Arsenal looking at Draxler | Gotze makes move to surprise destination | Robin wins a trophy…

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So United won the league last night.

Robin Van Persie scored some goals.

The whole of the Arsenal web went into total melt down.

It didn’t really stick in my throat too much until the end. Watching Robin run around like a 14 year old girl who’d just got 4 yeses on Britain’s Got Talent really was a sickening experience. Fu*ck it. It is what it is.

What I don’t get is the surprise from everyone, like this hasn’t been building all season. We sold Robin Van Persie because he slandered the club and forced his way out. There’s no way we could have kept him on after that behaviour. Players who don’t want to be somewhere don’t play well, they pick up injuries and they sulk when the chips are down.

Should we have sold to Manchester United? Not a chance. However, if they’re the only club that come in, what are you supposed to do?

I’ll tell you what you do… you take the £24m, combine it with the £40m you already had sloshing around the bank account and you go  out and make a serious f*cking statement in the transfer market. Olivier Giroud was never going to be that statement. We should have been looking at the top players around Europe and we should have pushed hard.

We didn’t, and that was the biggest failure of the summer.

We have to give United a guard of honour this weekend, the board deserve that, but as someone rightly pointed out last night… the fans certainly don’t. Still, life goes on.

There’s always next summers hope fest… however, like I said earlier in the week, things have to look different this summer, well, if the coach has any ambition of extending his dictatorship this November.

In other news, we’re appealing the red card Giroud received at the weekend. It’s clear the big man slipped at the last moment, but I’m not sure that’s going to wash with the FA. The thought of having Gervinho playing through the middle for the final run of games fills me with dread. Same with Theo as well. Based on form, you’d probably be best off putting Podolski through the centre. He’s more mobile than Giroud and he at least knows where the net is.

Bayern Munich have apparently activated the £30m buyout clause in Gotze’s contract. He might be moving there this summer if Bild are to be believed. If Bayern are in for him, it’s hard to imagine we could compete. I don’t think many thought there was a realistic chance of that deal ever happening after we had a bid turned down for him after Cesc left.

The only other rumour coming out of Germany is that we’re looking at Draxler for £15m. I’ve never seen him play, but all the press around him is pretty positive. I’d be surprised to see Schalke sell him after just losing Holtby at Spurs, but money talks… if you’re willing to spend it.

Right, have a great day, I’m off to burn a Robin effigy in the staff room.

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  1. vicky

    Pedro do not say Man City were not pursuing RVP……..Wenger acted as an agent for Man U and SAF. We would have got nothing less than 24m from City. United were not the only club in for him.

  2. Bade

    Trying to justify RVP’s sale is a bit OTT right now

    Especially when we saw the club’s conduct afterwards

    This club lost it’s respect, they didn’t sell RVP for slandering the club. They sold him for the sake of the money & the screaming evidence is the half-price half-quality replacement brought in

  3. NEEG


    A sad day indeed. Wenger and the board have been pissing over Arsenal fans since 2004. The fans should not boo RVP on Sunday and turn their anger towards the board instead.

  4. shad

    You’re right Pedro. This is no surprise to anyone and while we all want to villify RVP for being a total cunt, he did say what we all know and think as fans. Arsenal’s transfer hand was weak and the senile, old french muppet would rather massage his ego to supernova levels than let a player in his own team show him he was wrong.

    The summer can’t come soon enough and my biggest dream would be to see Wenger step down, but we all know that’s as impossible as telling Suarez to keep his teeth in his mouth.

    The big question is who Arsenal will attract with the prospect of finishing 4th/5th looming. Some key players I’d like to see are Isco, Julio Ceaser/Begovic/Vorm, Capoue, maybe Fellaini, Soldado, and a solid RB.

    Well I’ll slink back to reality and drown myself in the sorrow that Spuds might actually finish above us..

  5. vicky

    If Arsene had bought a Suarez or a Cavani, then I would have bought the argument that we sold him because he made those “slanderous” remarks.

    The fact that we bought a donkey as his replacement simply proves that only money matters at Arsenal.

    We have a shameless manager who can sell his soul for money.

  6. goona

    Arsene OUT… has no reason to stay in this club, does not care about anything other than his ridiculous salary.

    To sum this season up-

    Wenger sold RVP for £24m and handed the title to MAN U before a ball was kicked (he knew he was)….
    ….according to the Sun this morning Wenger is now looking at a player from Africa that no one has ever heard of for £700K….we he is going to be real quality aint he!

    Wenger is a total idiot. And us Arsenal fans are bigger idiots for accepting him and the boards behaviour this season.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    I agree pretty much with Pedro’s post. Once RvP decided he wanted out, getting the most money for him was the only option, but not reinvesting it was the mistake.

    I’m not too pissed at ManU winning the title with RvP in their side, anymore than I normally would. Chances are they’d have won it this season anyway. If they hadn’t bought him, they’d have bought someone else instead. They might not have won it quite yet but they’d be close.

  8. Ghost

    Oh please. I’ve seen Draxler play, he’s not worth 15M especially for a 19yr old. The money can be put to better use. All you’ve said is right but if you think last summer was a failure, you’re in for worse this summer. There will be splashing but you can forget world class players arriving. It’s going to be more Gervinho’s and Giroud’s this summer. Mark my words Le Grove and other fans and remember Ghost said it first. Arsenal fans will never smile again as football fans till Wenger leaves.

  9. azed

    Wenger gave the title to UTD. We had an opportunity to make him play the last year of his contract but to Arsene and his fellow crooks the 24mil is success.

