Arsenal looking at Draxler | Gotze makes move to surprise destination | Robin wins a trophy…

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So United won the league last night.

Robin Van Persie scored some goals.

The whole of the Arsenal web went into total melt down.

It didn’t really stick in my throat too much until the end. Watching Robin run around like a 14 year old girl who’d just got 4 yeses on Britain’s Got Talent really was a sickening experience. Fu*ck it. It is what it is.

What I don’t get is the surprise from everyone, like this hasn’t been building all season. We sold Robin Van Persie because he slandered the club and forced his way out. There’s no way we could have kept him on after that behaviour. Players who don’t want to be somewhere don’t play well, they pick up injuries and they sulk when the chips are down.

Should we have sold to Manchester United? Not a chance. However, if they’re the only club that come in, what are you supposed to do?

I’ll tell you what you do… you take the £24m, combine it with the £40m you already had sloshing around the bank account and you go  out and make a serious f*cking statement in the transfer market. Olivier Giroud was never going to be that statement. We should have been looking at the top players around Europe and we should have pushed hard.

We didn’t, and that was the biggest failure of the summer.

We have to give United a guard of honour this weekend, the board deserve that, but as someone rightly pointed out last night… the fans certainly don’t. Still, life goes on.

There’s always next summers hope fest… however, like I said earlier in the week, things have to look different this summer, well, if the coach has any ambition of extending his dictatorship this November.

In other news, we’re appealing the red card Giroud received at the weekend. It’s clear the big man slipped at the last moment, but I’m not sure that’s going to wash with the FA. The thought of having Gervinho playing through the middle for the final run of games fills me with dread. Same with Theo as well. Based on form, you’d probably be best off putting Podolski through the centre. He’s more mobile than Giroud and he at least knows where the net is.

Bayern Munich have apparently activated the £30m buyout clause in Gotze’s contract. He might be moving there this summer if Bild are to be believed. If Bayern are in for him, it’s hard to imagine we could compete. I don’t think many thought there was a realistic chance of that deal ever happening after we had a bid turned down for him after Cesc left.

The only other rumour coming out of Germany is that we’re looking at Draxler for £15m. I’ve never seen him play, but all the press around him is pretty positive. I’d be surprised to see Schalke sell him after just losing Holtby at Spurs, but money talks… if you’re willing to spend it.

Right, have a great day, I’m off to burn a Robin effigy in the staff room.

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  1. Jamal

    Wenger “Tell me who has beaten Bayern Munich in the Champions League this season, did Barca manage that?

    Reporter “But Arsene you lost the tie”

    Wenger “Why do you look at me !!”

  2. Radio Raheem

    Guys you now what this means? In Wenger’s eyes we are a top top side with fantastic potential because we beat Bayern 0-2 at theirs, a side that has just trashed a great Barcelona side

  3. reality check

    If some goals shouldn’t have been aloud. Tuff! This is football. Get on with it. Fact is barca have had their fair share of decisions over the years. Can’t count how many times teams have suffered red cards against them. And anyway, the cracks were starting to form as soon as it became a one man team. Now that one man is crocked. Dumb manager leaves messi on all this time, where’s fab, where david villa.

  4. gazzap

    Where is 1886? He said Bayern would win by 3 clear goals tonight!!!
    WRONG!!! It was 4. Clever dick!
    Seriously well done mate. Hope you put a tenner on that.

  5. Zeus

    Neymar off to barca then?

    No team can be reliant on one player, irrespective of how good that one player is.

  6. vicky

    Barca are a victim of their arrogance. Their defense has been shaky all season. In La Liga all the teams play passing football except RM. There is not much of an aerial threat in the La Liga for defenders. But in the UCL this weakness of theirs has been totally found out. RM exploited this weakness in Cup tournaments and in the domestic league. They never bothered to sort out the issue. A La Wenger.

  7. Craigy

    The atmosphere German fans in general make, is just beautiful to hear, wel done bayern, u never kno but it looks like that golden generation of bar a is coming to an end, they’ll allways be quality, but that fear of playing them has well and truly come to an end

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    I wouldn’t write Barca off just yet. They’ve just played a very very good team that totally clicked tonight while having their best player strolling around the pitch clearly not fit. They’ll go out and sign players in the summer and come good again

  9. vicky


    Completely agree. Barca are far from finished. They need 2 quality CBs and one good GK.

    Also Suarez is a bit Messi like. No saying he is even half as good as Messi but he will suit Barca style. That will help them to get rid of over reliance on Messi.

  10. Zeus


    No doubt about that, but Xavi is KEY to the style of play. He is the hub. How many players pass the ball 100+ times per game?

