenal board shd not have sold RvP to ManU.

    And, why cant you spell out taht there were choices like Drogba, Berbatov hanging around for Wenger to make an amend. Say that aloud!

  86. DUIFG

    Wenger sold united the title, had the cheek to say “you really don’t know how good he is” to fergie as he baught him apparently.

    Im sure Fergie was saying the same thing about Giroud, hahahahaaa.

  87. Kane

    I for one will be cheering and applauding RVP on his return to the Emirates – how quicky Gooners forget that it was his goals in the 2011 / 2012 season that saved us

    Don’t think for one moment I am not hurting at his departure and am angry at the club for letting him go to United. However, being a mature adult I recognise it is the club and not RVP who has failed the fans, RVP did not decide to let our title winning squad evolve into a team incapable of challenging for honours and he did not sell it to a man with no interest in the club other than as an inventment opportunity.

    Any booing, turning of backs, late arrivals, etc are a sign that we are a small bitter club, with no respect for anyone.

  88. Bush Gooner

    Whats the point in us hoping for CL football next season when we have no hope in winning it with the current squad?

    If the club showed ambition then they would by trying to tie up Benteke right now as he can play the number 9 role better than Giroud and is a better finisher IMHO. The thought of Gervinho, Walcott and Giroud as our main strikers fills me with sadness.

  89. kay

    @Thomas… Nice split up ..

    I want the chavs to win the game against spuds as i have no hope of our next fixture against manu.. Lets hope for the best though.. We will somehow nab the 4th place me thinks…

  90. Pedro

    Raz, if you post something that’s 900 words long, it sometimes blocks… or you post something that looks repeated… like the post with the dashes.

  91. Keyser

    When you reply to Pedro, try not to use his name, or make eye contact, ‘Sir’ or ‘venerate blogmeister’ should be ok.

  92. the_real_andy

    it´s interesting how the dutch splits the fan community. some blame him for being a traitor (which he is) because he forced his move by giving this statement on his website while others say it´s the board´s and wenger´s fault (which is true too). both parties didn´t act like you would think they should have acted.

    the sad truth is some AKB´s only blame the dutch while some AW haters only blame him because they put everything which is wrong at our club on him. some may say it´s the board´s fault because those fans like AW but also still like the dutch and need to find a third party to blame.

    as I´ve said before – nobody acted professional and properly towards our (and funnily THEIR) beloved arsenal. the board shouldn´t have allowed him to go there, he shouldn´t have been writing what he did, AW shouldn´t have put him in a situation he felt he needed to join another club to win something.

    goetze´s decision today to join the bavarians is another shocking example how far football sunk. identification, love, parent club, owing, fans don´t mean anything to anybody. a guy like goetze who came through their own youth project decides to join their greatest rivals (recently at least) and why? well he will say because of fame, winning trophies blah blah but in fact – it´s just the money. he wouldn´t have joined bayern if they had offered him the same money he earns now with dortmund. but they offered him the same twice and of course he will sign.

    there´s far too much money involving our beloved football. don´t buy shirt from any player because you never know – he may well play against you in a shirt of your greatest rival next year. shocking, embarrassing and a proof of humans are only interested in being wealthier than a year ago.

    anyone wrote about sad time for arsenal? I agree. but overall it´s a sad time for football itself

  93. K.C.

    Wenger is to blame. RVP wanted to win trophies like every other player out there and saw he was never going to do it at Arsenal. This club has ZERO ambition to win titles. People mad at Van Persie are just foolish and immature.

  94. K.C.

    Van Persie took a chance that his comments would force the club to spend on proper players. I for one appreciate this because he tried to change Wenger at the end before giving up. Wenger is to blame for selling the best striker in Europe to ManU.


    We need a striker,how about RVP i hear he’s a good goal scorer.I wonder if we would try and sign him.I can see him fitting right into our team,but Wenger probably wouldn’t match his asking price.