    Wenger must have celebrated the RVP goal more than SAF. Just waiting for him to claim he won the title for UTD…

    Oh f***k me he’s already done that

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    Don’t attack RVP, for telling the truth, which we all know, attack Wenger and the dickheads that “run” the club for refusing to invest money in top players so the likes of RVP stick around to win things with us.

    We could spend £100m on 4 players and it wouldn’t hamper us one bit, but instead we fuck about with £10m for the likes of Giroud and Gervinho, not to mention all the other dross on sky high wages.

    I wanted Utd to win it at the Emirates with RVP scoring a double hat-trick. Only when the dozy fans at the Emirates wake up will anything change.

  11. Dale de Ruig

    The line that made the most sense: Wenger sold him for 24million but wouldn’t have bought him for the same price.

    Jassas, that hit home for me.

  12. Northbank Dave

    Can’t understand the hatred for RVP, without him we finish 6th last season, he wasn’t prepared to play for a team that only had ambitions of JUST playing CL football every season, and celebrating finishing 4th!
    So he decides to join an ambitious club, brings his goals along with him and wins the title…..

    I struggle to see how that can be seen as anything but the actions of an ambitious player, with becoming a winner being his only motivation.

    The only people to blame are Wenger and the board for
    a) Being unambitious, and
    b) Letting RVP get to a position where he could leave when he did!

    We’ve known everything he came out and said in his statement when he left were true for years.

    Let’s move on please!

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    If we’d have kept RvP, we still wouldn’t have won the league this season. Before it kicked off I’d have guessed 3rd, not too far behind ManU / ManC. As it’s turning out, we’d probably finish 2nd with him, but still behind ManU, and we’d be £24m poorer in the summer and still not have him.
    Of course if we don’t spend the money then it doesn’t really matter either way…

  14. Bade

    Dortmund confirmed the sell of Goetze to Bayern for 32m pounds

    Dortmund won’t put this money in the bank & they’ll probably invest all of it back in the squad

    Bayern will win the Bundesliga with record breaking margin. They’re already in the CL semis. Still they signed a top manager & already splashing big cash on one of the top talents out there

    And people call Arsene & Arsenal ambitious?


  15. the_real_andi

    goetze will get the same treatment as the dutch gets. what happened to footballer recently? a guy like goetze, really talented, dortmund player since 10000 years, loves the club but still joins a rival. it´s all about money.

  16. shad

    ION, I highly doubt the old wanker is shamed for selling RVP to ManU because the sale condition was 22.5m with an extra 1.5m if they won the league. Wenger knew what he was doing the minute he sold him to ManU.

    And like someone else has pointed out, the only thing Wenger is scouting now is probably an unknown u16 french clown..

    I’ve had it with this man. WENGER OUT!

  17. Scravaldio

    How much more are we supposed to take from this f-ing board? When is AW gunna grow some balls and buy the players he needs too? If every season ticker holder sent an email saying that they will not renew collectivley until Usmanov was put on the board and they accepted his money things might actually change. kroneke forced Nasri out and I wouldn’t put him past forcing the RVP sale thorugh. When you have someone who is screwing you over at work you form a union. Well we are being screwed by someone who we are paying money too! The AST are too scared of loosing there place at the table and no one else at the club has any power except AW, so its down to the fans to form a union and force kroneke out. First you get rid of the board and then if AW refuses to do his job then he goes but not before the owner.
    always start at the top and work down. I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach last night and it’ll be even worse on Sunday surely this has to be the final straw surely the award winning apathy of Arsenal fans can not continue. I feel like we are cursed and there is only one way and thats to get rid of the american. You watch the same pattern they will say there going to spend then they will buy a 15 or maybe even a 20 m player just as season tickets need to be renewed. He’ll be decent but as we all know you don’t replace world class with decent, and then so many people will be suckered in and they would got there cash which is all they care about and we will have another season of being butt of a lot of jokes, I’m sick of it, I used to be super proud of our club defending it no matter what they did including AW but now I can’t defend it anymore. I’m sick of being told its a well run buisness because its bollocks, we are apple and last summer we sold the ipod patent to microsoft, these old men don’t know how to run a football club or a buisness. Our operational profits are dropping every year and thats why we need to sell players ot has nothing to do with football and these monkeys are killing our club by a thousand small cuts and it depresses me beyond belief. These are dark times but the night is darkest just before the dawn.

  18. LeMassiveCoq

    Not RVP’s fault. Why shouldn’t he dance around excitedly. He’s been waiting long enough to win something FFS.

    Wenger I hope your proud of yourself. He’s probably congratulating himself for Man U winning the title because he sold them RVP.


  19. Zoran

    I just want to say what I am saying since 1 year:
    We just need Usmanow, he would be our best signing, and we will as well have the same nights as Manics last night for years.

  20. the_real_andi

    the timing of this action of bayern is weird. surprisingly 2 days after their president can be found in every media due to tax problems with switzerland they buy him … weird

  21. Gregg

    Listen even if we wanted to keep him for his final year, Kronke would never have allowed that to happen. Wenger gets blamed for a lot but as we know it was kronke that demanded the Nasri sale and so it would have also been him that agreed to RVP to Utd. He doesn’t understand about selling to rivals etc, it’s not his business & when a guy owns 67% of a club, you’re powerless to stop him doing what he wants. It’s quite clear that he is the real problem at AFC and not Wenger, although the latter doesn’t help himself at times.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    Before the summer, I thought ManC was a much more likely target for RvP. I thought they could definitely outspend ManU, and I think from comments made Mancini really wanted him. However with the comments Mancini’s made since then they clearly dropped the ball somewhere when it came to securing his signature. While I believe Wenger was stupid not to reinvest the money, I don’t believe he’d have sold him to Utd, if he could have sold him to City (or anyone else) for more money. He’s got no love for Fergie, no love for ManU.

