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The PFA nominations came out yesterday, what a laugh eh?

Eden Hazard and Michael Carrick made the nominations for the senior awards… but no Cazorla, no Michu and no Leighton Baines. What a mess. The young player awards always make me laugh. Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale made both the senior and the youth categories… as did Jack Wilshere. Shouldn’t there be some sort of intelligence used when making nominations. If you’re good enough for the senior nomination, you should probably bypass the youth award. I’d love to know the selection process, I really would.

Where the f*ck was Nik Bendtner’s nomination?

Enough on that…

Zoo Magazine reckon Arsene Wenger loses more when he wears that horrendous catepillar jacket.

Staggering stuff. I for one, will be annoyed if he wears that for today’s game. Mainly because it’ll be nice and warm. There’s simply no need to over dress. The only people who wear thick warm jackets in the the sun are south London gang members and people who fear sudden cold snaps.

Hey, just whiles we’re on the subject of random nonsense, how about this for a headline on Rolf Harris… if condemned for doing stuff he should have asked for a driving licences over.

‘He didgeri-did-it’

Yeah, that’s a winner.

But who could score the winner today? Well, Laurent is backing Giroud to come good after missing some pretty straight forward chances against Everton in the week.

“He’s OK [after the Everton game],” added Koscielny.

“He’s a professional. He had some opportunities to score for the team but I think he will be ready [to score on] Saturday against Fulham.”

One player who won’t be playing on Saturday is Ryo Miyachi. Why? Because he’s injured you illinformed fool.

“He is focused every day, [he arrives] early, he is the first in, the last out, like many Japanese players. He is doing extremely well but he still needs some patience.”

Sounds like things are going well, he looks like a talent, he’s just a bit small at the moment. Still, Messi is small and he’s done ok.

Below is a picture of Miyachi. He looks like a toy. That’s all I’ve got. What do you think?

Would you play with him?

You disgust me.

On the injury front… this is the news, straight from Wenger’s mouth.

“Fabianski is not back. The keeper situation is similar to what it was before. It is a rib injury. It is game to game for him.”

“At the back everyone should available. In midfield we have a few people to check like Cazorla, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain. They will all have tests but I hope they should be alright.”

“We have to test Rosicky who was not ready to start on Tuesday. There are a number of uncertainties about our squad but I will sort that out on Friday morning.”

Fabianski is a miss. I mean, I can’t fathom his embarrassing behaviour. Out for two games with a bruise? Take some pills, do whatever you can to ensure you don’t lose your place. It really is disappointing to read that he’s out with something so trivial.

Sounds like Rosicky might make the bench and perhaps, just perhaps, Wenger is going to give Chambo a run out in midfield. We shall keep our fingers crossed it works out if that’s the case.

I’ve churned out some words for you, I hope you enjoyed them. Have a fabulous day and if you’re heading up to Fulham, do pop into Maison Blanc, they do a terrific pre-game Millefeuille.

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  1. Bade

    Arsene keeps his weird decision making going on

    What the hell is it with Santi as LW?

    It doesn’t work. & we lose a great n.10 on the proceedings

  2. Bade

    What about Kozzer too?

    He was far from convincing yesterday. Why drop Vermaelen again, when he’s showing signs of coming back to himself while Kozzer seems to be regressing??

  3. Bade

    Losing Giroud against the Mancs might cost us

    We have no chance of penetrating Mancs & now we lose any aerial threat as well

    I hope we play against them a 442

  4. chris

    Just wanted to say:

    The team has ground out a good few shit performance clean sheet unconvincing hanging on at the death 1-0/2-0 wins through the season, despite some people saying it couldn’t. That’s a really important skill although good teams don’t need to do it as much as this poor-ish team does.

    And it can win games in 10 minute spells on better days. Without ever looking very consistent (even within games) , two more wins will probably get top 4, especially if Spurs and Chelsea don’t win today (if even one of them does, it will be a lot harder but 3 wins from 4 isn’t impossible, even playing like yesterday)