  96. Zoran

    @Nasri’s Mouth
    Well, the problem with Theo is that he relies on Wenger thinking he is untouchable at Arsenal first Team. And that’s where I come again to AW.
    He is not a blind that he is not seeing how Theo is playing. Just that he has two different measures when it Comes who to put for the Match Day. By him is is Theo for sure will start, Ramsey also (no objection according to his last games), Cazorla anyhow, as well as Arteta( there I would have objection: the poor guy needs a break, is too slow on the pitch recently, anybody sees it not AW) Per anyhow, as well as Kos ( thank’s God he puts him now)
    The rest of the Team needs definetely Rotation. Bac with Jenks who never disapointed this term comming in, Nacho with Kieran ( ok, they rotate now) Arteta with Rambo, ( I thought of Coq, but after last night I will keep my opinion for later) Poldi with Giroud, ( going so much on my nervs when missing a chance, he keeps smiling like crazy and holding his head, where Poldi would bite his own arm like Suarez did to that filth, and finally the Rotation should first implement on Theo. There he has Ox who is warming the bench instead playing, who is in form and who would not moan wherever he puts him, and wont dissapoint anybody.
    By the Rotation he has to look at Chavs, Shitty and anyhow to Mancs. Of course they bring results, they have always relaxed and rested Players. It is not that we are thin on the bench, it is just how and where you use your bench. In Carling Cup, against the third League side he puts the first Team. I cannot imagine red nose puting RVP or Rooney or De Gea, or Evra for such a game.
    Thats why those Teams look very fresh now, when is the most important part of the season, and we have our same Team playing again and again, having Problem with 10 Fulham Players, where Chavs filled them easelly with 3:0.
    Finally I would put Theo on the stands, that he doesn’t think anymore he is of a must for this Team, that he is better than Giroud or Poldi and when finally he realize this, he should be given a chance to wear the precious red Shirt again. I am not saying he should prepare in the changing room before the match like Tony Adams did preparing as warrior


    The real fact is that we don’t compete for trophies. So why would he want to leave Dortmund for Arsenal, only if we add more money to his buy- out – clause which I don’t see happening. But am sure wenger could still find some good players for 20M to 30M range who would make us the fiorentina kid

  98. Josip Skoblar

    I’ve known Sir Red Nose for a long long time. Don’t count on him to field a ‘weaker’ team against us… Hats off to Fergie!

  99. Relieable sauce

    Ha Ha
    Fans are going to protest by snubbing RVP’s victory parade!

    That’ll show em ! ??? : /

    Man up & take your medicine, you won’t spontaneously combust on seeing a championship winning team.

  100. Raz

    A lot of people on twitter as well as a few on here seem to think Fergie won’t go in hard against us at the weekend? Seriously? Do people not know who we’re talking about here? This is ManU and Fergie – they have winning in their blood. This seems to be an Arsenal mindset – nothing to play for so field a weaker team etc etc. The same was said about Fulham being a breeze because they were low on confidence and had nothing to play for being secure in mid-table. Again, wrong – they had the 3 points to play for and unlike us, that is enough for them and to go at it hammer and tongs just as it will be for United at the weekend.

  101. Dan Ahern

    Pedro — Another route is to instead spend your £40m on a pair of elite players and convince RvP you are serious about trophies.

    Podolski was a good preemptive move, and Giroud a quality backup, but we stalled and did nothing after that.

  102. Ramsey's backpass

    Pedro or Sir Pedro

    instead of worrying about Ric’s sudden comeback(to be honest it is a great comeback by Ric),try and worry on why one’s post gets lost frequently

    Its getting frustrating……

  103. Zoran

    We should definetely form a Gard of Honor when Mancs come at Emirates. This will only prove how big we are as a Club. And we are. Mancs deserved the title, to be honest, with or without RVP. That’s the fact. And they did it when we won a decade ago

  104. Pedro

    Dan, totally agree… we’ve got to make those preemptive moves this summer to stop a raft of players looking to move on next year.

  105. the_real_andy

    of course we have to form a guard of honor. they deserved it. I don´t like them but you have to respect their season and their – argh – greatness. they´ve got two or three of the best players in EPL, the best coach by a mile, the best infrastructure, best commercials … hats off. doesn´t change my mind though still dislike them. and beside that – I´ve just seen all three goals were offside yesterday 🙂 did anyone see a mentioning about that in any bbc or other media report?

  106. the_real_andy

    I like draxler by the way. and esswein from nuremberg. and if we really want to get some more germans what about the whole dortmund team 😛 gundogan, reus, schmelzer … they are all talented players. herrmann from gladbach is a good player too. kiesling and schurrle from leverkusen. we should try to get all of them at least, maybe we can get one or two

  107. Raz

    I for one am not sure I buy the whole ‘we stuck by RVP’ argument. Who on earth would let go of such an asset unless they were a crock like Diaby?
    He has banged them in for us so consistently we would have been mad to sell him. Even in his first season where he was subbed on more than he started, he scored 10. In his second season he had about 10 games less, started only twice more than he was subbed on, and scored 11.
    Then it goes:
    31 – 13
    23 -9
    44- 20
    19 -10
    33 -22
    48 -37

    That is not ‘sticking by an injured player’ that is ‘not being thick and selling a world class striker at all costs’ – if anything we’re lucky his injuries staved off compo for his signature 3 years before we actually did sell him. He’s been world class since the day he got here. We should have done everything we could to keep him. And WENGER should have said to the club there and then – we keep RVP, or I go. But no, he took the directives like a good little boy, took his wages too, and RVP got painted black. We should be thankful any player has ever had the balls to come out and lay it out for the fans. RVP had more respect for the Arsenal fans than we care to remember. He was an exemplary captain as well for what it’s worth, our best for years. When Wenger took the orders to get as much for him as possible instead of keeping him and complimenting him, that was the time it really was confirmed that Wenger has sold out and he sees money as more important than on-field success. Still, Jenks gets £32kpw to not play, so all good.

