Arsenal to go big this summer | Premiership centre back on cards

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The points that were up for grabs were snatched away from Fulham in an operation that lacked imagination, drive and pretty much any other popular descriptive word you’d use to communicate a great win.

Thankfully, Fulham had Sidwell on their side who made an outrageous challenge on Arteta after 11 minutes which resulted in a red card. Pre sending off we boasted 91% posession, after 40 minutes we’d ceded that number to 33%. So very poor considering the importance of the game and the advantage we had.

Our goal came courtesy of a whipped Theo freekick that was met at the back post by Koscielny, he nodded it across the box for Per to power a header into the empty net from 0.5 yards. A mega goal that could prove so very, very important.

The second half was tepid. Instead of taking a look at the Fulham jugular and slashing at it with a converted flymo, we tried to sit on the score. Sure, we delivered on that but jeez, it was painful. Our centre backs should not have been that busy. There were far too many anonymous names on that team sheet.

The biggest talking point came when Giroud found himself on the end of an 89th minute red card. He flew into a challenge and rolled over the top of the ball, it was pretty dim. A strikers challenge if you will. He won the ball, but had no control over his body. Yesterday marked another very average game for the Frenchman. He’s ok, he does some things well, but his touch and finish really do stink of average at the moment. He could find himself on the exit roster this summer, because I’m pretty certain he won’t be landing the same game time next year. At his age, is that something a man of his ego could tolerate?

The good news is Arsenal are going strong for a new centre forward. Negotiations are either under way or they’ll be starting shortly and the player will be high caliber. I’m guessing it’ll be Jovetic… but he feels too obvious. So who knows.

The vibe at the club is that Wenger is going big this summer. Why? Because you don’t get a new deal with an empty stadium and an uncompetitive team. The club are talking to a Premiership centre back and there will also be a push for a keeper. If Sagna goes, there will be a right back. The club have to decide whether it makes sense to sell a player heading into the last year of their deal, or whether you take the Barca approach and go with the sporting needs of the club. If you’re in the last year of a deal, you need to play well to get a last hurrah contract. I’d keep Sagna. Tell him you’re building a great side and hope you get the best out of him.

The list of leavers should be pretty impressive this summer. Andrey, Squillaci, Chamakh and JD should see the exit door. I’d imagine Chezzer won’t want to hang around off the back of a very disappointing season and hopefully we can move of people like Nik B and Denilson. If we add the needed ingredients and work on the finer details we could be in a good place next year. I still don’t think the manager has it in him to close 25 points, but he could easily add 10 points to our total just by having a keeper that saves us points and a striker who can covert chances.

Today we have some important games on. Spurs Vs City, which could really nail our north London neighbours fate. Then we have Chelsea vs Liverpool. Both clubs hate each other, so it could churn out an upset. Either way, the sun is out, the pressure is off and the news coming from the club is all very positive…

Shame that performance was so horribly average…

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  1. arsenal4ever


    Draxler already played over 100 games for Schalke. Mostly as a starter. Gotze is in a far far better team already. As it seems we are missing out on a target once again ( Jovetic to City are the rumours going round ) I really hope its either Lewandowski, Suarez, Benzema, Higuain, Cavani or Falcao. I am not kidding. These players should be on our list not the ones no one else wants.

  2. Dannyboy

    Everyone is saying that we can’t rely on Ramsey to perform against United, but I seem to remember a couple of seasons back , him scoring the only goal in our 1-0 home win. Who here wouldn’t take that result again?!

  3. Zoran

    As much as I was happy that we will get reed from Giroud for at least 3 games, I will be unhappy to see either Walcot or Gervinho as CS. Gervinho did eventualy score some goals recently, but what did Theo?? Since january nothing!!And still he puts him in the team.

    Taking Sceszny and Vermaelen out of the first team to rotate or as he says to have competition in the squad for the places is imo very good as they will work harder to get their places back.
    From the other side he keeps Theo, Sagna, Giroud and Arteta like untacheble stars.
    Until the end of the season, I would put instead Ox, Jenkinson, Podolski and Coquelin. What did the deserve to warm only the bench? Ox rarely disapointed when comming in, Jenkinson was always one of the best on the pitch starting from begin, Podolski scored from a few chances he had comming in and Coquelin would at least be more pacy as Arteta.
    by any Club from the top, look Schitty, Manics or chelski, they all rotate the players, resting them for the more important games. By us it is week on week off, always the same Players, Santi didn’t got rest since he joined us, Theo is sure he has his place, even when he plays awfull, Giroud, a part scoring to some small clubs only think he knows is to hold his head and smile after hundred missed chances, Arteta loose his ball in the midle and Needs 15 seconds to come back to defend.
    The important rule in Football is not to change the winning Team. We won against West Bromwich, he changes the lads which where bringing us Points. Rosicky wins against W.B.A against Everton he puts him on the bench. Podolski and Ox came in against Norwich, change the result in our favor, he keeps them against Everton on the bench.
    This man didn’t learn from the begining of the season, when we struggled to keep the mid table.
    It is time that we look how to sign Klopp or Löw. They will know how to put power in our squad.

  4. lord snotty

    We desperately need a striker and Suarez would fit the bill. The guy has bad habits but you can’t argue he’s quality. I suggest he’s made to play with a muzzle to avoid any further incidents. Is this allowed? I don’t see why not – if they let Peter Cech wear that stupid helmet then why not a muzzle.