  23. gazzap

    It is utter BS that you cannot make a player stay when he has expressed a desire to leave. There are examples of big players saying similar things to RVP and being made to stay at the club and do well the following season, and yes even sign a new contract.
    Modric, Tevez, and Rooney all went public. Arsenal were the only club without the morals to do the right thing by it’s fans. You cannot let the players walk all over you because it sets a poor example and you keep losing your big players.
    RVP should be at Arsenal right now, and I can guarantee Man U would not have lifted the title last night and neither would we be wondering whether we are going to get top 4.
    Don’t let Wenger off the hook for this one please Pedro.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    It might have been Kroenke, but if there was a showdown between Wenger/Gazidis and RvP then it also could well have been Wenger that decided he wanted him gone, esp. once his ‘statement’ that was made public. Pretty impossible to keep your captain once he questions his boss like that. Didn’t really have any choice

  25. fanboy

    Let me get this right. We sold rvp for 24millions and did nothing with the money. And some still think he was at fault? My my…

  26. chukwudi

    Am so so sick about this Arsenal issue we’re now made a laughing stock every where,our team has become so unpredictable that you don’t know if they will win the next game.All the players that has left our has won trophy at their new club to justify that we’re no longer a contender of trophy and we’re still building buying average players every now and then.The summer is fast approching and wenger is acting as agent to other clubs truly no buyig always have eyes for talent but can’t buy.Am waiting to see what buy he will make this summer weldone PEDRO!!!!

  27. vicky

    All I remember is Fergie’s phone call sealed the deal for Man U.

    So our manager dances to the tunes of the manager of our most hated rival.


  28. samsenal

    The Guard of Honour will be a Grotesquely Beautiful Moment – assuming RvP starts the decision makers at the club will have to watch on as he takes to the field as a Champion as we desperately try to cling to a top 4 spot that has never looked so doubtful at this stage of the season.

    Does anyone know whether the appealing of Giroud’s red card will mean he can play against United or will the FA have made a decision by Sunday?

    If Giroud is unavailable then you have the perfect symbol of everything that has been wrong at Arsenal – the former striker returning as Champ, our only striker unavailable.

    Even if he is available, the truth is clear: we are miles behind Man United in terms of our determination to succeed on the pitch.

    In my opinion, aside from a few notable exceptions United are not that great player for player but their manager – over the years – has acquired fighters; players who won’t accept failure.

    But let’s not forget how much United have spent: Rio £30m, Jones £17m, Valencia £17m, Rooney £30m, RvP £24m, Carrick £18m. Deeper into the squad you have Nani and Anderson for around £18m each, Ashley Young was around £24m. Players like Smalling at around £12m are almost bargain basement for united.

    We can moan until we are blue in the face about what we THINK goes on at the club but for me it comes down to this: Has the manager had a transfer budget that allows him to compete with the above level of spending? Can Arsenal afford to spend £28m on a Veron and watch him flop? Can we spend £18m on Anderson, who has just been decent?

    United can take these risks and not bat an eyelid. Can we? Or rather, has the manger been allowed to?

    I remember the summers where we refused to sell Viera despite him being one of the World’s most sought after players, despite him being quoted in newspapers as considering a move. despite him being holed up in florida (i think?) agonising over a move. At Highbury we kept our team together and sold players when we wanted to and for big money.

    Since the move to The Emirates – the debt that came with it and since SK has come in – things have massively changed.

  29. Gregg


    I agree entirely with what you say. What we also have to realise here though is that Kronke is thousends of miles away, riding his horses on his lovely Colorado ranch. He has no interest or passion and therefore if a player enters his last year & someone is offering money and the player specifies where he wants to go aswell, Kronke won’t care, he’ll sell. Thats my point with most of this. Even if Wenger was adamant about not selling to Utd or any other specified team, Kronke would have overruled it because he neither ‘gets it’ or is interested in it. Nasri & RVP was just another £44 million to reduce debts and make it a bigger profit come the day he sells up.

  30. TOLI83

    Wenger should run out with the Man Utd team while we are doing the guard of honour.

    He admitted he handed them the title – cunt.


    What is this nonsense “United will have still won it”? Fuck no! Take away RVP goals and see for yourself. Wenger handed United their 20th title simple as that because he is what Mou called him “a voyeur”

  32. Jan

    We all need to settle down.

    Van P is a little girl ( well he said it was the little boy inside him that screamed ) but his way of running points to the former.

    People need to understand what Wenger did for him and he was the one who left the club that stood by him through thick and thin.

    Yes Wenger is flawed and he is making some seriously dodgy signings but dont come and crucify our manager over an Judas dutchman who left us after all we did for him.How the fck is Wenger in the wrong here??

    For crying out loud did you not see him sprint half the field (like a girl) to go hug Fergy after a Penalty? WTF?Can you imagine how sick Wenger must have felt.WTF has fergy done for him?

    Hate Wenger all you want but this Saturday absolutely no respect should be shown to RVP as he has shown no respect to us the fans and the club.

    I want players who actually want the badge on the jersey.He left , he won and ran like a little girl. But he should forever be hated.

    He is worse than even Cashly Cole, he was our leader, talisman and hope and he dropped us like a bad habbit.

    So RVP FU and your little tea party.

    Its a big 4 games coming up, we should concentrate on our own future after Saturday and RVP is not part of it.