  108. Dan Ahern

    The good news it already looks like there’s going to be tons of movement this summer. For instance Real Madrid is sure to go in for Falcao or Cavani, leaving Higuaín in poach able territory. Or with Mandzukic doing so well and Pep likely to bring in his preferred recruits, maybe Gomez will move. (He’s not really a Wenger-style player but you can’t knock his ability to knock in goals.)

  109. Herkules

    I still think we’ll come 5th.. And it would probably allow us better focus for the FA Cup and league. We werent going to sign CL debutants anyhow, and we’re not at risk of losing any stars (do we have any?) so i’m hopeful we can survive it rather than spiral out for a long spurt ala Pool

  110. vicky

    We can not make early moves in the transfer market like BM because of uncertainty around CL spot.

    Also If we finish 4th and not 3rd,,again we will have to wait till the CL qualifiers.

    By that time all the good players will already be snapped up.

  111. Dev_Gooner

    April 23, 2013 14:08:31

    Thanks, I typed that twice and it didnt show up :/

    I’m reading fans not wanting to enter the stadium to avoid the guard of honour? That is what’s wrong with our fans. This is our only and frankly the best chance to make a statement to the club and the manager that enough is enough. that we’re done accepting being average. That change must happen. Instead we choose to take the easy route and make ourselves look like sour losers. How about go in and when wenger walks out on the pitch Jeer him for being average and shite and when united roll out clap and appreciate class and quality! That ought to get everyone involved in the day to day running of the club’s blood boiling and make them start to think straight! but no we refuse to criticise wenger inside the emirates and anyone who does gets treated like a traitor and gets beaten the crap out of him or ejected out of the stadium forever!

  112. the_real_andy


    the biggest problem we as fans have we all don´t know what really happened – we don´t know whether AW decided to let him go, whether the board decided to let him go, whether they both decided to do so based on his comments earlier that summer, whether SS had something to do with it or not … we all don´t know what happened behind closed doors and that´s the problem

    imagine: AW and the board confirmed they couldn´t hold him due his comments (which is right for me, you can´t play him after disrespecting the club, board and manager). they told him basically he has to go. he decided to “f*ck them” and joined our greatest rival. who´s to blame there?

    or: AW and the board decided to keep him. they told him. he said “I want to go” and after lengthy thoughts, discussions and other stuff they decided it´s not worth to keep a player who´s as injury prone as he used to be who´s not happy to stay here. fergie checked that and instantly convinced the dutch to join his side. we got different offers but the dutch said he only wants to join manure. who´s to blame?

    you get my point? you can argue with different “facts” but we all only know what guys write in their reports (like john cross e.g.) and they get their info from “sources” – they only get paid by giving infos – and if they don´t have, they may well decide to fake them just to receive payment. in the end – blaming somebody is only possible by knowing all facts – which we don´t. of course you can have an opinion and you should have one but you can´t be sure about who´s power decided to sell him – AW, SS, the board or maybe even himself – only one thing seems to be sure; and that´s the reason I call him traitor – he did comments which forced the club to react on. I don´t say without this comments we would have kept him but those comments made him untenable or at least very very hard to keep him

  113. Marko

    Isco and Jovetic early in the summer will get the fans back on their side otherwise the whole summer the club will be walking on egg shells.

  114. Arse&Nose©

    Pedro, can you put a character limit on here?

    We need to teach grovers to get to the fricking point, fed up of trawling through 600 word diatribes.

    It works for twitter

  115. Dev_Gooner

    yep no point in jeering RvP or manure. There is no doubt that he will score atleast a goal on sunday. Jeer him and as Vicky said, we make a laughing stock of ourselves, if he havent already done so!

    The only way to make a statement is do the complete opposite and jeer wenger. Our team is as good as the man himself. At the end of the day, he is responsible for what goes on behind the scene regarding our team personnel. He has to know that he has lost the fans support. Maybe that will get him to act in a responsible way. Either by resigning or actually accomplishing something this summer in terms of transfers.

  116. peanuts&monkeys

    Another sub-20 Million player brought into Arsenal is same as bringing back Denilson and waiting for Diaby.

    Wenger still loves Diaby’s blowys.