    He is 33 now. Going well down hill. I thought the whole point of Cesc is to have cover (in terms of playmaking ability) for Xavi.

    When Xavi goes though, they won’t be as spellbinding as they used to. They’ll be good though.

  11. Radio Raheem

    The problem is it is difficult for barca to buy players to fit into their system. Either they tweek that system or they unearth new gems from La Masia

  12. Arsenal 1886-2006

    The thing for Barca now is can they rebuild and adapt?
    I honestly believe we may have hopefully witnessed the beginning of the demise of tippy-tappy football tonight, every style has it’s day and pace, power and tactical organisation ( Bayern, Dortmund, Chelsea and Real (under maureen) and Fergie at Utd is looking to make it’s way back.

  13. Radio Raheem

    Cazorla will not move to barca. He won’t add anything they don’t already have. They’d have signed signed him before now if they wanted.

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d also point out that Barca reached the CL semis and are currently 13 points ahead of a Real Madrid managed by Mourinho. They’re hardly falling apart. Tonight they just looked off the pace, and effectively playing with 10.

  15. Socrates

    Valdes has always been an average keeper. I would place him at the same level as Almunia. Only reason he’s rated is because of commentators who keep saying- “wow!, amazing how he is able to keep concetration with no action for most of the game”

  16. Zeus

    Arsenal 1886

    I don’t quite agree with that. Barca are the only tippi tappi team about. We play a watered down version. But outside of us, no one has adopted it in barca’s upturn in fortune.

    That’s why it was such a novelty watching barca play. They were the only ones that did it.

    Fergie, Maureen, bayern, Dortmund all have been playing more or less a style of football as you’ve described for years now.

    As the last hold out for pass and move football, people think that style will go away with a defeat like this. It’s in their blood, the very fabric of the team. It won’t.

    They just won’t be as good at it without Xavi.

  17. Craigy

    Arsenal 1886… I completely agree m8, that style is the way forward and it’s still beautiful watch, really enjoyed watching bayern, breath of fresh air

  18. gazzap

    If you play like Barca you have to nail it. If you are 90% it does not work.
    Wenger has been trying to copy Barca for years but its not possible with the players and tactics that we use. Wenger should look at Bayern. I find tika taka boring especially when done badly. Messi of course is different class and I dont find him boring but he was injured tonight.
    Like a Ferrari, if the finely tuned machine is not quite ticking over right, then it’s broken. I’d rather have a robust team that can win even when you don’t play well or you are missing a couple of your best players.

  19. Socrates

    Really feel sorry for Cesc, excellent player when the team plays to his strengths, but 2 years now wasted there. Often plays as a striker for Barca and Spain like some sort of utility man.

    I would think he only has next season to cement a starting place otherwise he will end up with an average career.

  20. vicky

    Many people here are jumping the gun. It is not possible that till an year ago everybody was trying to play the Barca way and now it is suddenly the end of tippi tappi football. It is correct that Xavi is fading with age and Barca will find it tough to maintain their position at the top of the world football but their game is here to stay. Tippi tappi will remain the benchmark and many teams will continue trying to learn and master it.

  21. Socrates

    Agree with you on 1-v-1, that’s actually why I likened him to Almunia who was also an excellent shot stopper but generally weak in other areas-often getting beaten on the near post, aerial balls, free kicks, long range shots, handling etc…

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006


    We try to play that style but as you correctly say, we play a watered down version as do swansea and a couple of other teams. But playing the barca way is ok until teams suss you out and adapt their style to negate you, you need a ‘Plan B’, whether hitting the channels or wingers flinging the ball into the box for headed goals.

    We have seen chelsea do it to them before but barca always had the ref to help them.

  23. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I don’t think tippy-tappy will be a widely used game plan, the purists love it but most fans i know find it boring after a while, i don’t mind a balance of styles in a game but after a while barca are like watching the continuous humping of stoke.
    Football is after all a physical game and i love the fast physical style as bayern played tonight, it makes for a more end to end game when two teams play that way.
    Remember our games against united when we had Vieira, Petit et-al against Keane and co, fantastic exciting matches.

  24. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Holland is a great place to go for matches as well, used to go to Feyenord when i lived there for a couple of years..
    The english grounds now from what i hear are pretty tame for most matches.
    Shame really because that is as much part of the experience as the match itself.

  25. Thomas

    @ kwik

    haha Mourinho turned Wenger into a nervous wreck after he called him a ‘voyeaur’. Wenger has never recovered after that. I think he’s scared shiteless of Mourinho. Mourinho coming back to the PL would surley finish the cunt off for good.