    The next 4 games and TW will have a massive influence on the direction this club is going.

    Help the team into europe, and then it is over to Wenger to show us what he has got.

  33. Jude Obuninta

    We are threading that same path again,that same path that has brought Us nothing but mockery,shame,ridicule and insults, again.Will they ever learn?Why not add some more money to that 15million and get a big name,a world class player instead of spending it on someone who might take years to come good and then sell them at their prime to rivals to help them win titles.Aren’t we as a Club tired of this policy that has made us a laughing stock amongst our Adversaries and friends alike?That has turned us to fourth place specialists and mathematicians battling with high blood pressure?

  34. samsenal

    We don’t need Usmanov. We don’t need his money and we don’t need to be associated with him.

    We just need to spend the money we generate and some of what we have in the bank. That would be enough to make us challenge again.

    With the recent Emirates sponsorship and the kit supplier deals coming up there are no excuses. We are also – at a snail’s pace admittedly – getting more Commercial partnership deals.

    We do not need Uzmanov, we just need to make the most of the club’s resources.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    I guess we’re all going on speculation, which some will claim it as fact. Selling him to Utd was certainly more painful than selling him to City for me because historically ManU have been our rivals, but IMO the only option we had was ManU and Wenger got as much money as he could.

    As Fergie said at the time:

    “He could run a poker school in Govan. He’s got a great price.”

    Doesn’t make it any better of course. In just the same way the Dortmund fans aren’t too pleased about gotze going to Bayern

  36. Pedro

    Gazzap, Rooney doesn’t want to be there this season… hardly been inspirational has he?

    Modric went missing when it mattered…

    Tevez… well, after a very long time of fucking around at City, he’s come good. Only because he couldn’t get a better deal elsewhere.

    Keeping players against their will is not a smart move. Look at Cesc in his last year. Petulant, he had imaginary injuries… and he was bad for the camp. Not to mention he stated he lacked motivation to play.

    So it’s not bullshit.

  37. samsenal

    TOLI83 “Wenger should run out with the Man Utd team while we are doing the guard of honour.”

    – that was pretty funny :o)

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    NAIJA GREAT: What is this nonsense “United will have still won it”? Fuck no! Take away RVP goals and see for yourself

    If they hadn’t signed RvP they’d have signed someone else. With the way ManC have underachieved this season they’d have still won it.

  39. Yippee Kai Yay

    well that was an interesting night. I shunned the inevitable parade of RvP in favour of watching our U21’s to see exactly how project youth is unfolding.

    It was entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons in some way. Spurs rocked up with god know how many and sang, sat down, stood up and took their shoes off (something to do with ‘against modern football’ or some thing).

    Meanwhile on the pitch the project youth slowly unfolded. losing one-nil in a game which was entertaining on parts, but for all of the good passing play it has to be said we lacked any sort of penetration.

    There were some good individual performances, and some periods of dominant possession, but to little effect. It would appear that we train them that way.

    Of the positives Cocquelin was composed in the middle (as you would expect)sanchez watt’s introduction I thought showed some maturity and if anything increased the tempo of our game.

    However, Jenkinson was found wanting on several occasions against someone I have never heard of. He just wasn’t at the races at all. And if people are waiting on Gnabry to make he step up, he is a few seasons away, and some loans in championship clubs to toughen up, on last night’s evidence.

    And I swear they have cloned Bale, there was one of their’s who looked like a dead ringer for him aged 16. Stupid hair, big ears the lot.

    Maybe that is the way to go for the club in the future, just clone some of our former players perhaps?

  40. Bubble

    I still don’t understand what club would know its basically giving its rivals the title by selling their star player &still go ahead to do it… It just beats all human understanding. . AND WE THE FU*KING 4TH RICHEST CLUB IN THE WORLD!!

  41. reality check

    “If Bayern are in for him, it’s hard to imagine we could compete.”

    Pedro, I’m not being provocative, honest. Just need a little clarification.

    Why can’t AFC compete with bayern for gotze.

  42. vicky

    Gotze move does not make much sense for me. If Dortmund win the CL,they will get around 100m pound. With that money they could keep as well as buy any top player.

    Also in that case there would not be much to choose between Bayern and Dortmund.

    At least Dortmund should have waited for CL results.

  43. Gregg

    Be interesting to see what happens with this Dortmund side now. Like us in the past, winning the title doesn’t mean you’ll hold on to players if you’re not in the elite group. 2 titles in 3 seasons and a CL semi and all we’ve heard all year is how Lewandowski & Gotze are leaving. Bayern are the Man U of Germany and German players will inevitably want to go there. That said I’d be more than happy to take Mario Gomez off their hands this summer


    Nasri’s Mouth
    Which striker would they have signed and still have RVP’s effect? Messi? Ronaldo? Wenger should have kept him even againt his wish if it’s only United that is interested! They are (sorry used to be) our arch rival. I tell you Wenger should have nothing to do with †нε future of this club. He is a fucking loser, senile old cunt, a VOYEUR.

  45. Samir masri

    Wenger’s bucket list: selling cesc to barca? Check. Rvp to manure? Check? Project disaster? Check. What’s next? Oh it’s finishing forth again. And lieing to us about spending money to strengthen. The squad. Wenger I hope you read this somewhere you CUNT

  46. gambon

    Slandered the club?

    Are you fucking kidding me? By saying he didnt agree with the direction of the club…..quite rightly.

    Think gazidis wrote this mornings post guys.

  47. Pedro

    Reality Check… firstly, he’s said he’s interested in Madrid, Barca and United. Secondly, he’s one of the best talents in the world, why would moving to a team who haven’t won a bean in 8 years be appealing? Thirdly, he’s German, and Bayern is a cultural draw for any youngster.

  48. Zoran

    @ samsenal:
    I would also like that we spend the most out of the club’s resources, but you have to apreciate that we will unfortunately never be able to do this as long as that Yankee cunt is in charge and not Usmanov and Dein.

  49. Moray

    it is so poetic that we have to provide the guard of honour for the Mancs, with RVP at the front, no doubt.

    All that remains is for him to score a goal or two against us in the next game causing us to lose and fall from the coveted fourth place trophy position.

  50. Arsenalone


    Undressed our club in public,telling us all what we already ambition from the manager or board.

    After seeing nasri,Cesc and all the other top international footballers leave the Arsenal,don’t blame him,he either shares a dressing room with


    The top top players that utd have,I won’t name them as I hate the cunts but they are all winners.

    Sack Wenger sack the board

    They should be made accountable for there errors in the transfer market and there errors handing out contracts to some of the shit players that we own.

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    Gotze had a release clause in his contract, Dortmund didn’t have a choice once Bayern made the offer.

  52. Pedro

    Gambon, there was nothing quite right about it.

    When you’re a captain, you have a responsibility not to behave like that.

    You can have that opinion as a fan… you can have it as a player… but not publicly.

  53. gambon

    We were a better team than Man Utd 10 years ago.

    Since 2005 they have won the PL 5 times and the CL once with 2 other finals.

    Since 2006 they have gone from £20m more than us revenue wise to £120m.

    We are an utter joke of a club.

  54. samsenal

    AJ – we are the 4th most VALUABLE club in the world. I believe that includes value of the stadium, the land on which it’s built, earning potential of the club moving forward etc.

    It doesn’t mean we have the 4th largest transfer budget in the world.

  55. samsenal

    Zoran….so how much of the blame is Kroenke’s then and how much is Wenger’s?

    Just interested to know your point of view.

  56. Nasri's Mouth

    NAIJA GREAT: Which striker would they have signed and still have RVP’s effect? Messi? Ronaldo? Wenger should have kept him even againt his wish if it’s only United that is interested!

    They didn’t even need someone at RvP’s level to win the league, let alone a Ronaldo or Messi who are up a level from RvP.. Someone who could score 20 goals a season would have done it for him.

  57. vicky


    Sometimes you say we are an attractive proposition for any top class young talent…….we have a great stadium,a great history,4th biggest club in the world,great training facility blah blah. This is when u talk abt our summer targets.

    And then here you are saying that why would Goetze move to arsenal becoz we have won nothing for God knows how many years. This is when the likes of Goetze move somewhere else.

    It is a bit confusing to be honest.

  58. gambon


    The club wanted to sell him and shift the blame onto him as if he forced his way out.

    RVP wanted the fans to know that he had spoken with Wenger & Ivan, and didnt like the direction the club was continuing down, so he wouldnt be signing a deal.

    The club were scumbags. Ivan sat infront of the fans and told them he had been in discussions with Robin that would continue, all the time he was negotiating with UTD to sell him with Wengers blessing.

    Are you one of them fans that still believes its a coincidence that EVERYONE leaves Arsenal once they reach the top level?

    Vieira, Henry, Adebayor, Cesc, Nasri, RVP

    Let me guess, its always the players fault?

  59. Pedro

    Vicky, we are an attractive proposition…. not when you’re going for one of the best talents in the world and Bayern are competing for him.

    We can go for great players… but not tier one.

  60. Nasri's Mouth


    Wrong!. It says we’re the 4th most VALUABLE club, not RICHEST and even saying we’re the 4th most valuable is bloody debatable at best.

  61. samsenal

    NM, as obnoxious as he appears to be, i think i agree with Naija, 20 goals a season, Premier League-ready strikers don’t grow on trees. RvP has won countless games for United right out of the blue.

    I’m not convinced there are many players out there for £24m who could have done what that Filth did this year.

  62. Pedro

    Gambon, the club didn’t want to sell him…

    I’m fully aware of why players leave Arsenal. But you can’t preach to me that letting him go on a free was the right decision. Especially after that outburst.

  63. Arselona

    If you say “Footballing reasons” backwards , you get : “This is all about the money. Who the fuck cares if we sell World class players. A Rival in need is not a rival indeed. You the fans are idiots. In Arsene we Trust.”

  64. max

    RVP left the club because we are sinking into mediocrity, he told Wenger to spend money on better players, change his coahing methods, and employ experienced coaching staff, Le Boss probably replied something like this: ‘I believe in this team, they have great spirit and a lot of potential. The coaching staff provide excellent continuity and are deeply committed, so nothing will change.’ Goetze, Cavani, Falcao, laugh out loud when these guys are linked to us. RVP spent years playing with Bendtner, Denilson and Senderos, he faced years playing with Ramsey and Gervihno, can you blame the guy for leaving. Cesc and RVP will be champions this season, we are best at financial thrift and media spin, selling players selling the future. That goal last night was a moment of humilation that should give pain to every Arseanal fan.

  65. azed

    reality checkApril 23, 2013 09:02:12
    Not impressed. Question. Why can’t we compete with bayern for gotze?

    Cos our Manager is a scared little girl who fears anything that resembles a competition…

  66. gambon


    Youre right.

    However if we had kept Nasri, signed Mata, Cahill, and brought 3 top players in last year, while giving RVP a proper contract, he wouldve stayed.