  26. Zeus

    The loss at the Allianz Arena was the biggest in the competition’s history at the last-four stage and represented the Blaugrana’s heaviest away defeat in European competition, and their principal playmaker admitted afterwards that the Catalans could have no complaints about the final scoreline.

    Barca can’t stop setting records. Heh

  27. Zeus

    Cesc just had a kid too. This month. I thought he would’ve had his fun with this much older women, not get her pregnant and have a kid.

    No way is he coming back now. Probably biding his time until Xavi hangs up his boots permanently.

  28. Dannyboy

    Shows that the manager has no faith in Cesc, scores a brilliant late winner at the weekend, and is then dropped for a 10% fit argentine midget for a CL semi final, and then doesn’t even get on the pitch as he watches the humiliation from the sidelines..

    He can’t be happy there can he? a player of his ability…

    He should be our number 1 target this summer if there is even a 1% chance of him leaving, he has said countless times the only way he will leave Barca, is to come back to us.

  29. Zeus


    Don’t do that to yourself. It won’t happen. As I’ve said he’s just had a kid too. Maybe he wants his, iniesta’s, pique’s and all the rest to be friends.

    That and he would need a serious statement of intent of a signing…..Falcao level.

    And Wenger, knowing his ability, would be totally against spending even 25m for him.

    Such is the mindset of OGL.

  30. Moray

    Once Cesc becomes tired of playing with the best players in the world, living in a fantastic city with an excellent climate and winning trophies, I’m sure he will consider to returning to Arsenal (when he’s 35 or 36)…

  31. Jeff

    Last night’s game was the greatest example of how tactics can win you games even against the best teams in the world. On paper Barcelona has a team full of magicians but if you remove their most effective weapon they are reduced to being ordinary or even less.

    So what did Bayern do? For a start they did not play a high line. The Bayern players worked their socks off to hassle Barcelona up, down and in the middle of the pitch to the point where they found it hard to string along more than a few passes. Of course you have to have a team that is capable of doing that; it’s not that easy but Bayern were definitely up to it and using the advantage of their height and strength to great effect, they made sure that vulnerabilities were exposed and exploited to the full: set pieces for example.

    All in all a brilliant match but the game was won by the coach Heynckes and Barcelona had no answer. They were on the receiving end of a proper drubbing by a team that is not only strong if not as technically brilliant but more than capable of sacrificing possession for tactics. Not one through ball, no one-on-one’s with the keeper, not many free kicks near the penalty area, no trying to play the offside trap and no nonsense such as “respect” and “bowing to” the mesmerising football with which Barcelona often dazzle and destroy their opponents.

    Ultimately I would have to credit the coach. How ironic that a manager who will probably win the treble for Bayern is going to be replaced but we, who have a failing manager, cannot even think about a replacement. It is a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

  32. peanuts&monkeys

    “How ironic that a manager who will probably win the treble for Bayern is going to be replaced but we, who have a failing manager, cannot even think about a replacement. It is a mad, mad, mad, mad world.”

    How much does Bayern pay him? How much more than Wenger? Can Arsenal not afford the delta?

  33. Zoran

    Jupp Heynckes is paid 4m Pounds.
    But in one point Uli Hoeneß is stupid: he pays for that filth the double, but he wont bring the half what Heynckes will gift to Bayern on his farewell. Even not with Goetze.
    Mark my words

  34. Bankz

    I’ve been screaming since jan how good this Bayern team is….amazes me how arsenal with the load of average players and dross have similar wage bills

  35. Trikky

    WTF is class? IMO it’s classy to show my annoyance too. Manure should be giving the guard of honour cos they are the champs, RVP should see HELL on sunday cos He’s a traitor, Emirates should be made as uncomfortable as possible for Him on that day, Wenger, Gazidis and Kronke should receive major stick cos they are cunts. They are killing us. Aussie Gooner Dave’ I like you comment. FUCK RVP! FUCK WENGER!! FUCK IVANthe CUNT!!! FUCK KRONKEtheRAM!!!

  36. uk

    I remember last season’s champions league 1st round, we got dortmund in the group stages. They were eliminated, we went a step further. An akb friend of mine while celebrating our achievement kept telling me leven the german champs couldn’t make it out of our group. I told him, if that dortmund team made it in this season, they’d definitely go farther and that would be progress. Look what that team has achieved with modest budget, much smaller than ours. And to think they just came back in the champ league after many years. Look at juve. What is the point of qualifying for the champ league every season for 16years just so u can tick your name on the attendance sheet? And at the sight of the first decent opponent you pack your bags and head home? When you get there, you stil are shameless enough to brag about supposed exploits?