  67. AJ

    manu without rvp?
    I don’t think they would have made it.
    This season they were leaking a lot of goals in, but they managed to outscore, and only because of someone so used to the playing conditions, like rvp.

  68. Nasri's Mouth


    There aren’t many, but ManU are a fantastic draw for a player. They might have had to spend more than £24m, but then they’d have got someone younger. Or they’d have kept Berbatov and bought another midfielder.

  69. samsenal

    Gambon – he should have kept his mouth shut because he is paid millions of pounds to kick a football….he didn’t because he wanted to force a transfer through. By doing so he humiliated the club.

    His post transfer comments about finally training with Champions who know how to win etc. was a further slap in the Arsenal face.

    You can’t deny the validity of his comments BUT you can deny the need to say them. He was outspoken for his own selfish reasons, not for the good of Arsenal.

  70. TOLI83

    I dont see how anyone can justify the sale of RVP to Man Utd.

    Would Mancini and the Etihad lot sell Yaya to us – NO
    Would Levi or AVB entertain an offer for Bale or anyone for matter from us – NO
    Fergie wouldnt sell anyone to us unless they were shit (we all know what happened there)

    Our manager and board don’t understand what this is about anymore, how can you sell to your biggest rivals, anyone else but them.

    Wenger thinking he was mugging the press off, saying he would buy them a carmello if he went to Juve. Little did we know the cunt was planning a move to sell our captain to our rivals.

    Pedro we all knew the money wouldn’ t be re-invested with quality at the highest order. The biggest mistake was handed Utd the best player in the league, thus gifting them the title.

    When I read RVP’s words in the summer I thought at fucking last someone has spoke up against the dictator and his brainwashing regime. A loan soldier who has gone against the masses telling the board to wake up.

    You’re the fans don’t deserve it all, clapping out players like Evra / Rio / Rooney who constantly take the piss out off us in the press.

    How far we’ve fallen.

  71. vicky


    We already have tier two players here at Arsenal—Wilshere,Podolski,Cazorla,Mertesacker.

    And we will continue to fight for 4th place with tier two players.

    Acceptance of mediocrity.

  72. Manamongst

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Gervinho up the middle. As a matter of fact I would just tell the trio of Theo, Yao and Lucas to play freely and rotate positions. Be creative with your runs and confuse the hell out of the back four positionally.

  73. HP

    Pedro, if the club didn’t want to sell him then they would not have done so.

    He merely did not agree with the club direction, rooney asked for more money and tevez went off playing golf for 6 months yet both of these players are at the club, why? because they know its important to keep these players from a footballing perspective no matter the lack of respect shown

    If we had kept robin we would have more than easily qualified for CL and maybe even won something but 24m is more important to this board than trophies.

  74. AJ

    Nasri’s Mouth April 23, 2013 09:34:19


    There aren’t many, but ManU are a fantastic draw for a player. They might have had to spend more than £24m, but then they’d have got someone younger. Or they’d have kept Berbatov and bought another midfielder.
    Keep berbatov? He was an outcast for one full season, and was going to be offloaded anyway. He wasn’t going to make a difference, which is why he plays now for fulham.
    We have sold manu the title, it’s a fact.

  75. gambon


    What he did was totally right.

    The club wanted to keep the fans in the dark while selling him, he wanted the fans to know that he didnt agree with the club, and quite fucking right.

    this is a club thats long term business plan is to make vast transfer market profits, refuse to pay market value to all but injured and shit players, give the message that we’re there to compete when in fact we only exist to make cunts like Wenger & Gazidis rich.

    RVP didnt want to be part of that and didnt want any confusion as to why he wasnt signing a new deal.

    He exposed the clubs pathetic business plan, and for that hes a hero.

    The club was telling the world that they were trying to get RVP tied down when in reality he wanted nothing to do with this shambles of a club.

  76. Gooby

    Sometimes you can challenge with 2 or 3 good signing a good base o player and get lucky with a few youngesters who live up the hype.

    A bit like dortmund.

    But this is bot a normal league, when you look at chelsea renewing their ranks within 24 montgs with top players: ramirez, luis, aspi, hazzard torres matta… All at the same time or city gettung the player they need anytime you wonder if it’s possible to avoid that pass.

    But if it’s the only way why should we do it too? Oh i guess the owners areńt prepared to throw money at us

  77. Dan T

    Lots of slagging Giroud today. It’s not his fault our manager is a muppet, poor guy. He is the plan B striker we have been looking for for the last 6/7 years or so. He is just about the perfect plan B striker in my eyes – It’s just a shame Wenger promoted plan B to plan A.

  78. jay 83

    i wouldnt be suprised if rvp told fergie to go get jack wilshire to push on and leave us far behind… were a joke feeder club…im taking up golf

  79. bc

    What makes laugh is when people say sack the board! Who the fuck is going to sack the board? Gunnersore arse? Kroenke is the fucking board and as for everyone thinking usmanov wants In if that was the case why doesn’t he just offer kroenke £20k a share? Why bcos he is waiting for the club to implode before he offers to bail them out at a fraction of the cost. The only reason we have not imploded is bcos wenger is an absolute master at getting below average players to over achieve hence a squad of just 20 players including 3 goalkeepers 3 under 21s and a disabled diaby have pulled us back into contention for not just a top 4 place but with a chance of automatic champions league qualification AGAIN. slate wenger all u like but his agenda is to achieve the targets laid down by his employers. those targets include making a decent profit and keeping the club in the top 4 with the cup final appearance here and there. well 16 years of continued top 4 achievement and 3 cup finals is 7 years only lost by the odd goal in 3 is probably all the board woupd expect but given that he has produced that along with making the club millions of pounds during a time when we have built a new stadium 2 new training centres and much more i would say the board are more than happy. As a shareholder myself i can say that i too am ecstatic. my paltry investment some 15 years ago when i sold my battered ford escort to buy in would now buy me a new ferrari if i sold up or even a fairly decent apartment so i am not complaining. however as a fan and supporter of course i want more. right now that is not forthcoming so rather like the board and manager sell our players to the highest bidder i sell my match tickets to the highest bidder. if u cant beat them join them.

  80. Nasri's Mouth


    As I said, doesn’t have to be Berbatov, ManU could have picked from various players if they hadn’t have got RvP. They massively ahead of ManC they’d have still won it with a different striker

  81. vicky

    Ask any player which group of players would he want to play with—

    ( Rooney,Nani,Valencia,Scholes,Giggs,Vidic )

    or( Ramsey,Gervinho,Arteta,Giroud,Podolski ).

    RVP was mature enough to make the right choice.

  82. Pedro

    Gambon, no doubt about that…

    It’ll be really interesting this summer to see if Wenger does all the right things to save his £7.5m contract.

    That’ll tell you all you need to know about the man…

  83. Zoran

    Samsenal… I dont honestly think Wenger is to blame. He is getting the most of the resources that he gets from Kroenke. He wants also to buy Goetze and Falcao and Casillas and whoever knowing that we have so much Money on disposal. The Thing is that, I believe, he is always restricted by Kroenke and Gazidis. Forget what they are telling officially, we do not hear what they are saying behind the doors. What I know, when we had Dein, he had only to point his finger at one player, and the next transfer term he would land by us.
    Since we have that Yankee cunt, we get only shit ( except Nasri) from Ligue 1 that nobody else wants.
    having Usmanow and Dein again will radicaly Change the things in our favor. Then it will be the question should we sign Falcao or Cavani or Ibrahimovic, Isco or Goetze, Cassilas or Valdez, Hummels or Tiago Silva, Capoue or Schweinsteiger.
    The question wont for sure be shall we sign Mba( who the f*ck is he?) or Draxler, or Belhanda or Willliams and all the shitt that are circulating in the papers the last days.
    The guy has so much money that he can buy any player in the world, even Messi, but I believe he is not willing to leave Barca for no Money in the world, not like Van Pussy. At least he is saying that, what I believe him knowing that he has a true love for Arsenal, like we do, and not like Kroenke who is only interested in Profit.
    Ah yea, you question: having al those true and Quality Players, we will not even need Wenger, even I could manage them, or you think he needs to tell them how to score or defend or organise the game. That is the difference between Class Player and garbage that we get, and once more, that Wenger gets from the resources that he gets from Kroenke.

  84. vicky

    “It’ll be really interesting this summer to see if Wenger does all the right things to save his £7.5m contract.”

    The definition of “all the right things” is nebulous.

    We think it is strengthening the club and investing money for top players.
    The board certainly thinks differently.

  85. gnarleygeorge9

    I didn’t feel sick watching rvp running round like a 14 year old sheila, coz I turned the tele off after 89 minutes.

  86. Yippee Kai Yay

    jay 83April 23, 2013 09:46:02
    i wouldnt be suprised if rvp told fergie to go get jack wilshire to push on and leave us far behind… were a joke feeder club…im taking up golf
    jeez, it’s not that bad. Sure we will cash in on jack at some point, it is as inevitable as the 4th place validation of Wengers continued appointment and his postion of ‘no need to spend’.

    But ‘Taking up Golf’, you may as well just admit that life is over if you do that.

  87. Pedro

    Vicky, I’m pretty sure Ivan doesn’t think that… he’s just weak with Arsene because he doesn’t know how to manage him.

  88. Inter YourGran

    Morning All,

    What a ballache watching that united game was yesterday and van persie’s 2nd, my, oh my… what a goal! Lee Chapman incarnate, i mean carthorse, i mean Giroud would have done an air kick and be out injued for two months if he tried that bit of movement then first time volley.

    I agree with the summation that we could easily have met goetze’s buy out clause. but again we sit with bum on hands waiting to see what happens with our CL qualification. To be honest it looks precarious and we pretty much cannot afford to lose to united at home, worst case scenario is a point.

    I’m not sure we’ll give them a guard of honour to be fair. There are no rules that stipulates we have to and bare in mind emotions will be running very high. Robin will get dogs abuse and the crowd will be on the players backs the moment a pass goes astray, a shot is skewered etc. Robin will just revel in it and that ‘robin she said no’ song is both silly and makes the fanbase look right mugs. A game to avoid in all honesty!

    What is clear is that we’ll have to obliterate our transfer record at least twice this summer and a 19 y/o Draxler is not a viable option. We need to shop at harrods this time and anything less or using the ‘we’re not in the cl yet’ excuse should we finish fourth will just make the summer unbearable.

    The recent defensive performances also give Arsene room to crow with our form (should it sustain till the end of the season). But with this more defensive solidarity we’ve lost alot going forward…. I’m not convinced Arsene has what it takes to make us more competitive next season. The early work regarding transfers and identified targets will tell us alot this summer..

    The work for next season should be starting now….

  89. gazzap

    Pedro, Modric was Spurs player of the season the year after he stayed.
    Rooney has been excellent for Man Utd until recently – ie a long while after his spat with Fergie.
    Then there was Ronaldo of course who wanted to go to Spain at least a year before he did. Played excellently for Man Utd in his final season and went for £75m!! I understand Ronaldo was still under contract, but I think you can get players to play well if they stay.
    Fabregas was carrying injuries in his last season for us, and Wenger kept playing him. Wenger always does this with his top players. Wilshere is overplayed and should Santi carry a niggle he would still play every game.

    More to the point, by keeping your players, you haven’t given your most hated rivals a foot up for the title.

  90. reality check


    I understand where you are coming from


    There are not as many world class players anymore. Even players that week in week out, display talent which would suggest in the short term they will be world class.

    Every year its messi or ronaldo.

    There used to be raul, zidane, figo, ronny9, rivaldo, eto, henry, vieira, seedorf, rui costa, sheva, crespo ect. Many others that clubs could compete for.

    Today there’s not that many great/WC players to choose from.

    So who ever we hope to sign. Another big club/elite club will also be interested. That’s the world we are in now.
    Those players are not secrets anymore.

    I know you know this anyway.

    Really my point is, what was the reason the board gave for moving to the Emirates.

  91. samsenal

    Gambon – The long term plans for the club are not to make Gazidis and Wenger rich. When you come out with that kind of craziness it detracts from your other points.

    It is increasingly clear that the Club’s (the owner’s) short-to-medium term plans were to make money in the transfer market. a further 15 years of failure on the pitch is not a business plan to make anyone rich. The hope must have been that we could continue to get the Champion’s league revenue whilst making a profit in the transfer window until such time that our commercial potential is finally realised.

    We have basically done that….well, if that was the plan we should now see the club flex a bit more financial muscle this summer.

    Note that at no stage has RvP criticised the manager, just how the club is run. Note also that Nasri said Kroenke forced his sale. The evidence is pretty clear that Wenger’s failures are largely confined to on-pitch tactical matters (Alumnia, Senderos, constant leaking of goals, poor concentration from players) and that player sales and transfer budget surplus are a Kroenke issue.

    In which case, is it a surprise that we didn’t fight with Chelsea for Cahill, or that tried to get Mata on the cheap…which delayed the transfer and allowed Chelsea to come in…?

  92. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Congratulations Arlene you win a trophy…..
    Wells share of one?

    Thanks now clear your office out and leave.

  93. Rom Ramirez

    Why oh why won’t Arsene at least give Podolski the chance to play up front!?!
    Gervinho (Not a striker) Theo (Not a striker) Podolski 20+ goals for an, excuse my French, crappy Koln team last season.
    We’ve got nothing to lose by giving him the nod to play up front now that Giroud is suspended. TBH, it shouldn’t have come down to the fact that a Giroud suspension should allow Arsene to even entertain the idea of playing a quality, 90+ caps for Germany player up front.
    Is someone slipping Arsene Promethanine-Codeine (Couldnt be bothered Googling the correct spelling there)syrup in that water bottle of his? It would certainly explain his severe problems with that Michelin styled coat zipper he seems to have trouble with!!! And some of the team sheet decisions of this season, the past however many seasons oh and also the transfer spending!!!!

  94. AJ

    Arse&Nose© April 23, 2013 09:51:11

    This summer you will hear

    ” we tried for Goetze (25m bid rejected), but he chose Bayern (35m bid accepted)”
    More like
    ” we tried for Goetze (12m bid rejected), but he chose Bayern (35m bid accepted)”

  95. Dream10


    No way Wenger will walk away from a new three yr contract. 25m no way
    No other top club or national team will take him i.e. Real, City, German NT, French NT, Milan

    Think Utd will target Hummels, Modric, Lewandowsski
    City target Cavani, Isco
    Chelsea target Falcao

    We will target players from relegated squads

  96. vicky

    We could not sign anyone out of the fantastic trio of Mata,Hazard and Goetze. We could have signed at least one out of those three If we were serious about signing them. All these three players were impressed with Arsenal at some point in their career. Also their prices and stature did not suddenly shoot up. It was a gradual process. We did not make the move at the right time.

  97. Nasri's Mouth

    Samsenal: Note that at no stage has RvP criticised the manager, just how the club is run.

    Given that Wenger controls that side of the club, he’s basically aiming his statement at Wenger

  98. Al

    United Won the league because they know how to and have a manager who gets everything from his players.
    The fact is Van persie went missing for United when it mattered most from february he only scored 1 goal in 13 games that saw them knocked out the champions league and FA cup.
    During that same period they only conceded 6 goals (3 against chelsea and 3 against real madrid).

    When it mattered most he disapeared and United did what they have always did under ferguson when it matters ….they stopped conceding goals and grinded out results

  99. Danish Gooner

    Remember when Fergie wanted Vieira??? Dein said hands of you alcoholic wife beater.Nowadays he just phones Wenger and orders a Van Persie….and Wenger yes,yes massa,very much so massa.Do you need him gift wrapped massa,massa can we have Silvestre massa………doh !

  100. bayo

    It is arsenal’s fault to allow his contract to run to just a year left. The same happened with nasri, flamini, clichy…………Poor management

  101. samsenal

    NM – disagree. I think too many people think Wenger decides everything from how much profit the business is supposed to make to which loo roll to buy etc!

    I think very tight demands are made of the Club by it’s owner. Within that tight budget, i’m sure Wenger has a lot of control but RvP will have been demanding World Class players. Lots of them. Taht is not something Kroenke is prepared to finance.

  102. Bubble

    Fergie wouldnt sell anyone to us unless they were shit (we all
    know what happened there)

    Couldn’t have said it better. what i get from the arsene supporting faction of fans is that its perfectly okay for us to sell out our stars to our rivals even tho they’ll never sell theirs to us… pathetic thinking really..